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  1. Natnic Says:

    I have a question about Josh’s church. I haven’t watched any of the episodes concerning Josh’s becoming a minister. What kind of church did he lead? Was it called St. Mark’s? Was he supposed to be an Episcopalian priest? I just watched the January 22 2008 episode (15343) twice. There seems to be an Episcopalian flag by the pulpit, on the opposite side of the American flag. We see the set of a church and not the actual church in Peapack so its not just a leftover from the Peapack location.

    I figured out that the real Peapack church is a Reformed Church of America congregation but that doesn’t seem to be Josh’s congregation and they wouldn’t have an Episcopalian flag in their church would they?

    • glmanny Says:

      The churches of Springfield are rather nondescript and change over the years. Almost everyone is sort of a generic Protestant, at least when they all go to church it’s always the same one for the entire cast. They used to do this quite a bit, especially on Christmas eve when Mike Bauer would sing. Once Father Ray Santos came on there was also an ongoing Catholic presence. The Santos family were practicing Catholics who talked about and were shown going to confession and attending mass. Their parrish was St. Micheal’s and Father Ray continues to serve there. Once Ray was the last standing Santos, Gus Aitoro, Natalia and Rafe carried on this Catholic presence, with Natalia being especially active in the church community. Once they moved to Peapack the church shown on screen was used both as the new St. Micheal’s (the old one being demolished with Harley and Cyrus trapped inside – touching off their affair) and as the generic Protestant church that Josh once was minister of. They never made any attempt to explain this and in fact sort of implied it was all the same church, even though the difference of faith had previously been established. They even clearly show Tammy and Gus being buried in the same cemetery even though Gus was at least a lapsed Catholic with a practicing wife at the time of his death and Tammy clearly wasn’t. There is an episode where Josh is handling “office hours” for Rev. Ruthledge during his training and pretty much everybody he knows comes in for advice, suggesting that they are all members of the same church. I don’t know that it had a name. They mostly stressed the Ruthledge connection. If I come across it I will let you know. I did do a post that lists directions for the church in Peapack if you want to find it.

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