4. Ben Warren Feud – Indian Summer

We pick up the marvelous Manny story as they come home after successfully completing the Reva Rescue Rangers mission.

Wed., Sept. 15, 1999 – Pilar tells Ben that she will never accept him into the family and he told her that she didn’t have much of a choice. He then told her that he would cover for her only if she gave him a chance; otherwise, he will go to Carmen and tell her that she had rigged the stairs for Ben’s demise. He put his hand on Pilar and she told him not to touch her, just then Danny and Michelle came in and Danny told him to unhand his sister. Ben and Danny talked alone and Ben told Danny that he could leave now that he was there, he could fulfill his promise to Michelle to get out of the family business. Danny didn’t like how Ben was trying to take over. Ben asserts to Frank that he is to blame for the accident because he noticed the stairs needed to be fixed and started to but unintentionally weakened them as he started, but never completed the fixing up process. While at the hospital with Drew and Selena, Michelle runs into Rick. He notices she is upset and asks her to come home with him, not permanently, but just for tonight. She finally agrees.



Thurs., Sept. 16, 1999 – At the Bauers: Michelle opens the door to Danny. They hold each other and he says he missed her last night and he hates being away from her. They talk about Selena’s condition and visiting her. Danny can’t because he has an appointment. He tells her about Ben living at Casa Santos and Michelle hates it too, until Danny mentions Ben’s offer to take over and let Danny leave. Michelle doesn’t see how that is a bad idea but Danny wants nothing to do with it. He doesn’t want Ben to destroy what his father and grandfather built. Danny says he thinks Michelle does not understand him at all. Michelle asks him to admit that there is a part of him that just won’t let the family business go and he admits that he doesn’t want to let it go. Danny says” congratulations you got me!” He admits to being loyal to his family. Michelle gets upset and begins to leave. Danny tells her that he isn’t giving up on her because he knows he can’t live without her, and he doesn’t think she can live without him either. She doesn’t answer him right then.


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Fri., Sept. 17, 1999 – Michelle and Abby meet up at Company. Michelle tells Abby that she is going back to school – Pre-Med. Michelle feels like she needs to create a separate life for herself because of all the problems that have overwhelmed her since she became a Santos. She doesn’t really want a life separate life from Danny, but she’s afraid that if he keeps living his life this way, she might not have a choice. (Ed. I read it that means he will be dead.) Abby asks if she is leaving Danny, but Michelle tells her that she doesn’t think she could live without him. Danny goes to Phillip and asks for his help to get Ben Warren out of his family. He reveals to Phillip that Ben had insider information about Cyberlink. He offers to help Phillip if he helps him. Phillip agrees to help Danny. Vicky walks up to Phillip’s door and eavesdrops on the conversation. At the end of their meeting, Vicky walks in and wants to know what’s up. Phillip tells Vicky that Danny had a business proposal but he turned it down. He leaves his office but comes back just in time to hear Vicky leaving a message for Ben.

Not Sure Which Day – Danny catches Michelle and Abby coming out of Company and Danny wants to talk to Michelle. He thinks he’s found a way to show her he’s serious about starting a life with her separate from his family, but still working herself up to protect herself (feeling that she is bound to eventually lose Danny if he continues to be involved with the family business and unable to face another such loss), Michelle won’t even talk to him.

Tues., Sept. 21, 1999 – Carmen is headed for the hospital to check on Selena. Danny is distraught because he hasn’t heard from Michelle. Carmen says that Teresa (Danny’s ex-girlfriend) was in town and that she had informed her of his marriage. Carmen leaves and Pilar and Danny talk about Teresa. Carmen approved of her and Danny was engaged to her “for like 5 minutes.” Danny questioned Pilar about why she is buddy-buddy with Ben now (she agreed to go out to dinner with he and Carmen); she says she isn’t friendly with him, but that she is trying for Carmen’s sake. He keeps questioning Pilar until she admits that she admits her part in Selena’s accident. She tells him that she wanted Ben dead. She tells him that Dietz helped her. Danny tells her that this isn’t her, but she says that there are no limits that she would not cross for her family. Danny tells her to tell Carmen and she will understand. She said she couldn’t. Danny calls Phillip and leaves a message. Michelle enters and Danny asks her to come home.


Wed., Sept. 22, 1999 – Michelle apologizes to Danny for walking out on him. They kiss and make up. Michelle: “You’re right. You were absolutely right. I can’t live without you!” But she informs him that she isn’t coming back to that house. She wants him but not in the Santos house. Danny tells her that she knew how things were when they got married. She agreed but needs a normal life. She wants to go back to school and has decided to reclaim her dream of being a doctor. She wants him to move out of the Santos house but he tells her he can’t leave right now. Michelle asked him if he is hiding something from her but he denies it. She is worried that his life is in danger. He tells her as soon as Ben Warren is out of their lives, he can leave the Santos house. They hug and Michelle leaves. Danny is left sighing and Michelle is outside the door crying.


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Thurs., Sept. 23, 1999 – Drew and Michelle talking about Danny and how Michelle gave up so many of her dreams. Drew said talk to him about it and Michelle: “I did, he knows. I am where I need to be and he is where he needs to be.” They go in to talk to Selena who sets Michelle straight. Drew tells her that they are having a party for Michelle and Danny right now and Michelle is supposed to be there. Selena says forget about the house what matters is how you feel about your husband. Michelle admits that she loves him. Selena tells her to go to him, because she wasn’t solving anything at the hospital. Michelle agrees and leaves. Drew tells Selena how lucky she is to have her in her life. Selena says I hope you feel the same way when you find out who your father is. Drew wants to know if she knows something she isn’t saying. At the Santos estate: Carmen is throwing a party supposedly for Danny and Michelle’s homecoming. Michelle is MIA and Carmen is glad about it. Danny gets a call from Phil and goes into action. He goes to Ben and starts trying to find out what is going on. He sees the info and looks at it. Danny wants to know what was going on and informed Ben that Santos business is his business. Carmen asking Danny what he was arguing with Ben about. Then she asked where Michelle was. Danny said she is going back to school and has work to do. Carmen said she it throwing this party for both of them. Carmen calls Theresa, Danny’s ex, and invites her over to the party. She couldn’t come but Carmen said she would arrange something very soon. Carmen says to herself why didn’t you think of this before. Carmen tells Theresa Danny would love to see her. Michelle walks in, much to Carmen’s dismay, and she and Danny kiss. Abuela talks to them separately and soon they seemed to be doing a lot better together. Abuela tells Danny that Carmen had called Theresa; Danny says it is not a problem, she is just a friend. Danny tells her that he is trying to do everything to keep Michelle happy and in his life, but that she isn’t comfortable at the Santos house. Michelle and Ray are talking about not being able to get away from the family business, she wants to know how he does it. Ray: “This is your marriage, Michelle. You have to fight to make things work. Sometimes you can talk and talk and it does no good. Sometimes you just have to do.” Danny tells Michelle he misses her and that they have to make their marriage work. Michelle tells Danny we are going to work through this. Danny: “I just want to take you upstairs now and make love, I am going crazy not being with you.” He decides to leave the party instead, he has something to show her, what he was going to tell her about at Company when she walked away and he wants to show her right now.


Fri., Sept. 24, 1999Danny: “This is OUR backyard…This was our past, but now it’s our future.” Danny and Michelle are talking at Laurel Falls and he tells her how much this place means to both of them, it is where they were married the third and “real” time, the place they first made love, and he feels so happy when he is there. He then tells Michelle that he bought all that land so that they could build their own home, just for the two of them. Michelle is thrilled and they kiss and make up.


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Tues., Sept. 28, 1999 – At the Bauers: Danny and Michelle come into the house all excited about their house they are going to build. Danny: “We’ll have our very own roof over our very own heads.” Pilar appears banging on the door; she needs Danny’s help. She tells them about Bill’s arrest and gets more upset when Danny admits he knew about the computer codes. Danny: “That shouldn’t have happened. What about Ben?” He tries to explain that he and Phillip were trying to catch Ben but that it must have backfired. They all leave for the police station. At the police station: Danny comes in with Michelle and Pilar. He goes over to Frank and tries to tell him why Bill should be freed. Frank get on the defensive, tells Danny that he knows all about his and Phillip’s plan and that he also knows about how the Santos family works. Michelle begs Frank to allow her to see Bill, reminding him that Bill has always been her best friend. Frank tells her that he will do it for her and only for her. Bill is lying on his cot in a cell when the guard comes up and assaults him. Later Michelle and Danny come in and talk to him. He is a little standoffish at first and finally turns to where Michelle can see his black eye. Michelle is concerned and asks him not to be mad at her just because she is a Santos. She turns to Danny and asks him to give them a few minutes alone. Danny leaves. Michelle and Bill hold hands through the bars.



Wed., Sept. 29, 1999 – Drew finally hears that Ben is her dad. She asks a few questions and Ben tells her that he realizes he is hitting her out of the blue with all this and that he will leave and give her time to think. Drew doesn’t want him to leave.

Thurs., Sept. 30, 1999 – Danny and Michelle are waiting on the indictment hearing to begin. Michelle tells him that she realizes that he wants everything to be perfect between them but that she also realizes that it is an improbable dream. Danny tells Michelle that her family will not be hurt again; it’s the same old thing. Michelle says that she isn’t safe; Danny tells her that she will be. She tells him that for right now all she wants is for Bill to be out of trouble. Danny tells her that he needs to take care of some things and will see her later. Danny realizes that they can’t go on like this. That the house at Laurel Falls is a good start, it’s not going to be enough long term. Michelle may be being a little naive, but she’s never going to feel safe and never going to BE safe while Danny is in the family business. Danny comes in and tells his mother that he is out of the family business. He tells her that he loves her and will always be her son but that he cannot live this way anymore. Carmen first accuses Michelle of forcing him to do this and when Danny tells her that it is coming from him because he has changed, Carmen disowns him. She tells him that if he leaves her today, that he is no longer her son. He feels terrible but sticks to his guns. Carmen leaves. Michelle comes in and tells him about what happened with  Bill and the trial. (Bill accepted the plea bargin Ross struck to get him probation and keep him out of the computer industry 5 years.) Michelle senses his sadness asks Danny what’s wrong and he tells her that they are free. Michelle is happy and they hug. Danny tells her that from now on, it is just the two of them. She is happy; he looks really lost and sad. Vicky spills the beans and tells Ben that it was Danny who set him up.


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Fri., Oct. 1, 1999 – Michelle finds Danny at Casa Santos and tells him the outcome of Bill’s hearing. Danny tells Michelle that he is out of the family business. She is happy and Carmen comes in and tells her that she has succeeded in coming between her and her son. Carmen: “Congratulations Michelle. You’ve managed to take yet my other son away from me. At least Mick was a loyal son. He would never turn on the family, this one will probably change his name to Bauer just to please you.” Danny tells Ben the good news that he is now in charge because he is out. Ben doubts him but comes to terms with it. He and Danny step out to discuss a few things. Ben confronts Danny about setting him up and Danny confirms his scheme and vows to take care of him if he hurts his sister or mother After Danny leaves Ben, Ben considers letting him go, but as proof he hasn’t yet turned his life around once again puts revenge over his own happiness and calls Teresa to help him with his revenge against Danny. Meanwhile, Michelle is trying to get closer to Carmen. Michelle tells Carmen that she doesn’t have to lose her son, that Michelle hopes Carmen and Danny will always be close because Danny loves Carmen and doesn’t want to lose her. Michelle tells Carmen that for her future grandchildren’s sake they should make peace. Carmen tells Michelle how truly hurt she is by Danny’s decision. Michelle: “We are (alike). We both love our families. We both love Danny. I’m going to have your grandchildren someday. Don’t you think we should put all our anger aside for their sake? Can’t you forget about yourself and do this for them?” Michelle ends up comforting her mother-in-law after insisting that she only wants to save Danny’s life, so that she doesn’t end up a widow like Carmen did. Danny walked in to see his wife reassuring his mother and is blown away by Michelle’s offer of forgiveness.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl815SYADWA&feature=related (Currently freezes part way)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZKbBV5sMSQ&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=98 (Picks up about at the point the other freezes)

Mon., Oct. 4, 1999 – At the Santos house: Danny and Michelle leave. Ben is talking to Teresa on the phone and she agrees to meet with him. She comes over and Ben tells her that she could have Danny back if she’d like. He tells her that he is in a bad place with this Michelle girl and that he has abandoned his family and business. Teresa told Ben that she would think about it and get back to him. At the Bauers: Abby comes in from her cochlear implant seminar and is welcomed home by her husband. They are ready to go to bed (not to sleep, just to bed – notice the look when Michelle asks if she and Danny are interrupting) when Danny and Michelle walk in. They tell Rick the news about Danny severing his ties to the family business and that they need a place to stay. Rick tells Danny that he is family and that he and Michelle always have a home there. Abby and Rick help them get settled and then FINALLY go to bed. Danny drops a box and Michelle sees a picture of Teresa, Danny admits that she is an ex-girlfriend, but reassures Michelle that she is the one he loves. Danny: “That’s my past. My life began the day I met you.” Danny and Michelle go to bed (in her twin bed, it’s a tight fit). Danny and Michelle discuss their future and Danny reveals that Michelle was the very first person to ask him what he wanted out of life.



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Wed., Oct. 6, 1999 – Ben is meeting with Teresa. Says she loves Danny and won’t help Ben; she knows Danny is not stupid and will figure everything out. Ben says Danny’s broke and will eventually dump Michelle. Teresa says she’ll be in touch. Danny thinks about what he can sell to get money for them. They decide to sell the house in San Cristobel. Teresa comes in. She wants to catch up with Danny. Danny tells Teresa he is out of the business. Teresa laughs at him. The subject switches to on old friend Jimmy Montoya who happens to be a record producer and is the head of Pacifico Records. Teresa tells Danny that if he is looking for work Jimmy will probably hire him. Danny gets a page from his accountant and leaves to make a phone call. Teresa asks Michelle to stay because she says they have a lot to talk about. Teresa tries to sell the let’s be friends because I’m not interested in Danny stuff. Michelle isn’t buying. Danny comes back and makes a big deal about expressing her sorrow over Mick’s death. Teresa leaves and watches Manny through a window. Ben comes up and tells her that Michelle killed Mick. Teresa already had decided that Danny needed rescued from “the brat that he is married to.” Teresa decides to help Ben.


Thurs., Oct. 7, 1999 – Teresa talks to her mom about getting Danny back. Her mom is all for it and they plot to bring down Danny and Michelle’s marriage. At Millennium: Drew, Jesse, Danny and Michelle are talking. Danny is sickened when Drew tells them that Ben is her father. He admits to Jesse and Drew that he’s thinking of starting to work in the music industry Drew tells Danny that she knows a lot of people in the music business and would be glad to hook him up or at the very least check out the people that Teresa told him were interested in him. Danny agreed and Drew made a few calls. Apparently, Jimmy has a good rep in the music industry. Danny made a call and told Teresa to set up the meeting with Jimmy in LA.

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Fri., Oct. 8, 1999 – At Millennium: Danny and Drew talk more about the music business. Drew asks about Danny’s ex, Teresa. Drew thinks there is more to it. Drew finally sees Teresa when she walks in the club. Teresa tells Danny that he has a meeting in LA first thing in the morning. He goes to talk to Michelle. After Michelle answered Jesse’s cell phone to only hear breathing on the other end and then watches him make a covert call, Michelle assumes the worst and asks Jesse if he is cheating on Drew. He tells her that he has been seeing someone (its actually a female rabbi who is helping him convert to share Drew’s faith, but he doesn’t tell that to either Michelle or Drew yet). Michelle tells Jesse that he has to tell Drew, but he doesn’t think it’s a good time now. Danny tells Michelle about the trip to LA and assumes she will come with him as he can’t imagine spending a week apart. Michelle tells Danny that she has classes and won’t be able to go to LA with him, but to go ahead and go for it. They dance and Drew and Jesse watch. Danny pulls the they’re playing our song bit and Michelle tells him they’ll have plenty of songs that he produces. Michelle: “I miss you and you’re not even gone.” Danny: “Excuse me that’s not a good sign, if you can’t tell if I’m here or not.” Both laugh. Drew tells Jesse that he doesn’t trust Teresa and knows that she is out to get Danny. She tells him that he better never cheat on her or else. Drew leaves; Jesse calls Deena and tells her that they have to tell Drew the truth before she finds out from someone else. At the Airport: Michelle kisses Danny goodbye and he gets on the plane. Teresa is comes up and joins him. She acts like it is a coincidence that they are on the same flight.



Wed., Oct. 13, 1999 – Michelle and Bill are outside and Bill is drinking talking about Pilar dumping him. They talk about being friends forever and that their first crushes were on one another. Danny calls Michelle and tells her about Teresa being on the flight. They swap, “I love you”s, and hang up.

Fri., Oct. 15, 1999 – Michelle makes an effort to convince Pilar to give Bill another chance but Pilar explains her belief that Bill is better off without her and her family. Pilar then continues with her plan and confides to Ben that she thinks of him as she once did her father. Michelle came back in and sees Pilar with Ben and throws wine all over Ben for what he did to Bill. Ben Warren: “Normally I like my martinis shaken, not thrown in my face.”


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Misdated Sometime Oct. 1999 – At the Bauers: Michelle and Danny are in bed. He had just returned home from LA. Michelle: “Well, I think I can concentrate now.”  She asks about Teresa but Danny denies that Teresa flirted with him during the trip. Michelle wonders why she is hanging around. Michelle: “I have much better things on my mind [such as] this little spot right here I haven’t seen in days.” Just then Teresa calls and tells Danny that he needs to check out a new group, Suurge, at a concert in a few days. He says all right and then hangs up. Teresa then calls Ben and tells him that she is making progress with Danny.


Still unsure of date sometime in Oct. 1999 – At the Country Club: Manny is dining with Bill when Carmen, Pilar, Ben and Teresa come in. Michelle wants to know how come Teresa was there and how Ben knew that Teresa was in LA at the same time as Danny. Danny: “There are no coincidences when my mother is in the same galaxy. You know that.” Danny went to Carmen who lied and said she told Ben that Teresa and Danny were in LA together. Carmen follows up with Ben who admits sicking Teresa on Manny and Carmen approves.  Manny take a minute to discuss Michelle’s reaction to Teresa and their feelings for each other.  Michelle: “You saved my life.” Danny: “You saved mine…my hands are clean because of you.” Danny continues to reassure Michelle reinforcing that although his mother had wanted him to marry Teresa, Danny: “I married you, you who are more beautiful than more than a thousand Teresas.” Teresa came over and reminded Danny of the concert later tonight. Michelle tells Danny that it is okay and they will ALL go to the concert. Teresa didn’t like Michelle going and Bill stood up and asked Teresa if she would go with him. She said no and Bill followed her over and talked to her some more. Michelle went outside and overheard Teresa on the phone. She was asking Jimmy to think up an excuse for her and Danny to go back out to LA for a while, alone. Michelle took the phone from her and threw it on the ground. She puts Teresa in her place saying she knows Teresa has no chance with Danny, but Teresa’s efforts are annoying like a buzzing insect and they had better stop. Meanwhile Ben confided in Carmen about his plan with Michelle and Danny and Teresa. She loved it. Pilar dropped her journal and Ben noticed how protective she was of it. Pilar noticed that Ben noticed and got a great idea to bring Ben down. Michelle told Teresa that she has her number and that she will never have Danny. Teresa said that she had no intention of trying to get Danny but that if she were, she could do it. Teresa accuses Michelle of being jealous. Michelle (to Teresa): “Oh no honey, I just don’t trust you. I trust my husband completely. Not that anything you do is going to make a difference anyway. It’s just kind of like a little mosquito, irritating watching you trying so hard.”

Michelle then accompanies Danny to the concert at Millennium. At Millennium: Teresa comes up to Danny when Michelle goes to look for Drew. She asks him to dance and just as she has convinced him, Michelle comes back and asks him to dance. He and Michelle dance and Teresa dances with someone else. Michelle leaves to get some drinks and Teresa seizes the opportunity to grab Danny for a dance. Michelle comes back and sees what is going on. Jesse brings Drew a prenuptial agreement for her to sign. He tells her it is for own safety and that he wants everyone to know he loves her, not her money. She refuses to sign and then gets ill when she finds out that Ben made Jesse feel that way. Danny leaves Teresa on the dance floor as soon as he sees Michelle. Teresa is angry. Michelle makes it plain that she alone has Danny’s attention, but he still doesn’t get that Michelle is right about Teresa until after he dances with Teresa and notices she looks too hopeful for no reason. Danny finally sits down with both women and tells Teresa that she was his first love, the one that opened him up, but that he is totally devoted to Michelle, his one true love. Teresa leaves fighting tears. Michelle and Danny dance the night away. Michelle: “You said you were shy as a kid. Were you…kind of a loner.” Danny: “Unless you count books for friends.” Michelle: “I guess I do owe her a little bit…Well, personally I don’t care how you got to me as long as you’re here and you’re not going anywhere.” At the Santos Compound: Teresa comes in crying. She tells them what happened at Millennium. She thinks the plan is over but Carmen and Ben says that he was just putting on a show for Michelle. Carmen tells her not to worry. Then Ben walks out with Teresa and gives her a narcotic called “Fantasy”, he tells her it is an aphrodisiac and very powerful. All she has to do is get Danny to consume one drop and he will be all over her. Danny (to Michelle): “I love my wife and nobody and nothing can ever change that.” Michelle continues to worry about Teresa. Danny is too lost in Michelle to care, but Michelle insists that Teresa now loves him more.




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Mon., Oct. 25, 1999 – Teresa doesn’t like it when Ben hands her the drug and explains that she can use get Danny in bed with her. She refuses but agrees to keep the drug. She then heads out to find Danny.

Thurs., Oct. 28, 1999 – Dressed as Sonny and Cher for the Halloween party, Jesse and Drew greet Michelle upstairs while Danny reminds Teresa that he’s not going to be working with her after tonight. They are having a great time, but then Ben shows up. Ben continues to give Jesse trouble because he’s not good enough for Ben’s little girl. Michelle gives Ben the cold shoulder. Back downstairs, Teresa continues to make up to Danny and he continues to be polite, but firm. When Danny leaves them alone for a little while Teresa accuses Michelle of dragging Danny away from everything he ever knew. Michelle: “I didn’t drag him. He was running. So I know he’s going to be happy. He IS happy.” Teresa still doesn’t get it. Somebody knocks into Teresa and she drops the vial of fantasy. Michelle rips into her thinking she’s bringing drugs into Drew’s club, not knowing what it really is, but Teresa gets it back. Ben wants a moment with Michelle. Ben: “Got a minute?” Michelle: “For you? Never.”


Fri., Oct. 29, 1999 – Ben continues to distract Michelle. Danny starts to complain about the heat, thanks to the knock out drops, Teresa takes him upstairs to the office at Millennium where she starts kissing him. Danny sort of responds but then pushes her away. She insists that she is his one true love but he insists that he loves only Michelle. Determined, Teresa gives him more of the drug but then panics when Danny suddenly collapses.


Mon., Nov. 1, 1999 – At Millennium: Teresa checks Danny for a pulse and doesn’t get one. She tries to call someone but the phone is out and the door is still stuck. She bangs on the door and yells for help. Michelle comes and opens the door. She finds Danny unconscious and asks Teresa what happened. Teresa finally admitted that she drugged Danny with the vial that Michelle found on her earlier. Michelle sends Teresa after Rick and she begins CPR. Michelle gets a pulse. Teresa finds Rick and gets him to come up to help Michelle and Danny. After Rick gets to work Michelle questions Teresa further about why she drugged Danny. Teresa admits that she did it to shed Danny of his inhibitions, so that he would realize who the best woman for him was. Michelle wanted to know who she got the idea from and after a struggle and a threat to call the police she admits that Ben Warren put her up to it.


Tues., Nov. 2, 1999 – At Millennium: Michelle asks Teresa why Ben wanted her to drug Danny. Theresa says Ben has some hidden agenda because it doesn’t make sense why he came to her and asked her to break Manny up. Danny is up and comes to the girls and asks what they were saying about Ben. Michelle asks Danny to sit down and he does and Rick tells him he was drugged. He knows then that Teresa did it. Teresa starts to tell him about Ben and Michelle stops her because she doesn’t want Danny to know. Michelle drags Teresa outside and threatens her. She says if she wants to get away with this she better play it by her rules because she doesn’t want Danny to know about Ben. Michelle says, “You will live to regret this…if you live at all.” Michelle says that Teresa will take full responsibility for this or jail will be an understatement. She tells her that she has been living with Carmen long enough to pick up a few tricks. Danny walks over and demands to know what was going on. Teresa breaks down and tells him that it wasn’t her fault. She thinks about what Michelle said and then blamed it on her family stress and pressures. She declares that it is all her fault and Manny leaves her crying.


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Thurs., Nov. 4, 1999 – At Company: Michelle sitting at company playing with a bread knife, Bill comes in, Michelle tells him what happened the night before, how she hates Ben. Bill  tells her he has been turned down by Springfield University because of his corporate espionage, courtesy of Ben, adding fuel to the fire. Vanessa comes in and talks to Bill about school and how Ben can’t hurt him anymore. She goes and calls Matt and tells him that she is not hungry and she is going home. Michelle asks Bill how he can forget what Ben has done to him. He says just ignore it. Michelle says she can’t, she talks about old stuff, like what he did to Abby and Blake and Ross. Bill leaves to talk to his mom. Bill tells Vanessa that he has changed his mind about returning to school; Vanessa gets dizzy and asks Bill to drive her home. Drew comes into Company. Michelle is talking to herself, saying she needs to hit Ben where it hurts. Ben comes into Company, walking toward Drew’s table, Michelle stops him half way, telling him that he almost killed her husband and wants to know why he does these kind of things, Ben tells her that he just does. He tells Michelle, that the little wife should go home and take care of her husband; Michelle gets mad, grabs the bread knife and holds it to his throat.


Fri., Nov. 5, 1999 – Drew and Danny walk into Company and find Michelle holding a knife to Ben’s throat! Michelle demands the truth about Ben’s involvement with Teresa in drugging Danny at Millennium. Ben denies everything, and walks away to see if Drew believed her best friend. Meanwhile, Drew blasts Michelle for accusing her father of such a terrible thing. Drew and Ben make plans to have dinner (someplace other than Company) to calm down. Before leaving, Danny assures Ben that he is aware of what happened and that someone in Springfield will get him in the end. This concerns Michelle, but Danny says that someone else will take care of Ben, since so many people in Springfield are on to him. Danny: “If you’ve got MICHELLE coming at you with a knife, I can only imagine what the rest of this town is just DYING to do. You push the wrong person, they’re going to push back a lot harder.”

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Tues., Nov. 9, 1999 – Danny and Michelle arrive at Max’s custody hearing and Drew is surprised to see her. Danny to Ben: “What you haven’t been disbarred yet?” Ben: “At least try to be civil.” Danny: “No thanks.” Michelle tells Drew she’s doing this for her, not Ben. Susan is called to the stand and she talks about what a good influence Max has been on her because Drew believed in him. Drew tells the judge that she and Jesse are getting married. She also tells him that she is proud to have Ben as her biological father. Everyone in the gallery groans at Drew complicating the case and saying nice things about Ben. Michelle is called to the stand and she tells the court that Drew and Max are good for each other. The judge asks her if Ben would be good for Max and she hesitates. Ben: “I think we can accept that there has been some bad blood between people.” Ben insists it’s irrelevant but the judge persists. Michelle says that Ben shouldn’t be anywhere near a child. Drew gets angry with Michelle. Jesse tries to calm Drew down and tells her that she is going to have to choose between Max and Ben. After the custody hearing Danny takes Michelle home to calm down. She takes a bath and comes back to find that he’s raided the kitchen and not found much, cooking wine and stale bread. He’s also lit all their sex candles around the room. Danny: “Given the right line up I can make myself look pretty decent. ..[Later]…I think that was a fine dinner substitute…every day just gets better and better with you even days like today with all the nonsense that went on. There is no better place to be than just here with you…” While Michelle agrees that what they did after dropping her towel was great dinner substitute, Michelle wants fudge ripple ice cream. Michelle: “I’m just craving something only you can give me.” Danny: “Pray tell what.” Michelle: “Chocolate ripple fudge ice cream.” Danny lifts up and checks under sheet – Got to love that part – and says sorry they are out. Michelle suggests he go downstairs and get her some. Danny: “Excuse me. Don’t you think I know all your needs and desires, don’t you think [fudge ripple ice cream] was the first thing I looked for…” and they were out. Michelle hops up to go buy some more. Danny halfheartedly offers to join her, but she tells him to stay right there she wants to think of him in bed while she’s gone. Michelle is gone longer than expected for a little over an hour.



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