And the Beauty is That Falling in Love is Not the End of the Story Essay 25

January 20, 2021

Republisher’s Note: Republishing another one of the essays from Rustle of the Sheets. It’s responding to the March 2, 1999 episode.

From the Rustle of the Sheets

Michelle Kisses Danny after he confronts her over Mrs. Silva

 In Response to “Is it Love?

Essay #25

“And the Beauty is That Falling in Love is Not the End of the Story …”
By kristi — posted on the Mannyac Board.

One of the things I love about this story is how it’s acknowledged that chemistry alone, or love alone is not going to solve everything. In the March 2nd show, Michelle acknowledged for the first time their chemistry and it still didn’t solve anything. (well, not much.) In the last few days, she all but admitted she loved Danny and it’s still not going to solve every problem they have between them, as Meta pointed out.

When you love someone, you just can’t love what suits you and leave out the “bad parts,” you have to accept and deal with everything about that someone, the “good” and the “bad.” Marriage is even harder, as you not only marry just the person, you marry “into” the whole family.

Danny thinks he can leave the family but, in my opinion, he could no more walk away from them than Michelle could from hers. There’s more to the family than just Carmen, and he could never sever that connection (it’s written in blood anyway) as long as he lives or his children (and their children, and grandchildren, etc.) live.

So even if Michelle admitted, to him and herself, she loved him, it’s still going to take a lot of time and work building trust, getting to know each other (and the families), struggling to find a common ground, learning when to compromise or persist, etc. and etc. Isn’t this what committing oneself to marriage means?

And I couldn’t be happier about it. This is the kind of stories that I love, problems stemming from within the relationship. I hate it when the writers treat the problems as solely external to the relationship. Like they did with Michelle And Jesse. Or to be correct, what I think they did with Michelle and Jesse, since I never paid much attention to what went with them. Let me guess, once they acknowledged they were in love with each other, every problem they ran into was laid at the others’ feet, right? If only it weren’t for so-and-so, we could be happy together, yadda, yadda, yadda.


What may seem as external is actually a smoke screen to the heart of the problem. The writers have unfortunately been too lazy to delve into those problems, not just with Michelle and Jesse but many other couples as well. [I am hoping that it is] my luck that whoever’s writing for Manny is aware that love is not the answer to everything, that it’s not as simple as in fairytales.



Is It Love? Essay 24

January 18, 2021

Republisher’s Note: Republishing another one of the essays from Rustle of the Sheets. This one is also reflecting after the March 22, 1999 episode.

From the Rustle of the Sheets

Essay #24

“Is It Love?”

(Written after Michelle’s conversation with Meta and dream of Danny on March 22)

By Jennifer H. — posted on the Mannyac Board.

What exactly is the nature of Michelle’s feelings for Danny? That is the question that Manny-acs, Danny, Drew, Michelle and her entire family have been wondering for quite some time. Well, here’s my stab at the answer …

Michelle is falling in love with Danny. Period.

I do not believe that she is there yet. Her feelings are too much in a jumble, too confused and too much entwined with her hatred of Carmen and the life that Carmen’s vengeance forced her into. Her feelings for her husband are also entwined with her love for Jesse and how that love was discarded so callously because of the intrusion of the Santos family into her life.

Coupled with all of this chaos of emotion are the volatile passions that Danny himself arouses in her. He makes her hot — and overwhelms her with his voice, his words, his touch — and he makes her cold — with his family ethics (or lack thereof), his imagined indifference to the loss of her life, his violent temper. And then he turns around and warms her heart with his sweetness, with his thoughtfulness, with his loving, protective concern for her and his obvious desire to make her happy.

And on top of this, Michelle is deeply in lust with the man. She wants him, much more than she has ever wanted anyone before. What she experienced with Jesse was young love, first love and it was real, but it was a girl’s love — a girl on the verge of womanhood. What she feels for Danny is richer, more passionate, filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, reality and consequence – the love of a woman.

And that frightens the hell out of her.

I honestly do not believe that Michelle pulled away from Danny after the Mrs. Silva incident in their bedroom because of guilt over her lies — as she did on their wedding night — or even because of fading loyalty to Jesse — as she had in the lighthouse –, I believe that her withdrawal was the exact opposite of what Danny thought. She pulled away because she wanted him too much, she was no longer acting, she wasn’t feigning passion.

There was a moment during their embrace when Michelle winced because of what she was having to do to save herself — lie with a man she didn’t love, but within seconds that expression changed to one of contentment and need as Danny’s lips danced across her throat, as she savored the feel of his flesh beneath her hands, as she felt his mouth upon hers. She wanted him and as she kissed him and held him, she was no longer thinking of distracting Danny or saving her secret about Mrs. Silva. She was thinking of making love to her husband and how much she wanted to do so. And it scared her, so she pulled away.

Again, what she feels for Danny alarms her. The feelings she has for him don’t fall into neat, little boxes. She can not easily define what he does to her, how he makes her feel. All she knows (and is slowly beginning to admit) is that he makes her feel things she has never felt before and as frightening and as unfamiliar as those feelings are, they have also very likely provided the most excitement and joy she has ever known.

And it is only a matter of time before those feelings come bubbling to the surface and when they do … oh, when they do, I imagine that Danny will have a worthy partner in sparking those fireworks.

Jennifer H.


Quick Turn on the Light! Guiding Light

January 10, 2021

Quick turn on the light! Guiding Light!

Glmanny's Blog

This was my favorite ad campaign specific for Guiding Light. It was used in the early 1990s and while there was an overall ad (see below) most of them were storyline specific.

They’d use words and quick clips from the show, then pair it was atmospheric glamor shots and end up with the evocative line, “Quick Turn on the Light! Guiding Light!” This was great because it was quick, memorable, and put in your head not just a general good feeling, but reinforced what they wanted you to do. Turn on Guiding Light. There is also a sense of something exciting and you’d turn on the light to see what was going on. It really worked well on all levels, even if some of them were better than others. Here are the ones I’ve been able to find on YouTube.

11-2-1992 Ross’ Election Nightmare

7-5-1993 Holly and Michelle Kidnapped


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The Role of Deitz in the Equation Essay 23

January 7, 2021

Republisher’s Note: Republishing another one of the essays from Rustle of the Sheets. I’ve fairly sure she’s responding to Danny’s promise to keep Michelle safe, despite the fact they are ending the marriage in the aftermath of the “Angel of Mine” dance. Which would be Danny Lets Michelle Go March 22-23 1999. This essay is especially impressive because she quickly draws 3 possible storylines and the third one, you will see, is spot on. We are a long way before we visit Ray’s church.

From Rustle of the Sheets

Essay #23

“The Role of Deitz in the Equation”

(Written about Danny’s vow to protect Michelle from Carmen outside of their marriage.)

By Marilea — posted on the Mannyac Board.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I still don’t believe Michelle is very safe. Sure, Danny may end up coercing Mama into giving up her vendetta against Michelle, but there is a wildcard present in this story and if it is not played sometime, I will be surprised. (Which should not surprise me, because this story has been a bit unpredictable, don’t you think?)

First of all, Dietz is not a man to be trusted. What was the point of Dietz and Carmen’s night out, really? Sure, she can smack him around, but I can’t figure out if he is stupid, power-hungry or both. If he is stupid, then he is hang-dog loyal to Carmen and will do anything he “thinks” may please her–and getting rid of Michelle will please her. If he is power-hungry, he can play out this scenario: Get rid of Michelle, knowing Danny forbids Carmen from doing so. If Michelle is hurt, Danny and Carmen are divided because Danny will never believe Carmen, the family is weakened, and Dietz can make mischief with the business. (Personally, I don’t think he is that smart.)

Lastly, if he is stupid and power hungry, he can be easily manipulated by outside forces (ie, another “family” that wants to take over the Santos’ business enterprises.) Again, he hurts Michelle and divides the family, Dietz gets killed because he was stupid to trust anyone outside la familia, and the Santos family is involved in a war.



Celebrate Guiding Light

January 6, 2021

Looking back on some of my favorite videos.

Glmanny's Blog

When I was getting started as an online fan, I got to the point where I wanted to make a video. However, I didn’t want to do the same thing as everybody else and strip clips to a music montage. I wanted to do something different. Something that made people feel like they had a gotten word from Springfield and life there was going on, even if it was off screen so I started making WSPR newscasts.

So tonight I’m sharing three of my favorites that mix together decades of history to create a new storyline. The one above is one I’m most proud of. It is one of several that I did in honor of the flash ahead in the final episode, however, look for story and characters scattered throughout from the 1980s to the end as we look at the school Billy put Jonathan in charge of building…

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Lighthouse Collection #16

January 4, 2021

Revisiting my lighthouse collection.

Glmanny's Blog

As I’ve previously explained, I just sort of fell into collecting lighthouses after Guiding Light was cancelled. My cousin Jewelsam gave me one and it was like having a little bit of the show that I could physically hold. Since then I’ve steadily added to my collection although I try to chose lighthouses that look the most like the ones on the show.

The lighthouse to the left is part of collection my cousin Jewelsam gave me for Christmas. This one, unusually, is made of wood. It’s also one of my bigger models being just shy of a foot tall.  I think the top is especially good and looks like the lighthouse set used throughout the 1990s on Guiding Light. It came with a tag. It was part of the series Old World Beacons. The tag reads “The Lighthouse has long been an inspirational landmark, renown for its ability…

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Manny Wish You Happy New Year!

December 31, 2020

Revisiting an old New Year.

Glmanny's Blog

My friend @Lutzie25 found this picture on an old Guiding Light site.

Anniverary Cast

She Photoshopped to get Manny together.

Tux and Gold Dress

And this great New Year’s Day Banner. I used it with permission on Twitter and Facebook.

New Years Banner

Doesn’t she do a great job? Take a look at her Marony site.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Christmas Roundup 2019

December 23, 2020

Sadly I didn’t get a lot done for Christmas this year, so dig around past Christmases in Springfield.

Glmanny's Blog

xmas-2001Take a trip with me to Christmas in Springfield through the years. On each episode post for a particular year find a description, classic quotes, and my comments followed by the links to the video on YouTube. Sometimes I’m able to share full episodes, some multiple full episodes and on others only selected clips. After that I have a selection of posts about Christmas in Springfield that I hope you will enjoy and a selection of fanfic. This is mostly Manny fanfic, but I’m open to any and all things people want to write about the holiday in Springfield with any couple from any time.

Remember to check back next year when I’ll have more to add. Plus if you find Christmas or any other holidays in Springfield on YouTube or have a fanfic story you want to share I’m all ears, please share.

Mike Bauer Singing at…

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Playing the Beats

December 20, 2020

Remember soaps you need to play the beats!

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Every Friday I post another term of soap opera jargon. Find more on my Soap Opera Jargon page, link to it from the homepage.

Playing the Beats – This is one of the post important phrases of soap opera jargon and one that fans and executives struggle over is the balance of playing the beats. One of the things that makes a soap unique is that everything doesn’t have to be wrapped up in a bow in 90 minutes. You can see the consequences of any action play out. Playing the beats references to both showing the consequences, but also the reactions and ripples of any event. For example, if someone is pregnant playing the beats would involve them discussing trying to have a baby & everyone in town would weigh in, probably some conception issues, investigations of other ways, her getting pregnant and then the reactions of everyone in…

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Reader Interview Dani Michelle

December 16, 2020

Dani e-mailed me after she found my blog. She told me about what an important role Guiding Light and especially Manny had played in her life growing up. She and her best friend did their best to live in Springfield and I thought you might want to know her story, too.

How did you start watching “Guiding Light”?

My first memory of Guiding Light – I would’ve been about two years old. I remember lying in between my mom and grandma in my grandma’s water bed (we lived with her at the time). We were watching Guiding Light (and As The World Turns – the only other soap we watched as a family). We always ate Whoppers (Malted Milk Balls) – a tradition that continued til the end. 

There are home videos of me as a newborn with GL on in the background so like you, I watching it from infancy though like I said, my first memory was when I was 2 🙂

Was your family a GL family?

My great grandma was a Guiding Light fan from the very beginning. She would talk about how she remembered listening to it the day it aired on the radio. If memory serves me correctly, she and her mother listened to it together. My great-grandma passed it on to my grandma, who passed it on to my mom, who passed it on to me. Watching the show (and ATWT) with my great-grandma and with my grandma and my mom is still one of the best memories of my childhood. 

Where did your name come from?

My name (Danielle “Dani” Michelle) is multi faceted as it has some ties to my family’s names. However, according to my mother, the inspiration for my name came directly from our favorite soaps. My mom (who was 16 when I was born) named me after two of her favorite soap characters: Danielle “Dani“ Andropoulos  from As The World Turns and Michelle Bauer from Guiding Light. So, in a way, I had a connection to Manny from the very beginning. 🙂
Of course, as I grew older and became a Manny fan, the fact that my name was Dani Michelle was just the icing on the cake!

Dani Watching Manny

Are Manny your favorite couple?

Manny is, without question, my favorite couple from Guiding Light (and probably soap land in general! The only couple that ever came close to my love for Manny was Masey (Maddie/Casey) from ATWT). I saw so much of myself in Michelle and oddly enough, I married a man that reminds me a LOT of Danny.

When did you come into the story? (What was happening then?)

My first memory of Michelle is a flash memory of her in her bunny Halloween costume but that’s all I remember about her prior to Joie taking over the role. I remember the day Joie took over clearly and it was one of the stand out moments for me. I was hooked into their story from that day on though there were lapses in the story for me as real life took over my ability to watch the show every day. My memories of watching Manny live include: the Mick storyline, the Laurel Falls wedding (I mean who could forget the pink bed!), bits and pieces of the Ben Warren murder, and then there was a gap because the next thing I remember clearly was when Nancy took over the role and Carmen had her in the shack with the video camera (I still have that on VHS). I watched Manny almost religiously from that point to the end. I guess it’s that reason that for a long time when I thought of Manny I always pictured the Stalban pairing. Oddly enough there almost seemed to be a disconnect for me when I started watching them live again that it didn’t click that Nancy’s Michelle and Joie’s Michelle were the same person but then again I guess I can cut myself some slack as I was barely 10 when Joie took on the role. Having been able to watch the story over again from beginning to end as an adult, I must say I prefer Joie to Nancy, but because my most pronounced Manny fan time was with Nancy, she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Did you have a Manny friend?

Page of Her Phone Book

I did have a Manny friend! My best friend Kristy was also drawn into Guiding Light by my family. My mom and I would watch it either live or via video taped episodes (when school was in session) and since Kristy was my neighbor she practically lived at my house – haha. She began to watch them with us. At the time we were both around 11 years old and this would’ve been around the time that Rick and Mel got married and Manny were dealing with Carmen and Danny’s “death”. Kristy and I both had had rough childhoods where we didn’t have close friends to play House with or anything like that so from the time we met (when we were 10 and 11) til we were around 16-17 years old we played “house” Guiding Light style.

My mom and step-dad had an “apartment” set up for us in the basement of our house and that quickly became our “Bauer House”.

I’ll give you a tour:

A Page of the Address Book

The basement door was in our kitchen. If you opened that door and walked down a few stairs there was a landing with a coat rack and a mailbox. That coat rack held our jackets for when we wanted to go outside (I’ll get to the outside stuff in a bit). The mailbox held our mail. These were letters and bills we would create and put in the mailbox for each other.

In the “Basement Days” – as we fondly call them – I was Michelle and Kristy was Mel, so our mail was often letters from Santos and Bauer family members, bills from Cedars Hospital, the latest menu from Company, etc.

Continue walking downstairs and you’d come to the first room in our “apartment”. This room was the kitchen / living room / office. We had purple blowup furniture complete with an ottoman, couch, and recliner type chair. Everything in the basement had to be water proof as we occasionally had rainwater come in during storms. That room also had a piano keyboard, a desk with a cabinet above it, an old pool table that we threw a table cloth on and made into the dining room table. It had a microwave cart that help the stereo which had a CD made of songs that reminded us of our Guiding Light characters. That cart also held the 4ft Christmas tree that was always up (you know because Christmas in Springfield 24/7 is awesome. We even had fake snow painted on the windows, stockings with our character names, and of course the Soap Opera Christmas cd was often on!)

Michelle’s Calendar

Next to that were two cabinets with two above those and a counter top that my grandfather so graciously made for us to mimic a kitchen design. We even had the “refrigerator” stocked with empty boxes and cartons and a cabinet with dishes so we could have meals.

The next room was our “bedroom”. Two twin beds and a dresser. The dresser served as a changing table and there was a sink where we would give the kids (our baby dolls) baths. There was also a wall of shelves there that held our photo albums (which I’ll get to in a bit). The last room had a toilet, sink, shower, and an old portacrib where the dolls were tucked in each night.

Considering the basement was cold and sometimes wet with concrete floors and walls and bugs, the fact that we spent so much time down there meant that it held a magical quality for us. We still talk about those days with such fondness and we’re in our 30s.

Outside – my parents had an old broken down car in the garage so that quickly became our family car complete with car seats for all the “kids”. We had a Walkman CD player we hooked up to speakers and would spend hours out there listening to music and “driving” places. The school that was between our houses quickly became Cedars Hospital and the parking lot there was the Docks. There was also a park nearby where we’d take the “kids” from time to time and a local dollar store where we’d buy Christmas presents for them. It really became almost another life for us. An escape from reality that we craved. Even the local Hardee’s staff knew us by our character names.

Robbie the Baby Doll

Back to the photo albums –
When I say it was another life it really was. We were so involved in our play that it took over so much. We made photo albums by cutting out pictures from Soap Opera Weekly (which we bought and read religiously). We took pictures of the dolls and put those in there as well. We had an address book that we listed every single phone number and address we could think of from the show. As many of the addresses as we could find came from the show itself and then we made up what we didn’t have.

On the desk there was an old computer that we kept “police files” on. These were write ups of story lines we had. Many involved Carmen kidnapping the kids. She had one accomplice who would sometimes do her dirty work for her.

Our stories got pretty elaborate: kidnappings, infant death (kinda morbid – we’d play out the funerals), etc.
In our world, Rick and Mel had a baby girl named Carly and Danny and Michelle had 6 kids: Cody (who was kidnapped at age 5 and was being raised by Carmen as the SPD still hadn’t located him), Maddie, Lexi, Hayley, Chloe, and Robbie.
The kid’s names were the names we’d given our dolls so they were all already named except Carly and Robbie who we purchased with babysitting money and named at that point. My Robbie was Roberto Nicholas as I didn’t know Robbie’s full name at the time (that was part of my “lost” Manny time) and in our story Danny’s middle name was Nicholas). In our story, Chloe and Robbie were twins.

I wish we still had the photo albums and files and address book and everything. Unfortunately, due to a flood in the basement, all of that was lost. So we have our memories and dolls (all except Lexi – she got lost in the move :/ ). We loved that time in our lives and it was all possible because of Guiding Light and particularly Manny. It gave us that reprieve from real life we desperately needed. 9/11 happened right in the middle of all of it and so it was even more important that we feel safe and somehow the craziness of Springfield allowed us to do that.

Robbie Doll

To this day we still quote the show and when life gets rough one or the other of us will say, “Don’t you wish we could go back to the Basement Days when all we had to worry about was Carmen?” – Yes, yes, I wish we could.

On another side of the Manny playtime coin – I had the times at my dad’s where my sisters and I would play Barbies. They had no clue what Guiding Light was but I distinctly remember playing out the Michelle/Carmen on the docks/video camera scenes with my Barbie dolls who of course were named after the characters.




Michelle and Danny Dolls

How did you play Manny with your dolls?

I did. I had Barbie dolls. I found pics of the dolls I used for Danny, Michelle, and Robbie 🙂

Did you write fanfic?

I didn’t write fanfic for Manny at the time as obviously you can see we played it out in person. I wrote a couple stories about ATWT’s Masey that were posted to their So Complicated forum when I was in college, but my first Manny fanfic is one I wrote a few days ago (April 2020) called Laurel Falls. It’s a short “lost scene” that details the night Michelle miscarried her and Danny’s first baby. I am hoping to write more as time allows.

While it’s not true fanfic as we didn’t use the GL character names – a friend and I are currently writing a role play style novel based on the characters / stories. In doing so I got her hooked on Manny which she had never seen before 🙂

How did you watch older episodes and get caught up?

I watch all the old episodes on YouTube thanks to Leslie Navarro and others channels.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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