Help Identify a Prop Painting

April 22, 2019

Kim recently reached out to me for some help on identifying a prop she bought. It’s identified as having been used on Guiding Light. I agree that it looks familiar, but I can’t exactly place it here it is and what she said.

Please study the image and think about it before you read below and see what it reminds you of cold.

Abstract painting with red, blue, black, and white

Unknown Prop Painting or Print

After trying to search online, I think you might be the person who can help me identify a GL prop I just bought on eBay.

It is a piece of art work and when I saw it it looked SO familiar that I impulsively bought it even though I couldn’t put my finger on which set it was from or exactly what time frame (I’m thinking late 80s early 90s). I’m pasting a picture below. I think it’s from well before the prime Manny time that you are most focused on but you seem to have a wealth of info so maybe it looks familiar to you or you would have an idea of how to find out?


For some reason I’m seeing it in a room with a cool blue wall and chrome furniture? Maybe that apartment Phillip Spaulding had for awhile? Does anybody else have a suggestion? Please comment below.

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Fireplaces of Springfield

April 21, 2019

Have you thought about the fireplaces of Springfield?

Glmanny's Blog

Room with fireplace and Michelle sitting on Danny's lap Fireplace in Bauer Living Room

One of the strange things I noticed watching a lot of Guiding Light back to back is that from at least the early 1990s on every single house had at least one fireplace. The Spaulding Mansion had several. The Bauer House had one in the living room. The Jessup Farmhouse and the Bloss Carriage House both had ones people got shot in front of. The Bauer cabin had one. Even Dinah’s penthouse had one. Once I thought A HA! the Jezz firehouse doesn’t have one and then I saw a scene of the Jezz bedroom upstairs and there it was — a fireplace.

Can you think of a house in Springfield pre-move to Peapack that didn’t have a fireplace? (Hotels don’t count.)

UPDATED April 20 2019: I added a screen capture of the living room and my current signature block.

Robansuefarm is the handle of…

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Michelle’s Confession and Danny’s Reaction Essay 15

April 17, 2019

Republisher’s Note: Republishing another one of the essays from Rustle of the Sheets. Tonight’s post takes us to the Angel of Mine dance. Check out the episode.

From Rustle of the Sheets

Danny and Michelle Angel of Mine Dance

Essay #15

“Michelle’s Confession and Danny’s Reaction”

By kristi — posted on the Mannyac Board.

Michelle’s confession would have been shocking enough any day but at least the last few weeks (only days in Springfield) Danny’d been grappling with the possibility of betrayal on Michelle’s part. He was more or less preparing himself for it. And if she’d told him this (that she’d called the F.B.I.) when she was trying to hold him off from going to the docks, when he was imploring her to stop and tell him what was going on (I loved Paul Anthony Stewart’s quiet delivery here – it was perfect for that moment), she might have gotten a better reaction, maybe even forgiveness.

Danny wasn’t prepared at all this time. He was back to worshiping Michelle and opening himself up to her. He was also probably whip-lashing himself for having believed his mother over his wife, for what he thought was his own betrayal. Poor Michelle couldn’t have picked up a worse moment to confess, in my opinion, but I believe she got too caught up in that suspended moment of the dance (when they got closer to each other like never before, when there was that brief union of the souls – someone described that dance for me last night and it sounded like a lovemaking dance to my ears) to fully realize the impact it would have on Danny.

I think we’ll get to see a lot of what you expected from Danny in the coming weeks, after the shock has had time to wear off. Actually, the spoilers seem to indicate that he understands where she was coming from, why she’d called the F.B.I., otherwise why would he offer her the greatest gift possible? From his point of view of Michelle’s situation, of course, he doesn’t know she wants to stay married, have another chance, all he knows is that she felt trapped enough to betray him in that way. And he’s offering her (probably) a one-way out ticket, and it’s not death this time.



Bottled With Love

April 13, 2019

Bethany Joy Lenz (then credited as Joie Lenz), our dearly beloved Michelle Bauer Santos #4, has been busy on the Hallmark Channel. Catch up about how she is described on their website,

Bethany Joy in a yellow dress

Bottle With Love Plot

Lenz is just ready to debut in her fourth movie with the Hallmark Channel since 2017. Previously she starred in Snowed-Inn Christmas, Royal Matchmaker, and Poinsettias for Christmas.  This movie is called Bottled With Love. Hallmark puts a lot of extras on their movie websites so play around with it.

“After being stood up, Abbey gets inspired to open her heart in a letter, put it in a bottle and toss it out to sea. Months later, a man fishing discovers it and opts to reach out. Starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Andrew Walker.”

From there it seems to follow the story of The Shop Around the Corner were they meet in real life and don’t get along where they communicate via letter/e-mail and after they meet one of them discovers the identity of the other, will they get together or not?


Here’s the Interview with Lenz.

Here’s a joint interview of Lenz and Walker on Home and Family.

It’s a Family

Peter Porte (Ricky Williams on The Young and the Restless) has made several Hallmark movies and was interviewed in the October 22, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest. He describes making Hallmark movies this way:

“They’re an incredible network,” Porte declares. “It really is like a family. They take very good care of everyone. It’s a very close-knit, family approach to television. It’s doing exceptionally well because in our current climate, people are starved for something they can watch with their whole family that is going to make them feel instantly good.”


I’m sure we all support Bethany and I hope you’ll catch either the premiere or the rerun. Catch Bottled With Love on the Hallmark Channel Saturday April 13 8:00 PM eastern / 7:00 central. Lenz and Walker are going to be hosting the movie during the commercial breaks.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Mama Wore Taps!

April 8, 2019

A story about the original Alexandra Spaulding, before she became Alexandra.

Beasley, Deborah. “Mama Wore Taps!: Beautiful Beverlee Stars in her Very Own Story! Motherhood! Romance! A Glamourous Career!” Afternoon TV, August 1973 Vol. 5 No. 8 pp. 54.

Beverlee‘s daytime fans, who once knew her as Martha Donnelly on Love is a Many Splendored Thing, were delighted when she returned to the daytime screen recently as the elegant Iris Carrington on Another World. Beverlee is delighted to be back, too, although she says she and Iris are as unlike as any two people could possibly be.

“Iris is up and immaculately dressed at nine in the morning,” she says with an incredulous smile. “Her make-up is always perfect, her hair is never out of place. Not long ago, the elevator man in my building said, ‘Miss McKinsey, my wife and I saw you on TV yesterday and you looked different than you look around here.’ That’s because off camera, I run around in blue jeans and an old shirt. Where Iris is always going to elegant places for lunch and dinner, I prefer to have people in and cook for them myself.”

Like Iris, Beverlee is the mother of a son, but, unlike her, she has him in her care, where she can give him all the motherly love and attention he deserves. “Scott is the best, ” she says proudly of her tall, blond, fourteen-year-old. “He has brains, patience and an even temperament. And a tremendous eagerness to know about everything. He’s interested in photography and saved his money to buy a fine camera and lenses. He’s an excellent student, excels in math and history. And, while he’s very well rounded, he doesn’t have the ego problems and ambition hangups that I had at fourteen.”

Beverlee has been divorced from Scott’s father, a successful businessman, since Scott was three. Although she admits raising her child alone hasn’t always been easy, she believes he has had a happy, well-rounded childhood, and that he is better for having had a good deal of his upbringing in New York.

“We lived in California before I came East for Splendored Thing and I adore it there. But you get drawn into a trap out there. Your home, with the swimming pool, becomes everything. There are lots of things to do in California, but most people don’t do them. In New York, your apartment becomes claustrophobic. You look for things to get you out. Scott and I got to the theater and museums here in New York. The city makes it possible for me to share his life. He likes to do the things I like to do.”

One of the most unique things they do together is attend a tap-dancing class at Carnegie Hall.

“It was entirely Scott‘s idea,” Beverlee chuckles. “It’s the first thing he’s ever wanted to do along those lines. Who knows what we’ll do with it, but we aren’t bad! We have our Ruby Keeler shoes and I wear my 1930s bell-bottom pants with a blouse tied around my waist. There are about 25 people in the class and we’re all tapping at once. The racket is fantastic! I never stop smiling, I love it so much. Scott is going away to camp this summer and I’m worried because I’m afraid he’ll fall behind in his dancing.”

Beverlee knows that her son misses the kind of outdoor life he could have in California, but, because he has had plenty of athletic outlets at school, she doesn’t worry about it. “We have a very exciting life here. New York breeds independence for a young person. In California, I would drive him everywhere. Now he gets around the city like he owns the place. I think it makes him more mature. I remember, I thought this place was the end of the world when I first came here. I didn’t have any sophistication about food, restaurants, theater…He’ll have all that by the time he graduates from high school.

“Of course, I’m afraid for him at times, but I try not to let him know how afraid I really am. He’s been mugged. It was a terrible experience for him. He had his money in a hoe, so all they got were his fur-lined gloves.”

Not long ago, Beverlee woke in the middle of the night with a traumatic thought about her son. But it didn’t have anything to do with his being in danger. “I realize he’ll be graduating in 4 years! she wails. “That’s just incredible. However, but that time, maybe I’ll have another child to raise.”

Does this mean that this gorgeous blonde is planning to get married again one of these days? “Well” she says thoughtfully, “marriage is a very tricky subject. I would marry for one reason only. That is to have another child. Other than that I would never want to marry again – unless I was over 50 and married for companionship. I have a boyfriend. We’ve been going together for five years. And we can’t figure what possible advantage there is to being married. We’ve both been married and we’re happier not being married than we were when we were married. We both love children. I have a big boy. He has a little boy. Sometimes we think it would be nice to have a little girl, but if she’s as shellfish as I’ve always been, maybe it isn’t such a good idea.”

Beverlee‘s boyfriend is also well known to daytime TV viewers, particularly to those who watched Love is a Many Splendored Thing. His name is Berekeley Harris, and he played Beverlee’s boyfriend on a show, the sinister Jim Whitman.

“Most people think we met on the show, but actually we were going together before that,” Beverlee explains. “We were in California and I was asked to come to New York to play Martha. At the time, I didn’t want to come. I was very happy in California. But Berekley had spent ten years doing TV and he was hungry for the stage. He persuaded me to give it a whirl.

“I came first – Scott was still in school – and on my first day here I had lunch with my producer. I asked about Martha … what she was like, what would be happening to her and so forth? He said, ‘Well, there will be a man in her life. We’re looking for a young Richard Widmark type, Handsome, blond, and a little sinister.”

“I said, ‘I have just the actor for you.’ Without telling him about our relationship, I suggested he get film clips on Berekeley. He did – and he flipped over him! It was only later that I told him that Berkeley was my boyfriend.”

Beverlee is amused by the fact that many people identify Berkeley with the part he played. “They think he’s sick and crazy,” she laughs. “He has that kind of bone structure that makes him look wicked. Once we were shopping in the sheet department of Bloomingdales’ and a lady came over to me and said, ‘You didn’t MARRY that beast did you?” I said, ‘No as a matter of fact, I didn’t.'”

Fortunately, Scott and Berkeley get along beautifully, so if she should marry him, there won’t be any problem along that line.

“They have the same kind of temperament, and they laugh a great deal. I’m very emotional. I run very hot and very cold. Both Scott and Berkeley have learned how to deal with that.:

Beverlee, who has worked in virtually every show-business medium, says she would like to do another Broadway play some day. But she is no longer the kind of actress who thinks of nothing but greasepaint and footlights. “I’ve fulfilled my career dreams, ” she says simply. “My goal now is to live my life to the fullest and not think about the past and the future. I used to think about the future a great deal. Now I don’t. I don’t plan. When you do that you lose sight of where you are at this very moment. I work because I support myself. I am very happy at it. But I could be happy doing other things, too. I adore interior decorating, and I’m good at it. I would love to go to school and study it. I’d like to take French lessons and tennis lessons, have the time to develop myself further. When you work, you haven’t the money, but you don’t have the time.

“Berkeley,” she adds is just the opposite. “He absolutely adores going to work. Not me. They honeymoon is over for me as far as work in concerned.”

Beverlee is currently writing a novel based on her life since she left her native McAlester, Oklahoma, and started on the road toward acting success. “If somebody publishes it and I make a million dollars, I won’t mind. But I’m really writing it for my child. I want him to have a knowledge of what my life was like in the theater, other than what I’ve told him.

“Most people think acting is so glamorous. It’s a job. That’s all it is. Of course, when I first started, everything was very exciting. I was willing to go anywhere and do anything, as long as I was working. I’m not that interested anymore. I’ve done Broadway, off-Broadway, nighttime TV, soap opera. When it’s all over you take the bus home and what you have left is yourself. And if you haven’t developed yourself, you’re left with a very empty life. I know girls, who think of nothing, but their careers, and their whole lives have gone down the drain. You shouldn’t go through life making sacrifices.”

Obviously Beveree’s whole life has NOT gone down the drain. She was a healthy, happy son who shows every sign of growing into a happy, successful man. She’s involved in interesting exciting pastimes. She has a man she loves and is loved by. These are the things that make it all worthwhile.


Fake Books Only on Soaps April 2019

April 1, 2019

I was looking for a title of a fake book on Guiding Light and much to my surprise I couldn’t find a list. So I decided to create one and update it as I found more. I previously put together individual lists for Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless, but this is all soaps. Check my lists here of books from several soaps and please give me suggestions for updates if you know of any I’ve missed on any soap. I’d also like to give a shout out to the March 6, 2017 issue of Soap Opera Digest which published a short list of titles several I didn’t already had.

All My Children

Erica Kane worked to write her memoirs with ghost writer Mike Roy (who she then became involved with) in 1984. Her book was called Raising Kane.

Another World

Felicia Gallant was an acclaimed romance novelist.

Felicia Gallant’s assistant Julia Shearer wrote a successful romance novel called Savage Love in 1983.

As the World Turns

Seth Snyder was a successful novelist. His first published novel was called Sabrina after he had helped then fiance Frannie Hughes find her thought dead half-sister/full cousin of the same name. After romances with both Sabrina and Frannie fizzled he moved to New York to pursue writing.

Emma Snyder was tapped by her son’s publisher, Ned Simon, to take over the romance novel series that was ghost written under the pen name and series name Amber d’Amour.

The Bold and the Beautiful

A profile of Rick Forrester March 25, 2015 (technically a magazine, but gets credit for effort)

Cover 2015:

Magazine talking about Rick and Maya Forrester

Magazine talking about Rick and Maya Forrester

Read it here:

Dark Shadows

The Life and Death of Barnabas Collins, written by William Hollingshead Loomis. The blurb lists his other best selling novels: Pride of LionsGold Hatted Lover, and World Beyond the Doors. This is from their parallel time storyline.


Days of Our Lives

According to the January 14, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Kate Roberts was seen reading Ladies of the Lake. This isn’t a fake book but a real novel by Ken Corday the show’s executive producer.

General Hospital

Love in Maine by Connie Falconeri aka Kate Howard/Molly Davis. Molly wrote the original novel, but Connie stole it and edited it to make it steamer. It was published in March 2013 and the truth of the authorship came out later that year. Expanded from a script called Maine Squeeze (which IMNHO is a much better title).

Lust for Death by Lucy Cole.  Lucy came to town as a quiet librarian. She was involved with Kevin O’Connor who used her for an alibi in his murder case. After he dumped her, she wrote a tell all book for the money.

Man Landers is an advice book based on a popular advice blog of the same name. Nathan West became the front man, but the book and blog were actually written by nurse Amy Driscoll. Amy used the money from it to pay her veteran brother’s medical bills. It was published in 2017. The title is a play on Ann Landers who wrote a long running advice column in direct competition to one written by her twin sister Abigail Van Buren aka Dear Abby.

The Severed Branch by P.K. Sinclair was published in early 2018. It’s a novel written by Faison’s son Hedrick aka Peter August. It uses one of Faison’s favorite false identities as a nom de keyboard.

Guiding Light

The Pirate’s Woman – A romance novel Blake reads on her honeymoon

Stories from JennaBlake Marler’s Novels One True Love and Hearts Alone

The Novels of Phillip Granville Spaulding

“Prom Night” – A short story by Phillip Granville Spaulding

Phillip Spaulding’s Fake Fake books from Harley’s Fantasy

Phillip Spaulding’s biography of Lujack

Henry Bradshaw “Coop” Cooper Stories From Jenna

Barbara Norris (Holly’s mother) wrote a syndicated cooking column according to the December 30, 1986 issue of Soap Opera Digest.


Stacey Donovan wrote several successful novels including 1988’s Promises to Keep.

One Life to Live

Vicki Lord’s then husband Sloan Carpenter wrote a biography of Victor Lord called Lord of the Banner in 1993. (The Banner was the newspaper he ran.)

Santa Barbara

Megan Richardson was a successful romance writer when she came to town in 1989 to work on C.C. Capwell’s biography.

The Young and the Restless

A special shout out to E LeBrun who has a collection of props used on The Young and the Restless and very kindly took a photo of her fake books part of her prop collection.

Katherine Moore Shepard (Kay) Chancellor’s tell all autobiography (from her own point of view of course which means a lot of distortion) was called I’m Going to Live ‘Til I Die and was co-authored with Amber Moore. Of all the fake books on Y&R this is the one I wish I could read most (except Bumpy the Camel). Jeanne Cooper, the actress who played Katherine, did do a life story for real including backstage stories about her time on the soap. It’s called Not Young, Still Restless: A Memoir.

Three books with book jackets for characters from "The Young and the Restless"

On the Wings of Idiots by Traci Abbott, A Cry in Thin Air by Nina Webster, I’m Going to Live ‘Til I Die by Katherine Chancellor – Photo courtesy of E LeBrun

Victor Newman was the subject of not one, but two biographies that only exist in Genoa City. Victor’s often referenced unauthorized autobiography is called Ruthless: The Victor Newman Story, and was written by Leanna Love under the pen name Nora Randall. His friend Douglas Austin was working on an approved biography, parts of which Leanna lifted and Austin never finished his book after that scandal hit. After Leanna got to know Victor (before he found out she had written Ruthless) she felt she hadn’t done him justice and published an authorized and more balanced biography under her real name Victor Newman – The Man and the Myth by Leanna “Love” Randolph. Scott Granger started work on a second official biography in 2017, but the storyline was scrapped while the book was still in the research stage. Like Jeanne Cooper, Eric Braeden who plays Victor has written his real life biography named after Victor’s favorite catchphrase, I’ll Be Damned: How My Young and Restless Life Led Me to America’s #1 Daytime Drama.

While Nina Webster worked on at least one other book and did the initial draft for a movie based on Kay’s book Live Until I Die, I have only found the title of one of her published books. A Cry in Thin Air was based on Nina’s introduction story where she was pregnant by a juvenile delinquent named Jimmy and the home for pregnant girls she ended up in Geona City actually ended up being a front for a baby stealing ring (Rose Deville, criminal extraordinaire). Nina spent years hunting for her first born son in real time and eventually he was revealed in the person of federal officer Ronan. Ronan had read the book after discovering his true identity (a nifty feat since his adoptive parents were unaware of Nina’s name and identity and it didn’t appear on the paperwork) and used the information in the book to track down his biological father who had died of the same rare disease Ronan suffered from until he was cured by a transplant from his half-brother via Nina, Chance.

Traci Abbott published at least three novels. Echoes of the Past was a novelized account of her life of living in her sister Ashley Abbott’s shadow. Her second novel was called Epitaph for a Lover. Traci was working on a third novel when she moved to New York. No further progress has been reported on air and the title for the third book wasn’t included in the reference I found. Just recently I found another title. I’m not sure whether this was the third book she was working on when she moved to New York or if this was in fact a fourth novel, but thanks to E LeBrun we know there was a book by her used on a set called On the Wings of Idiots. Still waiting for a Work In Progress mention guys!

E LeBrun's collection of props used on "The Young and the Restless"

Prop Books as Used On Screen – Photo courtesy of E LeBrun

Lori Brooks wrote two known novels. The more well known is In My Sister’s Shadow which was a lightly veiled version of her story of her life with her famous pianist sister. The second was called Naked at Dawn.

There are also children’s books only for the children of Geona City. The children of Genoa City love the children’s series Bumpy the Camel. The author is still turning out new books in this wonderful series that has sold out on first day offerings at the local Geona City bookstore. The author does not live in Geona City.

Knots Landing

Capricorn Crude by Valene Ewing – based on her experiences with the Ewing family


Note: These are from movies not soaps, but Mental Floss also shared a list of Fake books.

Also, a personal favorite from TV, the Honeybunnies:


Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Gloria Monty: The Woman Behind General Hospitals Super-Success

March 28, 2019

Gloria Monty was an extremely influential person in soap operas. She was on ABC and so didn’t have anything to do with us. My family were proud CBS soap fans, but to her credit Monty managed to turn General Hospital into a mega success. She was known for expecting super long hours and really liking when the actors who played a couple got together in real life. My favorite thing about this interview is I found out she attended the University of Iowa. Go Hawks!

Gansberg, A.L. “Gloria Monty: The Woman Behind General Hospitals Super-Success.” Afternoon TV, August 1981. pp. 42-43.

Her office walls are covered with mementos of General Hospital – photos of the stars, awards, and the life. For producer Gloria Monty running the top-rated daytime drama is a constant and time-consuming job. The lady is credited with bringing the soap from near extinction to the top – and keeping it there for well over a year.

“It is a constant,” she said, taking a few minutes away from her busy schedule. “You stay best with constant work on the storyline, keeping a constant rapport with the actors. Last night Anthony Geary and I were here until 9 p.m. discussing the character of Luke. Tonight it will be someone else. Without sounding like Pollyanna, we are making this show special.”

According to Monty, she has turned the show around by a combination of humor and stylized romance. She speaks in cinematic terms and talks about various aspects of General Hospital as if it were a film.

“You take the Luke-Laura romance, one of our most popular,” she said. “It had danger, suspense and excitement. It was fun. And you could say that some of the early scenes were right out of the famous film It Happened One Night. It’s all right to borrow that way.” [Ed. Note: And rape, don’t forget the rape. There were 0 rapes in It Happened One Night. Frankly I take offense at that reference, It Happened One Night is my second favorite screwball comedy.]

Three years ago Monty took over the helm at GH, but she has a long track record in daytime.  Her credits include directing Secret Storm and Bright Promise. Monty was the first daytime creative head to bring the cameras out onto the streets for location shooting, performing the task in 1972.

“I always thought the horror of daytime series was the four walls,” she explained. “We still do location, but in relationship with the drama. Take our Port Charles Day Parade segments. We went for a Hitchcock effect. Heavy drama was playing counterpart to the gaiety.”

Essentially, Monty see several important aspects to daytime success — music that the audience can identify with, particularly the young audience; romance; a sense of hope built into built into the script; action; and above all, motivation of the characters. All of this is written into the scripts.

“All characters must have several layers,” she remarked. “The audience has to have a logical reason for what the characters do. This is the most important thing.”

Another major point is that while GH is television, Monty thinks of it as film or theatre. The actors are an ensemble. It’s taped live, so the theatre look is there without the stage. For storylines and for images, film comes to mind.

As someone who is also a director, Monty is keenly interested in production values. She’d like production to improve and it is. She’d like more location shooting.

“We’ve improved from the 1950s,” Monty noted. “In those days you’d have two people talking. Now we’re an action show. We’ve got continuous action. We have a different type of set, one that’s less enclosing.”

Of course, she refused to give any real hints of what turns the storyline will take since that would only ruin the fun, but Monty did say that both Tristan Rogers [Robert Scorpio] and Rick Moses [Hutch] would have major upcoming involvements.

Tristan‘s scenes with Tony Geary [Luke Spencer] play wonderfully,” she commented. “He’s very popular.”

Also, she suggested that the spring and summer storylines would be packed with adventure.

How does Monty leave her work behind after 12 hour days when she returns to her home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley? Her husband, freelance writer Robert O’Byrne, is a help and before she goes to sleep Monty like to read a few pages of a light novel, “just to clear my mind.” Weekends she is a golf fanatic when there’s time.

Born into a family of New Jersey doctors, Monty grew up thinking she’d be a doctor herself – that is, until she dissected her first rabbit. Her medical background does come in handy for General Hospital though.

Monty has a degree in drama and speech from the University of Iowa and a masters degree in drama from Columbia. She has run her own theatres and directed more than fifty stage productions in New York — one of the first women to direct at all. She’s also the first daytime producer to receive the American Society of Lighting Directors Award.

Her philosophy is very basic, “If I feel something isn’t working, we fix it until it does work.”

She also has a spinoff in development, a show taking some of the younger GH cast members and adding other younger actors. Writers are working on a script right now. [Ed. Note: This is probably Port Charles/The City, but I’m not 100% sure.]

The future of GH is intact. Besides more location shooting there will be more of the elements that have made it popular, particularly among college students as well as the more basic daytime audience.

“What can I say about our projection,” Monty asks rhetorically. “You simply want to make it better, to keep up-to-date. They’ll be good surprises, but not radical changes.”

Odds and Ends 57

March 25, 2019

While looking for Guiding Light information, I sometimes find things that I think are of interest relating to other soaps. This collection of Odds and Ends related to various soaps that someone may want to know some time. Look for another odds and ends post soon.

Find summaries of what happened on each current soap during 2018 in the December 31, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters, The Young and the Restless) is getting married again to Russian model Kseniya Mikhaleva according to the Oct. 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. — And then came a shock. St. John, who’d never gotten over the death of his son, died of alcohol poisoning and  was found dead at his home on February 2, 2019. Find several articles in tribute in the March 4, 2019 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Donna Messina 6 time Daytime Emmy-wining make-up artist at General Hospital died December 6, 2018 at age 59. Read more about her in the December 31, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane, Days of Our Lives) has discovered a shoe company that makes flats out of recycled water bottles. Learn more in the January 14, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Bob Lipton who played Jeff Ward on As the World Turns – the father of Annie’s quints – is the brother of Peggy Lipton of Mod Squad fame. His niece Kidada, whose birthday party he talked about attending in the August 1981 issue of Afternoon TV, is also the daughter of jazz musician Quincy Jones.

Find holiday letters from actors in the December 31, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest. They are: John McCook (Eric Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful), Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful), Sal Stowers (Lani Price, Days of Our Lives), Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives), Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina Davis, General Hospital), Wes Ramsey (Peter August, General Hospital), Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott, The Young and the Restless), and Camryn Crimes (Mariah Copeland, The Young and the Restless).

Check out a feature of Genie Francis on her latest firing and rehiring from her iconic role on General Hospital in the January 14, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Christopher, the young son of Brena Benet (Lee Williams, Days of Our Lives) and Bill Bixby died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1981. The cast spoke of planting a tree in his honor, but I couldn’t find whether they did or not. Benet would pass on herself the following year. – Afternoon TV, August 1981.

Heather Tom (Katie Logan, The Bold and the Beautiful) is the subject of the feature interview in the December 31, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Katie Logan Spencer Forrester or at least her actress Heather Tom took a quiz on Katie’s history and did a great job! See the questions and answers in the October 15, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

What was the deal with the music box Jill Foster Abbott inherited from Kay Chancellor? After trying to get rid of it several times, it finally disappeared and then reappeared in an antique store. Inside a secret compartment was a letter explaining that Kay now acknowledged Phillip had loved Jill and she now returned a ring Phillip had bought Jill. Read more details in the October 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Hayley Erin (Kiki Jerome, General Hospital) describes her last day on the show and that her furniture in the December 31, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin, General Hospital) gives a tribute to the recently deceased Susan Brown who played his character’s step-mother, Gail Baldwin in the January 14, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Check out this tribute to the crew of The Young and the Restless in 2019. Sadly no names, but a really nice tribute.

A tribute to the recently passed Aretha Franklin in the October 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth talks about Franklin‘s professed long term passion for soaps including listing some of her favorites.

Marissa Tait (Becky, Amber’s cousin, Little Eric’s bio mom, CJ’s true love) wed Aaron Eaton. Former TV cousin Adrienne Frantz attended and Instagramed the event according to the October 22, 2018 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Catch up with what Ashlyn Pearce (Aly Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful) has done since her character died. Read about it in the October 15, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Follow through a photo tour of all the men in Phyllis Summer’s past on The Young and the Restless in the January 14, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Camryn Grimes (Cassie Newman/Mariah Copeland) on The Young and the Restless is a big Disneyland fan according to the October 15, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

The designer sketches on The Bold and the Beautiful are done by their graphics department according to the Oct. 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful) talks about her time on the show, especially her start on the show in the October 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

For the 50th Anniversary of The Young and the Restless a time capsule will be opened on May 26, 2023. It’s supposed to be full of show memorabilia. Read about it in the Oct. 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Paul Davidson (Paul Williams, The Young and the Restless) talks about being cut from the soap he was on contract for for 40 years. Sometimes they wrote him as smart Paul, sometimes they wrote him as dumb Paul, but either is FAR superior to NO Paul. Read about his take in the October 15, 2018 in CBS Soaps in Depth. AND I’m pleased to add that as I publish THIS Paul’s back!

The classic primetime soap opera Peyton Place is now available on DVD through Part 3. Here’s Part One.

Check out the Shick (Sharon Newman and Phyllis Newman)’s almost wedding in October 2018. Read all about it and see photos in the October 15, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

A special photo filled special on great soap fights through the years in the October 1, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

 6 minutes ago

I’m all about Chapman, but today it’s all Yale! . ’s longtime Stage Manager is retiring today. Stage 31 will never be the same. 👏❤️

Read more about Mal Young leaving The Young and the Restless in the January 14, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest. Check out his views on The Young and the Restless before he left in the October 15, 2019 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Find out more about his departure in the January 21, 2019 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Check out the last Hevon (Hillary Curtis/Devon Hamilton) wedding on The Young and the Restless. It includes photos and their final words in the October 15, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

After Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott #1, The Young and the Restless) left the show, then executive producer Mal Young characterized her leaving as “a break.” Davidson went online and said although she had expressed willingness to come back for a party or something at a future point, she considered her departure permanent. There is some speculation that with Young out Davidson might be more willing to return, in fact she’s made her first two day return this month. However, for now Davidson is out.

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Richard Van Vleet Interview

March 20, 2019
Baby Michelle, Ed, and Maureen

Baby Michelle, Ed, and Maureen around the time of Bert’s death

Richard Van Vleet is another Ed. He was the fifth Ed that took over from Peter Simon and was later replaced by him. His year and a half or so as Ed came during the very important time when Michelle was born and during the early custody issues. At the time of the interview he hadn’t yet come to Guiding Light and was currently on All My Children.

Frankly this interview is very stream of consciousness. The story reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the girl says yada, yada, yada and passes over some very vital information. This is like that leaving out the yadas. However, since Van Vleet was an important Ed at an important time I wanted to republish it anyway. In a strange course of events this same issue also had an interview with Roberty Gentry, an earlier Ed.

Syna, Sy. “Richard Van Vleet — ‘I Was Classified as a Borderline Moron.” Afternoon TV, August 1981. pp. 38-41.

“I was classified as borderline moron,” Richard Van Vleet confessed.

The actor, who plays Chuck on All My Children, recalled, “They thought I had an IQ of 86-7. I was a perfect D student, but I skipped a grade, because they did away with 6A and B. They advanced me on a probational status. I maintained my sold D Average so they let me go. In the 11th grade, my highest grade expectancy was 5th or 6th.”

This was in Denver and Gunnison, Colorado. “My father was a paramarine in Carlson’s Raiders,” he said proudly. “Dad was a master carpenter, a coal man, and an ice man. My mother used to work as a secretary, file clerk, and in the Dolly Madison Donut Shoppe. I used to stop by there on my way home, and pick up fresh, hot donuts.”

“My parents live on a small farm. My older brother is a minister outside of Sacramento. My younger brother lives in Los Angeles. My father and mother did operettas. They’re both singers. They sang in Central City in the opera house. All of us tried to sing. We tried to do a trio. My younger brother had a good ear and played the piano. My mother had perfect pitch.. She was offered a job as a blues singer. Her mother refused to let her go out on the road. It was unladylike.”

“We used to walk two miles to high school. We didn’t think anything of it in those days. I started working at eight years old, changing tires. I wasn’t tall enough to scrub the car windows, and I couldn’t afford a box to stand on. I used to love it, because I’d get to carry a red rag  in my back pocket. I made $1.50 a day. It was a summer job.”

“When I was in junior high school. I worked in a Piggly-Wiggly grocery store [Ed. Note: Piggly-Wiggly was one of the very early chain grocery stories, still sometimes referred to for the Piggly-Wiggly bags] for 55 cents an hour. I was supposed to get a raise after six months, but the manager fired me instead. I was glad to see them go out of business.”

“That summer I was 15, I worked in Goodland, Kansas, for the Hawkeye Spraying Company. I was getting my license as a crop duster, taking lessons from Korean War pilots. My dad was born out there in a sod house. My uncle is the sheriff there. I never got my license.”

“In the 11th grade, when I was 16 years old, I was working in the stockyards as a rider. I used to ride pigs, sheep and cattle into the pen, during the day. At night, I worked in the Frosted Scotsman. I was a car hop on occasions and a soda jerk.”

“I had been doing church theatre during that time. I did my first play in high school. To get into the Black Masques Society, the high school drama group. I had to have a C average. Then my average went up to a B plus/-A minus. My home room teacher, when she saw my report card, called me a sneak and all kinds of names. She marched me down to every teacher to verify my grades. Then she apologized.”

“Then the school psychologist and social workers got into the picture. They gave me puzzles, ink blots, and manual dexterity tests. They based my IQ on my ability to do puzzles with my right and left hands. I had been taking remedial reading and remedial arithmetic. My IQ never bothered me until I had to do plays in high school. They let me in on a probational period for one semester. Then my grades went up.”

“All those years, I was reading medical journals and the Bible. My dad claimed I didn’t know what I was reading in the Bible, I got punched out for showing my girlfriend ‘pornographic material.’ I showed her a drawing of how a baby dropped down in the uterus. Her brother punched me out. They my brother punched him out. This was in the 6th grade.”

“I had my first date in the 9th grade. My mother dressed me for it. I couldn’t tie a tie. I almost got punched out that night, because I was imitating the way people were dancing on the floor. It was the Pachuco era, with peg pants, bobby socks, and penny loafers. You could always tell the rich cats. They had dimes in theirs. I was always jealous. I tried to use fulminate of mercury to make the pennies in mine look like dimes, and almost ruined my shoes.”

“From high school, I got a scholarship to Western State College. It was a conditional scholarship for acting. I bypassed the entrance exam. I maintained a B plus average through college. That continued for two quarters. Worked that summer doing carpentry. My parents weren’t financially able to pay my way. The school gave me an education loan. I didn’t I want to teach.”

“I caught a bus and joined the Marine Corps. After a month in boot camp in San Diego, they allowed us to write home. My dad, who was in the hospital at that time, refused to believe I had joined the Marine Corps. He said, “He’s not that dumb!” I proved him wrong. I was in four years.”

“For the first one and a half years. I pulled infantry duty at Camp Pendleton, and at night acted in community theatre. Then I was sent as an infantryman to Japan, for guard duty. When I got there, they stuck me in an office because I was one of the few that could type. I got to stay there for two and a half year. There’s nothing I hate more than being cooped up in an office. I was a true grunt. I ended up teaching 5th and 6th grade Speech and Drama. They set it up and I would do it on my own. They just let me out. I started a Junior and Adult Actors’ Workshop on the base. That theater group did Long Day’s Journey, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and The Crucible.

“Afterwards, I went back to Western State. I did summer stock in Colorado and did some tours. Then I toured in a USO show, Gigi. We went to Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland and Labrador. We got locked in Greenland. It was Winter and total blackness. What is interesting was my dad built the base in Greenland. They lived in tents while it was being built. I did go ptarmigan hunting in the southern part of Greenland. They had one hour of twilight. We used to shoot the Arctic hare. They weighed 12 pounds.”

“I used to do a lot of hunting in Colorado and California. I used to enjoy going off by myself with a bow and arrow. I have this old Winchester carbine I bought. It was was used at the turn of the century by a national prison guard. It had nine notches in the forearm.”

Dadie Tyler, who was stage managing one of the shows I was in, submitted my name to the American Academy in association with ABC. I didn’t know it. She gave me her Mustang and I went to the audition in Denver. The Strafford Shakespeare Company was on tour. They all were at the audition. I said, ‘I don’t stand a chance on God’s green earth.’ I went in, did my thing, and left. I won. Then I won the regional and then I came to New York. I was at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for a year. I left because I didn’t like the school. Then I went back and I graduated. I did The Right Honorable Gentleman, The Big Knife, and The Homecoming while I was a student.”

“I went back to Western State College finished and taught for just one quarter. Then I went to the coast. They didn’t know who I was, I had gone up to Hollywood when I was a Marine. I got lost. I remember the chariots from Ben Hur parked outside of Grauman’s Chinese. I came back to New York on another scholarship. I was here three months, when I was offered three contracts, I took the cheapest – seven years with Universal.’

“I played the heavies: drunks, schizo, and sheep killers. I was called up for a western. The producer walked in behind e and said, ‘I don’t like the back of his head. Then he faced me and asked where I was from.’ I said, ‘New York.’ He said, ‘Well, this is a western.’ I told him I used to break horses. He said, ‘I don’t believe you. Actors are all liars.’ [Ed. Note: I’m not in the movie business, but I’ve heard enough that I don’t think the guy was being mean, I think he was saying his experience because I’ve heard lots of actor stories that started out they asked me if I could X and I said yes, but I couldn’t.] I reached across the desk and grabbed him, and said, ‘Don’t you call me a liar unless you get a horse and can prove me one.’ The casting director said, ‘You don’t even need a horse. The scene takes place in a bar.’ I got the part anyway. I was out in Hollywood 9 1/2 years.”

“I met my wife, Kristine, through Montgomery Ward’s in Colorado. I went back in 1968 on vacation. We were exchanging a dress for my brother’s wife, which was too small. I saw this girl come in and put her purse away, and I said to myself, ‘Not bad.’ My brother and I looked like mooses. We picked out another dress and there was some money left over, so we decided to pick out some earrings to go with the dress. We were holding earrings up to each other’s ears and this girl was laughing her head off. Then we asked her to help us and she told us a dress with metal balls on it, that we had picked out, didn’t need earrings to go with it.”

“My mother asked me to get a date for Christmas. I got my brother to go back to the store with me, because I wasn’t about to ask some girl I didn’t know to go out with me, all by myself. On our first date we drove around for about 45 minutes looking for a restaurant, and I finally found a nice roadhouse. She said, ‘I can’t go in there!’ I thought it was her religion. She said she was not old enough. I asked her how old she was and she said, ‘Nineteen.’ She wasn’t even 19!”

“I went back out to the coast to do a Marcus Welby. She drove me out to the airport. She was seeing other guys. She flew out to California to decide who to marry. I got smashed waiting for the plane. We drove home in my Jeep in a rainstorm. The Jeep broke down. Finally, I introduced her to my brother, his wife, everybody. We walked around the block and I asked her to marry me.”

“I got an engagement ring and we set a date in November. She wanted to get married earlier, in September. The guest shots really started coming in and I didn’t have time to cancel. At least I didn’t get around to it. On Thursday night, we finished shooting The Bold Ones. I flew to Denver. She picked me up. We drove straight home. We got the license Friday and got married Saturday.”

“They tried to give us a charivari. You know, kidnap the bride and all that. I tried to outrun them in a car filled with toilet paper and boxes. I pulled into a parking lot. A guy came out with a shotgun and was going to blow us away. We were trespassing.”

“We got to my brother’s apartment, where we were going to spend our wedding night. My brother, as a joke, had How to Murder Your Wife playing. My wife locked herself in the john. When I tried to get into the john, she locked herself in the bedroom and called her mother.”

“Now we live in southern Connecticut and have two daughters; Shannon, 10, and Heather, 7.”

“When I was in Denver doing a TV series and some dinner theatre, I went back out to California to do a guest starring role on Ellery Queen. It was the same sort of thing I had done three years before, I got a call from ABC, and read the script. It was the best thing I had read in five years. If I had known that soap operas were this good, I would have kicked my butt for not getting into it right away. It’s the closest thing to ensemble acting apart from the theatre.”

Richard pause a moment, then added, “My character, Dr. Chuck Tyler, is the grandson of the Tyler family when they brought me on the show, they brought me on to die. They didn’t tell me that. I tried a different attack with the character, and now I’ve been on the show five years. Chuck was married to Tara Brent Martin. Then he married Donna Beck, a former prostitute, whom he met when she was brought into the hospital after she had been beaten up by her pimp.”

“Donna got divorced. She wanted to have a baby, and was going to buy one on the black market. I wanted to wait to adopt one, which would have taken about two years. She took that as a sign that I didn’t love her. After the divorce. Chuck went running back to Tara, but she was involved with somebody else.”

“Chuck’s in a holding pattern, so far as I know.”

Cast List 1997

March 16, 2019

This list is from this end credit listed on YouTube as from January 1997. I rearranged it by character first name and reversed the order so the character name comes first. I’ve added some maiden names not listed in the article.

In January 1997 they must have filmed on location at Weschester County Airport in White Plains, New York. They are given credit in the end credit.

Abigail Blume (Amy Ecklund)

Alan Spaulding (Ron Raines)

Alan-Michael Spaulding (Michael Dietz)

Alexandra Spaulding (Marj Dusay)

Amanda Spaulding (Toby Poser)

Annie Dutton Lewis (Cynthia Watros)

Bill Lewis III aka Little Billy (Bryan Buffinton)

Blake Marler – listed as C. Blake Thorpe Marler (Elizabeth Keifer)

Bridget Reardon (Melissa Hayden)

Buzz Cooper (Justin Deas)

Dahlia Crede (Sharon Leal)

Dinah Marler Thorpe (Wendy Moniz)

Eleni Cooper (Jennifer Roszell)

Fletcher Reade (Jay Hammer)

Frank Cooper (Frank Dicopoulos)

Griffin Williams (Geoffry Williams)

Hart Jessup (Frank Grillo)

Holly Lindsey-Reade (Maureen Garrett)

J Chamberlain (Ethan Erickson)

Jenna Bradshaw (Fiona Hutchison)

Josh Lewis (Robert Newman)

Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan)

Lucy Cooper Spaulding (Sonia Satra)

Marcus Williams (Kevin Mambo)

Matt Reardon (Kurt McKinney)

Michelle Bauer (Rebecca Budig)

Nola Reardon Chamberlain (Lisa Brown)

Phillip Spaulding (Grant Aleksander)

Reva Shayne Lewis (Kim Zimmer)

Roger Thorpe (Michael Zaslow)

Ross Marler (Jerry verDorn)

Quinton Chamberlain (Michael Tylo)

Rick Bauer (Michael O’Leary)

Vivian Grant (Petronia Paley)

Zachary Smith (Brody Hutzler)


Staff and Crew

Executive Producer – Paul Rauch

Writers –

  • Victor Miller
  • Michael Conforti
  • Nancy Williams Watt
  • Kathleen Kennedy
  • N. Gail Lawrence
  • Sharon Epstein
  • Jeanne Glynn
  • Roger Newman
  • Pete T. Rich,
  • Loren Segan


– Gary Bowen

Producer –

  • Robert D. Kochman
  • Roy Steinberg
  • Catherine Maher Smith
  • Francine Versalie

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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