6. Here Comes Claire!

The Manny story picks up just as they are finishing straightening out the mess related to Michelle being framed for Ben Warren’s murder. Michelle’s biological mother, Claire  is catalyst for much of the action eventually leading up to Michelle’s miscarriage and their first divorce. At this point of planning on taking this page through Bethany Joie Lenz leaving the show, although if it gets too long I may break it sooner than that.

Wed., April 19, 2000 – At the Airport: Michelle comes off the plane and bumps into her biological mother Dr. Claire Ramsey at Springfield Airport. Claire stares at her and asks her if she knows who she is. Michelle says she doesn’t. Claire tells her that she is her mother. (Claire is in town because Harley is trying to find out what Rick is hiding and broke into Claire’s office at the Chicago hospital. Claire came to Springfield to talk to Rick and saw a photo of Michelle. The Claire-Rick secret is that Claire was one of Rick’s professors as a med student. In fact, Claire even deflowered Rick although that isn’t a secret, just a little icky. Rick had a drug problem and Claire tells him he changed his final test score. If that came out he wouldn’t legally be a doctor. Eventually Claire admits she didn’t change anything and was only torturing Rick to get back at Rick at the time and was using it as blackmail to get closer to Michelle now.)

(If you don’t know Claire’s story, read the “About Michelle” https://glmanny.wordpress.com/about )

Thurs., April 20, 2000 – At the Airport: Michelle ignores Claire and talks to Danny. Danny and Drew leave, Michelle turns to leave but Claire begs her to give her a minute. Michelle stares at Claire. She says she doesn’t have time for this but Claire insists. Michelle pulls away and tells Danny to get a cab. She tells Claire that she has a friend who is dying and she has to go. At Cedars: Buzz and Selena enter and ask about the plane from San Cristobel. The plane is delayed due to weather. Ross says he is worried about Michelle and Danny returning because the DA didn’t drop the charges yet, despite Vanessa’s confession. Ross sees Rick. Rick is getting ready for an international patient. Ross tells him the patient is Jesse and that Michelle was coming with him. Drew comes in and listens while Rick talks to the heart specialist. The doctor asks Drew to leave the room while he examines Jesse. Selena and Buzz are with her. Drew kisses Jesse and says she will be with him. Meanwhile, Michelle and Danny get off elevator and meet Rick. Rick is in tears as he hugs his sister. He is glad she is okay and was so worried about her. They ask about Jesse but it is too soon to tell. The heart specialist is still in his room examining him. Ross appears and pulls Danny aside. Ross tells Danny they came back too early, it was a big mistake. Ross tells Danny that the DA isn’t dropping charges. Danny says Ray is working on Ruth Lockhart. Ruth should be safe from Carmen since she is locked up in the mental ward. Ross says they have to turn themselves in to the police but Michelle wants to visit Jesse first. Danny calls Ray from a pay phone. He asks about Ruth, finds out the address and tells Ray he is going there. Everyone is back in with Jesse now, the doctor asks all the visitors to leave. Drew doesn’t want to leave. She cries. Michelle and Rick leave Jesse’s room. Michelle asks Ross where Danny is. She can’t leave without him. Rick thinks they should leave again. Michelle tells him that there is nowhere to hide now. Claire shows up and tells Michelle she and Danny can go with her to Chicago and she would hide them there. Michelle just stares at her and clearly can’t believe Claire is expecting her to deal with her now. Claire says she wants to be able to do something for Michelle. Michelle says her mother died and Claire is a little late. Claire says she is not trying to replace her mother. Michelle says she is going to turn herself in. Rick tells Claire that Michelle doesn’t need her help and wants to turn herself in to Police. She can’t run any more. Rick tries to talk her out of it but Ross supports her. She hugs Rick and tells him to take care of Jesse and to try to explain to Danny why she had to go. Rick tells Claire to keep her distance. Claire tells Rick that running into Michelle in the airport was fate. Rick says he doesn’t want to be mean but she should stay out of Michelle’s life. The situation is complicated and she should go home. Claire reaches into her purse for her phone. She calls the airport to cancel her flight. She doesn’t want to reschedule right now. Drew sits at Jesse’s bedside and thanks Selena for her support. Selena says they are both survivors. Jesse loves her. Selena and Drew hug. Selena leaves Drew so Selena can cancel the Passover plans for this evening. Drew prays to God to spare Jesse and she cries as she holds his hand. At Ruth Lockhart’s house: Danny is outside. He knocks on the door. No answer. He calls out for Ruth. At the Springfield Police Station: Frank comes in and asks David about Carmen. David says Doris won’t press charges and she won’t let Michelle off. David needs Frank’s help. Frank says okay and they enter the interview room. Both are playing bad cop to intimidate Carmen.
Carmen denies everything and tells Frank and David they are bluffing. They repeat Vanessa’s story. They tell her she has one chance to tell the truth or they will throw away the key. Carmen’s lawyer arrives and the police interview is over. Carmen threatens David and Frank with harassment charges. Carmen tells her lawyer to sue David, Frank and whole police department. She threatens David and says “did you really think I would confess to a murder I didn’t commit?” Carmen turns around as Ross and Michelle enter station. They stare at each other.



My Comments:

Fri., April 21, 2000 – At the Police Station: Michelle  comes face to face with Carmen who is being released. Carmen asks where Danny is. Michelle says that he shot Jesse. Carmen tells Michelle she doesn’t believe her about Danny shooting Jesse. Michelle says Danny thought that Jesse was one of Bernardo’s men and it is all Carmen’s fault. Danny arrives at PD. Carmen is happy to see Danny but he is not happy to see her. Carmen says she understands Danny since she and his father raised him to protect his family. Carmen declares Danny is a true Santos. Carmen and Danny argue and she leaves. Danny tells Michelle that she can trust him even though she may think he is a Santos like his mother.  Michelle tells him of course he isn’t like his mother and she loves him, but it’s been a lot to process. Danny can’t find Ruth at the address Ray gave him but he will keep trying. Doris enters and wants Michelle and Danny arrested. David protests Doris that she never questioned Carmen while she was there. (David has switched back to being on Michelle’s side once again and has made Carmen his new target.)  Doris tells Danny and Michelle they have to go to jail in the meantime. Before they can react, Ross tells them it will be okay. Ross tells Doris he will tell the newspaper that Doris is suppressing evidence against a mob boss. They just need time to find Ruth to clear Michelle and Doris should be looking for her. Doris is very irate, but she gives Michelle and Danny 48 hours to find Ruth or they will be arrested.  David offers to help them. Danny wants to look by himself and asks Michelle to wait for him. Doris tells Ross that he has made an enemy of her. At Cedars: The lady Rabbi visits Drew in hospital. She wants to help pray for Jesse. Jesse starts to wake up but monitors start beeping. Drew begs him not to leave her. The Rabbi goes for help. The doctor and nurse run in and start to put paddles on him. Drew and the Rabbi go outside. The Rabbi says sometimes God doesn’t always answer prayers in the way we ask that Drew should have hope but prepare herself for whatever happens. The doctor is still working on Jesse. Finally, the doctor tells Drew she should tell Jesse whatever she has to say now since he is very weak. Jesse is unconscious and Drew is talking to him about how he has changed her life and how much she loves him. She is crying but is more subdued. She says she never stopped loving him and apologizes to him for everything. She flashes back to them in happier times. Drew kisses Jesse and says she will always love him. The monitor sounds the doctors go back to work with the paddles. Jesse flatlines and Drew is really upset. The doctors leave the room. Drew kisses his forehead and tells him goodbye. She doesn’t want to leave him. Then the monitors suddenly blink and read normal. Drew says, “He’s Alive.” At the Lockhart’s: Ruth is with her son Charlie. She has to go to work but tells him not to tell anyone their name is Lockhart. Reva is driving Noah home. She says he should get a car. Noah compliments her on slapping Edmund. He says he doesn’t like him either. They keep talking and then Reva brakes quickly. Charlie had run in the street in front of Reva and she hit him with her car. They take Charlie back to Ruth’s. It was an accident, Noah reassures her. He examines Charlie on the couch.

Mon., April 24, 2000 – At Towers: Michelle is showing Ruth’s picture around, but no luck. She is getting aggravated. Claire comes in. She asks Michelle if they could talk. Michelle is upset. She doesn’t want to talk to her. Michelle tells Claire that she is 22 years late. Claire tells her that she wants to say her piece and then she would go. She told Michelle that it hurt when she said she didn’t want anything to do with her. Michelle told her that she didn’t understand that. Claire wanted to know if she had any questions about her adoption. Michelle said she had no questions, but Claire didn’t believe her. Claire told her about how she was a great doctor that could do anything, but having a child scared her and Claire spared Michelle by giving her to Maureen. Claire told her that she wasn’t a good person back then and she had a lot of regrets. She told Michelle that the best thing she ever did was giving her to a woman that would love her with all her heart. Harley sees Claire and tells Rick that Claire is sitting over with Michelle. Claire told Michelle that she had to push her out of her mind when she gave her to Ed and Maureen and never see her again. But all that changed when she saw her at the airport. Claire gave her her phone number and told her to call her if she needed help.It was a local number because Claire had decided to stay awhile. She said that she didn’t expect it but she hopes she would call her. Michelle wanted to know why Claire came back there. Rick and Harley came up and wanted to know the same thing. Rick took Claire aside and told her that she always went too far and she had to stop. Claire only wants to help. Harley and Michelle talk. Harley told her about her mom and Susan. Michelle told her that Susan came looking for her, not the other way around. She said that when Maureen died, her mom died. At the Lockhart house: Noah and Reva tend to Charlie. He told them that her name is Charlie Jones and they asked where his mom was. He said she was at work and that the babysitter would be there shortly. Reva said she was going to take Charlie home until his mom gets back. Noah told her that was kidnapping and he didn’t want to end their date by having to bail her out. Ruth comes in. She wants to know who Reva is. They told her and Ruth said they are fine now and they should leave. The police came in. They asked Ruth her name. Ruth told them it was “Ruth Jones.” Apparently the neighbors called. Ruth panicked and told the cops that Reva ran her son down. Ruth explains what happened and the cops arrest her for child neglect. Ruth begs Reva and Noah to help her. Reva asked if it was necessary to arrest her. Ruth screamed that it was God’s punishment for what she had done. She said she was sorry to her son and the cops drug her out. At the Hospital:Drew is upset when Jesse flatlines. She cries all over him and tells him goodbye. A kiss later, he was back. The monitors responded. Drew said it was a miracle and yelled out that Jesse was alive. She held onto him and called for the doctor. Jesse came to. The doctor said he was a lucky man. Drew told him that it was a miracle from God. Drew told Jesse that they got a second chance. The doctor asked Drew to stay there while he went somewhere. Jesse talked to Drew and told her that he felt like he was dying and he heard her calling him. He told her that she made him come back. He couldn’t leave her. Selena, Max, and Buzz come in. Everyone is glad to see Jesse awake. They wish him well and said they would leave him to rest. Jesse asked them all to stay. Drew said she had been thinking about the past few months lately and all the bad things that had happened. She said she hadn’t taken one second to think about the good times and all the good people in her life. She hugs everyone. They joke around a little and vow to celebrate having each other. Jesse tells Drew that he still wants to marry her. She was happy. Jesse asked Selena if she still didn’t mind and she said that would be great. Buzz said they had to talk about a few things before they discussed marriage. Buzz told them their lives were so serious and they have had a rough time lately but marriage is a very serious thing. He doesn’t know if the two of them knew how to have fun. They have to promise to dance with each other forever. Jesse promised. Then it was Drew’s turn. She had to promise to get on Jesse’s’ motorcycle with him and forget everything else. She promised. Buzz pronounced them ready to be married. They kissed.


NOTE: We saw some people in this post we haven’t seen in awhile. Ruth Lockhart (who has changed her hair) has moved back to Springfield under an assumed name, apparently no longer has to give Charlie treatment for his heart and manages to get herself in position as one of Reva’s lost causes. Ruth will soon be stirring up trouble of a different kind as she comes between Vicky Spaulding and David Grant in a lost ditch effort to give him a storyline before they give up and write the character out again. Reva, who split with Josh over her attachment to Richard, is dealing with Richard moving on with Cassie and Josh moving on with Olivia by dating Dr. Noah Chase. Dr. Noah sometimes plays spy and worked previously with Richard, but is a leading cancer doctor who used James stem cells to save Lizzie. The only good thing about the Reva-Noah pairing, which featured him deliberately bringing a troublesome ex-girlfriend to town to help keep Reva’s attention, was their couple code – Nova – THAT was good. Vanessa had FINALLY gotten her story to the police, but determined to keep the Santos she had in her sights Doris doesn’t even question Carmen although Frank and David had brought her into the station. In an earlier attempt to make us think Jesse was cheating, they’d brought in a female Rabbi he was working on converting to Judaism with to help Drew be more comfortable in their relationship. That’s whose visiting both Drew and Jesse in the hospital. Claire is back in town because Harley had decided Rick had a secret related to Claire and Harley went to Chicago and broke into Claire’s hospital office. Claire caught her and so it’s directly Harley’s fault all the trouble we have with Claire over the next couple of years. I include changing Michelle’s hair color and style which clearly was redone to make her look more like Claire’s daughter.

My Comments:

Tues., April 25, 2000 – At Towers: Harley and Michelle continue to talk, Rick comes back and says Claire will not bother her again. Harley and Rick go off and have supper together. They talk and laugh and seem to have a great time together. Harley tells Rick that she and Claire have a lot in common they both gave up a baby. He talks about what happened with him and Claire, she does not want to talk about that, she wants to talk about Claire and Michelle. Rick says Claire uses people, and he does not want her anywhere near Michelle. Rick thanks Harley for listening to all his stuff, Harley says this is the first time they have spent time alone, she is enjoying getting to know her husband’s best friend, they are looking out for each other. Danny comes into Towers and is talking to Michelle, she tells him about Claire. Danny wants to know how Michelle feels about Claire coming back into her life. Michelle considers Maureen her mom, but says she kept looking at Claire and seeing things that resembled her. Danny says he talked to the bartender he says there is a maid who worked with Ruth that will talk to them after her shift. Danny’s phone rings he talks to the maid she does not tell him anything. Michelle is upset by this disappointment and then conversation turns back to Claire. Danny tells Michelle he will tell Claire to leave her alone; Michelle says no she just seems like someone who is empty inside. Michelle just wants their life together back. They go over to the bar and get some tea. On the television above the bar is the police arresting Ruth Lockhart, but they miss the broadcast. At Ruth Lockhart’s: Ruth is being taken out of the house by the police; Reva wants to know what she has done. One policeman takes Ruth and the other says he will take the child to Children’s services. Charlie bites the cop’s hand, Ruth gets away and takes the one of the cops gun and goes back into the house with Charlie and continues to hold the gun. The cops say they have a hostage situation. Noah wants to just leave, Reva says no she is going to go around to the back of the house and get in, Noah says that is a mistake, he does not want to help her and does not like how she is handling this, but he distracts the cops so she can get to the back door.
Outside, the house is surrounded with cops. They are going to use tear gas, Noah is upset, the cop wants to know where Reva is, there is a TV crew on the scene now. Ruth and Charlie talk about her leaving. Reva comes in Ruth points the gun at her telling her she will hurt her if she does not leave. Reva tries to get Ruth to put the gun down. She wants to know what she had done to be punished for. Reva says she wants to listen to her because she needs someone to listen. Reva says she will have to trust her because she is the only one who will be able to get her out. Reva asks about Charlie, Ruth says it was his heart, he had to have surgery. Ruth says it was expensive, and she had no choice. Reva says she is a good mother and a good person. Ruth says she is so tired, Charlie needs her and she is so tired but cannot say no to him. She says she never stops worrying, and she wants it to stop, she is trapped. Reva says she has to surrender and she has to trust her, the have to resolve this together, just walk out together and trust her. Ruth gives Reva the gun and the get ready to walk out together. Charlie, Ruth and Reva start out Reva says she will go first. They go to the door. Reva calls don’t shoot and tells the cops that everything is OK, they are all coming out. Reva opens the door and starts out, they make her put up her hands, and put the spotlight on her. Reva says she told Ruth she would not be hurt. The cops promise no one will be hurt. They tell her to get the boy and bring him out first, Ruth must come out alone. The reporter starts reporting, and Reva goes after all of them. When they come out, the cops grab Ruth and handcuff her. Reva gets mad and tells them that they are being unfair. She gets up in the camera and tells the cameraman to look at Ruth. She is a woman who loves her son.


Wed., April 26, 2000 – At the Hospital: Jesse is asleep, Drew kisses him on forehead. He wakes up. Drew and Jesse talk about being together for the rest of their lives. Drew wants him out of the hospital and back home. Jesse wants to know how Michelle and Danny are doing. They were there while he was sleeping. He wants to know if she talked to Michelle. She lied and said that she did and that it will take time, but they are rebuilding their friendship. He says that he knows she is lying to him. Drew tells him that Michelle and Danny weren’t there and they haven’t worked things out because she did unforgivable things and ruined the relationship between her and Michelle. She doesn’t have a right to ask for her forgiveness. He says they are getting married soon so her problems are his problems. He wants to call Michelle. He got the phone and Michelle walked in the room before he could dial a number. She asks how he is. He asked her and Drew to work things out. Jesse: “The good thing about me being in this hospital bed is that everyone has to do what I say.” Michelle says that they have talked already, and he says they need to talk again. Jesse said that almost dying changes your perspective in life. He knows that friends and family are what is important. He says that they used to be good friends and he wants them to go outside and work things out so that they can get past all this. Michelle says that it can’t be fixed in an instant like that, but he won’t back down. The girls go outside to talk. Danny is left alone with Jesse neither knows what to say. Danny breaks the ice with’ “How you doing, Jesse? Ever wish you could change the past?” Jesse replies, “Everyday.” Drew says she heard Michelle went to turn herself in. Michelle tells her that she has 48 hours to clear her name. They have to find Ruth Lockhart and so she doesn’t have time to play games with Drew. “What games?” Drew says. “Don’t pretend you didn’t put Jesse up to this,” Michelle says. Drew tells her that it wasn’t her idea, but that she does miss her. She also says she realizes there is nothing she can do to change things. Drew tells her that she was awful and she says she can’t forgive herself and knows Michelle may never want to speak to her again. Michelle says “I doesn’t want that, I just wants it all to be over.” Michelle needs to know why everyone believed in her except Drew. Selena and Jesse backed her up, why not Drew? Why was she so quick to accuse her of murder? Drew tells her that it had nothing to do with her, it is all about Drew. She says everyone that has ever been in her life has turned on her in the worst way and she knew things were too good, having a friend and a mom and a boyfriend and a brother, so something had to happen. Drew says she doesn’t want to make excuses for her actions but  she expected Michelle to stab her in the back. She couldn’t trust her because Michelle was so good to her. Drew tells her that she has all these insecurities. Everyone she cares about hurts her. Michelle assures her she wouldn’t do that. Drew says, “You know how many people have promised that?” Michelle says, “You thought I was next?” Drew says when Ben died, everyone rallied around Michelle and no one supported her. Michelle says “You accused me because everyone supported me?” Drew says she was afraid of being alone again. Drew says she doesn’t deserve a friend like Michelle. Michelle says she is not prepared to lose her best friends and tells her that she forgives her. Drew cries and Michelle comforts her. Michelle tells her she loves her and that they should go and check on their guys. Drew can’t believe it and tells her that she will be there in a moment. Drew sees the newscast about Ruth Lockhart on the TV in the lobby. She runs into Jesse’s room and tells Michelle and Danny that Ruth is at the police station! They ask if she is sure, and she says yes. They run to the station to find them. Drew is smiling and holding Jesse’s hand. Drew tells Jesse that Michelle forgave her. Jesse tells her it’s because Michelle cares about her. Drew says she has her friend back and she hopes Ruth can help clear her. At the Police Station: Ruth wants Reva to tell Charlie that she loves him. Cop is annoyed to see Reva at the station. Noah wants to know how much bail is set for. That will be decided in the morning, she will stay in jail tonight. She wants to talk to Frank or David, but they are on a stakeout. Reva is not budging. She is yelling about it being unfair, while Noah drags her out! There is a crowd of women yelling outside protesting Ruth’s arrest. A reporter wants to talk to Reva. Noah is trying to help her PR strategy. Reva brings the reporters in to see the officers. Reva finds out Ruth is really Ruth Lockhart, the star witness in the Santos murder case. Reva is shocked, but says she will deal with that later. She is talking to the cameras about the injustice that is being done to Ruth. The cop says he will not back down, and he is protecting Charlie from a negligent mother. She must have something to hide since she gave a false name. Reva still pushing for bail that evening. She says the station is going to look bad for prolonging this and he could stop all of this and he needs to bend some if he wants to come out looking like a hero instead of a jerk. He lets Ruth out on bail.
Michelle and Danny run into the station. They ask about Ruth. A cop tells her that she had already been released. They look very upset.


Thursday, April 27, 2000 – Michelle fakes out a cop by pretending to be a reporter. Danny strikes out officially, while Michelle sweet talks a cop who doesn’t recognize their number 1 wanted criminal into giving her the name of who bailed Ruth out. Neither of them can believe Reva is who bailed her out.


My Comments:

Fri., April 28, 2000 – At the Springfield Police Department: Danny and Michelle wait for Ruth and Reva at the police station, Ross arrives. He has talked to Doris and things do not look good. Frank and David come into the station, Matt wants to know why Carmen is still free. Vanessa is upset because her statement is doing no good. Ross says there is nothing he can do without Ruth. Michelle is very upset and says she cannot go back to jail. Michelle gets so upset Danny takes her aside and wants to know what is wrong, now they know it wouldn’t be for long. Michelle  admits she can’t go back to jail because she  thinks she might be pregnant. Michelle admits  it is just a feeling, she is late and has not taken a test yet. At the Lewis house: Ruth sneaks downstairs and calls Carmen. Carmen tells her she took excellent care of Charlie and all she has to do is keep her mouth shut, come get the boy and leave town. She lets Ruth talk to Charlie. She tells him to be a good boy for Mrs. Santos. Reva overheard and tells Ruth that she knows where Charlie is and tells Ruth she has to help get him away from Carmen and put her where she belongs. Reva wants her to trust her and they will get Charlie, Reva has an idea, she needs one other person’s help. At Casa Santos: Carmen is waiting for Ruth to come get her son. Pilar comes in and goes over to her mom. Carmen is very happy to see her and wants to know what she is doing there, Pilar says she needed to see her to help deal with her feelings. Carmen wants to know if Pilar missed her, Pilar says she did. Carmen tells her that she just wanted the family to be together, they used to be so close, Pilar says she wants that too. They go into the office and Reva sneaks in. She goes down the hall looking at a map Pilar must have drawn for her. She finds the cellar and goes down. She finds Charlie and tells him that she came to get him. Carmen tells Pilar she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and that she loved her kids. Pilar says she knows she loves them the best way she knew how. Carmen wants her to forget everything and remember back when she was away. Pilar says things cannot go back to the way it was, she still has nightmares. Carmen wants to take care of her and Pilar says they need to work through things. Carmen says she has a surprise for her; she has slept in her room waiting for her to come back and noticed it was a little girl’s room so she had it re-decorated for her. She wants to take her to see it. Carmen hears a door outside and wants to go see who it is. Pilar panicked and said “it’s Ben.” Pilar acts like Ben is there so Carmen will stay with her and not find Reva. Pilar’s phone rings and Reva tells her that all was clear and they thank her. Carmen finally figures out that she has been set up. She runs to the door of the cellar while Pilar tells her she is a liar and she is going to pay. At the Lewis House: Reva brings Charlie in the house. Ruth thanks Reva; Reva tells her she has to tell the truth now. Reva says she has to clear Michelle. Frank knocks, he wants to talk to Ruth.

Mon., May 1, 2000 – At the Lewis house: Reva tells Ruth she has to tell the truth now. Frank comes in and asks to talk to Ruth. Ruth thinks Reva set her up. She is scared but Reva tells her it will all be okay. While Reva goes to the door, Ruth and Charlie go out the back. Reva tells Frank to back off and she can get Ruth to come around. Reva tells Frank about Carmen having Charlie. Frank gives her an hour. Reva goes back in and thinks Ruth left. She is glad when they walk in. Ruth said they come back because Charlie felt he had done something wrong. Reva tells her that she has to do the right thing and Carmen will get hers. Reva told her to show everyone that she is a good person. At the police station: Pilar came in and told David about Carmen kidnapping Charlie. She tells him that her mom is getting desperate and that he should go over there. Matt calls the hospital and finds that Vanessa is missing. Pilar tells them to think about it. She knows where Vanessa is. She says Vanessa has to be confronting her mom. David talks to Frank about Ruth and Reva. David tells him about Vanessa going to Carmen’s and how the DA won’t let them do anything. Reva and Ruth come in. Ruth told Frank that she had a statement about how she and Carmen set Michelle up. Ruth gave her statement and Frank thanked her and told her that they would get Carmen and then come back and see what they can do to help her. Ruth thanked Reva and told her that she had a gift with holding an audience and she should use it. Ruth said it had to be fate and she shouldn’t ignore it. Frank and David are doing paper work. They talk about Ben. They want things to be over so they can go on with their lives. David asks Frank about his family. They are still in Greece and haven’t really talked. Frank doesn’t sound so optimistic. Frank said he and Eleni have drifted apart and he thinks they don’t need him. David tells him that moms and their daughters have special bonds but they need him too. A cop comes in with Charlie. Ruth tells him that they aren’t moving again. Reva gets a call from a TV station that wants to give her a job.
Back in her cell, Michelle dreams of Carmen trying to take her baby away while she was stuck in prison. Danny comes in, Michelle cries, she thinks she is hallucinating again. He tells her that she is free and they can leave. He takes her away. At Casa Santos: Carmen calls Dietz and tells him that she is leaving in 10 minutes and to get the jet ready. She says she has fake passports that will get her out of the country. She hangs up and Vanessa comes in. Vanessa: “Hello Carmen, I bet you never thought you would see me alive again.” Carmen starts to leave and tells Vanessa how stupid she was to come there alone. Vanessa pulls a gun on her and tells her she wasn’t leaving. Carmen tells her that she couldn’t pull the trigger. Vanessa tells her that she would be surprised. Vanessa tells her how despicable she is. How she treated Ben, Pilar, and Danny. Carmen got upset and pretended to cry. She sat down and got the gun away. She held it on Vanessa while she told her that she was the one that killed the man she loved. Carmen told Vanessa how she was solely responsible for Ben’s murder. Carmen pulls the trigger, but it wasn’t loaded. Vanessa: “Come now, you don’t really think I would come here with a loaded gun to shoot you do you. We are incredibly different.” Carmen is very angry. She tells Vanessa that they are just alike, except Vanessa shot Ben for no reason, so it was crueler since Carmen shot him in defense of her daughter. Carmen says she is leaving but she will be back when Vanessa least expects it and she will get hers then. She starts to leave when Matt, Bill and Pilar come in. Danny comes in. He tells her that they cancelled her chopper and that Ruth gave a statement. Carmen doesn’t believe him, until Michelle comes in. She tells Carmen that she deserves whatever she gets. Pilar tells her that the cops know everything. Carmen wonders if they know she only shot Ben because she was defending Pilar. Danny told her that she was going down for setting up Michelle. Carmen told him that it was his fault. He left his family for ‘her’ (Michelle). Just then Frank and David came in and carted Carmen off. Danny help Michelle and said that was his mom and he doesn’t feel a thing.


Tues., May 2, 2000 – Abby comes back and asks Rick who Harley is talking to. Claire comes over and introduces herself to Abby. Abby asks who that was. She remembers her name and remembering Rick saying she was an 80-year-old patient. She got a little upset that Rick didn’t tell her the truth and even more upset that she has been in town for a while and Rick hasn’t told her yet. Rick tells her that she is very vindictive and that she is Michelle’s natural mother. Abby wants to know more. She wants to know why he felt he could confide in Harley and not her. She gets mad and leaves to get some air. Rick gets a call and leaves the table. Claire sees Abby and goes over to talk to her. She tells Abby that she is only there to check on Michelle. She talked about Ed and Maureen and how they wanted a baby. Claire tells her that she just wants to get to know Michelle. David comes in and tells everyone the news about Michelle. They are all happy and think everything is going to be great now. At the Police Station: David is booking Carmen. Carmen is prisoner number 1020. Ray comes in to talk to Carmen. She thinks he is there to help bridge the gap in her family but he says he is there to save what is left of her soul. She tells Ray to go away. He tells her that he is there to take her confession. David calls an officer over to take Carmen down to her cell. Ray asks to go with her. They take her away. Carmen is put in a cell. Ray talks to her about the reality of what she has done. Ray tells her that he will help her. She tells him that she doesn’t believe in God. She tells him that God is merciless, he has taken her husband, her children, and even Ben. Ray tells her that she has to repent before God will forgive. She tells him that she struggled for her family. Ray told her that God loves her and doesn’t want to forget about her. He tells her everything will be okay and holds his aunt. Carmen tells him that she has lost everything. He tells her that she can have her family back if she asks for forgiveness. Carmen prays with Ray. Ray tells her she is in his prayers and leaves. Carmen is depressed. She doesn’t know what she will do. At Casa Santos: Danny and Michelle, Bill and Pilar are talking about Carmen. Michelle is scared that she will end up going back to jail. They tell her that she is free. She thanks everyone for their support. They talk about the house. No one wants to live there. Pilar starts to take down artwork and photos she hated and break them. Danny breaks the drink stand.  They seem to feel better. Michelle thinks it is too dark and yanks the curtains open. They don’t know if they should sell the house or what. Michelle suggests they donate it to charity for use as an orphanage, halfway house, woman’s shelter or something. They think that is a good idea. Michelle: “You and Pilar can make the name whatever you want it to be.” Danny wants to get all the crap done so they can forget all the stress and concentrate on the baby, if there is a baby and if there isn’t, they can start working on having one. Danny: “This is our happy ending and we deserve it.” Danny thinks they should call Rick but Michelle thinks they should go in person. Everyone starts to leave. Danny goes back to shut the drapes. He gets some things together and looks at a few pictures. He has hope for the future and doesn’t think anyone can take it away. He leaves and when he closes the door a family picture falls and breaks the glass into pieces.


NOTE: Catching up again on doings in Springfield. Reva’s experience with Ruth propels her to her own talk show. It will be very popular for awhile and then while the station is owned by outsiders, Reva is fired for being too old and bringing in too old a demographic. Josh buys the station to give her back her show, but at that point Reva seems to lose all interest in journalism and frankly in working in general. After Annie Dutton/Terri DeMarco testified that Frank had kissed her and Frank hadn’t told Eleni about it things went from bad to worse with the pair. Frank wants to reconcile, but I think the show – despite the fact that she had finally started to seem a little bit like Eleni in the last few months – decided to cut its losses on a bad recast. Frank and Eleni will eventually divorce and Eleni will move to California with Maria, taking most of Frank’s storylines with her.

My Comments:

Thurs., May 4, 2000 – At the Courthouse: Danny, Michelle, Bill, Pilar, Vanessa and Matt are at the courthouse. They have a meeting with the judge. It’s a different judge than the one who held court for Michelle’s trial and he has been charged with  straightening out the case. Ross comes in and tells Danny and Michelle that this is bigger than just a simple meeting, the judge wants to know what was going on with the Ben Warren case. The Judge calls them all into the judge’s chambers and says that he wants to clear up the mess they have been going through for the past months. To that end, he also has an under arrest Carmen escorted in by a guard and her attorney. The judge tells them that he had read over the transcript of the trial and it was so chocked full of lies and innuendos that he was throwing it out and was going to find the truth himself. Pilar asks to speak first and Doris gets upset, saying that Pilar has already been found incompetent to testify.  Pilar retorts while she was having mental health issues, her story about what happened that night has remained unchanged. The Judge wants to hear her. Pilar tells her story and tells the judge that she is partially to blame. The judge agrees but says there was nothing illegal about her actions. Pilar continued and said that two people shot Ben that night but only her mother wanted him dead. The Judge asks if she was in the room when Vanessa came in. She says that she wasn’t. He tells her that he wasn’t interested in opinions just the facts. Carmen gets up and tells him she wants to make a confession. She tells him that Pilar was telling the truth. She said that she was set up to think her daughter was being assaulted. She told the judge that she came back later hoping Ben was still alive. She said when she went in the second time she saw Vanessa shoot Ben in cold blood. At first Carmen seems to think she’s winning the judge over, but then he asks if she knew of this capital crime all along why she didn’t come forward sooner. She said she couldn’t come forward because no one would have believed her as long as Vanessa was in a coma and everyone was feeling sorry for her. Vanessa tells the Judge that Carmen is lying and she wants to tell the truth. Vanessa tells how she talked to Pilar and then how she went to Ben’s room. She was afraid something bad would happen and so she’d entered and found and picked up the gun. She didn’t see Ben at first and when he rose up and grabbed at her, desperate for help, and he’d badly frightened her.  They struggled with the gun between them until the gun went off. The Judge told Vanessa that as DA Doris didn’t believe her and thinks her story was too convenient and he tends to believe that himself. Ross speaks up and says Vanessa’s story vindicates her. He tells him to look at the ballistics report. The description Vanessa gave of the shot, closeness of the gun, the angle, etc., matches with the report point for point and since she’d just recently emerged from a coma Vanessa hadn’t seen the document to be able to fabricate it.  The judge asks Vanessa if she has seen the report before. She said she hadn’t.The judge told her that he believed her. After hearing everyone, the judge tells Doris that he expects a motion on his desk in the morning stating that the death of Ben Warren was an accident and another one charging Carmen Santos with perjury, bribery, fraud, attempted murder and whatever else she could think of. He tells Vanessa and Michelle that they were free to go. Back at the Jail: Carmen is put in her cell. She is upset. Danny comes in and asks how it feels. He thinks it is poetic justice that she is locked up not for murder but for how she tried to frame Michelle. Danny: “Goodbye Carmen.” He leaves. Carmen goes to her cot and gets a bottle of pills. She says she wished it hadn’t come to this. Later, Carmen is lying on the floor of her cell with pills all over the floor. Vanessa and Matt, Bill and Pilar, Danny and Michelle and Ross are celebrating at Towers. They can’t believe the good guys actually won for once. Danny pulls Michelle aside and asks if she’d taken the pregnancy test yet. She said she has a test in her purse. Danny wants to take it now. Teasing her “Yes, in the middle of the restaurant.” Danny reassures Michelle: “If it’s yes, great! If it’s no, it’s just no until later tonight.” They decide to wait until after the party to take the test.



Fri., May 5, 2000 – At Towers: The party for Michelle’s freedom was underway. Danny is impressed by the turn out. Michelle tells him he can go see Carmen if he wants, she will understand.  Michelle: “She’s still your mother.” Even after everything she did, Carmen is still his mother. Danny doesn’t want to see Carmen again. He can’t believe what she did to them and can’t think of her as his mother any more.  Danny makes a toast, to Michelle and her freedom. He thanks everyone for their help and fights back tears telling everyone how much he loves his wife. Danny:  “To a woman who is very special in all of our lives and the most important person in my life, my wife and my love, welcome home, Sweetheart. May you never have another dark day or DA.” He tells her he wished her mom, Maureen, could be there with her tonight. Just then Rick sees Claire at the door. He tells her he doesn’t want her near Michelle. Claire tells him that Abby rented the garage apartment to her and he is furious. He pulls Abby aside and she demands to know what the problem is with Claire. He admits to having an affair with her long ago. Abby was angry about it and asked him a lot of questions. He told her that Claire was an evil, manipulative woman and he didn’t want her in their lives. Abby got angry that Rick is still keeping things from her and left for home, alone. Claire comes over to talk to Michelle. She apologizes for making her feel awkward and offers her congratulations on her freedom. Claire tells her she still feels like her mother and wants to be a part of her life. Michelle tells her she wasn’t interested. Claire told her it was fate that they met in the airport. Michelle reluctantly agreed to not shut the door on the possibility of a future with her. Michelle went back to Danny and told him she was ready to take the test. Bernardo comes in to see Danny. He said he only came to congratulate him and his wife on their freedom. Danny doesn’t believe him. Bernardo told him that he was the new head of the Santos clan and in that capacity would be dealing with him often. Danny wants nothing to do with it. Bernardo is worried that Carmen may try to gain her freedom by offering information to the cops. Bernardo tells Danny: ”Frankly no one wants her back. All the other families would rather deal with you.” Bernardo tells Danny he can’t just walk out of the business. Danny: “Watch me!” and leaves. Pilar and Bill are talking about Carmen. Pilar is worrying about her mom. She wished she could learn from her mistakes and go back to the woman she once was. Frank comes in with news about Carmen’s attempted suicide. Pilar asks if Carmen is OK. She and Bill leave to go the hospital. Rick tells Claire to get lost. He said he doesn’t want her around. She said he wasn’t going to be able to get rid of her like he and Ed did before and if he tried, she would use his secret to bury him. He told her that burying him would also bury herself. She didn’t care about her career all she cared about was getting a relationship with Michelle. She said if he didn’t back off she would tell all his friends and family that he was a fraud and wasn’t a real doctor but that he had just been playing one all these years.
Cassie and Reva were thrown together and talked a little. They are both still mad about the entire business with Richard and how he feels about both of them. They both misunderstood the other and ended up separating again. But in their hurry to leave the place, they both ended up on the same elevator. Cassie pushed the button trying to get off and the elevator stopped. They were stuck. Michelle beckons  from the Towers hallway that leads to the restrooms to Danny. In the hallway she tells him that she took the test and she was pregnant. He was thrilled and said that they now had everything. (Unfortunately this is the little girl who she miscarries during the stress of Danny trying to find out who killed his mother.)


My Comments:

Mon., May 8, 2000 – Drew shows up at Michelle’s party at Towers. She wants to congratulate Michelle and Danny on Michelle being cleared. Drew talks to Selena about how Michelle forgave her. Meanwhile, Michelle just told Danny she was pregnant. They are both thrilled. Danny wants to tell everyone but Michelle doesn’t. She tells him she wants to keep it just between them for now. Drew comes up and interrupts them. She hugs Michelle and tells her how happy she is for her. Drew leaves. Michelle tells Danny that she has been feeling different and thought she may be pregnant, but didn’t want to think about it with jail hanging over her. Now she is sure she only wants to share it with him for a while. Michelle tells Danny that she saw him with Bernardo and wants to make sure he isn’t planning on bringing their baby in that mob business. He tells her that he wants nothing to do with that life ever again. They go out to leave and are toasted by everyone at their party. Rick tells Claire that he never asked her to change his test scores and if she told on him she would have just as much to lose. She told him she would risk it just so she could have a relationship with Michelle. Rick reminds her that he didn’t come forward because he didn’t want to bring things down on his family and because he did go back unofficially and retook the test and passed. Rick told her that she should have just gone back to Chicago. She tells him that all she wants is a little time with Michelle without any interference from him. He agrees to let her stay in the garage apartment and then leaves for the hospital.
Claire goes over to Danny and tells him that she hopes they have time to get to know each other. He tells her not to get her hopes up where Michelle is concerned. Claire: “Maybe in time.” Danny: “Maybe.” She writes down her cell phone number and goes to put it in Michelle’s purse and finds the pregnancy test. The party is breaking up and Claire is still shell shocked about the test. Claire asks if Michelle is all right that she looks different. She asks Michelle if she is pregnant. Michelle is blown away. She asks her how she knew that and Claire said it was just something a mother knows.


NOTE: Claire and Rick did have a relationship on screen while Rick was in med school. In fact Claire took Rick’s virginity, despite the fact he was one of her students. Rick did not have an easy time of it in med school and was hooked on some sort of speed type drug to “handle things better.” Rick’s addiction would raise its head again in the aftermath of Phillip faking his death the first time. After stealing a body to help Phillip fake his death so Phillip had time to prove that Phillip didn’t kill Beth’s ex-boyfriend Neil, who actually had committed suicide after staging the scene to make it look like Phillip killed him so Phillip wouldn’t have Beth either, Phillip was cleared, but both Rick and Phillip were convicted of the crimes they committed while proving his innocence. This time Rick lost his medical license for awhile and then ended up in Chicago. He married nurse Annie Dutton and they enabled each other’s addictions off screen. The secret Claire is holding over Rick’s head is that she told him after he took his final licensing tests that she changed his scores and he really wasn’t legitimately a doctor. However, this was just a bit of vindictiveness on Claire’s part (sadly she tends to be that way) and she didn’t really change Rick’s scores and he passed on his own. She won’t admit this for some time, however. Despite everyone harping on Danny and Michelle’s differences, having a brother with a drug addiction (Michelle had Rick and Danny had Mick) was actually just one of many similarities between them.

My Comments:

Wed., May 10, 2000 – Teresa and her Uncle Carlos are at Company. She says Danny needs to take over for Carmen. Carlos says that Bernardo talked to Danny and he will come around. Teresa tells Carlos that Danny needs to put aside his feelings and come back to the “Community.” Carlos says he will talk to him. Danny just needs a little leverage to nudge him back to “The Family.” At the Bauers: Michelle and Danny are kissing in the Bauer kitchen. They are happy to be alone for the day. Danny: ”It’s weird to be in clothes”  and wants to go back to bed, but Michelle says woman cannot live on love alone and she starts rounding up a meal. Michelle notices Danny’s expression and wonders what Bernardo said to him. Danny says not to worry. Michelle wants to know if she looks pregnant and mentions Claire’s comment. They discuss names for the baby. Danny: “I like Danny, Jr.” Claire enters the kitchen to pick up the key to the garage apartment. Michelle is surprised, she thought Selena still lived there. Claire tells her Selena is moving in with Buzz. Claire mentions she lived in that apartment when Michelle was born. She insists she doesn’t want to be pushy. Danny says the new living arrangement is NOT OK with him. Danny tells Claire she doesn’t really know Michelle and Michelle deserves happiness and he refuses to let anything risk Michelle’s happiness again. Claire says she understands and she made a mistake. She just wanted to get to know Michelle. She will go back to Chicago. Claire will honor what Michelle wants. Michelle tells her not to go yet. Michelle tells Danny that she wants to talk to Claire. She tells Claire that she thought it was bizarre that Claire looked at her and knew she was pregnant. Maybe there is a connection and she would like to explore that. She offers to make Claire coffee. Claire is happy. Michelle asks Danny to leave them alone for a while. Danny is doubtful, but finally kisses Michelle and leaves. Claire tells Michelle she is lucky to have someone who loves her so much. Claire says she wasn’t used to be spoken to so forcefully by someone “like that” (the Santos family). Michelle says he is out of that life now. Claire apologizes for her snide remarks about Danny. Michelle says Danny’s family is not her favorite topic. Claire apologizes for moving in to the garage apartment without more notice. She is happy to be with Michelle. Michelle is looking for a pen and finds the note from Claire in her purse. She realizes that Claire lied about how she knew Michelle was pregnant since she peeked in her purse. Michelle: “You flat out lied!” Danny is on the cell phone outside the Bauer house. Carlos appears and wants to go inside and meet Danny’s wife. Danny tells him to stay away from his family. Danny looks upset. Danny is talking to Carlos. Flowers are delivered for Michelle and the guy gives them to Danny with Carlos still there.  The flowers are from Claire. Carlos takes the note and reads about Congratulations on the expected baby and Danny is upset that Carlos now knows Michelle is pregnant.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBBtJLnLKGY (Repeated from previous post)

Thurs., May 11, 2000 – At the Bauers: Outside, Carlos congratulates Danny on Michelle’s pregnancy. Danny is upset that the mob now knows. Danny tells Carlos he doesn’t want any part of the business. Carlos can have his mother’s business. Carlos wants Danny’s help. Danny says it is not his problem or his business. Carlos threatens to visit Michelle in 24 hours if Danny doesn’t change his mind. Danny threatens Carlos if he goes near Michelle. He tells Carlos again to take the business. Carlos tells Danny that Danny can’t get out of the business; he is in it for life just like his father. Carlos repeats the 24-hour time limit for Danny to agree to take over the business. Meanwhile Inside, Michelle asks Claire why she lied about seeing the pregnancy test. Claire starts to leave. Michelle stops her and says she hasn’t been completely honest either. Michelle didn’t ever think of Claire much, but she overheard Ed call Claire when Maureen died. Michelle wondered why Claire never contacted her when she needed someone. She was hoping Claire would call or come and see her. She would even have loved to read a letter. She wondered what kind of person wouldn’t try to contact her. Claire said she didn’t know Michelle wanted to hear from her. Claire apologizes for not contacting Michelle when Maureen died. She said she didn’t think Michelle wanted to hear from her. Claire gave her up and tried to forget her. Michelle thinks that she gave her up to advance her career. Claire can never be her mother. Abby walks in and wants to know what was going on. Claire leaves. Abby asks Michelle if she wants to talk. Abby goes upstairs. Michelle opens the door and sees Claire crying outside the kitchen. Michelle goes down and Claire tells Michelle she didn’t want her to see her crying. Claire tells Michelle she was afraid that she couldn’t give Michelle what she needed. She could never be as good as Maureen. When Claire saw Michelle at the airport, she thought they might have a chance. Michelle starts to cry and they hug. Abby sees them through the window. Claire leaves. Back in the kitchen, Abby asks Michelle what happened. Michelle says Claire is not a monster but she isn’t perfect either. Abby congratulates Michelle on being pregnant. Michelle wonders if it makes Abby feel pressured since Rick has long wanted his own child and Abby has been questioning whether the timing is right for them to have a baby. Abby says no and offers to listen if she needs someone to talk to. Michelle asks if Abby trusts Claire. Abby says they don’t really know Claire but Michelle should take it slow. She shouldn’t let her into her life if she doesn’t want to.


My Comments:

Fri., May 12, 2000 – At the jail: Danny tells his mother he will NOT go back into the mob. Carmen says he will never get out, but Danny says she will help him get out. He wants her to turn state’s evidence and tell on the other families to help herself. Carmen asks him if he realizes what he is asking. She said she would be dead if she does that. He suggests the Witness Protection (which is what it’s for) but she isn’t interested. Danny tells her he needs her protection and help to get out of the business. He says that her business will be destroyed while she is in jail regardless, but if she were to turn state’s evidence the other families wouldn’t come after Danny. Carmen doubts that the government would be able to keep her safe and that the other families would assume Danny was in on it. He says they can make it look like she turned on them too. Carmen still says no. Danny asks if she won’t do it for him, will she do it for her grandchild? –Michelle is pregnant. Danny asks Carmen if she remembers feeling that she would do anything for her children. She says she always protected them. He wants his child to be safe and wants Carmen to help him. He has less than 24 hours before Carlos and Bernardo make their move. He asks her to give his child a chance. Danny told her that there was no time to think about it. He said that they could all be dead within 24 hours. Abby and Michelle are at the Hospital for her OB appointment. They are in the waiting room. Danny will be there later. Abby tells Michelle that Rick will be happy and then Rick shows up. Michelle: “I’ve been feeling sick lately.” Rick: “I’m sure it’s nothing.” Michelle: “I wouldn’t call it nothing, it has you for an uncle.” Rick is very happy for her. Michelle was hesitant about telling him since she knows how much he wants his own child. She says this will bring her and Danny closer. Michelle is talking to the doctor. She says, “my husband will be so excited.”



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Tues., May 16, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is reading a baby book and eating ice cream when Drew comes in with two bottles of wine. Drew notices the baby book and deduces that Michelle is pregnant. She is so happy for her and dances around with Michelle. Drew asks about everything, how long she knew, how far along she was, how she felt, etc. Michelle says she found out the night before. Drew gets upset that Michelle didn’t tell her last night and apologized for assuming that things were back to the way they were. Drew said she understands why Michelle may not be ready to be close with her again. Michelle tells her that she wants to be her friend; she just wanted to keep it between her and Danny for awhile. Drew understands. Michelle told her that she is about two weeks along and not feeling too much morning sickness yet. However, she was acting very emotional from hormones. Drew asks her about what Danny was planning to do for a job. Drew offers to let Danny come in with her at Millennium. She said she wants some time off and Danny would be a great partner. Danny comes in and Drew congratulates him on the baby. She leaves and Danny tells Michelle they need to have a little talk. He starts to tell her about Carmen and the deal but Michelle said she would rather not hear anything about his mother right then, she had a great day and wants to leave it at that. She tells him about the baby book and looks at the back and sees Carmen’s face in the author’s picture. She shakes it out of her head and hugs her hubby. At the Jail: Pilar goes to visit Carmen with Bill. Carmen is angry that she brought Bill along saying that she wanted to talk to her privately. Pilar insists that she speak in front of Bill. Carmen tells her about the deal the government wanted to make with her to turn state’s evidence and wants to know what she thinks about it. Carmen said it would affect them both greatly. Carmen tells Pilar that Danny and Michelle are going to have a baby and she may have to accept the deal and go away forever in order to protect that baby and wants Pilar to go with her. Pilar is very happy that she is going to be an aunt and is considering what her mom is asking. Bill tries to tell her not to listen to her mom but she tells Bill not to interfere, it is her decision to make. Bill tells Carmen to leave Pilar alone. He jerks Pilar away and tells her not to let Carmen scare her into doing something she doesn’t need to do. She thinks it may be a good idea for her to go away. Pilar tells Carmen that she will think about it. Bill tells Carmen that the conversation is over and takes Pilar out of there. At Towers: Danny talks with Ross about the deal they are trying to get Carmen to take. Ross wonders if Danny can trust Carmen. Ross: “The only thing I know about your mother is she’s not a very trustworthy person.” Danny feels he has no other options but to get Carmen to turn state’s evidence. Ross tells him to tell Michelle what is going on. Ross is worried that Carmen will go after Michelle again herself if she gets out. Ross: “Your mother is nothing if not vindictive.” Danny said he would tell Michelle as soon as the deal is in place. Bill tells Pilar not to fall for Carmen’s scheming. She cries and tells him that she thinks she can help her mother. Ross comes into the jail  and says that the Feds are ready to make a deal. Carmen says that she isn’t making a deal until she gets what she wants and she hasn’t exactly decided what she wants yet.


Thurs., May 18, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is in the kitchen napping. Danny kisses her awake in a really romantic way. Michelle sees Carmen in a dream asking about how Michelle and her grandchild are doing.  She jumps and Danny asks her if she is all right.  She said she is fine but that she has a surprise for him. Danny: “Is there a chapter in this book about how sexy pregnant women are?”  Michelle leaves the room and Danny gets on the phone to call Ross. He asks Ross about the situation with Carmen. He is hoping that his mother has decided to take the deal; he doesn’t want to say anything to Michelle until she gives them her decision. Pilar knocks at the door. She tells Danny that Carmen will agree to help the government if she leaves with her. Danny is against it but Pilar tells him she has already agreed. Danny asks her not to go through with it but Pilar tells him she has to for him and his baby. Pilar tells him that it is all her fault they are in the situation to begin with. Danny tells her that he won’t let her do this and he leaves to see Carmen. At Millennium: Michelle comes in to see Jesse. Drew had already told Jesse about the baby. He congratulates her and notices something is wrong. He asks her and she says that she thinks Carmen isn’t finished with her yet and hopes that she stays in jail. Michelle tells Drew and Jesse about the dreams she was having. Drew thinks if she would just tell Danny the dreams would go away. They tell Jesse about Drew’s offer to let Danny come in to Millennium and he doesn’t think it’s such a great idea. Drew tells him it would be great, just the four of them. Jesse wonders if Danny knows anything at all about the business but Drew says they can teach him. Michelle gives Jesse & Drew some room to talk it over. Jesse says that Danny will always be a Santos and would always be associated with the mob and he thinks Drew should call the whole thing off. Jesse tells Drew that Danny’s connection with the mob will get someone hurt and reminds her of how he got shot in San Cristobel. He said he forgave Danny but he was the one holding the gun. Drew said they would have to have a good story to back out of the deal or honor it. Jesse says he understands how much Drew wanted to do this for Michelle and she says she wanted this for them too. They need time away from each other and need someone to help run the place. Jesse says okay, maybe it will be a good idea to let Danny in so she can be home more. But there are conditions…if anyone from Danny’s past starts to cause problems the deal is off. Drew thanks him. Frank is talking to Michelle, she tells them to be careful when they transfer Carmen because it isn’t like no one has escaped before. Frank says deep down they all wanted Michelle to escape, she wasn’t just that lucky. Michelle says she’s not prepared to deal with Carmen getting free. Carlos walks up and congratulates her on the baby; he introduces himself as Teresa’s uncle. Michelle wants to know how he found out about the baby. Carlos tells her that they are waiting on Danny’s answer. At the Jail: Danny goes in just as Carlos is leaving. Carmen tells Danny that he has to take over the business but he refuses. He tells her that Pilar is not going with her either. Carmen said that if Danny doesn’t take over the business Carlos has promised to get rid of Pilar. Carmen says that Danny has to make a decision between his sister and his wife and child. He doesn’t want to make that decision and Carmen tells him that she won’t help him then and she will rot in jail and not testify. Danny tells her to let Pilar go if she really loves her. Danny tells Carmen that Pilar is young and can start a new life for herself. Carmen doesn’t look forward to start over in the middle of nowhere. She wants to return to her home and family. Danny says that can’t happen. She needs to protect her children by doing this for them. Carmen cries and says she doesn’t think she can live without her family, the money and the power. Danny asks her to do it for her grandchild but Carmen doesn’t think she can do it. Danny tells her it is the only way to be his mom again. Carmen tells him that she doesn’t care about herself and she would take the deal for her children and for Danny’s baby. Danny thanks her and hugs her.



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Fri., May 19, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle tells Danny about Carlos asking about the baby. She said it upset her how he knew. She tells him about Drew’s offer for them to become partners in Millennium. She also tells him about her nightmares concerning his mother and how Frank told her that Carmen would not be getting out of jail. Danny tells her that she and the baby are the most important people in the world to him and that because of that he had to take drastic measures in order to protect them. He tells her how the other mob families are insisting he take over the Santos mob operation and are threatening her and their baby if he doesn’t. Michelle doesn’t want any part of the business and Danny tells her that there is a way to get out of it, but to do so means that Carmen will go free. Danny says the families are dangerous but Carmen can handle it by rolling over on them and making it look like she testified against him too. Michelle says Carmen will come after her and the baby but Danny says Carmen will protect the baby. Michelle wants there to be another way but Danny says there is no other way, he doesn’t want to do this either, but he can’t find another way out and they’re running out of time. Michelle says Carmen will get rid of her and Danny will have no family to protect. Danny and Michelle talk about Carmen and the baby, Danny tells her Carmen will not be around and cannot hurt them, Michelle tells him she will leave him if he goes through with this.


Mon., May 22, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle tells Danny that he has to think of the baby and not help Carmen get out of jail. He tells her that he was thinking of the baby and Carmen would never hurt her own grandchild and besides she is nothing compared to Carlos who has threatened Michelle and the baby. Claire comes in and interrupts and overhears only a portion and jumps on Danny about the danger he is putting her daughter in. Claire: “You will get my daughter killed.” Danny tells her she doesn’t know what’s going on but Claire says she doesn’t want to be visiting her daughter’s grave. Michelle tells Claire to butt out while Danny tells her that she doesn’t understand. Claire tells Michelle to get away from Danny, he is in too deep and cannot get away. Claire says Michelle shouldn’t be alone, and Danny gets mad and says she is not alone. Michelle tells Claire not to tell her what to with her life. Michelle says Danny has been there for her every step of the way, and Claire has NOT and this is about family and Claire is not family. Michelle: ”Danny and I will handle this like we handle everything else – together! OK?” Claire finally agrees to keep quiet about what she heard and leaves. Claire: “I’ll do what needs to be done to protect you.” Michelle wants to know when this is going to end, Danny apologizes and tells her the Feds will take care of everything and he has to go along with taking over the family business until after Carmen testifies. He tells her it will be peaceful soon and he will make all her dreams come true. Michelle cannot get Carmen out of her mind, he tells her she is out of their lives for good. Danny fixes her tea and tells her that everything will be okay. She tells him that she doesn’t think Claire will interfere anymore. Claire goes to visit Carmen. She tells Carmen who she is and Carmen tells her to leave she is not interested; Claire says she will be interested; she does not want Danny with Michelle together either. Carmen and Claire agree that they will do anything to protect their children. Claire tells Carmen to stay away from Michelle and she will break up Danny and Michelle for good. She tells Carmen to think about it.


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Thurs., May 25, 2000 – At Company:  Michelle and Danny are waiting for Carlos. They are going to bluff him until Carmen joins the Witness Protection Program. Carlos enters and Michelle starts to leave but Carlos wants to talk to both of them. Danny tells Carlos that Michelle has to go to the doctor but Carlos insists she stay. Danny tells Carlos he is willing to run his mother’s business. Carlos tells him some of the other families doubt his willingness to take over. Danny reassures him. Teresa enters and says “Whatever he just said is a lie!” Danny: ” Teresa, stop stalking us and go home.” Danny insists Teresa doesn’t know what she is talking about. He gave his word to Carlos. She says he gave his word to marry her and look what happened. Danny says he will keep his word to Carlos. Teresa says Michelle would never agree to have her baby brought up in the “family”. Teresa and Michelle argue. Michelle says she knows what it means to be a Santos. She is safer on the inside. Michelle: “You’re the one looking over your shoulder now. How does that feel?…” Teresa: “…I know how to protect myself, unlike you who are just a baby in our world.” Michelle: “I am a baby, a lot of this is new for me. So cross my fingers I don’t make a mistake because you never know who might get caught in the crossfire…..I’m a Santos and you’d better deal with it. This is MY husband and he is head of Santos Family now and as his wife I insist on being treated with the respect I deserve.” Carlos tells Teresa he needs to talk to Danny. She leaves. Danny tells Michelle that he doesn’t want her involved in this, so she needs to dial it back, but he’s impressed with her handling of Teresa and Carlos. Danny: “I always knew you had it in you though.” Carlos takes Teresa outside and tells her she lets her emotions show too much. Teresa doesn’t believe Danny. At Millennium: Drew enters Millennium and asks Jesse to kiss her. She has the paperwork for Danny to be a partner in the club. It just requires signatures. They will have more time together if Danny helps them. It will be a chance for all of them. Jesse is worried about the crime connection. Drew says if it looks like Danny is getting back into that lifestyle they will scrap the agreement. Jesse tells Drew to wait until they are together with Danny to sign the papers. Jesse is getting used to the idea and they will have a simpler life. They kiss. Jesse thinks that Drew is avoiding him. She thinks he needs more rest. It has been almost a month since they made love. He wonders why it isn’t happening. Drew says she is afraid to make love to him because of his heart. Jesse says the surgeon says his heart is fine and it needs “exercise”. Drew says they need to take it easy for a while but Jesse says it will be okay. They want to see Danny and then come home and celebrate. Jesse and Drew are kissing in front of Company. They are going to meet Michelle and Danny with the contracts. Drew tells Danny to sign on the dotted line and he can “Say goodbye to the life of crime”.


Fri., May 26, 2000 – At Company:  Teresa comes back in after overhearing Danny and Drew yelling at Danny and Michelle. Teresa wants to know why they lied to her uncle about running the family business. Michelle tells Teresa to be quiet because Drew doesn’t know anything about this. She says why did you say you were going legit. Michelle starts yelling at Teresa and when Teresa ignores her to focus on Danny, Michelle: “Hey ADD Girl! “I’m talking to you – NOT HIM!” Michelle points out to Teresa that she will be dealing with Michelle, not Danny.  Michelle: “Now Carmen is out of the picture, I out rank you so go deal with it someplace else.”  Teresa asks Danny is he going to let Michelle talk to her that way and of course he’s on Michelle’s side. Teresa storms off. Drew and Jesse want to know what’s going on. Danny says that Teresa and Carlos think they are going to use Millennium as a cover for the mob. Jesse says it’s hard as hell to get out of Mob business. Michelle says it will be different this time. Danny wants to get dinner. Jesse says things will never change. If anything happens, he will hold Danny personally responsible. Drew apologizes to them and they leave Michelle and Danny. Michelle says this is a nightmare. Danny says he’s mad at himself not her. This will be over in a few days when his mother and everyone else are out of the picture. And then they will be free. Michelle really wishes they didn’t have to tell Jesse. She says if Carmen backs out they will have to run the family business. He says she won’t back out. The first thing they want to do when this is over is have a ground-breaking party for their house. She can invite everyone she knows. She says does that include Carlos and Teresa. She knows Teresa will have to be involved with some of this and she can handle that as long as she respects the fact that he is the most important person in her life. Danny is sorry Michelle had to go through this. At the Jail: Carmen tells Claire that she’s been thinking about her offer and the answer is no. The offer is tempting but she doesn’t see how Claire can accomplish it. She doesn’t trust her. Carmen says to get things done right you have to do them yourself. Claire says there’s no way she can accomplish that being in the Witness Protection program. Carmen says she will always have connections. She can get it done. Claire says she loves her daughter and threats against her daughter don’t sit well with her. Carmen laughs calling her a mama bear, says she likes to take care of things her own way. Claire says if she messes with her she will be sorry. She has connections too. She’s a doctor with access to drugs and people trust her. That’s why the guard let her back. She talks about the tray of food Carmen was eating. Claire asks her if she is enjoying that pudding. Does it taste a little funny? Carmen laughs. It doesn’t make sense for Claire to poison her when she was coming there to see if she had accepted her proposal. Claire says there is always next time and she doesn’t want her daughter threatened. Carmen says there may be a way for them to work together after all. Carmen says she has to give Claire some credit. She’s more devious than she thought. Claire says she can do this and break them up but won’t do a thing until she has her word that Michelle will not be hurt. Carmen says she won’t do anything to Michelle. Claire says it goes without saying that they will not breathe a word of this to another living soul. Carmen says they have nothing to feel guilty about. They are just two mothers doing whatever it takes to keep their children safe.

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Thurs., June 1, 2000 – At the Jail: David and Frank are going to see Carmen. Frank is upset and David tells him to leave, he can handle Carmen. Frank leaves and Danny comes in. He asks what Carmen wants. David says she wanted to see him and ask him a small favor before she left. Carmen says she will testify to protect her family and will have a new identity. She will never be able to see them again and wants to be with her family one last night to say goodbye. Danny looks skeptical. She tells him that she loves him and Pilar so much; they have been her entire life. She isn’t asking for his forgiveness she just wants him to know that she had to take over the business when his father died. She knows that he will understand since he is working so hard to protect his child. He tells her that they will all be safe after she testifies. She says she is testifying for him and for the grandchild she will never see. She wants to be together as a family before she leaves. She knows she has made mistakes but there will be no greater punishment for her than to be separated from them. She just wants to be together one last time. At the Bauers: Claire is remembering her conversation with Carmen. Michelle enters and is surprised to see Claire in the Bauer kitchen. Claire says she is returning a photo album from the garage apartment. There are a lot of photos of the Bauer barbecue. Claire asks if there will be one this year. Michelle says there will be and Abby is in charge which Claire isn’t happy about. Claire wants to have real memories with Michelle, family memories. Michelle tells her she has to take things slowly. Claire knows she has to hold back, but she wants to have a relationship with her. Claire mentions the baby but Michelle wants her not to talk about it. Rick and Abby enter and want to know why Claire is there. The phone rings; a call from Dr. Grant. It is for Claire, she had her calls forwarded. She is interested in returning to obstetrics at Cedars. Michelle tells Claire they have better pictures upstairs and they leave the kitchen. Rick and Abby are going to go on a picnic. Abby says Claire keeps turning up wherever they are and wonders what Rick is going to do about Claire. Rick says he is going to concentrate on their marriage and forget about Claire. They stayed up last night talking and feel closer. They kiss. Abby wants to know if Rick is still worried about Claire revealing his secret. Rick thinks if Claire is working at the hospital she has as much to lose as he does, not to mention jeopardizing her relationship with Michelle. They leave. Meanwhile, Claire talks to Michelle about Danny. She wants to explain herself. Claire is concerned about Carmen’s influence on him. Claire says that a mother’s influence is strong even when she is not there, for instance, she says that Maureen is there between them even though she is gone. Carmen can be a negative influence in Danny’s life. Danny enters and says he needs to talk to Michelle. Danny tells Michelle about Carmen’s request. He says Carmen wants to come to their house. He says it was okayed by the Feds. Michelle is upset and Danny says there will be plenty of security. He says it is the only way to insure that Carmen testifies. Michelle says he can do it without her.

Bauer BBQ Photo Album:



Mon., June 5, 2000 – Bauer Kitchen: Michelle and Danny discuss Carmen’s farewell dinner. Michelle tells Danny that she cannot be in the same room with his mother and will not attend. She and Danny begin to argue about the event, when Claire arrives. Michelle tells Claire to take her someplace, which she does. Two Federal Agents arrive with Frank and David. After checking out the Bauer house, Carmen arrives in disguise. The agents tell Frank and David they have everything under control, so they leave for Company. Carmen is greeted by Danny, Father Ray, Pilar and Bill. Carmen tells Pilar that she hopes she has a happy life and discusses her marrying one day and having a family. Mother and daughter share a teary farewell. Danny and Carmen discuss the arrangement and Danny admits that Carmen is helping the whole family by leaving. At a nearby table in Company are Michelle and Claire. Michelle tells her biological mother about the arrangement as Teresa Sandoval vamps in and demands to know where Carmen went, once again spilling information she shouldn’t. The two leave the room and shout about Carmen’s disappearance from jail. Teresa correctly assumes that Carmen is going to roll over on the other families (including hers) and tries to get Michelle to confirm it. Michelle feigns shock at the news of Carmen’s disappearance. When Michelle returns to the table, Claire gets her to reconsider going home. Rather than showing Carmen she has “won”, it will show Carmen that she and Danny are a family. Claire admits to visiting Carmen in jail but claims that the Mob Queen gave her goosebumps, not alluding to the “deal” they have to break up their children. The two leave to return to the Bauer house. Michelle and Claire return from Company. At Carmen’s request, Michelle goes outside to talk with Carmen privately. Claire offers the agents coffee, and enlists Danny’s help, so they are all distracted as shots ring out!


Tues., June 6, 2000 – Bauer home: after shots ring out, Danny, Father Ray, Pilar, Bill and Claire rush outside to find Carmen and Michelle on the ground. Danny makes a dive for Michelle begging her to be OK. She assures Danny that she is fine, but his mother… Carmen is shot, and is quite weak. Danny tries to piece together what happened, while Carmen says her goodbyes. She tells Danny several times to “look after the family” (or is it The Family?). She pushes all the right buttons for guilt, even asking Danny if he had her killed. She tells Michelle that she will be looking over Michelle and their baby “forever.” Carmen asks Father Ray to perform Last Rites which he tries to as Danny tells him to leave his mother alone. Carmen drifts off, dying in Danny’s arms. Claire pronounces her dead.



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Wed., June 7, 2000 – When Michelle convinces Danny to express all the emotion he’s been keeping inside since Carmen was shot, he asks her why she didn’t tell him that Teresa knew Carmen was “out.” David interrupts and asks Danny to wear a wire and help the police nab Carmen’s killer. Michelle: “The only way you can win this is to not play.” Danny: “If anything happened to you or our baby. That would kill me.” Michelle: “….What if you went out there and something happened to you? How in the WORLD would I live?” Rocked by his mother’s death, Danny promises Michelle that he won’t seek revenge and attack the other families. However, he has second thoughts about his promise when Carlos sends flowers. He freaks out completely destroying the flowers and vase.



Thurs., June 8, 2000 – Claire catches the tail end of Danny’s outburst over Carlos sending flowers in sympathy. Claire pushes her way in and subtly plants doubts in Michelle’s head. Danny suppresses his fury and heads out to plan Carmen’s memorial service. Carlos shows up in person at St. Michael’s. After Danny accuses Carlos of killing his mother; Carlos denies it and offers to help him find the real killer. Michelle walks in just in time to hear Carlos’s offer. She urges Danny to steel himself to refuse the offer.



Fri., June 9, 2000 – At St. Michael’s planning Carmen’s Memorial – Danny is faced with a terrible dilemma of choosing between Michelle and his life free of crime, or convincing Carlos he is back in as head of the family to avenge his mother’s death. Either way, he and Michelle may become targets. If he does get revenge, he’ll be back inside, if he doesn’t someone may decide Danny is weak and take him and his family out. Drew and Jesse show up and try to comfort Michelle. Bill and Pilar comfort each other and Michelle. Just when things are looking like they can’t get any worse the funeral parlor guy shows up with an urn he says holds Carmen’s ashes. (Catholics usually aren’t supposed to be cremated. The rule to even let Carmen have a funeral mass since she was cremated before the service had only been changed a little over a year before in 1997. – Read more about that here: http://www.catholicdoors.com/faq/qu202.htm ) Danny is overcome and guilt-ridden when he learns that Carmen was cremated. He can’t understand why she’d left a funeral plan specifying cremation and that the funeral parlor didn’t double check with him before cremating the body.  Danny is very distraught and feels he cannot even give Carmen a proper memorial. Danny asks Jesse and Drew to watch over Michelle and leaves her there while Danny tracks down David Grant at Towers. Danny grills David about the investigation into his mother’s death, afraid that the police aren’t doing enough. David counters that they’re doing all they can and pushes Danny to testify or provide evidence against the other families. Meanwhile, after she told Jesse and Drew she’d be fine and they left, Michelle began to feel strange pains. Danny doesn’t hear his phone where he’s left it on the bar, so Michelle calls Claire and asks her to meet her at Cedars. Michelle picks up the urn of ashes that Danny has left behind and makes her way out to her car to drive to Cedars alone.


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Michelle Loses Baby Girl June 12-13 2000

Mon., June 12, 2000 –  At Cedars: Michelle is walking into the ER and Claire is waiting for her with a wheelchair. Michelle says that she is so afraid that something is wrong with the baby and is frustrated because she can’t reach Danny. Michelle: “I need him right now.” Claire takes her into the exam room. Michelle tells Claire that she has had spotting and cramps in the past couple of days. She thanks Claire for being there for her because she couldn’t reach Danny, Rick, or Abby. She wants to call Danny again. Claire tells her to relax and she will keep trying to reach him. Claire then takes Michelle’s phone and walks out of the room. At Towers: Carlos is talking with Danny and wants to know why Danny has changed his mind and now wants Carlos’ help in finding Carmen’s killer. Carlos tells Danny that the families doubt his loyalty. He says there was a “sit down” meeting between the families and they believe that Danny needs “supervision” and proposed that the Santos operations should be folded into the Sandoval family. Carlos says that he would be in charge and Danny would be his second in command. Carlos says that it is good business and that Danny’s loyalty would no longer be in question if Danny agrees to this arrangement. Carlos gives him 24 hours to decide and leaves. Jesse walks up behind Danny and says that he thinks what Danny is doing is unbelievable. Danny tells Jesse that his working with Carlos is all an act that he needs to go through with to protect Michelle and the baby. However, Danny says that his mother was murdered and that he can’t just walk away from that. Jesse reminds Danny of all the horrible things Carmen did to Michelle, Danny, Pilar, and Vanessa. Jesse says that if Carmen were alive she would hunt Michelle and Danny down like “Hannibal Lector” and that in the end Carmen got what she deserved. Danny grabs Jesse by the arm and told him he has no idea what he was talking about. Jesse adds that this is Michelle’s worst nightmare and it could cost Danny his marriage if he goes through with his plan. He walks out. Danny calls Michelle’s cell phone and Claire answers it. Danny asks where Michelle is and Claire says that she is in the bathroom. Danny assumes that Michelle is fine and after Claire says they will be heading home soon and Danny tells Claire to tell Michelle he will meet Michelle at home and hangs up the phone. Michelle then comes out of the bathroom (dressed, with a hospital gown in her hand). Michelle asks who Claire was talking to and Claire lies and says Michelle must have heard one of the nurses talking. Claire asks Michelle if she is sure she feels strong enough to go home as Claire helps Michelle into a wheelchair. Michelle says yes and they head out. At the Bauers: Claire is helping Michelle into the Bauer kitchen saying that Michelle should rest in her apartment, when Danny walks in saying that Michelle is where she needs to be – with her husband. Claire tells Danny that she was just trying to help Michelle. Danny sarcastically tells Claire that he knows exactly what she was trying to do and asks her to leave. Michelle thanks Claire for her help and Claire leaves. Michelle tells Danny that she had tried to reach him for hours. Danny says he was trying to find out about his mother’s case by tracking down David. Danny doesn’t know why everyone keeps getting on his case that he needs to make a choice between finding his mother’s killer and protecting his family. Michelle:  “Now you don’t have to make a choice because there isn’t a choice to make.” Michelle begins to tell Danny that she was at the hospital and that she lost the baby. She is sobbing in Danny’s arms, and Danny is just repeating, “No … no … no” over and over while he is holding her.


Tues., June 13, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is in the kitchen crying, telling Danny that she lost the baby. He holds her to comfort her. Claire is outside, pacing. She sees Abby and tells her not to go inside. She wants to prepare her. Claire invites her into her apartment and tells her that Michelle miscarried. Abby is upset and wants to see if Rick knew about it. Claire claims she tried to call Rick and Danny, but she was there for Michelle. Abby is upset and says she thought the worst was behind Michelle and Danny. Abby wants to go to Michelle but Claire tells her not to. Claire says Danny should have been with Michelle but was with his “goons” instead. Claire implies the stress of being married to Danny caused the miscarriage. Abby defends Danny, but Claire says they need to get Michelle away from him. Danny asks Michelle why she didn’t tell him she was in pain. She said it was only a few twinges but got worse after Carmen was shot. Danny apologizes for not being with her today at the hospital. Michelle mourns her baby. Danny promises her a better future away from the families. Abby tries to tell Claire she doesn’t understand Michelle and Danny’s relationship because she hasn’t been there. Claire says that Danny has a temper and can take it out on Michelle. Michelle could be in danger. Abby tells Claire that she doesn’t trust her (Claire) or her motives. Claire says she was there for Michelle and Abby wasn’t. Abby tells her that Claire only cares about Claire. Danny tells Michelle it will take her some time to get past this and then they will try again. Michelle says she feels empty and she is afraid that this is a sign that things will never turn out right for them. Danny says that this was only a sign that something was wrong with the baby and it was nature’s way of taking care of it. They will work through it together. Michelle thinks they were under too much stress with Carmen’s death. Michelle says he has been a different person since Carmen died and she’s been so scared that maybe the baby sensed that. Danny says they can’t live like this anymore and gets up to use the phone. Danny calls Carlos and tells him he is completely out. Carlos can have it all.
Claire asks Abby if she thinks she is being selfish because she is trying to protect Michelle. Abby says Claire is lonely and wants to be a part of Michelle’s life as well as the whole Bauer clan. Abby mentions how obsessed she was with the Bauer BBQ and being a part of the family. Abby says she should try to protect Michelle and not try to destroy her marriage. Claire doesn’t think that Danny is good for Michelle. Abby says Claire wants to be the perfect mother in the family album and no one should get in Claire’s way. Abby leaves. Claire: “I don’t take orders from anyone, sweetheart.” Michelle is surprised that Danny called and severed his ties to “The Family”. She wants to know if he will be okay. Danny reassures her and they hug. Claire is looking at them through the window and isn’t too happy about it. Michelle is crying and Danny is holding and comforting her.


My Comments:

Thurs., June 15, 2000 – At the Bauers:  Drew and Jesse are consoling Michelle. Danny is at the Santos Estate for Carmen’s memorial services. Michelle thinks she needs to be there to support Danny, but Rick tells her that she doesn’t need to be there especially because he can’t get off work to go with her. Claire comes in and says that she will go with Michelle to the funeral if she wants to go. Rick is concerned about Michelle, but Drew and Jesse also offer to go with her. Lizzie has been fighting cancer and newborn baby James’s donation is going to be transplanted into her. Michelle tells Rick to give Lizzie her love during the transplant. Rick asks to speak to Claire. He tells her that he knows about her talk with Abby and she told him to basically keep his nose out of it. At Casa Santos:  Ray greets Danny. He, Pilar and Bill tell Danny how sorry they are about the baby. Pilar tells him that Carlos came to see her and gave her a message to give him saying he was already in too deep and will not be able to get out. Pilar is worried that Carlos may show up at the services. Danny hopes they do, he says he is counting on it. Danny tells them that Carmen may be dead but she can still help them. Abuela comes in. Carmen had her confined in a nursing home and told everyone she was at Aunt Lola’s house. They only found out that’s where she was when Carmen confessed it to Ray after she was arrested. Abuela is upset that Carmen did that, but Pilar interrupts her because she wants it to be a day of forgiveness. Ray told Aubela that Carmen did tell him where she was after her arrest and she was really sorry about sending her there. Pilar asks Danny about Carlos again. He told her that Carlos wants him to take over for Carmen and gradually give up the business to him and his family so turf wars wouldn’t be an issue. Michelle and her clan walked in. Danny is upset that she is there. She wants to help him through it. He tells her she needs to go back home. The Sandoval family shows up and they greet Abuela. Danny asked why Carlos is there, he had already given him what he wanted. Carlos tells him that it isn’t over, it’s not as easy as Danny may believe to get out. Claire sees Michelle’s frustration and goes to her and asks if she is all right. Drew and Jesse think they should talk about Millennium and get their minds on their futures. Claire suggests that Michelle and she go up to the Bauer cabin and get away from everything. Michelle said she didn’t want to make any plans until she talked to Danny. Claire of course agreed with her to her face and then when she left she turned and called the hospital and asked for some time off. Danny starts the eulogy and talks about how he loved his mother but hated her life. He talked about the woman inside that had gotten lost. Ray interrupted him with a letter Carmen had written before she died to him and Pilar. Danny read it aloud, it told Danny that she loved him and Pilar and that she had no idea what was going to happen to her now that she was in prison but she was going to be there for them always. It went on to say that for the safety of her family, she had compiled enough evidence locked away in a secure location that would put away all her associates for the rest of their lives. She said it was to be automatically be used in the event that anything happened to any of them after she had gone away. She wanted Danny and Pilar to have the happy life away from her world that they hated. She closed by saying that was her last gift to both her children, a happy future. Teresa and Carlos looked shaken. Pilar and Michelle looked elated. Danny said that he felt his mother’s presence very close. After the service, Danny thanked Carlos for coming. Carlos: “It looks like you’ve won this battle, Danny.” Danny: “It looks like I’ve won the war, Carlos.” Teresa is upset. Carlos tells her to shut up and they leave. Michelle tells Danny that she can’t believe Carmen did that for them. They hug and Danny goes over to Ray and Ray asks if he was going to tell Michelle the truth. Danny said there was no need for any one to ever know. He looked down at Carmen’s letter, a blank piece of paper, and tore it up. Michelle looked at Carmen’s portrait and remembered her last words about how Carmen would be watching over them all.



Fri., June 16, 2000 – At the Bauers: Danny and Michelle come in. She is talking about how Carmen’s letter set them free. He tells her to go rest and he would fix them a bite to eat. She goes upstairs and there is a knock at the door. It’s a delivery of baby things. Danny opens it and pulls out some of the toys. He looks very upset. Michelle comes down and Danny apologizes. He tries to hide the toys. She tells him that she is glad the toys came. It reminds her of how much he loved their baby. She asks him what his dreams were for the baby. He tells her he would have been happy for any baby but really wanted a girl. Danny: ”Our little girl.” She goes to him and they hold each other. Michelle: “I’m sorry. You’re going to make such a great wonderful dad some day. I promise you. We just have to say goodbye to this one first.” Danny goes to take a shower and Michelle sits down and takes a nap. She dreams about Carmen coming in and singing a lullaby holding their baby. Carmen tells her that she is taking care of their baby now and forever. Michelle wakes up screaming. Danny comes running and asks what happened. She said it was just a bad dream but wouldn’t tell him about it.


My Comments:

June 21, 2000 – At the Bauer Cabin: Drew, Jesse, Danny and Michelle arrive. Drew thinks that the whole place has a rustic atmosphere to it. Danny wants to go fishing and Jesse wants to sketch a little. Jesse: “You fish?” Danny says of course he did. (Is there anything that man can’t do?) Drew is shocked at idea that they would eat “fish out of the lake” Danny: “No, I thought we would keep them as pets.” Drew reminds them that they are there to discuss their partnership in Millennium. They all settle in and seem to be in good spirits. Outside, Jesse and Danny are talking about the business. Jesse mentions Carlos and his trying to force Danny to take over the family business. Danny said that Carmen’s letter was their ticket to freedom and that everything will be okay. Back inside, Michelle thanks Drew for letting them come in as partners in Millennium. Michelle mentions Carmen and how she knows they won’t be able to get her out of their life that easily and she isn’t out of their lives by a long shot. She tells Drew about the nightmare with Carmen holding her baby from behind her grave. She says the last thing Carmen said to her before she died was that she would watch over Michelle and the baby. Drew reassures her: “God has your baby and Carmen was heading in the other direction.” She says Michelle has a lot to deal with and that is causing the nightmares and that she needs a break. Drew says if all else fails, she should buy expensive shoes. They both laugh; Danny comes in. Danny: “I’ve missed hearing you laugh.” He kisses his wife and holds her while she cooks. Jesse suggests they eat outside. Danny asks Michelle how she feels. She says better and he doesn’t have to treat her like an invalid. Danny asks her if she thinks about being with Carmen when she was shot. Michelle doesn’t want to think about it and pulls away. Danny goes into the kitchen looking for lemonade. Michelle tells him she will be right out. While Michelle is alone in the kitchen she looks in the mirror and gets upset when she thinks she sees Carmen standing behind her.



Fri., June 23, 2000 – At the Bauer cabin: Michelle is still being haunted by Carmen as she sees her when she looks in the mirror. Danny comes in and catches her off guard. She tells him that she has been dreaming about Carmen and was a little startled. Danny asks to hear about the dreams but she doesn’t want to hurt him while he is still mourning for his mother. She told him that it was probably just because Carmen had been in their lives for so long and it’s just hard to let go of her. She tells him that he can talk to her whenever he wants about her and that she would understand since she too lost her mother. They talk a little about Maureen and how much Michelle loved her and wished she were there when she had the miscarriage. She said that Claire tried to be motherly to her and that she does have to give her points for persistence. Michelle likes Claire and appreciates her being there when she needed her. She still feels that Claire can be annoying and steps too far when she disapproves of Danny but she is trying. Danny says he will never interfere in her relationship with Claire. Michelle isn’t sure but she thinks she may want to get closer to Claire. Danny tells her if that is what she wants and it helps her she should. They kiss. Michelle is glad to be there with him at her family cabin. They go out for a walk. Danny tells her how he is jealous of others spending time with her and teases her about locking her up in a tower. They kiss again. He says she shouldn’t expect him and Claire to be best friends but he will try. Claire stops by to see Rick with the mail. He asks about her being on vacation. Claire says she is just staying home. He advises her not to visit Michelle at the cabin. He tells her she is trying too hard and should back off. Claire wants to know why he hates her. Rick says he has good reason. She mentions the test business but that is not it. Rick says that he is trying to look at the person she is today, not the one she was years ago. Rick says that it is not what he thinks but what Michelle wants. He won’t stand in the way if Michelle wants Claire in her life. Claire asks Rick if he is serious about not interfering between her and Michelle. He warns her that she better not hurt her. Zach cries and Rick leaves to get his bottle. Claire tries to fix his pillow in the crib. Rick gets upset and tells her to get away from him! Claire wants to know what is wrong with Rick. Did he think she would hurt Zach? He says that he remembers Ed walking in on her trying to smother Michelle with a pillow when she was a baby.



My Comments:

Mon., June 26, 2000 – Claire is outraged when Rick suggests that she’s capable of hurting Zach. Shedding tears, Claire moans that Michelle cried for months and added to the stress she was already facing, driving her to the point where she almost smothered her own baby. Later, when Abigail threatens to tell Michelle, Claire arranges for Abigail to receive a job offer in Washington, D.C. Abby decides Michelle wants the relationship and agrees to follow Rick’s request not to tell her. Michelle announces to Danny that she has changed her mind and now wants Claire in her life.

Not sure which day – But somewhere in here (as shown in the clip) Jesse gets interviewed to possibly do a year long mural project in New York. While Drew is giving Danny and Michelle more details they need to know about running the club, Drew gets a phone call and finds out that Jesse got the job and they will be moving to New York City for a year. This is bad news for Susan/Daisy who was feeling isolated and dependent on Max who will be moving with Drew and Jesse. (A year stretches into a permanent move and they will never return even for a visit although even after they leave they are referenced and people either stay with them or visit them in New York several times.)


Tues., June 27, 2000 – When Michelle overhears Abigail talking about Claire’s past, she demands some answers. Rick steps in and quickly takes his wife home, saving Claire and her secret. Michelle then announces to Claire that she’d like to forget about the past and get to know her. Meanwhile, Rick convinces Abigail to keep Claire’s secret for Michelle’s sake. Abigail confronts Claire again and warns her not to hurt Michelle.

Wed., June 28, 2000 – Danny and Michelle remind a nervous Drew that if she and Jesse do go to New York to do the mural in Times Square, it will only be for a year. Just then, the call comes from the Big Apple and Jesse is hired. Michelle and Danny agree to run Millennium while they are gone. While they are celebrating Claire shows up and questions Michelle’s decision to work with Danny at the club rather than return to school immediately. After Michelle returns to the group, Claire tells herself: “Michelle, you will grow to resent him, I will make sure of it.”

Not sure which day – Jesse accepts the commission and heads to airport. Before they go Drew takes Danny aside and lets Michelle and Jesse have a private goodbye.


My Comments:

Mon., July 3, 2000 – At Lizzie’s hospital room: Michelle and Danny come in with balloons and gifts. Phillip asks them to stay for a moment while he goes outside. In the lobby, Drew and Jesse are leaving for the airport. They ask Michelle and Danny to go with them but they said that they had already agreed to babysit for Harley. Drew asks Danny to come with her and give Michelle and Jesse a few moments alone. They take off. Jesse thanks her for always seeing the best in him; teaching him to read and helping him find his new life. He quotes the Shakespeare she first taught him and tells her that she made him realize he had dreams and that they were attainable. She tells him that he was her first love and that she believes her mother’s heart went to the right person. She thinks that Jesse was Maureen’s last gift to her. They hug. He tells her that he will always love her and they say their goodbyes. Harley tells Blake that she already has Danny and Michelle coming over to watch Zack. (In other words,”cop” Harley is so close to “mobster” Danny that she trusts him to watch her very young child a fact that I think should have been used in his defense at his murder trial.) Michelle and Danny come in. Harley tells them where the emergency numbers are. Michelle and Danny come down the stairs at Phillip and Harley’s. They are happy to have gotten Zach to sleep. Michelle tells Danny she loves him and is sorry if she had been distant, she just needed time to get over losing the baby.  They talk openly and honestly about both their physical and emotional needs from each other. Danny: “We don’t have to have sex to feel close. It’s enough to just hold you.” Michelle: “Maybe it’s enough for you.”  They promise to talk more when they get home. Michelle looks out the window and sees Carmen staring back at her.Michelle screams”No, Danny! She’s here. Carmen is here!” At the Bauers: Abby and Rick are kissing in the Bauer living room. He is happy that she wants to start trying to have a baby. Abby wants to tell him some good news. She tells him about Joe Morgan’s job offer to work as an advocate for the deaf and that a baby wouldn’t interfere with it at all. Rick tells her to say yes to the job offer. Abby says that it is great; they will have a fresh start in a brand new place. He doesn’t understand and she tells him that the job is in DC and that Joe will offer Rick a job in Washington as well. Rick doesn’t want to have his files looked at too closely right now. Abby tells him she doesn’t think it will be a problem. Rick wants to know why Abby is comfortable with lying now that it works out for her. They argue. Rick says that Abby must really want the job more than the life they have now. Abby tells Rick the job found her and maybe it was meant to be. Abby wants to work with real people who need help. Rick says that he has to pack his bags and start over. Abby thinks that it will be a fresh start for them. She is annoyed about Claire popping in whenever she pleases. They are argue about Claire. Rick tells Abby she is asking him for too much for him to move. They are both really angry. He can’t believe this is happening. He asks her why they can’t have one good day. He accuses Abby of lying to him about wanting the baby. He thinks she is just placating him. Abby is insulted and says that the job offer is a coincidence. Abby says he is only thinking about himself and won’t even consider the job offer in Washington. She really wants the job to make a difference. She wants her children to know she did something really important. She asks Rick if she isn’t worth moving for. The phone rings. Rick mentions that they forgot they had other plans and will have to go. They don’t have time to work it out now.

Elsewhere in Springfield – In order to get past Jim’s objection of inducing labor a few days early to get the cord blood they need to save Lizzy from dying from cancer, Phillip has admitted that he and Beth slept together after the plane crash and that Phillip is really Baby James’s daddy. The operation moves ahead and Lizzie is saved, but it has had awful repercussions on both the Beth-Jim and Harley-Phillip’s marriage. Zach is Harley’s son with Phillip who they named Alan, but for reasons neither Alan nor I understood called him Zach. Right now Harley and Phillip are separated and Danny and Michelle are babysitting to help her out.


Tues., July 4, 2000 – At Company: Claire comes in to pick up an order. Holly is there. She recognizes Claire and tells her that she is Fletcher’s ex as well. They chitchat awhile about Fletcher and Meg and Claire tells her that she is Michelle’s mother. Holly tells her that she knows who she is and that she and Michelle have been close for many years. Claire tells her that she isn’t the best mother and certainly is no Maureen Bauer but she does want to try. Holly tells her that she isn’t mother of the year but she doesn’t think she should come stomping into Michelle’s life 20 years later and start taking over. Claire said that she just wants to be there for her. She says that there are some things she doesn’t like, especially her being married to a member of a crime family. She tells Holly that Danny is the only threat to Michelle. She almost got convicted of murder because of her association to his family. Michelle and Danny walk in. Claire goes over and asks her what is wrong. She tells her that she is seeing Carmen. Carmen tells her that she is glad that Carmen is dead. Danny overhears her and asks her if that is true just how hard did she try to save her? Claire tells him that she is a doctor and that she saves lives, not end them. Carlos calls and says that he is ticked off because the police are staking out his house. Danny tells himthat is because they haven’t found Carmen’s killer yet. Michelle overhears and gets upset that he is talking to Carlos. She says she can’t take it any more and storms out. Danny follows. Claire stays there and says that she has to do something. Outside, Michelle tells him that she can’t compete with his involvement with those people. He tells her to forget them. She doesn’t have to compete. Inside, Claire picks up Danny’s phone and recalls Carlos and invites him to the Bauer BBQ. On the way home Manny stop by Company and run into Claire. They continue to be at odds over Carmen and what Danny owes her and if solving her death will set them free. Claire was talking to Holly when Michelle and Danny come into company. Holly to Claire: “Want some cheap advice? Michelle needs a friend, support for what SHE wants, not what you want.” Claire tries to reassure Michelle that Carmen is dead and when Danny returns to the table and hears Claire declare she is glad Carmen is dead. Danny suddenly wonders if Claire let Carmen die or even killed her as his instincts are kicking into high gear. After Claire sees Michelle horrified reaction to Danny taking a call from Carlos, Claire snags Danny’s phone, calls Carlos back and invites him to the Bauer BBQ. Hopefully Danny can think quick because he only has three months to figure out what is really going on and it might mean Michelle’s life if he doesn’t.


My Comments:

Wed., July 5, 2000 – At the Bauers: Rick and Abby are working on the BBQ; he tells her that he will miss all of this if they move to DC. She asks to talk later and have a pleasant day without all the stress. There is a knock at the door. Carlos and Teresa arrive and tell Rick Danny invited them. Danny denies it. Carlos says a woman called to invite them. Rick thinks Danny did it but Abby suspects Claire. She repeats all the things Claire has done. Rick wants to stay out of Michelle’s life and let her have a relationship with Claire if that is what she wants. Abby says that Claire wants Michelle to herself. Abby says that Claire asked her to help her break up Danny and Michelle’s marriage. Rick defends Claire and says she is just uncomfortable about the mob. Abby insists Claire just doesn’t want anyone else in Michelle’s life. She thinks she would practically kill anyone who tried to interfere. Abby: “Manipulating people is what Claire does.” Meanwhile, Claire bumps into Michelle. Claire asks Michelle if she is still unsettled about seeing Carmen. The visions are not unusual. Claire used to imagine what Michelle was like after she gave her up and had many visions. They talk about Carlos being there and Claire tells her even if Danny didn’t invite Carlos they will always find a way to be in their lives. Michelle says Danny will protect her but Claire tells her that he couldn’t even protect her from his mother. Later, Abby approaches Claire and Michelle. Michelle apologizes to Abby for Carlos but Abby says its no problem. Michelle leaves and Abby confronts Claire. Danny tells Carlos that he believes he killed Carmen. Carlos insists he didn’t and says it was an outside hit. He wants to work together with Danny. He says that the real killer will go free while Danny concentrates on him. Teresa tells Danny that she has a confession to make; she used to plot to replace Michelle with herself. She says that a his being stuck in a quiet suburban life is the best revenge.


Thurs., July 6, 2000 – Danny suggests a new suspect of his in his mother’s murder. Maybe Claire killed her. Danny tries to make the case to Michelle, but just as when Michelle initially tried to tell Danny she thought Carmen was behind Michelle being framed, the spouse won’t listen to anything bad about their mother. Michelle is angry; she can’t believe Danny thinks Claire could do it. Michelle wants to know how it would even be possible for Claire to have shot Carmen. Danny said that he realized she didn’t shoot her but whatever kind of shot she gave Carmen could have been lethal. He said it all adds up, there is no autopsy report and Carmen’s remains were cremated which went against everything his mother believed being a life long Catholic. Not to mention Claire’s comment that she was glad Carmen is dead. Danny gets emotional and starts crying. She tries to reason with him but he told her that if she didn’t believe him he knew Abby would. He said that Abby has Claire’s number and knows what she is capable of. Michelle can’t believe that he thinks Claire is capable of murder. She said they have a problem but she doesn’t think it is Claire. Michelle tells him that he doesn’t have any evidence and he said it was just a matter of time. He says he knows there was something Claire put in the needle to kill his mother. Claire walked up and said, “You think I killed your mother! I’m a doctor, I did everything to SAVE your mother.” She storms off. Michele doesn’t know why he is doing this and she walks away leaving Danny standing there. Abby came over and asked him if she heard right? Danny asks if Abby thinks it is possible. Abby: “With Claire anything is possible.” Danny is very upset. Claire is rushing around her apartment looking in her bag. She gets a syringe out and remembers what Danny said. She looks at the needle and says, “I did it for you Michelle…I did what any mother would do for her little girl.” She starts beating up the syringe destroying the evidence. (Claire DIDN’T kill Carmen, but Danny only has until the end of October to figure out what she did do if he wants to save Michelle’s life.)


My Comments:

Mon., July 10, 2000 – At the Bauer garage apartment: Claire is packing when Michelle comes in. She tells Michelle that she is leaving and won’t be in her way too much longer. Michelle tells her that she doesn’t believe she killed Carmen and just wanted to hear her side. Michelle tells her that Danny, Abby, Rick and Harley are all telling her to stay away from Claire and she doesn’t understand it. Claire tells her that she worked her entire life for her career and gave it all up to come to Springfield and reconnect with her. She wants to know her daughter. Claire tells her that her visions of Carmen are coming from Danny’s continuous pursuit of Carmen’s killer. Michelle asks her to stay out of her marriage. Claire tells her that she won’t. She has to prove that she can be her mom. Realizing that Abby won’t keep quiet if Danny tells her his suspicions, she beats him to the punch. She tells Michelle that she used to be a rotten person and has to tell her about it. She tells Michelle her version about the attempted smothering. She tells her about all the stress she was under and how she just snapped. Michelle was upset. She said that Claire would have killed her if Ed hadn’t walked in. She got up to leave; Claire wants her to wait and tells her that she never would have done it because she loves her daughter so much. Michelle can’t believe it. Claire tells her she has been haunted with this for twenty years. Claire tells her that she didn’t deserve her and she gave her Maureen, the best mother ever. Claire said she has had many successes but she failed at being her mother and she needed another chance with her because she loves her. Claire gets up to finish packing and Michelle walks out but comes back. She tells her that she may not be able to trust her again but it was a long time ago and she doesn’t have to pack. She understands she just wants to help her now and that she may need her sometimes. Claire tells her that she won’t regret it. At Company: Danny tells Abby that Claire gave his mom an injection just before she died and he feels she killed her on purpose. Abby tells her that she believes Claire is capable of anything and tells Danny that Claire came to her after the miscarriage and asked her to help break them up. He told her he kind of knew she was trying to do that. Abby told him that she also found out that Claire tried to kill Michelle when she was a baby. Danny doesn’t understand why Rick doesn’t tell Michelle. Danny said that now he is sure Claire killed Carmen and will prove it. The funeral director comes in answer to a phone call and told Danny that he wonders why the cremation was such a big deal. Danny asks what he means. The guy tells him that Dr. Ramsey has already left a dozen messages for him. He gives Danny a work order on his mother and Danny tells him he was going to borrow it for a while. A look from Danny silences his protest and he leaves. Danny tells Abby that it is exactly what he needs to nail Claire.




Wed., July 12, 2000 – At Cedars: Claire and Michelle come in. Michelle has an appointment with her ob/gyn. Claire reassures her that everything will be fine. Claire keeps making comments about how Danny isn’t there with his wife since he is wasting time looking for his mother’s killer. Michelle defends him and tells her that he always puts her first. Claire tells her he puts her first in his own way. Michelle tells her that she has done bad things and she doesn’t hate her so she should lay off Danny. She tells her that Danny’s situation is complicated and she loves him and doesn’t want to hear Claire say anything negative about him. The nurse comes in and tells her that the doctor is a little late and she needs to fill out some insurance forms. Meanwhile, Claire runs into a doctor working in the nursery. He shows her a baby picture and says that all little babys look the same. Claire took the picture wrote on the back and when she saw Michelle again she pretended like it was her and she has had it for all these years. Michelle looks at the picture and says it is strange. She looks different than she does in all her other baby pictures. Claire tells her that when she looks at the picture, all the feelings she had in the beginning come back. Claire tells Michelle that until she saw Michelle at the airport that day, she thought that would be the only thing she would have of her. She used to daydream about her and now she has a second chance and doesn’t want to jeopardize that. Michelle says she will talk to Danny about suspecting Claire. The nurse calls Michelle in to see the doctor. At Company: Danny is talking to Abby. They both agree Claire is a dangerous woman. Abby suggests that Claire is bonding with Michelle and Danny wants to break the bond before Claire does anything else. He asks for her help. Danny wants proof to show Michelle that Claire is guilty. He needs a handwriting sample of Claire’s. He wants her to sign Carmen’s name to compare with the forgery. He asks Abby for ideas. She suggests that he ask for the Med Examiner’s office to make a request. She will contact a friend for help. Abby wants to do this for him and Michelle. Abby asks a nurse for help with the medical examiner paper. Rick sees Danny and Abby at the hospital and asks what they are doing there. Danny tells Rick that he has questions about Carmen’s death and Abby was helping him. Rick and Abby leave for lunch and Danny talks to the nurse about the papers telling her that he is working with the medical examiner. He says not to mention that he was involved since he and Claire don’t get along. The nurse gets Claire to sign the papers. She tells the nurse to make sure the right person gets the form. Claire left and Danny came back around to take the papers but the nurse tries to keep them. She finally gives him the papers and he looks at them in the lobby. The signatures match. Later, Rick tells Abby she is a terrible liar and asks what she and Danny are up to. Abby tells him she was helping Danny to get proof against Claire. They start to argue. Claire looks at the baby picture and says, “Just a little lie, it meant so much to Michelle”. Danny arrives and tells her he has questions about his mother’s death. He shows her the two signatures. Claire tries to pretend she doesn’t understand. He says the signatures match.



Thurs., July 13, 2000 – At Cedars: Danny is showing Claire the cremation document with her signature. He says they match and he wants her to admit she killed his mother. Michelle overhears and tries to stop him. Claire admits to signing the paper but said that Carmen asked her to do it. She was trying to save her and being cremated was her dying wish. Michelle pulls Danny aside. Danny thinks Claire is lying. He says, “She is a professional murderer.” Michelle says, “Claire or Carmen?” Michelle believes Claire and thinks Danny is being irrational. Danny says that Claire is trying to turn them against each other. They are arguing and Michelle stands up for Claire. Michelle thinks she was trying to help. She spits she wasn’t raised to lie and fear people the way he was. Danny says that he always has good reason not to trust people. He starts to tell her about the attempt with the pillow but Michelle says she knows. Michelle says she doesn’t think Claire would have done it but Danny says Ed stopped her or Michelle wouldn’t be here. She was caught then and Danny caught her now. Michelle says no one knows what really happened when she was a baby. They are arguing about their mothers. Michelle says she has tried to forgive Carmen but is glad that she is dead. Claire is on the phone and asks how everything is going on the other end. She is talking about Danny finding the cremation order and Michelle defending her. Michelle tries to apologize to Danny but he said she meant it. At least she’s being honest. He walks away.


My Comments:

Mon., July 17, 2000 – At Richard and Cassie’s wedding: Drew and Michelle come in together. Danny never came home the night before and Michelle didn’t want to attend a wedding alone. She is distraught without Danny, and laments to Drew how handsome he was on their wedding day. Danny arrives and makes a beeline through the crowd to Michelle and kisses her magnificently. She begs him never to leave her again even for a night and he promises he won’t. Later, Cassie greets Michelle and Danny and tells them to enjoy each other. Then Cassie tells Richard that being in love makes her think the whole world is in love. Richard kisses her. When Danny can get Michelle alone in a room in the palace, he tells her part of why he was later coming to the wedding was that he was arranging a yacht to take them on a second honeymoon because he thinks they need some time alone. She happily agrees and they leave. (Unfortunately we don’t see this glorious week and next find them at home having arrived back in Springfield the night before….SPOILER it was during this wonderful week in all probability that Robbie was conceived.)

The wedding starts at 6:21 into this clip:

This is a condensed version with most of the dialogue and original soundtrack wiped out by another song, but if you want to see more of the Royal Wedding, here is some more:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcIW7hWOPDY (Part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWdiPhUdXx4 (Part 2)

My Comments:

Mon., July 24, 2000 – Drew Jacobs takes Max Nickerson and leaves for New York City to meet Jesse Blue who is working on a mural there. Drew and Max leave for New York for the last time on Tuesday, after Susan LeMay Cooper delays their departure from Monday by playing stowaway.

( This will be their last appearance on the show. She and Michelle apparently didn’t rate a final goodbye, unless it was at a clip I haven’t seen of Cassie’s wedding which is too bad because theirs became one of the greatest friendships in the history of the show.)

Elsewhere in Springfield, Susan was playing stowaway because she was being separated from boyfriend Max by the move to New York City at the same time Jim and Beth were having issues over the fact that Phillip was Baby James biological father and wanted to move from Springfield. Reva is in full talk show hostess mode and Selena is at her best as the producer. Reva is with lackluster Dr. Noah who saved Lizzie from the cancer and Josh has moved on to Olivia over his jealousy over Reva and Richard. Billy and Holly go on a date, but the most interesting part of it is the resulting Billy-Buzz rivalry that will result.

I believe this is close to the whole episode.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX7H3Wmdb-M&feature=related (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjzRu0zba_A&feature=related (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cly8_r17qKQ&feature=related (Part 3)

Wed., July 26, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle and Danny come into the hall kissing. They are giddy and besotted with each other and half dressed. Danny wants to “christen” the hall since they have the whole house to themselves. They are debating the merits of “christening” the kitchen or the dining room table when they back kissing through the door and into the kitchen full of people. Danny is upset. Claire tells them she wanted to surprise them and didn’t want them to get hungry so she arranged a welcome home brunch. Michelle tells her she shouldn’t have gone to this much trouble. Danny mutters that she REALLY shouldn’t have. They hastily dress and return to the party. Claire takes Danny aside and says “I know we haven’t exactly gotten along.” Before she could finish Danny tells her to cut the crap and that he knew she killed his mother. However, he adds that he has made an agreement with Michelle since, Danny: “There isn’t any hard evidence against you…yet….I’m doing this for Michelle because I’d do anything to make her happy and I’d do anything to protect her, remember that.” Danny and Bill talk a bit. Danny tells him his thoughts about Claire and asks Bill for help. Danny asks Bill to see what dirt he can dig up on Claire. Meanwhile, Claire is talking to Michelle about going to a medical conference with her. Michelle says that her schedule revolves around her husband right now and that they are trying to have another baby. She goes to fix drinks for the company and Claire vows Michelle will never have Danny’s baby if she can do anything about it. Michelle and Danny finally get back to their bedroom. Danny and Michelle discuss their mutual frustration over not being able to spend time alone. Danny:  “I hate that I’m still fighting just to spend some time alone with my wife.” Danny tells her he’s called the architect and their dream life is finally falling into place. Danny picks her up and swings her around with one arm and they fall on the bed kissing. Downstairs, the rest of the guests are leaving. Claire gets on the phone and tells someone that breaking up Danny and Michelle and is not working so now they need to do their part.

Begins at 9:00:


My Comments:

Friday, July 28, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle and Abby are cleaning the kitchen after having eaten lunch. Rick comes in and kisses Abby. They are planning a trip. Michelle wants to know where they are going but they say it’s a secret. Rick leaves to make a phone call and Michelle tells Abby how happy she is for them. She says that her trip with Danny was wonderful. Michelle says maybe Abby will get pregnant on the trip. She asks Abby if she is nervous or worried. Abby excuses herself and goes to the car to get something, once outside, she thinks about the birth control pills. Michelle follows soon after and asks if she is OK. She thinks Abby is preoccupied. Abby said she is overwhelmed. Michelle tells her they will have a wonderful vacation and to try to relax. Her vacation with Danny helped them put things in perspective and she knows their marriage comes first. Michelle tells her they need to be honest with each other. They hug and Michelle tells her to enjoy the vacation. Michelle leaves. Back inside, Rick is looking at the vacation brochures and wants to hide them where Abby can find them. He opens her purse and finds the pills. Just then Abby walks in and tells him she was just coming to talk to him about the pills. He says she has been lying to him for weeks pretending to want to have a baby with him. She says she loves him but doesn’t want a baby. Danny is showing Pilar, Bill and Abuela the plans for the club. Pilar will be the hostess. One of the workers comes to tell Danny that the liquor order never arrived, and the produce is spoiled. A health inspector arrives. Danny looks at the health inspectors report and thinks it is bogus. Just then Carlos arrives and Danny realizes what is going on. Carlos pretends he didn’t send the health inspector but offers to help him out. Abuela accuses Carlos of a shakedown, but Danny says it is worse then that; Carlos wants to shut the club down so Danny will have to join him in business.  Abuela: “You’re such a punk Carlos, since you were a little boy.” …. Carlos: “I made an offer of help to you.” Danny: “Like if I was on fire, you’d offer me gasoline.” Carlos threatens Danny and leaves the club.  Michelle comes in and Danny tells her that no one will make him do anything he doesn’t want to do. At Laurel Falls: Michelle and Danny are looking at their land and the building excavation. Michelle is worried about the business. Danny reminds her about their vacation and kisses her. Michelle says she knows how lucky they are. Danny: “This is where we were married. This is where we’re going to build our dream house and we’re going to fill it with kids and laughter and love and it’s going to happen because we’re not dependent on anybody else for our happiness.”  They kiss but someone is watching them.

Start at 6:00


My Comments:

Mon., July 31, 2000 – At Laurel Falls: Danny and Michelle are kissing. They are all alone and happy. Danny tells her they don’t have to run and no one will be able to get to them. Someone is watching in the bushes. Michelle asks Danny to promise he wouldn’t leave her. He tells her that he will never leave her. He heard something and turned around to a light in their eyes. It was Walter, their architect. He wanted to check the site. Danny tells Michelle the house is happening. Walter left and Danny told Michelle everything would be great. Michelle tells Danny that the doctor told her they could try again anytime. Michelle asks if they are in the bedroom of their new house. Danny says they are and they kiss. Michelle is nervously distracted by noises in the woods and they go into the shack on the property  for some privacy. A lot of stuff was in the shack that had been nearly empty when they hid in it. Michelle asks if someone has been living there. Danny thinks it could be a kid bunking in there for a while. They go over to the wall and there is a picture of Danny and Michelle tacked up there. At Millennium: Pilar, Bill and Abuela talked about how Carlos came in and tried to ruin their evening. Pilar goes to the inspector and told her the violations are bogus and that Carlos doesn’t scare them. The inspector tells her that Carlos gave him the job to make the Santos life a living hell until they join back into the mob. Pilar tells Bill that they won’t stop until Danny is back in the business. She thinks Carlos had something to do with her mother’s murder. Bill tells her that Carlos isn’t the only bad one and tells her to watch out for Claire Ramsey. She asks him about it and he tells her that Danny believes Claire had something to do with Carmen’s death. Abuela came up and overheard a bit. Bill tells them about the forged signature on the cremation papers and the injection. Pilar can’t believe it. Abuela said that if this were true Claire would have to pay. Pilar wants to go find her. Pilar and Bill leave. Just then Claire walks in. Abuela goes over to her and tells her that they are on to her and they will be after Abuela as well. She tells Claire she better have covered her tracks.

This day picks up at 3:48, comments and quotes are posted on the day before.


. Abby says it is not that simple. They want different things. She came back to see him one more time and hugs him. He tells her he will miss everything. Her heart and soul, seeing her face when she hears a song for the first time, slow dancing and feeling her heart beat and stealing the covers from her on a cold night. Abby tells him that she loves him and that he has given her so much. She tells him that he gave her hearing and a life she never thought possible for her to live. Rick says maybe that was a mistake and why things changed. Abby says no that it will be her fondest memories and she doesn’t regret anything. He has made her a better person. He has an open heart and is a good man. She will always love him. He tells her she better go. He signs that he will always love her and she signs back and crying, she walks over and kisses him one last time and then goes out the door. Rick sits on the floor looking at his wedding ring. He cries out loudly. He looks absolutely devastated. At about 3:33 in part 2, Abby says she knows nothing really happened with Rick and Claire. Some people are confused over this point, but truly she didn’t believe Rick and Claire slept together (again – Claire had deflowered Rick years before).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8My3rkT0Ph0 (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMFKoY7v7o8 (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZNe1iQBhuc (Part 3)

My Comments:

Friday, August 4, 2000 – Claire tries to evade the accusation when Rick guesses that she arranged for Abigail to find them in bed last night. Rick: “I did not invite you into my bed, Claire. I couldn’t consume THAT much alcohol.” When Michelle hears them argue, she forces Claire to confess to what she did. Claire: “You and Rick and everyone I love can trust that I will do what has to be done to take care of them.” Michelle: “That is a terrifying thought.” Rick assures his sister that she doesn’t have to order Claire out of her life. Harley is there to help comfort Rick. Carlos Sandoval reveals to Danny that he has found the person who killed Carmen. Carlos: “You’re wife’s mother, that’s who you got? You think your wife’s mother killed one of the biggest crime bosses around? But I’m the enemy, what do I know, right?”  Suspicious, Danny asks him to bring Xeno Martin to him so he can question the guy himself.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkVzgyFDTtM (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YstmO6bcMQw (Part 2)

Manny Highlight version:

Story picks up after Parts 1 and 2 above:

Mon., August 7, 2000 – Danny met with Xeno Martin. He talked to him and told him he seemed like small potatoes. Xeno bragged about how he brought down a major player in the mob. Danny asked for more information. The guy bragged but never gave any names. The bartender called up to Danny calling out, “Santos.” Xeno got nervous and asked Danny what he said. Danny said he forgot to introduce himself. He introduced himself as Danny Santos and apologized for not telling him sooner but said that he had been having a rough time lately since someone killed his mother but told Xeno he may have already known that and asked him, “did you?” Danny plays cat and mouse with the Xeno. Danny: “I haven’t really made a decision to what course of action I’m gonna take, but when I do,  you’ll be the first to know.” Xeno: “You won’t be sorry, I’ll do a good job. Believe me – I’m your man.” Danny: “I think you just might be.”


Tues., August 8, 2000 – Reva and Josh get it a horrible divorce fight at Millennium. Danny tells Carlos he didn’t expect him back so soon. Carlos reports that Xeno is staying in a luxury hotel suite paid with a stolen credit card. Carlos says that Xeno is a nobody who likes to brag and that he hit Carmen so he could have a reputation in Chicago. But he had to come back to Springfield because he is a freelancer, not a team player. Carlos says no one will be upset if Danny takes him out. Danny will close the club early and lure Xeno in with the promise of a high stakes poker game. Carlos agrees to help and tells Danny their families can work together. Pilar wants to know what happened and Danny tells her he can make things right. Bill come in and tells them he hasn’t found any info on Claire yet. Danny says he knows now who killed Carmen and it wasn’t Claire. He tells Bill to take Pilar out and do not leave her side until he calls. Pilar says he is being pulled back into that life again and she is scared. Bill tells her she needs to get off the family roller coaster; the ride could get a little rough. Bill and Pilar leave. Bill tells Pilar to trust Danny. Danny puts the closed sign up and closes the blinds.

Wed., August 9, 2000 – At Millennium: Carlos and Xeno are sitting around a table playing cards. Danny appears and tells Xeno he will see more action than he bargained for. Danny tells the other guys to leave; their services are no longer needed. Xeno wants to know what this is about. Danny says it is about his mother. He tells Xeno that he had been looking for his mother’s killer and thinks Xeno can help him. Xeno says he doesn’t know anything and gets ready to leave. His friends in Chicago will take care of him. Danny isn’t impressed and asks him about the last time he was in Springfield. Xeno says a few months ago. Danny says that was when Carmen died. Xeno is so well connected so he should know something. Xeno says he knows nothing. Danny has his goons intimidate him and tells him not to tick him off. Danny wants to know if Xeno heard anyone brag about Carmen’s death. Xeno insists he doesn’t know anything but Danny presses him. Danny says Xeno’s pals in Chicago gave him up. Danny wants Xeno to say he killed her and Xeno finally does. She was going to rat them all out and was a traitor. Danny slaps him and knocks him down. He points a gun at Xeno. Danny tells the thugs to take Xeno in the alley; he doesn’t want blood on the floor. Carlos tells Danny to wait. He will take care of it since the police are watching him. He wants to do it for Danny and Carmen as a gesture of his respect. Danny gives the gun to Carlos and leaves. Carlos watches to make sure he is gone. He tells Xeno he did well. Carlos hands Xeno a briefcase filled with money to leave the country. Carlos tells him not to come back. Xeno really thought that Danny was going to kill him. Carlos was impressed with Danny. He gets on his cell phone to Maria. He tells her it is done and Danny bought it. Maria: “Well done Carlos, now there will be peace.” At the Police Station: Frank and David are discussing Carmen’s case. David wants to find Carmen’s killer. Frank wants the turf war to end and says he wishes Carmen had appointed a successor. David thinks Danny will take over but Frank doesn’t think Danny will risk losing Michelle. David thinks the temptation will be too much for him. Frank wants to go out for a beer and forget about it. At the Bauers: Michelle is in the kitchen when Rick comes in. She is holding a folder containing info about reapplying to med school. Rick wants to know where Danny is. He is teasing her but Michelle is worried about where he is. Rick says for a dead woman Carmen still causes a lot of trouble. Danny comes back. She asks him what is wrong. He says it is over. He found the person who killed Carmen and it wasn’t Claire. She asks if he called the police and he says he took care of it. He tries to leave the room. She asks what he has done.


Thurs., August 10, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle wants to know what Danny did with the info about Carmen’s killer. He says he encouraged the guy to tell the truth. Michelle wants to know how he encouraged the guy and where he is now. Danny doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He says he is tired. Michelle tells him they made promises and he is shutting her out. He tells her she should trust him. Michelle wants to know what “dealt with” means. Danny says that it means they are free and the book on the Santos family business is closed. He can run the club and she can go to med school. They can have children. He is trying to hold her but she pushes him away. She wants to know what he has done and says, “You killed him?” Danny says he killed no one. She says he had someone else do it. They argue. Danny says it was necessary. Michelle says that violence is not an answer. He tells her he needed to insure their life. Danny: “The weak do not inherit the earth, you use force or force gets used on you.” He did it to have a free life with her and their children. Michelle says that he knew how she felt about it but didn’t consider her feelings. The man’s blood is on his hands whether he did it himself or not. Michelle says she doesn’t want to be a victim to retaliation and wants to know when it will end. She loves him but there are some places he goes that she cannot follow. He agrees and says he doesn’t want her to, but insists he will always return to her. She says she cannot be here waiting while there is blood on his hands. Danny says Carmen was his mother. Michelle wanted him to contact the police. Danny wanted to show strength and not weakness. He needed to protect the family. He wants her to accept that he did what he needed to do in order to survive. Danny: “A message was sent when Carmen was hit and he had to respond.” Michelle says she can’t be married to him. She wants him to leave the house tonight. The situation is very tense. Danny walks away and Michelle has tears in her eyes. Later, Michelle is at the table and Rick asks if there is anything he can do. Danny leaves and says Michelle will explain and he will be in touch. Michelle tells Rick not to say anything and starts to cry. It hurts so bad she may die. Rick tries to comfort her. She says that Danny tried to get away but couldn’t. She did the right thing but will never love anyone like she loved Danny. She wants to know how to go on when a part of you has been ripped out. Rick hugs her and says they will find out together. At the Santos House: Pilar and Bill are with Abuela. Pilar wants to know if she has heard from Danny. She is worried. Danny walks in. He says he found Carmen’s killer and that his marriage is over, Michelle’s final decision. Danny tells Abuela he can’t believe it’s over. She asks if he means the search for Carmen’s killer or his marriage. Danny says both. Abuela asks if he is sure and if Carlos took care of it. Danny says yes. He wants to stay there a few days and he goes to settle in. She calls Carlos and tells him he played his role well. Danny is convinced justice has been done. Danny’s wife has left him too. Carlos says that Michelle was the reason Danny didn’t stay in the business. Maria was glad that Danny stayed out of the business while Carmen was alive. Otherwise the same thing would have happened to him that happened with his father. Abuela wants Danny to choose the business on his own. Carlos tells her he will. As Maria hangs up the phone, Danny enters. She says it was Ray on the phone. She is tired and wants to go to bed. She tells Danny she is happy to have him home but sorry about Michelle’s decision. Danny turns off the lights. He looks out the window and Michelle is looking out her window. Rick is holding his wedding ring and looking sad.




My comments:

NOTE: This is where they break up – if you’ve watched once  you may want to start again after Nancy picks up the role. What’s coming is too sad except for Ray who totally rocks, Go Ray!

Fri., August 11, 2000 – At the Santos: Danny is sitting at the desk in the Santos house looking at Michelle’s picture. Ray enters and Danny tells him that Michelle threw him out. He mentions finding Carmen’s killer and how he handled the situation. Ray asks Danny if Carlos hadn’t taken care of the guy would Danny have taken care of him himself? Danny said he probably would have and whether he did it or had it done the blood is on his hands and he doesn’t regret his decision because he had to make an example of the killer. Ray knows Michelle doesn’t see it that way. Michelle thinks he broke his promise to avoid violence and Ray agrees with her. He says that part of Danny did it for revenge. Danny says maybe it is better that they broke up. Ray said that he knew the day would come when Danny would have to make a choice between Michelle and the family. Danny says that one minute he was looking for information and the next minute he wanted to kill the guy and slipped right back into his old ways. Danny says that what he did was self-defense to protect him and his family. Ray thinks he is trying to justify his actions. Danny says he has been thinking about his father lately and wondering if he struggled with the same decisions. Ray said that he thinks he did as did Ray’s father and their grandfathers but Danny doesn’t have to make the same decisions as his father. Danny tells Ray that when he was a child he thought he was different from his father and brother. He thought when it was his turn he would find a way out of the family and he thought Michelle was that way. Ray: “When you met Michelle you believed she was your savior, I believe she still is, at least the closest thing on this earth.” Ray wants to hear his confession. They argue and when Danny tries to hide behind the code they were raised on Ray asks if he is so intent on following the family code why didn’t he kill Michelle over Mick. He shows Danny that he does what is in his heart and does not always follow the rules. He wants Danny to think and tells him he is only a phone call away. Ray says he will go see Michelle and wants to know if he has a message for her. Ray tells Danny never to give up hope on his marriage or on himself. In the Bauer kitchen: Michelle is making breakfast when Claire enters. She says she has been trying to give her space since Abby left and offers to move out. It will be hers and Danny’s choice. Michelle tells her she doesn’t have to move on her account but she needs to check with Rick. Claire asks about Danny and Michelle tells her that he has moved out. Claire wants to know what happened. Michelle says they had a different outlook on life and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Claire offers her sympathy but Michelle didn’t want it. She asked Claire to leave so she can enjoy her breakfast alone. Claire leaves. Later, Michelle is baking cookies when Ray gets there. Ray: “Unless I lost count you promised to be Danny’s wife forever three times, two more than even God asks for,” and then asks her why they are separated. She asks Ray if he knows what happened and tells him she feels no matter how much she loves him, Danny will not be able to get away from his family. Ray says Danny never will if she leaves him. Michelle says she isn’t Danny’s savior. Ray tells her that Danny is a better person when he is with her. She tells him she just wanted a normal life with children. Ray tells her that Danny wants that too. Michelle was hurt when he reverted to violent behavior. Ray says they can go to counseling; they have been through so much already surely they can get through this. Ray: “Remember the vows you made….Michelle you made a vow to Danny you promised before God to be his partner for life, for better or worse. Well, welcome to worse. Here it is. This is a test of your commitment. Your husband needs you now more than ever.”Ray tells her that now Danny needs her more than ever.”




Tues., Aug. 15, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is already there when Danny lets himself in with his key. Michelle is not happy to see him but tells him that she has his belongings ready to go. He tells her he misses her, can’t stop thinking about her and can’t accept that it is over. Michelle says that it is definitely over. She wants Danny to return his keys to the house. Danny: “I love you…..I know you love me still and if that’s not a reason to fight for our marriage, I don’t know what is.” Michelle: “Of course I love you. I will always love you….but our problems are the same they haven’t changed.” . Danny tells her he had no choice and that he had to protect his family. Danny says he’s out of the mob life for good now. Michelle doesn’t believe him and says that it is just who he is and she can’t live with what he did. Danny asked, “what if it had been self-defense?” Michelle tells him that would have been different but it wasn’t how it happened and because of that she needs him out of her life. Danny tells Michelle that when they met he was running from his family and now there is no one left to run from. He had to get rid of Xeno in order to save his loved ones and let go of his mother’s murder. He says now they can go on with their lives and have a family and home because all the bad stuff is behind them. Michelle says she can’t overlook what happened and as much as she loves him she would rather lose Danny than herself.  Michelle: “I would rather lose you than lose myself.” She asks Danny to be gone when she gets back and she leaves. Danny says to himself, “I won’t let you go.” Danny followed Michelle outside and tells her, “I would die for you without hesitation…..You’re my life, my wife, everything to me, I would die for you. I broke a promise, but I didn’t break my vows. Give me a chance. We can live each day like on our second honeymoon.” He tells her they can leave Springfield, sell their part of Millennium and just leave. He tells her he knows he can’t live without her. He asks her if she can live without him. He tells her not to answer right away but to think about it. He says until then he will keep his keys. He kisses her and asks her to give him a chance to make things right. At the Santos compound: Maria and Claire are toasting their accomplishments. They both feel they are in the clear for Carmen’s murder and Danny and Michelle are split up for good. Maria comments that it must feel good being in Michelle’s confidence. Claire feels Michelle needs her mother especially with Abby and Danny out of her life. Maria says our business together is finished but both are worried that the other will tell about their involvement together. Claire says they both got what they want and now she has a chance at a relationship with Michelle. Danny walks into the house and Abuela was napping on the sofa. She wakes up and sees him and tells him he looks happy and assumes he saw Michelle. Danny thinks he got through to Michelle and that she will eventually forgive him for breaking his promise. Abuela asks him why he thinks he needs forgiveness for being what he is, a Santos.



My Comments:

Tues., Aug. 22, 2000 – At the Country Club: Rick and Michelle come in from playing Tennis. He tells her that he has to get ready for a meeting with Charles Grant. They talk a little about their marriages and how they are both all alone now. Michelle tells him that she thinks he may have it easier since Abby is out of town. She tells him having Danny so near is torture. Rick starts to suggest something but Michelle tells him that she and Danny have hurt each other enough already. Michelle’s cell phone rings; it is Abuela. Abuela tells her Danny is out and she would like Michelle to visit. Michelle is reluctant but Abuela continues to persuade her. Abuela will be waiting. She tells Rick about the phone call. She is afraid to get involved with Danny’s family again. Rick tells her to face her demons; sometimes the fears are worse than the demons themselves. She agrees that she can’t spend her life avoiding confrontation. He tells her to face Abuela and look into her eyes. Michelle agrees to go. She starts leaving and runs into Claire, Michelle tells her she has to go. Rick turns his back on Claire and tells her to go back to Chicago. Claire throws his medical board tests up in his face and he threatens him with it. A sudden look of realization came upon Rick’s face and he said, “Hello, demon.” Claire doesn’t get it. He tells her he just gave Michelle some advice to face her demons. Now he is facing his. She again reminds him that she has kept his secret. He says she thinks he owns her his soul and keeps yanking his chain. He tells her that Michelle doesn’t know her the way he does. He tells her to get her own life because he still has something to live for and will completely redesign his life. A life with no room for lies. Dr. Grant comes in and they all go to sit down for a meeting. Rick tells Claire that she can take her threats and stick them because they are about to become useless. After Charles adjourns the meeting. Rick asks to speak but Claire tries to stop him. Rick tells Charles that he is a fraud and mentions failing the exam, the drugs and having an affair with a teacher (without mentioning Claire). He tells Charles that this instructor changed the results of his exam and he has been practicing medicine without a valid license, which is a felony, and he apologizes. He knows the apology is inadequate but he is truly sorry. Claire looks down. Charles tells Rick he wishes he had come to him in private. Rick says that it is better this way. The choice is out of Charles’ hands. Rick is ready to accept the consequences. Charles doesn’t know how to proceed. Rick will take himself off the staff until Charles sorts things out. Charles asks for the committee’s discretion and says he will consult legal counsel. Charles tells Rick privately that he is a fine doctor and he wishes Rick had kept his mouth shut. Rick looks at Claire and says that the price of silence was too high. Claire tells Rick he didn’t have to tell and that she would have continued to protect him. He realizes she wouldn’t have told because that would break her connection with him but informs her that she was his demon and if he had been honest with himself years ago, his wife could still be with him. He tells her that this isn’t just about changing a test score. There is a reason why people like them wind up alone. He tells her to think about it; it isn’t too late to make changes. She wants Rick to meet her at the house at 6 PM and informs him that he still needs her. She leaves. At the Santos house: Danny is talking to Abuela about finding someone else to run the family business. He wants nothing else to do with it since it is the reason her lost his wife. She asks Danny if he doesn’t want to run the family business or if he can’t run it. Danny asks his Abuela if she thinks he couldn’t run the family if he wanted too. Abuela says he has his father’s heart and intelligence. Danny says that he has to live his own life. Abuela mentions Michelle but Danny says it is over. Abuela tries to encourage him to try again but Danny is upset and doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he is going to the drugstore. Abuela: “So like Miguel”. After Danny leaves, Abuela calls Michelle and asks her to come over. Michelle is with Abuela telling her she doesn’t want to live the life Abuela had to live or worse yet end up like Carmen. Michelle gets upset and tells Abuela that she sees Carmen at times in her windows and mirrors and then sometimes she smells her perfume. Abuela says that Carmen was bad. She tells Michelle doesn’t want Danny she should end it now because The Family want and need him. Danny walks in and Abuela leaves them alone. They look at each other. Danny asks Michelle how she is. She says terrible. She doesn’t want him to misunderstand. Michelle:  ”I never said that I didn’t love you….I didn’t choice to love you any more than I chose to breathe. I can’t even imagine not loving you.” She never said she didn’t love him; she just couldn’t live this life with him. She can’t imagine not loving him. He touches her and says she will always be his wife. Michelle says it hurts and he kisses her hand. Michelle asks if it would help him hurt less if they got a divorce. Danny says no, they could leave, go anywhere in the world and Abuela would protect them. She said that their life would still be based on secrecy and lies. She tells him that he has to let her go. He is upset. She walks out. Abuela dials the phone and tells someone that Michelle was just there. She mentions Michelle seeing visions of Carmen and smelling her perfume and wants to know what that means.



My Comments:

Tues., August 29, 2000 – At Millennium: Ray comes in and interrupts Danny and Pilar’s meeting about the accounting of the club. Pilar gets fed up with the paperwork and leaves. Ray and Danny talk about Michelle and the Santos. Ray asks him if he is trying to get back with her. He tells Ray that he is trying to be an honest businessman. He also says that he could go back to the family any second. Ray asked him what was more important. Being in charge or being with Michelle. Pilar interrupts with a call for Ray. His brother Tony is in town and desperate to see him. He tells him to meet him at Millennium. Ray tells Danny that Tony is in town which means he is in some sort of trouble. Danny asks about Tony and Ray tells him that he knows he is living the life and drinking, gambling and fighting. He tells him he is sure he is in trouble. Ray said he steps on all the families’ toes and he didn’t care whose which could lead him to serious trouble. They talk about the past and how hardheaded Tony is. Ray said that Tony just wants him to bail him out of some trouble. Ray tells him that his father took a bullet in the head when Tony was 11 and when he was 13 his mom died. He said he tried to tell Tony that everything would be okay and Tony only replied, “the hell it would” and he was only 4 years old. Ray thinks that he should have helped Tony more and not worried about devoting his life to God so much. He feels he may have failed his brother. Just then Tony comes in. He is giving the bartender a hard time wanting a drink but having no ID. Tony and Danny reintroduce themselves and Danny tells him that he can have anything he wants to drink as long as there is no alcohol in it. Tony and Ray sit down with Danny and Tony admits that he is in a lot of trouble. Tony tells them that Chicago has gotten bad since Uncle Fedrico died. He tells them that he got in a fight with some punks and one of them fell through a plate glass window. He lived but his father was none to pleased and put a contract out on Tony. And he left and came there. He tells them that they are after him. Ray tells him he has to rethink his life. Tony said he needs someone to call in some favors. Danny tells Ray to take his car and take him over to the monastery with him. Danny tells him that he will call Abuela and see if she can get the heat off Tony. Until then he tells Tony to turn himself into the invisible man. They walk out into the alley and a van stops. The doors open and they start shooting at Tony. Tony and Ray get behind some garbage cans and when the shooting stops Tony gets up and returns fire at the guys. One of the guys shot back at Tony and Ray jumps up to stop him from hitting Tony and gets shot himself. The van pulls off and Danny comes out asking what happened. He checks on Ray and tells Tony to get out of sight. He tells him that if Ray is hurt he will pay.




Wed., August 30, 2000 – At Cedars: Rick comes out and tells Danny that Ray is in bad shape and wonders what had happened. Danny told him that it was just a random drive by which he really didn’t see because he was inside the club at the time. Rick is skeptical. Danny doesn’t want Rick to tell Michelle, it would do her no good to know. Rick thinks Danny doesn’t want her to know because she would jump to conclusions about the shooting as well. Danny assures Rick there was nothing about him or his family that triggered the shooting. Rick tells him if that were true there wouldn’t be two Santos guards in front of Ray’s room. Rick left. At the Bauers: Michelle opened the door to Aunt Meta. She was back from New York because she was worried about her and Rick. She said she hadn’t heard from her in a while and was hoping everything was all right. Michelle tells her about Danny and that she had to end things. Meta tells her that she is proud of her but hopes that she is sure of what she wants. Meta gives Michelle good advice. Meta: “Keep your eyes open, so if there is a second chance you can see it.”  Rick walks in and greets Meta. They hug and he tells Michelle about Ray. He tells her that when she gets there she can see the nurse and she will make an excuse for Danny to leave so Michelle won’t have to run into him. Michelle leaves. Later, Meta asks Rick about Abby. He tells her that because he loved her he had to let her go. Meta understood and told him that she is so proud of him and Michelle both. She is there now and will bring some normalcy back into their lives. She tells Rick that someday he will find his mate and will be way ahead of the game. Danny went in to see Ray after a nurse came and said he was coming to. Ray asked Danny over and over about Tony. Danny told him that he is fine and wondered what had happened in the alley. Ray told him about the van and again asked about Tony. Danny said that Abuela had stashed Tony and was making calls on the situation. Danny asked if he could get Ray anything and he asked for his rosary. Danny tells him he would stop by the rectory and pick it up. Ray goes to sleep with Danny sitting next to him. Danny talks about how much he loves and respects Ray for getting out of the “life” clean. Tony comes up to the door and is stopped by the guards. Danny sees him and tells him he is stupid for being there. He takes Tony out into the parking lot and curses him for what had happened to Ray. He lost control and started beating Tony senseless. And of course, Michelle walks in and begins to scream at him. When he stopped hitting Tony she ran off crying and scared. Danny begged her to listen to him but she wouldn’t.



Thurs., August 31, 2000 – At the Bauers: Danny came in begging Michelle for forgiveness and another chance. She doesn’t understand how he could be so gentle and loving with her and turn on Tony and beat him so savagely. She didn’t want any excuses so Danny just told her that he was upset and that he was Ray’s brother. She is so upset and he grabs her holding her while she cries. Rick comes in and demands Danny let her go. Finally he does and Michelle leaves the room in tears. Rick tells Danny to leave Michelle alone she doesn’t want his kind of life. Danny is crying telling Rick how much he loves his sister. Danny: “I love her more than you or anybody else could possibly, possibly imagine!” After awhile Danny accepts it and tells Rick to take care of Michelle and he would not bother her any more. Danny leaves and Michelle comes back in still in tears. Meta is in the Bauer kitchen when Claire comes in. Meta says, “Hello, Dr. Ramsey.” She introduced herself and tells her that she has been filled in on everything that is going on. Claire asks about Michelle and Meta tells her she is in her room crying her eyes out. She tells Claire that Michelle is a wonderfully sensitive woman just like her mother. Claire starts to smile until Meta says, “Yes, Maureen was a wonderful woman.” Claire starts to move past Meta to go see Michelle and Meta says, “Don’t you dare.” She tells Claire that she knows how she has tried to undermined Danny and Michelle as well as Rick and Abby not to mention how she blackmailed Rick for all these years when there was nothing for her to blackmail him with. (Turns out that she had only pretended that she changed the grades, he passed on his own.) Claire tells her that she didn’t hear from any of this from Michelle. Meta informed her that she did and from Rick as well. Meta: “I am not as magnanimous as Rick or as innocent as Michelle and if you create a ripple in their lives….I will hurt you…take me seriously.” Claire left, angry. At the hospital: Danny comes in very upset after his visit with Michelle and tells Abuela that it is all over now. He tells her that he will never let love for someone consume him again. Then he tells her that he is ready to take over the family if she will let him. She tells him he has to want it and he assures her he does. She is happy and gives him his father’s ring that she has held for this special day. He goes over all his plans to computerize the books and get military surveillance and security as well as bringing casinos into Millennium so that he can launder money through the club. Abuela tells Danny that she is very proud of him because he isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes and knows that the other families will be glad to see him back in the fold as well. Tony walks up behind them as Danny slips the ring on his pinkie. He asks about Ray and then begs Abuela to let him stay in Springfield with his family. She tells him it is all up to Danny now as head of the family. Tony thinking it is a lost cause starts to walk away. Danny calls out that “Ray’s brother is welcome.” He tells Tony they will find a place for him and holds his hand out. Tony comes over to Danny, kneels down and kisses Danny’s ring.



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WARNING: If you’ve already watched through the Manny storyline once, this might be another episode guide post to skip. It’s awful watching them tear into each other, although Ray is fairly terrific and worth watching it for.

Thurs., Sept. 7, 2000 – Michelle is in the hospital hallway outside of Ray’s room with Rick. Rick promises to keep a lookout for Danny so she won’t have to run into him. She goes in to see Ray. Ray introduces Tony to Michelle who realizes that Tony was the punching bag Danny was using in the parking lot that other night. She apologies to Tony for what “my husband” did to him. Ray looks shocked; he can’t believe Danny did that to Tony. Tony tries to make light of what Danny did and then leaves. Michelle tells Ray that she will never understand that kind of violence, it is just disgusting to her. She explains what happened and how Danny’s face was twisted with hate and she wonders if he was this person all along and just pretending to be the man she fell in love with. She said that everything she thought she knew about Danny she really did not know. Ray says he understands the violence because he has been there but he made the commitment to do better and Danny can do the same. Michelle said she thought Danny was trying but she finally realized that his family was more of a part of him than she was. So she had to end it and tell Danny she wanted a divorce. Ray was upset and said, “No, please Michelle.” Michelle said there was no other way, she can’t live a life with all the violence. Michelle:  “Carmen was murdered and I lost my baby because of the stress.” Ray says he understands and doesn’t condone what his family does but Danny can still be free and Michelle is the all it will take. She doesn’t want to listen but Ray tells him that she can’t leave when Danny needs her the most. She tells Ray that she has begged Danny to choose them but he made his choices. Ray tells her to give Danny something to fight for. Michelle tells him that she already has, she gave herself and even carried his child but it wasn’t enough. Ray tells her that she has to stand by Danny because she made a promise. Michelle said she wants the marriage annulled. Ray tells Michelle that an annulment isn’t possible because she knew who Danny was before they were married. So there is no just cause. She begs him to help her but he doesn’t want her to leave Danny. Ray: “In the eyes of the church those complaints fall under for better or worse.” Michelle still maintains they are through. Danny comes up heading to Ray’s room and is stopped by Rick who tells him that Ray is with Michelle who doesn’t want to see him. Danny doesn’t care and tells Rick that he can’t keep him out of there. Danny tells Rick that he is not there to see Michelle. He says he will make a very nice life for himself without her but if he wants to see his wife or Ray he will. Rick says so you are threatening me? They are arguing and Danny yells at Rick, “You have no right to keep me from her!” Danny heads into the room and Rick threatens to call security. Danny tells him to go ahead. He walks in the room and meets Michelle on her way out. They all start arguing. Danny tells her that he has to explain to Ray what happened between him and Tony because of her. She tells him that he shouldn’t have beaten him. Danny said she has no idea about the situation because she wouldn’t let him explain. He tells her that he was trying to protect her and she can’t see it. She said something about making a life with someone else and Danny: “Maybe you should.” More yelling and a lot of pain. Ray drags himself out of  bed to the door. Ray: “HOLD IT! Stop it enough. BOTH of you get in here now.” Rick tells Ray he shouldn’t have strained himself and Danny and Michelle helps him back into bed. Rick leaves. Danny says he was not there to cause trouble and tells Ray that he wanted to explain about Tony. He apologizes and Ray tells him that he forgives him and that he knows Tony can be frustrating. He is just sorry that Tony cost them their marriage. Michelle: “No, it was coming.” Danny snaps back at her. Ray tells them to open their eyes that they love each other. Danny thinks that is just the way things happen. Michelle is crying.

Ray gives a great speech telling Manny some home truths.

“Let me draw you a little picture so you don’t miss anything. Here’s Danny proud as hell. Michelle sensitive as they come. And what happens? They end up falling in love with each other. They touch each other deeply and it makes them feel vulnerable, sitting ducks in a way, because their hearts are so open. Then something happens….OK, OK a lot of things happen and what happens they throw up the walls of defense and the judgment starts and that’s what we’re looking at right now. “…2 people cut off completely from one another.” Danny: “Maybe that’s how it should be.” Ray: “HEY! You made a VOW the way it should be, for better for worse, well guess what guys the worse just kicked in. It’s time you BOTH grew up and realize people are NOT perfect….Mostly they are just scared….but that’s only the beginning not the end of the line, yes, we’re all imperfect, but God gives us the ability to be better….There’s ALWAYS hope, ALWAYS….Michelle, you pulled away from this man. And Danny you let this woman down terribly. Unless you can look me in the eyes and say that’s the worse kind of betrayal possible, don’t come to be again with all this nonsense (keeping you apart)!”

Ray explains to her that the other night outside of Millennium he was fill of so much anger but still found himself jumping in front of a bullet to save his brother because he loves him and he feels the experience brought him closer to God. Ray tells them if they walk away from each other they will not find the perfect soulmate in another person. He says, so Michelle pulled away and Danny let her down. Unless they can tell him that those are the worst betrayals possible they should take down their protective walls and try again. Danny leaves, saying that it’s over and she won’t ever have to see him again. Michelle starts crying harder and falls into Ray’s arms for comfort.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OjZTZ0vPNM (Repeats from yesterday, but picks up here halfway through at 4:00)
(Another Great speech from Ray – if only they had listened)

Tues., Sept. 12, 2000 – At Cedars: Ray is in a wheelchair talking to a nurse. He is being released. Danny comes up and asks if he can take Ray from there. Ray jokes around with Danny about needing protection because of a rigged Bingo game. They laugh and Danny tells him that he doesn’t know what is out there waiting for them. Danny: “To everything there is a season.” Ray: “Listen to him now quoting scripture when he’s turning his back on the most sacred vow known to God, man, or woman.” Ray thanks Danny for coming back. Danny tells him that he has to go stay with Abuela’s for a few days. Danny tells him that he can spend some time with Tony as well. Ray tells him he looks forward to all the time with Danny as well so he can explain to him exactly what his vows meant. Danny tells him to give it up because Michelle is a non-issue. Danny is going over a few plans for an underground casino at Millennium. Pilar comes over and asks what he is up to. She doesn’t want him to do anything illegal.


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Thurs., Sept. 14, 2000 – Danny and Ray wonder what they should do with Tony. Tony comes down and Abuela tells him he can stay as long as he stays quiet. Maria: “How are my handsome grandsons getting along?” Dead Silence. “That well, huh?”  Tony tells everyone that he wants to be a part of the family business and work at the club. Ray is glad that Tony wants to work at a legitimate job. Tony tells Ray that Danny is opening a new club in the basement of Millennium. Ray asks if Jesse and Drew are alright with that. He tells Ray that he is buying them out. Maria to Tony: “Your interpersonal skills need much work.” Ray leaves telling Abuela, “Me quiero.” and Danny yells at Tony that he better keep his mouth shut about the casino and the plans for Danny to run the family until Ray is better. Tony said he wouldn’t say anything, he is just glad to be part of the “association”. Danny tells him to watch out and do what he is told or he will be sent back to Chicago without the Santos behind him.


Mon., Sept. 18, 2000 – Claire and Alan are having drinks and cigars in the bar at the Lakeland Country Club commiserating about their relationships with their children.  Phillip and Harley are wondering if Claire and Alan are a couple. They figure it is a match made in hell. Harley tells Phillip they can leave now and can eat somewhere else. They walk over to Rick and Michelle’s table and say good night to them. Michelle tells Rick she feels queasy and then faints. Claire rushes over as Rick picks Michelle up in his arms. At Millennium: Danny is showing Tony the plans for the casino. There will be buttons to hide all the equipment in the walls in case of a police raid. Marah enters the place and Tony asks Danny who she is. Danny asks why and Tony is “in love” with her. (NOTE: This is the second scene with Marony together.) Danny says that is Marah Lewis and her father; uncle and cousin will come after him if he tries anything. Marah is only 17 and he should leave her alone. Tony insists Marah wants him. Marah comes over to Danny and mentions Ray and asks how he’s doing since the shooting. Tony to Danny about Marah: “Aren’t you going to introduce me?” Danny, who pushes a piece of paper in front of Tony’s face, “NO!”  Tony wants Danny to introduce them but Danny refuses and Marah laughs. Marah introduces herself to Tony. She says that her cousin Bill is dating Pilar. Tony says Danny thinks he would be a bad influence on her. Danny tells Tony, “Cool your jets!….Let’s go” and pulls him away. Danny wants to know why Tony doesn’t understand him. Danny: “Which part am I not making clear the ‘STAY AWAY’ or the “FROM MARAH’”? He wants him to stay away from Marah. Tony agrees, but then walks towards the door when Danny leaves.



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Tues., Sept. 19, 2000 – At the Bauers: Rick tells Michelle that she has to go in for a checkup that morning since she fainted last night. She refuses to go and Claire comes in with her medical bag. Claire gives her a little exam while Michelle tells her that she is just stressed out. Claire takes some blood as she realizes Michelle’s symptoms are lightheadedness and nausea. Claire gets the tubes and gives them to Rick. He is going to drop them off at the lab. Michelle tells them to get lost so she can have some peace and quiet. Claire starts to leave and Michelle asks her to stick around. Claire is shocked that Michelle wants her to stay and says that she is now lightheaded. She sits down at the table with Michelle. Claire offers to help Michelle study if she needs it. Michelle thinks that may be great. She asks Claire how everything is going at the hospital. Claire is happy there and said that there are a lot of nice people there. Michelle asks about Alan Spaulding and Claire tells her that there is nothing going on there, yet. Claire tries to change the subject but Michelle won’t let it drop. She tells her that Alan has a very bad reputation. Claire tells her that she does as well. She offers to fix her a bite to eat and then leaves. Claire comes back in and tells Michelle that she is pregnant.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEoWjC99acQ (Today’s episode starts 1:42 in)


Wed., Sept. 20, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle questions Claire about the pregnancy and she tells her that it is definitely sure. Claire suggests she tell Danny but Michelle tells her it is too late for that, Danny is with the Santos now. Claire asks her if this changes how she feels about Danny and the divorce. Michelle said it doesn’t and now she has to protect more then herself. Claire is glad. Michelle says that she has to tell him though. Claire tells Michelle that she doesn’t have to tell him because medically it is just a few multiplying cells and she can sever this last tie with Danny once and for all. Claire thinks she should have an abortion. Michelle says that she can’t. Claire tells her that Danny will use the baby to tie her to the Santos family forever. Michelle tells her he wouldn’t do that and the baby will be a Bauer not a Santos. Claire said that the mob families would use the baby to get to Danny and put the baby in danger. Michelle said she would be worried if Carmen was still alive but she isn’t. Michelle tells Claire that Danny will let them go and be safe. Michelle tells her that she is trying to tell her the only way to protect the baby is to deny it life and she doesn’t want to do that. Michelle is upset and wants some time to think but Claire tells her that she doesn’t have time and needs to decide now. Michelle is crying. Claire tells her that she will not be happy or fulfilled with Danny and then there is med school. Claire tells her that she has to think of these things now. Michelle wonders why Claire wants this and wonders if it is because abortion is legal and smothering a screaming baby isn’t. Claire is stunned. She apologizes and says that she just wants to be part of her life now. Michelle tells Claire that it is convenient because she is all grown up now. But unlike Claire, she wants diapers and crying. She wants a baby. Claire tells her that she wants that for her just not with Danny. Rick comes up and Claire leaves to meet Alan. Michelle asks him if he also thinks it is a terrible thing. Rick tells her that he thinks it is great and they could really use a sweet little baby around the house. He hugs her and tells her to take vitamins and drink juice and milk. She hugs him and tells him that Claire just spent the longest time telling her to get an abortion. Michelle tells him that Claire was talking about Danny and his rights. Rick said she will get sole custody and he and Meta and her will raise the baby together. Michelle thanks him and he fixes her a snack. He leaves to go take a shower and Michelle pulls off her wedding ring to do the dishes and looks at it. At the same time, at Millennium, Danny is looking at his but leaves it on his hand.



Mon., Sept. 25, 2000 – At the Bauers: Meta and Michelle are talking about the pregnancy. Meta is very supportive and asks her what she is going to do. Michelle tells her that Claire suggested an abortion. Meta said that Claire would say something like that but wants to know what Michelle wants. Michelle says that Claire is right about some things but she really wants the baby. Michelle: “It’s good it’s Danny’s baby because I get to keep a part of him, the best part.” She says she can’t let Danny be a part of the baby’s life. She is going to have to leave Springfield. Meta asks where Michelle would go and she said she may go to New York to stay with Drew but she would miss her family. Meta asks her how long she will go. If she leaves now would she ever be able to come home. She tells her if she shows up in a year with a baby, Danny would wonder. Meta thinks she should stay there and stand her ground with her family behind her for support. Meta tells her that there will be rough times ahead but it will be worth it. Michelle agrees and starts to leave to go tell Claire her decision. Meta tells her to tell Claire to stick it in her ear. Meta: “Bauer Babies are mighty pretty.” ♥ She tells Michelle she is happy for her and Michelle leaves. Danny is there to ask about a bill for Ray’s stay. He goes to the elevator and runs into Michelle. Michelle tries to ignore him but he stops her and asks why she can’t be polite at least. Danny: “What’s that all about…you can’t say hello, what am I invisible.” Michelle: “Don’t you know how much it hurts to look at her.” She tells him it hurts too much. He tells her that he would have pulled out his heart and gave it to her he loved her so. She said all she wanted was for him to deny his family’s ways. He said she would never understand that everything he did was to accomplish that for her. He says that she thinks she is the only one that knows right from wrong. He asks her if she ever loved him, he doesn’t know how he ever fit into her picture of perfection. He tells her that in the real world you have to do what you have to do to protect the ones you love. He tells her that he is glad he is back with his family who accepts him for who he is and doesn’t make him wake up thinking he is wrong and needing to apologize for being a terrible person. He leaves Michelle crying. She asks a nurse to call Rick for her. Rick comes and Michelle is bawling as he holds her. She says that she saw Danny and he hates her. She tells him it is a sign and she can’t go through with the pregnancy. He tells her that she can’t, she has to give herself some time. He tells her to talk to Harley, she had been through it all before and can give her some prospective. She calms down and says that he may be right. Danny comes in after everyone had left. He talks to Ray. He tells her how Michelle just walked by him at the hospital and he snapped at her. He tells him that he didn’t apologize for who he is and that he told her the truth. He said he told her he did what he had to so they could be free and now she is gone. Danny tells Ray that there is no point in pretending that he is someone he isn’t any longer. He tells Ray that he is heading up the family now. Ray tells him that he can still back out. Danny tells him that he can’t get out now. He wants to run the family and never look back. Ray wants him to think about it.



Not sure which date this is sadly it’s May’s first scene, also some nice Marony fall out stuff.

Thurs., Sept. 28, 2000 – At the Bauers: Harley knocks on the door and comes in to talk to Michelle. Michelle asks if she was busy and Harley tells her that she was in the neighborhood when she got her message. She tells Michelle that she spoke to Rick and knows that she is pregnant. Michelle tells her that Rick said she would be good to talk to. Harley says she is still dealing with Susan 14 years later. Michelle said she knows she wouldn’t be able to give the baby up for adoption. Harley asks about Danny but Michelle says it is because of Danny that she is considering not having the baby. Harley said she thought she loved Danny and she said she does but can’t let the baby be in the type of life Danny has. Aunt Meta comes in and tells Michelle she looks a lot better. Michelle says she is better and is going to keep her baby. Aunt Meta is happy and asks if she is still worried about Danny. Michelle tells her that she will deal with it somehow. Aunt Meta tells her that she may start knitting baby booties after she learns how. She asks Michelle if she would like to take a yoga class with her. Michelle tells her that she wants to wait another six weeks just to be sure the baby will make it. Meanwhile, she is going to file for a divorce. Danny and Tony have an argument over May and Tony decides Danny is interested in May. At Laurel Falls: Danny is walking through the wood and thinking of Michelle and the first time they made love there and their wedding. Meanwhile, Michelle is doing the same thing. They walk into each other. Michelle sees Danny and runs the other way.


Fri., Sept. 29, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle pours some coffee for Ross. He asks if she is sure about the divorce and tells her that if Danny contests it, it could go on for years. She confides to Ross that she is pregnant and he tells her that could complicate things. Michelle doesn’t want the baby raised as a Santos or Danny involved in its life. She wants to get the divorce before Danny finds out she is pregnant. Ross tells her it will get complicated and Danny will be able to fight for visitation. Michelle says everyone knows about the Santos family and she’ll have Frank and David testify because they are cops.  Ross: “It doesn’t matter if they’re saints, it’s still hearsay.” Michelle: “Fine! I’ll tell Danny he’s not the father.” Ross: “That’s not only cruel it won’t work.” Michelle tells him she will have Danny declared an unfit parent but Ross says she has no proof. Michelle finally tells Ross that Danny ordered a hit on someone. Ross wants to know if she is sure. She says that is what made her want the divorce. He tells her that she is an accessory too. If she is divorced from Danny, she has to report it but not if she is still married. Ross tells her he will file the papers and they will take it one day at a time. She says if she has to, she will leave town. Ross wants her to stay in town and congratulates her.



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Tues., Oct. 3, 2000 – Ross comes in. He wants to talk to Danny about the divorce. Danny asks Ross if that is all Michelle wants. Ross asks for Danny’s attorney’s name and tells him that Michelle wants a quick divorce. Danny says that Michelle can have whatever she wants and he will not be getting a lawyer. Ross leaves and May comes over and tells Danny she is sorry. May tries to sympathize with Danny. She offers him a brandy or soda at her place. Danny asks her what movie they are in now. She tells him, she’s Greer Garson’s character in Random Harvest and kisses him. Danny tells May that was generous of her but that they aren’t in the movies; this is real life. Things are very complicated for him.  Danny: “No matter what my wife does, I still feel married.” She remembers another old movie, Brief Encounter to him. He tells her he is glad she works there. She says she is glad too. Danny looks sad.


Wed., Oct. 4, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is in the kitchen with Aunt Meta talking about her trip to New York. She said she would be leaving in a few hours and thanks Aunt Meta for letting her stay in her apartment. Rick comes down carrying Michelle’s suitcase. She tells them both not to worry because Drew will be only a cab ride away if Michelle needs any help. Michelle talks a little about the baby and how she is surprised that Danny didn’t flip out over the divorce papers. They know it wouldn’t have been simple if he knew about the pregnancy. Michelle asks Rick for a favor. She hands him a duffel bag full of the things that Danny left behind. She asks him to take the things by and give them to Danny. Rick tells her that he will but really would like to take her to the airport first. She tells him that she hates long goodbyes and would rather just go by herself. He asks if there is a message for Danny. She cries as she says that this is the only way. Rick tells her she is doing the right thing and he is proud of her. Maureen would be proud of her too. Michelle says she doesn’t know how she will live without Rick. She tells Rick that he means more to her than anyone and she loves him more than she could express. A horn sounds outside and Meta tells Michelle the car is there. Claire walks in and tells Michelle that she just heard that he was leaving and wonders if she was leaving without saying goodbye. Meta goes out to tell the driver to wait. Claire says they are more strangers now than before she came to Springfield. Michelle says she was leaving without saying goodbye because Claire doesn’t approve of her. Claire tells her that she does. Michelle says she has to go. She hugs Claire and says goodbye. At Millennium: Rick brings in Danny’s stuff and is talking to Danny. Danny wants to know where Michelle is. Rick tells him she is going to NY but not living with Drew and Jesse. Danny is offended that Rick won’t tell her where she is staying but Rick says Michelle needs to do this. Rick leaves and Danny throws a glass against the wall. May fixes Danny another drink and flirts with him some more. Danny has drink after drink and tells May that he and Michelle thought they would make it but he just wasn’t good enough for her. He says maybe she would find a nice doctor for herself and then her family would approve. She is acting sympathetic. He says Michelle wanted him to cut his family loose and he tried but it wasn’t good enough. All she left behind was a stack of divorce papers. He drinks another one and toasts Michelle and apologizes for boring May. She says he has a broken heart that needs to heal.



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Thanks to the Marony blog for finding some of the links in this post.

Wednesday October 11, 2000 – At Inferno Tony comes back downstairs and tells Danny that he was coming in early for work. Danny tells Tony that he was in the middle of breakfast and he should go straighten the inventory he messed up. Tony makes a comment about Danny getting May and he having to work. Danny suggests Tony has a problem doing anything someone tells him to. Tony tells him he will prove him wrong if he would let him see Marah. May comments that Tony may be bad for Tony. Ray comes in and sits down with everyone for breakfast. May tries to make excuses for her appearance and Ray tells her that he isn’t there to judge or listen to confessions. Tony tells Ray that May has been shacked up with a married man all night then he yells at Danny for waiting a whole second after his breakup before finding a new woman. Danny said he is moving on and that May knows everything and is OK with it. He tells Tony that Michelle is gone and he should show May some respect. Tony talks to Ray privately about seeing Marah. He tells him that he thinks God may have sent Marah to him to give him a reason to clean up his act. Ray tells him not to try to kid him. Tony and Ray discuss all of Tony’s broken promises about straightening up. Ray says, ” I know you better than anybody. You are smart and I love you bro and don’t ever think otherwise. Maybe you can change, but it will be by God’s good grace not because of someone else. Nobody expects you to be perfect.” Tony says he just wants the chance to see what will happen between him and Marah. Danny and May come back into the room. Tony apologizes to May about what he said before. May says everything is okay. Ray tells Danny that they should lighten up on Tony about Marah and let them see each other. Danny says Marah is off-limits. Ray says Marah is a big girl and can say no if she wants to. Danny points out that Marah is only 17. Ray says than Tony will have to be on his best behavior. Danny asks May her opinion and she says okay so Danny gives in and gives him a chance.

This highlights version has better sound quality the more complete version so here’s both:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=natO1k0OqGM (Short version)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDbijC03HJM (Longer highlights)

Thurs., Oct. 12, 2000 – Abuela is looking for her telanovelas.

Fri., Oct. 13, 2000 – Blake spills too much of Selena’s story that she is using in her book on Reva’s show and Abuela tells Tony to find out just what Blake knows about Miguel’s death years before and how she knows it.

Mon., Oct. 16, 2000 – Abuela has Blake’s laptop that Tony stole for her. As Abuela reads the material she becomes more and more certain that Blake is writing about Miguel’s life.

Tues., Oct. 17, 2000 – Don’t have a date for the first part of this. May is messing around with some strange wrestler named Tiny (really this is the best story they come up with?) Selena has Miguel’s photo under Drew’s in her locket and she flashes back to her time with him. May shows Danny her cigarette girl costume.

Wednesday October 18, 2000 – At the Lewis’s Shayne and Josh are playing checkers. Shayne is winning. Josh tells him he is glad to be spending time with Shayne and Marah while Reva is gone. Shayne tells Josh that Reva is real good at her job and he is sure she has gone to track down a story and she will be fine so they shouldn’t worry. Josh is proud of his son and tells him so. Marah comes in wearing a daring blue dress. She is ready for the Inferno opening. She asks Josh if she looks okay and he tells her she does and then reminds her that he and Olivia will be at the
club also, chaperoning. He asks about her date and the doorbell rings. It’s Tony. Marah introduces him to Josh, who is a little uneasy about his being a Santos. She tells him that he is Father Ray’s brother and a good guy. Shayne tells Tony that all the Lewis men would be on him if anything happen to Marah. He tells Josh and Shayne that he will protect Marah. Josh asks him if he is involved in the family business and Tony tells him that he works at the club with Danny. Josh tells them he and Olivia will be at the club as soon as they can and will meet them there.

At Infierno Marah is talking to Tony. He suspects that her friends have warned her off him. He says he has never been “regular” people like her and her friends. She says they don’t always hang out together, but mentions their plan to sell the copied CDs. Tony is impressed. He asks her if they can be alone. She says maybe if they aren’t gone too long. They start to walk outside but Abuela catches them and asks to talk to Tony alone. She tells Tony to go and get that locket for her from Blake’s house, NOW! Tony tells Marah he has to do something for his Grandma and will be right back. He escorts Marah over to her family and tells Josh to take care of Marah while he is gone. Marah is annoyed over Tony, her parents, and Reva’s absence. Olivia: “Your mother is coming back.” Marah: “When? Last time it took her five years.”

The clips of Infierno’s grand opening (it’s from a big Crystal Chappell fan who puts “Crystal Chappell is love” on every video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzdYcDjtPXc (Part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V771IAInkJo (Part 2)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykl6alpIRgQ (Part 3)

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