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Is Carmen Mr Big Part 1 Fri Sept 28 and Wed Oct 3 2001

September 25, 2018

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Fri., Sept. 28, 2001 – At Company: Danny tells Carmen that he knows she is behind this. Carmen tells him that she is in trouble with the law and would never do anything to mess up her chances. Danny thinks she wants revenge on him for choosing a life with Michelle over her. Frank comes in and tells Carmen that she is a free woman and removes her tracking devise. Danny can’t believe it. Danny: “Frank, what the hell?” and asks Frank what is going on. He tells him that he doesn’t know yet. Carmen tells Danny that she is free because of God. Carmen: “Father Ray promised me if I turned over a new leaf, if I changed, that God would give me another chance and it happened….It’s NOT bull. It’s NOT an act.”  She tells him about her work with Ray and how she prayed for another chance. He doesn’t buy it. He thinks she offered him up to the prosecution. Frank gets off the phone and tells Danny that Johnny Machado and his group were busted with a mystery witness. Carmen denies that she is the witness and tells them that she has a lot to live for and she is going to go enjoy her new found freedom. After she leaves, Danny says he thought Carmen sold him out but he doesn’t know what to think now. He thinks the Machado bust is a smokescreen and that Johnny probably owes Carmen a favor. Carmen of course will have amnesia when it comes to the trial. Frank tells Danny they will go ahead with their original plan. Outside Company, Carmen makes a call and tells someone that she thinks Danny has fallen for her plan.


Wed., Oct. 3, 2001 – Frank and Danny meet and discuss the sting operation to trap whoever is behind Carlos’ ultimatum. Danny tells Frank he is still convinced that Carmen is behind it. Danny later meets with Carlos and tells him that he has decided not to steal the money. He tells Carlos that he knows that Carmen is behind the extortion and he is calling his bluff. Carlos tells Danny that he needs to think about his family. Danny says he IS thinking about his family and that is why he won’t do it. Carlos tells him that he is afraid for him. After his meeting with Danny, Carlos talks to Carmen. He tells her that Danny knows that she is behind the order and that Danny won’t steal the money. Carmen says that Danny is a stupid boy and that he must learn the extent of her power. Later, outside Company, Danny talks to Michelle and tells her that the sting is off for now. He tells her that he will wait for her at Company. As he goes in, a mysterious man in a leather jacket watches him and then follows him in.

My Comments: When Carmen shows up at Company that’s the best she’s looked in ages that’s really a beautiful blouse. Now Danny does show some smarts about figuring out it well maybe Carmen, but he doesn’t follow up. He goes along with the plan anyway. Why? I’m very sorry we don’t have much of the stuff from this description. It’s important for the Danny-Carmen byplay, the Frank/Danny relationship, and giving you a chance to see if Carmen is Mr. Big because frankly it doesn’t make sense if she is or if she isn’t and while I know the solution from the end of the storyline, I’m still not really sure exactly how much of this was a set, how much was Carmen, and if there really was someone else concerned. They never really explain any of it and it makes no sense.

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A League of Their Own Essay 14

August 29, 2018

Republisher’s Note: Again a very accurate point about Danny and Michelle. They DO stand in a league of their own. They ARE smarter, more spiritual, and more passionate people than Jesse and Drew. I have to say sadly with the wisdom of foreknowledge that no, we don’t get to see Michelle use it with Danny very soon at this point. We do get treated to Michelle not really being excited about being with Jesse, Michelle jealous about Danny, and Michelle not being able to get Danny out of her head when Jesse kisses her. Then we get a break. (I’d really like to know if Joie had a vacation or something because it does seem like it wouldn’t really be necessary to have her out of time all that long.) During the break we do learn more about Danny though. So it’s worth it. Flashing back to the first year of my blog I compare Danny and Michelle.

From Rustle of the Sheets

Danny and Michelle at Mall

Essay #14

“A League of Their Own”
“(Following the Drew/Danny “Connection”)
By BettyM — posted on the Mannyac Board.

While Danny and Michelle seem evenly matched, intellectually, spiritually, etc, … come on, now — are either Drew or poor Jesse in their league?

I just don’t see Drew inspiring any deep passion in Danny like Michelle can! That’s the real deal. Michelle gets under Danny’s skin, because he respects her, he knows she’s not just any girl, and thinks she’s special as a human being, the type he wants to father his children; he thinks she’s classy! She is; but he doesn’t realize they’re in the same league, actually.

Think back to how Danny, when he first showed up, and who has been with many girls, zoomed in on Michelle, initially, and not Drew. Remember those early scenes. Drew put on that slutty red dress to distract him; but he honed in on Michelle. Despite Drew’s showiness, he wasn’t blown away; he acknowledged Drew, but I clearly got the impression he saw her like any other of the pretty sloodges he’s been with.

The fact of the matter is that Drew is simply not in Michelle’s/Danny’s league, just as Jesse isn’t. I think that’s why Michelle gets under Danny’s skin! Because of what she is, she hurts; other women do not! There’s simply no challenge for him, intellectually, spiritually, or otherwise with Drew! She’s nothing but a sloodgey, hootch diversion; but Michelle drives him up the wall. Ditto with Jesse for Michelle. I think that same spiritual and intellectual challenge is what gets under Michelle’s skin re Danny, although her Bauerness makes her loathe to face it.

Danny never gave Drew a second look before this. It’s always been about her throwing on a slutty red dress, and throwing it at him. Right? And if my brother can see this; it must be there. Back to that red dress issue — like I said before, I get the distinct impression Paul Rauch, who is very astute, always throws Drew in a showy red dress — twice — around Danny, because that devil knows … that it is Joie Lenz’s Michelle who is the sexy one.

I believe that devil, Rauch, could see that Lenz, when she played the Clone Reva, has this sort of steamy, feisty sexuality. It works for the show, in that, I do believe it is part of the whole package that has Danny floored with Michelle. That it Joie Lenz has is there with Michelle, as it was with Cleva, although wrapped in Bauer dignity; but it’s there! Now, here’s my point …. Will Michelle use it? I believe Rauch knows, the devil, that Jesse and Drew, although surfacely attractive as individuals, simply do not have that it, but Michelle has it; as does Danny.

That is why I think the guys always have gone for Michelle … because she’s truly the sexy one and appealing one, but Michelle seems to underplay it in her Bauer girl goodness. Certainly she has it on Danny — because all she has to do is cuddle to him, and he melts, which I’m sure he hates!

I think Michelle has even picked up that she has this power, and has used it to advantage. I think even the Drew stuff is Danny’s denial that he knows Michelle turns him inside out!

Michelle, although sexy, has been acting pretty demure, as befitting a Bauer lady — but she can be a clever, feisty, little b*tch, as Carmen learned, when she wants to be … so are we gonna see Michelle using some of her it, soon, on Danny, as she has before?



My Wild Guess About What Will Happen Next Essay 13

August 23, 2018

Republisher’s Note: Comment set right after D/D the night when Danny slept with Drew. The episode post is rightly pointing out the much more important “Angel of Mine” dance. There is an issue with the audio on the sequence. I have a back up, but haven’t posted about it. As it is, watch these episodes. Although the guess isn’t right as a whole, her feeling about Ben moving in on Carmen signalling a continued Carmen/Danny/Michelle dynamic was spot on. I think the Manny fighting for financial control would have been a nice story. I vote for anything that didn’t tip Carmen over into actual violence against Michelle so the sniping could continue. Like Ed-Roger in later years, not like their early years.

From Rustle of the Sheets

“My Wild Guess About What Will Happen Next …”
“(Following the Drew/Danny “Connection”)
By Rhonda — posted on the Mannyac Board.

I know a lot of you are concerned about Drew getting pregnant and Michelle and Jesse reuniting, but I’m not, and here’s why. In a word, Ben. Ben’s addition to this storyline signals to me that the writers intend to keep the focus on the Carmen/Danny/Michelle dynamic, and have no intention of shifting the focus to Danny/Drew or Jesse/Michelle. Messe can’t happen unless Carmen is no longer a threat to Michelle, and even if Danny has the upper hand right now, his mother is still a threat, and he knows that and so does Michelle. Therefore, no Messe reunion and no annulment.

Danny may offer Michelle an annulment once he’s sure she’s safe, but he’s not going to give her one now. It’s too risky. So, what will Danny offer to Michelle? My guess is that he’s going to make her a player by giving her half of everything he owns, and that will include a hefty chunk of the Santos’ only legitimately run business.

What if Carmen gave Danny one of the family businesses as a graduation present? Danny gives Michelle the lion’s share of his business, she wills it to Rick if she dies, and Carmen’s hands are tied. Danny might even promise Michelle an annulment as well, but before he can follow through on it Carmen fights back with Ben, and she winds up taking Manny to court to keep the business in the family. That way Manny could spend the next few months at the Bauers battling Carmen while growing closer.

Like I said in the beginning though, this is just a guess, and it’s coming from a someone who sees no need for a Messe reunion so it may just be wishful thinking on my part.

This might also explain the current twist in Manny’s storyline with Michelle betraying Danny, and Danny sleeping with Drew. If Manny will be at the Bauers (a safe, loving environment) working together, and growing closer, then they’ll need internal conflicts to keep them apart, and now both will have them.



Phillip is Suspicious Danny Tries to Lie to Michelle But Can’t Tues Sept 25 2001

July 31, 2018

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Tues., Sept. 25, 2001 – At Company: Michelle and Danny are having a breakfast date. Michelle is rightfully upset that Carmen is out on bail.  Michelle: “Who in their right mind would let that woman out on bail? I know that they gave her some kind of electronic ankle bracelet, but this is a woman who has faked her death more than once!” They discuss possibly getting a restraining order, but decide it might make things worse instead of better if Carmen saw it as a dare. Danny gets a call. He checks his caller ID and doesn’t answer it. Michelle wonders why and he lies and tells her it was a wrong number. She is suspicious but lets it go.

Danny: “If you weren’t so beautiful….We should do this more often, have a date for breakfast.”

Michelle: “But I miss the baby oatmeal in my hair.”

Danny: “You look a lot better without it. {Kiss} I just want to think about my beautiful, {Kiss} sexy {Kiss} wife who tastes like syrup.”


Michelle: “How long will it take you to get across town?” {Kiss}

Danny: “About 10 minutes which should give me a few more minutes to tell my wife how gorgeous she is, how much I love her.” {Kiss}

Michelle with a laugh: “Are we making a spectacle of ourselves?”

Danny: “Who cares? {Kiss} Wait until you see what I’ve got planned for you tonight!”

Hey! Danny pays cash for breakfast! In the last couple of years of the show no one ever pays for anything at Company. Danny leaves for the office and forgets his phone. Michelle picks it up and goes after him. At Infierno: Bernardo leaves a message for Danny to get back to him with 12 hours. After he hangs up he tells Carmen that Danny doesn’t know she is pulling the strings on the deal. Carmen tells him that Danny will go for it, she knows her son. Bernardo tells her that her son has changed and she should also be thinking about her grandson. Carmen tells him she knows what she is doing. Tony comes in and greets Carmen. Carmen tells Tony that he doesn’t know her very well and she thinks they should do something to change that. At Spaulding: Danny goes to his Bad Fake Computer ProgramAccess Approved Alan Personal Accountcomputer and in moments has access to Alan’s personal accounts. “That was too easy,” he says as access approved pops up.  Phillip comes in and when he sees Alan’s personal account accessed on the screen asks him what he is up to. Danny tells him he is doing his job. Phillip thinks Alan’s personal accounts are off limits.

Phillip: “What the hell are you doing? Danny?”

Danny: “What?”

Phillip: “Who authorized you to access my father’s personal account?

Danny: “No one.”

Phillip: “So….. you just broke into his financial file?”

Danny: “Yea, that’s right.”

Phillip: “And…you just freely admit that?”

Danny: “Yea. I’m writing up a full report on it.”

Phillip: “A report?”

Danny: “Yea. Turns out that Spaulding is a hell of a lot more vulnerable than I ever suspected. Originally I thought we were just going to have shore up the internal systems, incription, software stuff like that, but now we’re going to need a whole new system of fail safe internal security measures. I’m thinking we’re going to need infrared sensors on the doors that are leading to the sensitive computers, laser beams in all the areas that have access to the computers. These computers are the heart and soul of Spaulding and the way it is now, anyone can walk in off the street and break in. It’s unacceptable.”

Phillip: “And I suppose you would want to oversee the installation of all this equipment. That way you’d know how it works, where it might be vulnerable.”

Danny: “Well, yea, it’s my job.”

Phillip: “Your job seems to be expanding.”

Danny tells Phillip if he has a problem to take it up with Alan. Phillip tells Danny not to underestimate Alan or he will regret it. Phillip tells Danny to leave his dad’s personal account out of whatever Danny is working on.

Danny: “Don’t you think that should be up to Alan?”

Phillip: “Alan, Alan? Isn’t that still Mr. Spaulding to you?”

He asks Danny to go down to personnel for some security questions. When Danny gets back in his office he finds Michelle there bringing him his phone. She tells him that she listened to his messages (which means she knows his pin – I love that) and she wants to know why Bernardo has called him. He tries to lie at first but she wants the truth and tells Danny that they have to be honest to be in a marriage.

Michelle: “You’re lying to me? Is this the kind of marriage that you want because it’s not what I signed up for, not by a long shot.”

Danny: “You know the only reason I would lie to you would be to protect you and Robbie.”

Michelle: “And it has always backfired.”

Danny: “No.”

Michelle: “The only right way for us is to share everything. That means good and bad. If we can’t do that then it’s NOT a marriage. Please, don’t shut me out.”

Danny turns on a scrambler and whispers to Michelle that the other families want him back and he doesn’t know any way out. Phillip goes to Alan with his concerns about Danny. Alan tells Phillip that he is right about Danny and Phillip doesn’t want to admit it.

NOTE: The sound on the clip is really soft for some reason. It’s soft on both highlight clip channels. Adjust the volume.



My Comments: Well, there’s a good answer for those people who say you need action for a good soap. I just went back and watched that day in the life breakfast several times and it got better with each watching. Then they set you up right there to think Danny’s planning on stealing right then when we cut to the office, but actually he’s just doing his job and testing their security. That really is a good messing with your expectations. This is another one of those key Phillip/Danny scenes that I talk about it. This is Phillip fully twisted up about how Alan is trusting Danny and telling Phillip that Danny is a good, strong, smart man who got back and protected his family as Phillip has singuarly failed to do. Phillip really doesn’t seem to understand what Danny is doing at Spaulding and why. Phillip also doesn’t understand the tech side. He never really was good on the tech side. Alan-Michael was much more of a tech whiz. Alan might not understand either, but he IS smart enough and knows enough to believe Danny knows what he’s talking about. That rings true – it isn’t just because it’s Danny – because Alan has hired tech experts before. Alan sincerely wants Danny working for Spaulding. Even after this crashes and burns he asks Danny to return a couple of different times and at one point even tasks Olivia with trying to get him to return to Spaulding. I like this sequence because it shows Danny DOES know what he’s doing, DOES have a legitamate work plan. I considered Phillip one of my good Springfield friends from the time he was in high school, but I have to admit, sometimes he’s just a jerk. This is one of those times. I especially don’t get why Philllip reacts poorly to Danny calling Alan by his first name. Sure, they’re not friends yet, but they have been next door neighbors for a couple of years now, Alan had been dating his mother-in-law who was for better or worse actively in their lives, and Alan had personally hired Danny. I don’t think it’s out of line for Danny to call Alan by his first name, Meta, Rick, and even Michelle certainly did. Danny coming in and Michelle spinning around in his chair was pretty cool. This is also a Mission Impossible click up. Danny starts using all sort of cool tech. The scrambler is pretty cool. Actually that selling Infierno cover story was really good. It was smart of Michelle to figure it out so quick.

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What About Now Manny Music Video

July 30, 2018

I haven’t kept up to date on my Manny music videos. I think some of my all time favorites have sadly been pulled down. I can’t say that this is one of my favorites (frankly the song doesn’t call out to me), but it has a real nice link of Stablan clips the best and the worst. Do you have a favorite Manny music video? Here’s my sadly out of date list.

And one that was done at my request which is a song they’ve always made me think of.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

As the Cloister Bell Rings In Walks Mr. Big Fri., Sept. 21, 2001

July 24, 2018

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Editor’s Note: I really wish they’d given Manny a few more days of happiness especially at a time when the world could have used some more happiness. But, sigh, that was not to be. Today is really the kick off of the “Mr. Big” part of the story. As I said when I introduced this “chapter” of the Manny story, I have two real problems with this storyline and both are on display today. The first is that Danny is basically conned and doesn’t question it that much. Danny is smart & when he was temporarily the head of the family he learned all the dark dealings of how it worked. If there was some sort of Super Mafia Man!, he’d have known or at least heard rumors. At the VERY least it could have taken awhile to convince him. Sadly they write him dumb and have him buy this hook, line, and sinker on the first try. The second there is the way they handle this mysterious “Mr. Big.” Honestly it’s like the WRITERS aren’t too sure who it really is a lot of the time.  I know there are heavy suggestions here at the beginning and at the end that it’s Carmen, but in the middle you’re really not that sure and some of the stuff really doesn’t make sense if Carmen IS Mr. Big. The whole thing reads convaluted and ill-thought out. So as the thorn in our rose garden, enter Mr. Big, stage left.

Fri., Sept. 21, 2001 – At Infierno: Danny repeats Carlos wants him to steal $25 million from Alan. Carlos says it isn’t him or the three families, but higher than that. Danny tells him to forget it; he won’t let himself get pulled back in. Carlos says he should think of it as a redistribution of wealth. Danny wants to meet these people because he thinks it is Carlos and Machado jerking his chain. Carlos denies it. Danny asks him if he is a third rate messenger for some other bosses. Danny tells him there is no deal without a meeting. Carlos tells him to do what he is told or else. Carlos suggests that Danny take a little money from each Spaulding account and put it in a Swiss bank account. Danny asks if he is supposed to just sit around after that and wait for Alan or Phillip to catch on. He doesn’t want to live the life of a criminal. He tells Carlos he doesn’t have that kind of access to the financial part of Spaulding but Carlos is confident that he can do it. Danny tells him that he will think about it. Carlos gives him 24 hours. At Company: Meta tells Carmen to leave or she will call the police. Carmen says that the police know where she is; she is out on bail. No one believes her until she shows them her ankle monitor. Carmen tells them she is only there because she truly wants to be there for her family and Robbie. She tells Michelle not to fear her. Michelle tells her that her baby isn’t there and Carmen will never see him so she should just get out! Claire tells Carmen she doesn’t deserve to see the baby after all she has done. Carmen reminds Claire that she helped her. As they argue, Meta and Michelle are in another world talking about the cake and the Reardon recipes. Carmen continues to tell Claire that the only reason she did what she did was due to being on bad medication. Carmen rushes over to Michelle and begs to start over for Robbie’s sake. She tries to hand her a teddy bear she brought for Robbie but Michelle isn’t interested. Carmen offers to spend the rest of her life making things up to her and Danny. Michelle isn’t buying the bad medication story. The only thing she thinks of when she sees Carmen is calling 911. She tells Carmen she belongs behind bars and she will never let her be in the same room with Robbie as long as she is still breathing. Carmen says she is sorry to hear that and leaves. Outside, Carmen says she will have her grandson and her family back.

My Comments: See the editor’s note above the description. Consider it repeated and EMPHASISED here. In my book the only good thing about Infierno was Danny’s office. It’s a great office and it makes scenes more enjoyable even when they are bad. Now as much as I hate the “Mr. Big” part of this storyline, I really like how it plays out with Carmen and Michelle’s direct interactions. I think the writers made a mistake having Carmen frame Michelle for killing Ben Warren. A Carmen going after Michelle, but chained on a leash by wanting to keep Danny in her life and a fiesty Michelle also limited by not wanting to hurt Danny sparring is the best option. Once Carmen is actively trying to kill Michelle or have her killed it means you can’t have this low level snipping which I think is really fun. They kind of return to that point here which if they weren’t doing the stupid “Mr. Big” stuff too would be great. An important point to remember here though is that Michelle begged Carmen for Robbie’s life. If she was going to kill Michelle anyway to at least wait until Robbie was born and spare him. Carmen said she definitely needed to kill Robbie too. So while I think Carmen might actually be genuine of wanting him in her life now, Michelle is NEVER going to forget that. She might, MIGHT be able to at least live with what Carmen did to her civilly for Danny’s sake, but she will NEVER forget what Carmen tried to do to Robbie. Actually Carmen’s question is good. Where IS Robbie? Normally they say Meta has him when they need an excuse why he’s not there, but there she is.

A further note: When I name these episode posts my goal is normally to name them something concretely descriptive so if you’re looking for them you might spot them or use a search term that takes you there. The first half of today’s post title is more symbolic. In classic Doctor Who when the cloister bell rings it’s a warning that something dreadful is about to happen. You don’t know what and you don’t know how soon, but soon and it’s going to be worse than every day in the TARDIS which is saying a lot. I thought it was fitting for this post, but I hope people will understand it.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


The Danny Complex Allusions to Othello Essay 12

July 23, 2018

Republisher’s Note: Further comment on the scene where Danny puts his hands on Michelle’s neck along with other times when Danny lays hold, shakes, etc. Michelle. I agree with Andrea that bringing out both the best and the worst in each other is a very human and very important part of their relationship. Watch the episode of Danny manhandling Michelle.

From the Rustle of the Sheets

“The Danny Complex — Allusions to Othello” 

By Melissa

I never expected a “soap” storyline/character would ever make me think of “Shakespeare” or some other similar literary saga. The last few Danny-Michelle scenes in Guiding Light, especially Monday’s episode, have made me think “Who’d a thought?”

Here is a man who is so devoted to and in love with his wife — the woman of this dreams — but whom he believes has betrayed him and all he holds sacred. He is fighting to hold on to her, but knows what must be done.

The scene where Danny’s hands are around Michelle’s neck, and his entire body language and expressions reveal all his anguish and turmoil just nailed me! Some folks were disturbed by his “manhandling” of Michelle, and seemed to be annoyed. But that scene was powerful! It made me think of and see (!) Othello just before he killed Desdemona, the wife he so loved and adored but whom he believed betrayed him.

    • Othello: (beginning of Act V, Scene 2)
      It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul.
      Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars.
      It is the cause. Yet I’ll not shed her blood,
      Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow,
      And smooth as monumental alabaster.
      Yet she must die, else she’ll betray more men


      • I cannot give it vital growth again;
        … When I have plucked the rose,
      • …. Be thus when thou art dead, and I will kill thee,
      • And love thee after. One more, and that’s the last!
      • So sweet was ne’er so fatal. I must weep,
      • But they are cruel tears. This sorrow’s heavenly;

It strikes where it doth love…

These words capture so well Danny’s tortured soul. Back to Othello, when Desdemona awakes, he asks her:

      • If you bethink yourself of any crime
      • Unreconciled as yet to heaven and grace,

Solicit for it straight.

Again, we see this when Danny implores Michelle to reconsider and come clean. At least the similarity ends there, since Danny doesn’t actually kill Michelle.

For another thing, Michelle is not innocent, whereas Desdemona was (and there lay the tragedy). I’ve been thinking way too much about this, perhaps. I know that one shouldn’t be doing a “Oh, character A in story X is character B in story Y.” Yet it has been rather fun to do it with this particular “Manny” storyline. And Mama Santos makes a very good villanous Iago. (I know, I know the motives of deceit are different. It is interesting though, that Iago sets up Desdemona to bring down Othello, while Mama Santos sets up Michelle to bring down Michelle, but ends up badly hurting Danny also. I can hardly believe how these two “triangles” from completely different worlds have generated this much interest in me.)

I still cannot believe what a fabulous character Danny is. Kudos to the writers for finally creating a figure who is not a one-dimensional sap. Instead, they’ve given us a multi-faceted man, and have not been afraid to explore those different sides. Most of all, thanks must go to Paul Anthony Stewart. His brilliant acting breathes life into this complex and enigmatic character. I cannot see any of the other soap actors playing and showing us all the layers of Danny — from his boyish charm, his light and humorous side, his sweet and gentle nature, to, yes (especially) his haunted and dark soul.

He has all the makings of a tragic hero. But this is also the world of soaps, and the writers are not going to end this with a Shakespearean bloodbath. So take heart, “Manny” will live and have their joyful union (so I fervently hope). Written well, the mistakes Danny makes (and Michelle, too, of course) will just add to his character’s depth and the relationship’s growth. They are not meant to “assasinate” Danny’s character. The tragedy here would be turning Danny into a regular soap hunk-a-riffic of the month, and the relationship into some formulaic soap romance.

Now that would be character assasination (at which point, I will happily turn off the tv once again and put it back in the closet).


Danny and Michelle Quotes of Love from Rustle of the Sheets

June 21, 2018

Republished from The Rustle of the Sheets

Republisher’s Note: These are dialogue quotes taken from the Manny storyline from the beginning up to the Laurel Falls wedding. I think as a future project, the next time I watch through the beginning of their storyline, I’ll try to copy these into the episodes they belong in and link to them here. For right now, enjoy the transcripts of the quotes as done by Jennifer H.

Danny and Michelle Quotes of Love

From Rustle of the Sheets – One More Note: Bear in mind, these are only quotes that deal with their feelings for one another, or commentary made by others (notably, Drew in the beginning — thank goodness that Rick, Bill and Pilar are jumping on the bandwagon now).

This means all of those things that Michelle said while pretending in the beginning, ie. “I love Danny. He’s my husband,” etc. will not be here, simply because they weren’t real. I’m only going for the reality of their feelings here — so, naturally, all of the early quotes will deal with Danny’s feelings for Michelle. Thankfully, this is changing and we are seeing that one-side street going both ways now. 🙂

Danny: Wanna, help me out, Michelle?
Michelle: Uh, okay.
Danny: Tell me the truth.
Michelle: The truth about what?
Danny: Well, what a nice, pretty girl like you is doing studying in a place like this?

Drew (to Michelle): I’ve seen the way he [Danny] looks at you …

Danny: You know, that Michelle, she’s a real class act.
Jesse: She ain’t no act, she’s a pretty amazing woman.
Danny: Yeah, she is.

Michelle: Danny and I sorta had a thing.
Drew: A thing?
Michelle: He kissed me. I know, it came out of nowhere. He just walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth…

Drew (to Michelle): He’s been eyeing you … he made his move.

Drew (to Michelle): Danny has a big thing for you.

Danny (to Michelle): Now, there’s only us.

Drew: We both know Danny has the hots for you.
Michelle: You think I actually like Danny’s little mind games?
Drew: Either that, or you’re real good at faking it.

Danny (to Michelle): Mornin’ sexy.

Drew: You don’t care who killed your brother anymore.
Danny: Look, you watch what you say to me, Drew.
Drew: That is not what this Jesse thing is about. It’s about Michelle. You have feelings for her and you are using your brother’s death to get closer to her.
Danny: Okay, Drew, let’s suppose that you are right and I do find Michelle to be attractive … and I think that Jesse killed my brother, which is gonna make this a lot more interesting for me. It’s kinda gonna be like, uh, killing two birds with one stone.

Dietz (to Danny): The boss is concerned that you’re getting friendly with this, this, Bauer girl.

Danny (to Michelle) : You know, Michelle, I really wish that I was wrong about you guys, especially you.

Drew: I told you the truth so that no one would get hurt. I thought you cared about Michelle.
Danny: And you thought that was gonna save her?
Drew: I don’t understand. It was an accident. I don’t understand, I thought you liked her.
Danny: Mick was my brother, Drew, he was my brother. Besides, there are a lot of people who want revenge. This went way out of my hands a while ago.

Danny (to Michelle): Please, don’t make this any harder on me than it already is.

Danny: Why do you keep following me?
Dietz: Making sure you’re not getting soft on this pretty young thing.

Danny (to Michelle): I wonder, I wonder if you’re worth risking my neck for?

Deitz: You’re throwing your whole life away, every thing you’ve worked for, been groomed for on some two-bit piece of work off the street —
Danny: — Hey, hey! Don’t you ever talk about Michelle like that again. Ever!

Danny: I’m not going to let you take her away from me. Michelle is here because I want her here. She belongs with me.
Carmen: You’re really in love with her, aren’t you? You’re in love with the girl who killed your brother.
Danny: I know the value of our family, you’ve taught me that, but you are not going to intimidate her and I will not let you scare her off. She is my wife and you’re going to honor that, whether you like it or not.

Danny: Haven’t you got it yet, Michelle? All of this is for you. Everything that I have done, I have done to keep you alive. I didn’t say anything to my mother just now, because I will do whatever it takes … I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe.
Michelle: Oh my God.
Danny: It’s not about my mother and it’s not about my brother anymore, either. Its, uh, it’s about you … and me.

Danny (to Michelle): We’re connected, Michelle. I mean, come on, even when we’re at each other’s throats there’s something between us. You know I’m right.

Carmen: The feelings you have for this young woman sadden me.
Danny: Why? Why? You’re the one — you claim that you want me to be happy.
Carmen: I don’t think that she can make you happy. In fact, after everything you’ve done for her, I believe that she’ll only end up breaking your heart.
Danny: You’re wrong. You’re wrong.

Michelle: When we were talking with Father Tomas, I realized that we want the same things out of life.
Danny: We do, yeah. Like everybody does.
Michelle: I know, I just never …
Danny: What, you never, you never thought that I want those things?
Michelle: Yeah. When we were at Father Tomas’ office, I saw somebody that I actually liked. And I realized that we’re not so different, you know. We, we have similar dreams.
Danny: Yeah, I mean, they’re the same.
Michelle: We deserve to have our dreams come true, Danny, we do.
Danny: Yeah, I know, of course we do.
Michelle: So, maybe we really can make this work out?
Danny: Yeah, we can, you know, but not if we quit. If we do this right, we can have everything we want, by working together, not fighting with each other, trusting each other ….

Danny: Look, hey, I would never hurt Michelle. I would never let anybody touch her. Never!
Jesse: Well, well, well, I see what’s going on here, you’re falling in love with Michelle, aren’t you?

Jesse (to Michelle) : This is about Danny. He’s really falling in love with you.

Danny (to Father Tomas) : I have to protect her. I can’t let anything happen to my wife.

Danny (to Michelle): Do you know how beautiful you are?

Michelle: Am I supposed to fall in love with you? Learn to love you?
Danny: Look, I don’t care one way or the other, okay?
Michelle: Liar. Jesse told me how you feel about me, Danny, and this marriage is not about you protecting me or saving anybody else. This is about you … you wanting something ….

Michelle: I don’t love you. I never will.
Danny: Never say never, Michelle. My grandparents had an arranged marriage and …
Michelle: And what, they lived happily ever after?
(overlapping) Danny: Yeah, they did! As a matter of fact, they did.
(overlapping) Michelle: Well, good for them. Good for them.
(overlapping) Danny: No, good for us.
Danny: If my grandparents never laid eyes on each other before they were married and they ended up happy, then maybe we can too.

Michelle (about a drawing of herself): Jesse drew that a while ago. It’s alright, I guess.
Danny: No, it’s not.
Michelle: What?
Danny: Come on, he had a beautiful subject and he didn’t do it justice, not at all.

Danny (to Michelle) : You really are something.

Danny: You know, when you — you take a shower and you comb your hair, you — you rub lotion into your arms, into your shoulders and you slip into a nightgown and I’m — I’m sitting in bed, pretending to read or listen to music or whatever, but that’s not what I’m doing. I — I’m watching you. I’m trying not to, but I am. I do. I am a man and when you climb into bed with me, beside me, never touching, never touching, I lie there awake, staring into the dark, aware of everything that you’re doing, of how you breathe, of the rustle of the sheets and it takes every ounce of my being to not want to reach out to you. I care about you. I desire you. I want to reach out to you.

Carmen (to Michelle) : He’s very devoted to you. He truly loves you.

Drew: Does Danny like you?
Michelle: I think he’s actually starting to have feelings for me.

Ray (to Carmen): My cousin is a man in love.

Danny: (as Michelle steps beside him at the altar) You look beautiful.

Danny: Are you nervous?
Michelle: Yeah, I think I’m gonna faint.
Danny: Just look at me.

Danny: You know sometimes people meet each other under very unusual circumstances. We did. Who knows why God puts a particular person into your life. I certainly didn’t expect to meet someone like you and I know you didn’t plan on meeting a guy like me, but by divine providence or fate or just plain luck, we were thrown together and I knew, I knew that you were a treasure to be cherished and to be revered. Michelle, I — I promise to do everything in my power to keep you safe and to make you happy. And what we have between us will grow with you as my wife and I as your husband.

Michelle: Daniel, from now on, I put my life … my fate, into your hands.

Danny: Michelle, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow. And with all that I am and all that I have I honor you in the name of God.
Michelle: Daniel, I offer you this ring as a symbol of my vow. And with all that I am and that I have I will honor you in the name of God.

Michelle: You know, you can stop smiling now. (To photographer) We’re on a break. We’re on a break.
(overlapping) Danny: No, a break.   Michelle: On a break.
Danny: Sorry, I just can’t stop smiling.
Michelle: Hey listen, I wanna thank you for kind of saving my vows, that stuff you said about being so devoted and giving of yourself was really good. Thank you.
Danny: You’re welcome. I meant every word.

Drew: The wedding was beautiful and Danny really made me believe he loved you … a lot.

Carmen: Where’s my son? Look at him, as happy as ever.
Wedding Guest: Surely God has joined these two together.

Rick: This all happened so fast, I didn’t think it was real, but I saw today the one thing that I always imagined when I thought about my sister’s wedding and that was her smile. Michelle, may that beautiful smile always light up your husband’s life like it lit up this room today.

Drew: You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think this whole thing was real.
Michelle: What does that mean?
Drew: You! I mean, you’re laughing and smiling all over the place. And that kiss (fans herself), whew!
Michelle: Drew, I had to kiss him.
Drew: Like that?
Michelle: Yeah, I guess things are getting a little real around here.
Drew: A little? I don’t think it’s an act anymore.

Daniel: I know it can be pretty intense meeting the family all at one time.
Michelle Not really, why — why do you say? Why do you …
Danny: Well, I mean, you seemed in a little, a little bit of a rush to get out of there.
Michelle: Oh, well, I hope I wasn’t rude.
Danny: No, no, no, not at all. It’s okay. You were perfect. (Pause) You are perfect.

Drew: I thought you were gonna bust the ceremony or something.
Jesse: To tell you the truth, I actually thought about it ….
Drew: What stopped you?
Jesse: She looked really happy. She really looked in love.

Danny: I won’t do anything to rush you, okay? We’ve all the time in the world, this is just the beginning for us as husband and wife.

Danny: Hey, remember that — that day when we had to go meet with Father Tomas, for our Pre-Cana, to talk about all the things we want in marriage.
Michelle: Mmhmm, what about it?
Danny: You looked so miserable. You practically had your fingers crossed and your toes.
Michelle: Seems like a long time ago.
Danny: I know, I know, you know, you thought that you hated me, I know. And then you realized that we want the same things, that our dreams are pretty much the same —
Michelle: Danny —
Danny: Let me finish, let me finish. You know, I thought, I was starting to think that we were not gonna make it — that together there was no way we were gonna have the kind of marriage we both wanted with us at each other’s throats all the time. I figured we were just doomed, you know, doomed to go through the motions for the rest of our lives. But today — today something changed. We said our vows. I don’t know, I saw something different in you. I felt it, I think you did, too. And when we kissed, you kissed me back and it was real and I thought, you know, maybe we’re gonna be okay. You know, maybe things are gonna work out and maybe our dreams can really come true.

Danny: I was very wrong to think that you care about me.
Michelle: I do care about you.

Danny: You are my wife and I will protect you with my life. I promise.

Carmen: Things started happening the day you brought Michelle Bauer into our home.
Danny: Her name is Michelle Santos.

Danny (to Carmen): I trust Michelle. I trust her with my life.

Danny (to Carmen): This girl is my wife. She is the future of this family. Her children — our children — are the next Santos generation.

Ray: You really lucked out when you married Michelle. You found yourself a very kind and generous girl.
Danny: Well, yeah, I know.

Danny: I love to hear good things about my wife.

Danny: I am trying to figure out who you are . . . who I’m married to.
Michelle: Me! Michelle Bauer Santos, I’m your wife.

Danny: So, what am I supposed to think, huh?
Michelle: You’re supposed to believe me. You’re supposed to remember our wedding day and our vows to trust each other. Will you just remember the way that we looked at each other and the way that we kissed? I felt something. I know you did. Do you —
Danny: Michelle . . .
Michelle: Do you honestly think that I would just betray that feeling? That I would just throw it away? Why would I do something like that? Why would I do that?
Danny (whispering): I don’t know.
Michelle: Ssh, we have something. You know that we do. And I know that I tried to deny it for a very long time, but it’s there and it’s this chemistry and it’s not like anything I’ve ever felt before.

Michelle: . . . I am alive and it’s because of you.
Danny: So, you’re grateful.
Michelle: What I’m feeling is more than gratitude. Do you honestly think that I would do anything to hurt you?
Danny: I don’t know. I don’t know. I want to trust you.
Michelle: I want to trust you, too.
Danny: Well . . .
Michelle: I want to be close to you, Danny. I want us to start out like any other couple who just got married. Just think about our wedding day: the priest has just pronounced us husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.

Danny: You look nice.
Michelle: Thank you.

Drew: . . . obviously he trusts you now.
Michelle: Yeah, I guess.
Drew: He does more than trust you as a matter of fact, he’s falling all over you.
Michelle: Well, yeah, he has his moments when he’s protective and he’s definitely really sweet sometimes . . .

Michelle: I am a prisoner in that house.
Drew: Yeah, you are, but you’re starting to have feelings for your jailer.

Drew: I am worried about you, ‘kay?
Michelle: You’re worried about me?
Drew: Yes, because I know I’m right about what I see in you and Danny. I know it.
(overlapping) Michelle: Drew —
Drew: Listen, this is not —
Michelle: You can’t —
Drew: This is not a great act, okay? I mean, I see the two of you together. I just saw the way you reacted when he kissed you, Michelle. That stupid, ridiculous smile you have on your face every time you’re with him. He is getting to you. Why can’t you admit that?
Michelle: Alright, alright, you’re right. I mean, he definitely has his moments when I forget who he is, I forget his family and when we’re alone I definitely feel guilty about what I’m doing.

Grandmother (to Danny): You are not doing this for the business or for your family. You are doing this for you because you care about her. I see the way you look at her.

Grandmother: I know all of the problems you’re having [with] this marriage — your mother’s vendetta, your brother, Mick, but I have a feeling that something strong can come out of this.
Danny: Like you and grandfather?
Grandmother: Ours was an arranged marriage. Now, we hardly knew each other, but we learned to trust and we learned to love.
Danny: I just don’t think that Michelle and I are going to get that chance. I mean, ours was not an arranged marriage. We were forced together by circumstance. I knew that she didn’t love me, she didn’t even like me, so …
Grandmother: That has changed, I promise you.
Danny: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Grandmother: Then what do you think?
Danny: What —
Grandmother: How do you feel towards her?
Danny: Me? I don’t . . . I have mixed feelings.
Grandmother: Don’t lie to your grandmother. You are in love with this girl.
Danny: I wish I wasn’t. I wish I didn’t, but you’re right. I’m in love with her. I love her.

Danny (to Michelle): Baby, I heard you, I heard what you said and I want to spend some more time with you, too.

Danny: Okay, Michelle, I’ll be right out here, okay? If you need me …
Michelle: Okay.
Danny: I’m right here.

Michelle: He said he loved me. I heard him tell his grandmother that he loved me and there’s no way that he could have known that I was listening, so I know that he meant it. And when I heard that, I couldn’t do it, do you understand now? I couldn’t go through with it, I couldn’t betray him like that. I’m telling you, Drew, in that moment, he was different.
Drew: Or maybe you’re just falling in love with your husband?

Carmen: Daniel, how can you trust anything that girl has ever said? Or how she’s looked at you? How can you believe any kind, loving words she’s ever spoken?
(overlapping) Danny: Because … because —
Carmen: — How do you know for sure that it wasn’t all a lie?
Danny: I know her.

Michelle (to Danny): Danny, I could never hurt you. You need to understand that. You need to trust your feelings about me.

Michelle (to Danny): I heard you tell her that you cared about me. Honestly, it made me feel really, really good, because it made me feel like you understand me.

Michelle (to Danny): I just wanted to tell you that I’m glad that you ended up with me last night, that nothing happened to you.

Danny: I’m gonna miss you.
Michelle: I’ll miss you, too.

Danny (to Michelle): I don’t want to say goodbye to you.

Danny (to Michelle): Michelle, I am your husband and I want to be there for you. I do, the same way that you’d be there for me.

Danny (to Michelle): I want to take care of you.

Rick: I want you out of this marriage!
Michelle: I don’t want out!
Abby: Okay, hey, are you serious about this?
Michelle: Yes, I’m serious. I want to stay married to Danny.

Meta: You have strong feelings for Danny.
Michelle: No, no, I do not. I just, you know, I feel bad for hurting him, I feel bad.
Meta: You don’t risk your life if you just feel sorry for someone.
Michelle: Okay, so maybe I have thoughts …
Meta: What kind of thoughts?
Michelle: I don’t know, thoughts, just thoughts, okay?
Meta: You do care for him?
Michelle: (after a long pause) There’s something about him. I don’t know if it’s the way he looks at me or the way that I feel when I’m around him, I don’t know what it is, but I can’t explain it, I can’t.
Meta: You think maybe it’s love?
Michelle: I don’t know. I wish to God that I did know because it’s there and it won’t go away.

Michelle: Danny told his grandmother that he loved me, I felt so …
Meta: So what?
Michelle: Special. Is that crazy?
Meta: No, it’s not crazy at all.
Michelle: It felt so good when I heard that and if I didn’t care for him, then why would I feel that way?
Meta: You wouldn’t.

Michelle: He needs to know that at first I pretended to have feelings for him, but now everything’s changed. Do you think he’ll believe me?
Meta: Believe the feelings are real now?
Michelle: I think they are, maybe this could really work out.

Meta: What would your life be like with him?
Michelle: We could make whatever kind of life we want.

Michelle (to Danny in her dream): When I told you that I cared about you, I wasn’t lying. I wasn’t.

Michelle (the dream continued) : I know we started off wrong, but we can make this right, I know we can make this work. I want you. I want you, so much.
Danny: I want you, too.

Note: There is a big chunk of quotes missing, but I will eventually get to them all.

Danny: I’m sorry, no. I can’t allow this.
Michelle: You’re not gonna change my mind. This is where I belong — right beside you. No matter what.

Danny: I may have to do something drastic.
Ray: Drastic?
Danny: It’s the only way I figure I’m going to be able to do it.
Ray: Do what?
Danny: Get back with the woman I love.

Michelle (to Bill about Danny): I love him. I’m in love with him, Bill.

Carmen: Why, why did you take this dangerous step, what were you thinking?
Danny: I’ll do anything to be with Michelle.

Danny (to Michelle): I want to hold you close and swear before God I will always love you.

Danny (to Michelle): I wanna say my vows to you in church before God with no distractions except those beautiful brown eyes of yours.

Danny (to Michelle): I love the way you smile.

Danny: When we come home after the wedding today we’re gonna be together for the rest of our lives. We’re never gonna be apart again. I promise.

Danny (to Rick about Michelle): Yeah, look, you know we didn’t really start out like most couples. You could say we had the odds stacked against us but since we’ve been separated, our feelings for each other have grown stronger. And I know that I come from a particular life, but Michelle makes me want to be a better man … a man that she can be proud of. I’m changed forever.

Danny (to Rick about Michelle): I know that I am not exactly the guy that you would want for Michelle but I love her. I love her with all my heart and I can take care of her. She’ll never want for anything. She’ll have every bit of happiness she can ever imagine.

Abby (to Danny): You have a beautiful voice. (to Michelle) Doesn’t he have a beautiful voice?
Michelle: Yes, he has a beautiful voice.

Rick (to Michelle about Danny): Do you love him?
Michelle: I love him. I do.

Abby (to Rick about Danny and Michelle): They are so in love.

Danny (to Michelle) : I can’t wait to take you home as my wife. I can’t believe that I am going to be able to wake up every morning for the rest of my life and see this beautiful face.

Danny: Don’t move… (Bells ringing) Do you hear that?
Michelle: Mmhhmm.
Danny: I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life — the way you look right now and the happiness that I feel … the sound of the bells … how being with you makes me feel like I can do anything.
Michelle: You know, I used to imagine what my wedding day would be like. I used to dream about what it would be like to stand next to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and nothing that I dreamed could have possibly turned out as wonderful as this.
Danny: Wow, soon we’re really going to be husband and wife.

Michelle: Mr. Santos, I do believe someone might think we’re in love.

Michelle (to Danny): I want to be with you, you are my husband.

Michelle: Can you think back to when Ray was going to marry us, we were talking about having him marry us for real?
Danny: Yeah.
Michelle: Okay, I wanted that so badly, because I finally knew how I felt about you. I mean finally, and for the first time in my life, the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to totally and completely adore someone, to want someone more than anyone or anything in my life. I felt connected to you in my heart, in my soul. I’m in love with you Danny. I would rather die with you than live without you.

Phillip: Okay, fine, if you don’t want to do that, what about Danny?
Rick: What about Danny?
Phillip: Well, I know he is not your favorite guy, but do you think he really loves Michelle?
Rick: Yes.

Michelle (to Danny): I came back here to live with you as husband and wife, that’s what I want. I came back here because I want to be with you in every way. I want to wake up with you, I want to make love to you, and crawl into bed with you, and take bubble baths with you, and watch TV, and fight over the remote control, and have breakfast in bed, and I want all that. I want all of it, and I want you. If there were a thousand guns lined up outside, I would want to face them with you. Please, please love me enough to know that I am not just your wife now, I’m your life.

Rick: She stays at your side because that the kind of person she is, that’s why you love her right?
Danny: Yes, I love her.

Danny (to Rick): I love her more then anything.

Michelle: Rick, don’t you see. I love this man!

Michelle: I belong with Danny. We belong together.
Rick: Think about what you’re saying!
Danny: She thought about what she is saying, we belong to each other.

Danny: Hello, my beautiful wife.
Michelle: Hello, my perfect husband.

Phillip: Rick, Rick, will you listen to me for just a second. I know what it is you are trying do and I wish there was a simple way to do it, but there isn’t. You understand, it doesn’t matter, you can keep her locked up for two months or two years and if she loves Danny Santos, then she is going to find her way back to him. And as we both know very well, the harder you try to keep them apart the harder they are gonna try to come together.

Michelle: I just want to be with you.
Danny: You are. You are with me. Right where you belong.

Michelle: Danny, listen to me for a minute. I want to be your wife. I want to have a life with you more than anything in this world, okay? If we keep fighting your mother, it’s just going to be harder for us. I don’t want that. I really, really don’t.

Michelle: I feel like I just lost my family. And it’s really strange because it doesn’t really matter as long as I have you.
Danny: I am sorry this is happening. Rick was wrong — you are safe with me. I would protect you with my life.
Michelle: I know. And I believe you. I love you.
Danny: I love you. I do. More than my own life.

Michelle: … when we got married the first time in front of everybody and we kissed, I was fighting it but I just realized that I was falling in love with you and I know it’s gonna last forever.
Danny: I want to promise my love for you before God right here.
Michelle: Me too, me too. And you know what’s so great about this, I am already yours and I always will be. We just get to say it again!
Danny: Just us.
Michelle: Just for us.
Danny: Just for us.

Danny: I love you. I love you so much.
Michelle: I love you too!

Ray (to Michelle): You bring so much happiness to my cousin.

Danny: Are you ready?
Michelle: Mhhmm, I’ve been ready since I realized that I can’t live without you.

Ray: We are gathered here in sight of God to join this man and woman in the holy matrimony.
Michelle: Danny, you know I wasn’t looking for love when I met you and somehow by the grace of God it found me and standing here with you right now, I can’t even imagine what it would be to live without it. And I know we’ve been tested, definitely and it only made us stronger, you know. And I really believe we could survive anything right now. I mean, you really are a dream come true, Danny.
Danny: Michelle, Michelle, when you entered my life, I was changed forever. You’re so full of love and life and goodness. You are a treasure and I promise I will treasure you always. With you in, my life is richer than I had ever dreamed it would be. You make me want to be the best man that I can be. The man you can be proud to call your husband. I want to make all your dreams come true and I will. And as God is my witness I vow to protect you, to honor you and to love you forever. You are my life.


Danny Leaves Michelle SID

June 11, 2018

Republished from “The Rustle of the Sheets”

Republisher’s Note: This is the full text of the article as it appeared on the website including photos. I have not yet double checked the text. I corrected a couple of obvious typos. I believe the editorial remarks are from the editor of the website, not the author. The website credits it to the August 3, 1999 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.


“Danny Leaves Michelle!” 8/3/99

When Danny makes plans to return briefly to San Cristobel this week, he has no intention of having Michelle join him. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

The InDepth Preview: At the start of the week, after being deported from San Cristobel, Josh pays Danny a visit and relates his sob story. Then, he goes a step further and asks the reformed mobster to help him return to the country so they can rescue Reva.

Danny is annoyed that his friend, Prince Edmund, didn’t honor his promise to help free the Lewises from prison. Moreover, he can imagine how upset he would be if it were Michelle holed up in a foreign jail. So he agrees to fly Josh back to set things right.

Later, as Danny finishes packing for the trip, he is surprised by Michelle’s arrival at the Santos House and quickly hides his bag. When his wife insists on spending a quiet evening at home, he claims that he has an urgent business meeting. Naturally, when she spots the suitcase, she assumes the worst — that Danny is leaving her to return to the Mob.

Danny pleads for Michelle’s understanding. Then riddled with guilt, he confesses his plan to help out Josh. Assuring his new bride that he is in no danger, he promises to be back the following day.

Could his overnight Good Samaritan trip turn into more of an unplanned, extended vacation?


What Today’s Show Means Essay 11

May 30, 2018

Republisher’s Note: We’ve been focused in the last couple of essays have been focused on the scene where Danny is considering following through on his promise and killing Michelle for her betraying him and remaining a threat to the family. This essay bumps on to the immediately following scenes. Watch the episode where Michelle stands up to Carmen about Danny while Carmen gloats and Danny learns the truth about Carmen setting up Michelle over the FBI tip. Apparently there were spoilers out that Danny was going to sleep with Drew. That’s the horrible thing they mention.

From Rustle of the Sheets

“What Today’s Show Means”
(Written after the March 16th episode)

By Kristi — posted on the Mannyac Board.

The writers have accomplished more in today’s show than I could have ever imagined. I hate what’s going to come (yes, it is still happening) but they’re moving in the right direction. I still have a problem with Drew being the one Danny turns to, but for the first time in days I’m thinking that maybe the writers really know what they’re doing and will even make “it” (can’t say it either, Kathy) sensible to me.

Some unforeseen developments in today’s show:

* When I read that Danny would confront his mother about the F.B.I. raid today, I thought maybe he’d make some deductions of his own based on some suspicious facts such as Dietz having pictures of the raid. I never thought he’d learn the whole truth about Carmen’s set-up. He’s now learned the extent she’ll go to have Michelle out of their lives, the extent of her hatred, to the point of betraying her own son, and even though she’ll be proven right in the end (Michelle did inform the F.B.I.), it doesn’t change what she did and that’ll be a huge factor in whatever decision Danny takes regarding his marriage in the future. And he’ll never see his mother in the same way again either. It’s not just his relationship with Michelle that is being re-evaluated this week but the one with his mother as well and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but no wonder he goes over the edge. Translation: the writers are setting it up in a way that makes sense.

* His mother’s betrayal, however, also doesn’t change the fact that he planned to kill his own wife. We’ll never know what would have happened at the last minute, but it’s still an unsettling truth to deal with.

* What is his first instinct upon learning of his mother’s betrayal? Get out of the house and go with Michelle. Translation: he’ll always choose Michelle, place her over his family as long as she chooses to trust him.

* Line of the day: “I’m Danny’s wife, maybe there are a few things about him that I understand better than you.” I doubt the meaning has sunk into Michelle yet but she’s just made a claim on her husband. Against his mother, to boot. And she’s right, she does know him better than his mother, in some way. Carmen is so blinded by her hatred of Michelle, she doesn’t realize she isn’t winning anything, that as a matter of fact she’s losing her son.

* And I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but it’s obvious that on Thursday, Michelle will confess everything, and that in the end can only be good in re-building the relationship. We’ve all been pulling for Michelle to tell him the truth and save her marriage, and isn’t it ironic that she destroys whatever’s left of it by doing what she should have been doing all along.

It also tells something about us, that we didn’t want her to tell the truth for the sake of truth, that there’s a part of us that wishes the marriage could have been saved even if it meant Michelle keeping a lie forever. She could choose to do so, as Danny is now choosing to walk out on his mother (isn’t it what she’s been telling Drew all along, if only he’d get rid of his mother), but it is right that she won’t. And I don’t think she’ll do it because she just wants out. She’ll do it because Danny deserves the truth no matter how it hurts. That is the Michelle Bauer that I know.



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