Finale Trivia Update

November 2, 2019

Looking back at some questions from the finale.

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CBS Soaps in Depth from November 23, 2009

This bugged me, too. See my description of the finale.

Q: During her wedding ceremony to Buzz, Guiding Light‘s Lillian stated that she had never been a bride before. Am I crazy, or wasn’t she married to Bradley Raines?- Donna P.

A: Donna, you’re not crazy. Lillian has actually been married twice, first to Beth’s biological father, who died during the Vietnam War, then to Bradley, who wrought havoc on her life due to his physical abuse. He also raped a teenage Beth, which all but ended his marriage to the good nurse, who subsequently divorced him. We’re not certain why Lillian had a sudden memory lapse on her most recent wedding day, but perhaps it was because she was trying to pretend those other two husbands never existed!

Soap Opera Digest from November 3, 2009

Q: I am deeply…

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Halloween Roundup 2013

October 27, 2019

If you’re in the mood for some Halloween memories…

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halloweenThis year was the first time we had an entire week dedicated to Halloween, but we have done several posts about Halloween over the last few years. Here’s a round up of Halloween in Springfield.

Carve Yourself a Guiding Light jack o’lantern with your favorite pumpkin

Halloween Highlights

Halloween 1993 (Just a little bit)

Halloween 1995 – Abby freaks out in the hospital

Halloween 1997 – Roy Beecham Threatens Abby

Halloween 1998 – Annie Dutton Reveal at Reva’s Halloween Party

Halloween 1999 – Halloween Party at Millennium (Teresa drugs Danny)

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2006 – She’s a Marvel – Harley becomes a superhero.

Halloween 2007 – Horror Movie in the Mental Hospital

MisGuiding Light

A real horror story:

Want more Halloween Fanfic? Check out these chapters set at Halloween:

Mob’s Cardinal Chapter 35

Mob’s Cardinal Chapter 36

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Quote Your Real Other Half

October 24, 2019

I bid on every Guiding Light script I see on Ebay, even if I don’t go very high on the bid. I don’t check anything, but the date to make sure I don’t have it already. I recently bid on one and it was a happy surprise. It’s the script from the day of H.B.’s funeral – Air date 9/11/1997, Episode #12739. It’s spiral bound (for some reason in reverse, with the spiral on the right hand side instead of the left. The cover has a laminated photo of Larry Gates (who played H.B. Lewis) and a note: “This script was given to me by Judy Gates (1999) Larry Gates’s wife.” Note: There are also episode numbers given for the flashbacks if anyone is ever trying to find them.

Anyway there are lots of good quotes in this, but I particularly want to share one quote. Phillip Spaulding is back in town following his exile to Arizona. He returned without Beth who had kicked him out hoping that he would snap to and come back instead of get wrapped up in Spaulding drama again as he tried to find out which family member had arranged his legally required move (he eventually finds out it was Alan). Mindy Lewis, H.B.’s granddaughter, was back in town specifically for the funeral. I wanted to share the initial interchange between Phillip and Mindy.

Mindy and Phillip

Mindy Lewis and Phillip Spaulding 1997

Mindy: “So where’s your other half?”

Phillip: “It’s a….. (long story).”

Mindy: “I didn’t mean Beth. I know all about that. I’m sorry. (He nods.) I meant your REAL other half, Rick.”

Phillip: “(Smiles at the truism) He’s working. You’re going to have to go by the hospital and knock his socks off.”

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Book: Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd

October 18, 2019

Revisit a book that references “Guiding Light.”

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I decided to add a new section to my Guiding Light books page for literary allusions. These are books (and I might add movies or TV shows) that reference watching Guiding Light or the Guiding Light characters.

I mentioned in a previous post that I read romance novels both to help talk with romance readers and to get ideas for fanfic. As far as giving release this book should do pretty well because the sex scenes are pretty good , if vague in a couple points and the persistent reference and tribute to The Secret Garden should make any one who read that book enjoy this one more and the love story that reflects it. However, I don’t think the actual writing is very good. Meadow, the heroine is unevenly portrayed and it needed a good continuity editor. (In one case something is $29 million on one page and a…

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A Kiss is Never Just a Kiss

October 13, 2019

Revisiting a piece of Manny history.

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Soap writer Susan Dansby says, “Never Tell What You Can Show. Never Make a Kiss Ultimately Interchangeable: A kiss is never just a kiss. Make each one mean something…” Read more about her writing advice here:

That is certainly something that is definitely true about Manny. No matter if you have connected with other fans or not, you could plainly bring to mind the exact situation from just the references. Just a handful of examples: The Diner Kiss, The Pool Scene, The Jailbars kiss. Each is distinct and carried it with a lot of emotional meaning. Even later after they switch Michelles this holds true. The Counter Encounter. The Chair Slide.

In fact, Manny might as well be the iconic model for this. Jeva may have been the Guiding Light flagship couple for the second half of the run, but people talk about them in terms of plot points…

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All My Children Poem

October 10, 2019

From the Latest News column in the September 1974 issue of Daytime TV

Poem on All My Children

The beautiful poem quoted on All My Children is a section from a very long poem by William Wordsworth, “Intimations of Immortality” says Agnes Nixon, writer-creator of All My Children.

The lines used on AMC are:

What though the radiance which was once so bright,

Be now forever taken from my sight,

Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of splendor in the grass,

or glory in the flowers;

We will grieve not, rather find

Strength in what remains behind;

In the primal sympathy

Which having been must ever be:

In the soothing thoughts that spring

Out of human suffering;

In the faith that looks through death,

In years that bring the philosopher’s mind.

Odds and Ends Musical 5

October 9, 2019

One of the hardest things to track down later is what song was used with a scene. I try and catch references to specific songs and round them up. I’ve previously published Part 1Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Some of these are from old issues.

When Stephanie Forrester was dying – in a tribute to her actress’ Celtic roots – her husband Eric hired Celtic Woman to perform for them. The performed “Danny Boy” and “The Parting Glass” on the show. While Stephanie was actually dying Brooke sang “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.” Read more about it in the September 19, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

In the June 21, 2019 issue of (not sure which soap magazine, left it out originally, sorry) The Bold and the Beautiful Hope Logan Spencer listens to a song while thinking about her life with Liam it’s called “Think About You” performed by Molly McCook. It was composed by Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk and Senior VP Operations, Anthony Ferrari.

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital) is the real life son of Chad Stuart, half of the legendary folk duo Chad and Jeremy. Chad raised both his sons hoping they would be singers. Neither were, but James decided to do an album in tribute. It’s called “The Apple Tree.” It will be out on digital distribution soon. Read all about it in the July 15, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Jamal playing on the piano at the end of Empire‘s March 13, 2019 episode ended with the song “Filling Spaces.” It’s available on Amazon and iTunes according to the April 15, 2019 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

According to Melody Thomas Scott, Nikki Newman’s very first striptease was to “Love to Love You, Baby” by Donna Summer. See a photo in the March 4, 2019 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Scott Reeves (the late Ryan McNeil on The Young and the Restless) appeared as himself on As The World Turns performing in his real-life country music duo, Blue Country according to the March 4, 2019 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

When Trevor and Natalie danced at their wedding on All My Children their first dance was “You and I” recorded by Michael Feinstein. (Soap Opera Magazine, August 25, 1992)

On Days of Our Lives Molly and Tanner on February 17, 1992 ice skated to “Hold Me Now” by Dan Hill. (Soap Opera Magazine, August 25, 1992)

On the 1992 special Days of Our Lives special “One Stormy Night” Bo and Carly’s theme was from Schascle‘s album Haunted by Real Life. (Soap Opera Magazine, August 25, 1992)

In 1992 on Guiding Light Nick and Eve took a bubble bath. In the background was “OSoave Fanciulle” from La Boheme. (Soap Opera Magazine, August 25, 1992)

Andy Dixon and Courtney’s couple theme on As the World Turns is “If This Isn’t Love” composed by Gloria Skieros and is on Jobeth Taylor‘s Album. (Soap Opera Magazine, August 25, 1992)

In 2015 both Sonny and Carly on General Hospital and Sharon and Nick on The Young and the Restless had montages to “Never Ending” performed by Fisher. Find it for sale on iTunes. Read about it in the November 2, 2015 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Complete Character Guide of Guiding Light 1982

October 7, 2019

The author was apparently crazy about…..ellipses. I pulled them and added…..commas instead. I also moved the actor’s name from the end of each character description to just after the character’s name and removed the phrase “played by” for each one.

“Who’s Who in Springfield: Complete Character Guide of Guiding Light!” Daytime TV Presents General Hospital, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, and All My Children. No 7 1982 pp. 54-55

Bertha Bauer (Charita Bauer): Mother of Mike Bauer and Dr. Ed Bauer, step-mother of Hillary Bauer, great-grandmother of Alan-Michael

Mike Bauer (Don Stewart): Father of Hope Spaulding, brother of Ed Bauer, half-brother of Hillary, son of Bert, grandfather of Alan-Michael, lawyer

Dr. Ed Bauer (Peter Simon): Brother of Mike Bauer, half-brother of Hillary, Bert’s son, uncle of Hope, great-uncle of Alan-Michael, chief of staff at Cedars Hospital

Hillary Bauer (Marsha Clark): Half-sister of Mike and Ed Bauer, daughter of the late Bill Bauer and Simone Moray, nurse at Cedars Hosptial, living with Derek Colby.

Dr. Sara McIntyre (Millette Alexander): Adoptive mother of Tim Werner, wife of Adam Thorpe, sex therapist at Cedars Hospital

Tim Werner (Nigel Reed): Adopted son of Dr. Sara McIntyre attends Springfield University

Nola Reardon (Lisa Brown): Mother of Kelly Louise [Ed. note: later renamed Anatasia], sister of Tony and Maureen, works for Quint McCord as sort of a housekeeper, daughter of Bea, has strong desires for Kelly Nelson

Tony Reardon (Gregory Beecroft): Son of Bea, brother of Nola and Maureen, involved Katie Parker, manager of Wired for Sound [Ed. Note: a popular disco in Springfield where they’d have guest star musicians perform sometimes]

Maureen Reardon (Ellen Dolan): Daughter of Bea, sister of Tony and Nola, working at Cedars Hospital [Ed. Note: She would later marry Ed and she would become Michelle’s mother.]

Bea Reardon (Lee Lawson): Mother of Tony, Nola, and Maureen, manages Reardon Boarding House, involved with Henry Chamberlain [Ed. Note: Henry was Vanessa’s father.)

Alan Spaulding (Chris Bernau): Father of Amanda Wexler McFarren [Ed. note: She would later go by Amanda Spaulding.] and Alan-Michael, adoptive father of Phillip Spaulding, married to Hope, ex-husband to Jackie Marler and Elizabeth Spaulding, owner of Spaulding Enterprises, spent time in jail because of conspiracy charges (Ed. note: Roger Thorpe blackmailed him into helping Roger get out of the country after he was ready to be convicted of martial rape of Holly.)

Hope Bauer Spaulding (Elvera Roussel): Mother of Alan-Michael, wife of Alan Spaulding, daughter of Mike Bauer, niece of Dr. Ed Bauer, granddaughter of Bert Bauer

Dr. Justin Marler (Tom O’Rourke): Husband of Jackie Marler, brother of Ross and Lanie, natural father of Phillip Spaulding, ex-husband of Elizabeth Spaulding, heart specialist

Jackie Marler (Carrie Mowery): Wife of Justin Marler, mother of Phillip Spaulding, ex-wife of Alan Spaulding, runs a gift shop near Cedars

Carrie Marler (Jane Elliot): Newly married to Ross Marler, has a son Todd, acquitted of murdering Diane Ballard and Joe Bradley, schizophrenic, an architect

Ross Marler (Jerry verDorn): Husband of Carrie, brother of Justin and Lainie, former lover of Vanessa Chamberlain [Ed. Note: Vanessa was originally created as a love interest for Ross. We will later on find out they have a daughter Dinah from that time.]

Trish Lewis (Rebecca Hollen): Wife of Andy, sister of Josh, co-owner of Wired for Sound with Vanessa Chamberlain

Josh Lewis (Robert Newman): Brother of Trish, manages the career for Floyd Parker, Currently blackmailing Leslie Ann Monroe [Ed. Note: At the time Floyd Parker had become an overnight rock star, sadly it won’t last long.]

Leslie Ann Monroe (Carolyn Ann Clark): Involved with Floyd Parker, former prostitute, now a nurse at Cedars Hospital, being blackmailed by Josh Lewis who know about her secret past [Ed. Note: Leslie was an idiot, Floyd was really in love with her, he’d have done anything for her, instead she dumped him and got mixed up with Warren Andrews, who loved her after his own way, but also almost drove her to suicide and was directly, if not intentionally, responsible for her death.]

Katie Parker (Denise Pence): sister of Floyd, nurse at Cedars Hospital, dating Tony Reardon

Quint McCord (Michael Tylo): Rich, mysterious business man, lives in a mansion with Mrs. Renfield and Nola Reardon [Ed. Note: We will soon discover that Quint’s dad was really Henry Chamberlain and he eventually takes his last name. Even though he’s normally credited as Michael, I changed it because this particular article credited him as Mike Tylo.]

Mrs. Renfield (Beulah Garrick): Employee of Quint McCord

Jennifer Richards (Geraldine Court): Mother of Amanda McFarren through her relationship with Alan Spaulding, mother of Morgan Nelson, mother-in-law of Kelly Nelson, formerly Jane Marie Stafford, sister of Chet, daughter of Logan Stafford

Amanda McFarren (Kathleen Cullen): Illegitimate daughter of Jennifer Richards and Alan Spaulding, half-sister of Morgan Nelson, acting head of Spaulding Enterprises, ex-wife of Ben McFarren

Morgan Nelson (Jennifer Cooke): Daughter of Jennifer Richards, married to Kelly Nelson, beginning a modeling career, half-sister of Amanda McFarren

Kelly Nelson (John Weslety Shipp): Husband of Morgan Nelson, intern at Cedars Hospital, son-in-law of Jennifer Richards [Ed. Note: A pretty important bit they skipped was he is also Ed Bauer’s godson which is part of what brought him to town to begin with.]

Eve McFarren (Janet Grey): Sister of Rita Stapleton, former wife of Ben McFarren, runs a gift shop near Cedars Hospital with Jackie Marler

Henry Chamberlain (William Roerick): Father of Vanessa Chamberlain, stockholder of Spaulding Enterprises, dating Bea Reardon, businessman

Vanessa Chamberlain (Maeve Kinkead): Daughter of Henry Chamberlain, once in love with Ross Marler, co-owern of Wired for Sound, wants to control Spaulding Enterprises, involved with Mark Evans

Mark Evans (Mark Pinter): Employee at Spaulding Enterprises, involved with Vanessa Chamberlain

Derek Colby (Harley Venton): Living with Hillary Bauer, lawyer


What’s Happening on Guiding Light!

October 6, 2019

Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening in Springfield in 1982.

“What’s Happening On Guiding Light!” Daytime TV Presents General Hospital, One Life to Live, Guiding Light, and All My Children. No 7 1982 pp. 56-57

At home in Springfield, Ross fought to save Carrie from a guilty verdict for the murder of Diane. But haunted by her past and filled with overwhelming guilt Carrie did not want to be saved. However, Ross, consumed with love, pushed on in his defense, and just when all looked hopeless, Carrie broke down on a witness stand. She revealed why she had remained silent so long, “To protect my little boy.” Carrie sadly spoke of how Diane had caused her husband, Todd, to commit suicide. And she recalled how she had to give up her son, promising to never see him again. But she made the adoptive parents vow: “To name him Todd, after his father, so he would not be forgotten.” The jury returned a verdict of “not guilty.”

After much pleading, Ross was rewarded when Carrie consented to marry him. Although Carrie wondered if she had a right to marry him. Her past remained a dark secret, even to her. Carrie prepared for the wedding, and frequently saw Sara to try and recall her hidden past. Just before the wedding, mysteriously, Carrie’s dress is slashed to ribbons. She told Ross, and he suspected Vanessa.

Back in Springfield, Amanda’s bitterness towards her father, especially towards her husband, Ben, was fading. Vanessa’s new beau, Mark, who had come to work at Spaulding Enterprises, found Amanda charming and became her friend. He convinced her to forgive Ross, which she did. In fact, Amanda attended his wedding, and dreamed that perhaps someday, she would find such happiness, too.

Carrie begged Ross to tell her about the honeymoon plans, but Ross insisted on keeping them a surprise and what a surprise! On arriving in picturesque Seattle, Carrie was still in the dark. But at lunch Carrie found out Ross’s secret. While they dined, in walked a family of three – a mother, a father, and a little boy. Carrie felt a curious tug a her heart when she saw them and told Ross about her feelings. Ross tolder her the little boy was her son, Todd. Carrie cried with gratitutde. “Why did you arrange  this?” she asked Ross. He said, “You told me the one thing you wanted most was to know your son was happy.” And so, Ross had given Carrie the most wonderful wedding gift of all. And when the family left, the mother gave Carrie a picture of her son – a momento she would treasure forever.

Vanessa tried to discover who had been given Alan’s stock proxy. She was elated to find out that “daddy” had it. She hoped she could control, Spaulding Enterprises, through her father. But Henry was slipping away from Vanessa’s vise-like control. He was dating Bea, and finding he could live his life without Vanessa’s contstant meddling.

A sexy photo of Morgan made the cover of a national nurse’s magazine. But Kelly had made a vow never to be jealous again, and to the surprise of everyone, he kept it… but for how long?

Nola lived a life of mystery in Quint’s lusurious mansion. And her imagination went wild. She watched old movies and then fantasized about Kelly and Quint. There was Nola as Ingrid Berman in Casablanca. Quint was Bogart, saying “Here’s looking at you, kid.” And Kelly was the underground resistance, taking her away with him to freedom. Then Nola was Cathy and Quint was Healthcliff in her Wuthering Heights fantasty.

Meanwhile, Floyd, frustrated in his affections towards Nola, fell in love with a new girl, Leslie Ann. However, poor Leslie had a dangerous secret. She was once a hooker. And Josh Lewis blackmailed her, threatening to tell all.

Nola was confused. At times she thought she could love Quint, but he was too mysterious and frightening. And then there was Kelly. She wanted to still win him. But he had refused to be her child’s godfather, and this had made her cry bitter tears. So, Nola turned to Quint for comfort. And she tried to destroy Mrs. Renfield’s hold on him. As ususal Nola was plotting and planning and manipulating everyone’s life. She refused Floyd’s offer of child support. And she let Quint think that Kelly was the real father of her little girl. What would she pull next?

Lighthouse Painting at Bloss House

October 6, 2019

Looking back at the lighthouse painting in the Bloss Carriage House.

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My favorite part of Blake and Ross’ carriage house is the lighthouse painting that hung over the desk. I really loved it and had even looked up who did it once with the thought of buying a print. I didn’t yet, but I still might. Anyway, doing a little checking around I found that it was a painting by the same Edward Hopper who I mentioned before as the inspiration for Jesse’s mural at Millennium. Somebody on the show at that time must have really liked his stuff. This particular painting was done in 1929 and is called Light at Two Lights. It was painted of a real lighthouse that is still there today. You can see photos of it and read its history here.

Here’s a link to a clip that shows a really good shot of it over the desk:

Look around 0:20 and then again at…

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