Supporting Characters Continued

Supporting Characters  Continued–

This is the second half of the characters in alphabetical order by first name  of the characters who play important parts in the Manny story.

NOTE: If you have not watched the episode guide clips yet, there are spoilers below. Read at your own risk. I’ve included links to Soap Central’s character descriptions for characters that have them. I’ve found them to be generally accurate, but to contain some errors. Take them with a grain of salt. Wikipedia seems to have taken some of its descriptions from these pages because the errors are the same, but the entries are shorter.

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Marah Lewis ~ Marah’s life started off roughly when a forged paternity test convinced Josh he wasn’t her father and so he walked away from both her and her mother, his true love Reva Shayne (why he felt he had to leave I never did understand, but I remember him leaving a locket on her crib and walking away). Eventually the truth was revealed and in what was probably the best soap wedding ever Josh and Reva were wed at Cross Creek for the first time with Marah as adorable flower girl. Despite the confusion early on about her paternity, Marah’s name always proclaimed she was Josh and Reva’s daughter. Well before it was popular to combine couple names, like Manny and Jeva, Marah’s name was created by Jeva by combining their mother’s first names, Martha and Sarah.

After Marah’s younger brother Shayne was born, Reva suffered severe postpartum depression and drove off the incomplete Old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. Reva spent the next 5 years with amnesia living as two different people while Josh, not truly accepting her death moved to Europe to continue his search for her. Marah felt the loss keenly and was always more mature than her years as she felt the obligation to help mother Shayne and take care of her father. She also spent most of her time with adults, including her grandmother Sarah, adding to her maturity. However, to quote a line from Support Your Local Sheriff, “Puberty hit her hard. It can do that you know!” As she SORASed into her teens she suffered a regression and the mature brunette little girl turned into an emotionally unstable blond teenager overnight. This didn’t track with her past history, but did track with her mother’s troubled past and showed the fact she had inherited the emotional instability that was a big part of the make up of both her parents, who took the children with them on their wild roller coaster of a relationship constantly decided they couldn’t live with or without each and marrying and divorcing each other and other people according. This instability seems to have truly affected Marah. Although Michelle had always had a relationship with Marah’s parents, Marah herself really enters the Manny story through her involvement with Danny’s younger cousin Tony Santos. Tony came to town in trouble and as Danny and Ray slowly mentored him out of it, he met Marah and like when Danny met Michelle it was like he had been hit over the head with a slate. :-) Tony knew right away Marah was special and wondered if he was really good enough for her. He spent most of the rest of his time in Springfield trying to prove that he was to himself, to her, and to her family. He wanted to do things right with Marah, but she was even less mature than he was and couldn’t understand that. When he refused to sleep with her right away, wanting to make sure it was making love, she misunderstood, took it as rejection, and dumped him. Many obstacles got it their way, but while they were together they were really happy and they couldn’t really stay away from each other for very long. Michelle and Marah became best female friends during this experience because, despite a slight age difference and major maturity difference, they were the only two people in town who knew what it was like to love a Santos man and be trapped between the Santos world and the one they grew up in. There were a lot of similarities between Josh and Reva and Tony and Marah and I think if they had just a little more support from her family, they might well have married and been living somewhere happily with two kids right now. I think all they needed was the second chance that Josh and Reva got when she showed up in Springfield. However, it was not to be, Tony changed when the role was recast and after discovering the boy she had been heavily flirting with claimed to be her long lost half-brother (from the amnesia years) Jonathan, she entered an aggressively sexual relationship with older man Jeffery O’Neill who swore that she had changed him forever (then later bedded and wedded first her aunt and then her mother, who she already had a competition complex with).  When that relationship ended rather badly, (he said he was pushing her away for her own good) she left town and moved to Paris to be a fashion designer with her cousin (Billy’s daughter) Mindy Lewis. She returned to town one more time for Thanksgiving to voice her objection to Josh and Cassie being together and that except for one VERY vague reference at the Vanilly wedding in the final few episodes of Guiding Light. We have no report of Marah ever marrying and I rather suspect that she has had a series of short affairs with father figure types. (Josh, you should have supported her life with Tony while you had a chance.) (See Josh and Reva Lewis, Tony Santos and Tattoo Tony Santos)
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Maria Santos ~ Miguel Santos’s mother was always a force to be reckoned with. Her arranged marriage to Herando Santos, at least by her account, turned to true love and she bore her husband 3 sons: Miguel, Fedrico, and Roberto Santos. Her husband and all 3 sons would precede her in death due to their involvement with the Family Business. Maria loved her family and again by her own account, protected her grandsons from death many times. (This was especially true when she was played by Gloria Irizarry who made her a supportive and loving grandmother, but once Miriam  Colon took over the part she became as hard as the color of her dyed hair and hatched many secret and manipulative plans – even her confinement to a wheelchair was revealed to be fake.) However, her primary motivation was her own survival and when Danny’s constant turning to Michelle caused a hit to be placed on him by a rival family, after an attempt to stop it, decided to go along to save her own skin. This pretty much destroyed her relationship with Danny, but she continued to push into Manny’s lives and sometimes Danny let her, remembering his affection for the sweet old lady who had him secretly buy her chocolates and under who’s gentle prodding, he first admitted aloud that he loved Michelle. (Eventually Danny decided that there could be no more half measures, that for his family with Michelle to be safe, he had to destroy his mother and grandmother’s ability to ever return to the business which they were constantly trying to pull him back to. He deliberately pushed Carmen into a situation where she decided he had to die and Maria, if reluctantly, agreed with her decision. When Danny got enough evidence against Carmen through faking his death, the FBI arrested both Carmen and Maria and Maria was never heard from again.)

May Merisi see  Mary Murto

Mary Murto aka May Merisi – Despite having two names this is one character. As she was first introduced on the show she was a fun loving free spirit with an obsession of older movies. (Some Guiding Light fans thought from the initial description that she was going to be Staci Chamberlain, Nola’s daughter, but such was not the case.) May wandered into Millennium and asked to be a cigarette girl in Danny’s new club Infierno like in the classic 1930s and 1940s movies she loved. The entire unmarried segment of Springfield seemed to fall for May, even Tony being briefly distracted by her before he found Marah and with both Frank Cooper and Rick Bauer making serious runs at her, Rick even took her to the Lakeland Country Club in full white tie formal dress because that’s how people did it in the movies she loved (not that they did it anymore at the Country Club except during special events, so they endured some strange looks during the date-actually that was the best episode May had, it was actually enjoyable). However, May’s attention seemed instead drawn to a divorcing Danny Santos who she offered sex and comfort while he threw a humdinger of a pity party for himself. However, while Danny liked May it never went any farther than like and sex because at the first sign that Michelle might take him back, he dumped May like yesterday’s newsreel which is just as well because she wasn’t really May at all. Her real name was Mary Murto and she was a greenhorn FBI undercover agent assigned to Gus Aitoro who alone of the FBI had any interest in taking Danny down (he had a personal grudge against Danny’s dead father). Mary’s true identity remained hidden until she confessed it to Michelle who was trying to figure out what was going on and get Danny out of trouble. Mary hoped that Michelle would influence Danny to surrender to authorities. However, unhappy with the deal offered, which Danny felt would be guarantying a hit being put on him and most likely the rest of his family, Manny united in turning the offer down. Instead Michelle having decided that saving Danny was more important that the niceties of the law, stole and destroyed the tapes from the bug Mary planted which were the main evidence against Danny. Since Michelle managed to pull this off basically right under Mary’s nose she was sent back to Washington, D.C. in disgrace. There was turmoil behind the scenes during this time, so it’s unclear whether May/Mary was always supposed to be an undercover agent or not. Either way being undercover does explain a lot of her otherwise inexplicable actions, including her being positively SHOCKED to find out that smoking caused cancer only roughly 40 years after it was first announced.

Maureen Reardon Bauer ~ Dr. Ed Bauer’s true love, Maureen was Michelle’s step-mother, but she always thought of her as her real Mom. Maureen was the type of mother everybody always wanted. (See Ed Bauer for a description of the circumstances of her tragic death.) Considered by many to be the single worst mistake in the history of Guiding Light (the head writer at the time has since apologized for it), Maureen’s death in 1993 continued to have lasting effects on Michelle as well as many other characters. Michelle often called on Maureen for guidance even after her death and Maureen’s spirit visited her on several occasions, most importantly for Manny fans while Michelle was in jail during her trial for Ben Warren’s murder, as the first memory Michelle recovered after her head trauma, and providing the first reveal to Michelle that baby Hope hadn’t died in the car crash after all. Maureen’s heart was transplanted into Jesse Blue saving his life. An early loss of a parent was a common experience that helped bond Michelle with Bill Lewis (except his mother Vanessa later returned from the dead), Jesse Blue, Drew Jacobs, and most importantly Danny. Michelle often said that she wished Maureen could have met Danny that she would have loved him and I think Michelle was right. (See Ed Bauer and Michelle’s description)

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Meta Bauer – “Everyone should have an Aunt Meta.” During Meta’s last stint as a resident of Springfield, Meta was known as Aunt Meta by seemingly most of the town. She returned a s a voice of reason and experience, connecting the generations on the show (and creating a role for Mary Stuart whose seminal role on Search for Tomorrow ended with the cancellation of that show). It took her awhile to come around, but eventually she was a strong Manny supporter being almost solely responsible for getting Danny to the hospital and then into the delivery room over Claire’s objections during Robbie’s birth. (“Claire, get out of the way or I’ll shift into an even uglier gear.”) She had previously been close to Jesse Blue and became quite close to Harley Cooper, saying if she’d had a daughter, she’d be similar to Harley.

Meta actually was a long time heroine of the show. In her biggest story, she was having an affair with wealthy businessman Ted White, even though the chief attraction for her was his money. She got pregnant and after attempting to give the child, “Chuckie”, up for adoption, she eventually recovered custody. Meanwhile Ted had decided that he wanted custody, so he set about convincing Meta to marry him. Under pressure from Papa (Fredrich) Bauer, Meta finally married Ted, but it was an unhappy union and they soon divorced.

Ted still got visitation with Chuckie where he replicated his own childhood experience of being cold and distant to Chuckie while always pushing him to be tougher. While Chuckie was in kindergarten Ted arranged boxing lessons with a man who really shouldn’t even have been teaching adults and Chuckie was badly beaten in the ring. Chuckie fell into a coma before eventually dying of his injuries. Meta got a gun and shot Ted (“Do you know what fear is now, Ted?”). Even though the entire audience heard her do it, they didn’t want Meta to leave the show and when the audience was allowed to vote as the jury, she was overwhelmingly acquitted. This experience would have to color and allow her to provide counsel to Michelle through her experience with Mick, her early marriage to Danny and Ben Warren’s murder trial, but it was never mentioned on screen. Meta even implies to Harley during Gus’s investigation of Danny that she never had a child.

Eventually she had a happy marriage during her 1970s Springfield sojourn, but had divorced and split her time between her New York apartment (where Michelle stayed during the six weeks she left town during her pregnancy with Robbie), Nova Scotia (where her sister Trudy -played by Helen Wagner of ATWT fame – lived), and Springfield. (Meta is last heard of having broken a hip and being delayed in Nova Scotia a few months after actress Mary Stuart died, two days after her last scene as Meta aired, but she was never heard from again. Presumably, but not certainly she has since passed away and hopefully Manny and Rick attended her funeral off camera. )

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Mick Santos ~ Danny’s older brother was pushed by his mother into being the family thug. (See Danny, Carmen, and Miguel Santos for more family background.)  They not only turned a blind eye to his gambling, drinking, drugs, and fighting, but actually encouraged them. Mick careened through life violently. He was willing to do anything illegal and almost anything immoral without hesitation. I think he bristled at the hypocrisy of his own life and his family’s life and he especially targeted people who were known as “good people” who he viewed as hypocrites. However, he had no problem threatening or hurting anyone who the family asked him to and sometimes just because he felt like it. His accidental death at Michelle’s hands propels Danny and Michelle’s meeting and marriage.

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Miguel Santos ~ Miguel is the true question mark in the story. Although he is seen briefly in flashbacks and nightmares from Selena Davis, I wish we could have seen more. Miguel was born into the Santos crime family and was destined to be its head. He wore a ring with a red stone, marking this position of importance. He married Carmen, a tough girl from the neighborhood even though his mother didn’t like her. They had 3 children: Mick, Danny, and Pilar. Danny remembered Miguel as a good father, who wanted the best for him. He presented Danny with a pocket watch before he died and told him he could be anything he wanted and protected him as much as possible from knowledge of the family business. We know that Miguel ordered his brother Fedrico, Ray and Tony’s father, to kill Gus Aitoro’s adopted father, but this is the only crime we can specifically tie to him. He started at least one business, SanCorp, that was completely legitimate. Could this have been an attempt to legitimize the family business as Danny later attempted to do? Miguel fell in love with Selena Davis with whom he had a long term affair and a fourth child, Miguel Jr. After Selena called Carmen and told her about the affair, thinking she’d let Miguel go, Carmen tortured Miguel trying to get Selana’s name. Instead Miguel smiled at Carmen while she tortured him to death, knowing that his death would protect forever the woman he loved and the one child he could keep beyond Carmen’s reach. So which was he? A shark? A conflicted man? Is he where Danny’s innate goodness came from? (It certainly didn’t come from either his mother or grandmother.) Carmen seemed to think Danny was very like Miguel. In fact, she favored Danny among her children as she saw him as a substitute for Miguel, a version of him which she could control, which led directly to many of her issues with Danny’s marriage to Michelle. Was Carmen right? Was Miguel Santos’s death (dying for love) more reflective of who he was than what we know about his life? Unfortunately, these are questions whose answers we’ll never know. (See Carmen, Danny, Mick, Pilar, and Maria Santos and Selena Davis)

Mike Bauer – The Bauer family first came to the Guiding Light in 1948 and soon afterwards Bert and Bill Bauer were married. The had two sons Mike and Ed. Anyone watching the Manny clips will know or soon learn that Ed is Michelle’s father. Mike is his older brother and therefore Michelle’s uncle. Ed went into medicine and Mike went into law. Mike was always much more level headed and hard-nosed than Ed. If there was trouble, Ed called Mike. Mike even managed to keep Alan Spaulding from crossing too many lines while he was on the job before he left town and came as close to completely defeating Roger Thorpe than anyone ever did (unless you count Roger Thorpe). Mike was also known for his wonderful singing voice which normally was featured at the Christmas service episode every year. However, Mike had a dark side. He fell in love with his brother’s wife (Leslie Jackson Bauer – Rick’s mother), long before Billy and Josh Lewis suffered the same fate. Mike is also unique because he and his daughter Hope actually moved to Bay City and Another World for a few years before returning to the Guiding Light and Springfield. This is the Hope Bauer that Manny partially named their daughter Hope Santos after and was starcrossed with Alan Spaulding in the storyline that I think was very close to Manny’s experience and why I think Alan always had a soft spot in his heart for Manny. Although it is almost never mentioned, Mike is Alan-Michael’s grandfather and A-M is his namesake.

Sadly Mike actually only appears in the Manny story at one point. When Michelle refuses to leave Danny after he is forced to return to the mob on Jeffery O’Neill’s orders, things start getting dangerous. Manny decide to send Robbie to go visit Michelle’s Uncle Mike in Washington, D.C. This makes perfect sense and if Robbie needed to be sent somewhere for protection I would rather he be with Mike than anywhere else. Sure, it would have been much better if Danny had been seen on screen to have at least heard of Mike before, but it still made sense. What didn’t make sense was that Mel sent Leah with him. (Mike was a bachelor and had been for 20 years and even his oldest grandchild was almost 30, it certainly wasn’t a baby friendly home, what did Mel expect that Leah and Mike would have coffee together and talk about the day’s events?) Mike is never seen on screen during this plot point  and I don’t think he is even mentioned again. In real life is last and most popular portrayer Don Stewart had passed away not too long after his last appearance at the Springfield 60th Anniversary Ball in 1997. This was a great loss for the show and the Manny storyline in particular. What is truly lacking in the almost perfect Manny story is an older mentor figure for Danny on the right side of the law who could show him that he could be tough and protect his family without being a criminal. Mike Bauer would have been perfect for that role.

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Mindy Lewis aka Melinda Sue Lewis – Mindy Lewis was the daughter of Billy Lewis and his deceased first wife. She was granddaughter to H.B., niece to Josh, cousin to Marah and Shayne, and half-sister to Bill and Dylan. Mindy was also important because of her relationship as part of the Four Musketeers. Her other major arc was her epic rivalry with Alexandra Spaulding. We first meet Mindy while she is in high school. She goes through several relationships including both Phillip Spaulding and Rick Bauer. She wins the Sampson Girl contest and becomes a model. She later transitions to fashion designer spending swaths of time in Paris. She had some interaction with Michelle as a child, since Michelle was very close to both Rick and Phillip, but was embroiled in her own issues before Michelle was very old. After that Mindy was in Paris, although Michelle’s friend Marah and Mindy’s cousin Marah moved to Paris to also become a designer so there was probably some communication there although it was mostly off screen. Mindy enters the Manny story again when they all move back to Springfield at the same time. According to the flash ahead, they became close and were included in the wedding party when Rick and Mindy married in 2010.
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Phillip Spaulding ~ Phillip, I’m sure much to his own chagrin – he always likes to be the center of attention, has only a very small part in the Manny story. His and Rick Bauer’s friendship is the one irreplaceable relationship in both their lives. Despite his life long love of Beth Raines and his children, it’s Rick he always comes back to, no matter how much they hurt each other. Phillip is always Rick’s sounding board and was on the receiving end of many of Rick’s complaints and worries about Michelle’s relationship with Danny over the years. (Rick’s always more likely to share complaints and worries than “let me tell you about the great thing Danny did todays.) Phillip sometimes gave him good advice (“We both know that the more you try to keep them apart, the more they are going to fight to be together.”) and sometimes didn’t. So although Phillip trusted Michelle’s judgment (he looked at her as a little sister), he was always kind of wary about Danny. He was downright rude when Danny proposed to Phillip that they work together to bring Ben Warren down. After that scheme failed, they don’t seemed to have had much regular contact. However, in 2001, in probably the best line Phillip has written since he gave up writing novels, he told Michelle “anyone can talk to Danny for five minutes and know there is good in him.” During Manny’s second legal marriage, Danny goes to work at Spaulding Enterprises as head of security. While Alan and the other employees seem to welcome Danny, Phillip is ambivalent and slightly resentful over how well Alan is treating Danny, which Danny senses. (Danny doesn’t know that Alan is shoving Danny in Phillip’s face every two seconds as an example of the kind of man he ought to be.) When it comes out that Phillip and Alan knew about the FBI sting all along and didn’t tell him, Danny quits. His next business deal with Phillip is when, with Michelle’s help, he convinces Phillip to place a new Spaulding factory in his newly redeveloped 5th Street Project. Somewhere along the way though Danny seems to have earned Phillip’s respect, at least as a family man. Despite their various marital troubles, Danny always wins Michelle back in the end and keeps his family together, something that, as Alan pointed out often, Phillip desired and failed to do. Also, Danny ultimately broke away from the “family business” and his twisted family legacy, again a lifelong dream of Phillip’s with his own family which he failed to accomplish. During this meeting about the 5th Street factory, Phillip asks Danny for advice on how he got Michelle back and Phillip takes his advice in regard to Olivia. When Danny returns with his family for the Bauer BBQ in 2009, Phillip again seeks his advice about how Danny does it as he wistfully looks at how happy Danny’s family is, but Danny attention is wrapped up in said family and, I think not realizing the seriousness and depth of Phillip’s inquiry,  only makes a brief comment about connecting with those you love, leaving Phillip to figure it out for himself. The show chose to mirror its own cancellation with Phillip’s death, so he knows he only has months yet to live. However, in a miraculous turn of events in the last two weeks, Alan was able to save Phillip and it was Alan’s unexpected death that helped end the show.

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Pilar Santos~ Pilar was the youngest Santos child was assigned by Carmen to be the angel of the family. Carmen had sworn Danny and everyone to secrecy to keep her from realizes the true nature of the family business. At a relatively young age she was sent abroad to a boarding school and as she grew older she was allowed home less and less to keep the secret. Both her older brothers Danny and Mick were very protective of her. She was especially close to Danny. She considered him her closest confident (“I tell you everything!”) could read him well and was willing to do almost anything to make him happy. After Danny decided to annul his marriage to Michelle, he realized he couldn’t deal with the loss alone and sent for Pilar. Michelle reacted with jealousy at their first meeting, thinking Pilar was an old girlfriend. This gave Danny his first piece of hope and he didn’t correct her. Pilar immediately sensed their unusually strong connection and soon became their champion, urging Danny to fight for what he so clearly wanted. Even when Danny explained Michelle’s role in Mick’s death, her knowledge of how much Danny loved and wanted Michelle led her to quickly forgive her. Danny’s arrest during his downward spiral gave her the first clue that her family was in the mob. She refused to take less than the truth. It was this search that led her to Bill Lewis, Michelle’s childhood best friend. They immediately clicked and he helped her get a job at Company and find a place to live at the Reardon Boarding House. They started to date and it was fairly serious. However, Pilar was in Casa Santos when it was shot at during Carmen’s faked “attempted hit”  and while not physically injured, Pilar was severely damaged psychologically and truly is never the same after this as she begins a long progression into maddness. When Danny’s attempt to get Ben Warren out of the family led indirectly to Bill’s arrest, Pilar broke up with Bill and set out with a plan to trick Carmen into thinking Ben was seducing her to get him out of the family. When this led to Carmen shooting him instead, Pilar started to crack and falls in line with her mother’s plan to frame Michelle only when Carmen promised to come forward and confess if Michelle was actually convicted. Pilar went around the bend far enough under the strain to start seeing and talking to Ben’s ghost and she had to hospitalized. Bill, who hadn’t wanted to break up in the first place, stood by her during this crisis. This was followed by her mother dying in front of her (Pilar didn’t know she was faking it) which caused further stress. After she recovered, she and Bill traveled around Europe for a year before they broke up and he returned to Springfield alone. Although not her last onscreen mention, her last location was given by her cousin Tony who said she was now living in Italy. (See Danny description, Carmen, Miguel, Maria, and Mick Santos and Bill Lewis)

Ray Santos ~ Although no one would ever see this coming, Ray actually was the Santos that stayed on the show the longest. He was introduced at Danny and Michelle’s church wedding where he served as best man and was still on in a regular recurring status 10 years later as Guiding Light goes off the air even performing the show’s final wedding for Vanilly and Lillibuzz. Ray is Danny’s cousin and Tony’s older brother. Their father was Fedrico Santos, Miguel’s younger brother. Ray and Danny were close growing up and mutually hoped to escape the violence of their world, although they were willing to engage in it for the sake of each other and their family. Ray turned to the church and became a priest becoming fully ordained shortly after serving as Danny’s best man. He later presided over their 2nd vow renewal at Laurel Falls (3rd wedding) and conducted their 6th wedding service. Father Ray, as he is known, serves at St. Michael’s and was an early, consistent, and vocal supporter of Manny, even when they themselves felt doubt. Ray was Danny’s first choice of backup when there was trouble for years and often counseled him on moral dilemmas. Ray faced dilemmas of his own when the seal of the confessional prevented him from giving Danny information that he really needed to know on several occasions. After Ray’s younger brother Tony came to town, Ray and Danny both tried to mentor him. Even after Manny left town, Ray continued to offer support and spiritual advice to community members, especially Natalia Aitoro who became an active member of his church.

Reva Shayne Lewis ~ Reva was one half of the popular Jeva supercouple. Long connected with Michelle, through Michelle’s friendship with her nephew Bill Lewis, Michelle considered Reva and Josh to be family. Manny runs into Jeva on their honeymoon and gets pulled into all their difficulties with San Cristobel. Reva was fairly supportive and friendly if distant with both Danny and Tony. Reva was especially supportive of Danny when he faked his death and Michelle during the dark days of the amnesia story. (See Josh Lewis, Bill Lewis, and Marah Lewis)

Rick (Fredrick) Bauer ~ Michelle’s much older half-brother is son of Dr. Ed and his first wife Leslie Jackson Bauer. Rick, always a big kid at heart, doted on his little sister and they had a very close relationship. Dr. Ed began to leave town for long periods of time during her teenage years and Rick had to step in and raise Michelle. This, and her tendency to attract trouble, led him to be very overprotective. Initially he was strongly opposed to Michelle’s marriage to Danny. To be fair,  he never too crazy about any of the boys she dated, except her childhood best friend Bill Lewis. Eventually he comes to accept that Michelle is never happy without Danny and over time he and Danny  develop a close relationship, with Rick even risking getting shot for Danny’s sake on one occasion, but he still sometimes slips back to his old mindset and tries to cause obstacles to the relationship. (His excuse is that Danny always disappoints Michelle in the end.) Rick also suffers from the fact that in his world, having a family and wife is more important than who the wife of the moment is, no matter how much he claims to love his current wife, another one will be coming along (a Meredith is a Beth is an Annie is an Abby is a Mel is a Beth is a Mindy). That’s such a different experience than Michelle for who once there was Danny, there really never was anybody else, that his advice to her was usually 100 percent wrong. For Rick, the experience he had with someone being irreplaceable was with his best friend Phillip, not any of his wives or loves and he never seemed to be able to make the mental leap to understanding how it was for Michelle  to love Danny. (I always hoped someone would tell him to imagine a relationship with somebody like Phillip, but instead of your high school buddy, it was woman with perfect body who can’t get enough of yours, but no one ever did.) Rick spent some of his plentiful off camera time visiting Manny in California after they moved there and remained a special uncle to both Hope and Robbie who he was teaching all his best magic tricks to when they came back for the 2009 Bauer BBQ. It was revealed in the flash forward that a year after the shows ends in September 2010 Rick marries high school sweetheart and fellow Four Musketeer, Mindy Lewis. (See Phillip Spaulding, Hope and Robbie Santos)
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Robbie (Robert Frederico) Santos ~ Danny and Michelle’s oldest child was conceived shortly after his parents miscarried a little girl due to the stress of Carmen’s murder literally right beside Michelle and Danny’s obsession with finding his mother’s killers (it was all for naught, she had faked her own death). Michelle filed divorce papers on Danny to protect a Robbie (while she was pregnant) from becoming part of the world of violence she felt Danny was now forever trapped in. However, she soon realized what a mistake this was, that neither she nor her baby could live without Danny. They reconciled, but Carmen came out of hiding, kidnapped Michelle and drug her down to the docks. She was prepared to kill both Michelle and her unborn child, even as Michelle begged for her child’s life. Danny arrived in time to save Michelle, but was forced to shoot Carmen to do so. His guilt over his role in his mother’s death (she had really survived again) caused him to push Michelle away as she fought to bring him back. When Michelle went in to labor, Danny made one last stand to try to stay away to protect her, but a few words from Aunt Meta melted his resolve and as he told Michelle he couldn’t stay away from her or their child even when he tried. They chose to name their son Robert Fredrico. Robert came from Michelle’s beloved grandmother Bert Bauer, whose eyes Robbie inherited. Fredrico came from wanting to choose a name common to both families. Federico was Danny’s uncle. Frederick (Rick) was Michelle’s brother. Frederich was Papa Bauer, Michelle’s great-grandfather. Both Robbie’s parents were active and involved in his raising, a complaint from a nanny made Danny declare that she was in his world and Robbie was the center of his world. Danny often called Robbie, Tiger. Although he faced some fallout due to the drama in his parent’s lives, they did their best to protect him. During the best forgotten amnesia storyline, it was his insistence that both his parents stay in the same house one more night, directly led to Michelle’s first recovered memory of Danny. He returned to Springfield with his parents in 2009 after an absence of 3 years, a happy, well adjusted child who remained close to his Uncle Rick who was teaching him all his magic tricks and a protective older brother to his younger sister Hope. (See Hope Santos and Rick Bauer)

To learn more about Robbie’s place in the Bauer family tree, read here:

Roger Thorpe – Roger had a long and troubled history both in Springfield and during his various sojourns off screen. Roger really only gets one short mention during the Manny story proper, when Michelle finally decides she needs to make peace with Ben Warren (ironically on the night he is murdered), Michelle explains her decision to Danny that she had gone and talked to her mom’s grave and remembered her mother’s friendship with Roger and Michelle decided she needed to take that as an example for her own sake and for Drew’s. Danny had heard of Roger and said that his family was careful not to mess with him. Roger has a somewhat larger role in several Manny fanfics  (that weren’t limited by sad events in real life) where Roger comes back and helps protect his young friend Michelle from Carmen and in one he even turns out to be Danny’s real father. Here is the episode guide and link to the clip of the Manny conversation about Roger:

I would sum up Roger by saying that he was a very damaged man (partly due to the awful parenting of his father Adam, as Roger always wanted his father to be proud of him and Adam only gave him his disdain) who as a literally tragic hero, who was forever torn between his desire for a true partnership/marriage/family with Holly and Blake that could have brought him true happiness and his desire for the power, wealth, and (in his eyes) community respect, plus revenge he could get by taking over and running Spaulding Enterprises. He flipped back and forth in which to try for seemingly a couple of times a year leaving pain, chaos, and destruction in his wake. In brief, Roger was always drawn to and strongly connected to Holly, but that didn’t stop him from having a series of other affairs and marriages which he viewed as apart and separate from him and Holly. From Holly’s perspective she would spend the majority of her life torn between whether Roger and his dark fascination or Ed and his comparative safety and stability (which goes to show you right there how unstable Roger was) was the path she should follow and I think part of Holly was in love with them both. Roger and Holly (Rolly which was one of the earliest couple codes) were an iconic couple. You probably couldn’t find a more dysfunctional couple (he martially raped her and she shot him), but somehow their connection lasted through all the pain they caused each other and no matter what harm they caused each other, honestly they just weren’t themselves if they were with anybody else or apart.

Ironically probably Roger’s best friend (with the possible exception of Leo Flynn) and one of the few people whose opinion truly mattered to Roger, was Ed’s soulmate Maureen Reardon Bauer. While Maureen didn’t overlook Roger’s obvious problems and misbehavior, she called him on it and saw the good in him anyway. Roger both saw Michelle as his true friend’s daughter and liked her for herself and her own spirit and spunk which brought out the best in him, much as his relationship to Maureen had done. I truly don’t see him abandoning her anymore than he would have Blake and so his defection to California never made any sense. The fanfic writers are right, Roger would have been back to help Michelle and I wouldn’t have wanted to be Carmen Santos when he did.

Sadly real life interfered with reel life. Michael Zaslow who played Roger came down with Lou Gehrig’s disease and as he lost control of his body, TPTB at Guiding Light dumped him thinking that it didn’t fit with Roger. They dropped an amazing opportunity to play what would happen to Roger and his relationships when his own body gave him the ultimate betrayal. Instead One Life To Live rehired Zaslow and they played out that story (very powerfully) as his previously established character there. Meanwhile Guiding Light hired a pale imitation who clearly didn’t get Roger at all and finally realizing their mistake, that there was no benefit to prolonging that story and out of ideas for the poorly written Amanda Spaulding return, sent them both off to California and forgot about them for years before finally giving Roger a posthumous send off story that far below what he deserved.

Although there are a couple of typos in the text and read the comments for clarification on some plot points and there are a couple of jumps and big important parts of Roger’s life glossed over or skipped (Roger deliberately crashing his car to pull Holly back in his life and Roger’s connection to Holly’s daughter with Fletcher Meg spring to mind as examples), overall a great summary of Roger’s life.

Roger’s Dirty Deeds Part 2

Read more:

See more Roger highlights in Roger Thorpe: the Scandal Years:

Ross Marler ~ Although introduced as an ambitious and  ruthless attorney, Ross mellowed over the years. Ross came in as a loner, but eventually had many relatives in town. He had a full brother and sister we met on screen (Justin Marler was a long time leading doctor at Cedars Hospital and Lanie Marler whose temporarily paralysis put paid on her Olympic hopes.) Also a long estranged half-brother (mother’s side) Ben Warren who came to town looking for revenge. In the younger generation he was close to nephew Phillip Spaulding, long lost daughter Dinah Marler, and his three children with Blake (Kevin, Jason, and Clarissa). A turning point in his life was when he chose to resign his U.S. Senate seat after a sex scandal broke with then fiancee’s (Holly Bauer Norris Thorpe) daughter Blake. He resigned his office saying he couldn’t serve without the woman he loved (Blake). He later married Blake and looked at her as the woman who changed his life. They always came back together despite many affairs on both sides (and a rather inexplicably long gap after the Ben Warren break-up of just living together between reconciliation and re-marriage) and felt they had a true love. When Michelle is arrested for Ben Warren’s murder, Danny appeals to Ross as another man hopelessly in love with his wife to take the case and a strong friendship is formed. Ross was already very fond of Michelle and tried to step in as a father figure for his often absent best friend Ed Bauer. After the eventual happy resolution of the Warren murder case, Ross became their regular attorney to the point of his once making a joke that he would have to offer them group rates during Gus Aitoro’s crusade against Danny. However, Ross was not always the warm and friendly father figure many see him as. Some of that ambition and ruthlessness reemerged first in his dealings with his half-brother Ben Warren (whose daughter Drew Jacobs is his niece) and later when he decided he himself would run for the mayor’s office that Danny had already announced to run for. Danny’s and his relationship would never really recover from that blow and his last scenes on the show involved him consulting with Cassie Layne Winslow on how she could keep baby Hope away from her biological parents (although I don’t think he realized she was Manny’s child). Ross’ political career kept him away from Springfield more and more. He got a lead on Phillip’s current location on the run (after Alan had faked Phillip’s death to cover up how far beyond the bend Phillip had gone) and attempted to fly there to talk him home. Phillip had Rick bribe the mechanic to keep the plane grounded, but the sabotage went unnoticed until it was too late and Ross’ plane crashed and he and his assistant (with which they strongly implied he was having an affair with at the time – later we found out she was a lesbian with a partner so no affair) were both assumed dead. An unfitting and hurried end, unbefitting such a Springfield icon (due to the actor being taken off contract to recurring and with very little notice finding a contract job on One Life to Live as a recast Clint Buchanan – the horrible mustache in some of these scenes was because they wanted to see a mustache on him because the original actor has a mustache. He actually had future Ross scripts in hand when he signed the contract and became unavailable. TPTB had written the scene with Blake at the end to be a scene with Blake and Ross’ ghost, but OLTL wouldn’t give him leave to do the scene after coming very close to agreeing.)

(See Holly Thorpe, Ben Warren, Drew Jacobs, and Blake Marler)

Sam Dietz – Sam Dietz first shows up at Millennium looking for Mick on the night he was killed. Even Jesse could tell that Dietz was a guy who was connected. Dietz served as Carmen’s right hand man.  He was close to Mick during his final spiral out of control. He was the go to guy to do anything from shooting someone to setting a bomb to sabotaging a stairway, of course that doesn’t mean his efforts are successful. His loyalty to Carmen was complete and uncompromising, until he felt that Carmen had betrayed him utterly and he returned the favor.

Dietz was in a strange way like a bred to the bone English manor servant. His importance came from tending to the needs of the family and he lived to serve them. He always had unrequited romantic feelings for Carmen. However, when Carmen fell for Ben’s flash in the pan, and invited the interloper into their lives and her bed and put him over Dietz, Dietz saw it as complete betrayal and he responded by pairing up with a rival family to plant a bomb in St. Michael’s designed to take out the entire Santos family. When Danny foiled the attempt, Dietz was able to cover up his own guilt and remained on staff. He also fixed the staircase that Selena Davis was paralyzed on at Pilar’s request (it was an attempt to kill Ben Warren). Dietz was around until about the time when Ben Warren died and then he just gradually faded from sight.

On a related Manny fanfic note, there is an entire section dedicated to Dietz. Most of these focus on a variation of the character known as Bennie Dietz who is married to someone named Boom-Boom.

Selena Davis ~ Selena Davis was originally much more a part of the Messe-Dresse story than the Manny story. Before Ben Warren finally stepped forward and produced the videotape that proved Abby Blume Bauer felt her life was in danger at the time she shot Roy Meecham, providing enough mitigating circumstances that she was released, Ben actually let her serve several weeks in the county jail. (One of Michelle’s long standing grievances against Ben.) During that time, she was cellmates with a prostitute named Selena Davis. Selena had been attempting to turn her life around, but somehow, a never particularly well explained incident with a boyfriend had landed her in jail. She did her best to shield Abby from the worst of the place, at least twice she offered herself sexually to a guard to prevent Abby from being assaulted. Abby devised a plan and together with Selena, she was able to incriminate the guard and get him out of the prison to the benefit of all the prisoners. Selena’s prison term was almost up and after she got out, she followed Abby to Springfield with twin goals of staying clean and finding the daughter that the state had taken from her care after she was declared an unfit mother. Abby invited her to stay in the Bauer garage apartment. With such a strong tie to Abby she also felt aligned with Michelle and joined Team Michelle in the Michelle-Jesse-Drew triangle, smacking down Drew several times. While he was working as a bartender and helping Drew get Millennium open, Mick Santos hired Selena to work there as a waitress. His explanation was an altruistic one, for an alternative idea of why he might of done it see my fanfic Legend of the Water Glass. She slowly began to develop a relationship with Drew and her warnings to Drew to stay away from Messe gradually became less about defending Michelle and more about urging Drew not to make the same mistakes Selena had and base her life on a man who doesn’t love her. A long complex plot and cover up followed as it was slowly revealed to different people that Drew was Selena’s daughter, conceived while Selena was hooking.

Selena pushed back  into the Manny story proper when in attempt to tell Ben she was pretty sure that Drew was their daughter (Ben had been with her one night as a college student before his scars were fixed) led Selena to walk into an “accident” Dietz and Pilar had arranged for Ben. Selena fell down the collapsing staircase to the basement of Casa Santos and was temporarily paralyzed. It was one of the triggers that made Michelle feel that she could no longer live in Casa Santos with Danny which compelled Danny to 1) buy the property at Laurel Falls and start planning their house there and 2) temporarily move them into the Bauer house (where they actually end up living for most of their on screen marriage). A further reveal drew Selena even farther into the Manny story. Selena had apparently (we really only have Selena’s word on this) had a long-term affair with Miguel Santos (Danny’s father) years before. She even bore him a child and had the nerve to name him Miguel Jr. Selena finally decided she’d had enough of being a mistress and called Carmen and told her about Miguel Jr. and that Miguel was now in love with her with the expectation that this would propel Carmen to leave Miguel and that he would then marry Selena. However, Selena didn’t know Carmen. Carmen instead had men more loyal to her than Miguel kidnap him and try to torture Selena’s name out him. All the while he just smiled at Carmen and refused to tell her. The way Selena spins this, it was because Miguel loved her and he died to protect her and their son. I prefer to think this myself as his sacrificing himself for love offers Miguel some redemption and shows that there was good in his soul. I want Danny to have one parent who loved him without an agenda. However, for people who favor the Carmen-Miguel love story, all hope is not lost. Selena would of course see Miguel as in love with her, but he wouldn’t have to be. If Selena was a not so important piece on the side,  Miguel could still love Carmen (like in the situation with Desi Arnez and Lucile Ball), but refuse to knuckle under to her because he loved her. This is a much more twisted and less flattering portrait of Miguel, but does preserve the original backstory, if you prefer it. As we never really met Miguel, we can never know which was the truth. When this story comes out Selena is pursued by goons (it’s never 100 percent clear whether they are from Abuela or Carmen), she leaves town and Buzz is beat up as he tries to buy her time. When Carmen takes Michelle to the docks to kill her for the first time, she slowly becomes more unwound and confuses Danny with Miguel and Michelle with Selena (although it is unclear whether Carmen ever learned her name or not). This confusion supports my theory that Carmen saw Danny as a version of Miguel she could control and that most of her hatred towards Michelle comes from Danny choosing Michelle over Carmen, putting her right back at the place where she allowed Miguel to be tortured to death all over again. (See Miguel Santos, Carmen Santos, Maria Santos, Miguel Santos Jr., Mick Santos, Drew Jacobs, Ben Warren, and Abby Blume Bauer)

Tony Santos ~ Tony is Ray’s little brother and Danny’s cousin. He took their father’s death hard and what he saw as Ray’s betrayal by joining the church and leaving him behind even harder. He has seemingly not been in contact with his family on a regular basis for sometime when a scrape with another crime family in Chicago led him to seek their protection in Springfield. Ray agreed to take him in when the men showed up and Ray got between Tony and the bullets, getting shot himself. Danny was devastated by this and after getting Ray to safety at the hospital he starts beating up Tony because “that’s the only thing he understands.” (I’m kind with Danny on this one. Danny was starting to lose it, but I don’t really think Tony would listen to anyone without a relationship of violence, it’s all he’s known up to this point.) Unfortunately, Michelle walks in on the incident and it puts another nail in their first marriage’s coffin. Tony shows a lot of growth during his time on the show although in some ways he maintains the emotional maturity level of 3 year old throughout, leading him to do thoughtless things like interrupt the court during Danny’s murder trial or jump into Danny’s car when he is escaping from the police even though Robbie is in the back seat. This makes him an almost perfect match for town heroine Marah Lewis who inherited the combined emotional immaturity of both her parents, the supercouple Josh and Reva (Jeva). Tony and Marah frequently hurt each other, just as her parents did, but the love is real and true underneath, no matter what current obstacle they face. Tony came to be looked at by both Danny and Michelle as a little brother. He served as Robbie’s godfather, was Danny’s best man at weddings #4 and #5 and helped organize surprise Bauer BBQ wedding #5 with Marah. Although Tony was frequently tempted to (and sometimes did) return to the old ways, especially when Maria offered him the job of head of the family and when he and Marah were frequently over “forever”, he always remained loyal to Danny in the end. Frequently both Danny and Tony would say that Tony always had Danny’s back. Eventually feeling his latest breakup with Marah really was for good and that the time had come that he needed to create a life for himself separate from being Danny’s junior partner (maybe in the back of his mind, one worthy of Marah someday?) he left Springfield for good. Tony was very like Josh was when he discovered Reva again when she first came to Springfield and I’d like to think that somewhere in the world they were getting the same chance Jeva had to find each other again and were making much better use of it. (See Tattoo Tony below and the rest of the Santos family and Marah Lewis)

Tattoo Tony Santos ~ I can deal with recasts and re-imagining of characters. You have to as a soap fan, but somehow, someway Tony didn’t survive the recast for me. There was just nothing left of the man I had known and liked. He barely knew who Marah was. He was covered with tattoos (to save the makeup dept. from having to cover up the actor’s real life ones). He betrayed Danny repeatedly. He became totally obsessed with Eden August who killed his father and she wasn’t even sorry about it, no parallel to Michelle, it wasn’t self-defense, she just deliberately killed him and was kind of crazy and creepy to boot. I just cannot make my mind accept that this is the same man. I can’t explain it. I have not had this happen with any other character on any soap. I always think of them separately, Tony and Tattoo Tony. Tattoo Tony did many terrible things to Danny and Michelle always convincing himself that it was “the right thing” to do. I’ll not further rehash the dark days of the amnesia story here, except to say by his death (he let go of Michelle’s hand knowing she couldn’t save both him and Danny and in trying to she might fall herself) he partially redeemed himself. If my “real” Tony had realized that somehow he’d done all these things to Manny, he’d have killed himself too. I much prefer to think that Tattoo Tony was some more distant cousin and the real Tony is still out there somewhere, having or waiting for his chance to reunite with his Marah. (See Hope Santos)

Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis Reardon Lewis ~ Vanessa has a complicated and rich backstory, but most of it doesn’t touch on Manny at all. She was Maureen Bauer’s best friend and named her late life pregnancy daughter after her (the baby’s father was Maureen’s younger brother, Matt Reardon). She was also the mother of Bill Lewis (whose father was Billy Lewis), Michelle’s best friend growing up. Vanessa developed a hereditary, genetic illness that she thought would subject her to a long and painful death. She faked her death to spare her family being subjected to this and this common experience of losing a mother young was one of the things that bonded Michelle and Bill. When Dr. Michael Burke (of cloning Reva fame) cured her and she reconnected with Matt through a poetry chatroom, she returned home and revealed she was alive. Unfortunately after Burke’s suicide, she had a relapse that put her into a coma. During this relapse she accidentally shot and killed Ben Warren, but couldn’t confess. Carmen realized her guilt and became her “new best friend” to make sure she didn’t reveal anything. She even poisoned her lip balm to put her back in the coma when she tried to come out and save Michelle. Finally, she does and her testimony is part of what clears Michelle of her conviction in the Ben Warren case. Vanessa’s complicated life continued, but eventually she reunited with true love Billy Lewis and the Vanilly wedding was a focus of the last two weeks of the show. (See Bill Lewis, Maureen Bauer, and Ben Warren)

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