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A Soft Place To Land Chapter 19

May 24, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We’re continuing to repost the Manny sections of the Marony story A Soft Place to Land. I’m not doing all the chapters just the Manny part.

A Soft Place To Land Chapter 19

“Knock knock.”

Danny looked up from going over paperwork to see Michelle standing in his doorway.  He threw the pen down and moved around the desk towards his wife, “Best sight I’ve seen all day.”

Michelle laughed as she handed over the white bag she carried, “Arroz con pollo as requested dear husband.”

Danny gave Michelle a smacking kiss, “You are too good to me, you know that?”

“And don’t you forget it!”  Michelle closed the door and moved further into the office, “So where is Tony?  I peeked in to see if he wanted to join us but the light was off in his office.”

“He actually has a lunch date with Marah.” Danny sat behind his desk and opened the white paper bag.  The aromas alone wafting up from the takeout box made his mouth water. He looked up from the delicious delicacy his wife had brought him and noticed she hadn’t sat down with him.  “Aren’t you going to join me?  I just might have enough here for me to share.”

Michelle shook her head and smiled, “I already ate.”

“You should have told me that before I asked if you wanted to join me for lunch.”

Placing her hand on the shiny desk top Michelle leaned forward suggestively, “Maybe I just wanted to see your handsome face.”

Food be damned. Danny had another hunger that was much more pressing.  Moving the food to the floor he stood and bracketed Michelle hips in his hands, “Did you lock the door?”

Michelle reached up and began undoing the buttons on Danny’s shirt, “But of course.  Though Tony being called to his own lunch date worked perfectly into my wicked plans for you.”

Danny smiled lecherously as he pulled her in for a kiss, “So devious wife.”

“I learn from the best.”

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A Soft Place To Land Chapter 12

May 20, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We continue to post the Manny selections from the Marony fanfic “A Soft Place to Land.” I’m not doing every chapter. Good news. This time we got a little Roarah story.

A Soft Place To Land Chapter 12

Marah held her side she had been laughing so hard.  After Michelle and her had scarfed down Buzz’s famous burgers and fries Michelle had shared some tales from the “Santos Zoo” as she called it.  From the sounds of things Michelle and Danny had three precocious children that kept them on their toes.  It was also clear that Michelle loved every minute of her chaotic life.  Her smile was megawatt as she told a story about Robbie’s continuous courting of Sarah Randall, who Marah also learned was her niece.

“That boy has done it all to woo that girl.  Last year he let the air out of her bike tires just so he could walk her home.”  Michelle smiled as she thought about her son’s ingenuity.  He had to have gotten it from his father that’s for sure. “And when he came home that afternoon he had this scared look on his face.  Guess your brother Jonathan gave him the evil eye and told him that Sarah wasn’t dating until she was at least thirty.”

“Guess Robbie didn’t like that answer.”

“No.  But he won’t give up.  I swear he plots out new ways to woo her on a daily basis.”

“Got to love his persistence”, Marah went to the fridge to grab the iced tea pitcher to fill their glasses, “Aren’t you worried about him getting so serious so young?”

Michelle waved off Marah’s concerns, “Robbie was born serious.  Once he sets his sights on something he won’t stop until he gets it.  He’s like his father that way.” She smiled coyly at Marah, “I think all the Santos men are born that way.”

Marah sat back down and sighed, “I try Michelle.  I try so hard.  I look through the photo albums, I listen to the stories, but I still can’t remember.  Even worse is that every morning Tony looks at me with hope, hope that some spark of a memory has surfaced and every day I have to watch as that hope is snuffed out.

Michelle reached across the table and held her friend’s hand in comfort, “I know the feeling.  The pressure to remember when you just can’t.  And all I can tell you is that it will happen when it’s supposed to happen…..”

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A Soft Place To Land Chapter 11

May 19, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We continue our Manny highlights from the Marony fanfic “A Soft Place to Land.” We’re not doing the whole fanfic or every chapter, just the Manny highlights. In the story Marah is married to Tony, but suffering from amnesia.

A Soft Place To Land Chapter 11

Standing at the kitchen sink Michelle nearly jumped a foot in the air when Danny’s arms came around her from behind.  But that momentary fear was replaced by a whole different feeling when her husband lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.  Danny always knew how to get to her. “I never thought doing dishes was sexy, but you may change my mind of that Mr. Santos.”

“Hmm.” Danny breathed in his wife’s scent.  Her signature floral perfume and Apples from the dishwashing soap.  But it didn’t matter what she smelled like, it was the woman underneath all of that which called to him.  And he answered, every time. “Everything you do is sexy, Michelle.”  He kissed the side of her neck since he knew that was the spot that got her toes tingling.  And with a slight slap on her backside he went to go get his morning cup of coffee.  “So what are your plans for the day?”

Michelle dried off her hands with a dish towel and turned to face her husband who was sitting at the table perusing the front page of the paper, “Well the clinic is closed today so I thought I may stop by and see Marah today.  I have been trying to give her time to heal but she probably needs someone to talk to.”  Michelle paused as she thought back to her own time spent in the shadows.  Uncertain about her past and the pressure she felt to be who everyone kept telling her she was.  “Do you ever wonder?”

Danny looked up at his wife and smiled, “Wonder what?”

Moving over to the table Michelle sat by Danny and looking at his handsome face wondered ton herself how she could have ever forgotten what they had together.  But she continued, “Wonder what would have happened if I never remembered who I was.  What we had.”

Danny pursed his lips as he thought about his wife’s inquiry.  “Oh I’d probably be miserable.  Be with someone who didn’t get my heart racing just by washing the breakfast dishes.”

Michelle smiled wryly, “Of course you would be miserable without me.  No one else would put up with those ratty boxers like I do.”

Danny leaned forward and kissed his wife gently, “I would be miserable because it’s you, Michelle.  Even when we didn’t make any sense to anyone else in this town we made sense to each other.”  He kissed her again before going back to reading the paper.

Michelle smiled at her husband’s gushy remarks. “You say all the sweetest things.”  She paused again before looking at Danny, “Do you think they’ll find a way?”

Knowing she was talking about Tony and Marah he set the paper down and turned towards her, holding her soft hands in his.  He hated when she got that look in her eye, the look that said that she was remembering when she couldn’t remember, when they were apart.  The look didn’t happen often but since Marah’s accident they had become more frequent. “I hope so, for both their sakes.  But even if they don’t find their way back to each other we did and nothing is going to tear us apart again.”

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A Soft Place To Land Chapters 8 and 9

May 18, 2016

First 2 quick bits of Chapter 8, both of them Danny says to Tony:

“Now there is the new Santos way, which thankfully doesn’t include threats of jail time every three months.  Less hazardous to our health.”

“Well there is no better way to say this but I have decided to run for mayor of Springfield in the upcoming election.”

Now on to a truly great bit in Chapter 9.

A Soft Place To Land Chapter 9

Danny let himself in the back door and stopped dead in his tracks at the sight before him.  Michelle was bent over taking something for dinner out of the oven and although he knew his stomach was in need of food he liked this sight better.

Hard to believe that after all these years, and three kids, that his wife still had the ability to take his breath away.  Not to mention she had some great, um, assets he enjoyed immensely.  Danny leaned against the door jamb and just watched her.

Her hands encased in oven mitts Michelle turned with the casserole to greet her husband and seeing the expression on her face she smiled saucily, “Why Mr. Santos what has that look on your face?  See something you like?”

Danny placed his briefcase beside the door and went to wife, gathering her close after she put the casserole on the kitchen island, “Well Mrs. Santos ‘like’ is just too tame a word for what I see.  I love every single inch of what I see.”  He moved his hands towards the object of his earlier fascination, “But what I was just thinking is that you look fantastic in these jeans.”

Michelle playfully slapped his chest, “You are such a sweet talker husband.  And I will show my undying appreciation later tonight, but for now grab some plates before the horde swoops in ready for their dinner.”  Michelle moved around the kitchen and gathered the silverware, “So how was work?  Did you talk to Tony?”

Danny sighed and went to grab the plates like she asked, “I did.  I could tell I threw him through a loop.  And I know he and Marah are going through a lot right now, but I held off as long as I could to tell him.”

Michelle nodded as she helped set the table alongside her husband, “You did the right thing honey.  Besides it was better that you tell him yourself instead of Tony finding out in tomorrow’s Journal.”

“At least this time I won’t have Jeffery ruining all the good that can be accomplished.”

Michelle walked up and gathered her husband in her arms, “Mayor Danny Santos has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”

Danny tightened his own arms around his wife and smiled, “It certainly does.”

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A Soft Place To Land Chapter 6

May 17, 2016

Republisher’s Note: I’m just going to be posting Manny highlights from the story there’s a lot more going on. Dr. Salas is a jerk of a doctor who for some reason we don’t really know yet is going after Marony and has been pretty horrible to Michelle in her work at Cedars. With my favorite lines bolded. I’m not doing every chapter.

A Soft Place To Land Chapter 6

Michelle was getting her morning coffee at Company when she spotted her arch nemesis, the very bane of her existence.  Seated right there at Buzz’s counter was none other than Dr. Jackass himself.  Mentally she checked her fury at the door, this guy was apparently a big deal at Cedars and it wouldn’t be in her best interest to make him an enemy.  Workplace harmony and all that jazz.   She tapped him on the shoulder and waiting until he turned towards her before she realized her fury wasn’t checked at all. “The next time you question my abilities as a doctor come to me about it.  Crying to my daddy was weak, even for you.” So much for workplace harmony.

Richard Salas just smirked in amusement. “Feisty thing aren’t you?  Your husband must be one lucky man.”

“We’re both lucky to have each other.”

Richard laughed, “How romantic.  Though it is sad to see such passion wasted on one man.”

Michelle was shocked by his audacity, though she wasn’t sure why.   Richard Salas had shown her numerous times what sort of an ass he was.  “Wow. Your ego is so fat I am surprised you made it inside the door.”

Richard merely shrugged, “Guilty.  Though my experience hardly needs any pandering. ” He leaned in and whispered, “Both in the medial field or my personal life if you catch my drift.”

Undeterred by his obvious attempts to fluster her Michelle leaned towards him and sneered, “I am more happily married than you could ever hope to be Salas.  I would hardly call any of that wasted.  And I am sure your gigantic ego helps to compensate for other areas if you catch my drift.” And with that parting shot she grabbed her coffee and headed towards the door.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marony?

May 16, 2016
Close up of Marah Lewis and Tony Santos Smiling at Each Other

Marah and Tony – Courtesy of “I Believe in the Mystery”

Manny Connection

Unlike a lot of other soap couples, Manny had couple friends. The primary couple changed over the years starting with Dresse (Drew Jacobs and Jesse Blue), then moving on to Rabby (Rick Bauer and Abby Blume), and finally to Marony (Marah Lewis and Tony Santos).

Marony History

The one with the closest connection was Marony. Marah was just a little younger than Michelle and she’d known her her whole life. Tony was Danny’s younger cousin and protege. Many people saw the show attempting to copy the success of Manny with Marony, but honestly if you actually look at their story they’re a lot closer to the Jeva (Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne) story.

So why is Marony a problem? They aren’t. At least the problem isn’t their fault, it’s what was done to them. During the deep, dark, best forgotten amnesia year when Michelle forgot who she was the writers, not knowing what to do with Marony either, also tried to totally destroy them and grind the pieces into the dirt and then salt the earth. So Marony were treated even more rottenly than Manny was by the writers at that time and to top it off Tony, who was always a different character – I call him Tattoo Tony – after the recast, was killed so there was no chance to fix it.

Marony Rises

But, much like Manny fans, Marony fans are resilient and they have a champion who has created a site similar to this one about Marony. It features things like a similar episode guide with clips. She has also launched a fanfic that revealed that Tattoo Tony had indeed been a different person who had stolen Tony’s identity and the REAL Tony had been held hostage all this time.

She completed one storyline and has started another called A Soft Place to Land. Tony and Marah keep having their troubles, but so far as a favor to me Manny are still ecstatically happy. With permission I’m going to be reposting some Manny highlight chapters, but I encourage you to read the whole thing.

The story is still in progress and I’ll post more as we go along.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Come With Me by Mel Afterward

April 2, 2016

I’m very sorry this story isn’t complete. It does end with the title as the last line, so maybe it was structured to end here, but I doubt it. I think from the way the story is going they were intending on revealing that Michelle thinks she was to blame for her mother’s death which I assume was really caused by her father or grandfather and that Danny would help her uncover the truth freeing her from the guilt. Then eventually Danny and Michelle and Drew and Ray would get together. As this was the 1920s and mobsters were in and neither Danny nor Ray show any angst, I think they’d probably go one being happy mobsters together. Maybe after a Romeo and Juliette, my mob family against your mob family storyline. Anyway as I said there is a lot to enjoy here. I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at the finishing it myself, but there are too many dropped storylines I don’t know anything about.

One thing that always bugged me about this story though was the photo. I don’t know why she would always carry a precious photo to a speakeasy where it could be lost especially since it sounds like a really big photo in this last chapter.

I hope you enjoyed dropping back into the 1920s and that you’ll join us for a new fic soon.

I would like to encourage any fan of Manny fanfic, new or old, to dig deep in your files or online to see if you can find more stories or some of them that are only partial.

Plus, I’m always encouraging people to write more. If you’re interested in writing, please send your stories to me. I’d like to share them.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 17

April 1, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We’re still in the 1920s. Quick cheese it! It’s the cops!

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 17

What am I going to do? What can I say? Frank is looking at me, wanting to know. Maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe…

“Michelle, Tell me where were you last night!”

“I told you Frank, I was with Drew. We had dinner and girl talk.”

I look at David Grant. He still there holding my…

“Michelle, are you telling me the truth?”

I am getting sick of Frank, oh how I wish I can close my eyes and count to three and this to be a bad dream. Maybe it is, okay Michelle close your eyes and Frank will go away.

“Michelle, are you all right?” Frank asks wondering why Michelle closed her eyes.

Damn, he’s still here. “Yeah Frank. Yes, I am telling the truth.”

Frank puts the coffee cup down, and “Then why is it we found this coat at a speakeasy last night.” David hands him the white coat.

“I don’t know why Frank, I don’t go to those places.” Michelle regains her composure.

“You do know this is your coat?”

I am so getting tired of these questions. “Yes, but it was a gift.”

“A gift?”

“Yes, Drew gave it to me.” Michelle sat back, and watches Frank.

“Drew gave this to you?”

Isn’t that what I just said?, “Yes.”

“We also have Drew’s fur coat as well, do you have any idea how that happened?”

“I have not a clue, Frank.”

Frank looks at Michelle, “You’re lying.”

“Frank, would I lie to you?” Michelle gives Frank an innocent smile.

David stood and watched Michelle. Michelle’s eyes are wide and doe like with a smile that lights up the room. How could he resist a face like that?

A face of an angel that is what Michelle was an Angel, David thought.

Frank started rubbing his head, “Would you explain why we found a picture of you and your mother in the pocket of the coat.”

Michelle forgot about the picture she always carried with her. It was picture of her sitting in her mother lap. Maureen smiling and Michelle looking up at her smiling. She never went anywhere without that picture.

In the all that has happen within twenty-four hours, she must have forgotten.

“Do you still have it, Frank?” Frank could see the worried expression on her face.

“Yes, I do. But first how did your coat and Drew’s end up at the speakeasy?”

Jerk. Think Michelle, what can you say. Lie, I have to lie. “Okay, I let a friend of Drew’s borrow the coat. So did Drew, her friends’ borrowed the coats.”

“Do you know their names?”

“No, they weren’t my friends. I didn’t know them.”

“You didn’t know them and you let them wear your coat?”

“Yes, Drew gave me the coat. They were Drew’s friends I couldn’t say no.”

Frank looked satisfied with the answer.

“Well, thanks for answering the questions.” Frank reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the picture of Michelle and her mother.

“I’ll show myself out.”

“Umm… you could leave Drew’s coat here. I will see her later.”

“No, that is all right. We will take it to her.” Frank nodded and turn to leave. Michelle clutched the picture against her chest.

“It was nice meeting you, David.”

“Miss,” David followed Frank out the door.

Frank was sitting in the passenger side of the police car, while David got behind the wheel.

“So what you think, Frank?”

Frank looked at the Bauer house, “I think there is more than she is telling us. Come on, let go see why Miss Jacobs let her ‘friends’ borrow her fur coat and purse.”

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ray watches a play of emotions on Drew face. He saw surprise, shock, then anger. He anticipated her welcome and prevented it when Drew attempted to slap him with the receiver. He watched her open her mouth to speak but he silenced her with his lips. He wanted to kiss her from the first glance.

She fought at first but as Ray pressed the kiss further she sensed herself surrender. She dropped the receiver, and put her hand around his waist pulling him closer. He pressed her against the desk, bending her slightly back as he pressed to get closer. The kiss grew more urgent; Ray began to feel her neck.

Drew was losing herself, her mind was telling her to fight, but her body wasn’t reacting. At that moment she didn’t care who he was or what he does, all she knew was that no one had ever made her surrender. Drew could feel his back, the muscles under her fingertips. She felt the top desk against her back, and his weight against her. Upon instinct Drew wrapped one leg behind his back pressing him closer she felt Ray moan against her lips. Drew gave a silent thanks to Chanel for the pantsuit she was wearing. Ray was kissing her mindless, she had no thoughts, every thought were fleeting her mind.

“Ahem…” Drew opened her eyes, at the interruption. She was shocked and angry at herself. She pushed Ray off her. “Get off!”

Drew started to straighten herself out. She didn’t want to look at Ray, she was afraid that if she looked at him he would see the effect he had on her. She still could feel his eyes on her.

Ray was looking at her while she straightens her clothes; he wanted to continue what they started. He only meant to talk to her, show her there was nothing to be scared of. But just seeing her, he lost control. He wanted her like no other. He willed his body to cool down but looking at her set his senses on fire. He was still looking at her until Danny spoke.

“Umm… sorry to interrupt.” Danny couldn’t hide the smile on his face. “But I need to know if Michelle is here?”

Drew head snapped up, “No, she is not here. I want both of you to leave.”

“I am not leaving until you tell me where she is,” Danny was looking at Drew with such intensity, that her gaze wavered.

“I will not tell you where she is, and tell you the truth she doesn’t want to see you. Ever!” She picked up the receiver and placed it back on the phone. Her back was to them; she could feel her heart beating fast. Ray was still close to her, “Drew, why you tell him where she is…”

That was it, Drew turned and attacked Ray. Ray grabbed her wrists, holding them to her sides. Drew was glaring at Ray. The phone was ringing. “Let go, I have to get that.”

“No, you have a maid. She will answer.”

Mary knocked on the door, “Miss Jacobs, Miss Bauer on the phone.”

“Tell her I’ll call her back.”

“She said it was urgent.”

Danny stood there, watching the pair. He was amazed that Drew attacked Ray, he never seen a girl react like that to his cousin. Usually they would fall at his feet or say or do anything for Ray. But Drew, he admitted was something else. He heard Mary mention Bauer. Could it be, Danny thought?

Michelle is a Bauer. He knew where the Bauers lived, everyone in Springfield knew who the Bauers were. His instincts were telling him it was she on the phone. Danny looked at his cousin, “It’s her.”

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 16

March 30, 2016

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Ray find Drew. Frank comes to check out Michelle’s alibi.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 16

Danny and Ray looked at Drew house. They had called the operator for the address. They both were amazed how close she stayed to the speakeasy last night.

Danny looked at Ray. “So what you think?”

Ray was anxious. He felt his palms sweat. He gripped the steering wheel, wondering what kind of reception he was going to receive. Drew didn’t exactly show any kind of interest towards him. And the slap that she gave him surely didn’t hint that she liked him. I never backed down from anything in my life and I am not going to start now, Ray coached himself.

With no warning or even answering Danny’s question, Ray got out of the car and walk towards the house. He heard Danny get out of the car behind him. Ray straightens his tie and tips his hat. Danny stood behind Ray. Ray pushed the doorbell. They could hear the sound of the bell ring throughout the house. Danny held his breath, and silently prayed that Michelle would be there.

They heard the doorknob turn, Ray straightened to his full height and took a deep breath.

A lady wearing a maid’s uniform answered the door, looking at the two men who were standing on the porch. She was not expecting to see these men at the door, she recognized who they were. She nervously opened her mouth and tried to speak but no words would come out. Ray and Danny looked at the lady and knew what the reaction was. Fear… They have seen it plenty of times to recognize it.

Ray spoke in a low and non-threatening tone “Is Miss Drew Jacobs home?” Ray was hoping that his voice would have an effect on her. It did, but not the one he was expecting.

Mary responded in her most tough tone, “Miss Jacobs is not home.” And she closed the door.

As she closed the door, Drew peaked out into the hallway and said, “Are they gone yet?”

Ray heard the slight whisper as Mary closed the door. Danny was about to turn and leave until Ray pushed the doorbell again. He was determined to see her, whether she liked it or not. Ray had a feeling that she would like to see him.

Mary opens the door again, “I said the Miss is…” Before she could finish Ray gently pushed the maid aside, and walked in. Mary was in shock but covered her wits; “You can’t barge in here like this. I am going to call the cops.”

Danny looked at Mary and said, “No, you are not.”

Mary started shaking. Danny slipped out a 20-dollar bill and gave it to Mary.

Ray headed towards the door where he heard her.

Drew heard Mary tell someone she is calling the cops. She could hear footsteps outside the study door. She backed away from the door and turned to grab the receiver to the phone, “Hello operator. Can you connect me to the Springfield police station.”

“Please hold…”

Drew kept looking over her shoulder, “Come on… dammit!”

“Springfield police department.”

“Yeah…” The phone went dead. Drew looked at the arm that had gone around her, and followed the arm to look straight into the man that she couldn’t stop thinking of.

“Hey doll face.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hello, Frank.” Michelle extended her hand, and flashed her Bauer smile.

“Hello, Michelle. This is Officer Grant.”

Michelle smiled at David, “Nice to meet you, Officer Grant.”

“Please call me David.” David was a bit shocked that he offered his first name to her.

Michelle nodded, “Very well, nice to meet you, David.” She then shook his hands.

“Will you two please sit down? Millie will bring in some coffee in a moment.”

“Thank you.” Frank said as he walked over to the couch.

Frank sat down on the couch across from her, as David took a chair off to the side. David observed the youngest Bauer. He had known of the Bauers for their status and reputation for being model citizens. He noticed she was graceful and regal. Most society hob-nods would act snobby towards him and would act cold, disinterested in anything he had to say. He always dreaded coming to the rich society of town, but looking at Michelle he could tell that she was different. Her smile and eyes were warm and inviting. That is probably why I gave her my first name, David thought. He was vaguely aware of the conversation between Frank and her.

“Michelle, I wish this was a courtesy call, but it’s not.”

“I know Frank, it is all right. What is it you would like to speak to me about?”

Millie came in with a tray of pot of hot coffee and some cakes.

“Thank you, Millie. Would you care for a cup of coffee, Frank?”

“Umm… sure.”

Michelle smiled, “How about you, David, would you like a cup?”

“Yes, ma’am that would just fine.”

“Okay two coffees coming right up.”

Michelle pours the two cups, “So what it is you wish to speak to me about?”

She handed Frank and David their cups.

“Michelle, where were you last night. Rick tells me you were with Drew all night?”

“Yes, Frank, I was.”

David sipped his coffee, and watched the reaction on Michelle’s face.

She seemed to be cool.

Michelle was trying to remain cool. Be cool Michelle you can do this, “Yes, Drew and I had dinner at her place.”

“Michelle, you are aware that Rick also told me that you weren’t there when he called.”

“You mean this morning…”Michelle let out a laugh, “Well, Drew and I went shopping early this morning.”

Frank took another sip from his coffee. He looked at David and signaled him.

David stood up and excused himself.

“Where were you last night Michelle?”

“I told you, Frank. I was at Drew’s having dinner. You know, catching up on girl things.”

Frank gave Michelle a puzzled look, “You mean you didn’t hear any sirens last night?”

“I heard them but I was so tired from the long voyage from Europe that I simply didn’t care.”

Frank took another sip from his coffee. Michelle was getting worried, David left the room and Frank was asking the same questions…

She heard the footsteps; Frank spoke “I want to believe you I do, but…” David walks in the room. Michelle looked at David and her eyes widen staring at what he was holding.

“Now Michelle, will you please tell me where were you last night.”

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 14

March 27, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We’re still in the Roaring 20s.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 14

Drew came down the stairs and saw Michelle leaving her study.

“Did you talk to your brother?”

Michelle looks at Drew and the expression on her face told her that she had and it wasn’t very pleasant. Drew blew out a whistle, “Wow, that bad huh?”

Michelle nodded, “Yeah, apparently he called this morning and didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t here.”

“Oh is that all. Your brother needs to lighten up.”

“Oh that’s not bothering me. What’s bothering me is that Rick said Frank came by the house and asked to speak to me.”

Drew almost fell down the last three steps. She grabbed the banister; “Frank wants to talk to you? About what?”

“I don’t know. But Rick said that Frank seem pretty serious so Rick is sending the car to pick me up. Frank is suppose to return to my house at three.”

Drew looked at the grandfather clock in the corner. “So you have an hour left till Frank gets to your house.”

“Yep, what do you think Frank is going to ask me about?”

“What you think, Michelle? What else would give him a reason to show up at your house asking to speak to you? Huh? He is going to ask you about last night.”

“That’s what I am afraid of. Rick is going to kill me.” Michelle walked into the drawer room and sat down on the love seat. “Do you know what Rick is going to do to me, when he finds out where I was.” She tucks her chin into her chest allowing her curls to mask her worried expression.

“Oh, don’t worry, Michelle, you could think of something. You’re a bright girl. Just lie.”

Michelle looked up at Drew and threw her hands up in the air, “Lie, you want me to lie. I can’t lie, you know I am not good at lying, Drew.”

Drew walk over to Michelle, “What else can you do? You can’t say to Frank, Oh hi Frank. Yes I was at a speakeasy, where I was sipping illegal champagne and dancing with mobsters. Oh yeah Michelle, he is really going go easy on you.”

Michelle mind was racing, what did she just say mobster, “Wait a sec, Drew, what do you mean dancing with a mobster? Nino was a mobster?!”

Drew rolled her eyes at Michelle, “That’s what I been trying to tell you. Nino is a mobster. But Michelle I didn’t just say mobster, I said mobsters.”

Drew emphases the “s” sound. Michelle eyes widen, “That’s right, Michelle, not one but more than one.”

Michelle mind was racing. She didn’t want to believe what she was hearing. The fact that Nino was gangster seem to fit but not… No it can’t be true. “What are you saying Drew? That Danny was…is…”

“That’s exactly what I am saying your Danny, who you think must be the most super guy, is a mobster.”

At that moment Michelle couldn’t stand the thought or even think that the man she could see herself love the rest of her life was a man who robbed and kill people.

Drew stood there watching Michelle. She could see the hurt that her words caused Michelle she knew that Michelle wouldn’t be able to see the reality of her love.

Drew sat down next to Michelle, “Listen it is better this way. He was trouble. I was trying to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. I hope you didn’t develop any feelings for him.”

Michelle looked at Drew and felt the tears roll down her eyes when she heard Drew say “I hope you didn’t develop any real feelings for him” Real feelings she said, how could they get any more real if she felt she love him. “It’s too late Drew, I’m in love with him.”

Michelle started to cry. Drew hugged her and allowed her to cry over her new red Chanel pants suit. “Oh Michelle, I am so sorry.”

Michelle sat up and wiped her tears, “It’s okay. Earlier I was thinking if I would get to see him again. But I know now that I can never see him again. It is no longer a possibility.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Did you find it yet?” Ray asked Danny who was looking for the “Jacobs” in the phonebook. Danny jaw tightened as he saw it; “Yeah, but we have a problem.”

“What?” Ray grabbed the phonebook out of Danny hands. Then Ray saw and looked at Danny.

“Yep Ray there seems to be about fifteen Jacobs in Springfield. Now do you have a solution as to which will lead to be Drew Jacobs?” Danny sat back in the booth in their family restaurant. Danny stared at his food. Ray sat back and rubbed his forehead. All ready they had two “appointments” that had drained some of their energy which is usually high in the afternoon but the search for Drew and Michelle was what drained the rest of it. They were feeling euphoric after their little meeting with George but the strain of seeing the 15 names printed in black ink put it to a damper. They had about 45 minutes till three and they would have to be at the train station. Danny was looking at his food when his head snapped up. “Okay, we could do this. We can have one the younger men call all of these numbers and ask for Drew.”

Ray smiled at Danny, “Now why didn’t think about that. Yeah and I know who should do it.”

At the same time they said, “Juan!”

Danny called for one of the waiters and asks if they knew where Juan was.

The waiter told him Juan was in the back eating. Danny told him the waiter to fetch Juan and gave him a dollar bill.

Juan came to the booth with a napkin strap around his neck. “Yes, you wanted to see me.”

Danny smiled at Juan. Juan was young man in late teens, he was always ready to do whatever he or Ray wanted. On many occasions Juan expressed his undying loyalty to him and Ray and said he would be willing to do anything. “Yes, Juan we have a little task for you.”

Juan looked pleased and nodded his head for orders.

Ray spoke, “We want you to call all these numbers that says Jacobs and ask if a Drew Jacobs stays there.”

Juan looked confused; “You want me to just call houses and see if there was someone by the name of Drew?”

Danny tore out the pages and handed them to Juan, “Yes that is all we ask you to do. Call these numbers and simply ask if there is a Drew around. Got it?”

Juan nodded his head. “Yes, I understand.”

“Now Juan,” Ray stood up “We are counting on you. We would do it ourselves but we have to pick up my cousin from the train station.”

Juan nodded, smiled at Ray.

“Juan, we’ll be back from picking up my sister. I trust you can keep this a secret.”

“Oh yes, I can do that.”

“Good, now you can use the phone in the restaurant.” Danny flagged the waiter over; “Juan is to use the phone in the back. Make sure no ones bother him while he is using the phone. Tell who ever asks that I said so. Is that understood?” The waiter nodded and showed the Juan the way to the phone.

“Come on Ray, let’s get going.”

Ray couldn’t help but smile. Soon he would be able to see Drew and see where things stand.

Danny was over flowing with joy. But he had a feeling that something was wrong. That feeling made him even more determine to see Michelle.



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