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Once upon a time there was an almost perfect love story. It took place in the fictional town of Springfield USA on the epic TV show Guiding Light.  Divine providence led two people from very different backgrounds to a marriage of convenience that led to an incredibly strong love. This is the story of Michelle Bauer and Danny Santos. First some background…

Michelle Bauer~ One of the core families of Springfield from almost the very beginning was the Bauers. They were introduced in 1948, the show started in 1937. The first generation was Papa Bauer and he had 3 children including Bill. One of Bert and Bill Bauer’s sons was Dr. Ed Bauer.  Although Ed resented his father’s alcoholism and womanizing (enough to change his childhood name of Billy to his middle name Ed), he replicated these behaviors in his own marriages. He was married to true love Maureen Reardon Bauer, but cheated on her several times. In 1985, Ed and Maureen ended up in Beirut with Claire Ramsey and Fletcher Reade. The four were separated and Maureen and Fletcher were presumed dead after an attack. The terrorists checked their bodies and even pulled Maureen’s wedding ring off her finger which Ed found and took as confirmation she was dead. In reality, Fletcher and Maureen were alive after all and trying to get back to them. Ed and Claire were devastated by their supposed mutual loss, had grief sex which resulted in Michelle’s conception. This alone should convince everyone that Michelle was never meant to have a typical life. She always attracted trouble and it would take a strong man used to trouble to be her future soul mate. The drama was there from the beginning. Michelle’s birth mother Claire was overwhelmed by having a baby and tried to smother her with a pillow, but Ed walked in and saved her. Eventually Ed and Maureen were granted full custody and for awhile Michelle had a fairly idyllic life. However, Michelle continued to attract trouble; including during the Springfield Blackout of 1992, when out of a whole hotel worth of people Michelle found herself trapped in an elevator with armed and desperate jewel thief Jenna Bradshaw. It all worked out because Jenna had a good heart and they bonded, but it’s a good example of how Michelle’s life would go. For another example, watch this ad.


Another one of Ed’s affairs (this time with friend Lillian Raines who he was helping through cancer treatments) drove Maureen to her breaking point and she ended up driving back from the Bauer cabin to get away from Ed in dangerous conditions and in an emotional state and was involved in a fatal crash. She was an organ donor and her heart was transplanted. Michelle never fully recovered from this and part of her desire to be a doctor came from wanting to personally fight with death and keep this from happening to other families. Ed, always a workaholic, was even more absent after this and much of the rest of her raising fell on her older half-brother Rick and her substitute mother figure, Ed’s ex-wife Holly. As a teenager, she met a troubled young man named Jesse Blue and began dating him. She taught him to read and they read Romeo and Juliette to each other. Eventually she discovered that Jesse had Maureen’s heart, but when they decided to elope, a fire set by some of Jesse’s former friends left Michelle blind. She hid this from Jesse and left to attend a blind school. Eventually Michelle regained her sight through experimental surgery. She continued to have issues with Jesse although they remained together. Then Michelle met Mick Santos and her life changed forever.

Remember “The Many Faces of Michelle Bauer.”

Danny Santos ~ Although we only meet Danny when he is full grown, we eventually come to know quite a bit about his previous life off screen. He was the middle child of Miguel and Carmen Santos, the head of the biggest criminal organization in the Midwest. Originally from Chicago, the family at some point moved to an elaborate home just outside of Springfield before Danny was 14. Their family life left much to be desired. For the most part, love meant control. The family functioned as a single entity and everyone had an assigned role and had to play their part. They went to Catholic church service every Sunday and had family dinners, but the meals were often silent and to young Danny the house felt empty and smothering not really like a home. The most normal activity was that Miguel sometimes took Danny (and apparently only Danny) with him to Cubs games where they sat in a box near the third base line. His father even bought him a stuffed bear in Cub colors who Danny called Cubby. Although he didn’t know many details of his family’s business, he was afraid every time his father left the house that he would never come back and one day when Danny was 14 he didn’t. Miguel had tried to protect his children from the business and when he presented Danny with his pocket watch he told him that he could do anything he wanted. Now Carmen took him to a park bench and laid out the true history of the family, what each generation  had to do since they immigrated from Cuba (the family was still bilingual) to survive and what Danny would one day be expected to do to fulfill his role as the future leader of the family. Older brother Mick was assigned to be the family thug and younger sister Pilar was supposed to be kept pure to the point that she was sent away at a fairly young age to boarding school abroad. Danny was very quiet and book smart. He read a lot as a kid and his best friend was his cousin Ray. By high school Danny and Mick had started to go their separate directions. Danny hung out with Jimmy Montoya (later CEO of Pacifico Records) and Teresa Sandoval (who he dated). Their families wanted them to get married and Teresa was certainly willing, but for Danny it was a clear case of “he’s just not into you” and while they danced the night away sometimes and snuck into each other’s bedrooms, he saw her mostly as a friend with benefits. Danny attended college at Springfield University with a major in business and a minor in political science. While in high school he had organized a few concerts and several record companies had approached him about a job, but he felt the duty his mother put on him and he never felt that anything other than the “family business” was an option. Danny was always a man of honor and Carmen taught him a family code. By carefully controlling what he knew about the business, she made him think that she and everyone else in “the business” lived by this code, but he was the only one who did. She saw Danny as a version of Miguel who she could control and used this code to manipulate him into doing whatever she wanted. Danny was devastated by his brother Mick’s death and felt that the police weren’t going to solve the crime. Carmen ordered Danny to go identify and eliminate his brother’s killer. Danny was being pushed to take a step toward evil and away from all the good that was in his soul. He decided to start his investigation at Millennium Bar where his brother had worked and where he had found a report of Mick last being seen alive.

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