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Welcome to the parent page for related non-Manny related Guiding Light clip links. YouTube is wonderful, but a lot like the Internet like a library where all the books are in one pile on the floor. This is my small attempt to help manage it. I’ve added separate pages for the Joie Lenz as Teen Cleva links, Messe-Dresse links, and Mick Santos links because they are related to the Manny story.

Most importantly to find Manny clips either look for the episode guide blog posts or on the episode guide pages. Many full episodes are being uploaded by Heartbreaker. When I get a full episode from Heartbreaker or another source, I add the links to the episode guide pages. I also add better versions of the clips, if I find them. The episode guide posts are not updated.

I’ve also created a directory of posts about not directly related to Manny, to help you find the links to other Guiding Light plots more easily.

Please note that while the clips are available at the time of their posting, YouTube clips are gray market and as such can disappear or be muted at any time. If I’m aware of them disappearing, I’ll try to replace or go ahead and erase the link so please let me know if you find any lost clips.

Before and After Roundup:

1953 Episode:

60th Anniversary Ball Celebration:

70th Anniversary History Episode:

Abby Blume Freaks Out in the Hospital

Abby Blume Shoot Roy Meecham

Alternative Universe – 15,000th episode:

Amanda Spaulding and Roger Thorpe team up to go after control of Spaulding Enterprises:

Amish Reva:

Annie Dutton and Josh Lewis fall in love:

Annie Dutton kidnaps Reva – kick off of clone storyline:

Bauer BBQs of Various Years:

Ben Warren Tribute:

Beth Raines returns from the dead, the 1st time:

Beverlee McKinsey’s Last Day:

Billip and the Letter

Billip Bridal Shower 1991

Billip Wedding 1991

Billy finds out Miss Sally,  not Miss Martha is his biological mother:

Blackout (Great Springfield Blackout of 1992):

Blake’s Book Launch Party for Hearts Alone:

Billy Lewis Meets Vanessa Chamberlain:

Billy Lewis meets Vanessa Chamberlain:


Christmas through the years:

Closing or End Credits Through the years:

Dart (Dinah Marler and Hart Jessup) Almost Wedding:

Dr. Sedwick:

Dudley Do-Right Fantasy (Ross Marler and Amanda Wexler Spaulding)

Duz Soap:

Dylan’s Paternity comes out (it’s Billy & Reva wasn’t raped):

Eleni Andros and Frank Cooper Wedding:

Eve Guthrie and Ed Bauer’s Engagement Party:

Eve Guthrie’s Final Illness:

Final Episode:

Fire at Reva’s House:

Food Poisoning strikes after Mattesa wedding reception

Fountain Scenes – 1984, 1998, 2004

Four Musketeers in New York City

Frank Cooper Disco Dances:

Ghost Reva:

Guiding Plight:

Halloween Through the Years:

Hampton Speakes Bachelor Party:

Harley and Frank meet Buzz:

Harley and Mallet at the Wall:

Henry Chamberlain’s Funeral:

Holly is Nursery Rhyme Stalker Reveal:

Hope and Alan on the Island:

Hurricane Katrina – Inside the Light Episode:

Interrupted Weddings:
Blake-Phillip, Mindy-Nick, Dinah-Hart, Alan-Annie, Gus-Harley, Sandy-Tammy, Alan-Beth, Frank-Natalia

Jenna calls home to announce Henry “Coop” Cooper Bradshaw’s birth:

Jenna’s death:

Jeva Hot Tub scene:

Jeva Wedding #1 Cross Creek:

Jim LeMay killed in a house fire started by a faulty Christmas tree light:

Johnny Bauer is dying, talk about Bauer  past:

Joie Lenz as Cleva, the Reva Clone:

Josh Lewis Meets Annie Dutton:

Kyle Sampson – Maeve Stoddard Wedding:

LAM Beginning:

LAM Wedding:

Lee Gantry Falls Out of the Window August 1970:

Lucile Wexler Tries to Kill Ben McFerrin, Alan and Elizabeth talk about Justin and Jackie, Roger is getting plastic surgery, Rita and Ed are breaking up:

Magic Millennium New Year’s Eve Party 1999:

Marah Lewis is rescued from kidnappers at lighthouse:

Masquerade Ball to welcome Alexandra Spaulding (First Episode):

Maureen’s Death:

Maeve Stoddard Stops Kyle Sampson’s Wedding to Reva Shayne Again

Memorial Day:

Messe-Dresse Clips:

Meta Bauer’s Murder Trial (Information, Not a clip):
Radio episodes:

Michael Zaslow wins Emmy in 1994:

Michelle and Rick Bauer reunite when he returns to town in 1995:

Michelle talks about her future wedding in 1996:

Mick Santos Clips:

Millennium Party with Multiple Fantasies

MisGuiding Light:

Mother’s Day Special 2006 – 3 Ghost Moms visit:

Music Videos about Springfield (Non-Manny – find Manny music videos on Musical Manny page)

New Year’s Through the Years:

Nick McHenry’s last on screen visit:

Opening Credits through the years:

Papa Bauer’s Funeral:

Pharley Honeymoon:

Pharley Wedding:

Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines Meet:

Phillip Spaulding finding out his true parentage:

Phillip Spaulding Funeral 2004:

Quick Turn on the Light! Guiding Light!

Quola Name Their Son (Scroll to bottom of post):

Rabby Breakup:

Rabby Have a Play Date:

Rabby Wedding:

Reva Shayne: The Scarlet Years – (1995)

Reva drives off a bridge (and off the show) in 1990:

Reva has an eventful visit with Annie at the Psych Ward:

Reva jumps off bridge (suicide attempt 1985):

Rick Bauer does an impression of Julia Child:

Rita Stapleton and Ed Bauer Break Up:

Roger Thorpe: The Scandal Years:

Roger Thorpe’s Funeral:

Ross discovers author Darlena LaCross is really Blake:

She’s a Marvel – Harley Cooper Superhero:

Show House:

Springfield Burns:

Talking Boy:

Thanksgiving through the years:

Trish Lewis leaves town:

Worst Step-mother Ever fight between Blake and Dinah

There are also links to clips illustrating Places in Springfield on that page and some helping to illustrate people under Supporting Characters and to help better define terms in Soap Opera Jargon. These are chosen to help support an explanation and area of all GL, although they might not be Manny.

Let me know if you’re looking for something specific.

Last updated: July 29, 2020

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