Merry Christmas from Danny And Michelle

December 14, 2017

I just bought one for this year…. I might be a bit obsessed.

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Merry Christmas from Danny & Michelle!

A friend sent me a birthday card this year and signed it Danny & Michelle because I was back to talking about them so much. I enjoyed it enough that when I saw the “put your names on an ornament” I couldn’t resist. I like to think that’s the Laurel Falls house on the ornament. I also hear that Quint and Nola sent one to my cousin. (So I can be generous as well as obsessed.)

Merry Christmas Mannyacs!

Danny and Michelle Ornament

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Danny’s Manhandling Essay 8

December 13, 2017

Republisher’s Note: I agree with Kristi. It is important that Danny has that dark impulse or overcoming it would be nothing. Watch the episode Kristi is reacting to. Danny thinks Michelle betrayed him and puts his hands on her neck while she is packing to go to the Bauer House so Rick can watch her overnight.

From the Rustle of the Sheets

“Danny’s Manhandling”

By kristi — posted on the Mannyac Board.

Danny’s hands around Michelle’s throat – wasn’t that supposed to spook you? …. I haven’t seen today’s show, but reading some of the comments here and some other place made me wonder if people realize there should be a part of Danny that scares us for this whole storyline to be effective. What is the point of talking of “deadly” decisions if the person taking those kind of actions can’t live up to that threat? (I can’t ever imagine “deadly” going hand in hand with some of the supposedly bad guys on the show, as they are about as fearsome as paper tigers.)

This is an extremely multi-faceted character, the first we’ve had in years, one who can be the gentlest person on this side of the earth one minute and the most ruthless the next, played by an actor who’s more than capable of handling all those complexities. Don’t we owe it to him to try and deal with how his character disturbs us instead of wanting the writers to smooth out the uneasy aspects about him?

I don’t think [anyone] needs to make excuses for not being able to accept [his less than savory actions] or watch them, but I don’t think anyone here is making excuses for what Danny did either. From what I gather, those who watched that scene (including his “fans”) were all spooked more or less. I haven’t watched it but I have watched the March 2nd show and the intro church scene where he shook her by the shoulders spooked me. I knew he wouldn’t hurt her physically, I knew it, but he still frightened me. Do I wish the writers or director or Paul Anthony Stewart had changed that scene and taken that part out? No, and that’s an emphatic no. That’s part of who Danny is and there’s no sugarcoating around that, not after all the time and efforts that have been poured into creating the character.

I doubt anyone (including TPTB) would think what Danny is doing to her, how he threatens her is “right.” Personally however I’d rather deal with the questions and doubts this character raises in me than the predictable behavior of most characters on the show. I like the challenge that is involved here, and I think the writers and actor are not only aware of it, but embracing it as well. And I hope they don’t take the easy way out, i.e. bow to the temptation (or pressure) of turning him completely to the perfect romance hero he was on his wedding day.

That’s an irresistible side of him, the best he can be, but he also has private demons to deal with, serious flaws (I know the word “flaw” doesn’t quite cover his problems), and I’m actually glad the writers weren’t afraid to show this side of him so soon after the wedding. The only real fear I have with this story is whether they’ll always rise to the challenge. I trust whoever has created Danny, but I don’t trust [executive producer, Paul] Rauch very much and I don’t trust the two top headwriters, Esensten and Brown. Based on the material that was aired last year, I just can’t imagine how they could have come up with a character like Danny and I don’t think they did. The subtext that’s being given, the layers we’re seeing, it can’t possibly be by them.

To get back to what you were saying … I am bothered by the same things you are. I just believe that for the first time in years I am bothered by what I am expected to be bothered with instead of what I’m not supposed to (such as Josh believing that cloning Reva was done only, purely out of love, or Dinah thinking she was justified in gaslighting Roger) and that’s why I’m in for this story. Thinking about the character, questioning his motives and actions, questioning the various feelings he evokes in me, that seems worth the effort, and I can’t say the same for most of the less disturbing characters on the show, unfortunate as that is.



Endicott Award Winners 2010

December 11, 2017

Check out these WSPR news stories.

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And the winners are…

Breaking News Story

Alan Spaulding Found Dead – Breaking News Bulletin – September 16, 2009

Feature News Story

First Lewis Golf Open – June 19, 2010

UPDATED December 10 2017: I added my current signature block.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Endicott Awards 2010

December 10, 2017

Checking out the Endicott Awards.

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As far as I can remember,  there wasn’t a ficitonal news award on Guiding Light, but there was one on As the World Turns. The Endicott Award was a cross between a Pulitzer and an Emmy. This year I’m giving out two of them to WSPR news stories. OK, so I made it up, but if I don’t appreciate my work, who else will. One story will win for breaking news story and another for feature news story.  The top three in each are below. Stop back tomorrow for the winners.

Breaking News Story Nominees

Alan Spaulding Found Dead – Breaking News Bulletin – September 16, 2009

Springfield Wins High School Championship – October 2, 2010

Beth Raines Struck by Car at Gate to Spaulding Estate – Feb. 1, 1999

Feature News Story

Body Found in Park – 1 Year Out – May 15, 2010

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A Tale of Two Jasons

December 4, 2017

I don’t often write about current soaps, but I really wanted to comment on the two Jason storyline on General Hospital.

Shedding a Remembered Tear for Craig and Sierra Montgomery

First off, I want to say that I 100% feel for the fans who’ve been waiting to get Steven Burton back. I KNOW that feeling. Craig Montgomery was really important to me back in the day. Craig (the amazing Scott Bryce) and Sierra (the phenomenal Finn Carter) were a wonderful supercouple who never really got a fair chance because after the initial short run only an alternating one of the pair were on the show at any one time for years. Sadly the story had to twist to try and write around this availability issue. Eventually they gave up. Craig and then eventually Sierra were recast. None of the rest of the “Craigs” ever captured the same heart of the Craigness. After Bryce left in 1994, Craig stayed off canvas for awhile until they brought him back in the person of Hunt Block. Block is a great actor, but they brought him on to play a variation on his Guiding Light character Ben Warren and that’s what he did. I always hoped someday that we’d get Craig back and then 13 years later, in a total miracle, in April 2007 HE CAME BACK! It was such a brilliant piece of luck. Craig was suddenly CRAIG again. Then not even a year late in February 2008 he was fired by one of the stupidest TPTB ever. So I’ve known this miraculous return. I truly wish the best for you that have been waiting for Steve Burton to come back and I sincerely hope it’s going to be what you wish and end better than mine did.

Not In MY Story

My opinion is also shaped by the fact that General Hospital isn’t one of my stories. Although you hear that “my stories” is a synonymn for soap operas, but that isn’t exactly right. A soap that is one of your stories has a special place in your heart. You feel like you are part of the community. For example, in some ways I live in Springfield and Oakdale. I don’t live in Port Charles, I just visit. That’s not any kind of comment on its quality. I’m sure there are people who DO live there, but it effects my viewpoint.

Danny Horn of the hilarious Dark Shadows Everyday blog holds that the audience doesn’t care about the characters, they just want the most interesting thing to happen. I used to totally disagee with him. I’ve never had the opportunity, but I honestly think I’d be happy watching Manny have family dinners, talk with friends at Company, have business deals that go well, and make love lots and lots and lots of times.

However, when it comes to soaps that I just watch that aren’t my stories, Danny is 100% correct. I do want interesting things to happen even if they are terrible things for the characters. Even though my current favorite soap couple is Killon and there are other characters on the soap I like, what I really want is the show to be interesting.

Will General Hospital Be Interesting?

Now with that as our goal, to do the most interesting thing, what should obviously happen is that Billy Miller’s Jason should be the real Jason. That way you’d have all these people who were certain Steve Burton’s Jason was Jason have gone out on a limb. They’d have damaged their relationship with real Jason and leave both Jasons wondering just where does their identity come from. Even though they said this week that Steve Burton was the real Jason, for the good of the show he shouldn’t be. There is just so much more story to work with and if the writing was sharp what they say now wouldn’t be the final answer.

It would also be the smart move because so much of the talk has been a copy of the Two Todds storyline on One Life to Live, to have this resolution be the opposite of that would be much more interesting.

But I doubt that’s what is going to happen. They’ll already passed up a brilliant opportunity. When Jason “remembered everything” the next day should have been that he remembered being Jason Quartermaine or Jason Quartermaine AND Jason Morgan. They didn’t take advantage of that so it’s unlikely they’ll take advantage of this one. Steve Burton will be the real Jason Morgan and that will be that.

Second Story

Which means that the Steve Burton fans will get what they want in the short term. However, whether Steve Burton was really Jason or not is not really the thing for his fans to be worried about. It’s relatively easy for writers to come up with a spectacular return for someone fans love. My personal favorite being Shannon McKendrick returning from the dead on As the World Turns which even though word had leaked she was coming back so everyone knew they wrote it in such a way that everyone expected Duncan to find something terrible had happened to his current wife Jessica and when they opened the door and when it was Shannon instead I think it shocked everyone. Then there was that first story where they had to deal with the fault out. Would Duncan and Shannon get back together or would he choose to stay with Jessica? After that, they never really found that second story and they were written out soon after. The terrible shock of Phillip Chancellor III really being alive on The Young and the Restless followed up with him going back to Australia. Not that it can’t work, but the key is sticking the landing, the second story. So what Burton fans should really be worried about is if they can find a second story for him. Given what I’ve seen so far, I don’t have a lot of hope, but I genuinely wish his fans well.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Help Me Find These Manny Fanfics

December 3, 2017

I’m still looking for Manny fanfics that I haven’t found. If you read this please check old computers or notebooks and see if there’s any old fanfics you’ve found.

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I’m posting this now, in hopes that sometime during the holiday season some lapsed readers may feel nostalgic and check for Manny fanfic so I am making a personal request. I know for sure there are more chapters to the following stories than I’ve found and listed. Does anybody have copies of them they’d be willing to share or another website for me to find them on?


Picture Perfect

Come With Me (1920s story)

The Journal

Love Vs. Hate

Not Just Some Prince Charming

Beauty and the Beast

Into Darkness

Also, the  story called Coming Home that has Michelle living on an island and CEO Danny coming to develop her island home. It was lost when Geocities went down, but was on the fiction addiction site before that.

Also, I’ve seen The Park and Gardenias referenced so much I’d really love to read any part of them.

Please e-mail…

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Alan’s Thanksgiving Toast

November 26, 2017

Revisit Alan Spaulding’s Thanksgiving toast from 1998.

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During Thanksgiving 1998, when the entire town gathered at Millennium, Alan gave this toast.

Alan: “Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, if I may have your attention, this morning when I woke up I smelled turkey in the air, heard the parade on the television, and I knew it was Thanksgiving. But I had no idea at that time that I would be having Thanksgiving dinner in a night club.

Crowd: Breaks into laughter

Alan: “but here I am, here we all are with friends and family. Matter of fact I think it would be a good idea if we all joined hands right now. You know, I also learned something else about Thanksgiving, it’s a movable feast. It doesn’t matter where you count your blessings or where you give thanks, the important thing is that we do. Now despite our problems and our differences, we, everyone in this room…

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Springfield Thanksgiving 2010

November 19, 2017

I love this post about Thanksgiving 2010.

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A lot of people are really missing their shows this holiday season. Holidays meant special annual traditions in Oakdale and Springfield and it’s hard for the holiday not to feel incomplete. However, we are not really without Guiding Light, close your eyes tight & you can hear the chatter from Bizzie’s 2nd annual celebration. The house was finished last year in time for the celebration. Bill and Lizzie said on screen they were going to ask all his relatives and all of hers. Lizzie specifically said they were going to ask Michelle and Rick and their families.

Michelle and Danny Santos, Mindy and Rick Bauer, Phillip and Beth Spaulding, and Vanessa and Billy Lewis are all there. Maybe even the now reunited Quinton and Nola decided to come back? It’s been such a long time since so much of their family was there.

Michelle is reaching over to refill…

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Meta Bauer

November 12, 2017

Looking back on Aunt Meta.

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Meta Bauer – “Everyone should have an Aunt Meta.” During Meta’s last stint as a resident of Springfield, Meta was known as Aunt Meta by seemingly most of the town. She returned a s a voice of reason and experience, connecting the generations on the show (and creating a role for Mary Stuart whose seminal role on Search for Tomorrow ended with the cancellation of that show). It took her awhile to come around, but eventually she was a strong Manny supporter being almost solely responsible for getting Danny to the hospital and then into the delivery room over Claire’s objections during Robbie’s birth. (“Claire, get out of the way or I’ll shift into an even uglier gear.”) She had previously been close to Jesse Blue and became quite close to Harley Cooper, saying if she’d had a daughter, she’d be similar to Harley.

Meta actually was a long time…

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13 Words Love Story

November 8, 2017

The New York Times just laid down a challenge to tell your love story in 13 Words. I’m extending the challenge to you for your favorite soap couple.

Here are my attempts:

Michelle was Bauer and Danny Santos tragedy started trust overcame two became one.

Alan Spaulding didn’t do vulnerable until he crashed into Hope Bauer on island.

Billy Lewis Vanessa Chamberlain Darlin’ neither one will get away with that or weak.


Try it for your favorite couple. If you need more words you don’t have to count their names, even though I did.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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