Making Love

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ALL Fanfic Writers, Readers, and Collectors, Please read the post below

I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

These are all stories where the main or only focus is making love.

“Adventures in Shopping” – Danny is rewarded for letting Michelle buy him some normal clothes at the Gap, by a trip to Victoria’s Secret. Michelle gets him to come into the dressing room and they give his selection a road test right there. I have recently found out that people actually try to do this in the store and it is apparently a big problem for the staff. The perfect fit line in here is priceless. Also, the allusion to just WHY she has to be constantly buying stuff at this particular store and the conversation that goes with it is great. 😉

“An Angel Amidst the Devil” aka “Sex in the Alley” – Danny and Michelle meet by chance one night at Millennium and the immediate pull between them doesn’t allow them to get any further than the alley behind the club. 😉

“Consummation” – After an unspecified attack on Danny’s life, Michelle returns to him during the annulment separation and they consummate their marriage. 😉

“The Dawning” – Michelle and Danny are separately drawn to Laurel Falls after she learns she is pregnant with Robbie during their separation and they reconnect in every way. 😉

“A Day at the Beach” – Manny share what Danny calls the best swim of his life on trip down to their house in San Cristobel. 😉

“Dizzy” – Michelle welcomes Danny home after a long business trip. 😉 Click on Titles

“French Kiss” by Robansuefarm – The story opens as a historical, but things get steamy right away. Nookie is not my strong point, but happy Manny and character development is so there’s some of that in here too. 🙂

“I’m Not Sorry” – Ray is tasked with cleaning up Laurel Falls after the big wedding day. He accidentally runs into Drew and they decide to use that big bed. 😉

“Mile High” – Manny joins the famous club on the way to their honeymoon. 😉

“Talk” – Danny calls home and then surprises Michelle on a stormy night. 😉 Click on Titles

“Thirteen” – Although Manny divorced and married Cassie and Bill respectively, every year on their anniversary Danny finds Michelle wherever she is in the world to “celebrate.” 😉

“Tiny Bubbles” – Danny is gone on a business trip and Michelle is sad and lonely in the Laurel Falls house missing him, so she takes a bubble bath and imagines Danny’s there. He gets there for real before the end. 😉

“Waves” – Danny is so protective of Michelle that he waits until they are actually in San Cristobel and Michelle has to ask for it before they make love. 😉 (Scroll down or hit Control-F to find the title you want in this long message)

“When I Say I Do” – Manny’s last child leaves for college and Michelle is feeling empty nest syndrome kick in, until Danny demonstrates the benefits of living alone again and Michelle agrees they should have kicked the kids out years ago. 😉

Last Updated: January 4, 2016

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