GL Analysis

Find entered in here posts that share my brilliant analysis of Guiding Light. I started this page two years in so if I find older posts that I feel belong here, I’ll add them later.

Overall Guiding Light Analysis

Guiding Light 101 – Updated 2014

A Celebration of Guiding Light‘s 75th Anniversary:

What Makes Guiding Light Special?

Manny Specific Analysis

Manny vs Shakespeare

Michelle-Bill compared to Reva-Billy

Danny Santos and Ted White

Danny vs Abby

Danny vs Michelle

Hope and Alan vs Manny

Analysis of Manny Consummation Scene

Carmen and Miguel – a love story?

Carmen and the Code

Defending Drew Jacobs

Early Manny Isolation

Hispanic Presence

Is Michelle Danny’s Savior?

Jesse Doesn’t Want to Go Back or Why Jesse Holds on to Messe so long when he clearly wants Drew

A Kiss is Never Just a Kiss

Manny Rabby Convergence

Mick Santos was Guiding Light’s Thorne Forrester

Mob as Class Barrier

Perceptions of the law

Should Michelle have lied about her alibi the night of Ben’s murder?

The Santos Family

Too Much Mob?

Uneven SORAS-ing

Was Manny fated? aka “There’s Always a Band”

Why Manny’s first divorce break up doesn’t make any sense

Guiding Light Analysis

Doris Wolfe by GiftofAmber

Josh Lewis is a Jerk

Last Emmys for Guiding Light

Leslie Jackson Bauer

Nola Reardon and Quint Chamberlain

Postmortem of a New Format

Pulling a Josh

Rebecca Budig’s Michelle

Soap Opera General Analysis

9/11 And Soaps

Are there still supercouples?

Dear Next Cancelled Soap

Douglas Marland’s How Not To Ruin a Soap Opera

Meaning of Soap Operas to Fans

Run Boy, RUN! – Passing on Soap Operas to a New Generation

Saving Soaps

Soaps Support Strong Women

What fans want: A happy couple

What makes a good soap couple

Write Legacy and History

Last updated: December 23, 2014

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