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Something About You – Part 22 by ShellyLynn

March 2, 2015

Republisher’s Note: More than one surprise is planned for Michelle’s birthday part.

Something About You – Part 22 by ShellyLynn

Michelle walked lethargically down the hallway to her last class of the day. She’d barely been able to get herself out of bed and going this morning, instead, she found herself seriously considering skipping all of her scheduled classes. She simply didn’t feel up to another monotonous day of lectures and note taking.

The weeks of planning the gala had taken a serious toll on both her body and her studies. She was forced to stay up all the previous night to study for her Biology test, a class that she had erroneously neglected for the duration of her weeks of planning.

At the present time, the information she had reviewed so thoroughly the night before was swirling around chaotically in her head and she wasn’t sure she could get a grasp on any particular piece of it. At that moment in time, she wasn’t any more knowledgeable about the structure of DNA than she was about astrophysics or mechanical engineering. “This is not going to be a pleasant experience,” she thought to herself with an exaggerated sigh, “more like a root canal.”

The bright spot in her day was that her family was throwing her a birthday party that evening and she and Danny were going to use the opportunity to tell them about their relationship. Although she was nervous about each of their reactions, there was no doubt in her mind that it was the right thing to do. Danny was the man she wanted the man she’d been falling in love with since the moment they met. She would make them understand that he is what she needs to make her life complete, and give them the opportunity to see what a wonderful man he is. She’s sure that once they get to know him and see how happy he makes her, they’ll come around and learn to love him as well.

She arrives at the test, and silently thanks God when the professor informs the class that due to time conflicts in his schedule, the test will be multiple choice instead of the usual essay style exam. She takes out her pencil and begins, carefully reading each question and darkening the circle on her answer sheet with her number two pencil.

When she has answered the final question, she slips her bag over her shoulder and turns her papers into the front of the classroom, exiting through the door in the front corner of the large room. As she turns to make her way to the front door of the building, she feels a hand on her shoulder from behind. “Hey,” she smiled graciously, “I’m glad that’s over.”

“Yeah me, too,” her friend Haley responded as they began to walk down the hall. “But you have much more important things to be thinking about today.”

“What do you mean?” Michelle asked.

“I mean, like what you’re going to wear when you get engaged,” she answered. When Michelle merely gazed at her in confusion, she tried to clarify her statement. “I heard what’s going on tonight. That gorgeous man of yours is going to propose and make you’re relationship official,” she smiled secretively. “I can’t wait to see it. I’m sure it’s going to be so romantic.”

Michelle smiled, maybe this was going to be her most wonderful birthday yet.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Danny came home from his classes and set his books down on the counter, looking at the invitation Michelle had given him one more time.

You are cordially invited to a
Birthday Party for Michelle Bauer
at the Springfield Country Club
920 Westerland Rd.
7:00 p.m.

He was planning on taking her somewhere special to celebrate her birthday, just the two of them, but she seemed so excited about the party that he didn’t want to be a downer, so he agreed to come and celebrate with her family and friends. After all, he could still give her the gift he had planned, he would just have to change the way he was planning on presenting it.

He checked in on Mikey and then took a shower before going into his bedroom to get ready. Carefully choosing something to wear, he set his clothes and Mikey’s out on the bed to get ready.

“I know that we haven’t known each other for very long, and that we didn’t even tell your family until tonight that we’ve been dating, but I love you Michelle, and I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me and be Mrs. Danny Santos forever?”

“Ugh,” He said, pulling his black v-neck sweater over his head. “That’s terrible Santos. Come on.”

He looked in the mirror, straightening his back and trying again, “Michelle Bauer, you mean the world to me. In the short time that we’ve known each other, you’ve captured my heart and made me feel things I never thought I would find. I love you, Michelle, and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much. Will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?”

His shoulders sagged and he ran a hand through his damp curls in frustration. “I can’t believe I’m making this is so difficult.”

He walked over the nightstand by his bed and picked up the small black box, opening it to reveal a delicate, beautiful diamond ring. Closing his eyes, he said, “Abuela, you always told me that when I found the right women, my heart would know it instinctively and I would give her this ring to show my eternal love. You were right and I’ve found her and fallen in love. I know that if you were still here, you would love her, too.”

He opened his dark eyes and once again trained them on the ring in his hands. It had been passed down through the Santos family for generations through the first-born male. After his mother passed away, his grandmother reclaimed the ring and held it until she passed it along to him, not long before her death. It was one of the few tangible reminders he had left of his family, and he wanted more than anything to share it with Michelle and continue the tradition by proposing with it and building his own family.

“Danny?” he heard from the doorway, bringing him back to the task at hand, getting ready for the party.

Mikey walked into the bedroom in a little pair of Scooby-Doo boxer shorts. “What does semee-camel mean?”

“What?” Danny asked, completely confused by his nephew’s innocent question.

“’Ichelle said that it was semee-camel,” the little boy reiterated, slightly frustrated by his uncle’s seeming ignorance.

“Oh,” Danny laughed slightly, but tried not to embarrass the child. “You mean dress semi-casual.”

“I guess,” he says, seeming somewhat upset that she wasn’t really talking about there being animals at the party.

“It just tells you what kind of clothes you should wear. Here,” he said, extending an outfit he’d laid across his bed. “Wear these.”

“I hafta wear church clothes? I thought it was a party,” Mikey whined, sticking his lip out in a pout. “I don’t want to wear those.”

“You have to,” Danny told him, looking down at the khaki pants and little navy blue polo shirt. “It’s not the kind of party you wear jeans to.”

“I no wanna go then,” Mikey said defiantly, sitting down on the bedroom floor.

“Michelle asked you to come and I’m sure she would be very disappointed if you weren’t there. Do you want to make her cry?” Danny asked, watching the boy’s expression change.

“No,” he said reluctantly. “That wouldn’t be nice.”

“No, it wouldn’t,” Danny sighed in relief as Mikey stood up and took the clothes into his hands. “Let’s get dressed and go. Tonight is a very big night, we don’t want to be late.”

Something About You – Part 21 by ShellyLynn

February 24, 2015

Republisher’s Note: Michelle and Danny suddenly don’t seem to be on the same page.

Something About You – Part 21 by ShellyLynn

“It’s not that big of a deal,” she replied casually, averting her eyes from his accusing stare. She knew it had been a mistake from the beginning to lead her father on, but when he saw her walk in with Bill hours earlier, he had made the wrong assumption and casually mentioned his pleasure to her. She had merely failed to correct his false line of thinking for the sake of avoiding an argument. “I just wasn’t in the mood to fight with him.”

Danny looked around and noticed that although the crowd was beginning to thin out, those still in attendance were regarding their discussion with great interest. Without a word, he took her hand in his, making her a little uneasy as to what he was feeling at that moment, and lead her into the back hallway which was now void of traffic. “I thought you wanted this as much as I do,” he said sadly, shaking his head back and forth as he released her hand and slowly began to pace back and forth down the plush carpeted hallway.

“I do,” she whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear as she took two small steps forward and attempted to reach out and comfort him as he passed.

He shook his arm free, not wanting the contact that he knew would make him melt. He needed to stay strong and get this out in the open “I don’t think so,” he told her, stopping directly in front of her to make his point. “We both know that some people, especially your father, are going to have problems with our relationship. We’ve discussed it at length. However, we” his voice raised as he punctuated the word by reaching his hands out toward her and then bringing them back and clutching them to his chest, “decided that the best thing for all concerned was to be open and honest about it. Did something change? Are you suddenly ashamed of me now? Or is it that you wish that Bill really was your date?”

“How can you ask me that?” she replied indignantly, her voice filled with anger as her eyes sought out and locked with his dark shining ones.

“You’ve barely made any time to talk to me all week, instead you’ve spent every minute with him. What am I supposed to think when you keep putting me off? Besides, it’s obvious how badly he wants you.”

“We were working. Besides, Bill knows how I feel, he feels the same way,” she counters angrily.

“Come on, Michelle. Do you mean to tell me you weren’t aware of how he watched your every move tonight? Have you two actually talked about this?”

“Damn it, Danny, stop being so paranoid. No, we haven’t talked about it, but there is nothing going on between Bill and me. We’re friends… that’s all. The reason I didn’t correct my dad has nothing to do with him,” she fires back, her frustration clearly showing. “You’re making more of this than there is because you’re jealous.”

“Don’t make this my fault. I’m not jealous.” He began to pace again, planning his next words carefully.

“I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy for you tonight, but I thought that we were in this together,” he sighed, running his fingers through his curls. “If you aren’t even willing stand up to your dad when I’m here with you, then we might as well give up because you’ll never do it on your own.”

“You don’t understand,” she whispered, walking to a nearby chair and taking a seat. “It’s not that simple.”

“Don’t you see? It is that simple. You either want us to be together or you don’t…” he claimed, moving to stand in front of her. “We have to tell him sooner or later.”

“It isn’t… We don’t… This isn’t about you…”

“Then what is it about?” he asked softly, kneeling down in front of her and placing a finger under her chin, forcing her gaze to meet his. He wanted so badly for her to have a good explanation for this, for her to wipe away all his doubts and fears. He was almost pleading with her to make him understand what was going on.

“My dad has always had such high expectations of me… what I was going to do for a living… who I was going to marry… what college I’d attend… the kind of grades I’d get… everything,” she explained, fighting the tears she could feel welling up in her eyes. “I’ve spent my entire life trying to make him proud of me. I was valedictorian of my graduating class, I’ve always tried to do whatever he wanted of me, even staying and going to Springfield University so I’d be close to home. But, even after I did all of that, tonight was the first time I ever remember him telling me he was proud of me, of something I’d done. I guess I just wanted to let the feeling last just a little while longer.”

“I didn’t know… ” he tried, reaching out to place a hand on her face and smooth away the tears that had managed to escape her red, tired eyes. “I guess I finally understand just how important tonight was to you.”

“It’s not that I don’t want him to know…”

“Shhhh,” he whispered, helping her to her feet. “It’s okay. Just remember that I’ll always be here for you.”

“I’m going to tell him soon, I swear,” she promised apologetically.

“We can wait and tell him together,” Danny told her, reaching out to pull her into his embrace. “We have all the time in the world to do this right.”

She leaned her head against his chest and reveled in his warmth. “Thank you.”

“Let’s get you home. You need to get some sleep,” he said, wrapping his arm around her.

He led her to the coat room and retrieved her jacket before they made their way to the awaiting limo and climbed inside.

As soon as the door was closed, she moved alongside of him and leaned her head against his body, curling up into him as he placed his arm around her shoulders. He sighed, smoothing a stray curl of hair out of her face as he looked out the window. “You really did do a fantastic job putting tonight together,” he smiled, pulling her closer. “It was definitely a hit. The hospital is really going to benefit from all the money you were able to raise.”

When there was no response, he leaned his head down slightly and listened to her deep breathing. He chuckled slightly, “I guess I put you to sleep.”

“Sweet dreams, sweetie,” he whispered in her ear as she dozed. “I love you, and one of these days, I’m going to tell you when you’re awake.”

* * * * * *

“Yeah, what did you find out about Santos?”

“There wasn’t much. The guy’s got a good, clean record… no trouble in his past. There really isn’t any family left except for the nephew that he takes care of. The only real spot I can see for the boss to go after is the kid’s dead mother, Pilar. She was pretty messed up, a drunk and an addict. I’m sure there is something in her past that could give Mr. Lewis some leverage against him.”

“Check into it and report back. I want to know everything, no matter how small a detail. We’re going to find Mr. Santos’ weak link and use it to pull his relationship with Miss Bauer apart.”

Something About You – Part 20 by ShellyLynn

February 23, 2015

Republisher’s Note: The evil Bill spin you find in quite a few fanfics, but what’s going on with Ed?

Something About You – Part 20 by ShellyLynn

The next few days flew by as classes continued and Michelle spent what seemed to Danny like every moment working on the final plans for the fundraiser ball. He knew that the cause they were raising money for was important to her and that he had nothing to be jealous of in way of the time she spent with Bill. She had made it clear how she felt about her friend and he was sure that she was being completely honest. It was Bill’s intentions that he doubted, even more now after their “chance” run-in at the carnival.

Danny and Michelle talked a few times on the phone over the course of the week, but they hadn’t seen each other since he and Mikey walked her home after the carnival that night. He could still feel her breath on his cheek as she had kissed him goodnight and walked into her apartment.

“I miss you,” he’d told her on the phone exactly six hours and eleven minutes ago. He knew she was probably rushing to complete the finishing touches, but he needed to hear her voice so he’d given in and called. He was right, she had been too busy to talk for long, but she did seem happy to hear from him as well. They’d only talked for a couple minutes, but he’d been able to notice the fatigue in her voice. The last time they’d spoken, she had told him she wasn’t getting much sleep and he couldn’t even remember how many times she’d mentioned to him she had skipped a meal to get more work done. He was worried about her and he was more than glad that this evening would be the end of all her hard work. Then, maybe they she would take better care of herself and they would be able to continue the relationship that they both seemed to miss so desperately.

He almost slipped as they hung up and told her how he felt. Love. He had only the previous day admitted to himself that his feelings for her were so strong. He never been in love before and he was surprised to find that it felt every bit as wonderful as he’d been told. He knew that it was fast, they’d only known each other a couple months, but he was sure she was the one for him. She was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and someday, hopefully soon, he knew he would find the perfect way to tell her everything that was in his overflowing heart.

He looked in the mirror one more time to make sure he was prepared to go. He had picked out the tuxedo himself this time and hoped it was an acceptable choice. This was going to be the first real event they attended as a couple and Danny was concerned about how many of the people would react, especially Mr. Bauer himself. He knew how important appearances were to people of their social stature and he knew it would probably be an uphill battle to prove his worth, but if that’s what it took to gain Michelle’s hand, he was prepared for the war.

He took a deep breath and made his way to the door. Michelle was going to meet him there because she needed to go early and check on a few things, but she was sending a limo to pick him up at 6:20. He looked at his watch as he descended the staircase. It was time to go.

Fifteen minutes later, he arrived and made his way inside, immediately searching out the face of his beautiful hostess and date. He hadn’t seen her so far, but had recognized some of the people from work and the first event he had attended. In fact, it seemed as though most of the people milling about had been there.

After a few minutes, he spotted Michelle coming out of a doorway, laughing with an unfamiliar gentleman as she walked. He made his way over to her, intent on finding out the identity of the older looking mystery man. “Danny!” she exclaimed, surprised to turn and find her handsome date before her. “You’re here. Why didn’t you come find me?”

“Well,” he answered, purposefully slipping an arm around her waist, “that’s what I am doing right now.”

“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met,” he forced, extending his free arm toward the man. “I’m Danny Santos, and you are?”

“Rick Bauer,” the man answered with a laugh. “This beautiful young lady here was just talking about you.”

“You’re Rick? It’s an honor to meet you. I didn’t think you lived around here,” Danny said as he relaxed and the men shook hands.

“I don’t,” Rick replies, “but my wife Abby and I were in town for a conference and we decided to come see some of our old friends. Besides, I wanted visit my mom and check up on my kid sister here.”

“You did a wonderful job putting this together, sis,” he told her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I hope I get a chance to talk to you later,” he said to Danny, “but I need to go find my wife. I know how much she hates these functions and I promised her I’d be right back.”

“It was nice meeting you,” Danny replied cordially, accepting Rick’s “Same here,” before watching as he walked away.

“You,” he answered once they were semi-alone, “Come with me.” He took her hand in his and led her into the small hallway leading to the kitchen.

“What are…” was all Michelle had the chance to get out before his lips came down on hers in a soft, yet passionate kiss.

“I’ve been waiting way too long to do that,” he grinned as they pulled apart, her eyes still glazed over.

She quickly found her voice, “What’s taken you so long?”

He laughed softly, glad that she seemed to have missed that little pleasure as much as he. “It seems to me, my lady, that you’re the one that has been too busy to entertain thoughts of such trivial things.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, growing serious, “I know I’ve been neglecting you…”

“Hey,” he stopped her, raising her dropped head with two fingers under her delicate chin. “There’s nothing to be sorry about. I’m just glad that you’ll finally have some free time after tonight.”

“Yeah,” she grinned, reaching up to smooth a stray curl of his dark hair. “I know I didn’t say so on the phone earlier, but I missed you, too.”

“Well then,” he told her smiling broadly, “I guess we’ll have to make sure we never spend this much time apart again.”

“I think I like the sound of that,” she parried, slipping her arm through his. “As much as I hate to say this though, I think we need to rejoin the party, boring as it may be.”

“As long as I get to take you home,” he replied seductively, “I can bear anything.”

* * * * *

They mingled with various people, spending a few minutes with seemingly every patron as Michelle urged each of them to give generously to the hospital. They even managed to spend a little while dancing before Michelle needed to go prepare for the guest speaker. She searched out her brother and led Danny in his direction, introducing him to her sister-in-law before giving him a soft kiss and leaving to go to the podium.

“You really care about her, don’t you?” Rick asked as he watched Danny’s eyes follow his sister across the room. “She’s pretty amazing.”

“Yeah,” Danny replied, not taking his eyes off of her. “She’s special.”

“Look, Danny,” Rick said seriously, finally drawing his attention. “I know that you’re a good man, and from what my sister tells me, you treat her well, but I know my father and it is not going to be easy for the two of you to be together. I guess I just want to be sure that you are going to be willing to fight for her and not give up when it gets difficult. She really cares about you and I don’t want to see her get hurt, so if you are going to let her down, then I think you should tell her now before it goes any further.”

“Rick, I understand how you feel, but I love your sister. I know that things aren’t going to be easy for us, but as long as there is breath in my body, I’ll do anything I can to make her happy and give her everything she needs. She means the world to me, and if I have to walk through fire to be with her, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I know that I don’t have the kind of money that she’s used to,” he said, extending his arms to show the extravagance surrounding them, “but I will make a good living and she’ll never find anyone else that can love her as much as I already do.” His gaze returned to her and made eye contact as she flashed him a brilliant smile over the microphone, causing his heart to flutter.

“I can tell,” Rick smiled, looking over at his wife and nodding as she wiped a tear away. “All I want is for my little sister to be happy and I can tell that you’ll make sure that happens.”

“I will,” Danny nodded, shaking Rick’s hand once again as the introduction began, “because I want the same thing, her happiness.”

“Well,” Rick said, looking up at her as well. “From what I’ve seen, I’m sure that she feels the same way about you. She couldn’t stop talking about you from the moment I got here.”

Danny smiled sincerely before excusing himself to get a better view of the stage continuously moving closer as he watched Michelle take bids on the donated objects before her, continually urging the people to bid higher and give more. When the last item was sold, she had raised over 170,000 dollars for the hospital, more than she had anticipated leading up to the event. Bill and another man came onto the stage and thanked the people for their generosity before Bill placed his arm around her shoulders and added, “Let’s have a big hand for this beautiful woman who made all this possible, Michelle Bauer.”

The people gave a loud round of applause and Michelle blushed profusely, to Danny’s relief, stepping away from Bill’s gesture and finding Danny’s eyes before moving to step off the stage to step out of the limelight and join him.

“You were great,” he told her, pulling her immediately into a warm embrace.

“I couldn’t have done it without you,” she answered, staring into his dark, adoring eyes. “I was so nervous up there, but when I looked at you, I knew everything was going to be fine.”

“That was fabulous honey,” they heard from behind. Spinning around, they saw Mr. Bauer had joined them. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks,” Michelle said, grateful to have her father’s acknowledgment and approval of all her hard work.

“Mr. Santos,” he said, looking over her shoulder. “I didn’t know that you would be joining us tonight. How are you enjoying your new job?”

“I like it. I’ve already acclimated myself to the surroundings and I’m working with such wonderful people,” he answered, extending his hand to shake.

“That’s good to hear,” he said, turning to his daughter once again “Where’s your date? I want to congratulate him on a job well done.”

“I’m…” Danny began to say when she cut him off.

“I don’t know where he ran off to. He’s probably trying to negotiate more funds out of some of the more prominent people here,” she explained, pleading with her eyes for Danny not to say anything.

“I’ll see if I can locate him before I leave,” he said, taking off in search of Bill Lewis.

“What was that about?” Danny asked angrily, his eyes burning into her. “Why didn’t you tell him that I’m your date tonight, not Bill?”

Something About You – Part 19 by ShellyLynn

February 20, 2015

Republisher’s Note: A carnival comes to Springfield.

Something About You – Part 19 by ShellyLynn

Michelle sits in her chair, impatiently flipping through the cards of her rolodex as it sits on her lap in front of her. “I know I have the number in here somewhere,” she says aloud, running her fingers through her hair in frustration as her search comes up empty.

“This is not a good way to start off my day,” she groans, reaching for her cup of coffee on the table in front of her. She decides to take one more look through her desk drawers for the ever elusive telephone number, but is interrupted by a knock on the door.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” she yells, removing the objects from her lap to stand. “Hold on.”

She makes her way to the door, to find out the identity of her visitor “Who would be here this early?” she whispered mindlessly as she crossed the room. Could it be Bill already? She knew that this fund-raiser was important, but it didn’t feel like she had been out of his site for more than five minutes in over a week and she was beginning to feel cramped in his presence.

She peered through the glass, smiling when she saw that her unexpected visitor was one of the social variety. “Danny,” she grinned as she eagerly opened the door and let him in. “What are you doing here?”

“Well,” he laughed, “We came to see if you would join us at the carnival in town.” He gestures toward Mikey who is standing along side him.

“I don’t know, I have so much work to do…” she stumbles, immediately feeling selfish as she sees the look of disappointment on the young boy’s face.

“You’ve been working almost non-stop for over a week. Even slaves need a break every once in a while,” Danny tells her, sticking his lip out in a pouting fashion. “It would mean a lot to Mikey if you came.”

“Only to Mikey?” she teases, returning his playful gesture with one of her own.

“Okay,” he concedes, pretending like it’s a big secret, “I guess it would make his uncle pretty happy too.”

“I thought so,” she smiles slightly before her face falls. “But I can’t.”

“Come on,” he whines, “Just for a few hours. I’ve barely even had the chance to speak to you all week. I’ve missed you,” he contends, gently placing his hands on her waist. “In fact, I half expected Bill to already be here this morning.”

“I’m sorry,” she tells him, placing a soft kiss on his lips, “Getting this thing together is just so much harder than I remembered.”

“I know,” he admits, “I just hate sharing you with him.”

“He’s been a real gentlemen and a good friend, just the way I remembered. I don’t know what had me so paranoid before. I’m pretty sure he knows how I feel about you, and he even though I think he wishes it were different, he knows that we are only friends.”

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Mikey says, impatiently tugging on Danny’s jacket and reminding the couple of his presence.

“Okay,” Michelle laughs, disrupting the seriousness of the moment, “I’ll show you where it is.”

She returns a moment later, “I know that this wasn’t great timing,” she tells Danny as she approaches him, “but this is a big fund-raiser and you know how important the hospital is to me. I needed to help. I’m sorry though that it’s taken up so much of my time.”

“Don’t be,” he answers, pulling her into his arms. “I understand why you need to do this, but I still think you should take a break and come with us. You need some time to relax and enjoy yourself.”

Mikey returns and Danny bends down to whisper in his ear. Michelle watches as Mikey smiles and nods his head. “Puhwease Ichelle?” he responds, innocently looking up at her with his big brown eyes.

“Okay,” he sighs, “but that’s cheating.” She winks as she looks over at Danny, “you know I can’t resist those Santos eyes.”

“Yippee!” the young boy yells, clapping happily.

“Just let me change and call Bill to tell him I’m taking the day off,” she tells him.

“I think you look great,” he says, taking in her tight jeans and tight black t-shirt.

“Okay,” she shrugs, “Just let me make that call.”

A minute later, she returns and they are off, walking the couple blocks down to the site of the yearly community-wide spring event.

They talk to a few people that they each know and ride a few rides, having a wonderful time into the late afternoon. They are talking about what to have for dinner when Mikey decides that he wants to go on the SuperSnake, a ride that goes in a circular path, leaving the riders upside down for nearly half of the journey.

“No, I can’t go on that with you,” Danny tells him, getting sick to his stomach just at the mere thought of it.

“I wanna ride the snake,” he pouts, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Mikey,” Danny scolds, “You know better than to pout when you don’t get your way. You’ve ridden lots of other rides. You don’t need to ride that one.”

“I wanna ride the snake,” he repeats, this time looking to Michelle for sympathy.

“I can ride with him,” she speaks up, trying to appease them both.

“Are you sure?” Danny asks, turning to face her. “You don’t have to.”

“I’m sure. It’ll be fun,” she smiles, taking the boy by the hand and getting in line.

When they return to a waiting Danny, they are giggling and smiling, seemingly having the time of their lives.

“Ichelle said we can have ice cream,” Mikey announces, grabbing his uncle’s hand and pulling him toward the nearby stand.

“She did, did she?” Danny asks playfully, pretending he doesn’t believe him.

“Uh huh. Fudge ripple, our favorite,” he assures him.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” Danny laughs, taking out his wallet to pay for their snack. Thanks to her help, this time around he has more than three dollars in his wallet.

They enjoy their ice cream and walk around some more before Michelle notices an adorable stuffed bear at one of the stands. Danny takes out a few dollars and goes to the stand, winning her the small bear on the third try. She rewards him with a huge smile and a kiss, happily tucking the soft animal under her arm.

“Let me show you how it’s really done,” they hear from behind, turning to see Bill Lewis.

“What are you doing here?” Michelle smiles, “I thought you’d be working all day.”

“You were right. We both needed a break and when you mentioned coming here, I thought it would be a great way to relax and have fun,” he answers, smiling at the three of them.

Mikey hides behind Danny’s leg shyly, not comfortable around the new stranger. “Anyway,” Bill grins, handing the man behind the counter a five-dollar bill. “I was going to give you a lesson on how to play this game.”

He takes the three balls from the worker’s hand and proceeds to knock down all six milk bottles on each throw. “Bill used to play baseball,” Michelle explains, not wanting Danny to feel embarrassed or shown up by his arrogant display.

“Really,” Danny asks, wanting more than anything to punch the man right between the eyes. “That sounds like fun.”

“Yeah. I was an All-American in college and drafted by the Yankees, but I decided I wanted to stay and continue the family tradition. You know, be CEO of my family’s multimillion dollar corporation.”

“Sure,” Danny answers through gritted teeth, watching as the man hands Bill a three-ft. teddy bear. He takes the bear Danny had given her from her hands, replacing it with the new prize.

“Here kid,” he says, reaching the bear toward Mikey, “Michelle has her hands full.”

Michelle attempts to say something, but he cuts her off, “No need to thank me.”

“Michelle deserves way more than you can give her. You’ll never be enough,” Bill whispers as he walks past Danny and back to the other side of Michelle. “Why don’t you give it up while you still have some dignity.”

Danny gives him a dirty look as they make their way to a nearby stand to grab some food. Both men attempt to pay for her, but Michelle refuses them both and pays for herself, upset by the seeming rivalry between the two men.

About an hour later, Danny and Michelle decide to leave, realizing that it’s starting to get too cold for Mikey to be outside. Having noticed how Michelle looks at Danny anytime he is tending to his nephew, Bill decides to get into the act himself.

“It’s been nice meeting you, Mikey,” he says, bending down and attempting to pull the boy into a hug. Mikey attempts to pull away, but Bill holds firmly to his arm, not wanting to be embarrassed in front of Michelle.

“Let go of me,” Mikey shrieks, getting the attention of nearby patrons as he stomps on Bill’s foot and scurries behind Danny who watches as Bill loses his balance and falls on his rear into the mud.

“You need to teach that boy some manners,” Bill says angrily, standing up and attempting to clean himself off.

“Mikey,” Danny says, doing his absolute best to hide a smile, “That wasn’t nice.”

“I don’t like him,” Mikey proclaims, making Danny’s mask of seriousness even harder to maintain.

“It’s still not nice to hurt him. Say you’re sorry,” he admonishes.

“Sorry,” Mikey says, not even bothering to make eye contact with the man he’d humiliated moments before.

“We need to get him home,” Danny tells Michelle, taking her hand. “It was nice to see you again, Bill,” he says politely before Michelle says goodbye and they leave. Once they’re out of Bill’s sight and headed toward home, Michelle stops walking and laughs hysterically.

“I think that was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” she says, trying to control herself. “Did you see his face?”

“Yeah,” Danny laughs, surprised and confused by her reaction.

“I’m really impressed by the way you handled things tonight. He was acting like a jerk, but you didn’t get jealous or let him get to you. And what’s with this thing? It’s ugly,” she says, extending the bear that takes up residence in her arms.

“I thought you liked it,” Danny says skeptically.

“He’s a friend and I didn’t want to upset him. Look Danny,” she says, setting the bear down and rubbing the side of his clenched jaw until it begins to relax. “Just because it’s more extravagant, doesn’t mean it’s better. I love the bear you got me…I can sleep with it at night and it’ll be like having a little piece of you with me all the time. That’s way better than any giant stuffed animal he uses to show off. This gift…” she says as Mikey hands her the bear and she pulls it tight to her chest, “Is from your heart.”

Something About You – Part 18 by ShellyLynn

February 19, 2015

Republisher’s Note: If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is an evil Bill story. It’s only one of two things that I dislike about this fic. Otherwise I really enjoy it.

Something About You – Part 18 by ShellyLynn

Danny wakes from his peaceful slumber, slowly opening one eye and then the other as he looks at his unfamiliar surroundings. After a moment, he recollects the events of the previous evening and Michelle’s pleas for him to stay at her place.

The clock on the nightstand reads 8:50am and with the knowledge that he needs to pick Mikey up in just over an hour, he decides to get up. Sitting up, he peels back the lavender flowered covers and swings his legs over the side of the bed until his bare feet meet the cushioned carpeting of the floor.

Standing up and stretching out his tired body, he suppresses a yawn and makes his way over to the mirror on the back of the door, examining his disheveled appearance. He reaches for his pants from the night before and slides them on, running a hand through his curls before making his way down the hallway to the kitchen.

Michelle is already there, pouring two cups of coffee from the freshly brewed pot on the counter and turning around to find him standing in the doorway. “I was just going to bring you a cup,” she says, raising one of her hands to show him her intentions.

“Thanks,” he smiles, “I could really use that.”

“I thought so. It was pretty late when we got to bed,” she says, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

“Yeah,” he smiles, the memory of their wonderful evening together still fresh on his mind as he joins her. “I had a great time last night.”

“Me too,” she giggles, placing her hand on his across the table. “I was so scared that our talk last night would scare you off.”

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but waiting will only make things more special and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy,” he says honestly, looking deep into her eyes. At that moment, he realized just how much he meant that statement. He would do anything to bring her joy.

She sighed in pure contentment. “You are the best man I’ve ever met Danny Santos.”

“I don’t know about that,” he blushed slightly, “but I mean what I say. Your happiness is very important to me.”

“Well, when you are around, I’m certainly happy…” she answers with a grin, stopping short when she hears the knock on the front door.

“Were you expecting anyone?” Danny asks, surprised by the intrusion.

“No,” she answers, making her way to the front door and peering out through the ornate window. “It’s Bill.”

She opens the door and ushers him in to the kitchen, offering a cup of coffee to him as well. He looks across the room at Danny, still wearing only his dress pants and then back at Michelle’s beaming face. He hopes that every inclination he has about the situation is wrong, but as he watches Michelle place her hand on Danny’s shoulder and lean up against him, he’s convinced that they are dead on.

“Awfully early for you to be here again, isn’t it, Santos?” he asks, fishing for the information he’s not altogether sure he wants to hear.

“I could say the same thing about you, Lewis,” Danny replies, using the same accusatory tone.

“Actually, we got home late, so Danny spent the night here,” she freely admits, adding sugar to her cup before offering it to the two men.

Bill stares at the man sitting before him. He can’t help but wonder what Michelle Bauer sees in him. He wonders how she can let a piece of dirt like that, touch her. Only he was supposed to partake in her pleasures and he has waited too long to let this lowlife get in the way.

“Oh really,” he tells her, his anger steadily growing. It didn’t matter that he spent the night in someone else’s bed, Michelle was his and Danny Santos was going to pay for touching her. He would find a way.

“Yeah,” she smiles, oblivious to the tension.

Before anyone can speak another word, Michelle’s phone rings and she quickly moves to answer it, suddenly aware of the growing tension in the room.

“Miss Bauer?” the soft voice comes hesitantly across the line.

“Yes, that’s me,” she responds absentmindedly, keeping her eyes on her guests.

“Well, this is Martha Vanders. Michael Santos stayed at my home last night and your number was given to me as the second number to reach Mr. Santos at. Is he there?”

“Yeah, hold on,” Michelle tells her, her face falling as she simultaneously crosses the room to give the phone to an unsuspecting Danny.

He looks at her skeptically before speaking into the phone. “Santos.”

“So what did you stop by for?” Michelle asks Bill, keeping an eye on Danny’s expression the entire time, trying to gauge what is going on from his facial expressions.

“Hmm?” he asks, his mind now trying to figure out what the phone call is about as well. “Oh, I was wondering if you could help me put together the next gala for the hospital. We’re raising money for the new pediatric ward and Lewis is hosting this year. I’m terrible with these sort of things and the woman that usually helps is out of town so I need you.”

“Uh, sure,” she says, gazing at Danny with questioning eyes as he listens intently to the caller. “When is it?”

“Three weeks,” he answers, “I know that it’s short notice, but if we work hard, I know we can pull it together.”

“We better get started soon then,” she sighs, running her fingers through her hair.

“I need to get going anyway,” Danny tells her as the call ends. “Mikey isn’t feeling well and he wants me to pick him up early,” he says, retreating back to the bedroom for his shirt and jacket.

When he returns, he walks up to Michelle and gently wraps his arms around her waist. “I had a great time last night,” he tells her, “I can’t wait to do it again.”

Bill listens intently, rolling his eyes at each word.

“Me too,” she smiles, leaning in to give him a soft kiss.

“Call me when you have a break?” he asks, playfully giving her a pleading look.

“You bet,” she grins, leaning in for one more peck.

“I’ll be waiting,” he answers as he opens the door and walks out. She sighs and leans against the door, counting down the minutes until she can see his handsome face again.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Why were you at Ichelle’s?” Mikey asks in confusion.

“We tried to call you at home and you weren’t there,” Mrs. Vanders explains nervously.

“Well,” Danny says, clearing his throat as he looks up at the woman for help. “When we got back from the play last night it was really late, so I just stayed at her house overnight.”

“You have a slumber party like us?” he asks, thinking he has come up with the answer to his own question.

“Something like that,” Danny laughs, grateful for a way out of trying to explain things to the inquisitive boy. “We had a slumber party.”

The woman gives Danny a disapproving look, but he shakes it off and helps Mikey into his jacket. It isn’t any of her business that nothing happened between he and Michelle and he wasn’t about to waste his time making excuses for his perfectly respectable behavior.

“Thank you for watching him. I’m sure he had a good time,” he tells her, grabbing Mikey’s hand and taking him to the car. He was not going to let one woman’s attitude bring him down from the high he was still on. In fact, if Bill Lewis hadn’t managed to do that, he doubted anyone could.

Something About You – Part 17 by ShellyLynn

February 18, 2015

Republisher’s Note: Sorry about the delay between chapters, here we go again.

Something About You – Part 17 by ShellyLynn

“Come on Bill,” the petite female sitting next to him purred. “You paid that guy $400 for these tickets and you haven’t watched a minute of the show.”

“I can’t believe she’s acting like that. This is going to be even harder than I thought,” he whispered to himself, shaking his head.

“Would you stop staring at them? I thought this was a date,” she spoke again, her anger growing at his constant distraction. This was not what she expected at all when he had asked her to come out with him for the night. She had much higher hopes for the evening’s events and she wasn’t prepared to give up.

“It is,” he says, looking at her for the first time in hours. “I’m sorry. She’s always been a good friend and I want to make sure she’s being properly taken care of.”

“That’s all?” she asked him suspiciously. She knew of the feelings he had held for Michelle over the last few years. “I don’t think you have to worry about anything. From what I’ve seen, he’s absolutely enchanted by her, just look at them.”

“That’s all it is,” he reassured her, taking one more glimpse at the table across the room before turning his eyes to the stage for a moment as the play neared its end. “I’m sure you’re right,” he agreed reluctantly. “Why don’t you let me make it up to you?” he offered, taking her hand in his.

“Why, Mr. Lewis,” she said, slipping her free hand down his chest. “I think I’d enjoy that.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny looked down at Michelle as she wiped her eyes with the handkerchief he had given her earlier.

“This is the best part,” she mumbled, watching as Romeo found his beloved Juliet in her state of suspended animation.

“They loved each other so much,” she continued, snuggling even closer to him in the booth where they were seated.

He wrapped his arms around her, reveling in the feeling of her tiny body leaning against his. Nothing he had ever experienced had felt so right. He knew that he was falling for her, and falling hard, yet he felt compelled to only go further. He was sure that soon there would be no going back for him, his heart would belong to her completely. The funny thing was, the thought didn’t terrify him near as much as it excited him. He almost had himself convinced that this relationship could really work.

He placed a soft kiss to the top of her head and smoothed back her hair. “If only life could always be so simple,” he thought, closing his eyes to savor the moment. Never in his life had he ever felt such freedom, such peace. If this was love, then no wonder everyone searched for it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The play ended minutes later, and the crowd began to slowly file out of the elaborate theater. “Thank you for bringing me here, Danny,” Michelle says graciously. “I really enjoyed it.”

“It was my pleasure,” he told her, taking her hand and kissing before he walked over to the room to retrieve her jacket. While he was gone, Michelle was sure she caught a glimpse of her friend walking across the room.

“Did you see Bill while you were out there?” she asked, confused. She knew as well as anything that Shakespeare wasn’t her long time friend’s cup of tea. In fact, she recalled him hating Romeo and Juliet the most. He had often teased her about her love of the tragedy.

“Lewis?” Danny asked in surprise as he helped her slide into her coat. “No. Why?”

“I thought I saw him,” she said in confusion, looking around for any sign of him.

“I think you’re still being paranoid,” Danny laughed, remembering her nervousness earlier. “You said so yourself. Bill’s a good friend and he’s been gone for a while. I’m sure he just wants to spend some time with you,” Danny convinced her, all the while doubting his own words. He didn’t want Michelle to jeopardize what seemed to be her most trusted friendship, but he was planning to keep an eye on Mr. Lewis’ intentions. After all, he had told Bill where they would be for the evening.

“Yeah,” she agreed, “You’re right. Besides, didn’t Bill say he had a date?”

“Yes,” Danny nodded in agreement. “What are the odds it would be here?”

“Not very good. I guess I was just seeing things,” she laughed as they made their way toward the exit. “Maybe I should have my eyes checked.”

“They’re probably still blurry from your tears,” he teased, squeezing her shoulder as he draped his arm around her.

“Very funny,” she said sarcastically, smiling up at him in spite of it. “I wasn’t the only one crying. I saw a tear or two escape from you Mr. Tough Guy.”

“No,” he challenged. “I just got something in my eye.”

“Sure,” she laughed, calling his bluff.

“Okay,” he acquiesced, “It got to me, okay?”

She smiled triumphantly as they waited outside for their vehicle to be pulled around. She couldn’t remember ever having such a wonderful evening. She wondered silently if there were a way to make the night last forever.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Would you like to come up for a night cap?” Bill’s date said suggestively, sliding her hand across his inner thigh.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” he responded, removing her hand.

“Come on,” she urged him, replacing her hand and sliding it further up. “I could help make all your troubles go away. I can tell you want me,” she pushed, slowly pulling on his zipper as he pulled into a parking spot at her place. “Let’s go make you feel better.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny walked Michelle to the door of her apartment in silence, neither of them wanting the evening to end. “Would you like to come in?” she asked nervously as she slid the key into the lock.

“I don’t know…” he resisted. “It’s getting late and…”

“Come on Danny. Mikey isn’t waiting for you and you don’t have to work tomorrow. Live a little,” she pleaded, pulling him toward the door she had just opened.

“For a little while,” he agreed, following her inside.

“I’d offer you something,” she said, “but I know you don’t drink and I’m out of soda.”

“I’ll take some water,” he answered, following her into the kitchen and watching her grab herself a wine cooler.

“Why is that?” she asked as she suddenly spun around.


“Why don’t you drink?” she asked curiously. “There must be a reason.”

“Well,” he said, walking toward the living room with her trailing behind. “I told you that my parents died when I was young, but I didn’t tell you how. They were hit by a drunk driver.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“You would think that would be enough to make me never take a drink, but it wasn’t. I actually drank a lot when I was younger, but Pilar got caught up in alcohol before she got pregnant with Mikey and I saw what it did to people. It made her someone I didn’t even recognize anymore. She managed to stay away from the stuff while she was pregnant, but then she started back to it and then the drugs that caused her death after he was born. After that, I swore I would never touch the stuff again and I haven’t for over three years.”

“Wow,” she said, suddenly feeling awkward with her beverage in hand. She sat forward and set it down before leaning back against the couch. “It’s no wonder that doctor’s accusations got you so upset. I had no idea.”

“It’s all right. I just don’t want anyone to believe I would do anything that could put Mikey in danger because I wouldn’t. That boy is all I have left,” he tells her, reaching out to take her hand.

“You have me,” she whispers, almost inaudibly.

“Do I?” he asked her, raising his eyes to meet hers.

She nodded her head yes, leaning in to meet his lips with a soft kiss. When the kiss ended, he pulled away and searched her face for any sign of discomfort. When he found none, he leaned in again, this time capturing her mouth in a searing kiss that sent tingles down her arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his found her waist.

Danny broke the kiss, backing away slightly as he took her hands in his and brought them to his swollen lips. “You’re shaking baby,” he whispered, holding them tight.

“I’m just nervous,” she told him, turning her head away in embarrassment.

“About what?” he asked her gently. “I don’t expect anything from you.”

“I guess I should tell you,” she said, standing up to gain her resolve. “I told you before that I’ve never been in a serious relationship…”

“Yeah, but…”

“I’ve never even really kissed someone before you. I’m not at all experienced and I can honestly say I’m terrified of doing something wrong and messing things up between us,” she told him, biting her lip nervously as she sat down again.

“There isn’t anything you could do to mess things up,” he assures her, reaching for her hands.

“I guess what I want to tell you is that I made a decision a long time ago that I wouldn’t make love until I’m married. I know it’s old fashioned, but I want to feel completely prepared and loved before I share that type of intimacy,” she told him, looking deep into his eyes and praying to find some sort of understanding there.

“I think…”

“I’m sure you weren’t ready to hear that,” she cut in, “but it was something I had to say.”


“If you don’t want to see me any more, I’ll understand,” she finished, taking a deep breath as she tried to stop the tears that are threatening to spill from her eyes.

“I think that’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard,” he smiled, moving over to sit closer to her.

“You do?” she jumped in surprise. “Are you sure?”

“I’m not going to say that it won’t be difficult,” he told her honestly. “Because it will. I’m not going to deny how much I want you, but I understand how you feel. I actually wish that my sister had felt that way, then she might still be with us.”

She felt a wave of relief wash over her as she leaned in to give him another kiss. “Thank you for being so wonderful.”

He kissed her back, his hands moving to cup her face as they enjoyed their newfound closeness. “I better get going,” he told her as he pulled away and attempted to stand. “It’s getting late.”

“I don’t want you to go,” she told him, pulling him back down. “Can’t you stay with me?”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he answered, looking down at her sexy red dress, vivid images of her naked body swimming through his head. He knew that another encounter like that would make his resolve slip measurably.

“Please,” she begged him. “You can stay in the guest room, or on the couch. I just don’t want you to leave me tonight.”

“All right,” he sighed, taking in the pout on her beautiful face. “How can I resist? Lead the way.”

Something About You – Part 16 by ShellyLynn

February 7, 2015
Republisher’s Note: Good news! This was the last chapter I found on Stenzmania, but I found the rest on another website so we continue the story. There’s some really nice stuff before the unlikely villain arrives. Also, there is mention in the story of a 1984 car. This is probably set in 1998, so while it’s an old car it’s not as ancient as it would be today.
Author’s Note: This is my contribution to ending the fanfic drought. Thanks for the kind comments, they are greatly appreciated. ;)

Something About You – Part 16 by ShellyLynn

Danny paced back and forth across the carpet of his living room, checking the clock on the wall every five minutes to see if it was time to leave for his date with Michelle. The two days since he had seen stretched out like an eternity. He was dying to get a glimpse of her radiant smile, to hear her voice, to kiss her again. He couldn’t believe how far under his skin she’d gotten in just over a month.He looked over at the kitchen counter and the flowers he’d bought for her. He knew that she was probably accustomed to roses, but even with his new job, those daisies cost about as much money as he could splurge, especially considering the tickets he purchased to take her to dinner.He’d heard about this place from a guy at work, a fancy dinner theater that played Shakespeare. He remembered her mentioning one time how much she loved his writing, her favorite play being Romeo and Juliet, so when he found out that was being shown for this week only, he made the decision to take her.

She was surprised when he told her she needed to dress up for their date, obviously expecting someplace more casual for their first time out. He hadn’t told her their destination, although she had tried more than once to pry the information out of him. He was proud of his secret and told her she would simply have to let him surprise her.

He walked back into the bathroom and took another look in the mirror. His new job required wearing a suit on the three days he was in the office, so he had ventured out on his own to make his first business apparel purchase. He returned with three suits, one each of gray, black, and tan and various shirts and ties to go underneath. The shopping spree almost cost him more than his first paycheck, but he figured it was worth the macaroni and cheese he and Mikey would have to eat for the following week.

The suit he’d chosen for this occasion was black, with a bluish-purple shirt underneath and a matching tie. He had to admit that the lady at the store was right, it was a dashing combination. He only hoped his date was as pleased.

He walked back out and realized the time to leave had finally arrived. Mikey was staying the night at a friend from school’s house, so all he had to do was grab the tickets and flowers and head to Michelle’s apartment.

He pulled up to her apartment and parked the car. The drive over had only been about two miles, but it seemed like an eternity and gave him plenty of time to get nervous. It had been a long time since he’d been on a date and never had it been with someone like Michelle. He thought women like Michelle, with the perfect figure and personality, only existed in fairy tales.

He stepped out of his 1984 Honda and walked into the building, taking the elevator to the third floor and walking down the hallway to her apartment. It was amazing how many things he didn’t notice the first time he went there. The circumstances were certainly much different, although he knew that even then he had feelings for her.

He approached her apartment and knocked on the door three times before waiting for a response. When he received none, he knocked again, pausing to listen to the door for any noise inside the apartment. When he heard none, he tried the door, wondering if she was in one of the back rooms and unable to hear. It opened easily and he walked inside, yelling her name as he entered into the main room, setting the flowers down on the table.

He thought he heard music coming from one of the back rooms and walked down the short hallway to her bedroom, the source of the pulsating sound. “Michelle?” he asked cautiously, “Are you in there? It’s me Danny. You didn’t answer your door, so I let myself in.”

When he heard no response, he began to retreat down the hallway toward the living room. As he passed the second door, it suddenly opened and a towel clad female stepped out, knocking right into him as he passed. The loose covering didn’t stay in place and despite her attempt to hold it up, it slid to the floor, leaving her naked before him.

“What are you doing in here?” she shrieked as she reached for the towel, trying to cover her nakedness. “You’re early.”

Danny was just as embarrassed as she, his face betraying his discomfort as he turned around to let her cover herself. “I was supposed to pick you up at 6,” he said, his voice trembling as he tried to force the image of her nude body out of his mind.

She stepped back into the bathroom and grabbed her robe, slipping into it before returning to the hallway. “I’m sorry,” she said, her cheeks still flushed, partially from her hot shower and partially due to the mortifying situation she found herself in. “I thought you said 7. I just got home fifteen minutes ago.”

“No,” Danny sighed, turning to face her. “It’s my fault. I should have made sure you were clear on the time and I most certainly shouldn’t have barged in here.”

“Let’s call it even,” Michelle laughed, breaking the tension. “If you’ll excuse me for a few minutes, I’ll hurry up and get ready.”

She rushed into her bedroom to change and Danny went to the living room to wait for her. Five minutes later, a knock on the door interrupted the silence.

“Can you get that?” Michelle yelled from her room.

Danny walked over to the door, having no idea who could possibly be on the other side. As he looked through the opening, he was surprised to see Bill Lewis.

“Bill,” he said, opening the door for him to come in.

“Danny,” Bill said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Michelle and I were just about to go out for dinner,” he answered, slightly annoyed by the intrusion. He remembered what Michelle told them about their seemingly platonic friendship, but he couldn’t help but notice the way Bill looked at Michelle whenever he was around her.

“Really?” Bill questioned, unnerved. “Where are you going?”

“It’s a surprise,” Danny answered, shaking his doubts out of his head. “I’m taking her to the theater over on Chester.”

“I have a date myself, but I don’t know where we’re going,” Bill tells him. “She planned the evening. I’m just supposed to pick her up.”

“Have a good time,” Danny said absentmindedly, looking at his watch.

“Look, I was driving past and I just wanted to stop by and say hi,” he returned, “but I need to get going.”

“We’re about to leave as well,” Danny tells him, looking anxiously at the entrance-way Michelle should be walking through any minute.

“I’ll leave you alone then,” he says, walking out the door.

“That was weird,” Danny whispers, turning around and walking back into the living room.

“Who was that?” a voice came from the hallway, spinning his head around.

“Wow!!!” he gasped. “You look incredible.”

“Thanks,” she blushed, smoothing the material of her short red dress. “Who was here?”

“Bill stopped by to say hi,” he told her, his eyes still taking in every inch of her beauty.

“Oh,” she sighed, shifting uncomfortably from one heal clad foot to the other.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, lifting her chin to look in her eyes.

“Nothing,” she responded distantly. “He has just been acting different lately.”

“You two are friends, right?” Danny asked her, not wanting to admit his own fears about Mr. Lewis.

“Yeah,” she relaxed, “I guess it just seems strange because he just hasn’t been around for a while. Don’t we need to get going?”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “I almost forgot to give you these,” he continued, handing her the flowers from the counter. “I know they aren’t exactly roses.”

“They’re beautiful,” she whispered, her face breaking into a huge smile. “I love them.”

Im glad, he breathed, relaxing a little as he grabbed her coat and helped her into it. Lets go.

They made their way to his car in silence and he ran around to open her door for her. “Sorry about the car,” he apologized, “I haven’t really been able to afford anything new for a while.”

“It’s fine,” she said, reaching out to touch his shoulder in a gesture of reassurance. “You know I don’t care about any of that. I just want to spend some time with you.”

He smiled at her answer, leaning in to press a soft kiss to her lips. “You really are amazing.”

“I know,” she laughed, feigning arrogance. “But we mustn’t wait any longer to depart or were going to be late.”

“Then by all means,” he smiled, closing her door behind her. He made his way to the other side and slid into the driver’s seat to begin their journey.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the front of the Allen Theater and pulled up to the valet parking and exited the vehicle. The attendant seemed less than thrilled with the old car, but drove it around to the lot nonetheless.

“What are we doing here, Danny?” she asked as soon as they stepped onto the sidewalk. “These tickets cost a fortune.”

“I wanted to do something special for you. After everything you have done for Mikey and me, I thought I could use this chance to begin to repay you,” he told her, taking her hand in his as they walked to the door.

“You didn’t have to repay me at all. I did those things because I care about you,” she told him.

“And I’m doing this for the same reason. Come on, Michelle. Let me do this for you. I know you want to see this show.”

“How do you know that?” she asked playfully, as she turned to face him.

“Because I know everything,” he joked, kissing her nose. “Let’s go inside. “We don’t want to miss the beginning.”

They made their way to their table and took their seats. “This is wonderful,” she whispered, leaning her head against his arm. “Thank you.”

“Believe me,” he laughed, as he looked at her smiling face resting against him. “The pleasure is definitely mine.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“I don’t care if you’re sold out. I need tickets for this show.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the frustrated clerk told him, “There is another show tomorrow evening.”

“I need to be in there tonight. It’s extremely important,” he reaffirmed in hushed tones, sliding a hundred-dollar bill under the window.

“I’m sorry, sir,” came the response, pushing the crisp bill back out. “There’s nothing I can do.”

The man angrily shoved the bill into his suit pocket, thinking of another way around the situation when his companion spoke up. “What do you think you’re going to gain from spying on them anyway? She obviously enjoys slumming, so let her be. There are other women who would take your affections much more seriously,” she purred, rubbing her body against him suggestively.

“I want to know just how serious they are. I always want to know everything I can about even the smallest obstacles like Santos. Besides, this battle is far from over. I always get what I want.”



Something About You – Part 15 by ShellyLynn

February 5, 2015

Republisher’s Note: The story continues its happy bent today.

Author’s Note: I hope you continue to enjoy. Don’t worry, this story is far from being over. ;)

Something About You – Part 15 by ShellyLynn

The three of them walked quietly into Danny’s apartment, the slight awkwardness of a few minutes previous suddenly returning. It was the moment of truth and they both knew it. They were finally going to talk about whatever it was that was going on between them and they both had high hopes as to what that would mean.

“Why don’t you go play in your room for a little while?” he asked Mikey as soon as their coats were off. “Then we’ll order pizza in a little while.”

“Pizza?” Mikey asked, excited by the prospect.

“Yep, with extra cheese,” Danny laughed at his reaction.

“Yippee!” the little boy giggled in delight. “I go play now.”

They both began to speak simultaneously as they made their way into the living room.



“Let’s have a seat,” Danny suggested with a laugh. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure,” she answered, following him into the kitchen to grab the sodas.

“That really was a wonderful thing you did earlier,” she said, leaning against the countertop.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” he answered, “I remember when my grandmother used to take me down there to listen to Mrs. Sanders read. I know how important it is to those kids and I didn’t want them to be disappointed. Anyone would have done what I did.”

“No,” she said seriously, “Not everyone would be willing to do that for those kids. You really made an impact on them.”

“I guess I just knew how they felt,” he shrugged, leading her back into the living room where they took their seats on the couch.

“Look,” he said, fidgeting with the hem of his sweater. “I don’t know exactly what is going on between us or how you feel about me, but I like you, a lot,” he began.

“I like you, too,” she interjected.

“I’m glad,” he smiles, taking her hand in his, “but there’s more to it than that for us. I don’t really have anything to offer you. I’m basically a single father, I’m struggling to pay for school and take care of a five-year-old. I barely have time to study much less to have a normal relationship. For this to have a chance, you would have to understand that Mikey is my first priority and that his needs come first before mine or anyone else’s. You would have to accept that some of the time you have with me, you’ll have to share with him.”

“I understand that, Danny,” she smiled, “and I think that’s one of the things I like most about you. I love the way you are with Mikey and the way you take care of him. I admire your strength and selflessness. That little boy in there is precious and I respect you so much for the challenge you have undertook for him. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you,” she explained.

“Why would you want me?” he asked dumbfounded. “I don’t have any money, any prestige. I’m just an average guy trying to make it.”

“But you aren’t, she jumped in, You aren’t average at all.”

He looked at her in confusion, waiting for her to explain and she did. “All my life, my father has expected me to marry someone of his stature, someone in our circle. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I went to an exclusive, private girls only high school. All the guys I came into contact with were of that nature usually handpicked by my father. I always thought that the kind of marriage my parents had was true love, that is what all marriages are like, until my junior year of high school.”

He looked at her intently as she took a drink of her soda, waiting for her to continue.

“My older brother Rick met this girl named Abigail, a lovely girl from Goshen, a small Amish town a few hours from here. They gave me a new definition of love, what they have is so strong, so powerful. I couldn’t imagine ever feeling that way about another person, but I did know that I wanted to. I hadn’t ever dated before that, other than a few times my father set me up, but I decided to begin a quest to find that kind of love for myself. I must have dated twenty different guys my freshman year here and I couldn’t even fathom feeling anything for any of them. They were all jerks, guys that wanted me for my father’s money and my inheritance. They didn’t care about my hopes or dreams, all they cared about was that I’d look good at parties and that I could bring them money and prestige. There’s only one guy I can even stand, Bill Lewis. Our families do business together, and we became good friends and have managed to stay that way, even after he took over his family’s business and started traveling all the time.”

“Did you ever date him?” Danny asked hesitantly.

“No,” she answered quickly, “I’ve never thought of him that way.”

“So what makes me any better that the other guys?” he asked.

“You actually care about ME,” she replied, pointing toward her chest. “The person inside. You treat me right, you respect me, even when you don’t agree, and you let me be myself. You make me feel good inside. Somehow, being with you just feels right.”

Danny sat there for a moment, contemplating what she had told him. “So,” she said carefully, unsure of his reaction, “What about you? I want to know your feelings on this.”

“I guess I should start with my family. As you know, my parents died a long time ago, when I was still a child, but the one thing that I’ll always remember is how much they loved each other. After they put us to bed at night, they would stay up and laugh and dance. I always grew up wanting that for myself, to find someone who made me feel lucky just to be alive,” he explained.

“I guess I never really got a chance to go after it though. First they passed away, and after Pilar died, I was really angry at the world. I rebelled and did a lot of stupid things and dated a lot of girls that meant nothing to me. When I got my life back under control, I fought and gained custody of Michael, but then I didn’t really have time to date. I tried, but eventually I realized I had to put my dream on hold while I took care of him. His needs come first. Besides,” he laughed slightly, “how many women our age want to date a guy with no money who cancels dates because his nephew has the flu. They aren’t ready to be tied down to a family and they were jealous of the time I spend with him. I guess I just couldn’t make time to make them feel like they mattered to me.”

“It’s not your fault, Danny,” she told him, scooting closer to him on the sofa. “I think what you are doing for Mikey is incredibly admirable. He’s really lucky to have you.”

“No, I’m lucky to have him. He’s the only family I have left. His mother and I were really close until our grandmother died, and then everything went down hill. She sort of shut down and I rarely saw her. I never even met Michael’s father.”

“I’m sorry,” she responded, squeezing his hand in a gesture of comfort.

“It’s okay,” he told her, “I’ve dealt with it and moved on. I need to make some new happy memories, hopefully with you.”

He paused for a second, deciding on the exact words he wanted to speak before looking directly into her eyes and beginning. “Michelle,” he sighed, “I know that if we give this a try, it won’t be easy. There are so many things that will complicate our lives and we’ll have to work harder than most people to be happy, but I want to give it a chance. Over the short time that I’ve known you, I have had these feelings growing inside of me that can no longer be denied. I don’t know exactly what they are, but they’re unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and I don’t want them to stop. I guess what I’m trying to say is, ‘Will you go out on a date with me Michelle Bauer? A real date?'”

“I’d love to,” she laughed, relieved that they finally had things out in the open.

He leaned in, his eyes checking her face for any signs of discomfort or doubt on her part, and upon finding none, he touched his lips to hers in a gentle kiss, their mouths savoring the new feel of being joined together.

As they finally parted, her eyes remained closed and she touched her fingers to her lips. “I think I should be getting home now,” she says, “I have an early class tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” he returned, unable to suppress the smile on his face. “I’ll call you.”

“I’ll be waiting,” she answered, grabbing her coat and walking out the door.

Danny sighed and went to check on Mikey as Michelle made her way back to her apartment.

As soon as she reached her car, she let out a squeal of excitement, the feelings coursing through her so foreign, yet so wonderful. She drove home and made her way inside, climbing into bed and picking up her diary.

April 23, 2001

Today, I experienced the most amazing feeling of my life. I’ve never felt this way before and I don’t know how to describe it, other than to say I think I’m falling in love with Daniel Santos.


Something About You – Part 14 by ShellyLynn

February 3, 2015
Republisher’s Note: A wonderful representation on the effect of library storytimes. This is totally not what storytimes are like structurally, but the rest is true. In short there’s more to a storytime then reading and unless it was an incredibly abridged you couldn’t get through Charlotte’s Web in one sitting.
Author’s Note: Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t sure what direction to take this story, but over break I have come up with some ideas. I’ll try to get the chapters done on a regular basis, but that will become more difficult when I go back to school next week. Enjoy.

Something About You – Part 14 by ShellyLynn

“Are you sure you don’t mind me going with you?” Michelle asked as they made their way down the hall to the elevator. “I know you haven’t had much time to spend with him since you started your new job.””Of course it’s fine,” Danny laughed. “Mikey wants you to come and I’ll enjoy having your company.””I guess there aren’t many adults in the children’s section of the library, especially at storytelling time,” she giggled. She couldn’t believe how free she felt when she was with him. All her life she had been taught to be prim and proper, to hide the real person inside and only show the good Bauer front. It was nice to be herself and goof off. She was sure she’d had more fun in the last couple of weeks than she had in the rest of her whole life combined. In fact, she was sure he was the only person other than her mother that she felt like she could let her guard down with. After she got over her initial embarrassment over what her mother had said that day during their visit, they went and got ice cream, trading cups to try the different flavors, just as she had as a child with her mother, before there were so many expectations placed on her.”No, there aren’t,” he answered, “but Mikey loves going and I don’t feel comfortable leaving him there.”They arrived at the bottom floor and walk the block down to the library where Mikey immediately took off and ran to the children’s section, leaving them behind to hang up their coats. “He absolutely adores coming here. He’s starting to read himself and enjoying it, but he can’t read any of the tougher stories and listening to the storyteller is something that he finds thrilling,” Danny explained as he lead Michelle into the back of the room where they took a seat on a small wooden bench.”I know these aren’t the kind of seats you’re used to…” he began to apologize.

“They’re perfect,” she stopped him with a silly grin. “I’m very pleased.”

He laughed at her scrunched up face, looking down at his watch as they waited for the librarian to arrive. “She’s usually here by now,” he told her. “She should’ve started almost 10 minutes ago.”

“Maybe she got caught in traffic,” Michelle offered.

“You’re probably right,” he agreed, scanning the crowd of anxious children. “I just know how disappointed Mikey will be if she doesn’t show up.”

A woman walked into the small room moments later, a slight frown on her face. “I’m sorry to inform you that Mrs. Sanders won’t be able to join us today. She got caught in traffic and she’s not sure when she’ll make it here. There will be no story time today.”

A collective groan was heard from the crowd of dispirited youngsters as they realized their entertainment was not coming. Danny leaned over to Michelle and was about to stand up when he heard a voice from the crowd. “My Uncle Danny can do it,” the child says. “He can do voices and everything.”

Danny’s face immediately turned red, as the source of the offer was clear. “I don’t think so Mikey,” he said, turning to see the child had made his way almost to his side. “Uncle Danny doesn’t feel like reading right now.”

“Please?” Mikey asked, his lips turned into a pout.

“I don’t….”

“Please?” came a chorus of voices from the crowd of kids. He looked at Michelle to gauge her reaction to the turn of events, hoping she would provide him with a way out of this.

“Please?” she repeated, trying to suppress the giggle that she could feel rising in her throat.

“Okay,” he conceded, taking the book from the librarian’s outstretched hand and heading to the front to sit on the stool.

“Charlotte’s Web,” he began, holding the book out so the children could see the pictures on the front before he began. He cleared his throat and looked back at Michelle, who gave him a nod of encouragement, and then started to read.

He delicately wove the tale, using hand gestures and various voices to enhance his reading of the animals actions, just as he did when Mikey had nightmares and he told him bedtime stories to help him get back to sleep. The children were enamored with him, leaning forward so as not to miss anything that left his mouth. It was like they were held in a trance and Danny was the sorcerer, binding them with his every word.

Michelle sat in the back, also mesmerized by the man before her. If she had thought she knew every side of Danny Santos, she was badly mistaken. This side of childlike wonder and playfulness was one she had yet to witness. She couldn’t help but smile as she listened to him read the children’s book with such enthusiasm.

She could see Mikey in the front of the room beaming with pride at the wonderful job his uncle was doing and her smile grew. Michael was so proud of Danny, so attached to him. She didn’t think she could ever recall feeling that way about her father. Work was always his main priority so he wasn’t home much, but she was sure that even when he was, he would’ve never been willing to do what Danny was right now.

A noise at the back of the room soon drew everyone’s attention and a short elderly women headed to the front of the room. “Oh good Mrs. Sanders,” Danny said in relief when he spotted her advance. “I’ll be happy to let you finish this.”

“You were doing a wonderful job,” she smiled, patting his arm as shed done when he was a child. “I’m impressed.”

“You taught me well,” he grinned sheepishly, “But I’ll be happy to let you continue.”

“Very well,” she said as she took the book from his outstretched hand and finished walking to the front of the room.

“Let’s all thank Mr. Santos for reading to you,” she requested with a bright smile.

“Thank you Mr. Santos,” the children echoed as he made his way toward the back.

“Thank you Uncle Danny,” Mikey said as he stood and wrapped his arms around his legs.

“You’re more than welcome,” he said with a sad smile. “I’d do anything for you.”

He urged Mikey to take his seat so the story could continue and then made his way to the back of the room and Michelle.

“That was wonderful Danny,” she said, wiping the tears from her eyes that overhearing the heartfelt exchange brought on. “You made these children’s day.”

“I just read to them,” he shrugged, blushing slightly.

“You gave them a real gift, Danny,” she continued. “You spent time with them and cared about them. That’s more than these kids probably get at home,” she added, looking around the room at the tattered clothing and disheveled hair. “I’m really proud of you.”

He turned his head to look at her and was met with a soft kiss. “You are definitely one of the best men I’ve ever met Danny Santos,” she smiled before leaning in to give him another soft kiss.

“Ewww,” a voice rang through the room. “They’re kissing!!!”

They immediately scooted apart, their faces colored with humiliation as they refused to look at each other. A first kiss is often awkward enough without it being pointed out to a crowd of children.

“Billy,” Mrs. Sanders scolded, a slight smile on her lips, “That’s not polite.”

“I sorry,” he said, sitting back down and waiting for her to finish the story.

Danny and Michelle sat in silence as she finished the rest of the book, neither having the courage to look at the other and try to read their feelings, neither knowing what to say.

Michelle was embarrassed. She wasn’t sure where the courage or desire to kiss him came from, only that it was undeniable and for some reason it felt right. There was no nervousness or awkwardness like she had felt in the past, instead she felt comfortable and calm, like kissing this man was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. She had been confident that he felt the same way, but now she was unsure. Had she only been imagining it?

Danny wasn’t sure what to think. He’d wanted to kiss this girl from the moment he’d met her, but he’d finally convinced himself that they were better off as friends, not an easy task when you are incredibly attracted to someone. Now he didn’t know how to react. Was the kiss just something that came from the moment? Or was it something that she’d wanted to do for a while too? He couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to her feelings than she;d admitted, and if so, if it had been ruined when their moment was tainted by the interruption?

The book ended, but neither of them noticed, too far into their thoughts to hear a word being said. “Uncle Danny,” Mikey announced, “It’s time to go now.”

“Hmm?” he responded, breaking back into reality. “Oh, right. Let’s go.”

He turned toward her for the first time since the interruption as he grabbed their coats and helped her into hers, noticing the nervousness dancing in her brown eyes. “I’m really sorry about that,” she blurted out nervously, “I shouldn’t have.”

“Don’t apologize,” he told her honestly, “I… Well, I enjoyed it.”

“Really?” she asked, relieved but skeptical. “You don’t have to…”

“Yes really,” he laughed, the tension suddenly relieved between them. “Now let’s get out of here. I think we need to talk.”

She smiled tenderly as he held his hand out to her and laced her fingers with his as they walked out of the library with Mikey in tow. If they were going to have a chance, they both mused, this was definitely a good first step.



Something About You- Part 13 by ShellyLynn

February 1, 2015

Republisher’s Note: This chapter is a turning point in the story and most of the rest of the story involves dealing with the fallout from what we learn in this chapter.

Author’s Note: It’s more of a setup chapter, I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you want me to continue.

Something About You- Part 13 by ShellyLynn

They walked down the long hallway to Mrs. Bauer’s room in silence. Michelle couldn’t help but fear the condition they would find her beloved mother in when they arrived and Danny didn’t want to say anything that might upset her. She had been so fragile when he found her at her apartment earlier and he didn’t want to send her back to that place of fear and sadness.

Michelle reached timidly for the handle of the door, feeling the cool metal against her shaking hand before pulling back. “I don’t think I can do this,” she said, taking a few steps away from the door.

“Michelle,” Danny said, reaching his hand out to touch her cheek. “I know how hard this is for you, but if you don’t go in there, you’ll regret it. You need to say goodbye.”

“I don’t want to lose her,” she cried, leaning against his chest for support. “I still need her.”

“I know you do,” he sighed, rubbing small circles in her back as he held her. “But you have to be strong for her.”

“Don’t cry Ichelle,” Mikey spoke up. “Did Uncle Danny make you cry again? I sure he sorry.”

“No sweetie,” she answered, wiping her tears and bending down to his level. “I’m sad about my mommy.”

“Is your mommy gonna go to heaven like my mommy did?” he asked, his small voice breaking.

“Yeah,” she responded, taking his hand in hers. “But not yet.”

“When?” he asked, his voice inquisitive.

“I don’t know,” she told him before standing up and facing Danny. “Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to bring him here. The last thing I want is to upset him.”

“He’ll be okay,” Danny assures her. “We’ve been over this issue so much that I think he understands it better than most adults. If I thought for a moment that this would be too hard for him, I wouldn’t have brought him here.”

“Are we going to see her now?” Mikey asked, pulling slightly on Michelle’s sweater.

“Yeah,” she replied, nodding her head, “Let’s go in.”

They opened the door and found a nurse sitting at the bedside. “Michelle,” she said sweetly, standing up to greet the guests. “It’s so nice to see you again.”

“You too,” Michelle smiled graciously. “How’s she doing?”

“She’s resting right now, but so far today has been one of her best days in a long time,” she answered with a sad smile. “I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you,” she added before leaving the room.

“Mama? Mama, it’s me Michelle,” she said softly, standing at the bedside.

“Michelle?” Mrs. Bauer grinned, turning her head to face her daughter.

“It’s me mama, I brought a couple of people to meet you,” she answered, motioning for Danny and Michael to join her. “This is Danny, and this little cutie here is Mikey.”

“I’m so happy to finally meet Michelle’s husband,” Maureen exclaimed, gently raising her hand to Danny.

“Mama, Danny isn’t…”

“Shh dear, I taught you better manners than that,” she chastised. “And this must be my grandchild. He’s so beautiful, he looks just like his father,” she continues, much to her daughter’s chagrin.

“I’m Mikey Santos,” the child said proudly, presenting his hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Bauer.”

“Well, aren’t you a cute one,” Maureen said, shaking his hand.

Michelle began to apologize to Danny but he played along. “It’s so nice to meet you as well, Mrs. Bauer,” he told her, sitting on the edge of the bed and taking her hand in his. “Your lovely daughter has told me so much about you, but she didn’t mention how beautiful you are.”

Maureen blushed slightly at the compliment, turning to face her daughter once again. “This is what I always wanted for you, sweetheart,” she said, “A handsome young man who makes you happy. I can tell you two love each other very much.”

“Mama,” Michelle protested, not wanting to continue the charade. “Danny and I aren’t married.”

“You aren’t married yet?” Maureen finished. “I do see the problem then. We always tried to teach you that sex should wait until marriage.”

“We haven’t…” Michelle tried to return exasperated.

“Wanted to get married without your blessing,” he finished, sending Michelle a look that told her it was okay, to just let her mother enjoy the moment.

“Oh dear,” she said, “Of course I give my blessing. You two seem to truly care about one another and if my daughter loves you, then I would like nothing more than for you to marry.”

“Thank you Mrs. Bauer, I’ll take good care of her,” Danny said, looking up at Michelle.

“I’m sure you will,” she answered. “I’m getting tired now.”

“We’ll let you get some sleep,” her daughter told her, “We’ll come see you again soon.”

As soon as they three guests departed, Maureen pressed the call button for her nurse to come in. “Sally,” she said, “I want you to get Ross over here. I have an important matter to discuss with him.”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Bauer, right away.”

“I’m going to find out about Danny and make sure my daughter’s best interests are protected,” she said, leaning her head back against the pillow. “I won’t let her make the same mistakes I did.”



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