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Manny They Decide What to Do About Mick November 6 1998

November 9, 2018

One thought I don’t think ever occurred to me before. They are discussing Mick’s death and their involvement LOUDLY in a bar where a lot of people know who they are? There could really have been an interesting blackmail someone to keep quiet story thrown in here. And they KEEP doing it!?

Fri., Nov. 6, 1998 – Back at Millennium and concerned they couldn’t find Mick, Bill urges Drew and Michelle to stop blaming each other for what happened and instead, go to the police. Jesse assures both women that he will protect them from Mick. Jesse also suggests that they go into hiding until he can find the drug dealer. Later, they hear a news report that Mick’s lifeless body has been found. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

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Is Carmen Mr Big Part 1 Fri Sept 28 and Wed Oct 3 2001

September 25, 2018

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Fri., Sept. 28, 2001 – At Company: Danny tells Carmen that he knows she is behind this. Carmen tells him that she is in trouble with the law and would never do anything to mess up her chances. Danny thinks she wants revenge on him for choosing a life with Michelle over her. Frank comes in and tells Carmen that she is a free woman and removes her tracking devise. Danny can’t believe it. Danny: “Frank, what the hell?” and asks Frank what is going on. He tells him that he doesn’t know yet. Carmen tells Danny that she is free because of God. Carmen: “Father Ray promised me if I turned over a new leaf, if I changed, that God would give me another chance and it happened….It’s NOT bull. It’s NOT an act.”  She tells him about her work with Ray and how she prayed for another chance. He doesn’t buy it. He thinks she offered him up to the prosecution. Frank gets off the phone and tells Danny that Johnny Machado and his group were busted with a mystery witness. Carmen denies that she is the witness and tells them that she has a lot to live for and she is going to go enjoy her new found freedom. After she leaves, Danny says he thought Carmen sold him out but he doesn’t know what to think now. He thinks the Machado bust is a smokescreen and that Johnny probably owes Carmen a favor. Carmen of course will have amnesia when it comes to the trial. Frank tells Danny they will go ahead with their original plan. Outside Company, Carmen makes a call and tells someone that she thinks Danny has fallen for her plan.


Wed., Oct. 3, 2001 – Frank and Danny meet and discuss the sting operation to trap whoever is behind Carlos’ ultimatum. Danny tells Frank he is still convinced that Carmen is behind it. Danny later meets with Carlos and tells him that he has decided not to steal the money. He tells Carlos that he knows that Carmen is behind the extortion and he is calling his bluff. Carlos tells Danny that he needs to think about his family. Danny says he IS thinking about his family and that is why he won’t do it. Carlos tells him that he is afraid for him. After his meeting with Danny, Carlos talks to Carmen. He tells her that Danny knows that she is behind the order and that Danny won’t steal the money. Carmen says that Danny is a stupid boy and that he must learn the extent of her power. Later, outside Company, Danny talks to Michelle and tells her that the sting is off for now. He tells her that he will wait for her at Company. As he goes in, a mysterious man in a leather jacket watches him and then follows him in.

My Comments: When Carmen shows up at Company that’s the best she’s looked in ages that’s really a beautiful blouse. Now Danny does show some smarts about figuring out it well maybe Carmen, but he doesn’t follow up. He goes along with the plan anyway. Why? I’m very sorry we don’t have much of the stuff from this description. It’s important for the Danny-Carmen byplay, the Frank/Danny relationship, and giving you a chance to see if Carmen is Mr. Big because frankly it doesn’t make sense if she is or if she isn’t and while I know the solution from the end of the storyline, I’m still not really sure exactly how much of this was a set, how much was Carmen, and if there really was someone else concerned. They never really explain any of it and it makes no sense.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Manny Ask Frank for Help Sept 26 27 2001

August 14, 2018

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Wed., Sept. 26, 2001 – Danny and Michelle continue to talk about the $25 million extortion in Danny’s office with the scrambler on. Danny talks about how frustrated he is that he’s still stuck in his family’s violent, criminal life and that he still hasn’t come through for Michelle to get her the life she wants. Danny doesn’t know what to do about the offer. Michelle says if they only knew who was behind the extortion they could plan better. Danny reminds her that he only has 12 hours left to decide. Michelle tells him they have no choice; he should call Carlos and tell him that he will do it.

Thurs., Sept. 27, 2001 – At Company: Michelle and Danny are taking about Carlos and the 25 million. Frank comes in to meet them. Frank reminds Danny that in his last effort to get to Michelle Danny had punched Frank out and that if Danny pulled that again he’d punch him back. (Frank had already punched him back to even them up at the party celebrating Danny being declared innocent.) They tell Frank that Danny is going to have to take the cash from Spaulding and they need his help. Frank points out that David had put in for a transfer after he played fast and loose with the rules to help Danny. He wasn’t sure that he should get involved with them again. They discuss the plan and Frank tells them he will talk it over with his boss. Michelle and Danny think it may be best to keep it between the three of them. Frank is reluctant but finally agrees. Danny tells him it is the only way they will be able to flush out the person behind the blackmail without putting them in more danger if someone knew and the mob found out Danny was lying. Frank leaves and Danny tells Michelle that she and Robbie need to leave town. Michelle gets mad and tells him that he isn’t going to shut her out. Danny tells her that he knows better than to try that and just wants her to go to New York City to pick up a few pieces of high tech equipment they will need. A friend of his from college had a tech security business in New York and could get what they need. Michelle agrees and says she’ll visit Drew and Jesse as a cover. Michelle kisses Danny and goes home to check on the baby. Danny thinks to himself a moment and knows who is behind the whole mess. Carmen comes in to meet with Danny. He tells her that he knows she is behind the extortion deal and asks her what she has on Carlos to make him do her bidding for her.

My Comments:
I think I’ve been pretty clear that I think the writers came to the mob well too many times. They really didn’t need Danny involved with the current Tony and Marony storyline and THIS would be the perfect time to transition them to being more involved with the other storylines. Danny could be dancing at the edge of legality and struggling with it at Spaulding and there would be PLENTY of good juicy story with the bad boy angle right there. It would be good for the soap too because Manny really are the nexus of connections between a lot of characters. Also, the soap still hada divided cast with characters marooned in San Cristobal so to further divide the cast is a ridiculously bad plan. BUT it’s what they did. Wait in Danny’s secure office they needed a scrambler, but in public at Company is fine? That said I’m glad they kept the connection between Manny and Frank. It’s been there since the beginning and gotten stronger over time. Also, them telling the police and turning to Frank for help at least puts a different slant on the mob angle this time. Frank always did have a soft spot for Michelle long before she got involved with Danny. At this point David Grant was no loss. The character had previously been pretty cool, but when they brought him back it was really without a throughline and he just flopped around from one storyline to the next. His last romance broke up and he left town. The fixed cars line was because Frank was a mechanic until he became a private eye in a three way partnership with David and Blake Marler after that he went into the police force and stayed there for the rest of the run of the show. My favorite part of this storyline is that after the weak attempt of Danny’s to keep Michelle out of it they are pretty much equal partners the rest of the way through.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Phillip is Suspicious Danny Tries to Lie to Michelle But Can’t Tues Sept 25 2001

July 31, 2018

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Tues., Sept. 25, 2001 – At Company: Michelle and Danny are having a breakfast date. Michelle is rightfully upset that Carmen is out on bail.  Michelle: “Who in their right mind would let that woman out on bail? I know that they gave her some kind of electronic ankle bracelet, but this is a woman who has faked her death more than once!” They discuss possibly getting a restraining order, but decide it might make things worse instead of better if Carmen saw it as a dare. Danny gets a call. He checks his caller ID and doesn’t answer it. Michelle wonders why and he lies and tells her it was a wrong number. She is suspicious but lets it go.

Danny: “If you weren’t so beautiful….We should do this more often, have a date for breakfast.”

Michelle: “But I miss the baby oatmeal in my hair.”

Danny: “You look a lot better without it. {Kiss} I just want to think about my beautiful, {Kiss} sexy {Kiss} wife who tastes like syrup.”


Michelle: “How long will it take you to get across town?” {Kiss}

Danny: “About 10 minutes which should give me a few more minutes to tell my wife how gorgeous she is, how much I love her.” {Kiss}

Michelle with a laugh: “Are we making a spectacle of ourselves?”

Danny: “Who cares? {Kiss} Wait until you see what I’ve got planned for you tonight!”

Hey! Danny pays cash for breakfast! In the last couple of years of the show no one ever pays for anything at Company. Danny leaves for the office and forgets his phone. Michelle picks it up and goes after him. At Infierno: Bernardo leaves a message for Danny to get back to him with 12 hours. After he hangs up he tells Carmen that Danny doesn’t know she is pulling the strings on the deal. Carmen tells him that Danny will go for it, she knows her son. Bernardo tells her that her son has changed and she should also be thinking about her grandson. Carmen tells him she knows what she is doing. Tony comes in and greets Carmen. Carmen tells Tony that he doesn’t know her very well and she thinks they should do something to change that. At Spaulding: Danny goes to his Bad Fake Computer ProgramAccess Approved Alan Personal Accountcomputer and in moments has access to Alan’s personal accounts. “That was too easy,” he says as access approved pops up.  Phillip comes in and when he sees Alan’s personal account accessed on the screen asks him what he is up to. Danny tells him he is doing his job. Phillip thinks Alan’s personal accounts are off limits.

Phillip: “What the hell are you doing? Danny?”

Danny: “What?”

Phillip: “Who authorized you to access my father’s personal account?

Danny: “No one.”

Phillip: “So….. you just broke into his financial file?”

Danny: “Yea, that’s right.”

Phillip: “And…you just freely admit that?”

Danny: “Yea. I’m writing up a full report on it.”

Phillip: “A report?”

Danny: “Yea. Turns out that Spaulding is a hell of a lot more vulnerable than I ever suspected. Originally I thought we were just going to have shore up the internal systems, incription, software stuff like that, but now we’re going to need a whole new system of fail safe internal security measures. I’m thinking we’re going to need infrared sensors on the doors that are leading to the sensitive computers, laser beams in all the areas that have access to the computers. These computers are the heart and soul of Spaulding and the way it is now, anyone can walk in off the street and break in. It’s unacceptable.”

Phillip: “And I suppose you would want to oversee the installation of all this equipment. That way you’d know how it works, where it might be vulnerable.”

Danny: “Well, yea, it’s my job.”

Phillip: “Your job seems to be expanding.”

Danny tells Phillip if he has a problem to take it up with Alan. Phillip tells Danny not to underestimate Alan or he will regret it. Phillip tells Danny to leave his dad’s personal account out of whatever Danny is working on.

Danny: “Don’t you think that should be up to Alan?”

Phillip: “Alan, Alan? Isn’t that still Mr. Spaulding to you?”

He asks Danny to go down to personnel for some security questions. When Danny gets back in his office he finds Michelle there bringing him his phone. She tells him that she listened to his messages (which means she knows his pin – I love that) and she wants to know why Bernardo has called him. He tries to lie at first but she wants the truth and tells Danny that they have to be honest to be in a marriage.

Michelle: “You’re lying to me? Is this the kind of marriage that you want because it’s not what I signed up for, not by a long shot.”

Danny: “You know the only reason I would lie to you would be to protect you and Robbie.”

Michelle: “And it has always backfired.”

Danny: “No.”

Michelle: “The only right way for us is to share everything. That means good and bad. If we can’t do that then it’s NOT a marriage. Please, don’t shut me out.”

Danny turns on a scrambler and whispers to Michelle that the other families want him back and he doesn’t know any way out. Phillip goes to Alan with his concerns about Danny. Alan tells Phillip that he is right about Danny and Phillip doesn’t want to admit it.

NOTE: The sound on the clip is really soft for some reason. It’s soft on both highlight clip channels. Adjust the volume.



My Comments: Well, there’s a good answer for those people who say you need action for a good soap. I just went back and watched that day in the life breakfast several times and it got better with each watching. Then they set you up right there to think Danny’s planning on stealing right then when we cut to the office, but actually he’s just doing his job and testing their security. That really is a good messing with your expectations. This is another one of those key Phillip/Danny scenes that I talk about it. This is Phillip fully twisted up about how Alan is trusting Danny and telling Phillip that Danny is a good, strong, smart man who got back and protected his family as Phillip has singuarly failed to do. Phillip really doesn’t seem to understand what Danny is doing at Spaulding and why. Phillip also doesn’t understand the tech side. He never really was good on the tech side. Alan-Michael was much more of a tech whiz. Alan might not understand either, but he IS smart enough and knows enough to believe Danny knows what he’s talking about. That rings true – it isn’t just because it’s Danny – because Alan has hired tech experts before. Alan sincerely wants Danny working for Spaulding. Even after this crashes and burns he asks Danny to return a couple of different times and at one point even tasks Olivia with trying to get him to return to Spaulding. I like this sequence because it shows Danny DOES know what he’s doing, DOES have a legitamate work plan. I considered Phillip one of my good Springfield friends from the time he was in high school, but I have to admit, sometimes he’s just a jerk. This is one of those times. I especially don’t get why Philllip reacts poorly to Danny calling Alan by his first name. Sure, they’re not friends yet, but they have been next door neighbors for a couple of years now, Alan had been dating his mother-in-law who was for better or worse actively in their lives, and Alan had personally hired Danny. I don’t think it’s out of line for Danny to call Alan by his first name, Meta, Rick, and even Michelle certainly did. Danny coming in and Michelle spinning around in his chair was pretty cool. This is also a Mission Impossible click up. Danny starts using all sort of cool tech. The scrambler is pretty cool. Actually that selling Infierno cover story was really good. It was smart of Michelle to figure it out so quick.

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As the Cloister Bell Rings In Walks Mr. Big Fri., Sept. 21, 2001

July 24, 2018

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Editor’s Note: I really wish they’d given Manny a few more days of happiness especially at a time when the world could have used some more happiness. But, sigh, that was not to be. Today is really the kick off of the “Mr. Big” part of the story. As I said when I introduced this “chapter” of the Manny story, I have two real problems with this storyline and both are on display today. The first is that Danny is basically conned and doesn’t question it that much. Danny is smart & when he was temporarily the head of the family he learned all the dark dealings of how it worked. If there was some sort of Super Mafia Man!, he’d have known or at least heard rumors. At the VERY least it could have taken awhile to convince him. Sadly they write him dumb and have him buy this hook, line, and sinker on the first try. The second there is the way they handle this mysterious “Mr. Big.” Honestly it’s like the WRITERS aren’t too sure who it really is a lot of the time.  I know there are heavy suggestions here at the beginning and at the end that it’s Carmen, but in the middle you’re really not that sure and some of the stuff really doesn’t make sense if Carmen IS Mr. Big. The whole thing reads convaluted and ill-thought out. So as the thorn in our rose garden, enter Mr. Big, stage left.

Fri., Sept. 21, 2001 – At Infierno: Danny repeats Carlos wants him to steal $25 million from Alan. Carlos says it isn’t him or the three families, but higher than that. Danny tells him to forget it; he won’t let himself get pulled back in. Carlos says he should think of it as a redistribution of wealth. Danny wants to meet these people because he thinks it is Carlos and Machado jerking his chain. Carlos denies it. Danny asks him if he is a third rate messenger for some other bosses. Danny tells him there is no deal without a meeting. Carlos tells him to do what he is told or else. Carlos suggests that Danny take a little money from each Spaulding account and put it in a Swiss bank account. Danny asks if he is supposed to just sit around after that and wait for Alan or Phillip to catch on. He doesn’t want to live the life of a criminal. He tells Carlos he doesn’t have that kind of access to the financial part of Spaulding but Carlos is confident that he can do it. Danny tells him that he will think about it. Carlos gives him 24 hours. At Company: Meta tells Carmen to leave or she will call the police. Carmen says that the police know where she is; she is out on bail. No one believes her until she shows them her ankle monitor. Carmen tells them she is only there because she truly wants to be there for her family and Robbie. She tells Michelle not to fear her. Michelle tells her that her baby isn’t there and Carmen will never see him so she should just get out! Claire tells Carmen she doesn’t deserve to see the baby after all she has done. Carmen reminds Claire that she helped her. As they argue, Meta and Michelle are in another world talking about the cake and the Reardon recipes. Carmen continues to tell Claire that the only reason she did what she did was due to being on bad medication. Carmen rushes over to Michelle and begs to start over for Robbie’s sake. She tries to hand her a teddy bear she brought for Robbie but Michelle isn’t interested. Carmen offers to spend the rest of her life making things up to her and Danny. Michelle isn’t buying the bad medication story. The only thing she thinks of when she sees Carmen is calling 911. She tells Carmen she belongs behind bars and she will never let her be in the same room with Robbie as long as she is still breathing. Carmen says she is sorry to hear that and leaves. Outside, Carmen says she will have her grandson and her family back.

My Comments: See the editor’s note above the description. Consider it repeated and EMPHASISED here. In my book the only good thing about Infierno was Danny’s office. It’s a great office and it makes scenes more enjoyable even when they are bad. Now as much as I hate the “Mr. Big” part of this storyline, I really like how it plays out with Carmen and Michelle’s direct interactions. I think the writers made a mistake having Carmen frame Michelle for killing Ben Warren. A Carmen going after Michelle, but chained on a leash by wanting to keep Danny in her life and a fiesty Michelle also limited by not wanting to hurt Danny sparring is the best option. Once Carmen is actively trying to kill Michelle or have her killed it means you can’t have this low level snipping which I think is really fun. They kind of return to that point here which if they weren’t doing the stupid “Mr. Big” stuff too would be great. An important point to remember here though is that Michelle begged Carmen for Robbie’s life. If she was going to kill Michelle anyway to at least wait until Robbie was born and spare him. Carmen said she definitely needed to kill Robbie too. So while I think Carmen might actually be genuine of wanting him in her life now, Michelle is NEVER going to forget that. She might, MIGHT be able to at least live with what Carmen did to her civilly for Danny’s sake, but she will NEVER forget what Carmen tried to do to Robbie. Actually Carmen’s question is good. Where IS Robbie? Normally they say Meta has him when they need an excuse why he’s not there, but there she is.

A further note: When I name these episode posts my goal is normally to name them something concretely descriptive so if you’re looking for them you might spot them or use a search term that takes you there. The first half of today’s post title is more symbolic. In classic Doctor Who when the cloister bell rings it’s a warning that something dreadful is about to happen. You don’t know what and you don’t know how soon, but soon and it’s going to be worse than every day in the TARDIS which is saying a lot. I thought it was fitting for this post, but I hope people will understand it.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Claire Tries to Regain Michelle’s Good Graces September 18 20 2001

June 12, 2018

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Tues., Sept. 18, 2001 – Claire stops by to see Danny in his new office and complains that she lost her standing at the mansion in the attempt to get him the job. Alan interrupts and points out that he earned the job in spite of Claire.

We see Danny’s gorgeous Spaulding office for the first time when Michelle brings him his Palm Pilot. (A palm pilot was kind of an early, less powerful, less flexible version of a cross between an iPad and an iPhone.) Michelle comes over to Danny to kiss him.

Danny: “Don’t get me started…I know we have to christen this desk, but not today I’ve got to focus.”

Michelle: “That’s no fun.” 

Danny: “You know I think you’re the bad influence in this relationship.” 


Danny: “Does it feel to you that we’ve stepped into a time warp and come out in another dimension?”

Michelle: “It’s a good world. Happy.” 

Alan tells Danny that Phillip disagrees with his proposal to buy a new system to fight off computer viruses from a start up company and asks Danny if he’s up to debating Phillip. Danny says he knows what Spaulding needs and he’s perfectly OK debating Phillip.

Danny: “So it’s me against your son, huh?”

Alan: “Let the best man win.”

After a discussion between the three of them, Alan takes Danny’s side on which product to buy. It really ticks off Phillip.  Michelle agrees to let Claire throw a baby shower for her.

Thurs., Sept. 20, 2001 – At Infierno: Danny comes in to see Tony. He talks about his new job and how great things are going. Danny loves the respect that comes along with his new life and feels powerful. Danny is really happy. Danny tells Tony that it used to be that looking forward 30 years he saw the graveyard or the pathetic way Carlos lives. Tony challenges him so now he thinks he could be the next Alan Spaulding? Danny says he could be. Tony is dismissive thinking they will never really accept Danny. They talk about Michelle and Robbie and Tony tells Danny that Josh was cleared of the bribery charges after Tony arranged for the phony evidence to be revealed. Romeo tells Danny that Tony didn’t take any credit for his part and he isn’t happy about it. Danny wraps things up and tells Tony he is heading home. Romeo makes fun of Danny saying he was so tough and now he carries his wife’s packages, mows the lawn, and changes diapers. Danny smiles at him condescendingly. Danny: “Real men know how to change diapers.” Just as he leaves, Carlos shows up wanting to talk to Danny. Carlos congratulates Danny on his new life but reminds him that he can’t just leave the family.  Carlos about Carmen: “Remarkable woman, more lives than a cat.” Carlos tells Danny he had a deal with him and will honor it, but he didn’t deal with the other families. If he does one more favor, they will leave him alone. He has access to Spaulding’s finances; Carlos wants Danny to relieve them of $25 million. Carlos tells Danny there is a hierarchy higher than the three families that Danny never heard about.

Carlos: “Orders from above.”

Danny: “Above what? Did God send you on this mission?”

At Company: Meta, Claire and Michelle are at Company waiting for the guests to arrive at the baby shower that Claire tried to put together overnight, months after Robbie was born. Meta wonders what time the guests will arrive. Claire thinks they are just being fashionably late. Meta doesn’t think anyone is coming. Meta: “Did anyone actually say they were coming?” Michelle is ready to pack it in and take Aunt Meta and head home. Just then, Maria arrives with gifts, saying her invitation must have been lost in the mail since she is the baby’s great-grandmother. Claire tries to get rid of Maria but she isn’t leaving. Michelle starts to open her gifts. Meta gives her a framed picture of Maureen. Maria gives another customer her camera and asks her to take a picture of all of them. Michelle thinks it is about time to leave and she and Meta start to gather their stuff just as Carmen arrives, with gifts.

My Comments: Danny has a gorgeous office. It throws the broom closet Alan has at the end of the series into sharper focus. 😦 Notice when Danny shows Michelle the brass name plate for his desk (I have one of those. It’s pretty cool.) we get a nice shot of his wedding ring. They haven’t done it a lot lately, but especially early on and again during the next break up Manny focuses on the rings and wearing the rings a lot more than other soap couples. First that bit with Michelle getting Danny “started” and the fact that he doesn’t ask IF they’re going to have sex on the desk, it’s just a matter of when is so awesome and so them. Second, that conversation although we only have a truncated version is important because this is what Alan does to his children. He sets them against each other as Brandon set him and Alex against each other. Alan doesn’t mean it maliciously he thinks it brings out their best. That short exchange says it as blatantly as it can be that’s what he’s doing, treating Danny both as a goad to Phillip and as he would if Danny was his son. I just think it’s clear the whole while Alan sees Manny as his and Hope’s second chance. While being a Spaulding is always the ticket to be first at Spaulding, it doesn’t guarantee your space there and I could totally see an alternative version of Springfield where Danny stays and actually takes over running Spaulding or opens his own legitimate, highly successful security business. I WISH they had let them have a little more perfectly happy before they drop the hammer. This instant party is very like Claire right now. I’m sorry they’ve made her this desperate. I hope I can find some more good Claire sometime. Claire really was great at the beginning. This shower is quite the opportunity to bring people we don’t want together.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Full Episodes With a Date Updated April 2018

April 5, 2018

Full Episodes With a Date

There are a lot of Guiding Light clips on YouTube. Most of them aren’t full episodes and those that are don’t usually have a date associated with them. Sometimes through it’s able to find some and identify the date. Here are the full episodes I have dates that I’ve posted about. This will be an on going project so watch for more.

Nov. 2, 1979: Roger makes plans for plastic surgery in France with the beautiful surgeon Dr. Renee Dubois. Back in Springfield, Alan wonders who received the blind trust from his late father, Lucille Wexler plans another fatal “accident” for Ben McFarren, and the marriage of Rita and Ed Bauer is headed for the rocks.

April 16, 1992: Hampton Speakes’s Bachelor Party, Ben and Little Billy “Pure Boy” comment, All men episode

Jan. 26, 1994: Roger Thorpe returns to the land of living after hiding at Holly’s after he was shot

Dec. 20, 1995 – Dec. 25, 1995: Springfield celebrates Christmas, Holly and Fletcher discover Meg will have Down’s Syndrome, Vanessa and Bridget’s plan to share Peter is working well until Hart comes back, Roger is stealing money from his wife Dinah, Marian Crane is starting to unravel, Susan is in hospital after Marian attacked her, Santa Nick visits, Marah, Shayne, and Josh react badly to Reva’s Return, Special clips flashback episode from Dec. 25, 1995

Dec. 26, 1995 – Jan. 8, 1996: Springfield celebrates New Years with a Costume Ball at the Lakeland Country Club, A returned from the dead Reva makes her mark on Josh who is with Annie Dutton, Brent Lawrence/Marian Crane builds to crescendo, Rabby go on first unofficial date, Budig has a scene that defines her version of Michelle, Returned Hart has trouble with Roger, Dinah, Vanessa & Bridget, Marcus is in jail

Jan. 9, 1996 – Jan. 19, 1996: Brent Lawrence has Lucy Cooper held hostage, They discovered that Brent killed Nadine Cooper, J Chamberlain makes a successful play for his cousin Michelle Bauer (they stop at necking though), Reva, Josh, Annie, Marah and Shayne deal with the fact Reva isn’t dead and she’s with Alan Spaulding now, Dinah Marler Thorpe grows closer to Hart Jessup and then finds out his father/her husband Roger Thorpe set up her best friend Marcus Williams who is cleared of all charges relating to the Towers Robbery and Detective Cutter’s death. Rabby have a play date.

Jan. 22, 1996 – Jan. 26, 1996: Picking up from the last post Brent Lawrence has Lucy. That’s the major storyline to me in this next section, but we get some great early Rabby and early Dart stuff. Also, Marcus is cleared, the Reva back from the dead custody fight is going, Matt is blackmailing Amanda into leaving Bloss alone over their experience in California with an escort service.

Jan. 29, 1996 – Feb. 2, 1996: Picking up from the last post Brent Lawrence still has Lucy. That’s the major storyline to me in this next section, but it’s interrupted for some more early Dart and kicking up the biggest story ever for the Grant family up a notch. Matt is still threatening Amanda about coming clean about the her escort service. Nola is still having problems with J and Bridget is trying to decide if she should go after Hart or not. Also, sort of tying in with the rescue attempts, but not really, Alan warns Annie that he thinks Jeva are starting to get back together and Buzz is making a move on Reva.

Feb. 5, 1996 – Feb. 9, 1996: LAM’s fathers, Alan and Buzz, have teamed up to save the kids in one of my all time favorite Alan-Buzz sequences. Reva and Nick McHenry also join in the rescue effort. LAM are finally rescued and A-M and Alan make peace. Hart has taken his revenge on Roger by bedding Dinah, but Dinah still believes they are the real thing – for good reason. Dinah confides in Ross and he starts divorce proceedings between her and Roger. Bridget is furious that Hart is intending to abandon his son. There is some Annie-Jeva stuff which feels more like a check in with the story rather than organically fitting with the characters’s actions in the other storylines right now. However there is one of the most important scenes ever for Reva when she tries to explain Jeva to Alan in the most clear headed way she ever did. Blake locks Amanda into the construction shed kicking off a great and colorful dream sequence.

Feb. 12, 1996 – Feb. 16, 1996: Rick confesses to Annie he still loves her and wants her back. Alan tells Reva to give up the custody fight or he’s leaving her. Reva picks her kids. With Alan out of the picture Buzz attempts to move in and ignores Hawk’s admonition that Reva and Josh will always find their way back to each other. The Jeva custody trial moves forward. LAM are back together and sorry to have missed their original wedding date and are in a hurry to arrange another. However, they aren’t as in as much of a hurry as Susan and Nick McHenry who will marry and move to Europe within the next week with little or no warning. Amanda is found locked in the construction shed and is dangerously ill. She’s rushed to the hospital meaning Alan has two children in the hospital right now. Dinah solidifies her friendship with Dinah – which is good they both could use a friend. Hart is still determined to leave town and heads for the bus station.

Feb. 19, 1996 – Some Undated Days – At least one day is skipped so until we hit the 1st of March we are uncertain about the dates – Annie isn’t taking her separation from Josh well and they throw a party to cheer her up. Reva tries to reunite with Alan, but he rebuffs her. Alex and Alan make up over her objections to his relationship with Reva. Nick McHenry and Susan Bates quickly wed and leave the continent. We learn Henry Chamberlain has died. Ross continues to work at getting Dinah’s money back from Roger. Vanessa reaches out to Nola over Henry’s death. Marah has run away to Reva’s house, offering to stay with Reva if she lets Josh-Shayne-Annie alone. About half the town rallies round to help find Marah. Quint comes back for the funeral, but tactlessly brings along his mistress. Michelle gives Abby romantic advice. Abby stops wearing her Goshen clothes and she has a play date with Rick.

Jan. 5, 1999: Danny has just discovered Michelle killed Mick, Susan had poisoned herself to stay with Harley, Buzz Remembers Jenna

April 5, 1999: Pilar Santos is introduced, Blake, Cassie, and Harley have a slumber party, Selena Davis is creating a fake dead mother for Drew Jacobs

May 8, 2001: Bauers find out Harley is working with the FBI against them

January 25, 2007: 70th Anniversary History recreated

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Great Manny Speechs Updated 2018

February 5, 2018

One of the great things about Manny were the powerful speeches/monologues. They some up the important pieces of the Manny story in a clear, powerful manner. Here are some of the greatest. The most famous are the first two, I Am a Man and One Thousand Guns, were separate statements of desire and love given by Danny and Michelle. Ray then explains why they should together. Danny gives a speech about forgiveness and the future. Then in the final Michelle speech she describes their journey and commitment to each other, best summing up of their story anywhere.

For each post find a description of the episode, the complete text of the speech (bolded) and a link to watch it. You may find other surrounding episodes in the same post, but watch for the bolding. Manny speeches will be a continuing project because I think there are others worth calling out and some of these deserve to be given a more devoted post so watch for more.

The Speeches

Danny – I am a Man (Feb. 10, 1999):

Michelle – Thousand Gun (June 17, 1999):

Ray – Urges Manny to Reunite (Sept. 7, 2000):

Danny – Danny’s Speech to an Unborn Robbie (Oct. 31, 2000):

Michelle – Meant to Be Together (Feb. 9, 2001):

Danny –  innocent and beautiful and soft and pink, but underneath you’re like steel (April 17, 2001):

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Trade Towers Fell September 11 2001

October 3, 2017

Check out my latest episode guide post. I wrote this before Sunday’s attack, but I think this is still fitting, maybe more so.

What Was the September 11, 2001 Attack

This year I didn’t do a September 11th post because I knew I was almost here in the episode guide. Although it has been 16 years, so no one under 20 remembers it live now, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the failed attempt on the Capitol building (which passengers realized what was going to happen and attacked the terrorists leading to the crashing of the plane into a field in Pennsylvania instead) was a big deal. Previous terrorist attacks on America in the late 20th century had all come from homegrown terrorists protesting situations in America such as the Oklahoma City bombing (blew up a courthouse including a daycare) or various smaller attacks with low death tolls such as the Atlanta Olympic Games bombing.

The September 11, 2001 attacks were a foreign organization’s deliberate act of war on the United States with a much bigger body count and only a handful of stupid decisions on the terrorists part kept it from being a lot worse. It ranks up there with Pearl Harbor, the Kennedy Assassination, the space shuttle Challenger blowing up on take-off as an event so big where you were when it happened is burned into your memory and even passed down. I wasn’t alive for the first two, but I can tell you when and where several family members heard the news from their stories. This wasn’t a terrible event that would then pass into gray memory, this was an actual attack and we hadn’t had an honest full scale attack on American mainland since the Indian Wars of the 1870s more than a century before. (Pearl Harbor was an American territory at the time of the attack, but well into the Pacific a good distance from the mainland. There were a few brief skirmishes like with Nazi subs landing people on our shores during World War II, but they were very small, scattered and easily dealt with.) It was also a change for hijackings. All previous plane hijackings had been aimed at either ransom or flying the hijackers somewhere they wanted to go or both. Although there was some danger people were told to remain calm if this happened because almost everyone got out alive through the ransom.This was an attack on a soft target (not military) by an organization that didn’t have an easily defined ground to launch a large scale counter-attack against. (Iraq and Afghanistan had enough connections with the terrorist groups that they were invaded by American troops in an effort to destroy the movement there to prevent future attacks.)

Last Bit of Normalcy

It was ironic that this moment of Manny thinking everything was fine, that they were passing into normal life, was on the last day before the rules of normal changed for everyone. Even though people seem to be settled into more or less normalcy again that normal now includes a real chance of being involved yourself or someone you know or know of in a terrorist attack while going about your daily lives. Although the attacks have been kept to a minimum in the United States, Europe is now attacked with frightening regularity. So enjoy this last bit of peace from the last post because for both us and Manny an attack is even now underway on that day of September 10, 2001, we just don’t know it yet.

What Do We Do

As I explained above this was an unprecedented event. Even after the strike of the first tower, people assumed it was an accident. There had been a couple of small plane crashes into buildings by accidents in the year before so the idea it was a terrorist attack didn’t enter people’s minds until the second plane hit. Such an attack had been foreseen by the government as a possibility during World War II, but this came out of nowhere and hadn’t even been thought of as even a possibility by most people. In addition while the structure of the Pentagon was built for the unlikely possibility of attack (in fact the section the plane hit had just been retrofitted to make it more secure) the World Trade Center was the original of a widely copied design of skyscraper that left the building especially vulnerable to this kind of attack. Everything hangs off a central core which once breached and melted by the extreme heat of the resulting high temperature fires and compromised walls left the tower no support and no way out with all stairs and elevators being located in this central tower. This is why people in the top of the towers didn’t even have a chance to escape. People on lower levels only had until the collapse began to get down the stairs because once the collapse started each floor pancaked on the one beneath it in turn crushing beyond recognition everything below it.

Everyone gathered around their TV sets for information, misinformation, and a sense of being gathered with everyone else. The terrorists definitely succeeded in confusing everyone. No one knew exactly what to do. There was no model to go from. Schools across the country didn’t know if they should dismiss or maintain the routine for the students. Did you play sporting events or not? Can you really work when you were obsessed with the news? The networks all went into constant news and commentary broadcasting. All soaps were all temporarily pulled along with other entertainment broadcasting, daytime and primetime. It must have been even worse for the New York based soap people because the anchors who were from New York kept pointing at the skyline. Most of the rest of the country saw an unbroken row of skyscrapers, but New Yorkers saw a terrible hole.

September 11th fell early on a Tuesday morning so Monday episodes had gone out, but not the rest of the week. As life settled into the new normal things slowly began to resume. All three network announced their soaps would replay the previous Monday’s episodes on the Monday following 9/11 which was September 17th and why the previous episode post had two dates, it played twice as the current episode. Then the soaps would play out the rest of the week with the episodes that were supposed to air the week before. I think that might be the only time that ever happened.

After Effects to Soaps and Guiding Light

After they resumed all soaps were effected in the short term. Violence was toned down. Storylines suddenly deemed too violent were scrapped. On Guiding Light when Josh time traveled following Reva through a painting to World War II Paris he had to hold up the Nazi who looked just like Alan with a baguette instead of a gun. Other stories already shot on various soaps on all the networks were re-edited to be toned down or disclaimers were added.

In the long term soaps were mostly unaffected. Few main characters on any of the soaps went to war, violence gradually returned to pre-9/11 levels.  (Exceptions were Phillip on Days of Our Lives who lost a leg although his resulting prosthetic leg has been totally forgotten and Brot on All My Children who was cast with an amateur actor and real life severely injured vet.) The following July’s Bauer BBQ included a special wish in honor of the fallen, but by then most of the soaps had forgotten. The new realism of terrorism which could have easily been written into stories weren’t. So in the long term I don’t think the did really effect soaps, except that some people sought them out again as comfort food in such an unstable world.

If you’re old enough, what do you remember?

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

I Love Lucy and Ricky Sept 10 2001 AND Sept 17 2001

September 26, 2017

Check out my latest episode guide post.

Black and white screen capture of Danny and Michelle

Danny and Michelle as Ricky and Lucy Ricardo

Mon. Sept. 10, 2001 – Carmen tells Gus that she wants out of jail and she has already signed off on her promises. Gus tells her the feds don’t trust her and she will have to tell him why she changed her mind and what she has on Danny. Carmen tells Gus she learned that Danny has given up on her and that he has chosen Michelle over his family time and again. She loves Danny but he betrayed her and his brother by turning on them in favor of an outsider. Carmen feels that Danny is no longer her son, he sold his soul to the Bauers and that is that. She is sure that baby Robbie will be different and will need her. Gus reminds her that Robbie has a mother. Carmen says Michelle is no match for her and the baby will be raised a Santos. At Company: Danny comes in dressed in his business suit and Buzz is impressed. They talk about Danny’s new job at Spaulding and Buzz congratulates him. He thinks it’s funny when Danny tells him how he got the job. Michelle comes in and they talk about actually having a normal life; Danny working 9 to 5 while Michelle raises their kids. Danny thinks it feels different having all this peace and quiet in their lives. Danny is especially happy at how things started at his new job. So far there hasn’t been much blow back from his being a Santos or having pushed his way in or replaced someone (they never say what happened to the person previously in charge of tech security, but maybe they just spun those responsibilities off another job). People have been welcoming and he had a very good day. Michelle tells Danny that Meta has Robbie so they can celebrate. They take a seat when Ray comes in. Ray tells them that he is on his way to see Carmen in jail. He is determined to save her soul. Michelle hasn’t heard this before and warns Ray that Carmen doesn’t have a soul to save so he’s wasting his time, but Ray insists he has to try. Buzz makes a comment about Michelle and Danny entering the boring couple world. He summarizes all he did to avoid that world in search of adventure, but once he faced his responsibilities and repaired his relationships with his kids and married Jenna (who is now dead) he found that everyday life was a much better than seeking outside adventure and raising kids and sharing a life with someone you love was the greatest adventure of all. Michelle sits back and daydreams about she and Danny turning into Lucy and Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy in black and white (see comments). It is a daydream with their only problems of ironing and cooking. Back in reality Michelle smiles and tells Danny their life will never be boring.

NOTE: Why this has and between the dates instead of the usual through is discussed in the next post.

My Comments: Buzz originally wasn’t too crazy about Danny. Buzz had been a mentor to Jesse Blue and he didn’t like an outsider stealing Jesse’s girl. He also has a legitimate beef against the Santos family in that Selena Davis (who was his first really serious relationship after his wife Jenna Bradshaw Cooper was killed) had to leave town a step ahead of the mob who gave Buzz a beating when he tried to buy her more time. However, Buzz was known to play rather fast and loose with the law himself and after his experience with Jenna he knew true love when he saw it so he came around relatively quickly to Manny’s side. He was never the serious friend Frank was, but he was a definite pal. The Cooper family had been growing increasingly closer to the Bauer family for awhile and this was a natural extension of that. Buzz also had a long term love-hate relationship with Alan Spaulding dating back to when an amnesiac Reva Shayne returned to town and both Buzz and Alan competed with each other and Josh for her affections (no bet on who won that fight). Over the years and romantic relationships between their various relatives, sometime Buzz and Alan fought each other tooth and nail and sometimes fought together. It really was as pure an example of a love/hate relationship as you’ll find anywhere. Buzz’s story about himself is accurate rather than stay in the family business Buzz ran out on his wife Nadine, who soon followed him out of town, leaving his father & uncle to raise his children, Frank and Harley.

I’m truly sorry that they didn’t take the time to play this beat of Danny settling into normal life more. There was no need to rush back into mob stories even if that was their end game. There were SO many more story beats to play. Danny is meshed into the every day life of Springfield, seeing him struggle with that and no longer being the alpha in the company would be LOADED with story, sadly this is about the only peek we get at that part of their lives. I’ll say this a lot and I’ve said it before, but there is SO much story to be played within the internal politics at Spaulding. After Danny got settled in, they could have played the struggle between Danny and Phillip more. They could even have had him involved in a plan to oust Phillip or Alan could have promoted him over Phillip. If they brought A-M back, he could have been torn between backing Alan-Danny or Phillip, both on the power side and while Phillip was his brother, Danny was married to his favorite cousin. PLENTY of great stuff. Stuff that HAD to be so much better than what they played instead.

I Love Lucy was an amazing and ground-breaking show. Lucille Ball Arnez and Desi Arnez were a real life couple, an actress who had done a little of everything in Hollywood but only caught fire with a radio show and a Cuban-American band leader at a time where being a Latino was a serious drawback in Hollywood. When the network (which was the same network for both radio and TV) wanted to bring her hit radio show to the air, My Favorite Husband, they kept a similar format to the stories, but changed the premise, their socio-economic level, and all of the supporting characters. Desi was touring with his band at the time and with Lucy tied down to a radio show there was stress in the marriage so Lucy refused to do the TV show unless they cast Desi as her husband. There was a huge fight over it, but at last Lucy got her way. In this Manny spoof they are referencing the episodes where Lucy has a domestic problem like the time her loaf of bread came out of the oven pushing her across the room or when she tried to save money by using a freezer. Desi’s real life accent was much thicker than Danny’s (since Paul Anthony Stewart wasn’t actually Hispanic) and he broke into Spanish when he got upset. They never wrote it into the script, but that’s just how he talked. They did write in Lucy gently teasing him by saying back a slightly exaggerated version of what it sounded like when he said. That’s why Danny is saying Michelle so strangely and breaking into Spanish which he hasn’t done in years. They also are calling Robbie, Little Robbie because on the show Lucy and Desi’s son was called Little Ricky to distinguish him from his father as Guiding Light did with Little Billy while he was growing up before they switched to just calling him Bill instead. The backwards hands on hips stance was also pure Desi. Although today many fabrics are designed to be wrinkle resistant back then you had to iron the cotton or linen and often starch it to keep it crisp so they had to be starched and ironed to stay flat. Burning a hole in a shirt was a familiar sitcom trope. Lucy was also known for exaggerated play crying when she was upset on the show.

Lucy and Desi were an amazing team besides the onscreen chemistry and rhythm. They were a power behind the scenes as well  her comic genius and his brilliant problem solving mind that created all sorts of things now taken for granted in television like the 3 camera sitcom and the rerun. Their production company was called Desilu. Watch for their logo on many classic TV shows including Star Trek. They were a very happy couple on screen and off. On screen Ricky was a slightly less successful band leader than Desi and Lucy was always trying to get into show business either through his show or some other way. Off screen their marriage eventually split because apparently Desi never could understand why Lucy got upset about his sleeping with other women since it didn’t have anything to do with THEIR relationship and Lucy couldn’t live with the constant betrayal. Manny’s relationship was a lot more like their on screen relationship and Carmen and Miguel were much more like their off screen relationship.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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