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Christmas in Springfield Roundup 2015

December 28, 2015

Owing to my trip it was a bit abbreviated Christmas Week in Springfield Week. Each year I add informational posts and an episode guide to the Christmas episodes of Guiding Light that I have found. Each year I’m afraid this will be it and each year I find more. I also have hope of finding even more as there are several run of episode channels I haven’t gotten watched yet. So you have that to look forward to. Enjoy!

Take a trip with me to Christmas in Springfield through the years. On each episode post for a particular year find a description, classic quotes, and my comments followed by the links to the video on YouTube. Sometimes I’m able to share full episodes, some multiple full episodes and on others only selected clips. After that I have a selection of posts about Christmas in Springfield that I hope you will enjoy and a selection of fanfic. This is mostly Manny fanfic, but I’m open to any and all things people want to write about the holiday in Springfield with any couple from any time.

Remember to check back next year when I’ll have more to add. Plus if you find Christmas or any other holidays in Springfield on YouTube or have a fanfic story you want to share I’m all ears, please share.

Mike Bauer Singing at Christmas


Christmas Highlights Video –

1979 – Cedars Hospital, Little Rick, Phillip, and Blake, Mike Bauer sings

1980 – Hope and Alan Spaulding return to their island, Elizabeth Spaulding agrees to turn Phillip over to Jackie and Justin Marler’s custody, Mike Bauer sings

1981 – Year of Great Couples, Hope-Alan, Morgan-Kelly, Carrie-Ross, Justin-Jackie, Tony-Annabelle, Mike Bauer sings

1982 – Beginnings of Company and LTA, Mike Bauer sings

1983 – Four Musketeers Christmas in New York City (Updated 2012)

1984 – Christmas party at the Bauers right after Barbados story finale, Beth Raines is at Blind School, Little Billy Lewis’s first Christmas, Quola on a train

1985 – Happy time at the Raines household with Lillian’s sister and niece, Claire Ramsey has lost interest in her daughter Michelle Bauer and is letting Maureen Bauer do most of the work while Claire complains

1986 – Dorrie’s Normal Christmas – 1st Christmas in Springfield for Dorrie and Dinah

1987 – Johnny Bauer is dying, Meredith Reade comes to terms with her mother’s death and her reaction to Rick Bauer

1988 – Turning Points Christmas – Many characters face a turning point, Sonni/Solita mess, Harley Cooper & Phillip Spaulding are friends

1989 – Beth Raines is really alive (1st time), Truth of Dylan’s paternity comes out

1990 – A Very Spaulding Christmas – Back from the dead Phillip celebrates with Beth, newborn Lizzie & rest of family

1992 – First Bloss Christmas – Also, Bridget pregnant in an attic, Harlet come to an understanding, and Lillian writes a fatal thank you letter (Updated 2012)

1994 – H. B. Lewis tells a grown up story of Christmas, Roger Thorpe crashes Bauer Christmas to try to convince Holly Lindsey he was set up (he was by Alexandra), Jenna Bradshaw calls home to tell Vanessa Chamberlain that her son Coop Cooper was born
A single full episode (I need to combine these two for next year)

1995 – Memories of Christmas Past – A clip show of highlights Christmas and not (Updated 2014)

1996 – Alan Spaulding’s betrayal has Amanda Spaulding in a California jail to be rescued by Roger Thorpe, Nick McHenry makes a final appearance trying to convince Alex Spaulding to go back to Europe with them

1997 – Michelle Bauer is blind, Buzz Cooper has amnesia, Dart breaks up over Cassie Layne, 1960s Ed Bauer is back

1998 – See the Springfield Mall decorated for Christmas, See soap opera style present wrapping, Plus Blen have a nice Christmas, Ross Marler starts to move on with India von Halkein, Susan Daisy LeMay Cooper is stirring up trouble, Annie Dutton/Terri is drugging Josh Lewis, RJ Jesup is born

1999 – Buzz tells a Christmas story with miracles for Manny and Bloss, Clarissa Marler is born, plus a formerly paralyzed Selena Davis walks

2000 – Jim LeMay is killed in fire started by Christmas Tree, Manny apart while Michelle Bauer Santos pregnant with Robbie Santos

2002 – Magical Blizzard, Danny tries to woo back Michelle Bauer Santos after playing dead, Tony Santos makes progress winning over his future father-in-law Josh Lewis

2003 – Too Many Santas and Bloss Christmas Wedding

2007 – Will Winslow’s psycho starts to show as he pushes James Spaulding off stage to get lead in play, he pushes Edmund Winslow off balcony, and locks everyone in the Springfield Mall

2008 – Dinah Marler is trapped in her lies when Grady Foley has set up Bill Lewis for Lizzie Spaulding’s kidnapping, Shayne Lewis is still frustrated over his continued paralysis, Reva Shayne Lewis is married to Jeffery O’Neill, Otalia grow closer

Manny Christmas Kiss 2002

Christmas Cards from Springfield:

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Christmas Miscellaneous:

Best Parts of Christmas in Springfield

Christmas Ornaments:

Merry Christmas from the Cast 1992:

Reunion Party:

Santa Nick:

Twelve Days of Christmas:

Speeches and Toasts:

Ed Bauer and Ross Marler Christmas Speech 2002:


A Christmas Miracle:

Christmas Miracles: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Christmas With the Santos:

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Little Christmas Fic:

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(Chapter 3)

Season of Love:

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Twas the Night:

Twelve Days of Christmas Manny Style:

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