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Come With Me by Mel Afterward

April 2, 2016

I’m very sorry this story isn’t complete. It does end with the title as the last line, so maybe it was structured to end here, but I doubt it. I think from the way the story is going they were intending on revealing that Michelle thinks she was to blame for her mother’s death which I assume was really caused by her father or grandfather and that Danny would help her uncover the truth freeing her from the guilt. Then eventually Danny and Michelle and Drew and Ray would get together. As this was the 1920s and mobsters were in and neither Danny nor Ray show any angst, I think they’d probably go one being happy mobsters together. Maybe after a Romeo and Juliette, my mob family against your mob family storyline. Anyway as I said there is a lot to enjoy here. I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at the finishing it myself, but there are too many dropped storylines I don’t know anything about.

One thing that always bugged me about this story though was the photo. I don’t know why she would always carry a precious photo to a speakeasy where it could be lost especially since it sounds like a really big photo in this last chapter.

I hope you enjoyed dropping back into the 1920s and that you’ll join us for a new fic soon.

I would like to encourage any fan of Manny fanfic, new or old, to dig deep in your files or online to see if you can find more stories or some of them that are only partial.

Plus, I’m always encouraging people to write more. If you’re interested in writing, please send your stories to me. I’d like to share them.

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Come With Me by Mel Chapter 17

April 1, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We’re still in the 1920s. Quick cheese it! It’s the cops!

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 17

What am I going to do? What can I say? Frank is looking at me, wanting to know. Maybe he doesn’t know. Maybe…

“Michelle, Tell me where were you last night!”

“I told you Frank, I was with Drew. We had dinner and girl talk.”

I look at David Grant. He still there holding my…

“Michelle, are you telling me the truth?”

I am getting sick of Frank, oh how I wish I can close my eyes and count to three and this to be a bad dream. Maybe it is, okay Michelle close your eyes and Frank will go away.

“Michelle, are you all right?” Frank asks wondering why Michelle closed her eyes.

Damn, he’s still here. “Yeah Frank. Yes, I am telling the truth.”

Frank puts the coffee cup down, and “Then why is it we found this coat at a speakeasy last night.” David hands him the white coat.

“I don’t know why Frank, I don’t go to those places.” Michelle regains her composure.

“You do know this is your coat?”

I am so getting tired of these questions. “Yes, but it was a gift.”

“A gift?”

“Yes, Drew gave it to me.” Michelle sat back, and watches Frank.

“Drew gave this to you?”

Isn’t that what I just said?, “Yes.”

“We also have Drew’s fur coat as well, do you have any idea how that happened?”

“I have not a clue, Frank.”

Frank looks at Michelle, “You’re lying.”

“Frank, would I lie to you?” Michelle gives Frank an innocent smile.

David stood and watched Michelle. Michelle’s eyes are wide and doe like with a smile that lights up the room. How could he resist a face like that?

A face of an angel that is what Michelle was an Angel, David thought.

Frank started rubbing his head, “Would you explain why we found a picture of you and your mother in the pocket of the coat.”

Michelle forgot about the picture she always carried with her. It was picture of her sitting in her mother lap. Maureen smiling and Michelle looking up at her smiling. She never went anywhere without that picture.

In the all that has happen within twenty-four hours, she must have forgotten.

“Do you still have it, Frank?” Frank could see the worried expression on her face.

“Yes, I do. But first how did your coat and Drew’s end up at the speakeasy?”

Jerk. Think Michelle, what can you say. Lie, I have to lie. “Okay, I let a friend of Drew’s borrow the coat. So did Drew, her friends’ borrowed the coats.”

“Do you know their names?”

“No, they weren’t my friends. I didn’t know them.”

“You didn’t know them and you let them wear your coat?”

“Yes, Drew gave me the coat. They were Drew’s friends I couldn’t say no.”

Frank looked satisfied with the answer.

“Well, thanks for answering the questions.” Frank reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the picture of Michelle and her mother.

“I’ll show myself out.”

“Umm… you could leave Drew’s coat here. I will see her later.”

“No, that is all right. We will take it to her.” Frank nodded and turn to leave. Michelle clutched the picture against her chest.

“It was nice meeting you, David.”

“Miss,” David followed Frank out the door.

Frank was sitting in the passenger side of the police car, while David got behind the wheel.

“So what you think, Frank?”

Frank looked at the Bauer house, “I think there is more than she is telling us. Come on, let go see why Miss Jacobs let her ‘friends’ borrow her fur coat and purse.”

* * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ray watches a play of emotions on Drew face. He saw surprise, shock, then anger. He anticipated her welcome and prevented it when Drew attempted to slap him with the receiver. He watched her open her mouth to speak but he silenced her with his lips. He wanted to kiss her from the first glance.

She fought at first but as Ray pressed the kiss further she sensed herself surrender. She dropped the receiver, and put her hand around his waist pulling him closer. He pressed her against the desk, bending her slightly back as he pressed to get closer. The kiss grew more urgent; Ray began to feel her neck.

Drew was losing herself, her mind was telling her to fight, but her body wasn’t reacting. At that moment she didn’t care who he was or what he does, all she knew was that no one had ever made her surrender. Drew could feel his back, the muscles under her fingertips. She felt the top desk against her back, and his weight against her. Upon instinct Drew wrapped one leg behind his back pressing him closer she felt Ray moan against her lips. Drew gave a silent thanks to Chanel for the pantsuit she was wearing. Ray was kissing her mindless, she had no thoughts, every thought were fleeting her mind.

“Ahem…” Drew opened her eyes, at the interruption. She was shocked and angry at herself. She pushed Ray off her. “Get off!”

Drew started to straighten herself out. She didn’t want to look at Ray, she was afraid that if she looked at him he would see the effect he had on her. She still could feel his eyes on her.

Ray was looking at her while she straightens her clothes; he wanted to continue what they started. He only meant to talk to her, show her there was nothing to be scared of. But just seeing her, he lost control. He wanted her like no other. He willed his body to cool down but looking at her set his senses on fire. He was still looking at her until Danny spoke.

“Umm… sorry to interrupt.” Danny couldn’t hide the smile on his face. “But I need to know if Michelle is here?”

Drew head snapped up, “No, she is not here. I want both of you to leave.”

“I am not leaving until you tell me where she is,” Danny was looking at Drew with such intensity, that her gaze wavered.

“I will not tell you where she is, and tell you the truth she doesn’t want to see you. Ever!” She picked up the receiver and placed it back on the phone. Her back was to them; she could feel her heart beating fast. Ray was still close to her, “Drew, why you tell him where she is…”

That was it, Drew turned and attacked Ray. Ray grabbed her wrists, holding them to her sides. Drew was glaring at Ray. The phone was ringing. “Let go, I have to get that.”

“No, you have a maid. She will answer.”

Mary knocked on the door, “Miss Jacobs, Miss Bauer on the phone.”

“Tell her I’ll call her back.”

“She said it was urgent.”

Danny stood there, watching the pair. He was amazed that Drew attacked Ray, he never seen a girl react like that to his cousin. Usually they would fall at his feet or say or do anything for Ray. But Drew, he admitted was something else. He heard Mary mention Bauer. Could it be, Danny thought?

Michelle is a Bauer. He knew where the Bauers lived, everyone in Springfield knew who the Bauers were. His instincts were telling him it was she on the phone. Danny looked at his cousin, “It’s her.”

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 16

March 30, 2016

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Ray find Drew. Frank comes to check out Michelle’s alibi.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 16

Danny and Ray looked at Drew house. They had called the operator for the address. They both were amazed how close she stayed to the speakeasy last night.

Danny looked at Ray. “So what you think?”

Ray was anxious. He felt his palms sweat. He gripped the steering wheel, wondering what kind of reception he was going to receive. Drew didn’t exactly show any kind of interest towards him. And the slap that she gave him surely didn’t hint that she liked him. I never backed down from anything in my life and I am not going to start now, Ray coached himself.

With no warning or even answering Danny’s question, Ray got out of the car and walk towards the house. He heard Danny get out of the car behind him. Ray straightens his tie and tips his hat. Danny stood behind Ray. Ray pushed the doorbell. They could hear the sound of the bell ring throughout the house. Danny held his breath, and silently prayed that Michelle would be there.

They heard the doorknob turn, Ray straightened to his full height and took a deep breath.

A lady wearing a maid’s uniform answered the door, looking at the two men who were standing on the porch. She was not expecting to see these men at the door, she recognized who they were. She nervously opened her mouth and tried to speak but no words would come out. Ray and Danny looked at the lady and knew what the reaction was. Fear… They have seen it plenty of times to recognize it.

Ray spoke in a low and non-threatening tone “Is Miss Drew Jacobs home?” Ray was hoping that his voice would have an effect on her. It did, but not the one he was expecting.

Mary responded in her most tough tone, “Miss Jacobs is not home.” And she closed the door.

As she closed the door, Drew peaked out into the hallway and said, “Are they gone yet?”

Ray heard the slight whisper as Mary closed the door. Danny was about to turn and leave until Ray pushed the doorbell again. He was determined to see her, whether she liked it or not. Ray had a feeling that she would like to see him.

Mary opens the door again, “I said the Miss is…” Before she could finish Ray gently pushed the maid aside, and walked in. Mary was in shock but covered her wits; “You can’t barge in here like this. I am going to call the cops.”

Danny looked at Mary and said, “No, you are not.”

Mary started shaking. Danny slipped out a 20-dollar bill and gave it to Mary.

Ray headed towards the door where he heard her.

Drew heard Mary tell someone she is calling the cops. She could hear footsteps outside the study door. She backed away from the door and turned to grab the receiver to the phone, “Hello operator. Can you connect me to the Springfield police station.”

“Please hold…”

Drew kept looking over her shoulder, “Come on… dammit!”

“Springfield police department.”

“Yeah…” The phone went dead. Drew looked at the arm that had gone around her, and followed the arm to look straight into the man that she couldn’t stop thinking of.

“Hey doll face.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hello, Frank.” Michelle extended her hand, and flashed her Bauer smile.

“Hello, Michelle. This is Officer Grant.”

Michelle smiled at David, “Nice to meet you, Officer Grant.”

“Please call me David.” David was a bit shocked that he offered his first name to her.

Michelle nodded, “Very well, nice to meet you, David.” She then shook his hands.

“Will you two please sit down? Millie will bring in some coffee in a moment.”

“Thank you.” Frank said as he walked over to the couch.

Frank sat down on the couch across from her, as David took a chair off to the side. David observed the youngest Bauer. He had known of the Bauers for their status and reputation for being model citizens. He noticed she was graceful and regal. Most society hob-nods would act snobby towards him and would act cold, disinterested in anything he had to say. He always dreaded coming to the rich society of town, but looking at Michelle he could tell that she was different. Her smile and eyes were warm and inviting. That is probably why I gave her my first name, David thought. He was vaguely aware of the conversation between Frank and her.

“Michelle, I wish this was a courtesy call, but it’s not.”

“I know Frank, it is all right. What is it you would like to speak to me about?”

Millie came in with a tray of pot of hot coffee and some cakes.

“Thank you, Millie. Would you care for a cup of coffee, Frank?”

“Umm… sure.”

Michelle smiled, “How about you, David, would you like a cup?”

“Yes, ma’am that would just fine.”

“Okay two coffees coming right up.”

Michelle pours the two cups, “So what it is you wish to speak to me about?”

She handed Frank and David their cups.

“Michelle, where were you last night. Rick tells me you were with Drew all night?”

“Yes, Frank, I was.”

David sipped his coffee, and watched the reaction on Michelle’s face.

She seemed to be cool.

Michelle was trying to remain cool. Be cool Michelle you can do this, “Yes, Drew and I had dinner at her place.”

“Michelle, you are aware that Rick also told me that you weren’t there when he called.”

“You mean this morning…”Michelle let out a laugh, “Well, Drew and I went shopping early this morning.”

Frank took another sip from his coffee. He looked at David and signaled him.

David stood up and excused himself.

“Where were you last night Michelle?”

“I told you, Frank. I was at Drew’s having dinner. You know, catching up on girl things.”

Frank gave Michelle a puzzled look, “You mean you didn’t hear any sirens last night?”

“I heard them but I was so tired from the long voyage from Europe that I simply didn’t care.”

Frank took another sip from his coffee. Michelle was getting worried, David left the room and Frank was asking the same questions…

She heard the footsteps; Frank spoke “I want to believe you I do, but…” David walks in the room. Michelle looked at David and her eyes widen staring at what he was holding.

“Now Michelle, will you please tell me where were you last night.”

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 14

March 27, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We’re still in the Roaring 20s.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 14

Drew came down the stairs and saw Michelle leaving her study.

“Did you talk to your brother?”

Michelle looks at Drew and the expression on her face told her that she had and it wasn’t very pleasant. Drew blew out a whistle, “Wow, that bad huh?”

Michelle nodded, “Yeah, apparently he called this morning and didn’t like the fact that I wasn’t here.”

“Oh is that all. Your brother needs to lighten up.”

“Oh that’s not bothering me. What’s bothering me is that Rick said Frank came by the house and asked to speak to me.”

Drew almost fell down the last three steps. She grabbed the banister; “Frank wants to talk to you? About what?”

“I don’t know. But Rick said that Frank seem pretty serious so Rick is sending the car to pick me up. Frank is suppose to return to my house at three.”

Drew looked at the grandfather clock in the corner. “So you have an hour left till Frank gets to your house.”

“Yep, what do you think Frank is going to ask me about?”

“What you think, Michelle? What else would give him a reason to show up at your house asking to speak to you? Huh? He is going to ask you about last night.”

“That’s what I am afraid of. Rick is going to kill me.” Michelle walked into the drawer room and sat down on the love seat. “Do you know what Rick is going to do to me, when he finds out where I was.” She tucks her chin into her chest allowing her curls to mask her worried expression.

“Oh, don’t worry, Michelle, you could think of something. You’re a bright girl. Just lie.”

Michelle looked up at Drew and threw her hands up in the air, “Lie, you want me to lie. I can’t lie, you know I am not good at lying, Drew.”

Drew walk over to Michelle, “What else can you do? You can’t say to Frank, Oh hi Frank. Yes I was at a speakeasy, where I was sipping illegal champagne and dancing with mobsters. Oh yeah Michelle, he is really going go easy on you.”

Michelle mind was racing, what did she just say mobster, “Wait a sec, Drew, what do you mean dancing with a mobster? Nino was a mobster?!”

Drew rolled her eyes at Michelle, “That’s what I been trying to tell you. Nino is a mobster. But Michelle I didn’t just say mobster, I said mobsters.”

Drew emphases the “s” sound. Michelle eyes widen, “That’s right, Michelle, not one but more than one.”

Michelle mind was racing. She didn’t want to believe what she was hearing. The fact that Nino was gangster seem to fit but not… No it can’t be true. “What are you saying Drew? That Danny was…is…”

“That’s exactly what I am saying your Danny, who you think must be the most super guy, is a mobster.”

At that moment Michelle couldn’t stand the thought or even think that the man she could see herself love the rest of her life was a man who robbed and kill people.

Drew stood there watching Michelle. She could see the hurt that her words caused Michelle she knew that Michelle wouldn’t be able to see the reality of her love.

Drew sat down next to Michelle, “Listen it is better this way. He was trouble. I was trying to tell you but you wouldn’t listen. I hope you didn’t develop any feelings for him.”

Michelle looked at Drew and felt the tears roll down her eyes when she heard Drew say “I hope you didn’t develop any real feelings for him” Real feelings she said, how could they get any more real if she felt she love him. “It’s too late Drew, I’m in love with him.”

Michelle started to cry. Drew hugged her and allowed her to cry over her new red Chanel pants suit. “Oh Michelle, I am so sorry.”

Michelle sat up and wiped her tears, “It’s okay. Earlier I was thinking if I would get to see him again. But I know now that I can never see him again. It is no longer a possibility.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Did you find it yet?” Ray asked Danny who was looking for the “Jacobs” in the phonebook. Danny jaw tightened as he saw it; “Yeah, but we have a problem.”

“What?” Ray grabbed the phonebook out of Danny hands. Then Ray saw and looked at Danny.

“Yep Ray there seems to be about fifteen Jacobs in Springfield. Now do you have a solution as to which will lead to be Drew Jacobs?” Danny sat back in the booth in their family restaurant. Danny stared at his food. Ray sat back and rubbed his forehead. All ready they had two “appointments” that had drained some of their energy which is usually high in the afternoon but the search for Drew and Michelle was what drained the rest of it. They were feeling euphoric after their little meeting with George but the strain of seeing the 15 names printed in black ink put it to a damper. They had about 45 minutes till three and they would have to be at the train station. Danny was looking at his food when his head snapped up. “Okay, we could do this. We can have one the younger men call all of these numbers and ask for Drew.”

Ray smiled at Danny, “Now why didn’t think about that. Yeah and I know who should do it.”

At the same time they said, “Juan!”

Danny called for one of the waiters and asks if they knew where Juan was.

The waiter told him Juan was in the back eating. Danny told him the waiter to fetch Juan and gave him a dollar bill.

Juan came to the booth with a napkin strap around his neck. “Yes, you wanted to see me.”

Danny smiled at Juan. Juan was young man in late teens, he was always ready to do whatever he or Ray wanted. On many occasions Juan expressed his undying loyalty to him and Ray and said he would be willing to do anything. “Yes, Juan we have a little task for you.”

Juan looked pleased and nodded his head for orders.

Ray spoke, “We want you to call all these numbers that says Jacobs and ask if a Drew Jacobs stays there.”

Juan looked confused; “You want me to just call houses and see if there was someone by the name of Drew?”

Danny tore out the pages and handed them to Juan, “Yes that is all we ask you to do. Call these numbers and simply ask if there is a Drew around. Got it?”

Juan nodded his head. “Yes, I understand.”

“Now Juan,” Ray stood up “We are counting on you. We would do it ourselves but we have to pick up my cousin from the train station.”

Juan nodded, smiled at Ray.

“Juan, we’ll be back from picking up my sister. I trust you can keep this a secret.”

“Oh yes, I can do that.”

“Good, now you can use the phone in the restaurant.” Danny flagged the waiter over; “Juan is to use the phone in the back. Make sure no ones bother him while he is using the phone. Tell who ever asks that I said so. Is that understood?” The waiter nodded and showed the Juan the way to the phone.

“Come on Ray, let’s get going.”

Ray couldn’t help but smile. Soon he would be able to see Drew and see where things stand.

Danny was over flowing with joy. But he had a feeling that something was wrong. That feeling made him even more determine to see Michelle.


Come With Me by Mel Chapter 13

March 18, 2016

Republisher’s Note: Danny and Ray are looking for Michelle and Drew in the 1920s. This time they get a hot lead.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 13

“Ah… Ray what are we doing at a Dress shop?” Danny was looking at the pink and white letters that says, “What every lady needs.” A white dress in the front window, with lace trimming and a full skirt was hanging.

“I remember hearing that George’s dad owns this shop. This is one of the businesses we don’t have as clients.”

Danny looked at Ray, “You mean this is one of businesses that Bernard helps.”

Ray looked at Danny and understood his meaning, “Look we just have to ask George if he knows where Drew and Michelle are. It will be real quick.”

Danny nodded and first walked in the shop.

Hearing the bell ring in the front, George spoke, “I’ll be out in minute.”

George came out to the front from the back storage room with out looking up he spoke. “So what can I do for you…?” He looked up seeing what he wasn’t expecting. Instead of seeing women he saw two tall men in the shop looking at him. Both were dressed in dark suits. One was a bit taller than the other and had wider shoulders. By looking at one of them he could tell that one was the enforcer and the other was the “messenger”. The “enforcer” spoke, “You’re George?”

“Who’s asking?”

“Don’t asks questions when you know we know you’re George.” The guy pulled out his pocket watch from his vest pocket. George could tell that the guy who just spoke offered more threat than the other did. When he looked at George and their eyes met, he knew he was dangerous. “Listen George, we don’t have much time…”George could feel the sweat develop on his forehead. “We just want to ask you a couple of questions.”

“Um… sure what is it you want to know?” George just stood behind the counter.

“Yeah, do you remember a couple of girls last night from the joint you were running?”

“Umm… I don’t know what you’re talking about last night.” George tried to sound not so scared but failed, he barely squeaked out “last night”.

Ray spoke, “I think you do, George.” Ray stepped forward and George step back one step. “Now, you remember a girl with red dress on, you greeted them last night, do I need to refresh your memory George boy?”

George the words stumbled out, “There was a lot of girls with red on…”

“No, George you took their coats. One was wearing white and the other was wearing red. Ring a bell?”

George mind was racing, he knew if he didn’t remember the two guys were going to get mad and that didn’t look too good. Red … whites… who was wearing white and red? Damn it! I took their coats… oh wait… “I took their coats you say… yes now I remember, you must be taking about Drew and her friend.”

Danny spoke this time, “Yes, one was named Drew and her friend’s name was Michelle. We just want to know if you know where we can find these two ladies.”

“I don’t know where either of them stay at. See I known Drew for awhile now, but I never like went to her home or anything.”

Ray took another step forward, “Do know Drew’s last name?”

“Yeah, yeah I know it’s… um… hold on I know it…”George was getting nervous every time that guy took a step forward, he was promising pain. “It’s Jacobs… that’s her name Drew Jacobs.” George calmed his nerves thinking it the end of their threatening presence and shut his eyes feeling relief through out his body until he felt one of them grab him by the collar of his shirt. George was terrified; it wasn’t the guy who kept stepping forward, the “enforcer” but the other guy.

“Now George are you sure?”

George just nodded his head up and down.

“Okay we will take your word for it, but if you were lying we will be back.” Danny hissed out. George’s and Danny’s faces were just inches a part. Then Danny just let go of his shirt and turned around and headed towards the door, Ray looked at George then turned and walked out behind Danny. George leaned against the counter for support, and just heard the ringing of the bell as they exited the store.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 12

March 17, 2016

Republisher’s Note: More of the thrilling days of yesteryear. Check out a period film of driving a Model T across the country via the Lincoln Highway.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 12

Drew was screaming the whole time Zach was driving. Michelle was having fun. She loved the air in the morning it was so fresh. The rush of air in her face was absolute heaven. She closed her eyes and let the sound of the wind ease her mood. She then thought of Danny, wondering if she will get the chance of seeing him again. She knew that it would be a long time before she would forget about him, but she wasn’t so sure if she would be able to. She couldn’t describe the feeling she was having, but she knew that she never felt it before. I wonder if mom felt this way about dad or grandfather about nana. She then opened one eye and looked over at Zach, who then looked at Michelle and grinned. She glanced back Drew. Drew was gripping the front seat and her eyes were bulging out. Zach was turning the next corner and stepped on the gas pedal a little more. Drew shut her eyes and screamed even louder. Michelle couldn’t help but laugh. Before either of them knew it Zach slowed down to a halt in front of Drew’s place.

Michelle looked at the place and then turned to Drew. “It’s okay Drew, we are here. You can open your eyes and let go of the seat.” Drew opened one eye then the other. She let out her breath; she didn’t even bother for Michelle to open the door. She jumped out of the back of car and over the side. She shot Zach and Michelle a murderous look and ran into her house. Michelle and Zach looked at one another and started laughing.

“Did you see her face?”

“Yeah, I thought for sure she going to yell at me.”

“Don’t worry about Drew, she will get over it. I know I am going to hear it.” Michelle dreaded walking in the house, she knew that Drew would probably start wailing on her.

She open the door and face towards Zach, “Thanks again Zach for everything. I really enjoy the ride.”

“Hey no problem. You know I am here for you.”

“Yeah, thanks. Ring me up sometime.”

“Yeah, I will. I hope you come in a couple of weeks.”

“You kidding me? I wouldn’t dare miss it, Zach. Bye and thanks again.”

Michelle turned to walk in the house and waved Zach good bye.

Zach drove off.

Michelle reached the door and took a deep breath. She opens the door to find Drew in the foyer standing with her hands on her hips, furiously tapping her foot.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny and Ray sat in the Model T trying to figure out how to find Michelle and Drew. Nether of them knew their last name, so looking in the phone book was out of the question and asking people if they seen a girl with curly blond hair and a girl with short black hair wouldn’t help. There are lots girls with those descriptions.

“Hey, did you see that guy that took their coats, Ray?”

Ray tried to remember if he did get a look at the guy. Then it hit him; the guy that first talked to Michelle and Drew took their coats ran the joint. “Yeah, I think I do. He ran the joint, but I can’t remember the name. It started with a G or something.”

“Come on Ray think… it started with a G what names ring a bell.” Danny was anxious to find Michelle. And the thought that finding her relied on remembering the guy’s name was gut wrenching. “Come on, Ray, you can remember.”

Ray shut his eyes and snapped his fingers, “I know it, Damn it! I met him once or twice. Damn his name. What is name?”

Ray rested his hands on his forehead, and started to concentrate even harder. Then he opened his eyes; “I got it. His name was George.” Danny was excited, this George fella could know where his Michelle was. Ray started the car. Ray had a huge grin. “Come on let’s go. I think I know where we can find him.”

“Let’s go, Ray, and we got to hurry. We have a hour and half before we meet Pilar at the train station.”


Michelle shut the door, “Drew, I know you’re pretty upset.”

“Upset, oh no, Michelle, I’m not upset. The fact that last night we could have been killed…”

“But we weren’t.”

Drew continued as if Michelle didn’t speak, “Then some stranger…”

“He was not a stranger.”

“Who drives like a maniac could have killed us! And you find it funny. You seem to not see the danger in all this.” Drew was pacing back and forth. Mary walked in from the kitchen. “Um… Miss Drew.”

“Yes!” Drew snapped at Mary, but then quickly realized there was no excuse for her to use that tone with Mary. Drew sighed, “Sorry Mary, what is it?”

Mary regains her composure after Drew snapped at her, “Well, miss you have been receiving calls all morning. I wrote the messages down and put them in the study on your desk.”

“Yes, thank you, Mary. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, what would you like to eat for dinner this evening?”

Food was far from Drew mind. “Whatever you decide will be fine, Mary, thank you.”

Mary then turned and headed back to the kitchen.

Drew looks at Michelle, who seems to be perfectly calm. “You seem perfectly all right with everything that happened.”

“Drew, you are over-reacting.” Michelle held up her hand to keep Drew from speaking. “Last night with Nino was frightening. That I will admit, but we got away. Zach wasn’t going to kill us with his driving. I just wish you would have enjoyed the ride as much as I had.”

“Michelle, you got to be kidding me. He was driving like a maniac!”

Michelle started laughing, “What’s so funny?” Drew narrowed her eyes. Michelle was holding her stomach, and laughing “You should have seen your face… it was hilarious.” Drew stomped her foot, and let out distressing sound of outrage.

“I can’t believe you find all of this funny.” Drew looked at Michelle, who was still laughing. Then she looked at Michelle feet and remembered how she ended up barefooted. Then Drew started laughing. Michelle looked at Drew who was pointing at her feet, “Oh man, that was pretty funny, you throwing your shoes at Nino and the other guy.” Michelle then looked at her feet and noticed a few scratches from running barefooted.

“I don’t find that funny, my feet hurt last night. I had to soak them in water after you passed out.”

Drew straightened up a bit. “I guess your right. It’s over and done with.” Drew glanced at herself in the mirror over on the wall by the coat rack. “I better go take a bath. I look terrible.” She then remember Jesse, cringed at the memory, “I got to de-germ these hands.” She said as she looking at her hands and headed up the stairs.

“Yeah you go ahead. I better call Rick.”

“Go ahead use the phone in the study.”

“Yeah thanks.” Michelle walked to the door of the study, dragging her bare feet. He is going to be upset that she didn’t check in. Oh great, Rick is going to give me lecture.

She closed the door, looking at the phone on Drew desk.

Come With Me By Mel Chapter 11

March 16, 2016

Republisher’s Note: We continue our trip back to the 1920s.

Come With Me By Mel Chapter 11

“Are you sure you don’t want a pair of shoes, Michelle?”

“Yeah, I am and besides you are just dropping us off at Drew’s place.”

“Okay. If you say so?” Zach open the door to his Ford convertible for Drew and Michelle. Michelle was walking into the car barefooted. Drew got in the back seat.

“Um… you’re not going to put the top up are yea?” Drew asked. She didn’t want the wind blowing in her face it would make her skin dry.

Zach smiled and looked at Drew in the backseat, “No, not if you all don’t mind the morning air blowing in your face.”

“Oh please Zach, put the top down and let’s go for a ride before you take us to Drew’s,” Michelle begged.

Zach looked at Michelle, how could he resist Michelle, she looked like a child waiting to ride a pony. Her brown eyes wide promising tears if he said no.

“Okay, ladies I suggest to sit back and enjoy the ride. I am going to show you what this baby can do.” Zach flipped the switch-released latch and pulled the top back.

Before Drew could protest, Zach put the key in the ignition, and car into gear and pull out the driveway with Michelle squealing of excitement and Drew screaming for dear life. The whole block heard the tires screeching down the street as it turned the corner.


Danny was in the kitchen of the restaurant his family owned. The restaurant was still closed. It didn’t open until lunch and it was still morning. Ray was at the sink washing his hands. “Don’t you hate it when the blood gets under your nails.” Picking at the dry blood under his nails and scrubbing.

“Yeah, that is why I wear gloves, Ray.”

“Nah, I don’t like the way gloves feel, you can’t feel the contact of the skin.” Danny looked at Ray and wondered if this conversation was normal but shrugged it off because his family was everything but normal.

“Hey Ray, have you ever been in love?”

Ray turned the water off and shook his hands over the sink and walked over to Danny. Danny handed Ray a towel cloth.

“No can’t say that I have Danny. But I think the closest I came to love was with that girl name Sally.” Ray responded while drying his hand.

“Sally? I don’t remember you ever being with a girl named Sally.”

“Yeah you do, remember Sally. She was in our fourth grade class.”

“Ray… that wasn’t love.”

“What you mean that wasn’t love? Man, I ate a worm for her. If that ain’t love then what was it?” Ray was chuckling.

Danny started laughing. “That’s not what I meant. Man, can’t I have a conversation without any talk of blood or worms in it.”

“Then you’re in the wrong family.” Ray said as he walked over to the huge refrigerator and pulled out the glass container of milk.

“I guess I am…”

Ray looked at Danny and could tell that he was no longer amused. “Hey, Danny was it? You know I was joking.”

“I know Ray, but I’m trying to be serious here.”

“Okay okay, what is this about?” Ray was pouring himself a glass of milk and raised the glass to his mouth.

“Ray, I think I’m in love.” Ray choked on the milk and started coughing.

Danny rushed over and started patting his back.

“You’re what…” saying it between each breath, “In love?” Ray was still coughing.

“Yeah, Ray I think I’m in love.” Ray straightens up and looked at his cousin. He didn’t read his expression but looked at his eyes and could tell that Danny was serious.

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, I can’t stop thinking about her, Ray. Every time I close my eyes I see her. Every time I hear something even a little ring I think of her laugh. Ray …”

Ray had to stopped him from saying more because it was reminding Ray of his own thoughts.

“Let me guess. It’s that girl Michelle, right?”

“Yeah, I have to see her. Ray will you help me?”

“Are you sure it’s love you’re feeling?”

“What else would you call it?”

“Umm… I would call it lust, a dog in heat…”

“Stop … stop…it’s more than that. I can see myself waking up next to her everyday.”

“Whoa … wait a minute you are talking about marriage here!”

“Listen Ray, haven’t you had that feeling where you need something so bad that you can’t possible imagine your life without it?”

“Yeah, sure but everyone…”

“No Ray not material things. That is how I feel about Michelle. I need her and I am going to have her.”

Ray looked at Danny’s eyes and saw the determination. “I’ll help and besides I wouldn’t mind seeing her friend Drew again.” Danny looked at his cousin.

“Oh so that’s why you are going to help me. Not because your poor cousin is hopelessly in love but because you want to get to Drew.”

“Believe me Danny, I am helping you because you have this need. but I have to admit the prospect of seeing that spunky brunette is more enticing. And besides she and I have unfinished business.”

“Same here my friend.” Danny pulled out the pocket watch, “Come let’s get going, we have one more appointment. Then we could go look for our ladies.”

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 10

March 11, 2016

Drew woke up and looked around. She didn’t recognize the room, her first reaction was to scream but then memories from the night before flooded her mind. She knew where she was. Some guy named Zach. She heard voices from the other room. She started to smell food; she inhaled and rose out of bed.

She looked down and saw she was still wearing her red dress. She walked to the door, the fringed swaying side to side. She glanced at the mirror over the dresser. She looked horrible. Her make up was smeared. Her hair was in wild and disarray. Oh no, I’m going out there looking like this, Drew reached for the tissue box on the dresser and started her task in wiping off the make up.

Michelle was sitting in the kitchen while Zach was making breakfast. While Drew was sleeping in the room, Zach and Michelle had a long talk last night. Zach knew everything.

Michelle was wearing a day dress with a simple flower pattern that belongs to his sister. Luckily Zach’s family was out of town visiting relatives up north. Michelle watched Zach cook breakfast. “Thanks again Zach for everything. I don’t know how I’m going to repay you,” Michelle said as she raised her cup and took a sip of tea.

“Michelle, don’t worry about it. Lucky for you two I didn’t go with my family. Who knows what would have happened. And I don’t want to even think about it,” Zach said as he was waving the spatula at Michelle. Michelle began giggling Zach was wearing an apron with little pink roses and lace trimming. The apron was utterly feminine and Zach look far from feminine.

“When do you think your friend Drew will be getting up?”

“Oh, I don’t know. If we were at her house shouldn’t be up before noon.”

Zach shook his head, “Women why is it, you can sleep the day away it considered to be lady like but for a guy it would be considered lazy.”

Michelle started laughing, “Oh, I’m so sorry life is so unfair for you men.”

Zach turned to Michelle, “Yes, very unfair.” He too began laughing.

“Ah… what is so funny?” Drew came strolling in. Drew was able to wipe most of the make up off, and straighten her hair. Her dress was still a mess the some of fringed was astray; some did not fall straight down but other ways. Drew looked at Michelle, “Where did you get that dress?”

“Oh Drew, there is one for you. Zach was kind of enough to let us wear his sister’s dresses until we get home.”

Drew looked at Zach confused, “Are you sure your sister won’t mind?” Drew knew that if she were his sister she wouldn’t want complete strangers to wear her things.

“Nope, Suzie won’t mind. Would you like something to drink?”

“Yeah, coffee. Black.”

“Coffee coming right up. The dress is right over there.” Zach pointed to the dress draped over the couch.

Drew walked over to the dress and picks it up. It was a cotton day dress with red and white strip patterns. Drew muttered, “Thanks…” I wouldn’t be caught dead in this, Drew thinks, Yep I have to get to my closet.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny was sitting at the table eating breakfast with his mother. “Daniel, don’t forget you and Ray pick up your sister at the train station.”

“I know mother I won’t forget. Pilar comes in at three. I don’t need you to remind me.”

Ray comes in putting on his jacket. “Hello Aunt Carmen. You looking lovely this morning.” Ray kissed Carmen on the cheek and sat next to Danny.

“Ray, don’t forget to pick up Pilar at the Train station at …”

“Three o’clock, I know Aunt Carmen I wouldn’t forget about my favorite cousin.”

“I thought I was your favorite cousin.” Danny teased.

“Nah, you’re too ugly.” Ray picks up his fork and began eating his eggs.

Danny hits Ray with his newspaper. Carmen enjoyed watching Danny and Ray play around it reminded her of the days when Danny’s father was still alive. But those times were gone and now she was running the business and Danny was next in line. She pushed the memories in the back of her head.

“I don’t need to remind you two that tonight will be a very important shipment that we have to intercede.”

Danny and Ray looked at Carmen; their mood dropped in an instant. Now was the time to talk business. “Yes, Mother. The shipment is suppose to arrive by train and loaded into a truck and head towards its destination.”

“Of course it won’t reach its destination. I presume, Daniel.” Carmen picks up the napkin on her lap and patted her lips.

“Of course” Danny replied. “Ray and I along with a couple of men will intercede after the shipment is loaded and on its way.”

“Good, there must be no mistakes and no one must know that we are behind it.”

“Aunt Carmen, do not worry, Danny and I have it under control. They won’t know who took the shipment nor will there be any trouble.”

“Good. The furs will be shipped to your uncle in the West, where he runs clothing shops in San Francisco for the Family.” Carmen rose and started walking towards the office. “Hurry with your breakfast, there much to do before Pilar arrives at three.”

Danny looked at his pocket watch and stood up, “Yeah Ray, we have to get going we have an appointment to get to.”

Ray took another bit of his eggs and grabbed the toast and took a swig of coffee. “Right behind ya cousin.”

Danny slipped on his tailored jacket and reached for his hat. Then headed for the door.


Somewhere in upstate Boston…

“Has the shipment been loaded.”

“Yes, boss. I saw to it myself.”

“Good, I don’t want any mistakes.” The old man was sitting in the leather chair looking at the young man. “The furs are worth a lot. I don’t want anything to go wrong.”

“Of course, sir.” The young man began to sweat under old man stare.

“So the furs are on their way.”

“Yes, they will be unloaded in Springfield and then loaded on the trucks and then our contact will be waiting for the furs and have the rest of the money.”

“Good, you may leave.” The old man waves the young man off. He watched the young man close the door to his office.

“I wonder how my granddaughter is doing?” The old man picked up the receiver to the phone but was interrupted by a knock.

The old man put the phone down. “Yes what is it?”

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 9

March 9, 2016

Republisher’s Note: Not ever having been a Jesse fan period. I really enjoy the Drew and Ray romance in this. I don’t know why we’re stuck have Zachary Smith back though. One scene with him was too much.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 9

Nino’s car was approaching the house. Soon Michelle and Drew would be in plain sight. Michelle was still pounding. As the car was coming to the house, they heard the lock turn and the door open just a bit. Michelle and Drew saw the opening and barge in. Drew knocked into the person, forcing them both to fall to the floor. Michelle quickly shut the door and locked it. She peeked through the little peephole and saw that Nino car had paused. Michelle prayed they would keep going. Then the car continued down the street. Michelle let out her breath. She then turn to see Drew on the floor, and some one groaning, “Ow… would you please get off me.” The voice was male. Michelle headed towards the little coffee table and switches the light on.

Drew stood up and looked around, she was terrified. She thought she would die tonight. She looked at the man who she pushed down. She helped him up.

He started rubbing the back of his head and looked at Drew, “You knocked the wind out of me.”

Drew looked embarrassed; she barged into a stranger’s home and pratically knocked the resident down. “Sorry.” She muttered.

He looked at Michelle. “Michelle… Michelle Bauer is that you?” He blinked his eyes as he was trying to adjust to the light.

“Yes it is… Zach. How are you?”

Zach adjusted his robe and ran his hand through his blond hair. “I could be better, but something tells me this ain’t a courtesy call.”

“We were in the neighborhood.”

Zach looked at Michelle and raised one eyebrow. Zach was tall and built, but there was softness to him. Michelle knew Zach since they were kids but grew apart, as they grew older. In his eyes there was always understanding and comfort. It always made her feel at peace. “You were in the neighborhood, pounding on my front door as if your life depended on it. I don’t think so Michelle try again.”

Zach walked over to the couch and gestured for Michelle and Drew to sit. Drew was still panting and her legs ached. She started walking towards the couch, but suddenly everything started spinning. “Um…Michelle.”

“Yeah Drew?”

“Umm think I’m going to faint” With that Drew fainted but Zach was quick enough to catch her.

Danny lay in the bed thinking about Michelle. Each time he closes his eyes he can see her face, her smile, and her eyes. The memory of her smooth skin was still fresh in his mind. He has her voice ringing in his head. He never met anyone like her. She didn’t know what his family did or even asked. That bothered him. How can someone live in Springfield and not know what my family does or what I do? Her friend knew. How could that be, either she is a naïve girl who just came into town or a girl who never been tainted by anything bad. Danny knew that a relationship with her would be impossible. She was too innocent. Danny felt empty; he wanted her. Danny sat up and looked in the mirror. Then he remembered the way her lips felt against his. The taste of her made him hungry for more. Danny made up his mind. He was going to have her.

Ray lay awake in his at the end of the hall. He was rubbing his chin, remembering the sweet sting of Drew slap. He never met anyone who had infuriated him and amused him in such a way that Drew had in such short period of time. In the short time he met her, she had resisted his charm, even challenged it. His lip curled at the memory of Drew stringing along the poor guy. Ray watched Drew flirt with that Blue guy. In a way Drew was much like himself he realized. She relished in her sexual power as he did. He always has his way with woman and he could see that Drew was the same with men. “Yeah, it seems like a perfect match,” Ray says to himself. Ray closed his eyes, drifts off to sleep. Ray had his mind set; he was going to win the little game that was started.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 8

March 4, 2016

Republisher’s Note: This is the only part of this story I don’t like. We got rid of Angel Boy on screen before Manny came along. It’s terrible to bring him back.

Come With Me by Mel Chapter 8

The head lights blinded Michelle for a minute but Drew grabbed her and pulled her out of the way. The car pulled to a stop; Drew and Michelle squinted their eyes to see who was behind the wheel. Michelle couldn’t make out the faces that well, until he started laughing. He was smoking on a cigarette, and she could see the smoke he was exhaling.

“Hello kitten, I told you I’ll see you again.” Both of them took a step back to put distance between themselves from the car.

“Well, you won’t see me that long.”

“Hmm… is that so, “ He tossed the cigarette and landed in fronted of them.

“Get in, kitten, and your friend too,” Nino looked at Drew “You see my friend here took a fancy to you. Ain’t that right, Lance?”

Lance looked at Drew, “Yeah Nino, I like to get to know her real well.”

Drew and Michelle took couple more steps back.

“Oh kitten, don’t be shy, I won’t bite. At least not at first.” Michelle looked at the smirk on Nino face then at Lance. She was afraid.

Nino watched her eyes widened, She’s scared. Drew mind was racing, Oh my God, there going to rape us or yet kill us, this can’t happen, I haven’t seen Paris or said sorry to the maid for yelling at her…

Michelle was trying to figure out how to get away, she calculated that Drew’s place was about two more blocks if she and Drew ran fast enough they could lose them, but then he would know where Drew lived. Then it hit her, that guy oh what’s his name Zachary, lived a block away. She looked around and saw a pathway to cut through the bushes and then they would be just a couple houses away. But one problem, Drew can’t really run that fast unless there was a sale at the dress shop. She grabbed Drew arm and whispered in her ear, “When I say run, Run!” Drew just looked at Michelle understanding.

Nino lit a cigarette, “Well, ladies get in I don’t have all day.” Michelle realized that she would have to get both of them out of the car.

“We are not going to go with you two creeps!”

Nino chuckled, “Yes you will kitten or me and Lance here would have to just get you.”

Lance step out of the car. Both of them took an another step back.

Michelle couldn’t run in heels so she slipped off one of her shoes and threw it at Lance.

Lance had to step back, Michelle took off her other heel and held it in the air, “Stay back or this heel is going to end up more south!”

Nino had step out of the model T, “Oh. The kitten has some guts.” He stood next to Lance then dropped the cigarette, and stepped on it.

“As much I like to see your throwing arm, I’m growing impatient. Get in!”

Michelle threw the shoe at Nino and he ducked, at the same time she yelled “Run!”

Drew turned around and started sprinting; Michelle was right behind her. Drew almost slipped on the concrete, but Michelle grabbed her and kept her steady.

Michelle could hear Nino and Lance get in there car. She felt the headlights against her back. She pulled Drew into the bushes and continued running. She heard Nino say “Damn!” She could hear the car turn going down the street, she knew it would be a matter of time until they turn the corner on Zachary’s street.

“Come on Drew, we got to hurry.”

Drew was panting, but she knew that Michelle would get them to safety. Michelle and Drew came out of the bushes. Michelle steered Drew to her right. Michelle was looking at the houses and then she saw it. She ran to the house.

She began pounding on the door, Drew joined her and both were pounding on the door looking at behind them seeing if Nino or Lance was going to grab them.

“Zach! Zach! Please open up!” Michelle was praying he be home. Just then she heard tires screeching down the street. Drew peeked through the high bushes that just covered a portion of the porch they were on to see if it is Nino.

“It’s him!” Drew and Michelle was still pounding but trying not to make a sound so Nino wouldn’t hear.

Nino model T was slowing down and coming closer to Drew and Michelle.

“Please Please, Zach open!”


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