Classic Guiding Light Synopsis

Classic Soap Opera Digest is scanning soap synopsis from Soap Opera Digest in the 1970s. I’ll be adding the links below as they are loaded. Pages appear in order – Upper left, Upper right, Lower left, Lower right. Click on each page in turn to enlarge to read. The dates are for the month printed they were at least a month behind what was appearing on screen. I haven’t attempted to summarize the synopsis, but I have listed the people (by real name and by character name) in photos included with the synopsis to make them easier to find. This isn’t my project, but I wanted to bring it to your attention. The project also includes other soap operas, but I’ll just be linking to those that are Guiding Light.

November 1975 – Premiere Issue – No photos in this one, first line is about Holly and Blake.

March 1976 – Photos Everett McGill (Chad Richards, who was involved with Hope and Leslie) and Gary Hamnock (Freddie (Rick) Bauer as a young boy, Barbara Berger (Barbara Norris Thorpe, Holly, Ken, and Andy’s mother, currently married to Roger’s father).

April 1976  – Photos Stephan Schnabel (Dr. Stephen Jackson, Ed’s mentor and Rick’s maternal grandfather) , Mark Hulswit (Ed Bauer) with his real life wife Maria.

May 1976 – Photos Don Stewart (the always awesomesauce Mike Bauer)

June 1976 – Interviews with Mary Stuart (Meta Bauer) and Charita Bauer (Bert Bauer)
Photo Anthony Call (Dr. Joe Werner)

July 1976 – Photos Jordan Clarke (in his original role of Dr. Tim Ryan, you probably know him better as Billy Lewis) and Maureen Silliman (Pam Chandler)

August 1976 – Photo of Milette Alexander (Dr. Sara McIntyre Werner)

September 1976 – Photos of Barbara Berjer (Barbara Norris Thorpe, Holly’s mother who married Roger’s father) and Lynn Adams (Leslie Bauer, Rick’s mother) it also includes the note that Leslie was killed off suddenly because Adams decided she wanted to leave the series for other opportunities. Justin Marler is also introduced in this synopsis.

October 1976 – Photos of Mart Hulswit (Dr. Ed Bauer) and Mauren Silliman (Pam – ? – she’s leaving the show to star in the Broadway play Shenandoah.

November 1976 – Photo of Charita Bauer

Interview with Tony Call (Dr. Joe Werner, Sara Werner’s husband) from November 1976. It’s the third interview, the first is with Roscoe Orman the actor who plays Gordon on Sesame Street.

December 1976 – Photo of Barbara Berjer (Barbara Norris Thorpe, Holly’s mother who married Roger’s father) with Don MacLaughlin (from Iowa – Chris Hughes on As the World Turns).

Following Guiding Light – A Set Visit from January 1977 – Includes photos of of Stephen Yates (Ben McFerron, Hope’s sometime fiance who ends up in a huge legal mess), Robin Mattson (Hope Bauer, Mike’s daughter, Ed’s niece), Millette Alexander (Dr. Sarah Werner- who I still don’t really remember although I’m learning a lot of her story), Don Stewart (Mike “Awesome Sauce” Bauer – who needs no introduction), Fran Myers (Peggy Fletcher Thorpe), Stefan Schnabel (Dr. Stephen Jackson, Rick’s grandfather, Ed’s mentor), Tony Call (Dr. Joe Werner, Sarah Werner’s husband), Jordan Clarke (Dr. Tim Ryan, his character before Billy Lewis who romanced Rita Stapleton’s little sister), Thomas O’Rourke (Dr. Justin Marler, acting nothing like the Justin I loved later), Jane Grey (Evie Stapleton, Rita’s little sister), and Michael Zaslow (Roger Thorpe).

January 1977 – No cast photos this time.

February 1977 – Photo of Thomas O’Rourke (Dr. Justin Marler, acting nothing like the Justin I loved later).

Last updated: May 18, 2013

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