5. Michelle Framed for Ben’s Murder

We continue with the wonderful Manny story, as Carmen frames Michelle for Ben’s murder.

Although he soon gets lost in the plot, Ben’s death was truly a tragedy in the traditional sense, a fatal flaw in character brought him down more than anything. The following video captures his death and the surrounding circumstances better than anything else I’ve seen so I’m starting with it. Begin watching at 1:00 into it.


For a better understanding of Ben and his life and death, click here:


Mon. Nov. 15, 1999 – In Ben’s apartment: Carmen shoots Ben and she and Pilar run over to check on him, both surprised by what happened. Pilar explained that she had no idea that her mom would be coming with a gun and was just setting it up to look like Ben was attacking her. Carmen is furious but assures Pilar that they have to keep their secret and they leave to go home. At the Santos Estate: Pilar confesses to Carmen about planning the scene between her and Ben. She said she was trying to save Carmen from him. Bill comes in wanting to talk to Pilar. Carmen says that he needs to go because it was not a good time. Bill wants to know if his mother is there. Carmen says that she had not seen Vanessa, and Pilar mentions Ben. Carmen’s says that they are having an argument about Ben and that Pilar may be going away. Bill asks if this is true and Pilar nods. Bill leaves asking if they would call him if they see Vanessa. Carmen tells him they will. Once he is gone Pilar starts to cry. Carmen tells her everything will be okay. She says she will go to jail defending her daughter. She looks in her purse for the gun and realizes it’s not there. She leaves for Ben’s apartment to get it. At the Hospital: Vanessa wakes up from a dream. Remembering the talk she had with Pilar. She gets out of bed, grabs some clothes and leaves the hospital. Rick, Matt, and Bill come in to see Vanessa who has left the building. They can’t find her and put out a missing persons report on her. Vanessa comes in and sees the gun. Ben reaches for her and asks her for help. He tells her that Carmen shot him. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t want to help him. He grabs for her again and they wrestle around until the gun fires. Ben falls back to the floor. Vanessa is upset and having trouble breathing. She leaves, and on her way back to the hospital, has a wreck, she is in the car unconscious. Carmen comes back after remembering that she dropped the gun. She retrieves it and tells Ben how sorry she is that she didn’t trust him. She gets the gun and leaves.

Drew Jacobs profile – Includes highlights of her friendship with Michelle, scenes of her and Mick, her relationship with Jesse and her finding Ben, plus a great Jesse’s girl video, Scene right  at end with “You can’t marry Jesse, you’ll be Drew Blue”


Best summary of the actual murder I’ve seen, another Spauldingfield video – the first 1/2 of this video covers Ben’s murder.
Spauldingfield’s coverage of the actual murder, best footage of it I’ve found so far (Start about at 1:00 in)

Tues., Nov. 16, 1999 – At the Bauers: Michelle comes in and Danny is sleeping on the bed. He asks her where she was. She says she was out driving around and trying to decide what to do about the Ben situation. She tells him that Ben won’t be a problem in their lives anymore because she is not going to let him get to her anymore.  When he asks where she’s been, Michelle says he’ll probably think it’s weird. Danny: “You married me, I know you’re weird.” She tells him she went to her mother’s grave for advice. Michelle told him how good her mother was and how even though everyone hated Roger Thorpe her mom always thought there was something good in him and she gave him the benefit of the doubt. She says she wants to do the same about Ben. Danny told her that he would like to accompany her to visit her mom next time she goes to thank her for Michelle. He tells her he goes to talk to his father that way also. Michelle wishes that her mother would have known Danny. She says she would have loved him. They laugh about how Carmen and Maureen would have gotten along. Michelle says that she is glad that Drew found her father, she just wishes it wasn’t Ben. He tells her she is a good friend and a good person. Michelle wants to go to Max’s party to show Drew she supports her. At Towers: Carmen hid in another room as Ross comes in and finds his brother dead on the floor of his hotel room. He goes out and tries to keep Drew from going in but Drew busts past him and sees her father. She goes to him and holds his limp body crying. She had only had him in her life for a month or so but it felt so right to her and she wondered why he was taken from her so soon. Drew talks to her father’s body and tells him how much she loves him. Ross told Drew that they needed to get out of there so that the police would have as clean a crime scene as possible. With a little persuading and a lot of terms of endearment to the departed, Ross convinced Drew that they needed to go back upstairs. Carmen heard the two leave and came out and told Ben that she also loved him. She then left with the gun. Ross took Drew back down to the party and told Holly to take Susan and Max home. She left with them and then Ross and Drew told Jesse what had happened downstairs. Drew was still crying and Jesse  told her that God has a reason for everything. Drew asked if his reason was to punish her and Jesse told her that he doubted that very much. Jesse told her that she made a difference in Ben’s life; she was the one that taught the hard-nosed lawyer how to love. Drew said that she would find who did this to her dad and exact revenge. “They will pay,” she said. Michelle and Danny came in not knowing what happened. They go over to Drew, who gives Michelle the “if looks could kill” look.


Wed., Nov. 17, 1999 – Michelle and Danny come in and Michelle apologizes to Drew and she tells her that she will give Ben a chance. Drew spits at her that it is too late that she got her wish. Michelle was confused and finally realized that Drew was saying that someone murdered Ben. Drew yelled at Michelle telling her she stopped being her friend when she tried to get between her and Ben. Drew leaves and Danny asks Jesse what happened. Jesse tells the little they know. Michelle was shocked and Danny realized that his sister may be involved and they head out to the Santos Estate. Manny get to the Santos house. Danny asks Carmen what happened. Carmen said that the police consider her and anyone who had a relationship with Ben a suspect. Danny goes over to Pilar and Michelle offers her sympathies to Carmen and even hugs her. Danny pulls Pilar aside and asks Pilar what happened since he knows she tried to kill Ben once before. Pilar denies shooting Ben. Then Carmen interrupts Danny and Pilar. Everybody goes to bed leaving Michelle and Danny in the living room. Carmen warns Pilar not to say anything to Danny. Carmen overhears Danny telling Michelle she will likely be a suspect. Danny tells Michelle that the police will find out that she pulled a knife on Ben. They will ask her if she has any alibis and she will not be able to produce one. They leave and Carmen comes out, she says to herself, “I’m sorry Michelle but I just found Ben’s Killer.” Drew told Jesse that Michelle is celebrating. Jesse denies that saying that Michelle cares for Drew. They go into the apartment and see all the family waiting. Drew burst out in tears and holds on to her mom. Jesse got candles and tells Drew they have to do Knashia a Jewish prayer for the dead. They light the candles and Jesse and Drew began praying.



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Fri., Nov. 19, 1999 – Pilar comes in on her mom primping in the mirror. She tells Carmen not to worry she doesn’t look like a murderer. Pilar said that they would get caught, in time. Carmen tells her that she has the perfect scapegoat, Michelle. She tells Pilar that Michelle has no alibi, has killed before and pulled a knife on Ben in public. Pilar tells her that she will not help her. Pilar says Michelle doesn’t deserve it and it will hurt Danny too much. Carmen tells her that she, Pilar and Abuela will go to prison if she turns herself in. Carmen then tells her that Maria said she would take all the blame for Pilar if it comes to that. Carmen demands her help in setting Michelle up. Finally Pilar agrees, but only after Carmen assures her Michelle won’t be convicted or a get a light sentence at worst because she is a Bauer and they would come forward if it looks like that isn’t the case. Carmen said she was going to get Manny over there and Pilar will keep them occupied while Carmen takes care of some things. Carmen tells her that this is her chance to be a true Santos. Carmen calls and gets Manny to come over and Pilar is still upset about it. Carmen tells her that they will go to jail if she doesn’t help her set up Michelle. At the Bauers’: Danny tells Michelle that everything will be fine between her and Drew. Then he tells her that he received a job offer in LA from a record company. Michelle is happy, she wants to move and start anew with him. He asks her what she thinks about Carmen and the clan moving with them. She said that was fine, as long as they have their own house. The phone rings and Carmen invites the two over for dinner. Carmen offers to invite Abby and Rick over too, but they are both out. Manny shows up. Carmen is distraught. She and Pilar are both acting devastated. Danny begins to tell them about LA. Carmen cries over her future that she wanted with Ben in order get an excuse to get out of the room. Carmen leaves to compose herself asking them to wait for her to return. Pilar kept them company while Carmen slipped out. Carmen slips in Manny’s room and hides the gun in Michelle’s drawer, wrapped in a bloody cloth and her own black gloves with powder burns. She sprays Michelle’s perfume all over it and leaves. She thinks to herself, “powder burns, blood stains, let’s see you get out of this one, Michelle.” Pilar wanted to hear the big news and Danny tells her about the big LA move. Pilar tells them that she is a curse and wouldn’t want to bring them down. He asks her to think about it. Carmen comes back and asks if she can cancel dinner. They say fine and then Danny tells her about the job offer and the moving to LA. Carmen asks if Michelle is pregnant and Danny wants to know if that would be a problem. She said that it would be wonderful but overwhelming at the same time. Manny leaves and Pilar asks her where she was. Carmen tells her that she is glad Michelle isn’t pregnant because her grandchild would be born in prison.


Mon., Nov. 22, 1999 – Drew arrives at Millennium. Michelle wants to talk to her. Drew sits down with Selena and talks about Ben. Michelle wants to reconcile with Drew. She says she knows it is lousy timing but she wants to make up. Ross takes Michelle aside, he says not to push it and let it go. Michelle tells him that Drew needs a friend. Drew goes to talk to her and Michelle apologizes. Drew says every time she looks at her she sees the hate she had for Ben. Michelle tells her that she understands her pain, and explains to her about Maureen’s death. Michelle tells Drew that you have to hold on to the people that you love while you still have them. She tells Drew how much she misses her. They hug. Drew invites Michelle to Ben’s funeral and she accepts. Michelle offers:”If you need anything don’t hesitate. I will always be your friend.” “Friends for life…” Drew says as she smiles. They hug again and Michelle leaves. Carmen meets with the night maid at Towers. Carmen shows her a picture of Michelle and tells her that she has to tell the cops she saw that woman that night stuffing something in her purse, wearing black gloves. The woman said that she wouldn’t do it. Carmen tells her that she will do it, for her son. Carmen tells her that she knows about the woman’s son and his sickness. And that that is why she took the extra job at Towers. The woman asks what Carmen wants and Carmen says she would pay for all his treatment if she helps her. Carmen: “A mother’s love is very important. It makes a big difference.” The woman takes the picture and looks at it…Mrs. Lockheart: “this is the girl I saw that night.” Carmen: “You’re a good mother,” and the woman leaves. Carmen again said, “No one can save you now Michelle…” Carmen goes in and sits at Selena’s table. She explains that Drew invited her. Carmen goes over to Drew and told her how nice she was to forgive Michelle. Drew says that Michelle is her friend. Carmen said that she is her daughter-in-law and she still can’t forgive her. Carmen says Drew is a much bigger person than she is then…

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Tues., Nov. 23, 1999 – Drew asks what David Grant is doing at the funeral. He tells her that he’s assigned to see who shows up as part of the investigation into Ben’s murder. Drew says she can’t believe that a murderer would actually show up to his victim’s funeral. David nods. David and one of the mob men are talking…the man says Ben got what he deserved. Drew still can’t believe the killer could be here. David apologizes for mentioning it to her. Drew wants David to stay, she says she is fine. Jesse says that if it’s too hard to speak she doesn’t have to. Drew wants to…she is fine. Jesse takes her in his arms. Carmen and Pilar come in with Danny and Michelle. Carmen tells Drew that she will always be there for her. She tells her that they can help each other. Drew asks if she is still looking for the person responsible. Carmen says that she is and that someone has to pay. “He should have had more time with you.” Pilar tells her that she is really sorry for her loss. Pilar begins crying again and Carmen drags her away. Michelle and Danny arrive and Michelle takes Drew in her arms. Drew cries silently and Michelle says, “I love you.” Ray starts the ceremony. Drew and Max are standing in the back. Drew has to close her eyes. Pilar can’t help her tears…Selena is the same. Everyone is grieving. “Life is too short to spend it with bitterness and revenge.” Ray says. The Rabbi talks about Drew and about Ben and tells Drew that she should, ” Rest easy you gave the man a time of joy.” Drew’s turn. She goes up to speak. “Ben Warren was my father, I wrote this because I never got the chance to tell him…but I can’t.” Ross comes up and takes her in his arms and starts talking. He reads what Drew had written. “Ben Warren was my father and I loved him with all my heart…” Everyone is crying. Drew wrote that she believed Ross loved him…even if he hadn’t said it. She cries as Ross finishes and Jesse goes to embrace her. Ross says that he can say is that Drew is a living proof that love can change a person ’cause she loved Ben and Ben loved her. Selena wanted to walk but she couldn’t lift herself up. She cries and announces that she wants to say something. “When I first met Ben warren it was a lifetime ago. He was a boy. A sweet young man who turned into the angry man you all knew but that sweet, tender, gentle, young man was still inside him. He was…I saw him. He just didn’t know how to come out. Sometimes life makes it hard and does something like that to you. But if you’re lucky you find people who help you break down those walls so you can like yourself again and you can start to love. That’s what you did for your father Drew. He was so proud of you. When he found out you were his daughter it was the happiest moment of his life, he loved you so much. That’s what you should hang on to honey…. don’t you forget it.” Drew cries and Selena holds her and the Rabbi asks if anyone wants to say something and Pilar gets up in tears and says she wants to say something, she has to say something. Carmen wants to stop her but the Rabbi says it might be a good idea to let her talk. “I never got to know Ben the way you’re talking about and at first I just saw him as the man who wanted my father’s place and I loved my father very much. I feel awful about what happened to Ben…I didn’t want him to die. I never wanted him to die…” Pilar breaks down in tears and Carmen takes her in her arms and makes her sit down. They all make a prayer for Ben and Ray thanks them all for coming. Drew goes to see Selena and bends in front of her. Selena wanted to stand for her daughter but Drew says she knows she will walk again. Drew says she liked the service and what people said. Everyone had left; Carmen and Pilar are alone in church. Pilar is crying. Carmen cries and says she wishes that she had known how Pilar was feeling. Pilar has her face buried in her arms and is crying uncontrollably…Carmen talked about their life and Ben. Carmen says Ben was good and Pilar didn’t have to save her from him. Carmen goes to the flowers and talk to Ben. She loved him and is hurting. Pilar is sitting and listens. Carmen wishes she could take back that night but she can’t. She says now she has to protect her family. She bends down before Pilar and says she will protect her. “We’re going to be OK…just hold on…please just hold on.”


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Wed., Nov. 24, 1999 – At the Bauer Home: Danny and Michelle were kissing in their bedroom. They talk about counting their blessings. Danny mentions going down to dinner and Michelle thinks that they should go visit his mom. She doesn’t think Carmen should be alone today. They leave. The cops come with search warrant in hand. Abby tries to stop Frank from searching Michelle’s room. Abby tries to defend Danny but Frank stuns her when he says it’s not Danny there looking at but Michelle. They find the bloody gloves that Carmen planted in her drawer. At the Santos Compound: Pilar is still hysterically crying over killing Ben. Carmen tries to give her some sedatives and then she tells her that she put gloves in Michelle’s drawer. Pilar gets angry about it and asks Carmen why they had to frame Michelle. She says it’s going to hurt Danny and she will not be able to face him. Manny comes in and tells Carmen that they came to do whatever they could to help her. Michelle puts her arm around Pilar. Pilar began laughing and crying at the same time. She was going nuts saying, first it was her father, then Mick and now this. She feels she is a jinx. Danny was trying to get her not to say that. She tells Michelle that she has something to say but doesn’t know how to say it. Carmen stops her by shouting, “It’s all my fault.” Then to cover she began talking about how she didn’t protect Pilar enough and that sending her away to Barcelona to school was the wrong thing to do. Carmen starts crying. Michelle went over to comfort Carmen. Frank comes in and tells Michelle he has to take her in for questioning for Ben’s murder. Danny doesn’t trust the cops and reacts badly to say the least.  At Millennium: Frank walks in and Drew what’s to know if there are any suspects. Frank is withholding info and Drew knows it, says she has a right to know. Jesse takes her aside and tries to calm her down. Meanwhile Frank and David are talking about Michelle. David says that it is known that she pulled a knife on Ben and that Ben nearly killed her husband, that’s enough motive all ready.


Mon., Nov. 29, 1999 – At the Santos Compound: Frank wants to question Michelle at the police station. Danny wants to know what’s going on and Frank tells him he has a witness that saw Michelle at Ben’s apartment the night he was shot. Michelle says that she wasn’t at Ben’s apartment and Danny says that Michelle was with him all night. Carmen orders Frank out of her house. Pilar tells Frank she knows Michelle didn’t kill Ben. Frank questions her and Carmen says that she is upset. Carmen can’t believe Michelle is the one who killed Ben. Danny says that Michelle isn’t going anywhere but she wants to go with Frank to straighten this out. They leave for the police station as Danny wonders who could be setting her up. Pilar tells Carmen that God won’t forgive them for what they’ve done. She says that Carmen not only has Ben’s blood on her hands, but Michelle’s too. At the police station, Frank tells Michelle that he doesn’t want to believe she did this. Danny arrives and tells Michelle not to say anything else. Michelle asks for a minute alone with Danny and he tells her that he called Ross to be her lawyer. Michelle doesn’t want to run from this, she thinks it can be quickly straightened out. Danny: “It’s not running. It’s exercising your rights!” Danny says that he needs time to figure out who could be doing this. She wonders if Carmen had anything to do with it and Danny says there’s no way she could have known that Michelle didn’t have an alibi. Danny tells her that he didn’t tell anyone that they weren’t together the whole night. Frank gets the DNA test results and tells Michelle and Danny that Ben’s blood is on her gloves. He says that she is under arrest for Ben’s murder and she can’t believe it. After they take her to a cell, Danny swears that he will kill whoever did this to Michelle. Carmen watches Pilar sleep and says that someday she will understand that she did this to save her family.


This set of highlight clips has a little bit more of the police station.


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Wed., Dec. 1, 1999 – At the Police Station: Frank lets Danny in to see Michelle. He tells her that Ross has the arraignment scheduled for tomorrow morning. Michelle worries that she won’t get out on bail, but Danny promises her that she’ll be home tomorrow. Michelle doesn’t understand how the police found anything in her room because she didn’t do it. She is adamant that someone set her up. Danny tells her that she was an easy target to be framed because she threatened Ben publicly at Company. Michelle thinks Carmen could have something to do with it because she is the only one who hates her that much. Danny tells her that Carmen has an alibi but Michelle thinks Pilar and Maria would lie for Carmen. Danny doesn’t want to believe it but says he’ll find out what was going on between Carmen and Ben. Rick and Abby come in demanding to know what evidence they have against Michelle. Frank is sorry but says he can’t do anything right now. Abby asks Frank to let her see Michelle. Abby tells her not to give up hope because that’s all she has right now. She tells her to only think of the happy times she’s had with Danny and her family. Drew arrives wanting to see Michelle but Frank says no. Michelle hears her and yells she didn’t do this. At the Mausoleum: Carmen walks in to find Drew by Ben’s grave. She tells Drew that she is the only one that could possibly understand what she was going through. She also told her how much she loved Ben and that they were going to be married. Carmen says that even though that didn’t happen, she still thinks of Drew as family. Carmen tells Drew that Michelle was arrested for Ben’s murder and Drew tells her that it Michelle could not have done that. She says that she knows Michelle and she would never kill someone intentionally. Carmen reminds her that Michelle threatened Ben at Company with a knife before. Drew thinks there must be an explanation, but Carmen told her about the evidence they found. Drew still denies that she could have killed him; she knows that Michelle hated Ben, but she would never do that. She and Carmen talk about them being only two floors away when Ben was killed. If only one of them had checked on him sooner. Carmen flashes back to firing the gun. Drew leaves to find out what’s going on at the police station. Carmen breaks down and tells Ben that she doesn’t think she can go on without him. She is all in tears and breaking down when Danny arrives and supports his mother.

Thurs., Dec. 2, 1999 – At the Courthouse: Pilar is acting calm and Carmen thinks she is up to something. Pilar said that she is her mother’s daughter and can shut her feelings off. Carmen reminds her that they can all go to jail if she opens her mouth. Pilar finally tells Carmen that she planned on standing up in court and announcing that she and Carmen are to blame for the death of Ben, not Michelle. Drew and Jesse come in and Drew wants to see Michelle, to look in her eyes. Michelle walks in and looks at Drew. She denies killing Ben and walks in the courtroom. Selena, Buzz, Rick, and Abby talk. They talk about how hard it is for Drew and Michelle. Jesse tells Drew that Michelle is innocent. Drew doesn’t want to believe it either; she loves Michelle and doesn’t want her to be the one. Ross comes in and tells Danny that he can help Michelle out today, but it is a conflict of interest for him to represent her during the trial. He tells Danny that he believes in Michelle’s innocence and will help her all he can. Danny talks to his family and asks if anything is wrong. Pilar gets up and goes to talk to Bill. Carmen watches her. Bill goes to Michelle and they hug. She asks about Vanessa and Bill tells her not to worry. Court starts and Michelle pleads “Not Guilty.” The DA talks about how Michelle shot Ben and left him there to die. Drew gets up and yells at Michelle to tell her that she didn’t shoot her dad. In the jail: Michelle and Danny talk about Carmen. Danny thinks his mom is not the one who killed Ben. He tells Michelle about how he found Carmen crying at the grave and that he believes that she truly loved him. Danny thanked Frank for letting him be with Michelle and Frank told him that Michelle has always been a good kid.


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Fri., Dec. 3, 1999 – At the Courthouse: Drew asks Michelle if she killed Ben Warren and Michelle insists she doesn’t. Drew can’t take it anymore and disrupts the proceedings to yell out, asking where Michelle was when it happened and Danny told her not to say anything about not having an alibi. Danny tells her that he is going to say that she was home with him the whole night but Michelle says that she cannot lie about this. Danny tells her that this is the only way. Michelle is not convinced. Danny assures Rick and Abby that he will find who is framing Michelle and take care of them. Outside the courthouse, Pilar and Carmen talk about Pilar keeping their secret. Drew doubts Michelle’s innocence while Selena, Buzz and Jesse tell her that Michelle didn’t do it. Drew goes to DA Doris Wolfe and asks what evidence she has against Michelle. Doris tells Drew that she will find out at the trial and Drew demands that she tells her now. Finally Doris caves and tells her that the evidence is overwhelming listing the threat, the eyewitness who placed her at the scene and the gloves soaked in Drew’s father’s blood. Drew yells at Michelle that she knows she did it. Ross asks for bail and although he makes a strong case about her record within the community, the DA tells the judge that Michelle is a Santos and is a flight risk. The Judge decides not to grant bail. Danny, Rick and Abby are appalled. Danny promises to help Michelle. Danny blames himself. He says being married to him was why this was happening to her and he breaks down after having been her rock all day. She reaches out to him and although her eyes are red and her voice horse with tears, Michelle: “Listen to me! I HATE the idea of being accused of something I didn’t do. I hate being locked up, but nothing, NOTHING would be as bad as not having you in my life. OK. NOTHING!” Drew tells Jesse that jail is not all that will happen. She promises to send Michelle to hell for killing her dad. Selena, Buzz and Jesse continue to believe in Michelle and try to talk Drew into listening, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Jesse tries to reason with her and she gets mad and tells Jesse that he will believe anything Michelle says and that he needs to go with Selena to make sure she is okay. Drew goes back into the courtroom and watches as Michelle is taken to jail. At the Jail: the guard tells Michelle that he is sorry she didn’t make bail but she should just get used to this place because she will be there a while. She looks up and sees Drew. Drew tells Michelle that she has gotten the judge’s sentence and now she will get hers. Carmen goes to Danny and tells him that she is worried about him. He tells him that everything will be fine and he walks out of the room. He goes to Rick and tells him to help him convince Michelle to lie about her whereabouts.

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Mon., Dec. 6, 1999 – At the Courthouse: Danny is trying to talk to David Grant, telling him that Michelle did not murder Ben. David reminds him that there was an eyewitness placing her at the scene of the crime. Danny asked him to reveal who the witness is but David refused. David leaves. Drew comes in and asks Danny where Michelle was the night of the murder. Danny says that Michelle was with him but Drew doesn’t believe him. She tells him after the night they shared together she feels that he owes her honesty. Danny repeats the alibi he has for Michelle. Then she tries “if it was your father in his house laying in a pool of blood and I knew something wouldn’t you want me to tell you  the truth.” Danny’s reply, “like when I came to you for help when my brother was murdered?” Drew was speechless and Danny says “thought so.” The guard from the jail came in and told Drew not to pull a stunt like that again. Danny finds out that Drew was visiting Michelle and begins yelling at her. Drew says Michelle will pay and leaves. At Company: Drew’s adopted son Max is with Jesse. Jesse is adamant that Michelle isn’t guilty but Max feels that there has to be something to it or Michelle wouldn’t be in jail, since they don’t just arrest people for fun. There must have been enough evidence for the judge to think she may very well be guilty. Jesse says she’s in jail because she is married to a Santos. Marah comes in and talks to Max about how things are. She asks and finds out that there is a lot of tension between Drew and Jesse. She takes this information and approaches Jesse. She tells him that she understands what is going on and is there for him. She tells him that he is a great guy. Jesse appreciates the compliment and tells her so. Meanwhile, Max and Drew are talking and Max tells her that he understands her point of view but that she needs to talk to Jesse. Drew tells Max that Jesse will have to choose to stand by her or to stand by Michelle. At the Church:Pilar comes in and tells Ray that she needs to confess. Ray assures Pilar that whatever she tells him is confidential. Pilar tells him she knows who killed Ben. Pilar tells him what happened the night Ben died. Ray tells her it took a lot of courage to tell him but that there is an innocent woman in jail for it. He assures her he won’t say a thing but tells her she has to. He tells her that he took an oath not to revel her sins but he also took an oath to help wash them away and that’s up to her. He says that the guilt will weigh heavy on her. Ray tries to convince her to tell the truth. She is worried about the consequences her mother and grandmother will face. Says she can’t go home. Ray offers to let her stay with him. Pilar thanks him and Ray says don’t thank me yet, I am going to use every waking moment to try to convince you to do whatever it takes to free Michelle At the jail: Drew asking Michelle why she killed Ben. She says there was a witness that saw her. Michelle is upset about how Drew is treating her and starts to talk to her but Rick runs up and tells Drew to leave. Rick yells at guard and gets rid of Drew. He tells Michelle that she has to come up with a good alibi. Michelle says she can’t believe Rick thinks she could actually kill Ben. He tells her that he believes her but that she needs to tell people that she was with Danny all night because of the overwhelming evidence against her. Michelle says she was at her mother’s grave and if she can’t hold on to the truth she has nothing to hold on too. Danny overhears her. Rick tells her he loves her and leaves telling Danny that he tried. Danny comes over and says hi, he tells her he’s working on getting her out. Guard tells him visiting hours are over, he kisses her and leaves. She’s left crying.


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Tues., Dec. 8, 1999 At the Jail: Michelle tells Jesse that Danny wants her to lie about her alibi. She tells him about going to Len’s for ice cream, the store being closed, how she drove around and ended up at Maureen’s grave right about the time of the murder. Jesse wants to know why someone says they saw her outside of Ben’s hotel room. Michelle says she doesn’t know. Someone must be setting her up. Jesse wants to know who would set her up. She doesn’t know. Michelle is torn. She can’t lie. “If Drew knows me and thinks I’m capable of this…how can I convince others?” Jesse says “I wish you hadn’t told me about this”. Michelle looks worried. Michelle says “I should not have told you. Now you know I don’t have an alibi.” Jesse still believes that she didn’t do it and told her that he will support her. He tells her that they were as close as two people can be. Michelle claims that Jesse loves Drew now and he’ll tell her. Jesse says he will not tell because Michelle saved him. Because of Michelle he looks at life differently. Jesse: “I have your Mom’s heart beating in my chest. I won’t betray you.” Jesse tells Michelle he will be right behind her. He gives her a copy of a book of Shakespeare’s plays. Jesse tells Michelle that Shakespeare’s words can lift her up and out of this jail. Michelle thanks him for being a good friend. He leaves. Michelle starts reading. She begins crying and says that she just wants to go home.


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Wed., Dec. 9, 1999 – In Jail: Michelle is still in the cell, sitting on the bed. Danny comes in and tells her he misses her. She tells him that she’s scared. Danny asks if she’s thought about what he said. Michelle doesn’t want to lie. Danny keeps stressing that nobody knows the truth except them and Michelle tells him she told Jesse. Michelle truly believes that Jesse is her friend and won’t betray her trust. She tells Danny everyone is believing that she could do this and she doesn’t feel like she has many friends left, but Jesse is one. Danny: “You have me, Michelle, you have me.” Danny convinces her to stick to the alibi. He tells her that she will see an attorney tomorrow. Danny is going to talk to Jesse and find the witness. Michelle asks what he will do when he finds her. She makes him promise not to hurt anyone. Danny says he’s not going to go looking for trouble but that he will do anything for her. He kisses her and leaves. At Company: Drew rambling on about Michelle. She asks where Jesse was, he tells her he went to see Michelle. She starts an argument and Jesse just looks at her. He says that Drew is full of hate that she can’t see beyond it. Drew says that if she is wrong so is all the evidence against her. She believes that Jesse is still hung up on Michelle  and that is why he would believe such a phony alibi. Drew says Michelle will suffer for what she did. Jesse asks if she can forget about Michelle for one minute. Drew says she will not rest until…Danny walks up behind Jesse and accuses Jesse of “telling her.” He argues with Jesse now, saying that Michelle trusted him. Jesse says they were just talking about Michelle. Drew says that Jesse believes Michelle’s phony alibi. She goes into Company and Danny understands that Jesse didn’t tell her. He apologizes to Jesse. Says that he knows Michelle talked to him about her alibi. Jesse tells him that he had no idea what he was talking about. Pilar and Ray come in and Carmen tells her that she was worried about her, she wants to look after her. Pilar says God’s the only one that can help her now. Carmen wants to know what Pilar did. Carmen tells Ray not to believe anything Pilar said. Ray says they both know what she said but that he is bound by the seal of the confessional and can’t say anything. He wants the family to reconcile though. He leaves Pilar with Maria and Carmen. Abuela tells Pilar that Ben Warren hurt a lot of people and they shouldn’t be punished for killing him. Pilar says Michelle shouldn’t either. Carmen promises to come forward and confess if Michelle is convicted and sentenced to jail because she feels that the Bauer name will keep her out of prison. Pilar is naive enough to believe her and says she will keep quiet until then. Pilar leaves and Carmen tells Maria they will convince her that God’s will is for all of them to suffer in silence.

Danny and Rick try a “good cop/bad cop” scheme to try to find out the name of the witness. Danny issues a threat in front of David and Frank so that they will get a protective custody order on the witness. That means they have to pull the file. Danny then comes back in saying he forgot his keys on Frank’s desk and finds the file on Ruth. He pulls the contact sheet with name, photo, and address. Danny: “I don’t make threats I do what needs to be done.” Meanwhile, Ruth demands that Carmen meet her at Petula’s (formerly known as Company) and pay her the money she promised before she’ll take the stand. Carmen does so but only pays her half the money. Drew is caught off guard when Selena advises her that she doesn’t think Jesse did anything wrong by going to visit with Michelle. Selena urges her to be a good daughter in honor of Ben and stop her anger and threats of revenge.



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Fri., Dec. 10, 1999 – At Petula’s/Company Carmen strongly advises Ruth to get out of town before the police arrive and put her into protective custody. At the police station, Frank and David realize that Danny stole information from Ruth’s file, the only witness against Michelle.
Frank comes to Michelle and tries to get information from her about Danny going after their witness. Michelle insists Danny wouldn’t do that (and what Frank currently is thinking, that Danny would kill Ruth, Michelle’s right Danny wouldn’t), but Frank says “”Michelle we BOTH know that’s exactly what Danny would do.” Danny finds Ruth, who has been living at the boarding house (although in all the times we’ve been there we haven’t seen her) and tries to scare her into answering some questions about why she is lying and who put her up to this story. To protect her lies, Carmen hits Danny from behind and knocks him unconscious before Ruth can answer him. Frank and David arrive just as Danny is coming to, find the Lockhart contact sheet in his jacket pocket and arrest him. Danny tries to explain what happened, but they are not interested.  After assaulting her own son to protect herself, Carmen decides she needs to make sure no one suspects her. So Carmen tries to comfort Michelle in jail, and tells her that she will do anything to prove she is innocent and to get her out of jail. Carmen tells Michelle that she is family, and she will do anything for her children. Danny joins Michelle in jail.”Hi, Honey I’m home.” Danny’s actions cause more problems for Michelle’s defense. They spend the night holding each other through the bars in his and hers cells.



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Mon., Dec. 13, 1999 – At the Jail: Danny tries to explain to Frank, David, Carmen and Michelle that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of the witness (Ruth Lockhart). He tells them that he was only trying to talk to her when he was hit on the back of the head. When he awoke, David and Frank were there and Ms. Lockhart was gone. Frank and David don’t believe him. Grant Morton, Michelle’s criminal lawyer arrives. He tells Danny that he really messed up, and that because of him Michelle looks even guiltier. Danny is put into the cell next to Michelle. Michelle questions Danny about the disappearance of the witness, and he assures her he only tried to talk to her. He had nothing to do with the disappearance. Danny apologizes to Michelle for getting arrested and making her case harder. He still vows to find Ms. Lockhart when he gets out of jail. Michelle asks Danny that they always be honest with each other. Abby comes to the jail, and asks Frank if she can see Michelle. Frank tells Abby that Michelle is busy talking with her lawyer. Frank and Abby talk about family and having kids. Frank tells Abby that he thinks she will be a good mother one day. Danny is released from jail. At the Santos Compound: Pilar comes to speak to Abuela Maria. Maria says she is worried about Pilar, and that Pilar must take care of herself. Maria tells Pilar that Michelle has a better chance of getting off for the murder than they do. Pilar is afraid. Maria assures Pilar that God will forgive her. Pilar goes to pray. Carmen comes home. She says her family is falling apart. Carmen tells Maria that Danny is in jail. Maria begins to blame Carmen for all that has happened. She says Carmen should have never let Ben in to the family. Maria reminds Carmen that she promised Miguel (Carmen’s deceased husband, and Maria’s son) on his deathbed that she would take care of his family. Maria urges Carmen to keep that promise “no matter what!” Carmen complains that she is having to deal with this alone and the only woman she has to confide in is Maria, “a woman who has always hated her.” Maria agrees and says, just as you hate Michelle. While Pilar is praying, she has a vision of a bloody Ben: She begins to scream and cry. Carmen rushes to her. Pilar cries that they must tell people the truth, or they will all be damned!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzjHII4v_RU (Repeated from yesterday – important parts in both halves)


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Tues., Dec. 14, 1999 – Top criminal attorney Grant successfully gets Danny released from jail since Ruth was seen checking her son out of Cedar Hospital and orders him to stay out of the investigation for fear of ruining Michelle’s case. Grant tells Danny he’s already made it worse. After Danny leaves Grant starts to give Michelle a taste of what she can expect on the witness stand, Grant suggests to Michelle that she is a lousy witness and urges her to take a plea bargain. Carmen comforts Pilar after she imagines seeing a bloody Ben reaching for her. Carmen finally decides that she needs to come clean for Pilar’s sake, but before she can Carmen learns from Danny that Ben was shot a second time and realizes that someone else fired the fatal shot.

(Again repeat from yesterday, sorry but the clippers breaks and mine aren’t lining up very well right now)

Thurs., Dec. 15, 1999 – Carmen advises Pilar that they didn’t kill Ben and reveals that a second bullet was found and it was fired at close range. When Pilar still maintains they are guilty, Carmen guesses that Michelle did kill Ben after they left. Michelle confides to Ray about her attorney pushing her to accept the plea bargain. Torn over what he heard in Pilar’s confession, he urges her to fight for her freedom though he can’t reveal that he knows Carmen is behind the framing. When Teresa offers her sympathy to Danny, he suddenly realizes that she could be framing Michelle. However, when she produces proof she was in California with Jimmy at the time, Danny apologizes. Jesse walks in at this point and blasts Danny for not supporting Michelle more. Teresa runs to Carmen who angers her with her complaints about Michelle. When Michelle reveals to Danny that her attorney is pressing her to accept the plea bargain, he’s outraged. Michelle declares that she wants to fight the charge against her. Drew complains to Jesse for failing to support her and demands that he choose between her and Michelle.



Fri., Dec. 17, 1999 – Holly runs into Drew at Towers as she prepares for a benefit fashion show. Holly extends her condolences to Drew about Ben, and mentions how terrible that Michelle is in jail, and that she believes she is innocent. Drew tells Holly how upset she is that Jesse is so concerned about Michelle, and she feels betrayed. Holly talks to Drew about the ups and downs of relationships, her mistakes, her situation with Ross, and about her dark days when she kidnapped the children and reasons why she did those horrible things. Holly tires to make Drew understand about mistakes and forgiveness and love.

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Tues., Dec. 21, 1999 – At the Jail: Danny and Michelle’s lawyer Grant came in. Danny has a plan, telling Michelle that they needed to divorce so that she will have a better chance when her trial goes to court. At first Michelle is afraid he’s abandoning her too, but when she realizes it’s part of a plan, she adamantly refuses and tells him that she loves him and can’t lose him too. Danny reassures her that nothing will change between them, and they will remarry after she is let go. Michelle says never, she is his wife now and forever. Michelle realizes this is coming out of his guilt. Danny admits he feels distraught because he thinks the only reason she was arrested was that she was married to him. Grant says in his book, Michelle and Danny divorcing and pretending she never was a Santos is a nonstarter, but gives him an idea. Grant tells her that not only should they divorce but they should also start laying blame towards Danny since that will get her out of it and they would probably not be able to go after Danny because of lack of evidence. Michelle tells him no and he tells her that she will end up with a death sentence if she didn’t listen to him. He left. Michelle tells Danny that she had read up on some things and she can have Ross as her lawyer if she signs a waiver to no appeal. She wants Ross and Danny agrees that she should have him.


Wed., Dec. 22, 1999 – Danny tracks down Ross at Towers and asked Ross to defend Michelle at trial but he refused. He said that Michelle would have to waive her right to appeal and if he made a mistake, she would suffer. Danny told him about their lawyer Grant and how he wanted Michelle to plea bargain when she is innocent. Ross told him that they needed a new lawyer, he would love to help but he cares so much for Michelle that he believes it isn’t in her best interest. Ross told Danny that even if he thought he could win, he had already accepted a job in Philadelphia and was leaving for a few months. Danny got emotional and pleaded to Ross to save his wife. Ross was touched by Danny’s love for Michelle. Ross tells Danny that he also knows what it is like to love someone beyond reason. Danny tells him that Michelle is his life and without her he may not go on. Thinking all was lost, Danny apologized to Ross for wasting his time. Ross stops him and agrees to try to find a way to represent Michelle but makes no promises. Ross gets a phone call from Blake. He asks where she is. (Where she is at the Bauer Cabin, but she’s hiding to keep Ross from knowing she’s pregnant with their daughter because she thinks Ross has moved on with  Holly.) At Cedars: Vanessa grabbed Carmen’s hand after she asked her about Ben’s murder. Carmen jumped up just as Matt and Rick came in. He wanted to know what was going on and why she was in there with his wife. Carmen gave him a story about how she had talked to Bill and was worried about his mom. She said she cares about Bill’s family as well as Rick’s. Rick mentioned that he knew she went to visit Michelle and was surprised. He thought she would want to hang Michelle for Ben’s murder. She assured him that she doesn’t believe ever accusation she hears. Carmen tells Matt that Vanessa will be in her prayers. She leaves.


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Fri., Dec. 24, 1999 – Buzz sets everyone down and tells a story to all of his friends and family, “T’was the Night Before Christmas”, but this version tells us the story of what happened to the people of Springfield on Christmas Eve. Buzz: “Hope I think is the best gift of all. It’s the one nobody ever wants to return or exchange.” At the Jail: Michelle and Danny are kissing when the guard comes and breaks things up. He tells him visiting hours area over and that Danny has to leave. Frank tells him no exceptions and Danny leaves, getting arrested himself when he resists leaving. Frank comes back and tells Michelle that they are going to have to move her. She wonders what’s up especially when Frank escorts her to her own house. He takes her to her room where Danny is waiting, who explains to Michelle that Frank set the whole thing up and that they have 12 hours together, alone. Frank says “Merry Christmas” and leaves. Manny kiss, talk and make love. She talks about her mom and lying in Danny’s arms she begins singing, “O’ Holy Night” and Danny starts singing with her. The song spreads around town as the story ends.

Manny Highligts:

Full episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aB_uzgI8Cs (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo5rB4DOqmc (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJc6Na_bXyk (Part 3)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC7svhC_O_E (Part 4)

Mon., Dec. 27, 1999 – At the Bauers: Michelle tells Danny that being with him feels like a fantasy. He assures her it’s real and that they got their Christmas miracle. Danny tells her he can’t let her go when they come to take her back to jail. He says that he wants to run away but she says Frank will lose his job. She tries to convince him that eventually they will get caught and things would be worse. He reluctantly promises not to put up a fight when Frank comes to get her. Danny gives her a Christmas present and she is sorry she couldn’t get him anything. She opens it to find a gold house on a chain, it goes with the plans for their house at Laurel Falls and she tells him she is afraid it will never happen. He assures her that when she is acquitted, they will have a wonderful life together. Michelle looks through her jewelry box for something to give him. Danny: “I can never have enough buttons.” Then she finds her spelling bee medal. Frank arrives and Michelle asks Danny to not let them take her away. Danny gives her the medal and puts it on the chain with the house. He tells her that the house will remind her of their life together and the medal will remind her how strong and determined she is. They both promise to not give up and Frank takes her away.



Read this fanfic that referred back to this Christmas during the next year.


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Thurs., Dec. 30, 1999 – Magic Millennium New Year’s Party – Today Springfield revolved around the party at Millennium. Drew had a magician named Artee and everyone in town came to the festivities to bring in 2000 there. The usual things happened at the party but some strange things also occurred. The magician, who was truly magical, enabled some of the guest to live their fantasies if only for a few minutes.  Carmen and Danny are setting at a table, Danny is looking very sad, but Carmen looks on top of the world. Carmen suggests that he has been upset ever since he met Michelle and would be better off without her in his life but he doesn’t want to hear about it. Artee zaps himself off the stage and onto Carmen’s lap. He hands her a piece of paper. She drifts off into her fantasy where Michelle is her Cinderella and Danny is happily married to a pregnant Teresa who will name the child Carmen no matter the sex. In real life, Danny tells his mom that he will stay until midnight and then he was leaving to try to get in to see Michelle. Carmen of course didn’t like it, but what could she do?
Danny also has a fantasy. He meets Michelle for the first time around campus when they are both students, he is free of his family before they ever met (trading his black leather jacket for a light blue letter jacket), and Michelle never killed Mick. They fall in love instantly. He shuns his mother and is enticed by the purity of the life Michelle has had. He asks her if she believes in love at first sight and he tells her that he didn’t until he met her. He is instantly accepted by Rick and Abby and their biggest problem is listening to Rick do his Phillip impression. (Danny later says he continues to have this dream/daydream over the years and wishes it could have been true.)

So to catch you up on what’s been going on around town while we concentrating on Manny. Harley and Phillip are still married as are Jim and Beth. Beth is pregnant with James, but at this point neither Jim nor Harley know about the survival sex Peth had on the crashed plane in San Cristobel and so believe the child is Jim’s – hence the name (Jim is short for James). That’s why Pheth are so awkward around each other. The instability of the political situation in San Cristobel has convinced Richard that he needs a queen. He at first follows his inclinations and Reva almost succumbs, but doesn’t. Josh however throws what can only be called a world class sulk and they are broken up right now. Moving on to the closest duplicate available Richard moves on to Cassie. Originally he proposes a marriage of convenience, but his genuine concern for her apparently turns to love and Rassie is formed for real. This whole chain of events has caused hard feelings and awkwardness between the once close sisters. (Wherever she is Dinah must be laughing her head off.) Selena is still partially paralyzed from the accident on the stairs, but has been making steady progress which might just lead to minor miracle tonight. Vanessa is still in her coma and Carmen has become her new insta best friend, supposedly because she had grown so close to Bill while he was dating Pilar, but she has realized both that Vanessa also shot Ben and would confess, get Michelle off and make every realize someone had framed Michelle, so Carmen is making sure Vanessa stays in a coma. On some level though, I really do think Carmen really wants to be Vanessa’s friend, not that stops her from poisoning Vanessa to keep her in coma.

Other fantasies are Josh and Reva (they’ve reunited after the Richard debacle), Cassie (she met Richard first and he never loved Reva, and Jeva were together), and Phillip and Harley (Harley is a supercop and a supermom, Phillip is a novelist whose written 14 bestselling novels about his love for her, and Beth is a boob who idolizes Harley and wishes she could be like her – pretty mean considering she doesn’t even know that Philip is James’ father yet).

Due to the unusual structure of the episode (which I think I have found the entire thing now), I’m adding more comments than usual within the links below.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP9TT8DIZPw He and Michelle met as students, after he left his family and it was safe. Danny later suggests that he frequently had this dream/daydream later.)
Phillip and Harley:
Josh and Reva:

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Jan. 4, 2000 – At Towers: Drew and Jessie walk in and run into David. Drew asks about Michelle’s trial. David tells her it’s been put back a week or two because Ross will be out of town and he is representing her now. Drew is in disbelief that Ross could take her case. She starts questioning David over and he finally tells her that he doesn’t know anymore than what he has already told her. Drew is furious at Ross for taking Michelle’s case and she sees it as betraying Ben. She tells Jesse she has to talk to Ross and find out what’s what. Drew leaves and Jesse gets into it with David. He can’t believe that David is so blind to think that Michelle is guilty. Jesse told him that Michelle is innocent. David says that Michelle is no longer the girl he knew growing up and that she is now a Santos and he is glad at least one Santos is behind bars.

At the Jail: Danny is visiting Michelle and Frank comes by. Michelle thanks him for the Christmas present and Frank: just winks at her “Michelle, I don’t know what you’re talking about” and leaves. Ross comes in and tells Michelle that he knows she is not guilty of this crime and that he will do his best for her. Ross wants to know what happened the night of murder. Michelle begins to tell her story, Danny cuts in with the planned alibi but Michelle has a look on her face that tells Ross that something is wrong. Ross Questions her. Michelle tells him the truth and Ross realizes Michelle has no alibi. Ross says that Michelle has to tell the truth, that lying will remove any credibility. Ross reassures them, “Now you’ve got the truth and you’ve got me.”  Ross leaves. Frank comes back and tells Danny and Michelle that she is being transferred to the county jail. Michelle freaks out. She doesn’t know if she can handle that or not. Frank tells them that Michelle will be moved tomorrow. Danny tells Michelle that he will do what ever he has to do to make sure she doesn’t go to jail. He is going to find her a witness to prove she couldn’t do the crime. He pleas with Frank for time but it is out of his hands now. Danny walks out and meets up with Len, the owner of the ice cream shop. He heard that Michelle was in jail and felt terrible about it. Danny asks if he saw Michelle on the night of the murder and the guy tells him that he left on vacation that night and closed the store early but he did hear someone banging on the door after closing, however he did not see the person. Danny tells him that it had to be Michelle and asked if he would tell the police that he saw her there. Len doesn’t want to lie, but Danny tells him that he will be saving Michelle from being framed for a murder she didn’t commit. Ross goes outside the cellblock and calls Blake. He tells her he has to explain to Drew why he is taking Michelle’s case before they can leave for Philly. Drew comes up behind him and asks him to explain it to her. Ross looks up at Drew and tries to explain that he did it because he knows Michelle is innocent. Drew says if Ross wants to help her he will walk away from Michelle and never look back. Drew and Ross go over evidence. Everything too clean, too packed up against her. “She was set up,” says Ross. Drew appears to understand what he is saying even though she doesn’t want to admit it. She tells Ross that she trusts him and that they are blood and she will listen to what he has to say.


Thurs., Jan. 6, 2000 – Danny met up with Len Murray (who owns the Ice Cream store on West Pine Street) and asked him if he decided to help Michelle. Len told him that he wasn’t sure if he could do what Danny was asking. Len wanted to know what the Santos were going to do to him if he refused to comply with the perjury and Danny said nothing, but asked him to go see Michelle and see for himself that she is innocent of the crime. At the Jail: Frank came in and told Michelle that she had an hour before they took her to county jail. She was very upset by the prospect of going there, after hearing all the horrendous tales of abuse from Abby from when she was convicted of killing Roy before the tape showing him threaten her was found (courtesy of another one of Ben’s misdeeds). Frank gave her a pep talk and then goes out of the cellblock to the offices where he gets in an altercation with David over the preferential treatment Frank was giving to Michelle. Frank thinks it is all a setup but of course David doesn’t want anyone to take up for any member of the Santos family.
Drew comes in and sets down with David. She asks him why he is so sure that Michelle committed the murder and he kept insisting that she is a Santos. Drew began to talk sense and told him that her Uncle Ross would not have taken the case if he thought she was guilty and she believes in him. She tells him that Ross is a super smart lawyer and should know what he is talking about. She asks him about his ex-girlfriend Vicky Spaulding, who apparently is in New York doing some work. He says he misses her and Drew asks if the undercover work he was doing in the Santos house caused their break up. He told her indirectly it had something to do with it. She tells David that he should look past his hatred and try to look at the facts before he condemns Michelle for a murder that she may have had no part in. Drew is trying to do the same thing.
Just as they were about to lead Michelle out to the transport to the county jail, Len came in.

Fri., Jan. 7, 2000 – At the Jail: Frank tells Michelle and Danny that Michelle has to go to County Jail. Michelle: “I”m still here alone.” Danny: “You are never alone, never.” Len comes in and tells Frank that he wants to make a statement about Michelle. Michelle is very hopeful. Frank tells Michelle and Danny that Len told him that he saw Michelle but of course, David doesn’t buy it and thinks someone is lying. Michelle admits that she did go out to get ice cream the night Ben was killed. David taunts Danny that changing the story means that somebody is a lying. Len explains that he just got back from visiting relatives and David goes to check it out. David tells him that everything checks out and that means that Michelle will get another bail hearing. Michelle was happy and told Danny that she knew everything would work out if they just told the truth. Danny looks a little sick at the thought, but knows he can’t tell her.


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Should Michelle Have Lied?:


Mon., Jan. 10, 2000 – At the Jail: Abby goes to visit Michelle in jail and they hit on the subject of having babies. Abby for the first time admits she isn’t ready to have a child because she feels she is just starting to experience life and feels like a child herself. Rick, however, has longed for a child to replicate his own close relationship with Bert and he’s already lost two children.  Abby isn’t sure. Michelle tells Abby to be honest with Rick and to think about having children. She tells her what ever she decides she will support her. She also tells her that having children isn’t the end of her life, and that she can pursue her work and seminars even with kids.

Tues., Jan. 11, 2000 – Drew tells Selena and Buzz about Michelle getting another bail hearing and even though she is not as convinced that Michelle is guilty as she was at first, she is still confused and doesn’t want to make any judgments, so she will not be attending the hearing.

Wed., Jan. 12, 2000 – At the Courthouse: The judge, DA Doris Wolfe, Michelle, Ross, Danny and Jesse are in the Judge’s quarters. They have requested a new bail hearing since Len Murray showed up with an alibi. Ross says that testimony of Len will prove that Michelle could not have committed the crime. They bring Len in and he tells the Judge about seeing Michelle and about his leaving on vacation and about the delivery he had taken right before Michelle had gotten there. Ross provides a copy of the delivery with time, day and signature on it. The Judge tells Len that she has heard enough and dismisses him. She turns to Michelle and asks her why she lied about the other alibi (being with Danny). Michelle tells her that she was scared but that she truly believes in the truth and Len’s coming forward proves that she needs to fight for the truth. The Judge says she is ready to rule and while she still finds the evidence against Michelle compelling, she is impressed by the new witness and my Michelle and Ross’ action to bring the trial date forward and ultimately grants bail. Michelle hugs Danny tells him there is something she has to do and will meet him later. She thanks Jesse for believing in her and she and Ross leave. Jesse stays behind to talk to Len and accidentally makes Len think he is in on his exaggeration (about actually seeing Michelle).  Jesse thanked Len for his help and then waited on Danny to get back from posting bail. Jesse confronts Danny telling him that Michelle should know the truth. Danny says he isn’t going to tell her. Danny and Jesse argue some more and Jesse tells him if Michelle or Drew ever find out the truth, Michelle will be in jail and will never get out because her credibility would be ruined. At the Cemetery: Drew is visiting Ben’s grave in the Santos Mausoleum. Drew tells Ben about Michelle’s bail hearing and that she may be released. She tells him that she hopes that Ross and Jesse are right about Michelle’s innocence but she wishes Ben could tell her what really happened. She tells him that she misses him and wishes he could be there to walk her down the aisle and to see Selena walk again. Drew: “All I wanted is for someone to call me their little girl.” She promises justice for her dad and tells him if Michelle did kill him, and gets off without having to go to jail, she isn’t sure what she will do to her. Michelle shows up and tries to talk to Drew. Drew is angry that Michelle is there and out of jail. Michelle says they have to work things out, they were best friends and she thinks they need each other right now. Drew doesn’t know if Michelle is innocent or not and just doesn’t know what she should do. Michelle told her about Len and his testimony and promised Drew that she didn’t kill her father. After a while, Drew’s doubts weakened and the two hugged. Drew apologized for not believing Michelle. Michelle says now they have their friendship back, everything will be fine.



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Thurs., Jan. 13, 2000 – At the Lighthouse: Michelle and Danny are pleased to be together again, free and back in their special place. Michelle is so happy to see the place and finally has some hope that everything will turn out the way it should. She didn’t think she would get bail and is very happy that she did and gives Danny full credit for making it happen. She said that miracles do happen and that she thanked God for Len coming out of nowhere like he did. Danny agrees that the bail is a good sign. They leave for the lighthouse where Danny has a big evening planned. He has all the trimmings for a New Years Eve Celebration and they make up for spending the real one apart. Danny climbs off the bed where they were kissing to get the champagne and asks Michelle to do a countdown. Michelle starts to count down while beginning to take off first her clothes and then Danny’s (including a very dramatic ripping off of his belt). Danny: “Don’t you think we need to make a toast?” Michelle: “Then you’d better hurry and open the champagne then (Laughs).” They make love, drink champagne and celebrate the belated holiday. They eventually fall asleep and Michelle has a nightmare. She dreams of two officers coming in and telling her that her bail was rescinded and she had to be taken off to the state prison. She woke up and told Danny and he comforted her.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpE9N6ZO7_w (Note: the clip starts with the day before)

Tues., Jan. 18, 2000 – Drew is happy because she is OK with Michelle but she is also sad that there is still someone out there who is free and who killed her dad. Buzz is cleaning tables and Selena is helping him, he tells her that he can’t stop thinking about her. They hug. They are happy that Drew and Michelle are getting along and hope that everything turns out as it should. Michelle and Danny are sitting at a table and talk about the food being better here than in jail. Michelle is a little distracted about the nightmare she had but Danny tries to comfort her and tell her that everything will be ok. Michelle is worried that the jury won’t believe Len. Danny assures her that they will. They talk about Ruth and how she has mysteriously disappeared. Jesse is eavesdropping in the background while Drew and Selena chat. Michelle gets up to make a call to Ross. Jesse comes over to Danny and says there is one problem to the theory since Len lied about her alibi. Danny refuses to tell Michelle about Len and before they could get any more into it, Drew comes over and asks what they are talking about. Danny makes up something about Ruth. Jesse, Drew and Danny talk about Ruth and what they know about her. Her kid was at Cedars until they both took off. Michelle gets back and says Ross is coming back tomorrow. They all talk about Ruth and Jesse suddenly realizes he knows Ruth’s son from his work with kids in the coronary ward in the hospital. He tells them that one of the kids with heart problems he talked to just up and left and he thinks he may be Ruth’s boy. The others want to know what else they can about him and Jesse tells them that the kid has a medical condition that doesn’t allow him to travel very far. Michelle is happy that they at least have a lead.
Danny wants two minutes alone with Ruth. Michelle doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Drew wants to prove Michelle is innocent but she wants to know who is paying her off. Danny said it didn’t matter and Michelle and Drew say it does. Michelle says of course it matters because then they would know who killed Ben. Jesse leaves to go to the hospital to talk to Rick and see what he can dig up on the kid. He comes back and tells them that there is a boy the same age that has just been dropped off at a hospital about an hour away whose mom doesn’t have insurance and is paying all in cash. They think they have a real lead and Michelle wants to go talk to her. Danny thinks that she shouldn’t go and he had better stay away as well. Drew offers to go and Jesse thinks she may get too emotional. So Jesse decides to go first thing in the morning. He and Drew leave. Manny hug and kiss and Michelle says she has to make a few calls and run a few errands and she will meet him back home. However, once he leaves, Michelle begins thinking she needs to go herself to see Ruth.


Wed., Jan. 19, 2000 – At the hospital in Lawfor: (an hour out of Springfield), Michelle talks to Ms. Lockhart. She tries to get away from Michelle but Michelle appeals to her better nature, telling her that she is innocent and will go to jail for the rest of her life if not helped her by the truth. Michelle asked Ms. Lockhart who is forcing her to lie. She told her that if she needs money, she would pay her more than the other person did, if she is afraid, Michelle said her husband will protect her. Ms. Lockhart told her that she couldn’t help her and walked away. Michelle asks Ms. Lockhart if she believes in God. She tells her that her family is praying for her and God knows that she is innocent and knowing that, will God answer Lockhart’s own prayers for her son? Ms. Lockhart breakdowns and confesses that she lied. Unfortunately, Danny thinking his mother is on their side, admits to her they have a lead on the witness and hope to find her soon. At the Santos Estate: Carmen tells Danny about Pilar taking a vow to God and becoming a nun. He can’t believe it and asked to talk to her. Carmen tells him to leave Pilar alone. Danny apologizes for neglecting his family but Carmen tells him that he never has to apologize to her and that he and his sister are the most important things in her life. Danny tells her that he is worried about Michelle and the upcoming trial. Carmen assures him that everything will work out and she tells him how sorry she is that he is so worried. She talks a bit about his father and how he loved him. She tells him that she and his father are proud of the man he has become. She apologized for all her mistakes and tells him that she loves him. They reminisce about the past and their family. He tells her about finding the maid that setup Michelle and Carmen looked upset. Carmen asks him how they found her and she told him about Jesse knowing her son. Carmen can’t believe it. Carmen tells him that she has a business meeting so she will have to leave. She walks out of the room and says to herself that she is sorry to hurt her son but she has to because Michelle is no good for him. Carmen goes up to Ms. Lockhart, who is on the phone trying to talk to the DA, she hangs up the phone on her and tells her that she had better keep her mouth shut or her son will pay for her indiscretion. Michelle comes in and tells Danny tells her about Pilar becoming a nun. He feels like he has been neglecting his family. Michelle tells him about her talk with Ms. Lockhart and that she is calling the DA to tell her the truth. Danny was pleased. They were both excited about how she is going to be free very soon. They talk about how much Carmen is changing.



More of other scenes above, but more Michelle/Lockhart in version below.



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I don’t have a date for this first clip. I think it is sometime before the 24th, but I could be wrong. Danny and Michelle run into Drew at Company. They catch her up about Ruth Lockhart and Michelle talking with her. Ross says the DA is talking to Lockhart right now and that Michelle and Danny need to get away from the whole situation for a while. Even though it is cold out, they take lots of blankets and go out to Laurel Falls where they dream about their house there. They look at the plans and talk about expanding the nursery and having lots of kids. Danny: “I want a very big family with lots of little Michelles…..” Michelle: “little Dannys, running around and raising hell.” They bundle up on the  rock where they danced after their third wedding. They make love, but afterward Michelle is startled by a feeling like someone walking over her grave.


Mon., Jan. 24, 2000 – At the Ice Cream Parlor: Danny comes in and Len is surprised, he feels Danny shouldn’t be there. Danny wanted to make sure Len doesn’t change his mind about helping Michelle. Len isn’t sure. David comes in and starts acting like he knows something. He asks Len if he had redecorated since the murder and Len said no. He asks him how he saw Michelle at the door if there is no window in the door. Len told him that she left and walked by the window. David then asked why Michelle would walk by the window if the parking lot was a totally different direction. Len was stumped but Danny told David to stop badgering Len and David finally left thinking he knew something. Danny told Len not to worry and he left. At the Bauer’s: They are having a semi-private version of the famous Bauer BBQs when a reporter busts in and takes a picture of Michelle. They kicked him out, but it upset Michelle. Holly came in to see Michelle with the news that Blake’s book has had offers from Hollywood, to make it into a movie. Abby told Ross that Blake is going to use her story in her new novel. Ross can’t believe it. Not only are agents from California calling for her movie rights but now she is thinking of her next book. Michelle tells Rick how happy she is. He tells her that he is glad she has Danny and that he finally sees how much Danny loves her.


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Tues., Jan. 25, 2000 – Carmen calls the hospital and finds out that Vanessa is doing worse. She smiles and comments that no one will be able to help Michelle now. Danny comes over to her and tells her how he appreciated their chat the other night. He tells her that he hopes they can continue to rebuild their family ties but at the same time, he wants her to stay away from Michelle during the trial so that the prosecution can’t tie Michelle to the Santos clan even more. Carmen tells Michelle good luck and grins to herself. “You’re going to need it.” Doris tells David and Frank that she only needs one of them to testify. David had earlier accused Frank of going too easy on Michelle and expected Frank to insist on testifying. However, David and an eavesdropping Danny are both surprised when Frank defers to David. Privately, Frank tells Danny that he chose David to testify because he doesn’t want the fact that Michelle killed Mick to come into play and David knows nothing about it. Outside, Carmen threatened Ruth, telling her that if she didn’t lie about Michelle then her son would pay for it. The woman was so distraught she knew she had to do it. The judge comes in and tells the court that the case is a capital offense and the jury has agreed that they will be able to sentence Michelle to death if she is found guilty. Doris does her opening remarks and tells about the evidence and how Michelle should be convicted and sentenced to death for her crimes. Ross gets up and tells the jury that it doesn’t make sense that Michelle would put bloody gloves in her drawer if she were guilty. He told how kind and smart Michelle is. He also told them that Michelle is a Santos but she and her husband have no ties to the mob family and are living a respected life with her family. Ross tells them that the DA will repeat the name Santos to demonize her in the eyes of the jury. Doris says that David will be the first witness and calls him to the stand. He of course tells his story about how he found the gloves and how the Santos family are all criminals. Ross cross examines David and makes it known how David has an ax to grind against the Santos family for contributing to his father’s stroke and he could have planted some of the evidence. Buzz was called next and he assured Holly that Doris would not get anything from him. He kept telling Doris that he had no idea what she was asking because he didn’t see Michelle threaten Ben ever. The judge told him that perjury is a serious offense. He told the Doris that there was a conflict with them but no threats. Doris asked if she held a knife on Ben and Buzz admits that she did.




Wed., Jan. 26, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Buzz is on the stand yelling at Doris. Then Ross cross-examines him. He tells the jury that he trusts Michelle more than most any other person. He knows she didn’t kill Ben Warren. Next witness was Ruth Lockhart. (Lockhart reveals Ben’s room was 3010 in Towers.) She gets on the stand and lies. She says that she saw Michelle and that she knows it was Michelle coming out of Ben’s room stuffing something in her purse. She also says that Michelle and Danny both came to her to talk to her about her testimony. They both asked her to tell the truth, and she thought that meant they wanted her to tell things in a better light for Michelle. Ross crosses and asks her about her son and who was paying all the medical bills. He got some doubt from the jury but by the end Ms. Lockhart would not shake. She screamed out that it was Michelle she saw. Drew watched and her doubts returned about Michelle’s innocence. Jesse tried to tell her that the woman was lying but she didn’t want to hear it. After the testimony, they recessed for the day. Drew went to Lockhart and asked her to tell her the truth. She told Drew that everything she said was the truth. She got on the elevator and Carmen gave her an envelope telling her that she has wired the money into an offshore account and that she and her son should leave ASAP. The reporters swarmed and asked Carmen how she felt, she of course was magnanimous in her opinions and told them that she supported her daughter-in-law but things did not look to good. Frank is sure that Ms. Lockhart lied. David isn’t. Frank asks him all these questions about what Lockhart did before and after the times of the murder. Where she got all the money and why she disappeared. Buzz leaves with Harley and Selena. He feels her messed up things bad for Michelle. He is really angry about the whole situation.
Ross talks to Michelle and Danny about the trial, he says they don’t stand a chance without Len. Jesse calls Danny over and asks what will happen if Len doesn’t come through for them. Danny tells him that Michelle is innocent and if she doesn’t get off legally, he will take matters into his own hands.




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Fri., Jan. 28, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Drew comes in and tells Michelle that she needs to talk to her. They argue. Carmen watches the interaction and gets on the phone. She tells the person she is talking to that she is going to nail Michelle’s coffin shut “accidentally” of course. She wants to make sure the guy will get the information to the DA without having her tied to it in anyway. She hands a man an envelope and starts towards the courtroom. She meets up with Rick and Abby and tells them that she has been called to testify and she is going to try to help Michelle out. Rick thanks Carmen and they all go in. Meanwhile, the man gives David the envelope. David gives the letter to the Doris and tells her that she needs to ask Carmen Santos about her son’s murder. Carmen is called to the stand. Doris begins questioning Carmen about her daughter-in-law and Carmen really puts on the show. She acts like Michelle is so wonderful and she loves her to death. She tells the jury how much Michelle has helped her since Ben died and how much the family counts on her. She seems to be defending Michelle, saying that any problems they had were petty. Doris asks her about Mick and Michelle’s part in his death. Carmen appears shocked and tries to look like she is avoiding the question. Doris insists that Carmen tell them what she knows. Then Doris says she’s asking for the last time and Carmen starts to spill everything. Carmen starts talking about Mick. She tells her that it hurts too much to think about him and how he died. Again she is asked about his death and this time point blank asked if Michelle killed her son. Carmen admits that Michelle told her that she killed Mick but also claims that it was self-defense. Doris made it look really bad for Michelle, suggesting that Michelle had seduced and married Danny to keep him from telling the police about Mick’s murder. Ross asks the judge if he can have a moment with Michelle before he cross-examines Carmen. The judge gives a short recess and Ross questions Michelle about what Carmen said on the stand. Michelle admits that it happened but insists that it was an accident and self-defense. Ross says he can’t believe she didn’t tell him before this and tells her that they need a witness to corroborate Michelle’s story about Mick. Even with her life possibly on the line, Michelle doesn’t reveal Drew’s role that night, although she looks at her. Jesse hears Ross say they need a witness and tells Drew that she is Michelle’s only hope and she has to tell the truth about what happened that day on the beach.


Mon., Jan. 31, 2000 – At the Courthouse: After Carmen dropped the bomb on Michelle killing off Mick there was sheer pandemonium in the court room. Ross asked for a recess and then questioned Michelle. Carmen tells Danny that she doesn’t know who spilled the beans to Doris and apologized to him and Michelle for having to tell what she knew. Michelle tells Ross that there is no one who could corroborate her story and looks over at Drew. She tells him that there was a police report filed but Frank kept it quiet so she wouldn’t be in danger from the Santos clan. Jesse is begging Drew to tell the truth. She accuses him of thinking more about Michelle then her. He denies it and tells her that she needs to calm down and just do the right thing. Drew tells him that he must not give a darn about her or he would not ask this of her. She tells him that Carmen would kill her if she knew she helped to kill her demon spawn. She tells him that she knows she needs to do the right thing but what bothers her is that he is only worried about Michelle and who cares about Drew. He tells her that is not the case, but she doesn’t look convinced.
Danny aware as always to Michelle’s slightest action noticed her constantly looking at Drew and asked Michelle what was up with her and Drew. She doesn’t say anything and Danny assuming she is only concerned how this will make Drew doubt her tells her that she has to focus on herself and not anyone else. Edmund tells Carmen that she put on a good show. She tells him that what was done to her son was unforgivable. Carmen is fuming to Edmund. David picks a fight with Frank and asks him why he buried this info. He tells Frank that he is not doing his job. Carmen is back on the stand and Ross asks for a mistrial due to the prejudicial things that had came out. The judge denies it and asks the jury to disregard what Carmen had said. Ross doesn’t know how they can possibly disregard that but has no legal recourse at the moment.  The Judge will not grant a mistrial. Drew yells out that there is proof of it being self-defense and asked the Judge to hear her. Jesse tells her that he is proud of her and she tells him that there was never any question of her doing it, she was just upset that he doubted her and was so worried about Michelle and not her. Drew takes the stand and tells the jury about the night Mick died. Michelle told Drew that she didn’t have to tell anything but she said that this trial was about the truth and she had to tell what she knew. She told the jury that Mick was trying to rape Michelle and she hit him with a rock, he came after her and Michelle hit him again with a rock. Drew said it was in self-defense, “Michelle defended herself and she defended me too.” The judge admits her testimony and adjourns for the day. Danny wanted to know why Michelle didn’t tell him that Drew was involved and she told him that she had to protect her. She apologizes to him and asks him if they can talk later. She goes over to Drew and thanks her. They hug. Carmen is very angry and tells Edmund that Drew had the nerve to cry on her shoulder about Ben when she had killed her son. She tells him that she wants to kill them all. She said that she would have her revenge on both of them.



Tues., Feb. 1, 2000 – At the Church: Carmen is cursing God and Drew. She is so angry about Drew having a part in killing Mick and she wants her dead. Pilar overhears a bit and tells her mom that she shouldn’t keep such anger inside her. She should let it go and God will help her. They talk a bit and Carmen tells Pilar about Drew killing Mick with Michelle. Pilar tells her that Carmen has already gotten back at Drew with her part in the shooting of Drew’s father. Carmen said that was an accident and what Drew and Michelle did was not. Pilar told her that she had to put herself in God’s hands and trust in him. She told her that she asked for forgiveness and she received it. Then she started telling Carmen how Ben visits her on occasion and they talk and he has changed. He is very kind and forgiving and he will forgive Carmen too, if she would only ask. Carmen was getting very worried about her daughter and asks her not to mention this to Ray. At Company: Drew is mad at Jesse for caring more for Michelle than her. He denies it and she told him that she knows it’s true. She didn’t understand why he jumped on her about having to tell about Mick’s death. She was going to tell all along but he didn’t even give her a chance, he just started telling her what she had to do for Michelle. She also doesn’t understand why he is so sure Michelle is innocent and Jesse tells her that he knows her. He knows from the bottom of his heart that Michelle is innocent. Drew told him, “you mean from the bottom of Michelle’s mother’s heart.” She says that Michelle and he have a bond much stronger then him and her but again Jesse denies it. He does admit that he feels he owes Michelle and her family but that is not why he believes she is innocent. Jesse doesn’t have any clue what to do to make Drew understand that he loves her, not Michelle. Meanwhile, Selena and Buzz watch the two fight. At the Bauers: Danny is angry. He is slamming cabinets and not talking. Michelle asks him if he is going to talk or just destroy the kitchen and he shoots off about Mick and Drew and about Michelle believing Carmen told on purpose and was acting on the stand. Danny said that he wasn’t sure if he could trust Michelle anymore especially after she told him that she was never going to tell him about Drew being there when Mick died. He blames her for trying to sabotage his family, said a lot of stuff he shouldn’t and walked out of the house, slamming the door. Michelle goes after him and apologizes to him. He tells her that he is more angry at himself. He said the testimony brought back so many memories about Mick and he hates the part of him that was responsible for what Mick had become. He told Michelle that they were raised to be ruthless and while he was supposed to be the intellect of the family, Mick was supposed to be the brute. He was violent, with drug and alcohol abuse and that was what was expected and he never stopped and told him that he didn’t have to be that way. Michelle tells him that if he wants to talk about his brother she will listen. She tells Danny that he doesn’t have to hide missing his brother from her and she wants to be there for him, no matter how hard it is. Michelle: “Don’t ever apologize for telling me what you’re feeling.” He tells of the Mick he knew and how different he was. The main thing was to Danny that he never got to say he was sorry to Mick for all the things that happened. He apologizes to Michelle and they kissed and made up.


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Thurs., Feb. 3, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Doris wanted to use Mick’s murder as motive. She claimed that Michelle killed Ben because he could put her away for that murder at any given time. She claimed that Frank helped bury evidence because Michelle was a close friend of his. The judge questions Frank and then David. David tells him about how Frank let Michelle and Danny be together on Christmas Eve. The Judge denied any more evidence about Mick being brought in as evidence about this case. He also recommended Frank be suspended from the department. The court reconvenes and Ross tells Michelle what happened. She feels very bad about Frank being in trouble because of her. Ross asks who the DA’s last witness will be. He tells her that the prosecution always keeps their strongest witness for last. They look over the witness list but Michelle can’t figure out who is could be. Doris calls Rick to the stand. She questions Rick about the time he committed Michelle to the hospital psych ward. He tried to explain that his sister was in danger and he was trying to protect her. The DA brings up the day when Michelle attacked Carmen and asked Rick again if she was not a threat to society. He again says no. On cross-examination Ross let Rick explain that the phrase “Posses a threat to self and others” is a legal required in order to hold a person. He says that he never thought Michelle would harm anyone. Ross asks about Michelle’s release. She was released after 72 hours. Ross sits down and D.A. questions Rick about Michelle’s character. Rick says she has never forgotten who she is or where she came from. Doris kind of badgers him about Michelle and then sits down. The Judge tells Rick he can step down and the prosecution rests their case. The Judge breaks for the day and says the defense will start the next morning.  At Company: Rick blames himself for the bad turn Michelle’s trial has taken. Everyone argues about what to do and Michelle tells them that the prosecution is tearing her apart and she doesn’t need it from them too. She tells them they have to stick together. Ross assures him that the worst part is over and it’s time for them to present their case. Rick tells Michelle he had no right to lock her away from her husband. Danny tells him he should have kept her away because all her problems started with him. Danny tells Michelle that if she weren’t part of his family, no one would be setting her up for murder. Michelle says that no one can touch what they have together and Danny tells her that he is love has cost her everything and heads outside. Ross finds Danny outside and tells Danny he has to pull it together because Michelle needs him. Danny thinks he’s the last thing Michelle needs. He tells Ross that he doesn’t trust what’s going on with the trial. Ross doesn’t understand why everyone is so upset when they haven’t even started yet. Danny says that whoever set Michelle up is still out there and when he finds out who did it, they will wish they went to jail. Ross tells him if he lets this get to him, he’s worthless to Michelle. He tells him not to make her doubt her whole life with him. He says that Danny is the only one who can get her through this. Danny apologizes to Michelle and promises her they will get through this. He tells her he will take care of her and later makes arrangements for them to leave town tonight.




Mon., Feb. 7, 2000 – At Drew’s apartment: Drew is wondering why she ever doubted Jesse’s love for her. She said that she was still a bit upset thinking about Carmen and what she may do to her. Jesse tries to comfort her. He leaves to get a bottle of wine for their romantic evening. Drew goes to the door when someone knocks. It’s Carmen. Carmen asks where Jesse is. She thought he would be there standing guard worried about Drew. Carmen asks her why she never told her that she had a part in killing her son. Drew told her that it was in self-defense. Carmen didn’t want any excuses. She said she had questions for her, she wanted to know what her sons last words were, if he knew he was about to die and if he called out for his mother, just like so many of the Santos victims had as they lay dying. That’s the picture she has of her son in her nightmares. Drew tells her that she is sorry but that wasn’t enough for Carmen. She wanted to know why she never told her. Drew told her she was scared because of everything Carmen had done to Michelle. She said that she wanted to tell Carmen but they had to defend themselves. Drew says she feels bad for Carmen but can’t do anything to change things. She wants to know what Carmen is going to do. “Are we going to plan my little accident?” Carmen said that before that may have been an option but since she got to know her and since she is Ben’s daughter, she feels there has been too much tragedy and is going to let it go. Jesse shows up and is surprised to see Carmen. Carmen leaves. Drew believes that Carmen is going to leave it along. Outside, Carmen makes a comment about how Drew will suffer just like Michelle. At Company: Michelle and Danny are arguing over leaving town. Michelle says it’s illegal and her life is in Springfield, their family, and their friends. Danny asks her to think about it for a minute, he arranged for fake passports. He knows it’s a huge sacrifice to leave the family and friends, but it’s their life. He begs her to leave with him now. Danny doesn’t think they can count on anyone but each other. He thinks they should run while they have a chance. Danny says they would have each other. Danny thinks they could travel all over the world and be anyone they wanted to be. A guy shows up with the passports. Danny tells Michelle that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of their lives together. The man tells them that they can never come back or contact anyone from their past once they have left the country. Michelle isn’t sure about all of this; she says it is all pretty intense. She doesn’t want to do it, says that they should stay and fight. Danny reminds her that it is her freedom she is risking. Michelle is concerned about their family and their future kids. She thinks a life on the run would be a prison. She won’t do it to Danny or to her family. She is determined to stay and fight.


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Tues., Feb. 8, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Rick apologizes to Michelle for his testimony as the press all jump on her for something for their front page. They escape the paparazzi and go back in the courtroom. Holly reassures Michelle that Ross can win for her. Ross meets a man in the hall and goes over some documents he has. He asks the man if he is sure about what the papers said and Ross is pleased. Jesse tells Drew that he truly believes that Carmen will leave her alone and hopes that they can all move on. Carmen apologizes to Michelle for her testimony but Michelle doesn’t believe her. Drew tells Michelle that Carmen has forgiven her for Mick’s death because she is Ben’s daughter. Michelle doesn’t think that Carmen is so forgiving. Ross asks Jesse if he is all right with testifying about his relationship with Michelle with Drew there. Jesse assures him everything is okay. Ross calls Jesse to the stand and he testifies that Michelle helped him learn to read and got him out of a bad neighborhood. Doris questions him about Michelle’s mother’s heart and implies that he owes Michelle his testimony. She asks him if he’s still in love with Michelle. Jesse basically says he loves Michelle, but he’s IN LOVE with Drew. Ross asks him about Michelle’s character and he says he doesn’t believe Michelle would kill anyone. He says that at one time he loved her, but he’s in love with Drew now. Outside, Edmund wants to talk to Carmen but she acts like she doesn’t have time. He persists and asks her to do something for him. He needs her to talk to her people in San Cristobel because he needs to be discreet. He advises Carmen to stay away from Drew or else all fingers will point right at her. Carmen reassures him that she doesn’t have time to mess with Drew right now and goes into the courtroom. Jesse steps down and Ross calls an expert to the stand that surprises everyone.It’s the man from the hallway and his name is Dr. Peter Webster. He’s a forensic scientist.  Ross questions Dr. Webster about the gloves and finds out that only one shot was fired while the killer wore the gloves. Dr. Webster tells him that there had to be two shooters involved. Doris asks for recess and Ross tells Michelle and Danny that he didn’t tell them about the report because he didn’t want to get their hopes up. Michelle thinks everything is going their way and notices an upset Carmen leaving. Carmen: “You’re good Mr. Marler, maybe too good. I can’t let you find that second shooter.” She asks Danny why Carmen didn’t stick around to congratulate them. Drew can’t believe that now she has to look for two people that killed her father.


My Comments: https://glmanny.wordpress.com/2011/05/13/michelles-trial-day-4-feb2000

Wed., Feb. 9, 2000 – At the Hospital: Frank is thinking of how the judge suspended him from the force. Buzz comes over to his son and asks him what was wrong. Frank tells his dad about getting suspended and proceeded to tell him why. He told his dad that he let Michelle be with Danny on Christmas eve night. He told him that he knew it wasn’t right but he knows Michelle is innocent and when he looks at Danny he feels for him. He said their situation reminds him of the time he was away from Eleni and was not able to be with her. Buzz told him that he knew exactly what he meant and he was very proud of his son. He told him he loved him and asked him if he would like to go out for a drink with him. Frank said that he would like to check up on Vanessa before he does anything so he takes a rain check. Buzz told Frank that he knows where his priorities are and he again tells him he is proud of him. Carmen comes over to Matt and he tells her that he thinks Vanessa may have been at Ben’s the night of the murder. Matt wants to talk to Frank about it but Carmen advises him not to. She tells Matt that if he voiced his suspicions to Frank that would make Vanessa a murder suspect. Carmen thinks he should wait until Vanessa wakes up but Matt is worried that it may be too late for Michelle by then. Frank comes over and Matt pulls him aside. There is some low whispering going on and Carmen is worried. Matt tells Frank about what he thinks. Frank says he was suspended and can’t touch the case. Matt asks if Frank will help him unofficially. Frank hesitates and eventually agrees to look into it. Matt tells him all he remembers about that night. Vanessa was found unconscious, near the scene with a cut on her head and a coat drenched in blood. Frank wonders how a little cut could produce that much blood, unless it wasn’t all Vanessa’s. Frank wants to see the coat but when Matt went to ask for it he found that it had already been sent to drycleaners. Carmen comes back in the room right as Matt tells Frank about the coat. Frank said that they might still be able to find blood in the fibers. They go to get it. Carmen says she has to get rid of that coat. Carmen turns the coat over to Edmund who switches it with an exact duplicate that of course shows no trace of blood when tested. Michelle and Danny are going over the testimony from the expert. Danny goes to talk to Jesse. He isn’t sure Len should testify. Drew walks up and then Michelle and they want to know why. Danny and Jesse try to explain how the D.A. could turn Len’s testimony around and make it look bad. Danny tells her that they have reasonable doubt already and that is all that matters. Drew says, “Finding out the truth is what matters.” Drew is angry that people are making her dad’s death a game. She goes to the restroom for a break and Michelle goes after her. Len arrives in the courtroom. Ross thanks Len for coming and wants to go over a few things. Danny asks to talk to Ross. He tries to convince Ross not to call Len. Ross thinks Danny is a nut for not wanting the alibi witness to be called. Ross says he would be crazy not to call him. Len’s testimony will seal the deal that Michelle is not guilty. Danny and Jesse talk and Jesse said that he thinks everything will be fine, to let the man testify. Michelle tells Drew about her suspicions concerning Carmen setting her up. Jesse and Danny come over to the girls and Drew and Jesse invite Danny and Michelle out for lunch. They agree to go. Drew looks over and sees Len. She asks about him and Jesse tells her he is Michelle’s alibi. Drew is sure she knows him, that she has seen him before but has no idea where.

Michelle calls Abby over to Company. She discusses her suspicions with Abby who agrees with her. Abby (about Carmen): “I haven’t been buying this sweetness and light routine either….I always look for the good in people, but I don’t always find it.” Michelle confronts Carmen with her suspicion that only Carmen hates her enough to do this and vows to find out the truth. Michelle points out that Carmen’s behavior on the stand doesn’t track. Michelle:  “Lying has never been a problem for you before.” Carmen maintains her innocence, but appears shaken.



Fri., Feb. 11, 2000 –  I think there is supposed to be a day in between because clothes change. At the Courthouse: Ross is ready to go back to work and put Len on the stand. Danny still thinks that it will backfire and Jesse tells him that he believes everything will be okay. Len walks in and is stopped by Drew. She said she knows she has seen him before but cannot place where. Ross tells everyone that Len will be his final witness today. Abby asks Michelle if she is still worried about Carmen and tries to reassure her. Jesse interrupts Drew and Len to let Len have time to escape the inquisition. Jesse tries to take Drew’s mind off of it but she won’t let it go. Jesse tells Danny that he hates lying to Drew and Michelle hears them talking. They explain that they just want Drew to leave Len alone. Michelle tells Danny that they need to talk about Carmen. Carmen tells Drew that she has changed since she fell in love with Ben. She says that she is trying to support Michelle but now she thinks that Michelle has a guilty conscience. Drew realizes that Carmen thinks that Michelle is guilty now. Michelle thinks that Carmen is not on her side. Danny doesn’t think that makes sense. Court resumes and Ross calls Len to the stand. He testifies to seeing Michelle and Drew realizes that she saw him in the police station talking to Danny. She thinks that Michelle’s whole alibi is a lie.


Mon., Feb. 14, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Len testifies in court. Ross asks him who he initially spoke to when he realized Michelle was in jail. He said the first person was Frank Cooper. Drew realized where she had seen Len before and told Jesse that he she knew Len was lying. She remembered seeing him talking to Danny at the police station. Jesse tried to get her to be quiet but she made such a spectacle the Judge asked her to be quiet. She stood up and told the Judge that she needed to say something but before she could, Jesse stopped her and pulled her out of the courtroom. Ross continued questioning Len. He goes over the timeline of the murder and gets all he needs from Len. Doris asks for a few minutes recess while Ross tells Michelle and Danny that things look good for them. Ross about Doris: “She could request a sabbatical and it wouldn’t help.” Outside, Drew confronts Jesse and asks him if he knew that Michelle’s alibi was going to lie. He finally admits that he did and tells her everything. Drew argues with Jesse about how he keeps protecting Michelle and she is tired of it. She leaves him standing there. Doris overheard the whole confession. On cross-examination the DA asks Len if he was sure he saw Michelle that night. He tells her that he did. The DA threatened to produce a witness that would say he was lying. The DA confronts him with accusations about he and Danny manufacturing an alibi until Len gets so upset he admits everything. He tells her how he did hear Michelle at the door but never actually saw her. Michelle looked devastated. The Judge calls a recess and Michelle glared at Danny. She asked him if that was true and he told her it was. Rick told Abby that his sister was being railroaded and he was scared that Michelle was going to jail for something she did not do. Drew and Jesse fought some more. Drew said she didn’t believe him anymore and gave him back the ring. Ross cuts into Danny. He tells him that all they needed the truth and he messed it all up. He told Danny that he was responsible for Michelle’s verdict, which will be Guilty of Murder.


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Tues., Feb. 15, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Jesse tries to talk to Drew. She forces him to take the ring back. Drew tells Jesse that he is supposed to be supporting her but he keeps lying about everything. She leaves. Ross berates Danny and tells him that he and Michelle both will probably end up in jail for a long time. Danny tells him not to take Danny’s actions out on Michelle. Danny says that Ross can’t quit on Michelle because she is innocent. Ross tells Michelle that he will do what ever he can for her and leaves. Michelle asks Danny what he was thinking lying to the court. They argue and Michelle tells him that he played God and lost her freedom. Michelle wanted to know why he lied to her. Danny: “I did not lie to you. I did not tell you because you are a lousy liar.” He told her that it was better if she didn’t know and it was a good idea at the time. She wants Danny to stop running her life and loving her so much. Danny: “I’ll never stop loving you. I’ll never stop fighting to be with you – ever.” Michelle tells Danny that he is the best thing and the worst thing that ever happened to her. She can’t imagine her life without him but knows that may be what will happen. Danny begs her not to give up on them. Ross goes out and talks to Doris. He tells her that neither Ross nor Michelle had no idea about the witness tampering. Ross asks Doris to cut Michelle a deal. She declines and then says she will go for Murder two, 25 years minimum. But the deal is only good until court starts in the morning. Ross goes in and tells Danny and Michelle about the deal. Danny says, “No”, but Michelle tells him that this time she will make her own decision. She tells Ross that she will talk to her later about it. Ross leaves and Michelle tells Danny that she will decide what it best and she will do it alone. She goes out and asks Ross to take her home. At Edmund’s: Carmen bribes the bellboy to let her into Edmund’s room. She talks to herself and is pleased that Danny fixed it so Michelle will go down for Ben’s murder.


Thurs., Feb. 17, 2000 – At St. Michael’s: Carmen prays at church. She talks to Ben and tells him that she wishes he were there to see his death avenged and their victory. Danny hears her and asks what she means by that. Carmen says that she was just thinking about how well he is holding up for Michelle. He says that he spent last night in a motel room. Carmen tells him to face the chance that Michelle will be convicted. She asks him to come home so that she can take care of him. Pilar listens to their conversation. Finally waking up to her, Danny asks her to make the charges against Michelle disappear with her connections. Carmen tells him that is impossible but Danny points out that is what she does best. He realizes that Michelle is right and that Carmen was involved in Ben’s murder. Danny tells Carmen so. She acts hurt and tells him that anything she did would be for him and not for Michelle. Danny tells her not to come to the court and leaves. Pilar comes out and asks Carmen to do what she promised and confess to Ben’s murder. Carmen reminds her that Michelle killed Mick and this is Michelle’s punishment. She asks points out that Vanessa is the one who killed Ben and that it would crush Bill to find that out. Carmen leaves and Bill arrives. He begs Pilar to stop running from the truth because he knows that she knows what really happened the night that Ben was killed.

At the Courthouse: Doris asks Ross and Michelle for their decision about the deal. Michelle says she doesn’t know yet. They give her another half-hour to make it. Drew looks on and confronts Michelle about taking both her father and the man she loves. Michelle maintains that she is innocent but Drew doesn’t believe her. She tells her that she wants Michelle to admit what she did. Michelle refuses and Drew starts talking about how she’s reeling Jesse back in. Michelle tells her that they are only friends. Drew brings up the fact that Michelle almost cost her Max and Michelle tells her she also protected her from Mick’s murder. Michelle says she’s tired of defending herself to Drew and doesn’t care what she believes. She finds it strange that she is fighting for her life and Drew is worried about losing her boyfriend. She reminds Drew that the real killer is still out there but Drew believes she’s looking at the killer. Michelle says she can’t waste anymore time with Drew and Danny arrives and pulls her in the elevator. They both apologize and Danny tells her he’s behind her no matter what she decides. Michelle tells Danny he was right it was their life and Michelle asks Ross what will happen if she chooses not to take the deal and he tells her their case will depend on his closing argument. Michelle asks to testify and Ross believes that’s a very bad idea. Michelle says she won’t take the deal and court resumes. The judge asks for Ross’s next witness and Michelle begs him to let her take the stand.



My Comments:

Fri., Feb. 18, 2000 – Michelle wants to testify, she says she didn’t do it and thinks the jury will know she isn’t lying. Ross thinks it will be suicide. Michelle: “Somebody has to believe me.” The Judge insists that they get started. Ross asks for a brief recess. The judge gives him a few minutes and they go outside. Ross tells her that DA Doris will eat her alive. Michelle insists on taking the stand. Ross asks Danny to talk Michelle out of this since he is the one who put them in this situation and he leaves. Danny talks to Michelle and she tells him that she couldn’t hurt anything in testifying and he agrees. He tells Ross that Michelle should do what she thinks is best. Selena is with Drew who says she thinks Michelle may confess if she took the stand and went under oath. Drew even tells her mom that she could almost accept that she did it if she would just tell the truth. Ross comes back in and calls Michelle to the stand. He asks her a few
simple questions like, “are these your gloves, did you kill Ben, did you see Ben the night he was killed,” etc. Michelle (about the knife she pulled on Ben): “It  was a steak knife. I saw Ben coming and I pulled the first thing off the table next to me. It could have been a spoon and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.” Ross: “So these threats weren’t that serious.” Michelle: “I was seriously angry.” She answered all Ross’ questions and then it was the Doris’s turn. Doris asks her why anyone should believe you  couldn’t murder Ben when you killed Mick Santos? Ross objects and the judge warns Doris. Doris to Ross: “My law degree is just as big as yours.” She starts to pound at Michelle about all the lies and then asked if one of the men she had lying for her could have been the othershooter. She got Michelle so upset she asked her, “You hated Ben enough to kill him” and Michelle almost said YES but she yelled no and Doris yelled back. They argued again and someone yells “STOP!” Everyone turns around and it was Pilar, who continued, “Michelle did not kill Ben and I know who did!” Carmen looks very nervous.


Mon., Feb. 21, 2000 – In the Courtroom: Pilar shouts that she knows the truth and has to testify. Carmen tries to hold her back and Pilar begs Danny to let her go to the stand and she will free Michelle! Ross refuses to risk more damage to the case by putting Pilar on the stand without knowing what she is going to say. The judge gives them 15 minutes and Ross goes to speak to Pilar outside. Carmen tells Danny that Pilar is out of her mind. Danny yells at Carmen to stay the out of this. Carmen says Pilar will make a fool out of herself because she is not well. Danny thinks Carmen is afraid she will say something
against her. Carmen says she won’t sit there and watch. Danny: “Oh yes, you are, you are going to stay right here. You’re not going anywhere.” Carmen: “Danny this is not about me.”  Danny: “Mother, it’s always about you,  it’s ALWAYS about YOU….We’re going to find out together because you are going to sit right by me while she testifies and so help me, if you had anything to do with any of this – you have every reason to be afraid mother and you are not going anywhere so let’s go.” Danny drags Carmen by the arm to seats. Ross calls Pilar to the stand. Ross asked what happened the night Ben was murdered. She said that she was in the hotel room and saw everything. She tells them what she saw and that it was all her fault that her mom killed Ben. She told about the diary and how she acted like Ben was raping her. Drew and Michelle were livid at Carmen. Michelle jumps up! “I KNEW you were lying about something.”  Pilar continued and told about Vanessa’s part in the shooting. Pilar apologized to her mom and then told how Carmen planted all the evidence in Michelle’s room. Danny: “Don’t worry mother, you’ll get yours.” On Cross-examination, Doris started by asking a few questions. Soon she realized she was on to something when Pilar said she just spoke to Ben that morning. She kept on until it was obvious to everyone that Pilar had gone round the bend. Doris asked that the testimony be stricken from the record.



My Comments:

Tues., Feb. 22, 2000 – In the Courthouse: Ross and Doris arguing with Judge on Pilar’s state of mind. Pilar is shouting
that she is not crazy. Pilar leaves the stand and begs Carmen to tell the truth, to tell everyone that she is not crazy. Sadly to no one’s
surprise Carmen doesn’t back her. Danny and Bill take Pilar out of the courtroom. The Judge says Ross needs to have her undergo a psychiatric
assessment before he will allow the testimony. He adjourns for the day. Outside Carmen tries to talk to Pilar, but Danny and Bill prevent her.
Drew questions Pilar’s testimony. She turns to Jesse and asks him what he thinks. Jesse asks why she would be making it up. Jesse tries to
convince Drew but she tells him that she wouldn’t believe anything he had to say regarding Michelle. David comes over and Drew tells him that
nobody cares that her father is dead. David tells her that he does care and that he will listen if she needed to talk. Drew is sorry
for unloading on him. David offers to take him out for dinner get her mind off the trial. Jesse comes out of the shadows to watch them leave.
Danny says he should have known it was Carmen all along. Danny: “I can’t believe I didn’t put this together sooner, it has your
fingerprints all over it.  No, I do know why, you want to know why? Because I wanted to trust you. I wanted to believe that even you could
not do something so hateful.” Carmen: “I never hurt you.” Danny: “What are you talking about? You’ve been destroying my life!” But now Danny realizes he never can trust Carmen and will do whatever he has to do to keep her away from him and Pilar. Carmen says she will
always be his mother. But Danny counters that he no longer has a mother.

Ross tells Rick to see to it that Pilar is evaluated immediately. Michelle is concerned about Vanessa. Ross assures her that she would want the truth out if at all possible and that Vanessa may be the one who ends up saving Michelle. After Pilar leaves, Michelle finds Danny who is consumed by guilt that he couldn’t stop this from happening. They reach out to each other and feeling better because of it. Danny: “Hey, at least we know the truth, now we just have to prove it.”  Michelle runs into Carmen. Michelle: “Where are you going?” Carmen: “Away from you, Michelle.” Michelle: “You set me up.” Carmen: “Prove it.” Michelle tells her that her own daughter said she did it. Carmen told Michelle that Pilar was seeing things and has no idea what she was talking about. Michelle didn’t believe her and told her that shewill pay for her crimes. Carmen told Michelle that she is an evil girl. Michelle  to Carmen: “I hope that big ugly, house of yours is really, really lonely.” Carmen: “You’re a hateful girl.” Michelle: “That’s a little bit of a compliment coming from you, MOM!”  Carmen says the trial isn’t over yet, the judge won’t allow Pilar’s testimony and she will go to jail. Michelle says that maybe she will spend the rest of her days in jail but she will still have the one thing Carmen will never have, Danny’s love. At the Hospital: Matt wants to take Vanessa out of hospital but the doctor advises against it. Matt says he knows how to take care of her and that he was taking her home. He goes back in room and tells Vanessa that no one is going to hurt her. Rick
takes Pilar to see the doctor and Bill and Danny talk about Vanessa. Bill says that he believes Pilar about his mother’s part in the murder. They go to see Vanessa and find her room is empty. Bill calls home and there is no answer. Rick comes back with Pilar before taking her to her room. He thought she might want to say goodnight. Pilar hugs Danny and he apologizes for not being there during everything. Carmen is watching through the window. Pilar goes to her room and Bill leaves to find his mom. Danny goes into Vanessa’s room and Michelle walks in. She asks where Vanessa was. Danny tells her that she is gone but he will find her.

Wed., Feb. 23, 2000 – At the Santos Compound: Carmen calls the hospital and asks to speak to Pilar and is refused. She hangs up after telling them that she will be in touch with the supervisor. Ray comes in and tells Carmen that he knows she shot Ben and that he thinks she should confess. Carmen said she wouldn’t and that she isn’t worried about him because he cannot tell about anything he heard in confession. Ray says, “Do you think my collar will stand in the way of the truth.” He takes his collar off and tells her to think again. Ray tells her that God would want him to tell the truth and help Pilar and save someone from going to their death for a crime she didn’t commit. He cannot believe that she would hurt her own daughter to keep the truth from coming out. Carmen says that no one will believe a tainted priest over someone who has lost both her daughter and lover. She sarcastically tells him thanks for trying to save her soul but she is trying to save her life. He tells her that Vanessa will wake up sometime. Carmen says she is getting weaker by the day. Ray reminds her that miracles do happen and he is praying for one. Ray leaves. Carmen calls Dietz and orders him to find Vanessa ASAP. Danny sneaks in and hears her tell Dietz that she has to get out of the mess she is in. Danny hangs the phone up and tells his mom that court is back in session. But this time he is the Judge and the jury. At the Courthouse: Ross comes in with the bad news, Pilar has been found incompetent so her testimony will not be considered. Danny thinks they should get Carmen on the stand and force the truth out of her. Ross doesn’t want to call Carmen. Ross thinks they would look too desperate and Carmen would end up not confessing. He tells Danny that Pilar’s testimony will stay in the mind of jurors even if it is inadmissible. Ross tells Danny to stay out of it. Michelle agrees with Ross. She insists that Danny just let Ross deal with it. She trusts him. Bill comes in and tells them that he couldn’t find Vanessa but knows she is safe for now with Matt. He is sure if Carmen knew where she was she would kill without blinking an eye. He realizes that they have to find her first. Ross thinks they have reasonable doubt and may at least have a chance at a mistrial. Danny goes to talk to his mom. Michelle wonders where Danny went and Bill says he was here a second ago. They go on into court and sit down.

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Thurs., Feb. 24, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Bill goes to find Danny and Michelle is worried because Danny was very angry. Ross says this trial will go on with or without Danny and Michelle needs to sit down and look relaxed. Drew and Selena talk with Buzz. Drew still thinks Michelle killed Ben and Buzz and Selena disagree. David arrives and Drew thanks him for dinner. David walks in and Jesse asks him what he is trying to prove and says this is not the time to take advantage of her and they start arguing about Drew. “She is not yours so stay the hell away from her!” Jesse yells and Drew says he has no right to say that anymore.
Drew says Jesse can’t decide who her friends are anymore. David leaves and Drew is mad because Jesse is acting jealous. They won’t argue they say. Jesse says he will not say Michelle is guilty just to satisfy Drew, he will leave that up to her other boyfriend. He says he will move his things out of the loft tonight and he leaves.
Doris gives her closing arguments. She says that they have to see that the guilty be punished. She tells them that there are three elements to a crime, motive, means and opportunity. Motive: Michelle said she hated Ben, he drugged her husband, set up Bill, and hid evidence to clear Abby. Means: Michelle held a knife to his throat. Opportunity: Michelle’s alibi was false, and you heard Ruth. She left Ben’s room the night of the murder and the gloves and this case becomes less of a murder trial and more of a math equation. She shot Ben Warren in cold blood. Ross will tell you to look at her as innocent and he wants you to feel sorry for her but if you want to feel sorry for someone, feel sorry for Ben Warren whose life has been cut short.
Meanwhile, at the Santos House, Danny threatens Carmen. He tells her that she has better tell the truth in court or he will turn her over and tell all the other crime families everything she has done. Carmen: “What are you doing Danny? Threatening your own mother?” Danny says if she doesn’t confess her life as she knows it will be over. “You are my son now you act like it” and Danny says he is true Santos, ruthless and without a conscience, he will inform all the other families about every rip off Carmen has made. Danny: “How long do you think you would survive Carmen, a day two maybe?” She says he wouldn’t do it and he says he is giving her an opportunity to save herself. Danny: “Let’s go…we have to get to the court.” Carmen says he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he doesn’t scare her. Carmen: “You have no proof of this.” Danny: “You are my proof Carmen…you are my proof. It’s kind of ironic, you’ll be the one saving Michelle.” Ross starts his closing arguments. He tells the jury that all they have to know is that any reasonable doubt is all they need to acquit. Ross: “There were two shooters and that is the scenario we are showing to you. According to Doris, Michelle allowed the man to suffer and shot twice and watched him die, but you didn’t hear it in her closing arguments because the facts didn’t fit her scenario so she ditched it and tried to make you forget about it. My client should not be found guilty and we should all go home. Justice must be served. Well, of course it should be. Ben Warren lost his life, but somebody has set up Michelle to take the fall.” Ross tells them the only physical evidence was some gloves that were obviously planted, days after the shooting. Ross says Michelle is way too smart to get rid of the gun and leave bloody gloves in her room. “She would have gotten rid of it…they are ladies gloves, you can hide them, bury them and burn them but you don’t put them in a drawer until the next time you want to put on a pair of bloody gloves.” Ross turns to talk about Ruth. He explains Ruth had jobs that paid her minimum wage and all of a sudden she has so much money that she didn’t bother to pick up her final paycheck. Then she paid the hospital over $10,000 in cash! She couldn’t tell anyone where the money came from. He says it is all part of the set up and frame Michelle.  Ross sums up : “I was born in the morning, but it wasn’t THIS morning.” Ross connects this to the Santos family. They are front center and fundamental to this case he says. Ross talks about the reputation of the Santos family. He quotes Doris’s words about them capable of anything. Ross mentions Pilar and Doris objects. But the judge allows it. Ross continues, Carmen did not want Michelle as a daughter-in-law, she wants revenge for the death of her son. Drew listens carefully. “Carmen Santos had much to gain by sending this young lady to prison.” Ross says he didn’t want to take the case but he did because he didn’t think Michelle was guilty. There is a big hole in the case, no motive, other than a vague dislike for Ben who was not a likable man. Ross says what he does know is that Michelle did not commit this crime. Don’t let them send an innocent woman to prison. Ross: ”I know you will be doing the right thing. I have confidence that with reasonable doubt you will be coming back in here with not guilty. Thank you for listening.” The court is in recess until the jury makes their decision. Danny bursts in holding Carmen’s arms. The judge is not happy, Danny says “Carmen Santos here has something to say, something that will change the course of this whole trial.” Michelle looks horrified as she turns to look at Danny and Carmen.



Fri., Feb. 25, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Danny drags Carmen in the courtroom and tells the judge she has to say something. Doris is furious, Ross is furious but Carmen goes to the Judge and tells him, “Your honor, I want to tell you about the night Ben Warren was murdered…I want to tell you about how he was killed. What I have to say is that Michelle is not the one who killed Ben.” Michelle jumps in Rick and Abby’s arms. Carmen continued, “I went to Ben’s apartment that evening and I was carrying a gun. I loved him so much, as much as you love Michelle, so you understand what kind of love it was the kind of love….and….I can’t do this Danny! He wants me to say I killed the man I loved but I can’t. I can’t.” Danny gives her an evil look and everyone looks as Carmen stands near the door… Danny runs after Carmen and the judge is yelling after him. They all argue and it is pure pandemonium in the courthouse. Carmen blurts out that Michelle killed Mick and Ben. Danny says that’s it “Outside! Outside!” and Carmen follows him. Michelle is freaked out with anger and let out this really loud groan and rushed back to her chair and Ross followed her to calm her down. Danny yells at Carmen that every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Doris offers Carmen a restraining order on Danny for his mother but Carmen doesn’t want one. She wants her son back and Michelle yells at Carmen that she will NEVER have Danny again and she runs off. Ross runs after her and says that whatever Danny is trying to do to help IS NOT HELPING!
Ross is on the phone and is worried. He demands to talk to Dr Ed Bauer. But he is not getting through. Ross tells Abby that Ed will be good for both Rick and Michelle right now. He asks Abby to go in and deliver a message to the judge. He also asks her not to tell Rick and Michelle about the call. Ed picks up the phone and Ross says, “Ed is that you? Thank God!! I’m in at the courthouse, I practically live here…did you get the messages…yeah…we were told you were in the field…come on I can’t believe you didn’t have access…Ed do you understand what’s happening to Michelle? She’s in serious trouble and needs her father. Yeah well that’s all good but the last letter they got was in October and she needs a parent…you are nowhere to be found. Of course Rick is here but he isn’t her father. Ed, what the hell is wrong with you? How can you just leave your kid this way and I don’t care if you’re taking care of every disease in this world…. Ed it’s time to come home! Don’t you get it!? Yeah…. yeah…well…are you all right? Ed if there is something wrong with you now is the time to tell me…OK…and are you drinking? Oh for the love of God I don’t care about that…I need to…Ed no you can’t do that!” hangs up…Abby comes back and says Michelle needs him. Ross is angry and in tears. “I spoke to him yes and I don’t know what’s happened to him…” Ross doesn’t want to tell Michelle or Rick. Carmen tries to talk to Danny and Danny says all she has to do is tell the truth. “But I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill Ben.” Danny tells her that he believes Pilar. Carmen says she is out of it. She says the truth is she will never forgive Michelle for killing Mick and will always want her to pay but she wouldn’t risk losing him. Carmen: “You’re my son and important to me.” Danny: “I don’t believe you.” Carmen says she would give up her life for him but not to save Michelle. Danny says never to come near him and Pilar again. Ross tells Danny what he told Michelle. The judge can overturn the verdict if the jury’s not to his satisfaction since he heard everything. Carmen hears that and Danny rushes to Michelle. She falls into his arms. He carries her out of the courtroom. Ross joins Rick and Rick says things could not get any worse and he apologizes for snapping at Danny and Abby and Ross say that it’s OK. Abby invites Ross to dinner but he says he has a lot of work and leftovers. Rick asks Ross about Ed again. Ross and Abby share a look and Ross says no not yet. He tried. Rick is not expecting miracles for sure. Ross says he will let him know when he hears from him. Rick thanks him. Drew is freaking out and Selena calms her down and Drew says these two people were her friends and she feels like they never knew each other.


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Mon., Feb. 28, 2000 – At the Bauers: Danny, Rick and Abby take Michelle home. Danny wants to order pizza and Michelle is not saying anything. She is wondering about the jury and they try to calm her down. Michelle wonders what they are thinking about, did they think she was wearing something bad or are they sleeping or eating. “This is my life on the line and there are 12 people in a room somewhere deciding on my life.” Danny says he has not given up and Michelle says there is nothing left to do. “This is not saving me from your mother, it is different than that. This is the one thing where you can’t do anything about.” Michelle says. Rick offers her a sedative to help her sleep but she doesn’t want it. Danny is feeling guilty. Abby believes that there is always hope. Michelle says, “What good is hope going to do me? You know Abby…. you should know what it’s like to have 12 people deciding my life based on stupid lies…” Rick wants to talk to Danny. He apologizes for snapping at him in court and says he should not have said those things. He is just going out of his mind with all of this. Danny tells him that he knows Carmen shot Ben and he will prove it. Rick says Carmen will never confess to that. Rick and Abby leave and Danny and Michelle talk a little more. Michelle says this could be her last day of freedom and she wants to do so many things. Danny wants her to stop talking like that. Michelle says they have to face it. Her whole life could be over. Danny tells Michelle that she saved his life. Danny: “Look at what you’ve done for me. You saved my life. Michelle I owe you everything, I owe you my life.” She leans on his shoulder and the kiss. Danny: “If I hadn’t met you, who knows where I’d be. I’d probably be dead…I was going to kill whoever killed my brother. I would have done it if it hadn’t been you. You saved both of us. All my anger, all my hatred just disappeared when I saw you. You changed me. You put me back on the road to becoming a better man.” Michelle: “I’m sorry I fought my feelings for you at first…Somehow I knew you weren’t your name.”  They look at a few cards and letters Michelle has collected over the years from the many people she has helped out in the past, including one from her mom. It says, Have hope. Michelle read it over and over again and finally it kind of got to her. She laid her head on Danny’s chest and kissed him some more.


Wed., March 1, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Michelle is thinking about what will happen to her. Danny comes in and asks her why she is there. A bailiff comes in with a jury request to re-read the testimony of the forensic expert that testified about the powder residue. Danny is hopeful. He tells her that he spoke to the architect and told him to add a third floor to their dream house because they will need the room for their kids and all the people who will want to come and visit because they have such a great life. Bill comes in and asks Ross and Abby what the word on the jury was. Ross told him what was up and the DA interrupts them. She wants to offer Michelle a deal. She is worried about what the jury is thinking. The DA said that she would offer Murder 2, 25 years, with a possibility of parole. Ross said he will tell Michelle the deal but she is not guilty. Ross tells her that she has made him feel good about their chances for acquittal. Abby comes in and tells her about the DA and the deal. She thinks that is making the deal because she feels she is going to lose the case. Danny thinks that is a great sign. Ross tells them the deal and Michelle tells him that she isn’t guilty and won’t take the deal. Ross gets a not saying the jury has reached a verdict. The jury comes back in and the judge asks for the verdict. Michelle is upset that she can’t read their faces. Ross tells her not to worry.


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Thurs., March 2, 2000 – In the Courtroom: The Judge asks for the verdict and the foreman announces that they find Michelle guilty of Murder in the first degree. Ross asked to have the jury polled. Michelle almost fainted as she heard the 12 guiltys echo through her head. Danny held her and Ross tried to talk to her but Michelle couldn’t hear anything except her own voice disbelieving what she just heard. The Judge gave Michelle one week to be held in custody before sentencing. Ross tells her that they will not give up and will fight all they can. Outside Holly calls in the verdict to the paper and tells them to type it up and she will go over it when she gets in. Bill comes up and Holly talks to him about how she remembers him and Michelle as kids. Holly is worried about Ed. She thinks Michelle needs her father now and no one can seem to be able to locate him. Selena comes out to see Abby. They are upset about the verdict. Abby reminds Selena that Michelle could be given the death sentence and then she makes a comment about how she is sure Drew is happy about the verdict but Selena stands up for her daughter and tells Abby that Drew isn’t happy about it. Drew has lost so much: her friend, her dad, and maybe even Jesse. Abby is not concerned about Drew because she can go home and live her life but Michelle cannot. Selena gets irked and leaves. Ross is going to ask for a mistrial because of Mick’s death coming up. Holly talks to Ross and tells her that it isn’t his fault. He thinks he should have done more. Danny hugs his wife doesn’t want to let her go. He tells her that he will fix everything. It is not over. She tries to tell him things he needs to do. He needs to pick up the dry cleaning and withdraw her from the University, etc. He feels that she is giving up but she says she is just facing reality. She wants to be prepared for the worst but Danny tells her that he will get her out. She cries and holds him and wonders how she will ever be able to say goodbye to Danny. The guard takes her away and Danny tells her that it isn’t goodbye. Drew watches as they take her away. Drew leaves the courtroom and Jesse follows her. He asks her how it feels that an innocent person is going to jail, just like she wanted. He reminds her that she could get the death penalty. Drew tells him that 12 people convicted Michelle, not her. Jesse is pulled aside by Buzz. He tells Buzz that he has no idea how Drew can sit back and watch this happen to Michelle. Meanwhile, Drew talks to Selena and doesn’t understand why Jesse thinks she is happy by all this, because she isn’t. She said she didn’t want anything like this to happen and starts crying. Rick realizes that he is all alone and Michelle will never come home. Abby tells him not to give up hope. He reminisces about Michelle as a kid decorating for Christmas. He cried about how much he will miss his sister. Ross beats himself up for everything and Holly tells him that he did all he could. He is going to set up character witnesses and work on appeals, etc. Michelle is marched into a cell while all her loved ones sit in the courthouse looking shell-shocked. She lies down and looks at the bars. At the Santos Estate: Edmund comes in to congratulate Carmen on Michelle being found guilty. He thinks that is what she has worked so hard for. Carmen tells him that what she wanted was her family back how they were, before Michelle came into their lives. Edmund thinks she was victorious today. But she says that both her children know the truth about the murder and hate her for it. Edmund thinks she should try to rewrite history in Pilar’s eyes by convincing her that it never happened the way she thinks it did. Edmund tells her to convince Pilar and she will retract what she said and Danny will come back to her because he wants to believe his mom. Carmen tells Edmund how Danny threatened her and how she doesn’t know what he will tell them. Edmund doesn’t believe he will do that. She is worried about someone finding Vanessa and about the witness she paid off having a sudden surge of conscious. Edmund tells her to stop wasting time and energy worrying and he kisses her. Carmen finally tells him that isn’t what she needs or wants right now and he tells her that he will wait. He pops open the champagne and they drink to Michelle being alone in a jail cell. She thinks they she will wait to celebrate until it is all over and done with. Edmund knows the maid won’t come forward and Vanessa will die any day now. The episode ends with a music montage showing everyone alone and miserable except Carmen and Edmund who toast over the song “I Turn to You.”



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Fri., March 3, 2000 – At the Prison: Danny came to see Michelle. He has to sit on the other side of a glass partition and use the phone to talk to her. Michelle comes in wearing an orange uniform and sits down. They press their hands against the glass and Danny promises to get her out. Danny tells her that Ross is working as hard as he can. Michelle asks him why he looks so tired. He tells her that he refuses to sleep until she gets out of there. He believes this is all his fault. Michelle told him that it is Carmen’s fault and not his. They talk a bit, tell each other they love the other and Danny gets up to take care of a few things. Michelle begs him not to get himself into trouble. Danny leaves and passes Bill in the hall. Bill still has no idea where Vanessa and Matt are. He goes in. They talk and Michelle breaks down with him. She tells him that he is the only one she can express her fears to. She doesn’t want to upset Danny and he is her best friend. She also doesn’t want Danny to keep visiting her here month after month seeing her deteriorate. After a bit of trying to boast her spirits, Bill leaves and Michelle goes to a guard and tells her that it is very important that she talks to her lawyer. She needs him to do something for her. At the Lewises: Josh and Olivia looking at plans that Matt sent. He didn’t put a return address on them and they discuss the two disappearing. Danny rings the bell. He needs to know where Matt is. Josh tells him that they really don’t know. Josh introduces him to Olivia. Danny tells Josh that Michelle’s sentencing is in a week. Danny says Vanessa could clear Michelle. Josh said that even if Vanessa were there they wouldn’t be able to count on her in her condition. Stopped cold on that track, Danny thinks a minute and says that his mother doesn’t know that. He asks if Josh would help him. Danny tells Josh, “The only thing that matters is that my mother THINKS Vanessa can testify…. Do you want to help me set her [Carmen] up?” Josh is concerned that his kids not get into the middle of it. Olivia suggests that they use the little potting shed in the back. Olivia is all set to help and Josh thinks she needs to think about it and not be so enthusiastic. Olivia says she wants to help Danny because she can see how much he loves his wife and she wants to help. At the Santos Estate: Carmen is on the phone with Edmund. She is happy that Michelle is behind bars, her daughter is safe in a hospital and they are in perfect position to hear about Vanessa’s condition. Pilar rushes in and Carmen asks what she is doing out of the hospital. Pilar says she just saw on TV that Michelle has been convicted. “You are going to make this right and I am here to make sure that you do!” Carmen tries to change the subject and talk about how worried she is about her. Pilar: “You know damn well Michelle did not shot Ben! YOU did!” Carmen denies it and then starts to rewrite the story. “I did have a gun but I never fired that shot baby…” Pilar: “I SAW the gun!!!” Carmen: “I dropped the gun and ran to you and brought you back home…” Carmen is making Pilar feel like she is crazy!  Carmen: “You are saying a lot of things…. you are confused…” Pilar: “No, Mama, you can try but I’m not crazy! I know what happened that night and Vanessa when she wakes up she’s going to tell everyone.” Pilar insists the truth will come out. Carmen tells her that the doctors will help her. Pilar:  “No, you’re just trying to confuse me!” Carmen insists that Pilar is not strong enough for the real truth. Carmen: “No one believed you baby, they could see that they can’t trust your memory but you will get better!” A man comes in and Carmen asks him to take Pilar back to the hospital. Pilar wants to go back. Pilar: “You know what? They are helping me and I will get better and everyone will know the truth soon…you’ll see…you’ll see…” she walks out. Carmen says she is sorry but Michelle belongs where she is. Danny walks in on Carmen. Just there to checks his mail he says. His cell phone rings. He answers and tells the person to hold on. He turns to Carmen and tells her that it is a personal call and she leaves the room. She walks to the other side of the curtain and hides to eavesdrop. Danny talks to Josh and makes sure that his mother hears that Vanessa is coming around and then tells Josh that he is on his way to see her. He wants to be there when she speaks. Carmen freaks and follows Danny.


Mon., March 6, 2000 – At Casa Santos: Danny is on the phone with Josh and they do that thing about Vanessa coming to and Danny wanting to be there as soon as she wakes up. Everything is set up and Danny makes sure Carmen hears that he is on his way to see her. Carmen sneaks out into the foyer and looks upset. When Danny comes out he asks her if she is worried. She tells him that it has been a tough couple of days. Danny tells her “Guilt can be a real killer.” Carmen tells him that she is innocent and didn’t want any of these things to happen. Danny tells her that she lies so much she is beginning to believe her own stories. He tells her that the truth will come out, sooner than she thinks. He leaves. Carmen stands there and says she should have killed Vanessa when she had the chance. Carmen: “If Vanessa wakes up and talks I have to do something.” She grabs her keys and leaves. At the Lewises: Olivia says she is glad to help Danny. Josh doesn’t want her in any danger but she is adamant about helping out. Josh tells her that they should wait until Frank gets there. Olivia tells Josh that they have a good plan and everything will be fine. Josh doesn’t think it is safe. He warns her about who Carmen Santos is. Frank is there. They go over the plan and make sure his recorder is working. Josh asks Frank what he thinks. Frank tells him that it is a crazy plan but it just may work. Inside, Marah walks in. Olivia freaks out and tells her to get out of there immediately. Marah tells her that it is her house and she will stay. Marah thinks it’s all about the tape she made. Olivia tells her that it has nothing to do with that and that she has to leave. Marah thinks Olivia wants to play the tape to Josh but Olivia says this is the last thing on her mind. Frank and Josh are outside getting ready. Josh is worried and Frank says he will be there so nothing will happen to Olivia. Frank goes to the potting shed. Josh goes back in and is surprised to see Marah. “What are you doing here?” Marah wants to know what is going on, she doesn’t want to leave. Josh finally gives in and tells her that she doesn’t have to leave but she has to stay upstairs. She asks why and Josh tells her that he and Olivia have some business to take care of. Marah is offended and leaves. Danny comes to the door. Olivia leaves for the shed to play the comatose Vanessa. Josh tells her that he will send Danny out there. Olivia thinks that she will be able to survive 10 minutes without him and smiles. He goes outside and Danny tells him that he wants to talk to Vanessa. Carmen is hiding in the bushes listening. Josh tells him that she is in the potting shed. Inside, Danny and Josh hope the plan works. Olivia and Frank are in place, as Olivia pulls the covers over her. Danny goes out and stays in the potting shed a bit and then leaves. Carmen sneaks over and into the shed. Carmen: “Vanessa? It’s me Carmen…are you there?” Danny walks up behind her and says, “It’s over…. she told me everything.” Carmen looks horrified.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AppaXWLypcs (continues on the next day)

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Tues., March 7, 2000 – Drew tells Jesse to move back in and they would start over. Jesse says they can’t do that and pretend nothing happened. Jesse: “Look maybe you’ve changed but one thing hasn’t. I still think Michelle is innocent. Can we ever get passed that?” Drew and Jesse talk honestly about Michelle being part of their life for a long time. Drew says that she knows all the things she did to get between him and Michelle. She understands that he might still love her because she was his first true love. He doesn’t deny it. They kiss and hug and she asks him not to leave. Drew and Jesse make love. They both think it feels right to be with the other. Drew: “Holding you like this just makes me want to pick up where we left off before things got bad.” They want to forget all their problems so things can be like old times. Jesse isn’t sure they can. Jesse: “Because it’s not just us Drew and they don’t just disappear.” Drew: “You mean…she doesn’t disappear. Michelle doesn’t disappear…” Jesse tells Drew that without Michelle he would have never been able to fall in love. He would have never been able to fall for the right person. He tells her that he has to prove to everyone that Michelle is innocent. Jesse: “The question is, are you going to be able to live with that?” Drew: “I wish I could…but I can’t.” They look at each other. Jesse gets up and takes his box and leaves. Drew stays there in bed in tears and Jesse closes the door. “I’m scared…” she sobs and hugs her pillow. At the Lewises: Josh is worried about Olivia and Danny. Marah comes downstairs and he tells her to go back upstairs. She is hungry but he orders her to go back upstairs. She is being pushy and he tells her that he can’t explain things right now and yells at her to go upstairs! She does and the phone rings. It is a business call, Josh tells them it is a bad time to call and apparently the person won’t take no for an answer. Josh goes into the other room to get some figures and Marah sneaks back down into the living room. She is worried that Olivia is going to play a tape Olivia made of her confessing things she did to Olivia for her dad. Outside, Carmen walks into the room, Frank hidden behind a door, “Vanessa? It’s me Carmen…Are you there?” Danny sneaks in behind her. Danny: “Hello mother…it’s over…she told me everything.” Carmen asks what he is doing here and Danny says Vanessa confirmed everything Pilar said on the stand. He closes the door and Carmen tells him that Vanessa is lying. Danny: “Really? Everyone’s lying but you?” he says and Carmen denies all of it. Danny: “Look, you have done a lot of horrible things but you are still my mother and I don’t want to see you go to prison. I will help you but you have to be honest with me, do you love us as much as you say you do? Then you have to tell me the truth. Why did you shoot Ben?” Danny tells her that the cops are on their way to talk to Vanessa and it will be her word against Vanessa’s and they will believe Vanessa. Danny: “You have one choice, I can help you out with the cops, hold them off so you can get out of here or throw you at them…I’m the only person who can help you now. Tell me everything and we can work through this, and be a family again. I will work on forgiving you. Please…”  Carmen: “Alright, I’ll tell you what you want to hear.” Danny asks for the truth and Carmen asks again if he will forgive her. He says he will try. She just wants him to stop hating her. He hates what she has done but he will always love her, she is his mother. They hug and Carmen says she knew he wouldn’t turn his back on her. Danny: “Why did you shoot Ben and set up my wife?” she said to explain it she has to go back to the beginning. She talked about Pilar and her being in the house and how she saw she was very upset but she had no idea what Pilar’s plan was. Carmen started to talk openly and Marah bursts in. She demans to know where her dad and Olivia were. Danny tried to get rid of Marah but while that was going on, Carmen walked over to the bed and pulled the covers off of Olivia. Carmen looks at Olivia. Carmen: “Well, the girl is right. Vanessa, my how you’ve changed.” Danny is yelling at Marah and Carmen finds Frank and everyone calms down. Josh arrives and asks what Marah is doing here and Carmen rambles on about her son wanting to frame her. Marah demands to know what’s going on and Carmen goads Josh to tell her. Josh: “Bad timing Marah Bad timing!” Olivia apologizes to Danny and he says it’s not her fault. Frank and Danny close the door and keep Carmen in. Frank says he has the conversation on tape. “Why were you so desperate to see Vanessa?” Danny asks her. “Everyone knows you’re lying.” Carmen wants to leave but Danny gets in her way. “Oh no, I’m not finished with you yet!” Danny tells Carmen to sit down. She says she is disappointed in him. Danny tells Frank he can leave. Danny tells her not to fear him, “I won’t touch you…you are important to my plan. You will be Michelle’s get out of jail free card and then we will have our future together! A future without you!”
Carmen tells Danny that Michelle is the one who ruined his life. Carmen: “I’m your mother Danny and you will never stop loving me!” Danny tells her when he heard Pilar on the stand he realized Carmen would sacrifice her daughter’s sanity and her son’s happiness for her own freedom and he lost all love he had for her that day. Danny: “When I look at you I don’t see my mother, I see my enemy. And thank you in advance for what you’ll do for Michelle.” He smiles and leaves. “What are you planning Danny…” Carmen mutters. Outside, Danny calls Bernardo on the phone telling him that they need to have a talk about his mother.

At the Jail:Ross comes to visit Michelle and starts telling her about the appeal. She cuts him off and tells him that she is trying to accept things with the sentencing and now she has to see if the jury is going to sentence her to death. She thanks Ross for everything and he tells her that he knows she is innocent and he will help her get back where she belongs with Danny. Michelle wants Ross to do her a favor. Michelle: “I need you to help me file for divorce,” she says. Ross asks her why and she says, “Because Ross…I could be here for a VERY long time.” Ross says this is nonsense but Michelle doesn’t want false hopes,she insists  the jurors convicted her once they will not go easy on her this time. Michelle: “Isn’t it better to accept it than to sit here and hope and have my heart ripped out of my chest every single day?” she tells him that they can’t be together because she can’t let Danny give up his life, too. She wants him to have the life they planned with someone else, if he can’t have it with her. Ross tells her that Danny will never agree to it. Michelle tells him to file the papers or she will ask someone else to do it. Michelle tells Ross that if she keeps Danny tied to this marriage, she will be giving him a life sentence too. “He has to let go…” she says but agrees that if it was him she wouldn’t. “It’s not fair Ross!” she cries out. Ross tells her not to make a decision like this before thinking about it for several days. Ross: “Don’t you underestimate love. It endures ALL things, even this….I want you to think what it feels like when you see this young man, all the beautiful things you’ve lived and those you’ll be losing…” Michelle is in tears. Ross gets up and leaves. Michelle is still sitting there and gets up and walks back. Stops and thinks. She reaches and rubs her neck.” Oh God I don’t know how to let go of him but I have to.” Michelle brushes her tears away and a guard comes and takes her back in. At Millennium: Danny sits down with Bernardo. They talk about Danny’s dad and when he died and all of the ups and downs between the families. Bernardo: “Remember I was almost your father-in-law Danny. You almost married my Teresa.” Bernardo talks about the attention Carmen is attracting with the Ben Warren murder thing. Danny asks, “You want to do something about it?” Bernardo: “Like what?” Danny: “Like what you always do when you have troubles, you make it go away. Do you want to make it go away?” Danny gives him a list of all the things the Santos owns and offers to give it to him, all of it, if he gets his wife out of prison. Bernardo:  “How am I supposed to do that?” Danny: “I don’t care, just do it and you get everything that Carmen owns if you give me back my wife.”


Wed., March 8, 2000 – At Millennium: Danny comes in and asks Bernard what he had decided. Bernardo tells him that there is a lot of risk involved in what Danny was asking. Danny reminds him that with those risks come lots of rewards. Bernardo wants Danny to bring his associate up to speed. Danny tells him that he doesn’t have time but Bernardo tells him that his associate is there now and Teresa walks up. Teresa tells Danny that they will help him. She turns to her dad and tells him to take it. Bernard is hesitant at first; he says he has to take care of those you love. Danny says Carmen violated his trust. He tells Bernardo that if he gets Michelle out, he will not only give him all their business holdings but he will also be in his debt for the rest of his life. Teresa takes Danny aside and asks him if he hates the family so much, why does he turn to it when he’s in trouble? Danny: “It has used me my entire life, it owes me this once.” Teresa leaves and Bernard tells Danny that he will do what he asked on one condition. He tells him that after he gets Michelle out and her life back to normal, Danny has to marry Teresa. Ross mentions Michelle and Blake tells him that Michelle’s sacrifice of divorcing Danny reminds her of how she tried to sacrifice her own happiness by hiding out at the cabin and pretending she had a boyfriend when Blake thought Ross wanted a life with Holly.


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Thurs., March 9, 2000 – At the Jail: Michelle daydreams that Danny came in swept her up and told her that she had been cleared, Carmen had confessed and they were out of there. They kissed and Michelle woke up. She sat at her little window and received a visitor. It was Ray. She told him that she had a heavy heart and needed to talk. She doubts her faith a little and doesn’t know if she can go on. She says she believes in God and in the overall plan for everything but when she is alone in her cell without the man she loves she has a lot of trouble to see his plan. Ray says sometimes they just have to have faith. She is trying but it’s hard she says. She asks why this kind of stuff happens. Ray says he wished he could tell her why but he doesn’t know. Michelle:  “I always thought God would be the only one who’d be judging me and here I am judged my 12 strangers for a crime I didn’t commit.” Michelle talks about Pilar and how everybody thinks she is crazy. Ray says he knows she doesn’t belong there and Michelle realizes that he believes Pilar as well. She realizes that he knew the truth all along and never said a thing. Ray says he is a priest and has taken an oath not to reveal what he hears in confession. He tells her that he prays for her everyday. Michelle: “It doesn’t make a difference because everybody thinks she is crazy.” Ray says if there is anything he can do he will. Michelle says there is, he has to be there for Danny because he is alone right now. Michelle: “He gave up everything he knew to be with me because he had faith and nothing worked out and now he has nothing.” She tells him that she has filed for a divorce and that he needs to be there for Danny to help him accept it and move on. “I want you to promise me that you will be there and won’t let him do anything desperate.” He agrees. Ray watches Michelle and asks her what she is thinking about. She admits that she wished she had given him a child. Michelle: “He loves children. I remember a time when things got mixed up and he thought I was pregnant and he was so happy.” Michelle feels that she only brought pain to Danny’s life but Ray told her that she is a great blessing to his life. She asks Ray to promise her he will not let Danny get back into the family business after this. Michelle: “He will be very angry and will need someone to help him.” Michelle cried when he says he would help Danny. Ray leaves and Michelle thanks him. She cries and says, “I’m so sorry, Danny…I’m so sorry for what I have to do.” Michelle gets up to leave but Danny is there and she smiles and says hi. Michelle: “I didn’t expect to see you so soon.” Danny smiles and says, “Are you kidding? I’d live here if they’d let me.” He says he missed her and he touches the glass and Michelle looks at him without saying a thing, a tear slowly rolling down her face. She has a sad little smile on her face and she touches his hand but doesn’t say anything and he tells her that he missed her and smiles at her. At Millennium: Bernardo tells Danny that he will get Michelle out of jail if he marries Teresa. Danny says, “You got to be kidding me right?” Bernardo: “I’ve been very understanding. You left my daughter and I let you live. That’s very understanding from my point of view.” Danny says he was with Teresa when they were kids and its over.  Danny asks Bernardo if he had talked to Teresa about this. Bernardo said that this really had nothing to do with love but about honor. He said that Danny dishonored his daughter when he left her and this is his chance to make it up to her, and to him. Danny: “Bernardo, I can’t live without my wife. I’m not fighting for her just to leave her afterwards this is crazy!” Bernardo says this is the deal. Danny says he is exactly like his mother and he can’t understand why he came to him in the first place. Bernardo says because you know I can get her out…”you know I can fix it and make it go away. All you have to do is what you promised years ago and marry my daughter. Think about it Danny, I am your wife’s last chance.” Danny gets up to leave and tells him that giving up his wife is like killing himself. Bernardo asks him to sit back down. “This isn’t about your wife. I have nothing against her and personally I think she is innocent but she took you away from your family and destiny. Nothing good has come since you have married this girl.” He says he would have had everything if he had married Teresa like he was supposed to. “I don’t love her!” Danny says and Bernard says that it doesn’t matter; Theresa loves you so it’s a start. Danny says Teresa is a good woman and deserves to have someone who loves her. Teresa comes back and Danny wants to talk to her. He takes her aside. Danny: “Your father made the most insane suggestion, he wants me to marry you to get Michelle out of prison. Talk to him and tell him how crazy it is.” Teresa tells him,”I don’t think it’s crazy. I’d love to be your wife.” Danny realizes that Teresa knew about this before Bernardo told him. She said it was her father’s idea but it was a good one. Bernardo says he had to go make some calls and leaves them. Danny said, “Look you know I’m committed to Michelle for the rest of my life. I won’t leave her for anyone.” Teresa tells him that she will settle for having him on any terms and it will be for the best. If he doesn’t marry her, Michelle will never be free to see him and if worse comes to worst, she may even be sentenced to die.  Teresa: “Remember how we’d sneak into each other’s rooms at night, just so we could be together.” Danny: “How old were we? How old?” Teresa: “It would be enough for me!” Danny: “It would be enough for you that I ALWAYS would be thinking of Michelle wondering where she was and what she was doing?” Danny was angry by this time and told Teresa it wasn’t happening. Danny tells her again, “I will NOT marry you.” Teresa replies, “You married her to save her life, you will divorce her to save her again.” He says, “Never” and leaves. Teresa breaks a glass she is so upset and Bernardo comes back over to her. Teresa tells him that Danny refused to marry her. Bernardo tells her, “Of course he will marry you. It will just take a little convincing…trust me.”


Fri., March 10, 2000 – Carmen goes over and greets Teresa and Bernardo. She tells them everything is fine now and her family will be back together soon. They tell her that is great and she tells Teresa not to give up on Danny that he will be free soon. She leaves and Bernardo made a comment about her not knowing what was going on. Teresa is still upset that Danny refused to marry her but Bernardo thinks he will come around. Teresa doesn’t think so, so Bernardo picks up the phone to “make the call” to dispose of Danny since he disgraced his family. Teresa begs him not to and tells him that she still loves him. She says Danny loves his wife, so much he won’t marry her. Teresa: “Michelle can rot in jail for all I care.” Danny walks in and he tells Bernardo final offer, all the operations to Bernardo for Michelle but Bernardo says no, it’s Teresa’s hand in marriage or nothing. Danny: “No that’s my final offer. If you say no, I go to your competitors.” Bernardo says fine, but they can’t deliver. Bernardo: “Marry my daughter or you will watch Michelle die on death row. Take it or leave it.” Bernardo leaves and Teresa gets up. Teresa: “You shouldn’t have threatened my father.” Danny: “I’m not marrying you Teresa, I’m not.” Teresa: “Well then everybody loses.” She says and she leaves. Danny bites his lip and takes a deep breath. At the Jail: Michelle is still visiting with Danny. She tells him that she loves him but needs him to do something for her. Danny: “Then I would take that one hour.”  She tells him that she needs him to go on with his life and to sign the divorce papers she is having drawn up. He gets upset and beats the phone on the table. He tells her that he will never leave her and he will never sign any papers. He will tear them up instead. Michelle told him that after she is sentenced she would be moved to the state prison 5 hours away. Danny told her that he would go there every week just to see her for the one hour she was allowed. She told him that she would refuse to see him and he told her that if she did that he would sit up there every week alone for the hour just to be near her. He tells her that they are still working on getting her out of there. Michelle told him that she has to accept that this is her life now. Danny said he will never accept it and that she will get out of there. The guard comes up to take Michelle back and they both call out to each other. The guard gets her past the door and Michelle faints. Later, Rick comes in as they are calling for a doctor. He sees Michelle and goes to help. Michelle asks where Danny is and then tells Rick to tell him she can’t see him anymore. Rick asks her, “Why what did he do to you?” Michelle: “Nothing. It’s because I love him and can’t let him waste his life waiting for me. I have to leave him and divorce him please tell him…. tell him I’m leaving him please Rick you have to tell him…. tell him please…” Michelle cries out and faints as Rick takes her in his arms. Michelle: “I really wanted [Maureen] to meet Danny, she would just love him.”



My Comments:

Mon., March 13, 2000 – At the Jail: Rick helps Michelle. He tells the guard that he will not leave until he knows she is okay. She is still dizzy. Rick tells Michelle that she shouldn’t have told Danny that she wanted a divorce, Danny just won’t leave. Michelle says he deserves to find someone to spend his life with. Rick shows Michelle “Uncle Ernie,” a toy that Maureen gave him years ago. It is a good luck piece that was supposed to remind him that there is someone out there bigger than all of them, that is there to watch over them. Michelle remembers her mom and misses her terribly. Rick curled up on the bunk with Michelle and they talk about the past. They laugh as they remember an old Bauer BBQ when 10 year old Michelle was spying on her big brother Rick and his Beth shrine until Michelle almost says “what would you have done, Rick, put me in jail?” and they remember where they are. Rick tells her that he believes a miracle could happen. He tells her that she can keep “Uncle Ernie” for a little while. Lizzie’s oncologist beeps Rick and he has to go. Michelle stands there alone and has a vision of her mom. She sees Maureen holding her. She tells her that she misses her and Maureen tells her that she is with her constantly. Michelle wonders how she got here. Maureen: “We don’t get to pick our in-laws. I just got very lucky.”  Michelle: “You know Grandma Bert would roll over in her grave if she could see me now.” Maureen: “She’s seen a lot worst and she still sees you. Where you are doesn’t change who you are.” Maureen told her that she has known a lot of people that fell in to places they didn’t want to be and they were never lost as long as they remembered who they were and where they came from. She told her mom that she was scared and just wanted to be with Danny. Maureen tells her that she is a strong woman and it is not her time (Michelle is still worrying about the possibility of the death penalty)  and she should believe that. She also says that she and Danny will be together and she has to believe in that. Michelle cries and says that she believes her.
At Millennium: Danny is depressed and angry. He is remembering Bernardo’s “deal.” Teresa approaches him. She tells him that she should not have threatened her dad. Danny tells her that he will take his business elsewhere. Teresa asks him if marrying her is really that bad. He tells her that he is committed to Michelle. She tells him that she can make it so Michelle is out of jail and safe. She tells him that she fixed it and her father is working on a way to get Michelle out as they speak. Danny wanted to know how she did that. She said that she told her dad that Danny agreed to marry her. He tells her that she doesn’t know what she has done and she has to call her dad and call it off. She tells him that he has to go through with it. She takes his hand just as Jesse walks in. He tells Danny how disgusting he is to be holding Teresa’s hand while Michelle is wasting away in jail. Danny asks Teresa to leave. He tells her, if they are going to do this he has to handle some things. She smiles and says she will be at home. Danny tells Jesse what was up and how he is in trouble. Jesse tells him to do it. Marry her if it means getting Michelle out. Jesse: “Buy some time; it’s Michelle’s life.” He tells Jesse, if he does it he will never see Michelle again. The mob doesn’t take to people welching on deals.


My Comments:

Wed., March 15, 2000 – At Millennium: Teresa comes in to harass Danny. She tells him that Nuncio came by and told her that Danny was going behind her father’s back to help get Michelle out of jail. Teresa tells him that he can’t back out of marriage to her, her father will seek revenge for him breaking a promise. He told her that he never made the promise, she did. She said it didn’t matter. Danny told her that he did not love her and that he would not marry her. She tells him that her father is expecting them for a party he is throwing for them; he has to come home with her and start their lives together. She tells him it is the only way, else Michelle goes down anyway. She told him to begin a new life with her and give Michelle back her own life. Danny asks if Bernardo is already working on getting Michelle her freedom. She said he was and he will work even faster after he sees them together. She told him that she would make him forget Michelle. Danny thinks a few moments and tells her that he needs to think about a few things. He agrees to go home with her and start over with her. He goes to tell “Nuncio” that the deal is off and he will be back to get her. He tells her that she is right and there is no other way. Danny goes outside and thinks about Michelle and their wedding. Jesse comes in and asks Drew to sit down. She tells him that Danny was rushing out of the parking lot and almost ran her down. Jesse tells her that Danny is upset. He tells her that she and he both know Michelle is innocent and they also know that Michelle is not the reason they have problems. He tells her that he loves her and not Michelle. Drew told him that she can’t ignore the “evidence” that was against Michelle. He asks her if she read the newspapers and saw where the DA was pushing for the death penalty. Drew stoically said that she heard. He asked her to go see Michelle with him but she refused. He tells her that Michelle is all alone. But she says she can’t go. Teresa sits at the bar and phones her dad. She tells him that she is so happy because she and Danny are getting back together. She assures him that Danny is going to keep his end of the bargain. She thanks him for all his help and tells them they will be there after dinner. Teresa talks to Drew. She tells her that she and Danny are getting back together and she wants to book the entire club for an intimate dinner between them. At the jail: Michelle is daydreaming about her life with Danny and how much they love each other. Ross and David come in to transport Michelle to a holding cell at the courthouse for the next day’s hearing. He says that they need to do it to protect her from the press the next morning. David leaves Ross with her for a few minutes. Michelle says she is feeling a lot more confident. Ross tells her that she could get a lighter sentence with the chance of parole but then again the DA is going after the death penalty. He tells her that no matter what they will appeal the original verdict. He tells her that they will fight whatever they get. He tells her what to expect and tries to prepare her. David comes back and walks her out. Rick is outside the jail waiting on Michelle. Danny comes over and he and Rick talk beside the van. David brings Michelle out of the building. Rick talks to Michelle while Danny pleas to Jesse to help him. Jesse picks a fight with David and Danny rushes Michelle into the van. He punches out the guard and gets into the driver’s seat. David pulls a gun and says, “Stop, or I will shoot!”


Mon., March 20, 2000 – Outside the Jail: Michelle and Danny are in the van and David is holding a gun on them. He tells them that he is going to shoot. He comes over to the driver’s side and reaches for the door. Danny slams the door open, knocking David down and speeds off. David is furious and puts out APB’s and roadblocks everywhere. He looks around and can’t find one of the officers. (Turns out that he is still in the van.) David questions Rick about Jesse’s heart attack. Rick says that he needs to go to the hospital ASAP. They call an ambulance but David is not convinced. In the van, the officer tries to grab the wheel and take over. Danny slams on the brakes and the officer falls back and hits his head and is out. Danny and Michelle run off on foot to a shed on a back piece of their property at Laurel Falls. David gets a call that they have found the van. He goes to where it is, pulls his gun and tells Danny and Michelle to get out with their hands up. He opens the door to find the guard tied up and handcuffed in the back. At a shack, Laurel Falls: Michelle and Danny made it to shelter, a construction shack on their Laurel Falls property. Michelle: “You said we’d live here.” He gets a saw and cuts her out of the handcuffs. She thinks they need to go back to Jesse. He could be dying. Danny tells her that it was a setup. Michelle was amazed that Jesse helped them that way. She still thinks they shouldn’t have run. He holds her close and tells her that he will never let her go. They cuddle up in a tarp they found in the shed and just hold each other. Michelle:  “Why is it always like this with us.”  Danny: “I don’t know. It’s worth it when we’re together.”Jesse is in the emergency room. He wants Dr. Bauer. The nurse hooks the EKG up and tells him that Dr. Bauer will be there soon. The nurse takes the EKG reading and leaves, Rick walks in. Jesse tells him that he was faking and that the nurse took the EKG. Rick told him that he got it from her and showed him the crinkled up paper in his pocket. He also told Jesse that he realized it was an act and that Jesse definitely needs to rehearse his cardiac arrests. Rick looks out and sees David. He goes out to where he is. David insists that he see Jesse’s chart. He knows Jesse is faking and is going to arrest both of them. Rick told him that he would not break the doctor/patient confidentiality. David threatened to get a court order; Rick told him that there isn’t a Judge in the state that would ask him to break that confidence.


My Comments:

Tues., March 21, 2000 – At the Cemetery: Drew is talking to Ben’s grave. She feels bad about her and Jesse. She wished he could tell her what is going on. She says she wants to feel again. She wants to love again. She wants to trust again, but she can’t. She remembers that he didn’t approve of Jesse very much but she knows he is a good and honest man and he only wants the best for her. She wants Ben to help her get through this. Her phone rings and it’s Selena telling her Jesse is in the hospital. Drew isn’t aware of anything because she was not home all night. She tells Drew about his heart and that he is at Cedars. She is on her way to see him. She hangs up before Selena can tell her the rest. At Cedars: Jesse in the hospital having that hospital food. The nurse comes in and wants to take his vitals. Jesse is fighting her asking for Rick. Rick finally comes in. They are talking about Michelle and Danny and wondering where they are and if they are okay. Rick is scared; he says he didn’t sleep last night. Jesse says he is scared too. Rick asks Jesse if he and Danny had this escape planned all along. Jesse told him that it was totally spontaneous. Rick told him that he has to keep him a few more days to make things look good but if David gets a judge to issue a warrant to look at his records they are both in trouble. Rick said that he was not afraid to help his sister escape. Jesse tells him that he is scared for Michelle and Danny, because he grew up on the other side of the law and Rick can’t imagine what it is like. Rick tells him that it was not the first time he had broken the law. Rick tells Jesse about helping Phillip elude arrest and paying for it dearly but it was worth it. Rick tells him that he will handle David. He starts telling Jesse what he needs to do when Drew rushes in. She wants to know what happened to him. He tells her that he is fine now, just like it never happened. She is crying and blaming herself for not going with him to see Michelle. Jesse tells Drew that it isn’t her fault. She is pleading with him to let her back in and that she will be different. He feels guilty and he is trying to tell her to stop feeling like everything is her fault. She tells him that she won’t take anything for granted anymore. She says she will be at the hearing with him to support Michelle, but David interrupts and tells her that Michelle escaped thanks to Jesse. Drew wants to know what’s going on. She wants to know if Jesse did this as a distraction. Jesse sticks to his story. Drew believes Jesse. David is trying to convince her to that he is lying. Meanwhile, Rick calls Lizzie who is suffering from cancer to see how she is doing. He pretends to be Prince William calling but Lizzie knows her Uncle Rick. He is asking her about her reaction to the strawberries. Lizzie gives Harley the phone and Rick tells her a few things to do with Lizzie and then they talk about Michelle. Harley tells him that Phillip wants to help if he needs anything. David pops in. He realizes Rick doesn’t know where Danny and Michelle are. But he tells him that he will find them. Rick remembers when David was on the other side of the law, when he was on trial for murder and how he ran. He doesn’t understand why he is so “Untouchable” now. David says that situation and this one are totally different. At Company: David is disgusted at the paper with the headline about Manny escape. Selena brings him his order asks him how she will tell Drew that Michelle is out. She was trying to make Drew see that Michelle was innocent but this jailbreak makes her look guilty. David tells her that he was the one who was transporting her. He tells her about Jesse’s part in the escape. Selena goes off and reads the article then she calls the hospital to check – no Jesse. At Laurel Falls: Helicopters are flying overhead the shack. Danny is watching out the window. Michelle can’t believe that they escaped. “How long can we stay here before they find us?” Danny tries to convince Michelle that they will be fine. He kisses her. Knock knock. Danny picks up a wrench and creeps towards the door. He tells her to be quiet and opens the door. Michelle hides, Danny goes to the door. It’s Ray! Michelle wants to know how Ray knows. Danny called him for help. Ray said he can help; he will talk to the police and tell them why they ran. Danny tells him that he doesn’t want help turning themselves in. He wanted him to help them escape. Ray doesn’t think he can do that but Michelle says he owes her because he knew all along she is innocent. Danny demands to know what she was talking about. Ray admitted to knowing the truth long before the trial. Danny cursed his cousin for not helping them. He asked Ray what kind of man would do that to his family. Ray told him that he was a priest and could not tell what he heard in confession. Danny got an idea and told him that was fine, he wanted to confess a few things as well.
Ray tells them that they can’t escape, their pictures are everywhere. Danny wants Ray to hear his confession so he will be sworn to secrecy. Ray agrees to hear the confession so long as it is a real honest confession and that Danny understands he has to convince him see what he is doing is wrong. Danny says, “it’s been a year since his last confession…. I broke the law and helped my wife escape from jail but I am only guilty of loving her. She did not commit the crime she was accused of,” Ray is trying to convince him to turn themselves in. Danny tells him that they need to find a place to go until they prove Michelle is innocent. He turns to Ray and asks him as his cousin to help them. Ray asks, “What do you want me to do.” Unfortunately they don’t really have a plan. Ray tells them that they have to get out of the country. Michelle suggests San Cristobel because Cassie can help them there. Ray agrees. Danny isn’t too sure. Ray thinks he has an idea. Michelle says she trusts him, trying to convince Danny to trust him too.


Wed., March 22, 2000 – At the hospital: David is arguing with Jesse. He wants those test results. Jesse says “NO!” Drew is getting upset thinking that Jesse is hiding something. Rick comes in. David wants Jesse to wave the confidentially thing so he can see the tests. Jesse tells Rick that David wants his tests and he is arguing with him over them. Rick argues to and tells Drew that Jesse doesn’t want to give David the results because it was David who put him in there. He said that he pushed him down and pounded on his chest trying to kill him. David denied it all of course. Rick said the only way to get David off his back is to let him see the results, then he will have to go away and Jesse will be able to rest. Rick pulls out so bogus results and showed them to David. David looks at them and doubts what he sees. He goes to the cardiologist on call and asks him if those results could be from some sort of Coronary distress in the past 24 hours. The doc said that they could be, there is definitely something wrong. David then looked at Rick and asked the other doctor if those test results could have been “dummied up” by a doctor. The doctor refused to answer and said he wouldn’t know. Rick stared at David and told him that he messed up big that time. He told him that accusing him of such in front of one of his colleagues was too far and he will see that he loses his badge over that. Drew stayed by Jesse crying all over him telling him how she was sorry and how even when David was saying all those things, she doubted Jesse, but she should have known better. Drew wants Jesse to move back in. She says that when she heard of his heart attack she forgot all their problems and fights and realized how much she loved him. She goes out to David and tells him that Jesse is telling the truth. David told her that he and Rick both are lying and he will prove it. At Laurel Falls: Ray tells Michelle and Danny that they can go to San Cristobel under the guise of a priest and nun. He goes to make the arrangements and Danny asks him to go by the Santos house and get their fake passports and cash he has stashed behind a Shakespeare book. Ray tells them that he loves them and will pray for them both. He leaves. Danny talks to Michelle and tells her that he wants her to realize when they leave they will not be able to come back and will never see their families again, unless they can prove her innocence. She tells him that he is her family and all she will ever need. Ray gets back with passports and clergy clothes. They change while Ray goes for the car. Outside, Ray bumps into David. David says he knows why he’s here because he is there for the same reason, for Michelle and Danny. At the Santos Estate:Carmen is on the phone when Bernardo and Teresa come in. They are there to offer her support and to see if they can help. She tells them that the police and all her “friends” can’t locate Danny and Michelle. Teresa is a little concerned and Carmen is glad to see that she still loves Danny. Carmen says she hopes Danny is okay and hopes Michelle goes to hell in a blaze of gunfire. Ray walks in. He needs to borrow a book to work on a sermon and would like a word with Carmen. They go in the foyer. Carmen tells him not to preach to her. Ray says that Carmen should come forward with the truth before the cops kill Danny. He tells her that every moment he is on the run is a moment he is in danger and if Carmen loved her son she would help him. He tells her how she did terrible things and she has to make up for them. Edmund comes over and tells Ray to get lost. Carmen tells him not to forget the book he wanted. Ray went in and got the money. Edmund interrupted him again. He tells Ray he won’t let him away with what he is trying to do. Ray hides the loot and tells Edmund he doesn’t know what he means. Edmund tells him that Carmen will not go to jail and he will see to that. Edmund and Carmen kiss.

Thurs., March 23, 2000 – Bill walks in, on the phone with Matt. Vanessa is apparently doing a lot better. Bill says he has to hang up and he goes outside and sees Carmen there. He asks a question about Michelle and Danny and she talks about how upset she is over the whole thing. Bill gets angry and tells her that it was her fault they ran. Bill: “You made him do it, if you had told the truth none of this would be happening.” He tells her that it will all come out in the end and she will be left all alone. He told her that he knew she poisoned his mother. Bill:  “You tried to kill her, Give me one good reason why I should not do the same to you!” Carmen made some comment about Bill just being upset that his mother is sick and Bill grinned and said, “I must have forgotten to mention this to you Carmen, my mom’s awake and getting better everyday…” She acts like she is happy for him and asked when all that happened. He told her it happened right after Matt took the lip balm to an independent lab for testing. Carmen looks panicked. Bill tells her that she can deny her part in this all she wants but he doesn’t buy it and no one else will when Vanessa tells her story. Abby came in and saw Rick. She could tell something was wrong and asked him about why he has been so down and not been able to sleep lately. Rick told her that he was just tired but she told him that he doesn’t have to lie to her. He came clean and told her that he is scared for his sister and for Lizzie. Abby reassures Rick. She says he can’t hide his emotions from her. He is scared to walk by radios and TVs in case he hears about Michelle being found dead somewhere. Rick talks her that he is also scared about Lizzie and he says he knows there is no escape when he looks into her eyes. There is a 5% she will not make it and he loves Lizzie. All they can do is wait and he is sick of waiting for the police to call, for the chemo to take effect, for the next test results, or for the cops to come and take him to jail. Rick tells Abby about Jesse’s fake heart attack. Rick: “I helped my sister get away, Abby, and David is coming after me.” Rick tells Abby everything about the escape, Jesse on the ground and how he played doctor. Abby asks if he knew he was faking and Rick says he was suspicious but he didn’t know for sure. Now he does. Abby asks if they can prove Rick had something to do with it. Rick doesn’t know. But Rick told her to look on the bright side, “if they find her, Michelle and I can have a adjoining jail cells.” Abby told him to not give up. Rick yells, very angrily, that Michelle is “NOT GOING TO BE CLEARED!”  He breaks down and cries and Abby is stunned. Rick: “There is no hope!! That is why Danny broke her out of jail…. there is no hope…she will get the death penalty or spend her entire life in jail. I’m sorry Abby…. I didn’t mean to yell at you it’s just…. I wish I had the faith in God that you do, I really do…I wish I could believe god will protect my little sister, but I just don’t. I don’t know what I believe anymore.” Rick in crying. Abby tells him that he needs to step back and take a rest; there is nothing you can do to change anything. Abby says Rick can’t change what happened to Lizzie and Michelle but he can take a step back because this is taking a toll on him. His hands are shaking and he is tired. Rick: “It’s been a long day.” Abby: “Then come home with me, and shut the rest of the world out. You need it, we need it Rick.” He says he can’t. Abby: “Rick, come home with me. We need to talk this out.” Rick says it won’t do any good. Rick: “I’m sorry.” and he leaves the room. At Laurel Falls: David rushed inside the shed after seeing Father Ray. Thankfully Michelle and Danny had hidden in the loft. Ray was relieved and told David that he told him they weren’t here. David questions Ray and he tells David that he was hoping they were there and all right. David didn’t believe him. Ray says he has no idea where they are. “Look I don’t care what you think…” Ray says and starts out the door. David stops him from leaving. Michelle and Danny are still hiding, there is another cop walking around, they can’t get to Ray’s car. They have to get away on their own. They leave. In the shed, David still doest believe Ray. He wants to take Ray to the station.  Ray: “You will take a priest?” David: “When the priest is a Santos yes.” Ray tells him that he admits it; he flew in by helicopter and swept Danny and Michelle out of the country early that morning. David tells him to stop joking around; he knows Ray knows where they are. Ray leans over to pick up a piece of paper he dropped. David grabs it. It is concerning two reservation for plane tickets in an hour. David grins and asked Ray where his collar was. David accused him of giving it to Danny for a disguise. David doesn’t believe anything Ray says. He drags him out of the shed and tells him that he is going to take him to the airport with him look for himself! At the Airport: Ray yells that Michelle and Danny are not at the airport. Cops are all around looking for them. Ray has to get to mass but David won’t let him leave. David looks around and sees a nun and a priest. He grabs them by the shoulders shove them around telling them they are under arrest. It wasn’t Michelle and Danny. They said, “Father Ray, what is happening?” Ray introduces the two and told David that was who that itinerary was for that he found. David asked why Ray didn’t tell him. Ray smiles and says you wouldn’t have believed me if I told you. “Damn” David mutters. At the Santos harbor: The young Santos couple had made it to the Santos Yacht. They thought the airport would be full of cops. Michelle asks if anyone would notice the yacht missing. Danny didn’t think so. He says the yacht is out at sea all the time so they won’t notice right away. “This is it, this could really work.” Michelle says and they hug. “Nothing’s going to happen.” Danny says and adds that they will not catch them. “I swear to you they will never catch us.”


My Comments:

Fri., March 24, 2000 – On the Santos Yacht: Michelle and Danny are headed to San Cristobel. She calls Cassie and asks for Richard’s help. Cassie tells her that Richard will be in trouble if he was caught but that she would help them as long as Richard knows nothing about it. Michelle said that they would be there in the morning. Cassie told them to be careful. Danny thinks they should get a boat and sail around the world. He knows where some off shore accounts are and he can get the cash there. Michelle wants to know how they will prove her innocence if they are sailing around all the time. Danny told her that they might not be able to. They cuddled up on the couch and were talking about how much they love each other when a voice calls out, “This is the Coast Guard, prepare for us to board!”


Mon., March 27, 2000 – On the Santos Yacht: Michelle and Danny were interrupted by the Coast Guard saying they were coming aboard. Danny told her not to worry that when they entered San Cristobelian waters, the Coast Guard sometimes came on to inspect the safety equipment. She asked if the captain would say anything and Danny assured her that he was paid the big bucks to keep his mouth shut. He did however think that San Cristobelian officials probably knew they were fugitives by now and may be on the look out. While they may know him, they wouldn’t know her, especially since the boat was registered under the name of some charity and not Santos. She told him to hide in bathroom. He got in; she wrapped her hair in a towel, effected the British accent she sometimes used when playing around with Rick, and opened the door to the San Cristobel Coast Guard. They told her they were there to inspect the equipment and she told them in her British accent to go right ahead. They did and asked her why she was on the boat alone. She told them that she had fought with her husband and needed to get away. They started to go towards the bathroom and she acted like she would faint. They came to help her and told her about a fugitive couple and she acted even more scared. They told her not to worry that they probably weren’t anywhere around there and then left her to herself. When she heard there boat start up and pull out, she let Danny out. He was very impressed with his wife. The two had made it and sat back down for the duration of their trip.
Michelle: “It would be wonderful to have normal married couple problems for awhile.”
Danny: “Like what?”
Michelle: “I don’t know. Like a dog that has to be dealt with or a husband who forgets to take out the trash.”
Danny: “Or a wife who forgets to put gas in the car?”
Michelle: “I told you I was sorry! What about normal mother-in-law problems, that would be nice.”
Danny: “I think we have to face the fact that our lives are never going to be ordinary, honey.”
Michelle: “I can live with that because I can’t live without you.”


My Comments:

Wed., March 29, 2000 – At the Country Club: Drew is babying Jesse. He drops his napkin and she runs around the table to pick it up. He is feeling guilty and wants to tell her the truth. He is beginning to see a future with her and wants her to know everything. He tells her that he faked the heart attack and there is nothing wrong with him. She doesn’t believe it. She said that he had an EKG and medication. He tells her about how Michelle looked pitiful in shackles and it all just happened before he knew it. Drew looked like she was slapped in the face. She said it was easy for him to fake a heart problem for his “precious Michelle.” Drew tells Jesse that he is an accomplice, which is a felony. She is angry that he led her to believe he was dying. He told her that he wanted to tell her but he didn’t want to get Rick in trouble. Jesse told her that he had to be honest with her or else they would have nothing. Drew wonders if they already have nothing. Jesse tells her that if it weren’t for the heart problem they wouldn’t be together. Drew doesn’t know how she feels; she says she is so far beyond angry. David comes over and harasses Jesse. Drew tells him that Jesse isn’t faking. She tells him that Jesse feels better now and she doesn’t want to talk about this situation with him again. David leaves. Jesse thanks her but Drew tells him that she couldn’t tell David the truth. Jesse tells her that he loves her and hopes they can get past this. Drew says she understands why he did it and she does love him and she will have to find away to deal with it. Blake and Ross are having dinner. She doesn’t want to take calls from her editor and Ross is upset because he can’t escape all the press about Danny and Michelle. Blake wonders if Danny and Michelle will call him. He hopes not, he would have to turn them in. Blake thinks they should go on a trip and forget the real world. Blake tells him that her next novel will be a palace romance and wants to go to San Cristobel with him for a get away. He thinks it is a great idea. David and Vicky go over to Ross and asked him if he heard from Michelle and Danny. David accuses him of aiding and abetting. Ross tells him that he didn’t have anything to do with it. David tells him that Jesse was also involved. David threatens to put them all in jail. Blake was angry that he came over. Vicky tells David he needs to calm down. Drew overhears Ross and Blake making travel plans to San Cristobel and that it is a secret. She thinks the only reason they would go there now, is if Michelle and Danny are there. Cassie walks in and sees Michelle and Danny. She is surprised to say the least. Cassie doesn’t know what to do, she was thinking of some hiding places for them but they got there before she could make any arrangements. Michelle says if Cassie can get them a boat they will leave ASAP or, if she could hide them for a few days. Cassie wants them away from Richard. She thinks it would look terrible for him to become involved.Cassie replies: “If I was a falsely accused convict on the run dressed as a nun, you’d help me out, right?” Cassie tells Michelle and Danny that there is a room upstairs that no one goes in. It was Richard’s father’s room and no one is allowed in. She starts to take them up there when Richard knocks at the door. She scoots out the door and tells him that the nun and priest are holding a fundraising auction and wondered if she could let them look through his father’s old room and see if there was anything they could have for the auction. He said that was fine. She goes back in and Richard followed. He suggested that he and Noah go up with them as well. Cassie said that wasn’t necessary but Richard tells her he would like to talk to the priest about their wedding anyway. Danny and Michelle had their backs to him when Richard calls out to “Father Daniels.” Cassie yells out that she lost an earring and asks Richard to help her look for it. She asks Noah to take her guests upstairs and he did. Richard smiles and tells her that he knows she didn’t lose her earring and that she is a naughty girl. He accuses her of pulling that stunt so that they could be alone. He grabs her and kisses her. Upstairs, Noah questioned Michelle and Danny. He shows them a clock and asks them what church they are from. They tell Noah that he should go ahead and leave but Noah looked suspicious. He turned and asked Danny why he was wearing a wedding ring. Danny tells him that he wears the ring because in his heart he is married to the church. The ring is symbolic. Noah questions “isn’t that concept only for nuns?,” but eventually seems to buy it at least enough to leave. Michelle is relieved when Noah finally leaves. Danny promises that he will keep Michelle safe and they look at their new surroundings. Richard asks Cassie what was wrong. He tells her not to keep anything from him and that he already knows about Michelle and Danny. Cassie tells him that he isn’t sure what he means. He says he knows about the trial and the escape and that she has to be worried about them. Richard tells her that she can come to him for support. Cassie asks him if Danny and Michelle could come stay there awhile. He tells her that he thought about the same thing but it wouldn’t be good for any of them.


Thurs., March 30, 2000 – At the Hospital: Carmen finds that Pilar is gone. The orderly tells her that someone came in and took her. Pilar asks what is going on. Carmen yells out that Bill Lewis had to have taken her. Carmen is freaking out. The doctor told her that she has to calm down. She refused and attacked the orderly. The doctor told her that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Fri., March 31, 2000 – At Cedars: Carmen is freaking out; she is still in Pilar’s room in the locked psychiatric ward of Cedars. The doctor tells her that she has to calm down. She is yelling and blaming everything on everyone, especially Bill. She accuses the hospital of negligence and tells them all they will be sued. She pushes the orderlies and tries to bust through, but they don’t let her out. Carmen: “Get away from me…don’t touch me!” A man grabs her arm and tells her that she isn’t going anywhere. They men leave and later come back. The doctor tells them that they can handle things from here and sends the extra men away. Carmen is apologetic to all the orderlies and doctors and tries her best to talk her way out of there. The doc tells her that he knows she is concerned about her daughter but she is uncontrollably violent. She tells the doctor that it is very uncharacteristic of her and that she is just very upset. He tells her that she can leave but only if someone comes to pick her up. She understands and gets on her cell phone. She calls Edmund. She tells Edmund to get down there to help her but Edmund acts like he can’t hear her. He say, “Sorry try again later please….” Carmen starts going nuts again, right in front of the doctor. She tries to call someone else when the doc tries to take her phone but she screams at him about her children. Just then, Ray walks in. Carmen is relieved and tells the doc that Ray is her nephew and she has to speak to him alone. Ray tells her that he gave Bill authority to sign Pilar out. Carmen got angry and wanted to know why. Ray: “I’m protecting Pilar from you.” Ray says if Carmen promises Ray she will not try to get to Pilar if he will help get her out of the mess she is in. Ray asks her what kind of trouble she is in now and Carmen told him that they wanted to lock her up. He thinks about it and tells Carmen that he will help her, under certain stipulations. Not only does she have to leave Pilar alone but she also has to go to the police and admit her guilt in the murder. Carmen tells him that she knows he has been helping Michelle and Danny and that he can’t force her to confess. She hits him and Ray tells her that she should have plenty of time to think now. She screams out, “LET ME OUT OF HERE!” and bangs on the door, crying while Ray and the doctor walk away. In San Cristobel: Cassie comes in to check on the fugitives. She tells Michelle, who dyed her hair a darker color, that the color Cassie picked out for her looked great. Michelle thanks Cassie. She gave them some food and told them that she can’t let Richard know about them being there. It would be an international incident and cause a lot of problems for them. Cassie told them that she would help them get out of there as soon as she can. Cassie walks out of the room and through the foyer. Richard runs into her. Cassie: “I though I was meeting you downstairs.” Richard: “I was spying on you…. Just kidding,” and he kisses her. He told her that he had a surprise for her and Blake and Ross walked in. Cassie is panicking but hugs Blake and they chat awhile. Blake talks about her idea for her second book. She is enchanted with the palace and wants a grand tour. Blake: “So Princess Cassie, I want to see every corner!” Cassie isn’t so sure. She tries to stop Blake but Richard says it’s a great idea and he would be glad to give her a complete tour of the palace. Danny looked at a map of the island while Michelle put on a princess dress she found in a chest. Danny acts like he is not interested. She tells him a story and tries to get him to forget their troubles if only for the moment. She kisses him and he gives in and they fall onto the bed. Cassie asks Blake to wait. She makes up an excuse telling her that she and Richard have a meeting with the protocol lady. Ross understands but Richard insists that Blake and Ross take the tour anyway; he sets up one of his aids to walk them through. Richard accompanies them out and Cassie calls Natalie, the protocol lady and begs her to come over ASAP. Blake walks back in. She wanted to talk to her friend. She wants to know how everything has been going and the real scoop on the romance. Cassie tells Blake how her marriage of convenience to Richard had turned into the real thing. Blake is so excited, wanting every detail. Cassie tells her the story and Blake: “That is so beautiful I think I’m going to cry! This book will have a happy ending!” Blake wants to know the story about every room they were in and Cassie tells her that they were waiting until they were married. Blake thinks that is so romantic and should make for and even better story. Blake looks at Cassie and knows she is hiding something. Blake: “What’s going on? What are you keeping from me?” Cassie smiles and says “Nothing. You know I can’t keep a secret!” Cassie tries to change the subject and asks about Blake’s new daughter Clarissa. Blake wants to know about her. Natalie shows up and Blake walks around the palace alone and decides to tour by herself. She walks by the room where Michelle and Danny are hiding and is tempted to go in but remembers that she wasn’t supposed to mess with closed doors. Her curiosity got the best of her, however and she began shaking the doorknob. Inside, Danny and Michelle thought it was Cassie and opened the door. Blake looked Danny in the face. Meanwhile, Ross is walking around the palace when one of Richard’s aides came over and told him he had a visitor. Drew came in and demanded to know where Michelle and Danny were. Ross had no idea what she was talking about and Drew said that she knew he and Blake came there because of Michelle and Danny.


My Comments:

Mon., April 3, 2000 – In San Cristobel: Drew accuses Ross of knowing where Michelle and Danny are hiding. He told her that he hadn’t a clue. Drew doesn’t believe him. She says that she wants to look around the palace because she knows they are there. Cassie is cringing. Richard offered to take her on a tour himself. Ross sits down with Drew tells her that he is her family and would never hide Michelle and Danny. She says she will feel better if she looked around. She asked Richard if any unusual people had been around the palace. He told her about a substitute cook whose food was awful and about a nun and a priest looking for donations. Drew thinks that could be them and asked to see the room where they went. Meanwhile Blake opens the door and sees Danny and Michelle and turns around and says she didn’t see what she thinks she saw. They pull her in and she explains that she is on vacation. Michelle begged her not to turn them in. She says that only Cassie knows they’re there and it would get everyone in trouble if it came out. Danny tells Blake that she never saw them. Blake tells them that she did see them and she vowed never to lie to Ross again. Danny tells her that Ross is obliged to tell the court in he knows where the fugitives are and the DA is pushing for the death penalty and Michelle is innocent. Blake is beating herself up for being so nosy she had to open the door. They beg her again. She tells them she will think of something. Michelle is freaking out; Danny says they need a back up plan. He plays around until he finds a secret passageway behind a bookcase. He tells her that the passage is blocked off but they can use it to hide in if they need to. Michelle wants to go in another room but Danny wants to wait for Cassie. Danny doesn’t think Blake will turn them in and they’ll get a boat and be out of here. Blake comes back to the main room and over to Cassie. She tells her that she was just up in the “locked room.” Cassie told her that she can’t say anything because Richard will get into a lot of trouble and Michelle is innocent. Blake tells her that she has to be honest with Richard and that Blake herself can’t lie to Ross, she swore it after she lost him that way before. Cassie tells her not to lie to Ross then, just be creative. Richard and Drew go off on her little tour and Cassie and Blake come in. Ross tells them where Richard and Drew have gone and Cassie slips out. Blake jumps into Ross’ arms and says, “this is not good at all Ross….” he asks what is wrong and Blake says, “It’s my novel…” She sighs and closes the door she tells him that she is working on a chapter in her book and wanted his opinion. She asks, “What would happen if I stumbled onto Danny and Michelle, the fictional Danny and Michelle while in the palace. What should my character do? She says that “her character”, vowed to never lie to her husband again and she wants to keep that promise so should she just come right out and tell him…” Ross seems to understand what she is saying and he says calmly “If an attorney finds out where fugitives are he will have to turn them in.” “So that’s a bad thing if my character would tell your character in the book…” and Ross says it would be an extremely bad thing.
Michelle and Danny are looking over some maps when they hear Drew’s voice. They turn off the lights and hide behind the bookcase. Meanwhile, Cassie watches as Richard and Drew go in. Drew thinks that all the maps being there is strange but Richard tells her that his father was real big on nautical maps and charts. She is disappointed and says she is ready to leave. Richard offers to show her some more of the palace but she says that wouldn’t be necessary and returns to where Ross and Blake are. Blake and Ross are still talking about the fictional room with the fictional characters when Drew comes back. They ask if she is OK. She tells them that she knows Michelle is hiding in that country somewhere. Danny has a house and friends there as well as business. Ross asks her if she wanted to return with him and Blake to Springfield but she says she will stay. Ross tells her that they will stay with her then. Cassie comes out and tells Richard that she has to talk to him. She says, “I would never do anything to cause you trouble, not intentionally. But sometimes problems can come up.” Richard says, “Just tell me.” Cassie continues, “Danny and Michelle called me from their boat and I really believed in their innocence and I offered to help them.” “I see.” Richard says “they were in there” and Cassie apologizes for not telling him. “I was afraid…” And she says that she knew it would hurt if he knew about it because of his country and she loves him. Richard says, “It doesn’t matter Cassie. Whether I know about it or not! Everything falls back on me! Whether I was aware of it or not!” he goes to the secret passage and says, “Alright you can come out now!” “You knew?” Cassie says and Richard says he had an idea and she sure put him in a mess.


Tues., April 4, 2000 – At the Reardon Hideaway: Matt is massaging Vanessa’s hands; she wants to tell him what happened the night Ben died because she knows Michelle is completely innocent. Matt says he knows it is important, but her health is more important. She says she is OK and he does not understand, she had all this stuff locked up inside her and she couldn’t talk, she needs him to listen. She tells him she killed Ben. Matt tells Vanessa she was delirious when she left the hospital that night, she explains what happened with Ben the night he died. Matt wants her to stop, she has to continue and she tells him the rest, she says she has to call the police and tell them what happened. Matt says OK, he says he believes her. She says she killed him and she has to call the police and tell them she asks him to help. Matt says he can’t do that. Matt says he understands she wants to go to the police but not now. He tries to convince her to wait, she realizes that he is scared she will be arrested but she tells him that she has to tell the truth, with or without his help. She tells him that he will help her if he truly loves her.
In San Cristobel: Richard tells Cassie again that she has put him in a hell of a position. She explains that she couldn’t turn her back on Michelle and Danny because they are her friends. But she did not want to hurt him either. He tells her that he cannot just forget this; he has to turn them in. Danny tells him that he can forget it. He tells him that he can just leave and they will take off. Richard says it is not that simple, what happens after they leave the palace, what about money, Danny says they will just leave. Richard says it is over to Cassie, he understands they are her friends, but as the future princess she has responsibilities that must take precedence over everything, even friendship. Michelle believes Cassie will convince Richard to let her find a boat and let them escape. Danny says no matter what they are getting out of there. Michelle says Cassie can work on Richard and change his mind. Danny tells her that they will have to get out of there and steal a plane. She says she doesn’t want him getting a plane from drug-dealers. She doesn’t want to go back to the life they have tried to get away from. He says they will only use the life, not go back to it. Richard and Cassie go into her room, Richard is going to put Danny and Michelle under house arrest and call the US authorities. He cannot afford to do anything to upset the country. She wants to talk about the people and how they feel but he says he is the ruler of this country and it comes down to a choice between duty and friendship. She says there has to be another way. He thinks he has not properly prepared her. She says she does understand. In state matters she must defer to him and trust him. But she doesn’t know if she can. Richard says following an emotional impulse is not always the right thing to do. Cassie says it is not personal, and if you help these good people the world will admire him. He says he cannot. She asks if it were him and her what would he do would he do the same thing Danny did. He says of course he would. She says when he thinks like a man and not a Prince he thinks with his heart, which is filled with compassion. She tells him to think with his heart and make his decision. Danny wants to know how long they have to wait. Cassie comes in and says Richard is thinking about it, Cassie says Richard will do what is right, she leaves. Danny says pray Cassie is right. Richard is walking around Cassie’s room with the phone in his hand. He finds the bracelet that has Stella and Dwayne on it and remembers telling her he loves her and it is no longer an arrangement for him, he dials the phone and tells someone to arrange something for him and let absolutely no one know. Cassie comes back in and Richard tells her that he had to do what was right and place Michelle and Danny under house arrest. She says she understands and will abide by his decision. He asks for her support, she says excuse me and leaves. Danny tells Michelle they have to get out of there. They open the door and two guards are there. They put them under house arrest. Danny and Michelle are handcuffed and confined to the room.


Wed., April 5, 2000 – In San Cristobel: Ross and Drew are having breakfast together. Drew is upset about the usual things and is telling Ross how Jesse conned everyone with the cardiac scare. Ross can’t believe it. He asked her if they had the whole escape planned and she said that she didn’t think so, it was all impromptu. Ross asked her if she wanted to look some more in some other places but she is concerned that he and Blake are not getting to spend enough time together on their vacation. Ross told her that she is his niece and he wants to help her. She tells him that she is mostly upset about Michelle. She says that no one can see through her front and everyone does things that put themselves in jeopardy for Michelle and she is tired of it. Ross told her that it might not be Michelle that she is so upset at. He gave her his phone and told her to call Jesse and she would feel better. He left the table to pay the bill and she called Jesse. She told him that she was at the spa and was doing a lot better. She also said that she would be home soon and that she loved and missed him. She hung up and she and Ross left. Danny is freaking out. Michelle tells him that they will have to go back to the states and face the music. Danny is totally against it. Danny: “I’m not trusting anything any more, not when your life is on the line. ” She doesn’t know what else they can do. Danny finds a knife and puts it up his sleeve. He tells Michelle that he thinks they can escape. She is adamant that they just go back and take what is coming to them. Richard comes to the door and Danny hears him tell the guards to take a coffee break so he can have a moment alone with the prisoners. He goes in, Danny grabs him and puts the knife to his back. He threatens to kill Richard. Michelle is so upset. She begs him to put the knife down. She tells him that he can either kill her or put the knife down because if he hurts anyone she will not go anywhere with him. Danny puts the knife down and apologizes. Richard tells him that he understands why he has done everything he has done thus far. He also told them that he came there tonight to help them. He tells them to come with him and they all went down to Cassie’s room. In Cassie’s room, Blake came by and they were talking about how she handled Ross and how he was off with Drew. Richard comes down with the fugitives and he tells Danny and Michelle what his decision was. They have 2 weeks to prove Michelle’s innocence. They can stay on the island that long and then he will have to turn them in. They all thanked Richard. Outside the room Ross and Drew had just came in. They were going to say goodbye to Cassie, pick up Blake and then head back to Springfield.


My Comments:

Thurs., April 6, 2000 – At the Reardon Hideaway: Vanessa asks Matt to take her to the police station. Matt wants her to rest. She insists on telling the truth and doing it that very moment. Matt wants her to wait until she is stronger but Vanessa thinks it will help her to tell the truth about everything. Matt gives in and says he will call the police. He pretends to call the police station and asks to speak to David. He “tells” him the whole story about Vanessa’s involvement and then hangs up. He lies to Vanessa and tells her that David has already arrested Carmen and is working on getting Michelle out right then. Vanessa still wants to tell him her story but Matt tells her that David will call her when he needs her testimony. Vanessa tells him that she killed someone and couldn’t say anything to help Michelle all these months; now that she can she is dying to get it out. Matt says it wasn’t her fault; it was Carmen’s fault. Vanessa is also worried about Bill. She wants to make things right but Matt wants her to rest and wait until the time is right. She needs to get well and take time before they face the world. He tells her to rest and goes outside for a break. Billy pulls up. He tells Matt he wants to know what is going on with Vanessa. In San Cristobel: Richard tells Michelle and Danny they have 14 days on the island to find the evidence they need to clear Michelle. Cassie hugs him and Blake assures Michelle and Danny that she won’t tell. Michelle asks Blake to take a note to Jessie. Blake doesn’t want to do it but she agrees to in the end. Meanwhile, Drew and Ross are at door. Drew apologizes to Ross for believing he had hid Danny and Michelle. He tells her that they are family and they should all hang out together as a family. Danny thanks Richard again and tells him that they will stay hid at their home there in San Cristobel. He tells him that he needs to find Ray and get him to locate some secure phone records of Carmen’s that is in her desk at Casa Santos. He is scared that Ray’s phone will be tapped. Cassie agrees to go back to Springfield and be the liaison between Danny and Ray. Ross knocks and Blake goes out. She makes up a wild story about how they found 2 bodies on the shore from a boat accident. Cassie went out to save her and told Ross and Drew that no one has identified the bodies and that the whole scene was secured so they couldn’t go down there. Michelle is listening at the door and resists Danny pulling her out so she can listen. Danny: “Come on.” Michelle: “I want to hear…” Danny: “Who cares?”
Danny pulls Michelle on out the opposite door. Ross wants to know more and he goes into Cassie’s room, and Richard tells him that the bodies Blake told him about were two fishermen and that it was just an accident. Ross and Blake and Drew start to leave and Blake drops her compact (that is where she stuck Michelle’s  note to Jesse). Drew picks up the compact and goes back in to thank Cassie and Richard. Blake comes back and asks her for the compact, she gives it to her and Blake asks her if she opened it. Drew tells her that she didn’t but looks suspiciously at Blake for asking. Danny: ”Good thing we didn’t sell the house.” In their house, Michelle and Danny reminisce about their honeymoon and hug. Danny tells her that everything will be okay if Ray can get to Ruth and help clear them. Michelle tells Danny she gave Blake a note for Jessie. He is angry. Danny thinks that Michelle may have compromised their position with that note (which she totally did). He believes that if anyone else sees the note they will know where they are. Michelle told him that she had to, to thank Jesse for all his help and to let him know that they were all right. Alone, Cassie thanks Richard. She is very apologetic and knows he didn’t want to be involved. He is very sweet and says he wanted to help. She says she loves him and he says he loves her. Richard tells her that he hopes she was kidding about going to Springfield to talk to Ray. She tells him that she has to. He is afraid that it will be too dangerous. Richard insists, he doesn’t want her to get hurt. If anything happened to her it would kill him. She says she will be okay. He tells her the last time she said that she wound up with a knife at her throat (during their undercover adventure when they fell in love for real). Now that they have finally come to a place where they can be honest with each other about their feelings he doesn’t want to lose her. She says she doesn’t want him to worry and she will only be gone a few days but she has to go. At St. Michael’s: Ray is talking to the hospital. He thanks the doctor for keeping him informed and thinks it is great to keep Carmen away from phones and others. It will keep her from getting upset. “She is dangerous and needs help,” Ray tells the doctor. Teresa comes in and wants to confess to Ray. Kneels down and starts to confess. She has been carrying a secret about Danny. Teresa: “I tried to get him to make love to me and I drugged him. I apologized but I didn’t mean it, I still want him.” She begs Ray for information on where her ‘true love’ was. Ray tells her that he couldn’t absolve her because she is lying through her teeth. Ray tells Teresa he recognizes evil when he sees it. They argue and he tells her to drop the act. She insists she loves Danny but Ray says he won’t help her find him. Teresa tries flirting with him, reminding him that he was attracted to her before he became a priest. She suggests he break a vow. Disgusted, Ray asks Teresa what happened to her. His cell phone rings. Bill is on the phone. Bill asks about Carmen. Ray tells him that he will come by to talk to him later. He leaves, Teresa thinks it was Danny on the phone and she calls someone and tells him to follow Ray. She starts to leave and then vows to make Danny pay for embarrassing her.


Tues., April 11, 2000 – At Company: While Jesse is gone after the champagne; Drew finds the note from Michelle and assumes that he has known where the fugitives have been the whole time. He comes back to the table and she acts like her mean, untrusting self. She starts talking about Michelle and he tries to change the subject, telling her that he doesn’t care where Danny and Michelle are. Drew is convinced that he is lying to her again. Teresa is on the phone to her father telling him about Ray and Cassie. She says she does not love Danny any more, she just want him to pay. Selena wants to know what is wrong with Drew, she tells her about the note she found. Drew wants to go the police but does not want to implicate Jesse. Drew is oblivious to the fact that Teresa is right there while she confesses. Teresa overhears the conversation and hears that Drew is going to confront Jesse. Teresa comes over to her and tells her Michelle is messing with Jesse’s head just like she did with Danny’s. Drew and Teresa continue to talk, Drew mentions San Cristobel. Danny has gone out to get food and comes back to find Michelle has been outside swimming in their pool. Danny’s mad she risked exposure, but then she realizes HE has actually gone to the store. Michelle lambasts him back. Danny responds. “I had a hat on.” They make up their favorite way.


Wed. April 12, 2000 – The date break between the 11th and 12th may not be correct, although the storyline for the two days together is.) Teresa leaves and meets with one of her father’s men. Drew confronts Jesse. She tells him that she knows about where Michelle and Danny are and has known the entire time. Jesse wants to know what Drew is talking about, she tells him about finding the case in his pocket. He wants to know what it is. He says he never saw it. Drew finally remembers it was Blake’s. Jesse tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. She assumed he was more involved, she tells him that Teresa knows where Danny and Michelle are but she didn’t mean to tell her. Jesse says he has to warn Michelle and Danny about Teresa, she may have just signed their death warrants. He leaves and Selena goes to Drew. [Note: we had this entire episode but the Channel was closed.]

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Thurs., April 13, 2000 – In San Cristobel, Santos House: Danny and Michelle are going stir crazy waiting on Ray to call with news on Ruth Lockhart. They talk a little about how Danny’s mom was such an awful person and how lucky Michelle is to have had Maureen for a mom even if it was an adoption. Michelle said that Maureen was her only mother and Claire is nothing like a mother to her. Ray calls from Carmen’s office. He finds the key and the secret hiding spot in the desk. He hangs up to start calling the numbers to see if one of them belongs to Ruth. Jimmy comes in and asked Ray what he is up to. He tells him that there are some personal family matters he has to take care of while Carmen is away and that if Jimmy didn’t want him to do them then he could explain that to Carmen when she returns. Jimmy leaves, Ray begins making calls. He calls Danny and Michelle back with the news, he found Ruth Lockhart. Danny tells Ray to go talk to her but not to scare her away. They thank Ray and hang up. Danny: “I don’t want you just to have dreams, I want to make them come true for you.” Michelle makes a nest for them on the floor and gives Danny a lesson in dreaming, like she did when she was stuck in jail. They pretend Danny is coming home from his dream job to their house at Laurel Falls and he is looking for Michelle. Michelle: ” “Where do you think I am?” Danny: “I hope you’re in the bedroom.” He hopes she is in the bedroom, but he actually finds her complete with champagne in the Jacuzzi. The pretend intercepts with reality and they kiss. Michelle hears a noise. She turns from kissing Danny and Teresa bursts in the door holding a gun. Danny jumped in front of Michelle to protect her. This is known as Orange Day.



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Fri., April 14, 2000 – Again, Matt came out and told Vanessa they were leaving. He has the bags packed this time and goes to pick her up. She tells him that she wasn’t leaving and admits that she called Holly and she was on her way. Holly walked in and asked if she was okay. Vanessa asks her for her help. She told her that she had to get to the police to confess. She tells her that she was in Ben’s apartment that night and that she was the one to fire the fatal shot. Drew came in and overheard that part. Vanessa went ahead and told them both everything that happened and how Carmen shot Ben and she came in and there was a struggle and the gun accidentally went off. Drew understood, finally, that it was an accident and felt bad for turning on Michelle. She told Holly that she sent bad people after her in San Cristobel. Vanessa wants Holly’s help spreading the word about what happened to help Michelle get off. Holly agrees to help but thinks they need to get the DA there ASAP. She goes to call him. Matt tells her that he only wanted them to be together forever. At Company: Drew is approached by Bernardo, who asks her where Teresa was. She tells him that she doesn’t know. He tells her that Teresa has his gun and will kill Danny and Michelle and he knows she told her where they were. She gets upset and wonders if she would really kill them. Bernardo says she definitely will and Drew ends up telling him that they are in San Cristobel. He tells her that he will take care of it and she leaves. Bernardo calls someone and tells them to take care of both Danny and Michelle and to keep Teresa out of it. In San Cristobel: Teresa comes into the house; Danny wants to know how she got in. She gives him a chance to correct his mistakes. She aims the gun at him and he tells her that she will not accomplish what she wants by killing him; she says you are right and aims at Michelle. She moves to try to get Michelle and tells him to get out of the way. He says she is not a killer and she would be put away forever. Danny says if she kills Michelle she will have to kill him too. Teresa says she loves him and if he won’t love her again she has nothing left to lose. Danny is still trying to talk Theresa into putting the gun down, they talk about how it used to be, how he used to love her but that had all changed. He says he has always been honest and he only loves Michelle now. Michelle looks at the phone. Danny says Teresa deserves to be happy she starts to put the gun down, Michelle picks up the phone, Teresa says you little witch and fires the gun. After the smoke cleared, Teresa says she was aiming for the phone. Michelle says she is mad and is not going down without a fight; she is sorry her heart is broken but Danny doesn’t love her and if she is going to kill her to do it and get it over with. Teresa asks Danny if he ever thought of her when he was making love with Michelle. Michelle told him to tell her what she wants to hear. He told her that he did and she called him a liar. He told her that he tells her the truth and she gets mad, so he lies and she calls him a liar. He doesn’t know what she wants. He tells her it is over between them and he wishes he could make her pain go away and asks her again to give him the gun. She tells him, nothing means anything to her without him. She wants it back like it used to be she points the gun at Michelle’s head and starts to fire, Danny grabs the gun and Michelle gets away. Danny has the gun, Teresa says she will call her father’s people, there is a pounding on the door and she tells them that it is her father’s goons, coming to kill Danny and Michelle both. Someone busts through the window and Danny shoots. It’s Jesse.


My Comments:

Mon., April 17, 2000 – In San Cristobel: At the Santos House, Danny shoots Jesse. Teresa is hysterical. Michelle runs over and asks Jesse if he can hear her and how he is. Michelle gives Jesse CPR. She tells him to calm down and that Danny went for the doctor. Meanwhile, back at the palace, Richard and Cassie are in her room dressed to go out. He says he will call off the state dinner so they can have a romantic dinner alone. Cassie says what about the guests and Richard says, “Let them eat cake.” Cassie says they must go to the dinner. Richard is going to introduce her to American ambassador. There is a knock on the door. Richard introduces John Ronan and his wife, the American Ambassador to San Cristobel. They start to discuss the future of San Cristobel. Danny bursts into Cassie’s room asks for Richard and Cassie’s help. They need a doctor. Cassie says “I’ll go Richard, you stay here.” Danny thinks he’ll need Richard too. Richard apologizes to the ambassador and his wife before running out. Michelle covers Jesse with a blanket and administers first aide. She asks him what he is doing there. Michelle: “Jesse, don’t stop breathing, hold on please.” She lies on top of him to give him warmth. Richard and Cassie rush in with the doctor. Richard says they need a plan, Manny should leave the country and Jesse needs to go to the hospital. Richard and the doctor talk. Jesse must get to the hospital. Richard wants it to be a secret. Richard will take Jesse to hospital in his car. They tell Michelle she saved Jesse’s life with her quick action. Richard, the doctor and Danny lift Jesse and carry him out of the house. Michelle looks tired and walks behind them. Back in Springfield, Drew rushes to Ross for help for Michelle and Danny. She tells him about overhearing Vanessa’s story. Drew tells him that Teresa knows where Manny is and she is afraid for Jesse who went to warn them. Drew is worried about what Teresa will do to Jesse. Blake tries to call Cassie in San Cristobel, but her line is busy. Drew starts yelling at Blake for her part in it. Blake apologizes to Drew but says Michelle was innocent and she had to protect her. Drew agrees and Blake reassures her. Ross’s phone rings and he tells them it was Cassie. Jesse has been shot and it is serious.


Tues., April 18, 2000 – At the Reardon Hideaway: Vanessa and Matt are talking to Ross, David and the DA, Doris Wolfe. Vanessa tells Matt she has to talk to Doris since Michelle is her best friend’s daughter. Matt wants Vanessa protected from Carmen, he mentions the poisoned lip balm. Vanessa tells her story about Pilar visiting her in hospital and making her worry about Pilar and Ben. She says she went to Ben’s to check on Pilar and found Ben shot. Ben told her that Carmen had shot him and then she accidentally shot him herself. Pilar and Bill enter and Pilar confirms her story. Doris says Pilar has questionable mental state but Pilar insists she is not crazy. She tells Doris that Vanessa came to protect her from Ben. She also told her that Carmen set up Michelle and she had felt so sorry for her part in it. Ross tells Doris he wants to have Michelle’s conviction overturned. Doris says both accounts are unreliable. She doesn’t buy it. Ross argues with her and she says he has to have something else. Pilar and Vanessa are upset. Bill and Matt are talking. Bill wants Matt to support his mother; Matt should be with her and go along with her wishes. David talks to Vanessa and tells her and Pilar to try to remember all the details they can. He tells her that the DA may not have enough, but he has more than enough to bring Carmen in for questioning. Doris accuses Ross of knowing where Michelle is and tells him that if he doesn’t reveal the location he could be in big trouble. Ross tells her to prove that he knows where they are. Vanessa and Matt both tried to reason with Doris, but she doesn’t buy any of it and leaves. Vanessa thanks Matt for trying to help. He says he is sorry he didn’t do it sooner. He was only protecting her.
In San Cristobel (at the hospital): Michelle, Danny and Cassie are waiting on word about Jesse. Danny apologizes to Michelle and tells her that he should have waited until he made sure who was breaking into their home. Richard is comforting Cassie and tells her that everything will work out. Cassie is worried about Richard and the trouble that will come from protecting the fugitives. Richard says it will be okay. The doctor comes out and says it is touch and go for Jesse, the bullet was very near his heart. Cassie asks if he is stable and the doc says it is complicated due to him being a heart transplant recipient. Michelle goes in to visit Jesse. Cassie and Danny stand in doorway. Cassie tries to tell Danny no one blames him but Danny says Jesse is the last connection Michelle has to her mother. So he may have killed one of her best friend and all that was left of her mom. She tries to tell him that it wasn’t his fault; he was just trying to protect his wife. Danny says he resented Jesse at first for being Michelle’s first love and his family always eliminated their rivals and wondered it subconsciously he had done that. Cassie says he is not like his family and Michelle doesn’t think that either. Michelle talks to Jesse and holds his hand. Drew walks in. Michelle says she is not leaving, no matter what Drew says. Drew apologizes to Michelle and says she is being punished for being wrong. She strokes Jesse’s face while he sleeps. Drew asks about his condition and Michelle tells her that it is serious. Drew tells Michelle that Vanessa woke up and she heard the truth. She apologizes for not believing in her. She wishes she could take it all back but she was obsessed with revenge. Michelle is overcome that Vanessa has woke up. She is crying. Drew tells her that she will never forgive herself and doesn’t want Michelle to forgive her either. Drew goes on and on and Michelle tells her that she can’t talk to her right now. Drew understands but wonders if she would tell her who shot Jesse. Danny walks in and tells her that it was him. Drew doesn’t understand. Jesse starts coming to and Danny asks him if he remembers anything. He tells Jesse how he burst in their window and he shot him. Jesse remembered. Cassie tells Richard that Danny and Michelle don’t deserve this. She says she spent last ½ hour trying to convince Danny he is not like his family or at fault for the shooting. Richard knows that. Cassie talks about Hart and how he had a similar injury when he died. Richard tries to comfort her but Cassie says she is fine and is worried about Richard’s getting in trouble. Richard says Jesse has to get back to the US to his own doctors. They talk about how fragile life is and Richard says he won’t let another day go by without telling her how much he loves her. Richard arranges for Jesse to travel. Cassie thanks him. She and Richard go in and tell everyone that it is time to go back to the US. They will be on a private plane with a doctor and a nurse. Michelle wants to go with Jesse. Drew tells her that it may not be safe; Vanessa may not have cleared her yet. Michelle doesn’t care; she has to go with him. Ross calls Cassie and tells her that Michelle and Danny need to stay out of Springfield. Cassie tells him it is too late, they left.



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