Unavailable Stories

The following titles are either from dead links I found when searching titles or were mentioned by the author or listed by someone who said they had a copy. If anybody knows where to find one let me know. Stories that I was able to retrieve at least one chapter of are not listed below.

Absence of Fear

Alt Universe Series– Jennie

Always and Forever – When Danny is recovering after the car crash, Michelle finds he’s been wearing the wedding ring she returned in Pilar’s room at the boarding house on a chain around his neck. He’d had it engraved “Forever Michelle.” She had his engraved “Always Danny.” She knew they were Always and Forever.

Angel – “Angel” – The night after Danny is arrested, Michelle finally realizes what she wants and goes to find Danny in their bedroom of Casa Santos.

Another Chance at Love

Another Lifetime

At this Moment – “At this Moment” – After Manny consummates their early marriage, Danny accuses her of still being in love with Jesse. They break up, but then she discovers she’s pregnant and a very similar scene to the canon reunion when Nancy St. Alban took over the role of Michelle.

Before and After – Manny meet and keep their relationship a secret, story proceeds in parallel with the past and the present playing out in each chapter 😉

Bella – “She’s All I Ever Had” – Danny visits Michelle’s grave.

Beneath the Mistletoe – After a hard year, Manny is happily living in their Laurel Falls house. Both of them invite their spouse’s family to try to erase some of the distance that grew between them as they fought Manny being together during their first year of marriage. Then Michelle gives Danny a special present, a positive pregnancy test.

Breathe – Manny has the conversation they avoided by the famous pool scene later that night. 😉

Broken Promises – Instead of Danny finding a solution with the Laurel Falls house, after Michelle leaves him to get away from the mob violence the situation drags on for 9 weeks. Eventually Michelle realizes that living apart isn’t solving anything, but Danny has gotten his defenses back up. Can she convince him she’s ready to come home?

The Celebration Continues – Manny make love for the first time after Michelle’s miscarriage, healing each other on the Santos yacht.

Changes by Lia

Changing Season’s

Charity, Sweet Charity

Chasing Michelle by Lori B.

A Christmas Bug – The first Christmas Manny are married, Michelle planned a special day in the lighthouse, but an untimely case of the flu almost spoils it for her, but would Danny let that happen?

Coming Home (1 of 3 with this name) – SanCorp wants to develop Michelle’s island home, can she convince CEO Danny to see things her way?

A Consummation Fic – Played totally for laughs, this hilarious story expresses all the frustrations fans felt on the long trip to that rose covered bed at Laurel Falls.

Devil Was Her Angel by Tracee

Ein graues Haar (“A gray hair”) – “Ein graues Haar” (“A gray hair”) – Danny reflects back on his life while getting ready for his 40th birthday party.

Erin’s Christmas Story – Christmas takes place during the “fake” part of the Manny marriage. Danny has taken Michelle away from Casa Santos to spend the holiday at cabin, alone, in hopes that it will make the holiday easier on her. It includes a very funny Christmas memory of Danny’s involving Dietz. It has a near perfect ending.

Fight For Love

Finding Paradise

The First Time – “Iris” – Michelle never called the FBI and slowly she realized she had feelings for Danny and one night she reached across the space of their big bed and the marriage was consummated. 😉

Forever Yours – Danny and Ray are quite the team at conquering women, but when Danny spots Michelle Bauer across the room at a college mixer, he knows he’s forever hers. Michelle’s self-worth and faith in men has been damaged by her father’s faithlessness and by Jesse deserting her for Drew. Will Danny be able to get through to Michelle and convince her that she’s all he wants? 😉

Forgive Me


From the Cutting Room Floor – One version of what happened over the weekend (between Friday and Monday’s shows) of Manny’s Laurel Falls Wedding. Silly me I assumed they’d been there and at it all night, but this version is just a couple of minutes.

Ghost! – It’s been a year since Danny and Michelle saw each other, since Danny came to the Bauer kitchen and granted Michelle her, her freedom. Michelle soldiered on with school and got engaged to Jesse because everyone expected them to. Now she’s gotten word that Ed was killed in a hunting accident in Europe (eventually it’s revealed that Carmen was behind it), but all her well meaning friends and families can’t give her the comfort, that one note from Danny does. She goes to him and admits she’s still dreaming of him every night and they start to build a life. Things seem to be going well, but Danny’s attempts to legitimize the business have unsettled things and there are warning shots fired into their new home. It changes everything.

The Graduation – Michelle’s whole family is there for her medical school graduation, where she proudly hears them call her Dr. Santos. She gives one of the speeches and when she sees Danny in the crowd, forgetting the microphone is still on, she says to the entire auditorium, “I love you Danny Santos.”

Graduation Fic – Michelle’s graduation day from med school is full of surprises. First, Danny is late, delayed in New York. Then she has a surprise party that he does make it to. He surprises her with their own house and she surprises him with the news that they will be giving their daughter Rosie, born 9 months after the Laurel Falls wedding, a younger sibling.

Guess Who 1 – Michelle daydreams on her honeymoon after rain cancels their plans.

Guess Who 2 – Manny thinks they are free and living in a quiet beach. Michelle tells Danny she’s expecting and that night the hit on him is finally successful. Michelle raises her daughter, but never forgets. No one could take Danny’s place.

Guess Who 3 – On their honeymoon in Spain at long last, Danny creates a paradise for Michelle with a giant sandcastle on a private beach.

Guess Who 4 – Manny enter a sandcastle building contest.

Guess Who 6 – When Danny does one last job for the family, Michelle leaves him, two years into their marriage. Five years later and the connection is still there. Pilar sets them up to meet again on a private beach. They just might get a second chance.

Guess Who 7 – Carmen’s fake attack provokes a mob war. Danny figures out she set it up and ultimately is forced to go to the FBI, but he makes his way to Spain where his Michelle is waiting.

Guess Who 9 – On her daughter Maureen’s wedding day, Michelle describes an alternative Manny wedding.

Guiding Light Island – The Mannifield Players take on Gilligan’s Island.

Hard Choices – (NOTE: 1 of 2 by this name) – Danny is forced to take Bernado up on his offer of clearing Michelle if he married Theresa. He valiantly tries to push Michelle away and plans to have Jesse marry Michelle to keep their baby safe, but just when it looks like things may work out, Drew makes a desperate choice (this is an example of a Drew is awful fanfic). 😉

The Hardest Thing

Here With Me

An Honest Consummation – A re-do of what happens after Danny carries Michelle back into Casa Santos after he broke her out of the psych ward and his confrontation with Rick. A very sweet scene.

I Wish! by Meghan -Michelle left for Europe when her father did and Carmen sent Danny there soon after in hopes of getting “that Bauer girl” out of his head. Neither is handling the separation very well. Both are lost in a mixture of memories of their private life together and fantasies. But fate is slowly moving the two of them to the same movie theater to see Gone With the Wind, the book that had made Michelle finally realize that she loved Danny and had only Scarlettishly tried to hold on to her dream of Jesse.  They both feel something will happen that day to fulfill a wish they each had made on a shooting star for each other. Ray meanwhile has given up the sabbatical he’s supposed to be on to find himself, apparently with the aid of a very buxom young woman he’s just met.

I’ll Stand By You – Rachel

Illumination – “The Dolphin’s Cry” – Manny finds a beautiful day on the beach leads to more beauty inside. 😉

Just a Whisper Away

Laverne and Shirley – Springfield Style – The Mannifield Players take on Laverne and Shirley and really they get the characters to match much better than I would have thought.

The Letter (1of 2 with this name) – Danny writes Michelle a letter during the drama over the shooting at Carmen’s house.

Limo Sex RR ch—Mel

Loss of Control

Lost Love

Lost Night – A version of what happened at the Bauer house the night Danny brought Michelle after she lied about losing her eye sight again, ending in a consummation of the marriage.

Love in an Elevator by Holden

Love on the Rocks – Manny enjoys their second honeymoon. 😉

Loving You

Mannysmoke: The Lost Episode – This episode fits neatly within the timeframe of the original Mannysmoke.

Mannysmoke Trails by SJ

The Mayberry Aphrodisiac – Mannifield Players take a whack at the Andy Griffith Show later known as Mayberry RFD. It also starts with a funny little take on that terrible gap between Danny laying Michelle down on the rose covered bed on Friday and lying entwined in the pink sheets on Monday. 😉

Meant to Be – After Ed’s untimely death Maureen took a job as a maid at the Santos Estate (guess she didn’t want her hospital administration degree to get in the way of a good job – just saying, it is AU), college student Michelle comes to visit her mother and after a run in with Danny neither of their lives will ever be the same, but he can’t avoid marrying Theresa. Will that stop them? 😉

Melt the Heart

Michelle’s Big Day – Michelle celebrates her graduation from med school first privately with Danny and later with him and their daughter.

Night With the Hicks – Manny is following up a lead on the shooting at Carmen’s house when an empty gas tank makes them spend the night in a small town. Their hosts turn out to be Wanda’s (of Lewis Oil) cousins. They dig in for the night and it just might change their priorities. “I love you Dannay Sandtoes.”

Of Horses and Roses – An alternative version of the Laurel Falls wedding where the rope leads not to a bed, but to the white horse Michelle described in her dream that they ride to the Light House for the wedding night.

An Office Rendezvous – Michelle brings Danny “lunch” at his new business 😉

Painting Challenge: Erin – Michelle’s art project homework when Danny gives her a homework break, by literally painting her instead.

Painting Challenge: The Extra Room – Michelle cleans out an extra room because as she tells Danny at the end, they’re going to have a baby.

Painting Challenge: A Perfect Match – Danny tries to paint a picture of the lighthouse for Michelle’s anniversary present, but he gets a little, um, distracted (lighthouse, Michelle, sex).

Painting Challenge: Sonja – The Santos family has bought a fixer up house and are painting it when they get… distracted.

Painting Challenge: A Sunday Morning – Manny and their two kids (AU) celebrate Mother’s Day.

Painting Challenge: Treasure Hunt – Danny gives Michelle a special evening, starting with a treasure hunt.


Perfect by Holden

Perfect Road Trip – Michelle accidently books them into a nudist resort. So Manny makes the best of it and spends the entire time in their room, while they do get into the spirit of the place.

Phoenix by Holden

Prince Meets His Princess

Ray of Hope – Beth Raines is not taking Zach Spaulding’s christening well when she finds some hope and comfort from an unlikely source, Father Ray Santos.


Revelation by Lori B.

The Ring – Written in the form of a script, complete with camera directions, and all in dialogue, this story takes place on the 1st anniversary of Manny’s 4th wedding when Danny sets up an elaborate plan to celebrate with her present being the engagement ring of the title.

Road Report – Manny decide to take a road trip to enjoy each other while Michelle enjoys her first pregnancy. The scene at the gas station is not to be missed.

Road Trip Story – Manny is happy and married when a fellowship for Michelle opens up at Northwestern. Michelle doesn’t want to add the stress to their marriage, but Danny doesn’t want her to lose the career opportunity. She agrees to take a road trip with him and check it out.

Rustle of the Deskblotter – A funny Carmen Fanfic by Holden

Sarah’s Consummation – A short POV of both Danny and Michelle before they reach the bed for the first time.
SBF— Carrie

Satisfy my Soul by SJ

Second Honeymoon Challenge – Manny enjoys their second honeymoon.

Seven Seas

Shamone’s Christmas Story – Letters to Santa.

Show Me the Way – Manny breaks up when Michelle despairs of Danny leaving the mob. After she leaves to go attend medical school in California, Danny does break away and opens a media consulting business. One night right before her graduation she runs into Danny at a bar and sparks fly. Will they manage to make it right this time?

Silent Prayer

Something to Believe In

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough – Michelle is fighting her feelings for Danny during the early days of their marriage, but it’s a fight she’s quickly losing. When she goes with him on a trip to Spain to meet some of the extended family, she finds them charming, especially how Danny is with his 2 year old cousin. The very first night there Michelle completely loses her battle and after a little work to convince Danny she really means it, they begin to make up for lost time like only they can. 😉

Somewhere, Someday – Danny is a popular high school senior and Michelle is just a little sophomore, but when a chance encounter is quickly deepened by Michelle making friends with newly transferred back from Europe Pilar, love is in the air. He feels committed to marry Teresa though as his mother wants (why isn’t fully explained to my satisfaction). Pilar and Michelle scheme to snap him to and I love the scene of Michelle and Pilar jumping around in her room in celebration when their plan starts to work. Short flash aheads that set up each chapter indicate they are now happily married, but that something else caused a separation in between, but the story wasn’t ever finished to bring the two halves together.

The Storm

The Story of Manny – This Manny fanfic is a story of consequences. Just like Ross originally said, Michelle was convicted of Ben Warren’s murder and there was no opportunity for appeal. Danny arranges for them to fake their deaths and they take off for life on the run. However, it wasn’t as easy as that to shake off their pasts. Living in hiding is hard on them and then the mob finds them. Michelle had been cleared by that time through Vanessa’s confession, but the mob family that had been set up for their deaths weren’t about to let bygones be bygones. Meanwhile, Michelle survived a difficult birth and has to team up with Carmen to save Danny’s life. Even after the physical danger is passed, as Aunt Meta once said Danny was raised to be ruthless and the fall out of that has consequences of its own. There is a happily ever after epilogue where Manny’s kids are cleaning out their house after they died in their sleep in each other’s arms.

Sunset – After Michelle first suggests a divorce after the beating up Tony mess, Danny makes one last desperate plea for her to chose their love and start over someplace else. Will Michelle show up to come with him?

Taken (not sure if this is the same as I’m Already Taken, but looks like it might be different)

Tempting Fate – Michelle doesn’t get a chance to fake her blindness to keep Danny from the docks and he gets arrested. She now knows she loves him and wants him, but he’s so angry he’s turned to Teresa. She goes to the Bauer Cabin to think and when a storm hits he’s concerned about her safety and checks on her. She finally convinces him that despite what she did she loves him and they consummate the marriage in front of the fireplace.

There’s Always Hope by France
Third Time’s a Charm

Trust Me by Bean

by Andrea

Ultimate Sacrifice – Michelle is blackmailed with evidence that would send Danny to prison into leaving him. She eventually discovers Ben Warren is behind it and Michelle, Abby, and Danny form a plan. Unfortunately, the plan goes awry leading to a stand-off in the lighthouse where Ben reveals he really killed Mick and was blackmailing Michelle because Teresa was blackmailing him over Mick’s murder. The climax comes when Ben threatens Danny and Carmen removes the threat.

What Could Have Been

What the Future Holds

Where My Heart Beats – This is a version of what happens on the private jet bringing Manny, Drew and Jesse back to Springfield after Danny accidently shot Jesse.


You Are My Heart

“You’re Where I Belong” – Mick succeeded in raping Michelle and left her for dead. Danny realizes Mick was up to something and manages to track down his victim, who turns out to be Pilar’s new friend Michelle. He takes her to his house and takes care of her. Danny quickly falls in love with her and eventually ends up killing Mick himself to protect her.  They end up together living in the house he’d already built at Laurel Falls.

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