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ALL Fanfic Writers, Readers, and Collectors, Please read the post below

I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

These are all stories that take place in college.

“Anatomy of a Kiss” – Grad student Michelle becomes Prof. Danny’s TA, but they don’t let that stop them after he helps her with her special research project. 😉

“Blurred” – Danny is in one of Michelle’s classes and it’s almost too much for her to bear as she daydreams famous romantic scenarios with them in the main leads.
(Ch 2-3) (Chapter 4)

“Escondido” – Michelle can’t keep her mind off Prof. Danny and when he invites her up to his office she thinks it’s a fantasy come true. 😉

“I’m Already Taken” – Michelle is doing well in college and is popular. She’s dating Patrick who was considered the Big Man on Campus, but there really aren’t sparks. She’d loved her best friend Pilar’s older brother Danny forever, but the one time she thought he’d returned the interest he’d disappeared on her. Now he’s transferred to her college and comes on to her, not realizing who she was. Realization that she’s both the beautiful spitfire he sees before him now and the special girl he’d always known Michelle to be, captures this former Romeo completely and he knows there is only one girl for him. But it’s never quite that easy for them, is it? This is another Michelle is a virgin story and includes a surprise wedding day photo just for him. This is the one with the will it fit question.  It has quite a bit of sorority/fraternity ritual in it. 😉

“Not Always What They Seem” – Manny meets in college, but Danny is already working in the family business, an interesting take with a slight twist and a happy ending 😉 Click on Titles (Ch 1-5) (Ch 1-20)

“The Picnic” – Danny and Michelle are both college students at Springfield University at a college party. They meet over a water balloon contest and Danny’s time at the picnic Pilar drug him to is definitely looking up.

“She’s In Love with the Boy” – Michelle and Danny meet in high school and their relationship continues from there. Ed still has problems with the relationship though because he doesn’t think anyone is good enough for his little girl. Eventually Maureen gets him to come around and he gives them the lighthouse for a wedding present. Another song fic that’s long enough that I thought it deserved to be here instead. 😉

“Something About You” – Danny Santos is about at the end of his luck. His parents, grandmother, and older sister Pilar are all dead now, leaving him to raise Pilar’s son Mickey as a single parent while he’s attending college, majoring in Pre-Law. Then one day as his appeal against the revocation of his scholarship is refused, he and Mickey run into Michelle Bauer, daughter of the richest businessman in town, Ed Bauer. Ed never had time for his daughter and her mother Maureen is dying. Slowly Michelle and Danny let each other into their lives, but Ed is trying to force her to marry Bill Lewis who isn’t above using blackmail and playing with the life of a child to get his way. However, it would be a mistake to count out Maureen Bauer yet, when her daughter’s happiness is at stake.  Chapters below not in the main archive were either ones I had difficulty accessing in archive or never added to it. 😉

“Surprises” – Manny are normal people at college. The big obstacle is that Danny is her teacher and a romantic relationship could get him fired. Michelle wins a history prize which lets them take a trip to Chicago together.

Last Updated: October 22, 2016

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