7. Death of Carmen Santos Take 2

The Manny story picks up when Nancy St. Alban takes over the role of Michelle.  Having spent some time in New York City (and gotten considerably more pregnant while she was gone), Michelle returns when she has a miscarriage scare and when she runs into Danny they find they are in much different places than before. In addition, Danny is about to discover nearly all of events of the last 6 months (and some really big things in the last 20 years) of his life were really much different than he thought they were.

Catch up on the Selena Davis and Miguel Santos story. You need to read this to understand some of the stuff in the Manny storyline.

Catch up on the Danny and Reva and Illegal Immigrant story. This was directly impact the Manny and Marony stories and will help you understand later clips.

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Friday, Oct. 27, 2000 – May, having just discovered smoking is bad for you (is that or Danny never having hear the expression ‘Break a Leg’ during his music career more improbable?), had freaked out. They compromised that she would sell flowers instead. On the heals of Danny’s promise he would come out to see her at the flower mart someday, Ross arrives with the divorce papers. Danny asks him for a basic run-down and then signs unwilling to fight Michelle over anything and still not knowing Michelle was pregnant.

Mon., Oct. 30, 2000 – At Cedars: Michelle tells Rick that she is having severe back pains and left New York when her doctor was unavailable to see her. She came back to be with her family who she knew would always have time for her. Claire comes in and asks Michelle to lie back so she can examine her. Rick tries to reassure Michelle and tells her she is not cramping and that they will do tests to see what is the cause of the pain. Claire orders some tests while Rick holds Michelle and tells her to take deep breaths. Claire tells Michelle that she has a lot of bad points about her but she is a darn good doctor and promises to help her have “her baby” if she can. Michelle tells Claire that “her baby” is also Claire’s grandchild. Claire excuses herself to go check on the tests. Once outside she breaks down in tears. Michelle is sitting in bed, telling Rick she took the baby places in New York. All the museums and the sites and that she liked being a “we.” Rick says next time, he will take them both and push the stroller. Michelle is worried that there will be no baby, but Rick tells her the baby will be all right. She asked Rick if he was okay and he told her that he met someone. He told her that they danced together at the royal party and that his significant other also liked football. Michelle wants to hear more and asks who it is. Rick tells her Frank Cooper. Michelle laughs, but she wants to know how Rick really is. He says he is okay and spends a lot of time with Aunt Meta. He teases Michelle that Aunt Meta is sick of him and is making excuses to avoid him. He watches Letterman late at night to deal with the insomnia. She tells him about Jesse and Drew shopping with her for the baby in New York. She tells Rick how much she missed him while she was gone. Michelle: “You can count AND carry on a conversation?” Rick: “You’ll learn the 4th Year of Med School.”  Michelle has another pain and is very scared. Claire walks in and says she is going to do an internal exam. She tells Michelle to relax. Later, Claire tells Rick that the ultrasound and internal exam are normal. They wonder if it may just be a backache irritated by Michelle panicking because of the last miscarriage. They both agree to keep her overnight for observation. Rick tells Claire he is glad she is there, and so is Michelle. They leave Michelle to sleep. Father Ray comes in the hospital as part of his duties visiting sick parishioners and asks a nurse what room number was scribbled on a piece of paper. She told him and he walked by the room Michelle was in. She was sleeping and he watched her for a while. She woke up and saw Ray and asked him to pray for her and her baby. She doesn’t want to lose another one. Ray prays for both of them and leaves Michelle to rest. Later, Danny is looking at May lighting a pumpkin. He says she probably had great Halloween costumes as a child. She says she started making her costumes in July and went on and on about all the movie stars she had been. Ray interrupts and tells Danny that Michelle is back in town and in the hospital. Danny perked up and asked him a million questions a second. Ray tells him he should go see her. Danny dropped everything and ran out the door. May was left standing there and looked very upset. At the Santos Compound: Selena goes into the back garden to see Maria. Maria is acting nice and invites her to sit with her. She asks Selena to forgive the way she reclaimed the locket and tells her that she wasn’t supposed to be hurt. She asked Selena if she is feeling better now. Selena asks her to get to the point of the visit. Maria tells her that she has some of her property and wanted to return it. She gives Selena the picture of Drew from the locket and asks her if that is her daughter Drew. Selena said that it was. Maria holds up the locket and tells her that the she believed the other two pictures in the locket belong to her. She tells Selena that she thinks it is time for her to tell her the truth about her relationship with her son and her grandchild.


My Comments:

Nancy St. Alban has taken over the role and thank God they reconcile in about 30 seconds after Danny learns Michelle is pregnant. Why oh WHY doesn’t somebody just hide the divorce paperwork for awhile? Maybe not so much this time, but after this when they always get back together a couple of weeks after it becomes final.

I would swear to God there was a scene where Michelle comes halfway down the steps into Infierno and then decides to leave before she goes to the hospital, but I must have made it up because I can’t find a trace of it in highlight clips or in recaps. Maybe it was just part of an ad?

May supposedly had never read the surgeon general’s warning and didn’t know that smoking caused cancer and totally flipped out when someone pointed it out to her. This flower selling thing was Danny’s compromise to deal with it. If May had any decency or self-respect she wouldn’t be macking on Danny right then, he’s SO not over Michelle. Rings were always very important to Manny, Danny throwing his away was a big thing. Oh, THANK GOD Michelle is back tomorrow’s episode. I couldn’t take much more of this.

Oh, no. I thought we were done with this, a little more May at the beginning of the clip. I totally supressed all this garbage. “You’ve been yourself, honest and direct.” And that totally awful. 2:33 Michelle is now played. Claire is a good doctor despite everything else and the most I see of the original Claire that I used to love is when she’s consulting on a medical problem with Rick or fighting for a patient’s life. Rick is hilarious talking to Michelle. Michael O’Leary takes about 5 seconds to establish a sibling bond with anyone. He’s that good. Love it when Rick does his imitations 9:00 does Meta. Nancy does do a a beautiful Michelle smile from word go. ♥

I loved how when given a square chance Michelle loves Danny’s family as much as he does. 1:15 Yep May it took you about 20 seconds to loose him. I love even though it was off screen Danny has now spent enough time around the hospital because of Michelle and Rick that he knows how to locate Michelle’s room & read her chart, compared to how it was a foreign environment for him when she faked her blindness.

Tues., Oct. 31, 2000 – At the Santos Compound: Selena tells Maria that she had Miguel’s son and they called him Miguel Jr. Selena starts to cry and tells Maria that she loved Miguel very much and she promised him she would protect their son. She tells Maria that he has always been in her heart. Maria seems touched and says she understands. Selena tells her that she has told her everything. Maria doesn’t believe her. She asks Selena to sit down and tell her about her grandson. Selena tells her that he is a lawyer now and doing well. Selena tells her that she doesn’t see him much and that the last time was several years ago. Maria wonders why and Selena tells her that she was afraid of Carmen. Maria didn’t understand what Carmen had to do with it. Selena told her that she loved Miguel and tried to leave him but she couldn’t. She hated Carmen since she was the only obstacle between her and the man she loved and she called her and told her once. Selena said that Carmen realized before Miguel’s death that he really loved someone else and wanted to leave her (Carmen). Maria asks Selena why Miguel was killed. Selena says she has had a hole in her heart for years about this and it feels good to be able to mourn Miguel with Maria. She said after Miguel died, she was terrified that Carmen would find her and her son. She said that Miguel had provided for them but she trusted the wrong person with the money and lost everything and ended up turning to prostitution. Maria is shocked and angry that her grandson’s mother would be a hooker. She asked if he ever found out and Selena said he did but that wasn’t the reason they didn’t see much of each other. She said her son blamed her for something else. Maria gets out of the wheelchair and attacks Selena telling her to stop lying. Selena says all she wanted was for Miguel to be with them and for Carmen to know she and the boy existed. She tells Maria that Carmen realized what she said was true and had her men try to beat the name of Miguel’s mistress out of him but he refused to give in. Instead he let the men beat him to death all the while smiling at Carmen, knowing she would never know whom he was hiding. Selena tells Maria that Miguel died to protect her and his son. He never told. Selena is crying. Maria is angry and says that she betrayed her son and hid. Maria says Selena lived and now she will make sure she doesn’t. Geraldo comes in and announces the police are there. David and Harley enter. They see Selena in the garden with Maria. Harley asks Selena if there was a problem. David is concerned she was there against her will. Maria turns the charm on again and says there have been false rumors that Selena was involved in Miguel’s death and she wanted to reassure Selena. Harley says she will call Buzz to let him know. Buzz is relieved and tells Harley to get Selena out of there. Harley tells Maria that Blake was talking on TV about her new book that had a remarkable resemblance to the death of Miguel Santos. She said right after that Selena was attacked and Blake was robbed and wondered what Maria thought about it. She said she had no idea. Harley asks her to let her know if she thinks of anything. They start to leave and Maria calls out to Harley. She asks Harley to find out who killed her son so justice can be done. She said even if it isn’t in this world she knows the fires of hell burn forever. Maria thanks Selena for coming and blesses her. Selena kisses Maria and tells her how sorry she is for her loss. She leaves with Harley and David. Maria tells Geraldo she has a job for him. At Cedars: Danny goes into Michelle’s room and sees her sleeping. He calls her name but she doesn’t wake up. He gets her chart and reads it. He realizes she is pregnant and that it is his child. The chart said that Michelle was having intense lower back pain and is in her second trimester. The fetus is at risk. Danny sits down by the bed.

Michelle is asleep, but Danny talks to her: “That’s why you left. You didn’t want me to know. You didn’t want the baby to grow up like I did. I don’t want that either. I don’t and it’s not going to happen, I’m not going to let it. I swear, I swear, on my father’s grave I swear this baby, our baby is going to grow up safe and free. I give you my word, little guy, hang in there be strong, OK? Your mom is going to take good care of you, she’s the best, you’re going to be so proud of her. I’m going to make you proud of your old man, too. I can do that. I can do that. I can give you what you need and I can give your mother what she needs, so you hang in there you can do it, we can do it, we can make this work.”

Danny is teary eyed when Michelle wakes up. She smiles at him. Danny tells Michelle everything will be okay but she says he doesn’t know. He tells her he read her chart and he knows about the baby and everything is fine with the pregnancy. She wants him to leave and he tells her that he understands why she tried to hide the pregnancy from him. She asks if he is angry with her. Danny: “No, I’m not angry, I’m…please look at me, please….Honey, all I feel right now is love for you and for this baby. That’s all I feel. You came back. Oh, I know you don’t think you came back to me, but you did, you did because we belong together. We do and this baby proves it, that we’re a family.” Michelle grows agitated and he soothes her. “No, I mean the three of us. Just the three of us. We’re a family. Nobody else. Just us. This is a new start for us. A new beginning. I’m going to turn my back on this family for you and for this family. I’m no longer going to be a Santos. It’s over. Don’t you understand? I love you. I love you. I love you more than my own life. I love you!”  He tells her he loves her and kisses her hand. Rick comes in and tells Danny to get out. Danny goes out in the hall with Rick and tells him that he knows Michelle is pregnant. Rick tells him that they are no longer married. Danny tells him he would never have consented to the divorce if he knew Michelle was pregnant. He tells him that he loves Michelle. He tells Rick that if Abby were to come back and tell him she was pregnant with his child he would never let her go either. Rick seems to understand. They are interrupted when Michelle gets out of bed and walks to the doorway. They both help her back to bed. Rick takes her pulse and says it is okay. He asks Danny if he knows how to take a pulse and he said he does. Rick asks him to hold on to her wrist and take her pulse every few minutes. Rick says that if it gets higher than 80 press the call button. Danny sits with Michelle and holds her hand telling her he is there and not going anywhere. She looks at him and then closes her eyes. She falls asleep for a little while and wakes up to see him again. He kisses her hand and tells her everything is okay and he is here. He rests his head on her stomach as Michelle looks at him, smiling.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8h9YWVtGeQ (Link repeated from last episode, pick up todays 1:40 into clip, Sound corrects at that point too)

Nov. 1, 2000 – At Cedars: Danny holds Michelle’s hand and she tells him she could get used to this. Danny:  Three hours ago everything started over for us. That’s an hour a piece, one for you, me, and the little one.”  He thinks she should get some rest. Claire walks in and says she hopes he was just leaving. Danny tells her that Rick asked him to monitor Michelle’s pulse. He asks about the baby and she says they’ll know more in the morning. She asks to speak to Danny in the hall and he goes outside. Claire asks Michelle if she’s sure she wants him there and she tells her how happy she was to wake up and see him. She asks Claire not to mess this up for her. Claire tells her to rest and not worry about anything. She goes outside and asks Danny why he’s there. He says that he loves Michelle. She thinks if he really loves her he’ll do what’s best for her and leave. She reminds him that Michelle needs to be free of the violence. She wants him to walk out of Michelle’s life permanently. Danny goes back inside and Michelle wants to know what Claire said. He tells her that Claire is on top of things and thinks they are getting along well. Michelle tells him that Claire has been good to her. He thinks he should go so she can get some rest but she doesn’t want him to leave. He tells her he doesn’t want to but they have to do what’s best for the baby. She tells him about being in New York and how nobody knew her there. She felt alone but realized she wasn’t. She says she carried a piece of him inside her. She would go see the sites and wish he were there to share it with her. She tells him she kept thinking back to the day he asked her to go away with him and she said no. She admits she wishes she’d told him yes. He asks her to say yes now. He tells her that he prayed every day since she left for a second chance and thinks this could be it. He says he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go if she’ll just say yes. She wonders how he could forgive her after she hurt him so badly. Danny: “What’s the worst that could happen, we’d break up? We’ve already done that.” Michelle: “I didn’t like it very much.” She asks if there is anywhere they can go where they will be safe. Danny promises her that he will always protect her. He says that things are different now because all the questions he had about whether or not he could run the family have been answered. He shows her the Santos ring and says he’s the boss now. He says he’s ready to drop everything if she just says the word. She tells him yes and he says it’s done. He tells her once she’s out of the hospital, they will leave town. Michelle says she can’t wait and her pulse starts racing. Danny: “You can forgive me for all the things that I did?” Michelle: “I already have…I know that I love you and I can’t live without you.” Danny: “It feels like a thousand years since I touched you. I can’t believe we have the rest of our lives together. I will always protect you. I promise.” They kiss.

Thurs., Nov. 2, 2000 – Danny runs into Frank in the hallway and asks if Buzz is okay. Frank says that Danny doesn’t have to worry that he is in the clear. He tells him that Selena was visiting his grandmother at their home and it seemed to be left of friendly terms. Danny wonders why Selena was talking to Abuela. Frank tells him that some people think Selena is connected to Miguel’s death in some ways because of Blake’s book. Danny has no idea what he is talking about and Frank asks him to keep his eyes open and protect himself. Danny says that he and Michelle are back together and he wants to protect her. Frank tells him he hopes he does. Frank leaves. Danny sees Claire and she tells him Michelle is asleep. He tells her that he will leave then and not bother her. Claire asks him to stay for a minute so she can talk to him. Claire tells Danny she won’t try to change Michelle’s mind about reconciling but she wants him to promise that he will take Michelle and vanish until his family stops looking for them. She mentions Carmen and says others in his family must feel as strongly as Carmen did about having him lead the family and they won’t let him walk away. Danny says he knows how to protect Michelle and goes into her room. Alan comes in, sees the end of the conversation and offers Claire his support.

My Comments:

Fri., Nov. 3, 2000 – Claire comes in to see May. May tells her that they aren’t open yet but Claire tells her she just wanted to see how she was after last night. Claire tells her that she wants to be honest with her and admits that she is Michelle’s mother. May feels terrible. Claire tells her how Michelle is pregnant and Danny hasn’t left her side since he found out. May thinks it is very romantic and is glad that Michelle has forgave Danny for the affair. Claire suggests she go talk to Michelle and tell her that it didn’t mean anything to her and Danny and also let her know that she isn’t a threat to her and Danny’s reconciliation. May thinks that is a good idea and starts to leave. Claire tells her to just go in and be blunt about it, admit what happened and tell her that you are glad she and Danny are working things out. May asks for the room number and leaves. May arrives at Michelle’s room and introduces herself. Michelle is very friendly and offers May a seat. May is surprised at the warm welcome. Michelle says if May is looking for Danny, he went home to shower. May says she wouldn’t look for Danny in her room. May tells Michelle that Danny always talks about her and he really loves her. Michelle has to forgive him for what he did. Michelle is confused, she has no idea what May is talking about. May says they both thought Michelle was gone and never coming back. May says she never believed Danny could love her, just wanted to make him feel better. Michelle is confused. May wants Michelle to forgive her and Danny. May eventually says she is very sorry she slept with her husband. Michelle says “Did you just say you had an affair with Danny?” May wonders what else they have been talking about. May asks her if something was wrong. Michelle tells her she needs a minute to process this. May says she will wait and then gives her a flower. Michelle is taking deep breaths. Danny walks in to see Michelle and notices May. At Cedars: Danny walks into Michelle’s room and sees May with her. There is tension in the room. Danny gives her flowers for her birthday. Michelle tells Danny she almost forgot it was her birthday and proceeds to tell Danny about May’s confession. Danny asks May what she is doing. She says she is trying to help him get his wife back and just wanted to tell the truth. Michelle asks Danny if he slept with May. May says she didn’t tell Michelle anything she didn’t already know and thinks they had a fight about it. Michelle says she thinks May was meaning to do the right thing, but this is the first she has heard about it. She would have preferred to hear it from Danny. Danny says he was waiting to tell her until after she got out of the hospital because she was supposed to avoid stress. May feels terrible and both Danny and Michelle tell her not to apologize. They ask her why she felt Michelle already knew about the affair. May doesn’t say and tells them that she must have been mistaken. Danny tells May he needs to be alone with Michelle. May compares her and Danny’s relationship with Belle and Rhett from Gone With the Wind while Michelle is like Scarlett, Rhett’s true love. Michelle tells her it is okay and she understands. May tells them she will quit her job and leave town. Danny tells her to wait outside while he talks to Michelle. Danny tells Michelle about May’s fixation with older movies. Michelle tells Danny that May was devastated and he should take care of May and she will call him later. Danny kisses her hand and leaves. May tells Danny she screwed up and he doesn’t want to hear she is sorry. She tells Danny to shoot her now. Danny wants to know why she told Michelle. May says it keeps getting worse and worse. May says she will get a bus ticket out of town. Danny tells May they are friends and that doesn’t have to change. May says it will change but he never led her on. May is glad Michelle is back and hopes everything works out for him. Danny hopes it works out for May too and will see her later at the club. Danny leaves. Claire approaches May and asks if she has been crying. May says Claire gave her bad advice. She asks Claire if she wanted to purposely hurt Michelle. Claire tells her that sometimes you have to hurt people to help protect them. She tells May how Danny’s family hurt people and how Michelle ended up killing Danny’s brother to protect herself and Drew from his attack. Claire tells May she will do anything to protect her child and she would be wise to take heed and stay away from the Santos Family as well. Claire enters Michelle’s room and wishes her a happy birthday. She says this is the first one they are celebrating together. Claire says she always celebrated it alone. Claire notices both sets of flowers and Michelle tells her they were from May and Danny. Claire acts stupid like she doesn’t know May. Michelle tells Claire about Danny and May. Claire tells Michelle that she thinks it’s terrible but Michelle tells Claire they weren’t married anymore. Claire doesn’t want Michelle to forgive him but Michelle wants to forgive Danny. Claire: “Doesn’t this tell you something?” Michelle: “Yes, that I’m really lucky I didn’t lose him.” She tells Claire to be quiet before her blood pressure goes up. Aunt Meta enters with a gift and Claire leaves. Meta and Michelle are talking about Danny and May. Meta says that if Michelle’s instincts tell her to forgive Danny then she should. She hands Michelle a gift and tells her that she thinks Danny will be faithful to her. She is just worried about Danny’s loyalty to his family. Michelle tells Meta that Danny is ready to give that up. Meta says that Danny may not be able to walk away from the power. Michelle remembers what Ray said about people not being perfect and that they are capable of change. She says they both have to work at it. Danny has been loving and gentle to her. She thinks he will be the same to his children. She says Ray told her that love is an antidote for evil. She just wants to be sure she can stick with the marriage for good. Meta tells her to open the gift. It is a framed picture of hands reaching toward each other. Meta says that the journey itself is what counts. Meta tells Michelle “Happy Birthday”. Michelle thanks her for the gift and the advice. Meta tells her to rest and she will tell Claire she is napping. Meta sees Buzz in the hallway and he faints at her feet. She calls for a nurse.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zftqXbS7OA (This episode starts 3:50 into the clip)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPJdr_p2_RM (Aunt Meta)

Tues., Nov. 7, 2000 – In Michelle’s room, Danny asks her if he can come in. She lets him. She says she is overwhelmed but thinks the baby is fine and she hasn’t had any more back spasms. Danny was worried because she didn’t call but she says it has only been a few hours. He wants to explain about May. Danny: “Believe me I would never have touched May, I’d have never even looked at her if I’d had the smallest amount of hope that we’d get back together.” He never would have touched May if he had any hope that they would get back together. May is sweet but can’t compare to Michelle. Michelle wants him to listen to her. She hates that he was with another woman, especially someone sweet and beautiful like May. It makes her jealous and scared. She can’t tell him how mad it makes her, but she can see how it happened. She told him to leave her alone and started divorce proceedings. Danny asks if she can ever forgive him.

Wed., Nov. 8, 2000 – Outside the slave holding place, Danny asks what is going on. They ask him who he thinks he is and he tells them if they cross him he will be their worst nightmare. He introduces himself as Danny Santos. The guy tells Danny that he doesn’t want to be there. Danny wonders why that is. Danny asks if the guy thinks that because he is in the slave trade market. The guy asked how he found out and Danny told him that he intercepted a messenger they had sent to his home. He tells them that effective immediately, the Santos family is out of the slave trade business. He tells them that he knows about Reva and Noah and wants them out. Inside, Reva hears Danny’s voice and recognizes it. The guy tells them that he doesn’t answer to him and he should leave. Danny tells them to let Reva and Noah go and to close up shop. The goon tells Danny he doesn’t take orders from him and Danny smiles. He asks the goon if he just threatened him and shows him his ring. He says he is the only one anyone answers to. He wants the operation shut down within the hour, all the immigrants are to be set free with $1000 each and Reva and Dr. Chase are to be dropped off at the hospital. Danny: “There are SOME things the Santos family does NOT do and THIS is one of them.” At Casa Santos: Abuela is sitting in the garden. Danny arrives and she says she heard he had been busy. He says she has to. He asks if she wants to make it a contest and tells her that she loses. Danny confronts his grandmother about the slave ring. He asks what she was thinking. He tells her that he is out and that she never needed him anyway. He tells her that Michelle is pregnant with his baby and that is all he cares about. He doesn’t want the other garbage. He tells her that there is nothing she can do to change his mind. He storms out and she grabs the phone. She calls someone and tells them that they have a problem.At Cedars: Michelle tells Danny that he doesn’t have to apologize to her since she should be apologizing to him. She tells him that she was the one that pushed him away and she is sorry. He kisses her on the cheek. Michelle tells Danny that Meta came by and she told her what had happened with May. Danny thought that was a bad thing until Michelle told him that she was on their side as well. Danny was surprised. Michelle told him that her fears when she was talking to May was that she had lost him for good and he had already moved on. Michelle: “I was afraid that you only came back for the baby.” Danny: “I came back because I love you.” She said she was worried that he had only came back to her because of the baby. Danny tells her that he loves her and always has. Michelle tells him she loves him as well. Danny tells Michelle that he had been thinking about what Ray had told them awhile back. He said that he reminded them that they made vows and that they have to stick together. They will have to say good-bye to a lot, but it is better that they are on their own and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. He tells her that Abuela made it easy by crossing a line that he would never have crossed. Michelle asks him if that means nothing is standing in their way. She is excited and ready to go away with him. They both realize they owe it to their baby and it is the only way. Danny tells her that he wants to get away the next morning and tells Michelle he will gather together their passports and some cash. He kisses her and leaves her room. He meets up with Rick in the lobby and asks him to help him get Michelle released ASAP. He tells him he wants to get Michelle out of town as soon as he can so they can make a clean start. Rick wants to know where they will go but Danny tells him it will be safer for him not to know. He tells him he knows Michelle will miss him and Meta but it is the safest way. Rick goes to talk to Michelle. Rick asks Michelle if she is scared. She says she is but it is the only way to make a clean break from the Santos family. Rick says it was hard enough when she moved to NYC, but now she will have to disappear from the face of the earth. Rick: “Relocation is one thing, evaporation is another.” Michelle says he is right but the only way she would stay is if it would endanger the baby to travel. Rick tells her that the baby will be fine and kisses her. He tells her that was just in case he doesn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Claire comes in and Michelle tells her that she and Danny are leaving. Claire is upset and adamantly against it and tries to talk her daughter out of it. She tells Michelle that they won’t be able to call or fax, use their credit cards or bank accounts. Claire tells her to be tough, smart and alert and to think of herself and the baby first. She leaves. Claire goes out and asks Rick if he knew Michelle was leaving with Danny. He tells her that he did and she wonders why he didn’t tell her or at least try to stop them. Rick tells her that Michelle will be fine. Claire calls him an idiot and is very upset. Rick wants to know what she isn’t telling him. He tells her that she is scaring him and he needs to know what is going on. Outside, Danny is continuing through the lobby and runs into Reva who smiles at him. She asks him to stop in and see Noah. He goes in and tells her that he isn’t good at hospital visits like his cousin Father Ray is. Noah thanks Danny for stopping by. Reva tells him she wants to thank him as well and Danny acts like he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She tells him that she overheard every word he said when he came to the warehouse last night. Danny tells her she must be mistaken. She tells him that he saved their lives. Danny says even if it were him there is no need to thank him. She says she also overheard ‘someone’ at the warehouse say that the Santos part of the operation was over. Danny tells her that if she has a story, she should go with it. Reva thinks it may hurt him if she does the story and he assures her that it won’t matter because he won’t be there. He tells her that he and Michelle have reconciled and they are leaving town together. He also tells her about the baby. Reva is happy for them and Noah congratulates them as well. Reva tells Danny she would also like to know what happened to the others. He tells her that he heard they were on their way to Chicago with their ID and passports as well as enough money to get them settled. Reva is glad. Danny tells them he has to get going and leaves after they thank him once more. Noah tells Reva that whatever Danny may have said doesn’t matter; she should not pursue the story for her own safety.May is asking Tony for her final paycheck. She wants to leave since Danny is back with Michelle. Tony tells her to hang around since the reconciliation may not take. He says she can kill time with him and share a few laughs. Danny comes in and tells Tony and May that he is leaving and taking Michelle with him. He lets them know that they have worked through everything and are back together. Danny tells Tony if he plays his cards right with Abuela, Infierno could be his. Tony asks Danny if he thinks Abuela would let him run the joint, when Danny didn’t want him to work there at all. Danny says there really isn’t anyone else to run the place. Danny’s advice to Tony: “Don’t be greedy & don’t be stupid, take care of your brother too…he does…and so does St. Michael’s give him some cash now and then.” Tony suddenly is supportive in Danny’s decision. Danny says goodbye to May and tells her not to quit and to stay at the club, unless Tony gets too forward to her. May is glad that things worked out for Danny and Michelle. She mentioned that she told Michelle about her and Danny. Tony is surprised and thinks that May did it to make Michelle leave Danny but she tells him that wasn’t why she told. She tells Tony how Claire tricked her into telling Michelle. Danny overhears and tells her he should have realized that Claire was behind it. He said it is just another reason they have to leave town. Danny tells her to take care and he grabs the cash and leaves. Tony struts around the club announcing that they are in “Tony’s Infierno”. He hits the stereo and starts dancing around the club. May stands to the side and cries.


My Comments:

Thurs., Nov. 9, 2000 – At Cedars in Michelle’s Room: Michelle is sitting on her bed dressed when Danny comes in and asks her if she is ready to go. She tells him she is and he tells her that the car is out front of the hospital and after he signs her out they will be on their way. She tells him how happy she is and kisses him. Rick arrives and says it looks like he made it just in time. Danny assumes Rick wants to make trouble, but Rick hugs Michelle and tells her that he just wants her to be happy. Rick asserts that he just wanted a chance to say goodbye and that with Michelle so happy he will try to be also. Danny replies after each assertion. Danny: “I’ll chose to believe that.” Rick says that Claire is in a state of panic and Danny says he is sure she is. Rick asks them how long they will be gone and if it will be forever. Michelle says they will be gone long enough to start their family. Danny goes to do the paperwork and gives Rick and Michelle a few moments alone. Rick tells Michelle to call if she needs anything. She promises to stay in touch and Rick leaves to go on round. Michelle sits back on the bed to wait on Danny. As Rick leaves, an orderly comes in with a vitamin shot for Michelle that he says Claire had prescribed for her and the baby. Michelle rolled up her sleeve and took the shot. She thanked the orderly and then noticed she felt woozy. She tells him that something is wrong and she doesn’t feel well. Michelle sits down and passes out. Another orderly comes in and helps get Michelle in a wheelchair and disguise her as they push her out into the elevator. They push her past Marah and Shayne, but they don’t realize it’s her or that anything is wrong.
Danny comes back into Michelle’s room and can’t locate her. He gets concerned and goes out to find Rick. He asks Rick where Michelle is and he also doesn’t know. Danny is worried that something may have happened with the baby and they took her back in for more tests. Rick pages Claire. She gets there and they ask her where Michelle is. She tells them that she had been in the delivery room all morning and has no idea where she is. Now they all are worried. Claire starts freaking out as she suddenly realizes Danny still doesn’t know what’s going on, she tells Danny he still doesn’t know and that he has to go see his grandmother now, there is no time to waste, over and over again. Danny takes off on a run.

Fri., Nov. 10, 2000 – At the Santos Compound: Tony has told Ray his good news that Danny had said Tony could run the club. Ray isn’t too thrilled. Ray’s unsure Tony is up to the responsibility and wishes it was a more respectable job. Ray especially is unsure how Tony COULD legally run the club since he’s a minor. Danny shows up desperately hunting for Abuela in hopes Claire is right and she can help him find Michelle. When Danny discovers Abuela has taken off,  he called her cell and she told him to wait there at the house. Ray tries to talk him through it and suggests, maybe it was Michelle’s family. Danny: “Michelle’s family is NOT the problem!” Danny gives more details to Ray and ignores Tony who can’t believe Danny is suggesting that their grandmother was capable of this stuff. Ray is more open to the possibility although not 100% convinced. Ray, Tony and Danny are waiting for Abuela. After Tony asks, Danny tells Tony that Infierno is his. Tony tells Ray he is not in trouble and is going to the club. Danny tells Ray not to listen to Tony. Ray is upset and says he has to go back to church. He mentions that Abuela won’t say anything in front of him anyway. Ray says he will pray for them all. They leave Danny waiting alone, but then Abuela shows up. Danny sees Abuela and tells her he needs her help to find Michelle. Abuela says she is sorry to see Danny so distressed but she can’t help him with finding Michelle. Danny knows she can and asks her why Claire would think she could help him. Danny: “Since when is anything beyond you?” He yells at her and starts beating his fist against the table. She is shaken and tells him that Michelle is at the ferry docks. Danny: “The ferry dock? What in the hell is she doing out there?” Abuela: “Hoping that you will get to see her in time.” He asks her what she is doing there and she says that she is praying he gets there in time. Danny turns and runs out. At the docks: Two goons lay an unconscious Michelle on the ground. They say nothing is supposed to happen to her until it is time. After awhile she stirs in time to see a hooded figure all in black approach her. Michelle looks up and watches as the woman takes her scarf off. It is Carmen. Carmen tells Michelle that Danny can’t help her now. Michelle screams.

My comments:

Mon., Nov. 13, 2000 – At the Docks: Michelle is confronted by Carmen. Carmen tells her that Danny isn’t there to protect her this time. Michelle is very upset and screams. She tries to get up and yells at Carmen that she isn’t real. Carmen tells her that she shouldn’t be afraid of her if she isn’t real. Michelle tells her that she was drugged. Carmen tells her that the drug will be out of her system before anyone finds her. She tells her that everyone is going to think she was upset about Danny’s affair and she came down to the docks and killed herself. Carmen pulls a gun on Michelle and tells her that she had her brought to the docks where Danny was supposed to kill her so long ago. She tells her that she is going to kill her and toss her body into the lake. Michelle doesn’t understand how Carmen could still be alive and Carmen just smiles and tells her that she can almost forgive Danny for not killing Michelle since she would get to do it. She blamed Michelle for taking both her sons from her beginning with Mick and then Danny. Carmen: “You’re NOT family, Michelle, and I don’t like you, so you have to die.” Michelle doesn’t understand how she can kill her and Carmen tells her that she is a mother fighting back for her  children and besides; she has killed for a lot less before. Michelle: “And your grandchild, Danny’s child…You need it. Let the baby live.” Michelle tells Carmen her baby will be the next generation of Santos. Michelle begs Carmen to lock her up and keep her alive until the baby is born. Carmen tells her that she isn’t sure that the baby is really her son’s. Michelle (annoyed in spite of everything): “Of COURSE it’s Danny’s.” Carmen tells her even if it is, Danny will have other children and they will not have blood tainted by hers. Michelle asks Carmen how she faked her death with Claire there to see that she died. Carmen tells her that Claire has a lot of tricks up her sleeve as well. Michelle doesn’t understand why Claire would help her. Carmen tells her it is because Claire doesn’t want Michelle with Danny any more than she does. Carmen tells Michelle that she has to die and points the gun at her. Michelle yells, “Danny!” Carmen laughs, telling her that it’s a nice try but doesn’t believe her. Danny however walks up behind Carmen. Danny: “Mother?” Danny begs Carmen not to shoot Michelle. He tells her that he will take care of Michelle. Carmen says that Michelle has to die. Danny realizes what Carmen has done to them. Danny: “What kind of mother would do this?” Michelle: “Your kind and my kind.” Danny tells Carmen that Michelle is carrying his child and he won’t give her up. Carmen tells him that he is his father’s son, weak and not knowing that he already has everything. Carmen tells him that all she wanted was to know who Miguel’s mistress was and he died protecting her. Carmen says this time the right person will die. She turns and points the gun at Michelle again. Danny tells her that Claire knows she is alive and will tell the authorities. Carmen tells him that she won’t shoot her but he will. She says he will do it and she will go back to where she was staying and he will be powerful beyond belief. Carmen seems to be mixing up Michelle and Selena (although she never uses her name) Danny tells her to get out of the way and pulls his gun on Michelle. He points the gun at Michelle, but it’s only a trick to get his gun out without Carmen reacting and he turns it on Carmen. He tells her to drop her gun and she refuses. She tells him that there is only one way to stop her and that is to kill her. She knows he won’t do it because he is her son. Danny pulls the slide back on his pistol. Danny tries everything, but Carmen makes it clear he is out of time and out of choices, if he wants to save Michelle and his child he has to kill her. At Company: Phil is talking to Rick. He tells him not to be upset and Michelle will turn up. Rick wants to know how this all happened and how Michelle fell in love with a mobster. Phillip tells him that her mom Maureen was the same way. She always looked through the bad exterior and saw the good in everyone. Phillip tells him that you can’t pick who you fall in love with. Rick wonders why Bill and Michelle couldn’t be together. Phillip thought Rick had made peace with Danny and Michelle being together. He tells him that he tried to respect the union because of the baby and their love. He is upset that he couldn’t save her from the mob. Phillip tells him that everything will be alright and they go in for a bite to eat. Later, Rick tells Phil that he needs a long hard run and leaves. Phil talks to Buzz about Michelle being missing. Maria walks in and Buzz excuses himself and Phil leaves. Maria tells Buzz that there is trouble. He told her he has heard.


Tues., Nov. 14, 2000 – At the Ferry Docks: Carmen is shot and lying on the dock, bleeding. She apologizes to Danny. He tells her they will send for help and she should hang on. Danny asks Michelle why she didn’t go for help and she told him if she had called 911 the police would have come and he and Carmen both would have been in trouble. She also knew that there was nothing they could do for Carmen, she has seen injuries like hers before and there was no saving her. They walk to the other side of the docks and Michelle tries to tell Danny that Carmen made it impossible for him to do anything else and in reality she had killed herself. Danny says he killed his mother and takes his gun out. Michelle is worried and Danny tosses the gun out into the lake. He tells Michelle that she should leave so she wouldn’t be a part of what happens next. Danny tells Michelle to stay hidden on the docks. She wants to stay with him. He takes her aside and tells her to stay put. Danny pulls away to go back to Carmen. Michelle grabs his hand and refuses to let go until he promises not to hurt himself. He promises her and says he will be right back. Michelle asks God to forgive him and to help Danny to forgive himself. Danny is looking at Carmen’s body and he tells her he hates her. He hugs her and cries while continuing to say he hates her. Finally with tears in his eyes, he drops his mother’s body into the water.


My Comments:

Wed., Nov. 15, 2000 – At the Ferry Docks: Michelle comes up behind Danny who is still leaning over the side of the docks where he had dropped Carmen’s body still staring at the water. Michelle says she has been waiting for 45 minutes and thinks they need to go home. He is crying. Danny says he doesn’t have a home anymore, he can’t go to Carmen’s house. Michelle tells him that it is over and he says it will never be over. Michelle wants them to go away like they planned and start over. Danny wants to know what she means. Michelle says they have always had someone coming between them and now they have the chance to raise their child. Danny pulls away from her and says he is not going home with her. Danny says tonight he learned he is really a Santos. He killed his mother and put her body at the bottom of a lake. He says he can’t ask her to spend her life with him now. Michelle says he protected her and their baby. He made a choice to protect her and chose her over his family. He says he killed his mother. Michelle feels free, but Danny tells her to run because he will never be free from his family and she has to get away from him. She should take the baby and start over with another man. He will even let whoever it is adopt his child. Michelle tells him to stop punishing himself. Danny isn’t listening as Michelle tries to reason with him. She tells him she loves him but he continues to try to walk away from her. She says he made a split second decision to save his wife and child and he isn’t like the other mobsters. Danny says if he is capable of killing his mother, he is capable of anything and she needs to get away from him. He leads her away. Outside the Bauers: Danny has brought Michelle home and tells her to go inside. She doesn’t want to leave him but he begs her to let him go. Rick comes outside and takes her into the house, despite her protests. Inside, Meta is trying to warm Michelle up and Rick is questioning her. He wants to know where she was. He thought she was kidnapped. She says she should have left a note but she was upset. Meta wants to know why she would be upset since she was looking forward to leaving with Danny. Michelle lies and pretends she had cold feet and wanted to be alone to make some decisions. She says she decided to go with Danny but now Danny is so hurt and angry that she ran he doesn’t want to go away with her. Rick asks if the baby is okay and she says she can’t feel anything because her heart is in pain. Meta and Rick pretend to believe Michelle’s incredibly lame story. She leaves to go confront Claire who was in bed with Alan, but upset about Michelle. Michelle kicks her out of her life. At the Santos Compound: Danny comes in and confronts Abuela. He tells her she lied to him about his mother being dead and he wants some answers. Abuela says she had to help Carmen get out of the witness protection program. Danny says he grieved for her and had an innocent man murdered because of it. Abuela says that she paid the guy off and he is still alive. Danny is crying profusely while he asks her if she was going to let him carry that guilt for the rest of his life. He wants to know how she knew Carmen was at the docks. She told him that Carmen told her she would be there. Abuela wants to know what happened and Danny says he killed Carmen. He tells her that she knew there was no other way for it to end and wonders how she could have done that to him. She tells him that she knew he would be able to handle things either way. He doesn’t understand. She tells him that if he killed Carmen, she would get her revenge on Carmen and he would stay with the family forever. If he didn’t kill Carmen, Carmen would kill Michelle and Danny would stay with the family forever, either way, Abuela wins. Danny: “All these years I came to you with my problems. I trusted you. I thought….I thought you loved me.” Danny doesn’t understand why she would want him to kill his own mother.Abulea: “Carmen loved Carmen. All the time. Forever. She loved HERSELF!” She tells him that Carmen was responsible for Miguel’s death and tells him about Selena and how Carmen knew Miguel truly loved another woman and had him beaten until he gave up her name, which he never did. Danny can’t believe the story and is overcome at the irony that it was Selena Davis.. Abuela tells him that Carmen killed Miguel to punish him. Danny is still crying and says that makes sense for this family. They use people to get what they want. Danny: “You sit there like a spider in a web, pulling the strings, getting us to do your dirty work. Well, NOT anymore! Not anymore Abuela, not anymore!”  He tells her she will never use him again. He makes it clear he will never trust her again. He says he runs the family now and she has just become so ill she is confined to the house indefinitely. He tells her that she will never receive phone calls or leave the house. She will never lie to him again and she isn’t even to talk to her own goons without him present. She kisses his ring and he tells her he will give Geraldo his instructions. He leaves the room and she whispers, “Bravo, Danny.”


Fri., Nov. 17, 2000 – At the church: Danny is in the confessional talking to Ray. He tells Ray that he killed Carmen. Ray can’t believe it. He tells Danny he must be mistaken. Carmen has been dead for many months. Danny tells Ray what happened and Ray asks about Michelle. Danny tells him that he took her home to be with her family. He tells Ray about Abuela and Claire’s parts in the deception. Ray is astounded. Danny tells Ray he told Michelle he can no longer be with her. Ray tries to reason with him that it was Carmen, not him that was wrong. Danny says Michelle needs to stay away from him. Ray says he has been absolved of his sins and he deserves to be with Michelle. Ray: “I know, I KNOW that you and Michelle belong together, Danny.” Danny won’t listen and tells Ray to let it go. He leaves the church. At the Bauers: Bill and Michelle are talking about her and Danny. He tells her that she can’t give up on their relationship and that he has become accustomed to them. He also reminds her that she doesn’t give up on things she really wants. They hug and she goes to find Danny.
At Infierno: Danny looks at the empty room and then goes into the office and turns off Tony’s music. He tells Tony he is back. Tony wants to know what happened with Michelle and May comes in and asks why he is back. Danny tells them both that he isn’t leaving and this is where he belongs. Danny tells Tony he will take over the paperwork from here. Tony leaves the office with May and she tells him it isn’t a good week for dreams. Tony tells her that he can deal with not having things he wants but when he is given something and then it is taken away, it hurts. She tells him that some day they will both get what they want for keeps. Michelle comes in and mentions how beautiful the place is. May tells her Danny is in the office and she goes in to see him. Danny tells Michelle to go home, there is nothing more to say. Danny: “You know how much I love you so you know how much this kills me.”  She refuses. Danny tells her it can’t work. He says she was right when he told her there were two souls in him. He sees it now. He doesn’t want to turn into his mother. Danny says that Carmen had nothing good left in her and he is from her family, a family of killers. Danny: “I am a killer, I am from a family of killers, how could I good for you?”  Michelle says he is the father of her baby and she wants to go away with him. Danny: “If anything ever happened to you or that baby, I couldn’t live with myself.” He tells her he is not good for her and she should get out. Danny goes to sit at his desk, as Michelle looks at him with tears in her eyes. She leaves the office. Outside, May and Tony hear something in the office and May starts to go check on Danny but thinks better and leaves.


My comments:

Tues., Nov. 21, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is crying and Meta is talking to her. Michelle says that Danny, her dad, Maureen, and Abby are gone. Meta says she still has Claire. Michelle tells Meta that Claire was good when she had the miscarriage, but not now. Meta wants to know the truth about her and Danny. Meta says she would ordinarily let it go, but this is causing her distress. It is bad for her and the baby. She should share the story so maybe Meta can help set it right. Michelle tells her everything, about Carmen and Claire’s part in faking her death as well as how Danny saved her. Rick track Danny down to his office at Infierno over his treatment of Michelle.

Rick: “What are you doing to my sister?”

Danny: “…..Nothing. I’m leaving her alone……”

Rick: “That’s right, Danny and it’s killing her….She’s pregnant with your child, doesn’t that mean anything to you, Danny.”

Danny: “It means everything to me….Rick, how many times have you told me to stay the hell away from your sister. That I’m I’m just that I’m bad news for her. How many times? Rick, I got the message. You were right. I’m not good for her. I don’t deserve her. I  will do nothing, but destroy her life. So please keep her away from me, for her sake and for the baby’s sake. Just keep her away”

Rick: “You’re in trouble again aren’t you, Danny?” 

Danny: ” Well, To quote you, Rick, I’m always in trouble. It’s what I do for a living.” 

Rick: “Why else would you be saying these things?”

Danny: “Just keep her the hell away from me. I mean it!”

Rick came in and pulled the family into a hug. Rick: “What do we do here?” Meta: “Hold each other very, very close.” Meta was shocked and when Rick came in she suggested it was time they tell Claire to get out of the garage apartment. Rick and Meta fight over who got to throw Claire out and Meta pulled seniority. She left to toss Claire out. Meta arrives at Claire’s apartment and Claire gives Meta a bad attitude. Meta gives it right back and then tells Claire to leave. Claire says that Michelle won’t agree with Meta and Meta says she already has. Meta tells her that she knows about the conspiracy with Carmen. Claire says she was right about Danny. She pointed out that he shot his own mother. Meta defends Danny and again tells Claire to get out. Claire says Michelle will come around and realize that she saw the truth before anyone else. She tells Meta to leave and she does after telling Claire to be out the next day. Claire turns to look around the apartment. She says onward and upward and goes to the phone. She calls Alan and asks him over. When Alan gets there she hints around and tells him they are kicking her out. He invites her to live at the mansion with him and she accepts. He tells her that he knows that is why she asked him over in the first place but that was alright. He wonders if she wants him to take her with him then but she tells him that she is going to take her time so the Bauers won’t believe they got to her. He offers to send a limo for her the next day and she accepts.

Wed., Nov. 22, 2000 – At the Garage Apartment; Bauer House: Claire has a mink coat on that Alan sent her when Rick walks in. He makes a comment about her wearing dead animals and tells her that his curiosity got the best of him and he just had to come ask. He asks Claire how she managed to screw everything up so bad that Michelle wanted her out. She is smug and tells him that she won’t tell him if Michelle didn’t. She tells him that all she really wants to say is that she did what she thought was best for her daughter in order to protect her. She tells Rick that she had difficult choices to make and if given the same choices again she would do it the same way in a heartbeat. Michelle has come in the door by that time and tells Claire that she is not at all surprised. She tells Claire that when she thought she was losing the baby she felt so close to her. Claire tells her that she went out of her way to protect her. Michelle tells her that she should kick herself for letting her guard down around her in the hospital. Claire picks up her bags and asks the Bauer siblings if they have any last shots at her. Rick asks them to tell him what happened. No one responds. Michelle asks Claire where she is going. Claire tells her that she should do her a favor and not pretend that she cares.

My Comments:

Wed., Nov. 29, 2000 – At Infierno: Danny is in his office, sitting at the desk hurting. He sees May walk by the door and calls out to her. He tells her he has been watching her travel back and forth outside his door and that he owes her an apology for the way he has treated her. He says he has been lousy and wishes things could have been different. May tells him he should learn from experience and that she holds no ill will towards him. She turns away and tells him she has to leave Infierno. Danny asks her why. She says that when he looks at her she can tell he likes her as a friend and she starts to remember what it is like to love him and it hurts her. She tells him that she has enjoyed the past few months but knows there is no future for them. Danny says he is sorry. May said it hurt because it had to, not because it was anyone’s fault. She says she feels better now that they talked but she says she still has to leave. Danny tells May she can’t quit. She says it isn’t about the club. She kidded herself about her feelings for him but she knows she loves him and that it can’t be. She likes movies but she realizes most of them are make believe. Danny tells her he has to be honest with her and tells her that she is not the love of his life and they can’t be together but he does cares about her and wants to protect her. He asks if she can let him do that. May says that there is a lot to untangle. Danny says that the past few weeks have been hell and he has lost a lot. He doesn’t want to lose her too. May says she would write to him from wherever she went. Danny says she would go broke on postage if she wrote to everyone that would miss her. He wants her to stay for the sake of the customers if not for him. They all love her, come in just to see her and he can’t replace her, he needs her. Danny tells her that he doesn’t want his friend to leave. She is an asset to the club. He tells her that everyone who meets her wants to be nicer, friendlier. She tells him he is sweet and that she will stay. She hopes he and Michelle will reunite. He tells her that won’t happen. She doesn’t think he should say never, but he tells her it won’t happen because he would only hurt her. He turns back to his computer and May leaves the office. Ray stops in at Danny’s office and wants to know if there is anything he can do for him. Danny tells him to stop trying to help him and to forget his confession. Danny says he wants to remember that he killed his mother so he can always remember what kind of person he is. Ray says he will never forget what Danny said to him, but that Danny needs to let go. He tells him that all Danny is accomplishing is to bring Carmen back to life through himself, taking over her work. He tells Danny that he has to let her go. Danny tries changing the subject by asking Ray if he has seen Tony. Ray tells him he hasn’t seen him in a few days. They call out to May who tells them that Tony is in Chicago visiting colleges with Marah and her brother. Danny and Ray don’t like the sound of this.

Sorry, but I don’t have links for any of this, but it was such a separate thing that I wanted to include it as separate post. I’ll keep looking.

My Comments: I really hate that Danny is hurting like this, although I do think it’s true to his character. I hate that Danny is still reaching out to May. She’s totally betraying him and he owes her nothing and she just KEEPS betraying him.

Note: From here on in the Manny and Marony storylines are closely intertwined even when Manny isn’t on screen, I’ll be including them as much as possible.

This whole thing is serving the dual purpose of setting up what was at the time (and still is) a timely issue of music piracy and to set it up that everyone would see Tony as someone who led sweet Marah astray. The kids wanted to go to a concert for New Ground in Chicago, but their parents all said no way and wouldn’t pay for it. Sam suggested they burn CD copies of the band they wanted to go see and sell them to make the money to go. Sam provided the technical know how, and Marah, Shayne, Catalina, and Susan were working on the sales. They successfully got the money and went to the concert (claiming to their folks that they were going on college visits together), but now it’s time to pay the piper. Following his normal pattern, when Josh is twitterpated with someone else, Josh decides Reva is trash and acts accordingly. I think even Olivia thinks Reva has a point about Josh’s reaction.

In an undated clips at beginning, Joliva are at their best as a partnership of equals and Josh is preparing to propose to Olivia when Reva’s phone call interrupts. FBI agents are crawling over the Lewis house with warrants for Marah. Olivia answers the door and more federal agents show up at Olivia’s door wanting Sam’s stuff. Turns out they want to make the kids an example.

Danny and Ray show up looking for Tony and everyone breaks up into their normal sparring partners finding guilt where they want to find it. They all decide that Max Nickerson (former bad boy in town until he got out classed in that department and reformed) probably has some answers. That is a good guess. Max had opted out of this whole mess, knowing it would lead to trouble, showing more sense than he did the rest of his run on the show added up.

“Where are you going, Ross?” Ross: “I think to get some bad news.”

Ross talked with the agent in charge of the investigation and discovers they want to make an example of the kids AND their parents.



Friday, December 1, 2000- At Olivia’s Sam peers into the apartment and calls back to the others that no one is home. All the kids (Marah, Shayne, Catalina, Susan, Sam and Tony) come in and go into the living area. They are all surprised when Josh walks out and welcomes them home. He tells them that he can’t wait to hear about their trip. Josh tells them all to get comfortable and have a seat. Tony starts talking and tells them it was cool. He assures Josh that Marah had no idea he was joining them on the trip. They pretend they visited all these different colleges while they were there. Olivia asks if there is anything else they would like to tell them. They are all talking and Sam realizes Olivia is on to them and tries to tell them to cool it but the only one who understands what is going on is Tony. Susan keeps on and talks about the Spanish restaurant. Josh asks if they had enough money and she and Marah said they had plenty. Ross to Josh: “It makes me glad that I missed Dinah’s teenage years.” Josh: “Except you have three almost teens at home.” Ross: “Oh, Good Lord you’re right, say a prayer for me.” Reva arrives with Noah and asks Olivia if she missed anything. She tells them to come in and offers everyone coffee. Reva sees her ring and says, “Nice rock”. Olivia smiles and Marah makes a snide remark about how she moved very fast. Shayne says he is not calling her mom. Josh goes to his children and tells him that they are going to need him on their side so they should shut up. Reva tells her children that she wants to thank them for introducing Catalina to the American teenage lifestyle. Reva, Olivia and Ross all tell them what happened with the FBI. Susan starts to talk but then Sam tells them he had the idea for this scheme. He goes on about the unfairness of the record companies and tells them the whole thing is bogus and is against their constitutional right for free speech not to mention being pure censorship. He tells them what they did is not a crime compared to the record companies. Ross asks then how much money they made. Shayne says $3500 but Tony says they didn’t. He tells them he did not sell the 500 CDs he had. They asked him about the cash he gave them and he tells them he gave them his own money to impress Marah. Marah smiled. Ross tells them that he has talked to the attorneys for New Ground and they are going to press charges. He tells them that they have had CDs pirated before and want to make an example of the kids so they are going to prosecute. He tells them that the kids that are of age will be prosecuted as adults; the rest will be dealt with as juveniles with their parents also being charged. Ross tells them they really need God more than an attorney.

The numbering doesn’t work on these clips. Part 3 seems to be missing. 



My Comments:

Note: Sorry Looks like I got this post and the last one in the wrong order. When I was doing the post, I think I wrongly attributed some of this to late November days which is where I got off. I’m going to put in the episode description here and links, but look at late November to see some of the quotes from these clips.

Mon., Dec. 4, 2000 – Rick doesn’t want to so Michelle goes over to talk to her. Michelle tells May that Rick has a mad crush on her and May is surprised. Michelle asks May to say hi to Rick. They walk back to the table and she says hi. Rick starts to ask how she is doing at the club and the conversation gets awkward. Michelle says she hopes May will still be Danny’s friend. May tells Michelle Danny needs her back. Michelle cries. Michelle is crying and Rick tells her it is hormone overload. Michelle says she is pregnant and wants to be with Danny. Rick tells her that his beeper is vibrating and he has to leave. Frank comes over with some milk for Michelle. He tells her that he is there to keep an eye on her. Michelle smiles at him. She wonders what law she broke to get that kind of treatment and he tells her that Rick is just worried about her and asked him to make sure his sister got home safely. Frank asks if Michelle needs anything. She said she didn’t. He tells her that he will go grabs some movies and she and Rick and him can chow down and watch flicks. She thinks she must be pathetic for him to feel that sorry for her. He tells her that he knows what it is like to be alone. Back at Infierno: Rick goes to see Danny and says that not seeing him is killing Michelle. Danny wants to know how many times Rick has told him he is bad news for Michelle. Danny tells him that he finally got the message and will stay away from her. Rick wants to know if Danny is in trouble. Danny tells him he is always in trouble and asked Rick to keep Michelle away from him. Danny storms out of the office. May walks in and asks Rick what is wrong. Rick says Danny is in trouble and he doesn’t know how to help him.


Wed., Dec. 6, 2000 – At the Bauers: Rick tells Michelle what a beautiful night it is outside and admits to her that he went to see Danny. He begs her to tell him what is going on but she says that she can’t because it is too horrible. She tells him that Danny has a powerful darkness around him that he can’t escape and Rick tells her that is just superstitious. She makes him swear that he won’t tell and then she tells him that Danny killed his mother. Rick says that isn’t possible because Carmen died on the patio months ago and Michelle explains how Claire helped Carmen set it up. She tells him how Carmen drugged and kidnapped her and that Danny came and shot her. Rick thinks it is all over but Michelle explains that Danny doesn’t feel like he deserves her and the baby now. Meta comes in and they all embrace. Meta says that three minds are better than two and Rick promises to take care of her and the baby. Meta says that she is worried about Danny and his guilt and suggests that Michelle shares this with Father Ray. Michelle agrees to go see Ray tomorrow.

Thurs., Dec. 7, 2000 – At the Bauers:Rick is talking to Michelle. He is still having trouble with the revelation about Carmen. Ray arrives and Michelle hugs him. She wants his help with Danny. Michelle tells Ray she doesn’t want to put her burden on him but he is the only one who can help. Michelle says Carmen is gone and she and Danny should be free. Ray thinks Carmen has a bigger hold on Danny now than ever. He says Danny acts like it is his penance to keep his mother alive by doing her work. Michelle gets an awful feeling and wonders if it may be her that Danny can’t forgive. Ray tells her that Danny doesn’t blame her. He is just having a hard time dealing with killing someone in his family. Michelle thought Danny was going to kill himself after he shot Carmen, but instead, he is killing himself slowly by going back to the business. Michelle wants to know how she can get Danny back. Ray tells her that God will help Danny, but Danny has to want to be helped. He promises her if she continues to love him, he will see the light, but it won’t be easy.

Fri., Dec. 8, 2000 – Harley and Michelle talk about Danny and Michelle says she is not giving up on him. Michelle feels the baby kick for the first time.

Mon., Dec. 11, 2000 – Michelle walks in to Danny’s office and Tony excuses himself. Danny tells her that he doesn’t think she should be there, but Michelle says she brought someone with her; their baby. She puts a tape in the VCR. It is a video of the ultrasound but Danny refuses to look at it. He tells her he can’t do this and takes the tape out. She tells him he can’t walk away from her and their baby. Danny leaves the office and Michelle sadly looks after him.

Tues., Dec. 12, 2000 – At the Bauers: Michelle is holding her tummy showing Meta still photos of the ultrasound. Meta is amazed and so happy for Michelle. She asks her if she knows the baby’s sex. Michelle says she does but can’t tell her until she tells Danny first. Meta asks her why she didn’t tell him when she saw him the day before. Michelle told Meta that Danny turned his back and refused to watch the video and left. Meta said to continue loving Danny until he forgives himself. Michelle said she won’t give up but wonders if he will be able to. Meta tells her that everything would work out and tells her to get ready for her yoga class and when she gets home they will talk some more. Michelle goes upstairs. Moments later, Claire barges into the kitchen. Meta says she is unwelcome. Claire sees the photos and tries to look at them. Meta shows them to her but pulls them back when Claire reaches for them. She tells Meta that she only wants to know her daughter, and like it or not, Michelle is her daughter. Meta says that is a tragic biological mishap. Claire says that Maureen is dead and has been for a while. Meta tells her that is a hard truth. Claire tells her that she is all Michelle has for a mom and she will be there. Meta tells her that she almost got her killed. Claire tells her that the plan was that Carmen was never to harm Michelle. Meta tells her to get out. Claire leaves.

My Comments:
Michelle is trying so hard. It hurts so much, but at least this separation I think is entirely true to both characters. I like how Michelle wants to save finding out about the sex of the baby first for Danny.

Fri., Dec. 15, 2000 – Ray tells Danny he saw Michelle. Danny says he saw her too. Ray wants to know if that’s all he has to say and asks if he looked at her. Ray says Michelle has had morning sickness for 3 months and asks if he looked at the sonogram. Danny proclaims his child will never know him. Ray says it is his child no matter how hard or far he runs. Danny says Michelle needs to find a new father for the baby. Ray: “Even Carmen had more of a conscience than that.” Danny: “No, don’t ever say her name!” Ray: “Why not, Why Not Danny that’s who I’m here with. We both know that’s what this is about. Look at you. You’ve become her. Man you’re still keeping her alive. Keep it up. Keep it up. Carmen is still killing Michelle slowly, one little piece at a time every time you push her away” Danny tells Ray he has work to do and asks Ray what else he wants. Ray says he needs a favor. Danny thinks Ray has nerve to ask for a favor after lecturing him. Ray tells him a Cuban refugee needs a job and asks Danny to meet her. (It’s Catalina and they should have thrown her out on her ear.) Michelle gets a ticket for an expired inspection sticker on her car and finds Frank and Rick together. She’s irritated and Frank agrees to go with Michelle to help her take care of the ticket.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYJ2oL__8Ow (the Manny stuff is the same as above, but this version also has some of the set up with Frank)

Mon., Dec. 18, 2000 – Ray is talking to Danny about forgiving himself. Danny isn’t listening. Ray tells him that he has lost touch with all that is good in his life. Danny tells Ray he doesn’t need his analysis.Ray: “You’ve lost all sense of what you are, who you are, what you have it inside you to be…You lost touch with every good thing in your life, but you can have it all, just reach out your hand…But you’re not hearing me because all you hear is the voice of your dead mother…..You’ve given up on your wife, you’ve given up on your child, you’ve given up on your family, Danny for what, for this?”…. Danny:”We’re not married anymore.” Ray: “Maybe not in the law, but in the eyes of the church.”  Ray tells him that Carmen is haunting him more than she ever did Michelle and controlling his life. Danny tells him that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ray: “[Michelle] thinks you hate her. She thinks you blame her for what happened to Carmen.” Ray tells him Michelle is alone and confused and thinks Danny blames her for Carmen’s death. Danny said that he never said that. Ray tells him that he hasn’t said anything to her and that is the problem. At the Bauers: Rick comes down and sees Danny. Danny says he needs to see Michelle and let herself in. Rick says he doesn’t know when she’ll be back and offers to give her a message. Danny says he’ll leave her a note. Rick tries to get rid of Danny when he hears a car drive up, realizing it must be Frank and Michelle back from dropping off her car to be fixed. Michelle walks in with Frank. They are laughing and having a good time until she sees Danny. Michelle is surprised and Rick and Frank leave. Danny tells her that he wants to apologize for not watching the sonogram. He tells her that he knows she is alone and carrying a baby and he wants to help her financially. She tells him no. She says it is not enough. Michelle tells him that she needs more. She tells him that she knows he loves her and the baby. She says she can see it in his eyes. Danny tells her that he came there to offer her financial support. She tells him that she has money and is perfectly capable of earning a living if she needs to. What she needs is emotional support, what she needs is him. Danny: “Making what we had disappear worked just fine when you wanted it to!” Michelle: “Obviously it didn’t because I couldn’t stay away!” He tells her that she walked out on him. She says yeah, well how well did that work out, I had to come back. She tells him that she loves him and she gave him her heart. He wants to make legal arrangements. She doesn’t want child support; she wants him to do right by her and the baby and tells him not to come back until he can admit he loves her and the baby. He leaves.


My Comments:

Jim dies in house fire triggered by a Christmas tree.

Wed., Dec. 20, 2000 – Jim dies in the house fire while rescuing baby James. At the Bauers: Claire arrives at the Bauer’s and barges in. She tells Michelle she hurt her feelings. Michelle reminds her of her own feelings and Danny’s. Claire admits she made a mistake with Carmen, but wants to repair the damage. Michelle says it is too late. Claire asks if she wants her to give up and go away. Claire asks if Michelle wants her to beg for forgiveness or give her space. She tells Michelle she doesn’t know how to be a good mother and needs her help. She doesn’t know what she wants. She tells Michelle she didn’t have a good role model for motherhood growing up. Her mother was cold and impatient. She only gave you one chance. Claire knows what it is like to be a bad mother but doesn’t know what it is to be a good one. Claire says that a good mother is strong, loving and puts her child first. Michelle says Maureen was her mother and she is still with her so she has everything she needs. Claire asks what about her; what can she have. Claire tells Michelle she doesn’t have her love or respect, not even her company. She wants to know if she can have anything from Michelle. Michelle doesn’t know what to say and Claire starts crying. Michelle asks if she is okay and offers to drive her home. Michelle says they can talk another time when she isn’t drunk. Michelle helps her out of the house. Back at the Spauldings: Michelle brings Claire back to the Spaulding’s. She tells Alan that Claire didn’t eat all day and drank too much. Michelle leaves Claire to Alan. Alan says that Michelle loves her very much. Michelle let down her guard and connected with her. He tells her that he and Phillip do the same dance with each other. At Harley’s: Harley is sitting on the couch. Rick comes into the room and says he gave Susan a sedative. Harley says Susan tried to go into the house when the second story collapsed. Phillip had to hold her back. Harley says Susan wouldn’t let her near her, only Lizzie and Beth. Rick says the sedative will help her sleep. He says he was holding her hand until she went to sleep. She looked so bewildered and sad; Rick didn’t have answers for her. Harley asks if the meds will make Susan dream. Rick says not with this medication. Harley says Jim was such a good man and so brave. She owes him everything for raising Susan. Jim saved Lizzie and wouldn’t let Phillip go in the house. Harley says Jim loved both children like they were his own. Harley wonders what Phillip would have done if the roles had been reversed. Rick says Phillip would have done the same thing. Harley tells Rick she had a lot of thoughts while watching the fire and some were not pretty. Harley feels small, mean and petty compared to Jim. Rick tells her she is being hard on herself. Harley says they were standing outside watching the fire and there was an explosion. Jim was gone in an instant. She looked over and saw Phillip with his arm around Beth and the kids and her first thought was there is Phillip, taking care of Beth again. Her second thought was, at least Jim doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. She hates having these thoughts. Rick tells her she is human and hugs her. She is crying when Phillip walks in and she goes to him. Phillip tells her he brought Beth and the kids back with him.

Sometime between the house fire and Christmas 2000 – Danny brings Michelle a Christmas present for the baby, but refuses to come in. He brings one in pink and one in blue, but won’t let Michelle tell him the sex. Danny was watching Michelle through the window getting ready for Christmas. He clearly aches for her. He’s amazed to find that Michelle who is known as a bad cook is baking. He admits he’s been thinking about her, but that’s as close as it goes.

Once in a great while I add a fanfic link. Since this last scene kicks off this lovely little Christmas fanfic, I wanted to include it:

“A Christmas Miracle” – Once again a visit from our old friend Nick (I sure miss him) saves Christmas as a little timely advice moves Danny to action a few months early on the Christmas Michelle was pregnant with Robbie. Lots of good references to their Christmas before and to Danny getting a Christmas present as a little boy that I severely coveted from the Sears catalog as a child myself.

Tuesday December 26, 2000 – At the Lewis’s’ Marah, Shayne and Catalina are decorating the tree. Shayne is telling Catalina a bit about their family’s Christmas tradition. Tony and Father Ray come over and Ray invites them all to Midnight Mass at his church. Tony gives Marah a present and she opens it. Marah pulls out the necklace and tells him how beautiful it is. The charm is a “St. Anthony” charm and he tells her it is to remind her of him. Marah kids him about thinking he is a saint. Tony puts the necklace on Marah and is kissing her neck when Reva walks up. Tony gave Reva a box of chocolates.

Thursday December 28, 2000 – Tony arrives at the door to pick up Marah. They kiss and she tells him he is a bit early, her mom is still there. He tells her that he learned from his friend that the inn is all booked for the holiday weekend but he got them a room at another nice place. Marah yells to Reva that she is going for a walk before the wedding and tells her that she will go ahead and say goodbye to her now. Reva tells Marah goodbye. Marah leaves a note for Shayne to find and tells Tony she will be right out.

In the Car Tony and Marah are talking about the place they are going. She looks very uncomfortable. He promises her that it is a classy place for a classy girl.


Sometime between episodes described here, Danny describes to Tony his new business plan. He wants to move the families into a less violent future by moving them into Internet crime & legitimate business investments.

Tues., Jan. 16, 2001 – At Infierno: Ray brings Michelle to visit Danny. Ray says he brought his wife Michelle to see him. Ray: “Michelle, Danny, your wife.” Danny: “My ex-wife…” Ray: “No, no, Danny, she’s your wife, your very pregnant wife. She hasn’t given up on you and neither am I.”…… Danny: “Don’t preach to me about courage you have NO idea how much strength…” Ray: “Not to do what? YOU LOVE HER! Who do you think you’re fooling, not me…Your place is by her side.” He trails off and Ray suggests “give in to the colossal love you two share, you should give in.” Danny accuses Ray of badgering him. Ray knows he has never stopped loving Michelle and his place is with her. Danny says okay, he will settle it with Michelle. Ray says, “You do that.” Michelle is sitting at a table and Danny asks what she is doing there. She said she came to see him. Danny says the cigarette smoke isn’t good for her, but she says no one is smoking. He says she should be getting more rest. Michelle thanks him for caring about her. He tells her to go home. Michelle says that Danny is in her heart and the best way to love her and the baby is to be with them. Danny asks Ray to take her home. Ray and Michelle leave Infierno. May comes over and tells Danny that some guys are following Michelle. Danny goes outside and tells everyone to hold it. He talks to the thugs, recognizing them and sends a message to Johnny Merchado. He tells them not to go near Michelle or their boss won’t recognize them when he sends them back to him. They leave. Michelle looks a little scared. Danny tells May to tell Tony that he is in charge for the rest of the night, and thanks her for telling him about the thugs. Danny is going to take Michelle home and stay at her house tonight. He thinks Johnny Merchado is trying to mess with him and things will be okay after tonight.


My Comments:

This has been a shorter guide section than most of them. I thought it was important enough that it deserved to be its own section, but the story takes a turn after tonight.

Last updated: August 19, 2013

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