Places in Springfield

This is a directory of places in Springfield, the fictional home of Guiding Light. I’ll be adding to it slowly as places come up in the Manny story or in the other old clips I watch. Lately I’ve also been watching for clips that clearly show a setting. I came up with this idea late, so watch for them to be added as I come across them.

Airport – See Springfield International Airport

Bauer House – The Bauer House is a large home, but definitely not a mansion. The exterior is alternately shown as stucco (for the longest time), brick, and board (these last 2 are mostly during the post-set era). The house Ed lived in with Holly in the 1970s was considerably smaller than this with a fireplace in the living room and a single set of patio doors on one side. I first remember the version we see the most back when Ed and Maureen were first getting together. The house has a large open floor plan and we see many of its rooms.

We enter through the front door into an open, almost southwestern style hallway with simple Doric-like columns to define the space. Straight ahead is the living room/great room which is open with a practically cathedral ceiling. A cozy discussion area with several couches and chairs centers around a coffee table and a fireplace occupies most of the wall opposite the door. There is a small room mostly they just stand in the entry way of right beside the fireplace and goes behind it. Almost the entire length of the living room is an open staircase. It goes straight up, but there is a small landing that creates a sort of balcony looking back down on the living room. Between the stairs and the pillar set off hallway is a smaller room with a normal height ceiling that is the dining room. This room is totally open and visible to the living room. It gets very little use.

From the front door, if you turn to the right down the hallway, and then turn right again it takes you into their kitchen. Again it’s a large open area, although the ceiling isn’t as high as the living room’s. The cooking area is on the right of this room as we see it, centered around an island. (My top two island counter top scenes is the celebration after Danny is cleared from murder charges and when Danny moves the block of knives, thinks for a second, and then moves the “vase” that holds assorted kitchen implements away from Carmen when she breaks into the Bauer House after her second rising from the dead.) A large table where the family often eats is next to the island and then a sort of sitting area with soft furniture fills out the final corner of the room and stretches out to an almost sunroom looking vestibule. There are four doors into the kitchen. The exterior door that is often used by people arriving at the house is in the center of the room in that sunroom/vestibule. There is a door right behind the refrigerator that leads to a set of backstairs. The next door, on the opposite end of the cooking area, leads into a hallway that must be a small hallway between the pillared hallway and the kitchen because it looks different (see the scene when Manny returns from their 2nd honeymoon and discovers a very unwelcome welcome home party). Somewhere behind us where we never see is a door out into the patio area.

There is a large patio area, highly landscaped and features levels, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. This is partially fenced, but you can get directly into the yard through a gate. It doesn’t seem to be fenced to the rear.

The second floor has a master bedroom used first by Ed and Maureen and later by Rick and Abby (and presumably his later wives) after Ed leaves. There is also Michelle’s childhood bedroom which has an exterior balcony and an attached bathroom, with a stall type shower. There are also rooms for Meta, Ed, and a nursery at the same time. If you are standing in Michelle’s doorway, the nursery is somewhere to your right, but all you see is a series of closed doors on both sides of the hallway which bends slightly through the house. You normally turn to the right or come from that direction if you are coming from or going downstairs, so maybe it is at one end of a hallway. We don’t see people going further down the hallway past Michelle’s door to the left.

Across a driveway/parking area is the garage. It’s a larger building and has an apartment above it. Besides the Reardon boarding house, this Garage Apartment is widely used by newcomers to town. Claire Ramsey lived there twice, Blake Marler was living there when Maureen died, Abby Bloom lived there before she and Rick married, and the newlyweds continued to stay there until Ed left and they moved into the main house. Selena Davis stayed there until she moved in with Buzz and it really never made sense while Manny didn’t move there next instead of staying in her childhood bedroom, but they never did.

The side with this kitchen door near the parking area is surrounded by what Michelle calls Maureen’s garden which is full of perennial flowers and ornamental plants, a few benches, etc.

The Bauer front door/living room/fireplace room entryway are shown in the clip below.

Danny walks from kitchen up the pillared hallway and over to the dining room table, Then Michelle and Danny in Maureen’s garden outside the front door

The Bauer kitchen in 1993.

The Bauer kitchen is shown in this clip in 2001.

More Bauer kitchen starting at 2:00, Terraced yard starting at 5:25

Master Bedroom when occupied by Ed and Maureen in 1993

Master Bedroom when occupied by Rabby starting at 4:51

Michelle’s bedroom while the bed is single, it later becomes a double with the same style headboard, also includes her attached bathroom

Michelle’s bedroom after Danny moves in with her and the bed stretches into a double, note the Manny sex candles (Bauer side yard by backdoor in July 1998)

The interior of the garage apartment in 1991.

The interior of the garage apartment in 1999 starting at 2:16

Little seen in later years, this is the Bauer House Den in 1986

This is Ed Bauer’s house in the 1970s before the house changed, starting at 4:28

Beach –  The beach is located on the lake just outside Springfield. This is the same lake that has the lighthouse located on its shore and the beach is fairly close to the lighthouse, but out of sight. The beach portion is in the front with a vertical cliff face of reddish stone behind it. To the right of the beach area is what looks like a snow fence and a parking area is just beyond it, but also out of sight from the beach. As we stand in the lake and look at the beach, the lighthouse is off to the right (the opposite direction of the old ferry docks). Close to the water on the right hand side is a part of the beach that actually is lit by the lighthouse’s sweeping light, closer to the cliffs is sheltered and out of this light.

The beach is a hang out spot for Michelle, Jesse, Bill, Dahlia, and their friends. Cassie and Hart have several romantic picnics there. Drew and Michelle agreed to meet there to hash out their differences over Jesse, where Mick follows them to and sets the Manny story in motion. Starting at 1:56

Ben Warren’s Private Law Practice Office – Considering how short of time Ben Warren spent in Springfield he changed jobs many times. He started out as a visiting lawyer probably working out of his hotel suite because we never see an office. Then he becomes DA and has offices there (see Springfield County Courthouse). When he’s forced to resign because of the sleeping with Beth Raines while prosecuting her scandal he sets up a private practice in this office. We don’t see it very much. He doesn’t seem to use it a lot and once he begins to work for Carmen, he mostly chooses to operate out of Casa Santos instead. After Ben’s death this office building drops off our radar, but it is interesting to speculate what other offices were housed in this building over the years.

Presumably this is located in an office building, I’m guessing it maybe more on the suburban end of town closer to the Bauer House and the Spaulding Mansion than 5th Street or Casa Santos. That is mostly speculation because no exact location is given. It’s clearly in an office building for professional suites. I’m assuming other one person professional offices like realtors or media consultants, etc. would have offices there because they seem to be at least on this floor single rooms rather than suites. It also seems to be older construction so it would be part of the older part of town, not the recent building or urban renewal projects. It’s certainly a different type of space than Ross’ law building where Ross’ expansive office takes an entire floor. We see both the interior hallway outside Ben’s office door and his one room office.

Interior of office:

Hallway outside:

Blakewood Towers – See Towers

Boarding House – See Company

Casa Santos – Casa Santos  is the name used by fans for the home of the Santos Family. We first enter through its doors the morning Danny Santos marries Michelle Bauer to save her life. Its address is 10 High Ridge as given by Danny when he crashes his car on the way back to his house to save Michelle. Its exact location is open to some debate because when Michelle is packing to go to stay with Rick immediately after her lying about going blind she says the Bauer house, where she is going to stay for a few days, is just in the next town. Probably Casa Santos is actually on a hill (judging by the name of the street), but just outside of Springfield. The Bauer house is on the other side of town and a decent drive from Casa Santos, which is what she meant (I think). However, the family attends church at St. Micheal’s in Springfield. It’s their church even before Ray comes there, so presumably they live in the parish. (In the Midwest, it would be strange indeed not to have a Catholic church in each town of any size and in the late 1990s most rural areas still had an operating Catholic church also which indicates they live at least very close to Springfield if they still live within the St. Michael’s parish.)  The family graves are in a local Springfield cemetery (first shown as a family plot, later as a private mausoleum). So while Danny describes Chicago as where he grew up, they were already living in Casa Santos by the time Miguel Santos is killed when Danny was 14. However, he probably either didn’t move too much before that or they had a second home or other reason to return to Chicago frequently because some of his stories from there are when he was clearly a teenager.

Casa Santos is much more of a mansion, much more new money than either the Spaulding Mansion or the Bauer house. It actually sits in a compound with a large patio/terrace area at the front, complete with statues. There are probably other out buildings, but the only one we really ever learn about is exterior access to the secret tunnel Miguel built under the house that Danny took Michelle out of shortly before Rick kidnapped her.

There is also a garage. We don’t know if it is attached or not, but it’s probably an out building as well because 1) Danny describes going to get the car and bring it up front which suggests some distance between the garage and the house 2) it must be a fairly large building because it can accommodate at least Carmen’s limo, Danny’s car, and later Tony’s car, too. It’s probably larger than that, (I’m thinking probably 6 stalls) but 3 stalls is the minimum size possible.

We really only see a handful of rooms. There is the front hall, the formal living room/office that has Carmen’s desk, and Danny and Michelle’s bedroom, with a complicated twisting hallway just outside their bedroom door. Rarely seen later additions to what we see include the dining room and the conservatory. There is a kitchen which is talked about, but never seen. Also mentioned are Carmen’s room, Abuela’s room, and Pilar’s room (still decorated for a little girl), plus a large attic. There is also a brick basement with a rickety wooden staircase where Selena Davis falls and is paralyzed. There is a wine cellar down there, too. Much later we see Tony’s bedroom and assorted hallways. What is never clarified is if Manny’s bedroom is Danny’s bedroom from when he was growing up or a guest room made over into a bridal suite. Surely even Carmen wouldn’t assume that Danny would sleep in such a feminine looking room if he was a bachelor. Where would all his Cubs and assorted sport stuff he talked about go? Surely there would have been a school desk of some sort, if it was his room growing up? Their room is on a corner of the house because there are windows on two sides of the room.

Patio starts at 1:45

Entryway starts at 2:20

Manny bedroom starts at 4:40

The sadly rarely seen Dining Room in 1999, starting at 6:10 and again at 10:10
More Dining Room in 2000

The conservatory in 2000 starting about 5:30
Cedars Hospital – Cedars Hospital was long a center of the show. I don’t know when it first arrived. According to Ross Marler’s 60th Anniversary toast in 1997, it was first called the Charity Hospital, but I don’t know when the name changed. Springfield was actually the third setting for Guiding Light and the Bauer family used to live in Selby Flats, California, the previous setting for the show. Bill Bauer got a job and moved to Springfield with his wife Bert. Their younger son Ed (then called Billy) was then in college, but followed to Springfield to complete his internship at Cedars Hospital and found a mentor in surgeon Dr. Stephen Jackson, his future father-in-law (Leslie Jackson Bauer’s father, Rick’s maternal grandfather). By then, Cedars Hospital was a major center of storyline.

The early 1980s featured storylines with Ed’s half-sister nurse Hillary Bauer, Dr. Claire Ramsey, Dr. Jim Reardon (Maureen’s brother), Dr. Justin Marler (Ross’ brother and Phillip’s biological father), and Dr. Kelly Nelson (of Kelly and Morgan fame). Also, Bert Bauer was volunteering as a patient advocate and was a vital part of the hospital. At this time the main area was a busy and large nurses desk on the 4th floor. Maureen Reardon Bauer became an administrator at the hospital and Ed’s boss causing conflict in their marriage. Dr. Charles Grant later became head of the hospital. Although the faces and sets changed Cedars remained a vital part of the show until the end.

Cedars is located in the heart of Springfield and is across the street from Company where many staff, patients, and family members meet to eat. There is also a less frequently used cafeteria within Cedars. Cedars is an ever expanding teaching hospital. New wings were, at appropriate times, named for Bert Bauer and Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon. Michelle Bauer conceived, designed, fundraised for, and created an endowment for a Memorial AIDS Garden on part of the hospital roof in1997-98. Later she was qualified as a Physician’s Assistant and worked at Cedars until she developed amnesia. Rick is head of Emergency and Emergency had a central receiving area and a portico where the ambulances pull up and often people step outside for privacy and to use cell phones (which are banned from inside the hospital). By the time Rick was in need of his heart transplant, a courtyard outside the main door had also appeared. Michelle describes having picnics with her family when Maureen would pack a lunch to give the children a chance to see Ed when he was working at the hospital and there was a small park nearby. The hospital complex also includes a multi-story parking garage where Tony Santos once forced his cousin Danny to help him elude the police. There was also a morgue in the Cedar Hospital basement where Rick worked when he served as coroner.

Hospital Cafeteria in 1982

The clips below show Cedars Hospital Exterior and then nursing station/waiting area in the late 1990s. I will add earlier and later clips as I come across them.

The hospital chapel in 1993.

The hospital chapel in 1998.

Clayton – It’s been driving me nuts that so many of the Manny fanfics mentioned a town called Clayton as being a kind of lower class, candidate for urban renewal near Springfield. Especially check out “Colliding Worlds” where it plays as large a role as Springfield itself, but it’s mentioned in many others.  I thought that was strange because the town I remembered from the show that met that description was Point Lester, where Jesse Blue was from. However, I just found a reference that Fletcher Reade made to going to Clayton. So it must be off the show after all. He doesn’t describe it, he just says he was covering a story there, but it must have been on the show.I couldn’t believe they’d have two towns like that, but they must. I’ll be looking for other references to Clayton and I’ll let you know if I find out more. Here is the first reference I found. Reference is at 5:33

I’ve kept looking and found another reference. This scene with Joie Lenz as Teen Cleva aka Dolly has Josh mention Clayton twice. I’ve put the links to mentions in the comments. The very last scene in the clip actually takes place in Clayton and women’s clothing store that Josh says is one of the adult Reva’s favorite stores. Still no description, as Josh’s “Clayton is very like Paris” bit was clearly aimed at mollifying Reva. By the way, the store in Clayton is called the Chic Boutique. (Part 1) (Part 2) More shopping in Clayton without the reference.

Update 1:

Company – During the long dark days of the best forgotten amnesia story, Michelle is confused by a reference in her calendar to Company and you have to give her that it is a strange name for a restaurant. This is one of Michelle and Danny’s favorite restaurants. At least they eat there a lot. It’s the location of everything from Michelle having her “I Love Lucy” fantasy to when she threatened Ben with a knife to Claire’s disastrous attempt at an impromptu baby shower. I think Danny actually prefers Little Havana because he frequently references it and gets take out from there, but he never seems to take Michelle there or even get her takeout from the place. Is this an attempt to Bauerize himself and compartmentalize his life? (I know, I know they probably just didn’t want to have to build another set and it’s easier to mix with other characters at Company. I’d still to see them go to Little Havana sometime or Michelle try to make her own version of his favorite dishes from there. In fact, in my “A Typical House” fanfic I made her do just that.)

Originally, this restaurant was called Tony Reardon & Company which was a name that made a lot more sense. Tony built it next to his mother’s (Bea Reardon – Maureen’s mother, Michelle’s adoptive grandmother) boarding house with lumber that “fell off the truck.” Thinking back I wondered if I misunderstood that, but as a child I got a clear picture in my head of his having used lumber that literally fell off of a truck in the street in front of the boarding house. As an adult I thought maybe he just meant he was affording it by using things illegally obtained or making a joke. However, I was able to confirm in a history of Guiding Light book that it did literally fall off a truck, so I wasn’t misunderstanding it after all. Anyway almost overnight, it seemed to me, he created a bar and restaurant and I was interested because I loved Tony and Annabelle (yeah, I know, I’m a hopeless romantic). In one of the worst soap opera exits of all time, right up there with Bobby Martin going up to the attic to find skis and never being heard from again (I don’t even watch that soap and it still horrifies me, what a way to treat a character!), Tony and Annabelle come into the bar one day, obviously in a hurry, announced they are going on vacation and throw someone the keys for the bar and are never seen again. Later a postcard comes with word that they’ve decided to move wherever they went on vacation and wouldn’t be back. I guess they don’t need any of the stuff they left in their place or at the bar, I held on hope for a long time they’d at least be back to pick up their stuff. (Sob!)

It is located right across the street from Cedars Hospital, which is why it is frequented by both staff and family members of patients. St. Michael’s Catholic Church is just up the hill from Company. When Nola gets left behind on her way to her wedding with Quint, she tells the firetruck she’ll meet them at the end of block which was the corner of Willow and 9th Street.

The restaurant carried on under the control of various Reardons, at least nominally, for many years. Eventually Drew Jacobs starts working at Company (Jesse originally got her the job, he’d worked there previously), almost managing the place, under Nola Reardon Chamberlain, during her torturous late 1990s return. It became a hangout for Drew-Jesse-Michelle-Bill. Drew once said, “I always tell our customers we have the best burgers in town, but Buzz Burgers are better.” All this time the boarding house was an important part of the action with many characters living in it over the years, including Roger Thorpe, Rick Bauer, Mindy Lewis, Cassie Layne, Bill Lewis, Pilar Santos and Olivia Spencer. In fact, living at the Reardon Boarding House was something of a rite of passage for the young people of Springfield for years. My favorite boarding house story involved Rick and Mindy moving in next door to their respective current significant others (Roxie Shayne and Kurt Corday) that had married each other in a plot to fool the INS. Their rooms were next to each other and they cut a hole between the rooms so they switch back to appropriate pairs without anybody being the wiser. Hi-jinks ensued.

There was a change of fortunes at Company when Max Nickerson and Susan (Daisy) Lemay Cooper accidentally burned down the Cooper diner on 5th street aka the 5th Street Diner aka Meals and Wheels Diner. (It was outside this building that Danny and Michelle kissed for the first time.) The Coopers weren’t carrying enough insurance and couldn’t rebuild, but Buzz found a winning British lottery ticket his late wife Jenna had bought and the Coopers used the proceeds to purchase and move into Company and the now unnamed boarding house. At first Buzz did over the decoration and menu, making it all reflect his  late wife Jenna out of guilt over his growing feelings for Selena Davis. He renamed it Petula’s (his pet name for Jenna). Eventually Buzz accepted it was time to let his guilt over Jenna go and restored the former name of Company and its decor. The biggest hold overs from the 5th Street diner were the famous Buzz burgers that Drew was referring to in the quote above and Baklava.

Phillip Spaulding eventually bought Company during his descent into madness when he was trying to remake the town in the Spaulding image. He intended to tear it down, but was foiled by his adoptive half-brother Gus Aitoro’s manipulations of the Endangered Species Act. After his second supposed “death,” Phillip willed the place to his daughter Lizzie, who rechristened the place Elizabeth and Company and redecorated everything in pink and in honor of her dog, Roxie. This didn’t last long, although it kicked off the great Cozzie romance, and the restaurant was soon back in the hands of the Coopers and restored to the name Company.

The boarding house disappeared and the restaurant changed hands several more times, each time returning to the Coopers and the Company name. For the first time in years, we had a reference to the boarding house on July 21, 2009. The Coopers were going to restore and re-open it with some of the money their mysterious benefactor had given them.

Business was so good at Company that for awhile that a second location was opened as a kiosk in the Main Street set, although it mostly offered coffee. This second location disappeared when changeable sets did from the show. As the show approached its finale, Company was still visited by half the town every day (who apparently keep running tabs for coffee which they always help themselves to and never pay for) was run by the Cooper family and owned specifically by Marina Cooper who Phillip Spaulding returned it to after Coop died and Phillip returned from exile in early 2009. When Buzz bailed out Cyrus Foley it was revealed that Marina gave  shares in the business to Frank and Buzz and that’s how Buzz could sign for a second mortgage. As the series entered its final week, Blake publishing Coop’s unfinished book about Jenna’s life saved Company for the Coopers one last time. In the post-set era its exterior was an actual restaurant in New Jersey. See this version of Company here:

Company is now up there with the lighthouse as one of the most visible parts of Springfield and one I wish was real. Wouldn’t it be great to actually eat there just once?

Tony talks about starting Company at 5:17

Reardon Boarding House when Lucy and Bridget lived there,

One of the nice rooms at the boarding house while Pilar Santos lived there. It was a room that faced the front with the balcony. Among the room’s other occupants were Cassie Layne and Olivia Spencer.

Company in 1984 at 1:18.

And at 3:20

The outside of Company and the restaurant in 1997.

The front porch area and some of the interior in 1999.

Shot all the way across Company from the front windows in 2000.

Company’s post-set interior 2009.

Another 2009 clip

The main counter, plus the boarding house through the window 2009

Read the official word on Company, including a menu:

Cooper Diner – See Fifth Street Diner

Country Club

Lakeland Country Club – The Lakeland Country Club in Springfield was the site of many important events over the years. Everything from Ed Bauer and Eve Guthrie’s engagement party, to Billy Lewis’s Welcome Home party for himself, to Cedars’s 60th anniversary party, to Alan and Annie’s aborted wedding, to Manny’s family get to know you meal, to Michelle’s black tie fundraiser for Harley’s Angels was held at, as it was simply known, the country club.

This is a country club in the traditional sense. The club itself is first class all the way and is simply the best restaurant in all of Springfield. Evening events there are usually black tie. A first class golf course and gardens meld into a series of patios that surround the building.

Most large functions are held in the main room. It has a front entry way and cloak room.  You can’t see the main front door from the main room. You pass by them to a landing where announcements are often made. The open stairway twists around in a wide arc ending up on the main floor. A second shorter straight staircase is on the other side of the wall from the curved one, but leads up to this same entryway level. The ladies room is down a hallway from the straight stairway that can be reached either down the straightway or through an open arch from the main level of the large room. The Ladies Room both here at the Country Club and at Towers are used extensively as places for the female population to fight. The main level is a large room that can be set up several different ways with round banquet tables and a dance floor. Patio doors along one side lead to one in the series of patios. There are a couple of private rooms for smaller events and its one of these where Manny holds their first joint family meal during the fake marriage. Another serves as Annie’s bride’s room.

While it’s never stated explicitly, I think the club is on the same side of town as the Bauer house because it rose to prominence about the same time. It’s a car drive, not a walk, from there to the lighthouse, so it is not adjacent to the lake.

This clip shows the main room of the Country club and some of the smaller rooms off of it.

The main room set up for a normal night, starting about 1:18

The main room set up for a party, in this case the 60th anniversary of Cedars Hospital (and the show)

The bar, a very masculine, old style room, where people come and get their drinks if not eating a meal or attending an event with an open bar. Many people come to brood here, but it is also the scene of good times and frequently people move back and forth from the bar to the rest of the country club. It doesn’t have an exterior entrance and must be accessed through the club.

This clip shows one of the terraced patios. This one is right outside of the patio doors and features the current version of the famous Slut of Springfield fountain.

This is one of the private dining rooms available in 1999.

Cross Creek Park – Although it’s not often called by its formal name in later years (the dedication stone even disappears), Cross Creek Park Children’s Park was dedicated in loving memory of wife and mother Reva Shayne Lewis. The park was supposedly there before as Josh talks about Reva taking the children there in the late 1980s, but it rededicated and renamed in 1995 after the Lewis family made donation and put up new play equipment. In later years the park continued to be important even after it lost it’s name. We mostly see this play equipment and the area very near to it, but there is a park bench nearby and during the Marah appendicitis storyline they showed a jogging trail and a stone wall which presumably are part of this same park. It was located very near Michael Burke’s apartment and was the scene for several important scenes around the clone storyline. It was also the scene of where Cassie admitted to Vanessa she was pregnant with RJ and where Terri brought Alan for their picnic before he discovered she was Annie. There is also a possibility that this is the same park of the Park Bench Manny scene, but it isn’t stated either way. This is presumably the park later depicted as having the Otalia Gazebo of love in it, the jogging path, pond etc., although that’s hard to say definitively. I don’t know if the name was officially revoked or just dropped from use once Reva was found alive. Although calling in Cross Creek sounds more like a tribute to HB to me.  Find the memorial marker at 0:40

Dinah’s Penthouse – Dinah Marler (see Supporting Characters List) returned to town in 1995 ripe from being a party girl in Europe and eager to cash in on the money she felt she was due. Dinah wanted the good life. For awhile she found it by marrying Roger Thorpe and after she realized he was using her to get her trustfund and really loved Holly, she shook him off and moved into this penthouse when not living with Hart Jessup (who loved her until he seemed to have his brain sucked out by aliens) at the Jessup farm.

Dinah’s penthouse was Penthouse A and so far I haven’t found a mention of the building’s name or address. The floor plan of the penthouse was kind of strange. Looking back through the penthouse from where Dinah was sitting as the clip opens we see the bedroom with expansive sitting area which apparently served as a living room as well, at least Dinah does all her entertaining there. It even has the ever present Springfield fireplace in the corner. The room is not square, but fan shaped with a hallway with an excess number of hall tables that follows this same curve around. Now normally this kind of set up would be so you could bring guests in without them seeing the bedroom, but in this rather small penthouse there doesn’t seem to be an additional room to take them to. There is also a kitchen or at least a kitchenette located through the always closed door almost opposite the open bedroom doorway. A second door leads to a walk-in closet. There doesn’t appear to be any other rooms.

Although it is a spot for a lot of action throughout 1997-1998 by February 1999 Dinah accidentally shoots Hart while trying to kill Cassie and disappears to Europe. Normally someone else would then “move in” to the abandoned space, as when Matt and Vanessa gave their old house to Josh and Reva after they built their dream house, Buzz moved into the Firehouse once Mallet and Harley moved out, etc. However, the penthouse just disappears quietly into the night never to be seen again, much like this version of Dinah. See the first minute and then about at 5:30 into the clip below.

Docks – See Ferry Docks

Ferry Docks – The first time I remember the old ferry docks being mentioned is when Brent Lawrence murdered Nadine (Harley and Frank Cooper’s mother) and dumped her into the lake during his revenge campaign against Alan-Michael Spaulding and Lucy Cooper. By the time the body was pulled out again, Frank didn’t recognize his own mother and she was classified as a Jane Doe. It came to prominence again during the time Mick Santos is blackmailing Blake Marler and Ben Warren about the tape of them in bed. Blake almost falls into the lake and drowns, but Ben saves her. Mick Santos chose where the meeting was held, so he must have been familiar with the location. Alan also watched Annie blow up her speed boat from the docks when she (unknowingly to him) faked her death.

The docks are on the lake and within walking distance of the beach. The night she confesses, Danny drags Michelle off the beach to the left, in the opposite direction of the car park and they quickly arrive at the docks. Other than the confrontation where Danny decides to stick his neck out and save Michelle, the two most important scenes at the docks are the two times when Carmen kidnaps Michelle and tries to kill her on the docks. It comes up again as a location for several other crimes, including where Michelle is trying to keep Danny from going to the night she fakes her blindness.

The Fifth Street Diner aka Cooper Diner aka Wheels and Meals Diner – The diner has always been a Cooper family business. It was started by Buzz’s father and continued on by the family, mainly by Uncle Stavros and the kids, even after Buzz and later Nadine left. No matter what other jobs members of the Cooper family had, they could be pressed into service in the diner at any time (and that goes for significant others as well, even being a Spaulding didn’t get you off the hook if they needed extra hands). We originally find the diner after Harley is introduced to the show. During her marriage to Alan-Michael Spaulding they try several different schemes to get it to turn more of a profit, even turning it into an antique store, but eventually they give up. A subsistence profit level seems to be the best this place can do, but the food is good and the neighborhood views it as a community center. After having abandoned it for years, Buzz risked his life to save the building during the Great 5th Street fire.

Personally, I love the set used for the diner during the late 1990s, which more seamlessly connects the inside and outside than any other set. I love to watch scenes move from inside to outside, or vice versa. Notice that they can still afford to have principal characters randomly eating in the background occasionally even when they don’t have story dictated purpose to be there. Even when the scene is outside you can normally see people continuing to eat and talk inside the diner I love it. Sentimental connections also remain because it is the scene of Manny’s first kiss and several of their early meaningful conversations. Michelle also frequently eats there with Drew from the time of Mick’s death, even after her marriage.

There were two doors to the diner. Most people went in and out the front door. However, there was a backdoor that could be used by customers that lead out into a parking lot and an alley went along one side of the building. Behind the kitchen is a freezer which Eleni called “the family conference center” where family members or friends they felt needed to talk often found themselves locked in together.

However, the diner’s reprieve from fire proved to be temporary. It hadn’t yet met Buzz’s granddaughter Susan/Daisy Cooper LeMay, who with her then boyfriend Max Nickerson (Max version 1.0, the dangerous boyfriend version 1.o – much better than the Grady version later) burn down the diner. They didn’t have enough insurance to rebuild, but after Buzz found a winning lottery ticket that Jenna bought, they got enough to start again. At that point the Cooper family bought Company and you can read all about that in the Company description.

In a few years, when Danny starts his urban renewal efforts, to both make legitimate money and to pay the community back for what his mother took from it, he is told over and over again the two events that the residents of 5th Street blame for the downfall of the neighbor 1) the arrival of the Santos family’s protection rackets, etc. 2) the loss of the neighborhood restaurant, the 5th Street diner. (Early 1990s diner set) (Diner interior in 1992) (Overview shot of diner in both directions in 1998 starting at 1:50) (Diner Kitchen and storage room in 1998 at beginning of clip)

Fire House – The fire house is located either right on or just off of 5th Street, very near the 5th Street diner. It was an industrial type building from somewhere between 1900 and 1920. It had plenty of brick and iron railings and staircases. It was literally an old fire station, but had been remodeled into a private residence. Shortly after its renovation A.C. Mallet was living there. Harley Cooper later moved in when they got involved. At that time everyone came in through the front door. Steps came down from the front door and a second set on this same landing led to a second floor where the bedrooms, at least 2 of them were. Later the door on the landing was replaced by full length windows. Most of the living space was in one great room downstairs. With a kitchen, living room, dining room space combined.

Later on Buzz and Jenna Cooper lived there. By then everyone entered through an interior hallway that was under the staircase to the second floor and a locking back door was between this hallway and the main living space. They lived there until Jenna’s death and it’s to this house that Michelle comes to babysit during Jenna’s funeral.

1997 Exterior and main room from when Jenna and Buzz lived there.

Jesse’s Apartment Garage – When we first meet Jesse Blue, his father is an alcoholic who has basically abandoned Jesse to raise himself. He’d thrown away all of Jesse’s mother’s things and sunk into a pool of despair where he blames Ed Bauer and Jesse for Jesse’s mother’s death. So Jesse is living in what is basically the office of an abandoned repair garage alone. He was restoring and creating custom motorcycles for a living. It was in a very trashy part of town called Point Lester.

Jesse and Michelle spend a lot of time at this garage. They have sex there and it’s where Jesse draws her in the nude (both on the couch in the office). It’s where Roy Meecham attacks Abby Bloom and for awhile when Roy’s friends were out for revenge, it wasn’t too safe, but that seemed to have ended once they were arrested. Later it was also the location of the high stakes poker games where Jesse has so much trouble and Drew brings Mick Santos in as a ringer. Once the foursome move in together in Drew’s loft, Jesse never goes back.

As a former garage, there must have been at least one garage door, but if so it’s around the corner of the office and we never see it. Everyone enters through a door to the alley opposite the office. It has steps both up to the person door from the outside and more steps down to the main floor of the garage from the door. This door opens into a narrow pedestrian width alley. Parking must be beyond this alley because there is no place to park. There must be street parking or a lot off stage to the right if you are in the alley facing the door because everybody comes from that direction. Point Lester is far enough from the lake and downtown Springfield that you have to drive to get there. In October 1998, Jesse tells Drew that the landlord sold his apartment garage to someone who wants to reopen it as a garage so he has to move out immediately. (Starts at 6:00)

Jessup Farmhouse – We first find the Jessup farm when Roger Thorpe is trying to buy the property. Hart Jessup and his grandfather live on what is an active horse farm. The farmhouse is a large and a nice one. There is a hay barn (best seen when Dinah attempts to throw Hart a surprise wedding). Those are the only buildings we see, but there must be at least one more barn or stable, because the barn is not set up for horses. Also presumably there would be a garage and frankly probably several sheds of various sorts (perhaps a grainery, a woodshed, maybe an old chicken coop or hog house, etc.), but these are never seen or mentioned. Hart is Roger’s son, his mother had gone off to work for an intelligence work and was now dead. However, when Cassie moved back there, they gave up any pretense of it being a working farm.

The Jessup farmhouse is unusual for a farmhouse in several ways. It’s doors are floor level with no porches. It’s woodwork is high quality and a dominant feature of the house. It doesn’t follow the floor plan of a “big, square, white house” that is typical for the majority of farmhouses built at that time. There is a screened in porch on one side with a door leading into the kitchen. Most people enter through the front door that leads into the living room. This room is the largest in the house. It features a beautiful fireplace and a built in corner cabinet. The cabinet features what appears to be a very nice collection of ironware serving pieces that I assume are Hart’s grandmother’s. The woodwork in this room is painted, while it is stained in the rest of the house. Through a large room opening you can see part of the hallway that leads to the kitchen. A long straight staircase with a beautiful carved banister and railing is a feature of the open staircase. The second floor has at least 2 bedrooms. It’s furniture and decor was unchanged from what it was at his grandmother’s death and as a result was old fashioned and heavily featured antiques.

After Hart’s death (he hadn’t married Cassie, but apparently had written her into his will), Cassie inherited the farm. As she was soon embroiled in the San Cristobel storyline Cassie didn’t live there long. When she decided to move back into the farmhouse, Cassie and Edmund re-did the farmhouse, entirely ripping out the interior walls and completely redoing the farmhouse. Now people came in the back door and into the modern kitchen (definitely not a farm kitchen, it’s totally unfitted for a single chore). On the other side of the wall is the living room, still featuring a fireplace, but in an entirely different location and all the beautiful woodwork vanished. The staircase was now partially enclosed and featured a mission style railing that was painted.

After Cassie left town, she eventually sold the farmhouse to Natalia Aitoro. Natalia moved in Olivia and Emma Spencer, partially to take care of Olivia after her heart transplant and partially to help make the mortgage payments on the farmhouse. This set the stage for the very popular Otalia storyline. Now the farmhouse had at least 4 bedrooms (Olivia, Natalia, Rafe, and Emma each had their own). You once again entered through a door directly into the living room, but now the room is oriented the other direction and the staircase (still enclosed and mission style) runs along one side of the living room. The dining room is the also visible and we see Olivia and Emma’s bedrooms.

The original Jessup farm on which the farmhouse sits is supposed to be a little ways out in the country. Probably 15-20 minutes drive outside of town in real time, although they are vague. Unlike, say the Snyder Farm on ATWT, Springfield is the closest town to it. It’s far enough that it’s a trip out there, but at the same time it’s close enough that when Reva and Cassie got lost in the woods on the property during a fight they were able to eventually get to a point where they could see the lighthouse. When Cassie first finds the Beacon (which they implied no one remembered for years) she was on foot from the Jessup farm, but she had walked a long ways. So the Jessup Farm is in the general vicinity of, but not adjacent to the lake.

Blake tells Hart it’s about 30 minutes on horseback from the Jessup Farm to Laurel Falls and back.

The Jessup Barn in 1997 during the surprise party

The Jessup Farmhouse when Hart lived there in 1998. Clip starts at 3:11, mostly living room, but also some hall

Different angle on living room and then porch  in 1998 starting at 6:34

Master Bedroom at Jessup Farm in 1998

Jessup Farmhouse when Cassie and Edmund were re-d0ing it

Jessup Farmhouse while Cassie and Josh live there, post-set era, exterior

Jessup Farmhouse in 2009 while Otalia live there, mostly living room, but also Olivia’s bedroom and dining room

More living room and kitchen in 2009

Jessup Farmhouse Exterior 2009 starting at 5:09

Lakefront Property in Springfield – We can roughly establish the layout of the lake. On the night when Drew tells Danny that Michelle really killed Mick, Danny drags her down to the beach to get her to confess. This same area with the snow fence the off screen parking area screened by trees and the rocky cliff had been well established during numerous scenes with different characters throughout the 1990s. Danny drags Michelle off the beach (pick up at 4:00 in) on the night he confronts her about Mick’s death. Then when Manny hear sirens when Danny is stalling for time, he drags Michelle along the beach to the left towards the ferry docks and away from the parking area. So that bit combined with the clip below gives us the set up of the beach. Notice in the Jeva clip below the lighthouse light clearing swings through the scene illuminating them from the right. So the lighthouse is up on the cliff to the right of the public swimming beach. The beach never draws so close to the cliff as to become unpassable and the old ferry docks, sometimes just called the docks, are within easy walking distance to the left. The Beacon hotel wasn’t around yet, but since it was described as within sight of the lighthouse, but not right on the shore, it must be further along the shore beyond the lighthouse, perhaps back in a heavily wooded cove so no one saw it? Somewhere along the waterfront is Josh and Reva’s house which is located close enough to the water that it can be easily traveled to and from by boat.

See the bit with Josh and Reva on the beach starting at 2:50 into the clip. Notice the lighthouse light clearing swings through the scene illuminating them from the right.

Lakeland Country Club – See Country Club

Laurel Falls – Laurel Falls is one of my favorite places in Springfield. I first fell in love with it when it was Kelly Nelson and Morgan Richard’s special spot. It was heavily used by the teen storyline in the early 1980s. At that time, Laurel Falls was shot at a real park. I’ll be on the look out for a better clip, but for right now this is the opening at 10 seconds in. The next scene shows Dr. Claire Ramsey during her first stay in Springfield. She’s put a bag on Kelly’s feet and is laughing at his reaction. So far I’ve been unable to find out where this park actually was, but if I find out, I will let everyone know.

Later Roger and Holly Thorpe had several scenes there and said it was where they used to meet when he was first romancing her when she was a teen, but I wasn’t watching (OK born)  then so I don’t know if they made that up or not.

However, the most important and ongoing role in a storyline for Laurel Falls is its association with Manny. Michelle had told Danny about going there as a child and when he surprises her with a vow renewal so they’ll be married “for real because they want to be.” (Wedding #3)  That is also where they consummate the marriage in a special bed that Danny set up. Later when living in Casa Santos caused problems in the wedding, Danny bought all the private land around Laurel Falls park with the intention of building a house there. While construction on the house started and stopped several times, they never actually completed it, eventually purchasing Orchid Manor instead to accommodate the stupid Carrie Carruthers storyline. Laurel Falls is also site of wedding #4 (the 1st one with Nancy St. Alban). It also is the site of the wonderful scene where Michelle burns the federal evidence against Danny which she stole to save him.  It’s unclear if Manny was forced to sell the land as part of Danny’s settlement with the government after the collapse of his 5th Street Rehab project. Much later during the deep dark best forgotten amnesia year, Tony brought Michelle here several times eventually leading to a final confrontation where Tony fell to his death rather than further endanger Michelle and Danny’s lives (which is small part made up for the total creep he’d become since the recast).

What we see at this time of the falls is an area above the falls. You can constantly hear the falls just out of camera range. Mostly what we see is a large gray rock with the trees all around it. A public parking area is out of our view off screen to the right. It’s not entirely clear if you have to drive or walk there from the Bauer House. At the very least it’s on the same side of town and not too terribly far from the Bauer House. Michelle drives there for the evidence burning scene, but she was coming from the police station, not the Bauer house. Laurel Falls feeds into a river, not the lake.

Laurel Falls Shirt Photo:

UPDATE: Laurel Falls located in real life.

Law Offices – See Ben Warren’s Private Law Practice Office and Springfield County Courthouse

Len’s Ice Cream Parlor aka Murray’s – Len’s was one of those places that only existed off screen and was never mentioned until it was needed, however was supposed to be part of the Springfield scene for a long time. It’s location is never given, other than it’s far enough away from the Bauer House that you have to drive there. I’m assuming somewhere on the outskirts of Springfield, it’s situated on a lot where it can have its own private parking lot. It appears to be a mom and pop type shop and sells high end ice cream that I think is made on site although the mention was vague. Maureen had brought Michelle there for ice cream as a little girl, which probably means that Vanessa and Little Bill and Fletcher and Ben also stopped there regularly. Michelle had brought Jesse there enough so that Len recognized him, but hadn’t taken Danny there yet with all their troubles. That makes me think if the Bauer house is on one side of town along Skyline Drive and Casa Santos is on the outskirts of the other side of town on High Ridge (maybe roads along bluffs on opposite sides of the river?) that Len’s would be on the outskirts in the other direction and on the opposite side of town as Point Lester where Jesse was from as well as he had never gone there as a kid. However, David Grant didn’t know Len before his statement, so it suggests some distance from both 5th Street where David spent is time during his last stay in Springfield and the upper class area where his parents lived. When Len testifies at the trial he gives the address as 1500 Chestnut Street and says it’s a 20-30 minute drive to Towers depending on traffic. Which I think confirms my earlier deductions about it’s location.

Len’s Testimony which includes location information:

Michelle and Danny’s favorite from Len’s is Fudge Ripple ice cream that Michelle buys in take home containers and likes to always keep on hand. They also serve ice cream to eat in the store at the counter although there don’t seem to be tables inside. Maybe there are picnic tables outside, as is often the case at such places, but if so they are never mentioned. Soda fountain taps shows they must serve phosphates (my favorite) and that kind of typical ice cream as well and the array of cookies and candies on the shelf suggest some kind of Blizzard like mixtures as well.

Lighthouse – When the Guiding Light started on the radio, the original Guiding Light was a “friendship lamp” that shone in Rev. Rutledge’s window. Over time, while the actual spiritual guiding light was redefined repeatedly over the years, the physical guiding light came to be represented in a lighthouse that was used heavily in storyline on a regular basis.

The lighthouse was a vital location to the early Manny romance, being the setting of such scenes as pretending to sleep together to push Jesse away, Michelle begging Danny for a chance to make their marriage work, and Manny celebrating New Year’s Eve late when Michelle is finally released on bail after new evidence arises in the Ben Warren murder trial. Mannyac’s affectionately call it LH in posts and I’ve seen several in old posts say that if they were at the LH you knew it would be a great Manny day. They considered it their place.

However, the lighthouse already had a rich history at that point. Rick Bauer lived there with his first wife Meredith Reade (Fletcher’s sister). Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding were held captive there by psychopath Brent Lawrence and are almost blown up locked up in the basement. Angel Boy (aka Zachary Smith) lived there and restored it after the fall out from the Brent Lawrence fiasco. Angel Boy romanced Michelle who reminded him of her identical  distant relative Mary Bauer, who he loved back when he was, you know, alive. Zachary left the actual light repair for last and when a storm threatens a boat on the lake, he goes out with a small boat to try to help them while the entire rest of the town (who had gathered at the Country Club to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Cedars – and the show) gathered and repaired the light. Even current town outcasts Roger Thorpe and Jenna Bradshaw helped. Zachary is assumed lost on the lake, but later appears to both Meta and Vanessa. Later, Dolly, Reva’s clone, holds Reva captive there in the same cage Brent Lawrence used. The Lighthouse was also Messe’s special place where they had sex for the first time and held their private “wedding ceremony.” But none of that meant much to Michelle after all or she’d never been able to make love to Danny in the same spot and never even think of Jesse once. Actually after just kissing Danny there once, she says when she’s staying there, sleeping in the bed she slept with Jesse in, she’s having trouble remembering Jesse’s face. Lucky Drew.

Eventually Manny stop going there for some reason and the lighthouse rapidly gets run down. Having just been restored in 1997 by Angel Boy, by 2002 it is in such condition that Claire Ramsey, Meta Bauer, and Olivia Spencer are working together on a Save the Lighthouse campaign and it is being used as a secret meeting place for Tony and Marah. Marah is also held captive in the lighthouse during the fallout for Danny’s second big attempt to legitimize the family business. Sam Spencer saves her by scaling the outside with his rock climbing equipment. After that it seems to resume it’s pre-1997 uses and is where Jeva meet for important moments in their lives and is even the focal point of the alternative universe episode in celebration of the show’s 70th Anniversary.

The lighthouse also figured largely in the final episode. Josh and Reva met at the lighthouse and kissed. The final shot was Josh and Reva driving off in H.B.’s old truck with the lighthouse in the background. exterior in 1998 at 1:15) (The lighthouse steps and main living space.) (lighthouse second floor interior walk through 1997)

Lighthouse basement, starting at 4:10

Little Havana ~ Little Havana is Danny Santos favorite restaurant. The Santos family is of Cuban descent and Little Havana is a Cuban-American restaurant. As far as I know there was never actually a Little Havana set. Mostly Danny got take out from there. They apparently have a bar because they include beer with Danny’s orders. While Michelle turns out eventually to be a good cook, she really didn’t ever cook for Danny’s ethnic heritage (or to be fair her own, she was known for her apple pie, not strudel or corn beef and cabbage). His favorite dish is arroz con pollo (rice with chicken – a typical Cuban dish). For a discussion of the times Danny went to Company versus Little Havana see the entry on “Company.” For a brief description of Michelle having mastered arroz con pollo see my Manny fanfic “A Typical House.”

I don’t remember any indication of where Little Havana is, but as Rick was totally unfamiliar with it previous to his relationship with Danny and the Santos Family had been going there for years, it probably is nowhere near Cedars. I would guess it’s somewhere off 5th Street where there seemed to be an enclave of recent immigrant businesses from the Silva bodega to the Lee Chinese Laundry.

This clip doesn’t show the restaurant, but shows Danny on a night when he planned a personal gastric orgy with takeout of all his favorite foods from there and most of the Santos family shows up to push their way into his meal and discuss the relative merits of the cooking at Little Havana.

See Company

Millennium – Drew Jacobs bought a hole in the wall bar she renamed Millennium to get Jesse Blue to work for her. Unfortunately, the writers didn’t clue in the set designers what a big role the place was going to play, so the first set was just the small area where the bar and later the mural is. (I remember laughing over that story in a soap magazine.) Then as its importance to the story got bigger they had to invent a way to make more room. So they  added the dance room/balcony area later, and kept the dumb curtain in the doorway to explain how there could be so much space we never saw earlier.

One of Drew’s schemes to get Jesse was to hire him to paint the mural on the wall opposite the bar. It’s a take off on the much parodied Nighthawks by artist Edward Hopper, but it really always bothered me that they never fixed it when they changed Michelles. I hated to see a painting of Rebecca Budig’s Michelle over Joie Lenz’s shoulder. Later they added the apartment upstairs. There were supposed to be two apartments when Jesse and Michelle are talking about moving in to the apartment next door to Drew’s, but one seems to have dissolved.

The ever expanding building later had a second club called Inferno under Millennium in the basement, complete with Danny’s office in a wine cask and a gambling parlor. Once those sets were added we never saw Millennium with it’s great room and high ceiling again. However, the club was supposedly continuing to run and was still sometimes mentioned long after we last saw it. (Here’s  a clip with the original small version of Millennium)

(Starting at 8:23 Jesse walks through the newly enlarged Millennium)

Murray’s – See Len’s Ice Cream Store

Park – See Cross Creek Park

Pharley’s House – Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper considered moving in together even before they got married. Phillip bought this house and they came back to it from their honeymoon in November of 1998. It was decorated in a southwestern style, reflecting Phillip’s time living in Arizona. In fact the large dish/plaque thing above the fireplace was used on a wall behind Phillip whenever they had him “call” from Arizona while he was off the show. Again, reflecting the southwestern influence there is a tiled patio outside the door. The door leads into a great room, there’s a short entryway and then the rest of the room. On the same wall as the door is a fireplace, but is detached from the wall. The fireplace acts as an independent column on the reverse side of the fireplace is a coat closet. The living room seating area is centered around this fireplace. There is a large door opening between the living room and a wide open, straight staircase with a cast iron railing. This staircase leads to a hallway with a series of bedrooms upstairs, including the master bedroom and bedrooms that later would house Zach, Jude, and Susan. Opposite the bottom of the staircase is a large wall of windows out onto the patio, covered with decorative ironwork. Standing at the bottom of the stairs you can see back to a hallway that presumably leads to a kitchen and you can see the backdoor from there.  The address is 4217 Springfield Drive.

There is a red tile roof and a second story balcony. You have to crawl in and out of a window to access the balcony. It overlooks the garage which is an out building. The house is has an attic and a basement, too. After 2001 when Phillip and Harley divorced, Harley was allowed to stay in the house, but it remained in Phillip’s name. The house comes into the Manny story twice. Once in 2000 when Manny babysit & Carmen (who is supposed to be dead) appears to gaslight Michelle. Then again during the Mission: Impossible plot Rick moves into the house, leaving Manny alone in the Bauer House until Harley and Rick break up. Harley then moved Gus in after she got involved with him and GusH was formed.  In 2004, after Phillip began a decent into madness, he bulldozed this house (then shared by Harley and Gus and Phillip’s children) as an act of revenge after Gus manipulated the endangered species act to keep Phillip from completing his plan of tearing down Company. Since Phillip still technically owned the house this wasn’t a crime, but Harley was able to get title to the empty lot and she and Gus began to rebuild in a seemingly endless fashion. Begins at 1:40, Living Room Shows southwestern tile roof and upstairs balcony

For more on Harley and Gus’s replacement house see:

Reardon Boarding House – See Company

Reva Bend – Reva lived quite a few different places in Springfield over the years. My favorite though is Reva Bend. It was a pretty cottage in a bend of the river. The name was a pun (Reva Bend/River Bend). I’m a sucker for puns. Reva was living there when she had Marah. Reva Bend was later Holly Thorpe Reade’s house. It was outside of this house where Danny gave Michelle his first present (that creepy photo meant to intimidate her).

I think the river was Springfield River. I don’t remember it having a different name, although during the Carrie Curthers storyline, they mention there are 5 bridges that cross the river in and nearby Springfield (such as the one Reva jumped off of when she tried to commit suicide over Josh). It is presented as a fairly rural location and is a drive, not a walk from the Marler Carriage House. However, there must be enough traffic that Michelle didn’t realize Danny’s car was following hers before the present exchange I described above. The house is two stories and there are at least 2 bedrooms because there was both a room for Jeva and a separate nursery for Marah when they lived there. Later Holly and her brother Ken also have separate rooms. The house has a patio that is covered by a porch roof, but it’s flat to the ground with no railing. There are many bushes and trees planted close around the house making it an ideal spot for lurking, like in Elizabeth Keifer’s first scene as Blake when she spied on Ross and Holly there or during the Nursery Rhyme Stalker storyline. Once Holly moved in we mainly saw the great room downstairs which was part living room/part kitchen with a large table that did double duty for kitchen table and dining room. There is also a full basement with brick walls and grow lights. This clip starting at 2:51 and continuing through the rest of the clip shows the main room of Reva Bend while Holly and Ken were living there and the basement.

Reva Bend when Reva lived there, starting at 3:00

Reva Bend when Holly lived there in 1992
Starting at 2:52, this clip shows Reva Bend’s great room and basement while Holly lived there, after Fletcher left.

Starting at the beginning shows Reva Bend and Beth walks into the downstairs bathroom.

Ross’ Furnished Bachelor Apartment – When Blake and Ross Marler (Bloss) break up over underlying problems and her relationship with his half-brother Ben Warren, Ross eventually decides to get a new place to live so the boys will have some place other than a hotel to stay while he had visitation and he hoped eventually custody. This was the first new place Ross had lived in decades having moved into the Carriage House of the old Wexler estate (with Amanda Spaulding’s adopted family) in the late 1970s and lived there through multiple relationships, engagements, and marriages. However, he left the house to Blake because of their children and so he went house hunting. He ends up renting a furnished apartment. We aren’t given any clues to its relationship to the other places we know in Springfield, but seems to be on the nicer side of town. It appears to be two rooms plus a bathroom. The multipurpose room in front has a living room couch/chairs set and a desk and a door opening out onto a balcony. One corner of the room is cut off to provide a rather cramped bedroom with a very roomy bed. The only bathroom appears to be off this bedroom. There don’t appear to be any kitchen facilities nor any room for the boys specifically. However, Ross declares it perfect. India Von Halkein was also interested in renting it, but found herself low on funds and decided to move in to the Spaulding Mansion gratis instead. This kicks off the Ross-India romance which while not serious on either side, is quite good fun. Eventually Ross will reconcile with Blake and they return to the Carriage House before deciding to sell it and move into Olivia’s former apartment after Tory tried to kill Ross. Apparently Carrie trying to kill Vanessa was OK as a memory of the house, but Tory Granger drove them out.

San Cristobel – San Cristobel was first mentioned when Josh and Reva were getting ready to re-marry and they were looking for places to honeymoon. It was soon brought up again by Danny who mentioned to Michelle that the Santos family kept a house down there. Soon it was a centerpiece of the major summer storyline. It worked well for that, but then they tried to keep it around as a regular location. This caused a semi-permanent split in the cast as the writers desperately sought to have cast interaction when they supposedly were 1000s of miles apart. Eventually the entire country basically fell off the face of the earth, but except for Manny’s get away spot where they could just constantly make love, I don’t think anyone missed any of it.

San Cristobel was an island nation, a principality somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. During it’s initial summer of existence a large part of the cast was taken down to Puerto Rico to do a series of location shots. When San Cristobel looks like a real island, it’s really Puerto Rico. I think that’s where the name comes from because San Cristobel is the name of a fort that’s now a major tourist attraction on the island.

San Cristobel is a small and picturesque country. Still there is a lot of variation within its geography, it ranges from beaches to mountains with a more or less permanent snow pack. Although it  is fairly densely populated, there are still areas wild enough to hide a guerrilla army. It’s economy is based on tourism and is very unstable. The area is also prone to violent earthquakes.

Although it had been a stable principality with a royal family for at least decades, its people were hotblooded and readily came close to the point of being willing to overthrow the government. The twisted nature of the royal family’s family tree caused a lot of the problem. Richard Winslow inherited the title of Crown Prince from his father. He had a younger brother Edmund and married an amnesiac American woman who turned out to be Reva Shayne and then later married her half-sister Cassie. (As Mannyacs sighed in relief and made an allegiance of necessity with Rassie fans, anything to keep Cassie’s claws out of Danny as Laura Wright wanted.) However, it was revealed through a long unspooling of story that Richard and Edmund’s father had an affair. The product of which was Richard. The father wanted to favor this child of his mistress over that with his wife so he told his wife that his child with her died and replaced it with the mistress’ child (who was Richard). The child with the wife was thought dead and a baby coffin was even buried, but later it turned out it had instead been put up for adoption. When Richard discovered this, as he was born on the wrong side of the blankets, he was no longer morally or legally heir to the throne. He realized his brother, make that half-brother, Edmund was too unstable to rule. That led Richard to overturn the government and declare a republic and then run for President. He won, but many people wanted a return to the monarchy. Some fought with Edmund to reclaim the country. When the child of the old Crown Prince and his wife was discovered to really be alive and in a local fishing village, the people reunited behind him, restoring the monarchy.  This effectively cut all Springfield ties there except Richard, Edmund, Olivia, and (Richard and Reva’s child) Jonathan who all eventually more or less permanently moved to Springfield. (I know, but trust me that is the short version.) At that point San Cristobel more or less vanished, although the former Santos summer house was purchased by the Spauldings and still made one or two guest appearances (for example Jizzie “honeymooned” there) and there were occasional shout outs to the country mostly having to do with the custody of Cassie and Richard’s adopted child Will and Edmund’s temporary incarceration.

Danny brings Michelle into the Santos vacation home in San Cristobel.

Manny meet Jeva at a restaurant in San Cristobel just after 5:00 see Puerto Rico standing in as San Cristobel when Josh and Reva are arrested

More of the Santos vacation home during the Reva Rescue Ranger storyline (again this is Puerto Rico when they are outside)

Photos of  the San Cristobal fort in Puerto Rico which probably inspired the name for the principality.
Post about it

Santos Yacht – The Santos Yacht is 1st mentioned as part of the Reva Rescue Rangers plot when they all lock and load and head down to San Cristobel to rescue Reva. At that time it is portrayed mostly by a real yacht on the Puerto Rico location shot. After that we only saw the interior as a set and even a few of the RRR storyline scenes were shown on this interior set, although it got bigger over time. There is a couch/bed with a table and storage. There is also a small bathroom off stage to the right and a door up a short ladder in the far left hand corner.

Danny says that the yacht has a captain and at least a small crew. They have separate quarters and the one room we see down below seems to be reserved for the owners and their guests. Danny says they keep it almost constantly at sea as not to tip off authorities when they want to take it somewhere. They frequently take trips down to San Cristobel, but also go other places. They keep it even after their money troubles begin. It still takes a major part in the story when Marah is trying to prove that Tony didn’t kill Catalina and its aftermath.

Danny says they’ve had the yacht for years and it was when he was out on the yacht that he felt that he had connected the most with his father. They used to go deep sea fishing on it and was the place he felt his father relaxed the most. (Beginning at 6:30, all over yacht in 1999) (Interior Yacht set in 2000)

Spaulding Mansion – Once the Wexler Estate disappeared, the Spaulding Mansion became the fanciest house in Springfield.  It’s universally referred to as the Spaulding Mansion. It’s on an estate with wrought iron gates at the end of a long driveway. The grounds include the Spaulding pond, a potting shed, a formal garden, and an impressive set of stables.  James Spaulding specifically mentions a pool in 2009, but it’s not ever visible around the house (perhaps he meant one end of the pond now had a pool style deck a la the house in the original Parent Trap?). The garage is extensive and in 1998 Matt Reardon built a beautiful, elaborate, and customized playhouse on the grounds for Lizzie. There was already a very elaborate and large treehouse on the grounds, originally built for Alan and Alex as children. Hart Jessup and Julie Mallet used it as a meeting place during their romance and very unfortunately it was also a setting for a Danny and Marina scene. Later a corner of the formal garden was used as a mausoleum and had markers for various family members.

The mansion itself is situated on a hill and it is formally landscaped. The most formal part is the garden in the rear. It has a fountain in it that is closed down and drained for the winter. There is a cobblestone terrace overlooking this formal garden. The exterior make of the mansion changes over the years as different buildings are used for the exterior. In the 1990s it was white in a modified classic-federal type style. In the post-set era it became gray stone and old country manorish looking.  The front door opens into a large living room with a cathedral ceiling. There is a large open staircase that turned in a rectangle. There is a landing overlooking the  front door and just under shoulder heighth for most people coming in the door. The living room also features a large fireplace and a bar. There is a large painting on the wall of an old-fashioned looking boy and girl with dark hair. There is a safe behind this painting.

The other room that is used the most is Alan’s office. It also features a formal sitting area, a fireplace, and a bar. It’s used both formally and informally.  There is a safe behind the desk on the far right side of the room behind a painting. A lot of Spaulding business is done here. When the sets changed to permanent sets, the wall of windows disappeared and were replaced by a spiral staircase leading to a loft with a vaulted ceiling. This loft was used for various purposes during its short run, but mostly provided a convenient place to eavesdrop on conversations. Right outside the office is a hallway whose walls are covered with family photos. The hallway connects with the living room, but it’s harder to figure out how the rooms connect. There is a very formal dining room and a large number of bedrooms upstairs. There is also an attic filled with old family keepsakes.  The mansion also includes a solarium and kitchen, but they are more mentioned than shown. Nettie, their maid and general Jill of all trades, spends a lot of time in the kitchen when she isn’t taking care of Lizzie.

Ownership of the Spaulding Mansion mostly stayed in the family and even when they were at loggerheads fighting for control of Spaulding Enterprises, they would all stay together.  Spouses and girlfriends and even ex-wives were often moved into and out of the house. Alan normally had control of the house from the introduction of the Spauldings. Somehow though its possession was tied to control of the company. However, when Alexandra came back she also got control of the house. When Jenna Bradshaw sued Spaulding Enterprises she not only won control of the company, but the house as well. She moved in bringing two very blue collar maids in with her, leading to some terrifically funny dialogue (one was played by Allison Janney). The Spauldings recovered the house. Later they lost it again when Dinah Marler engineered a take over of the company. She not only kicked them out, but also arranged an auction for a lot of their stuff. (Bill bought Lizzie’s childhood dollhouse for her, but things like the white horse Edmund gave her were still in trunks around the property even after the auction.) Finally, they managed to recover the mansion once again. In one of the final episodes Phillip expresses his disbelief that he is oldest Spaulding living there and now in charge of the house. It doesn’t feel possible to him, it’s been Alan or Alex in charge for so long.

The Spaulding Mansion is in the country outside of Springfield. I don’t think it was ever given much in the way of directions to get  there.

Exterior and then Alan’s office in 1997

Front door and living room in 1990s

Starting at 7:30 for the living room from the opposite angle

Exterior and office/formal sitting room office right at beginning in 1990s

Potting Shed at 8:44 in 1990s

Alan’s office/formal sitting room  starting at 2:57 in 1990s

Spaulding Front Door, Living Room and Front Staircase in 1990s

Spaulding Dining Room beginning at 1:10 in 1998

Downstairs hallway to left of living room in 1999, starting at 5:20

Beth’s bedroom in 1998

Lizzie’s childhood bedroom in 1998

Lizzie’s Playhouse in 1998
(Exterior at 8:32) (Interior at 3:23)

Springfield International Airport – For as long as I can remember the people of Springfield have been jetting off to both exotic locations and major U.S. urban centers from the Springfield International Airport. It was always a setting for drama, people coming home, and stopping people from leaving. It has changed a lot over the years. The set version I liked the best (as a set, not for a story) is the 1998 version which actually gives you the feeling that you are at a small airport. Sometime between 1998 and 1999 it was given a major make over (and became a much smaller set), this smaller set was the setting for several memorable Manny scenes. It was even further reduced by the end of the series and after they abandoned the 3 wall sets (except for when they actually rented a helicopter for Dinah’s escape)  the airport was reduced to being  a GRAVEL parking lot with a sign. How the mighty had fallen. This lot was actually right next to the show house in Peapack, New Jersey. They show it and it’s position to the house in the show house information linked to below.

Airport Interior

Airport Interior 1998, Starting at 4:07

Airport Interior 1999, Starting at 7:00

Airport Interior 2001, Starting at beginning of clip

Airport Parking Lot 2009, Starting at 2:00

Airport with Dinah in helicopter 2009, Starting at 7:00

Show House information

Springfield County Courthouse – While it never shows an sign of actually being the Springfield, Illinois that is the capitol of that state, Springfield is very clearly the county seat with an impressive courthouse. The following description is based on what was seen on screen from the early 1990s on. I must admit while I know they showed courtrooms anyway earlier than that (during Roger’s Trial for martial rape for example) I don’t have a clear memory and haven’t seen many clips that show it. I will continue to look and will add to this description if I get more information.

The Springfield Courthouse is a large sprawling complex. They have all sorts of offices and we’ve seen at least two courtrooms. There are judges chambers and rooms full of law books. There is a large lobby outside the main courtroom. It looks like an art deco building inside and out, so it probably dates from the 1930s or at the latest 1940s. It possibly was merely redone at that time, but murals fill the courtroom and lobby area that are definitely WPA Regionalist in nature (which was very common in real life in the Midwest at the time).

The Criminal Courtrooms are on the Third Floor. Most people enter through an elevator in the large lobby. A short flight of steps begins outside the elevator and presumably leads to fourth floor. Although most people just sort of hang around the bottom of this stairway people who have gone up them would not plausibly be headed for a courtroom balcony which we don’t see during this time or the courthouse tower. There is plenty of seating in this lobby for people waiting to go into the courtroom. Straight ahead are double doors and that leads you into the courtroom with an impressive Judge’s bench and jury on the right hand side, closest to the judge’s bench.

We’ve seen the DA’s office, under various administrations, Doris Wolfe’s Assistant DA’s office and Griffith’s judge’s chambers. All feature that 1920s office style with beautiful dark woodwork. Only the third floor offers lighter woodwork. The county jail and police station are also in this same building. Whether they are on other floors or in a separate attached building is unclear and either would be common in the Midwest. There should also be offices for things like paying car license and wedding license,etc., an assessor’s office and offices for the county supervisors, unless they are located in a separate administrative building we never see.  (Everybody runs for mayor or DA in Springfield, no body runs for Assessor or Supervisor.)

Third Floor – Main court room floor, Starts at elevator, goes slowly through courtroom lobby and main courtroom at beginning of 1997 clip

Shot from behind the judge’s bench back across courtroom at 8:00 in 1999

Shot of Jury box  in 1999 at 7:30

D.A.’s Office at beginning of 1998 clip

Judges Chambers in 1999 at 11:15

Jail in 1998

Lobby outside courtroom in 2000

Courtroom in 2000

Slow sweep of courtroom in 2000

Probably best sweep of courthouse as it was in the 1990s/early 2000s at 4:45 during “I Turn to You” montage

When the sets changed in 2008, the courtroom left the lawyer’s desks, judge’s bench, jury box, and witness box on one floor, but moved the audience to a balcony above.

Main floor of courtroom in 2009 (yes, lapsed long time viewers, Beth went to law school)

When the Boys try to keep Remy from annulling his marriage to Christina in 2009,  he runs up to the audience balcony and jumps down to give an almost Danny level speech.

Springfield Mall – Presumably on the outskirts of Springfield, probably closer to the Bauer House than the nouveau riche area that houses Casa Santos. However, drive times to the mall are never given from anywhere. We usually only see the mall at Christmas time and I don’t think they ever give it a name, it’s just “the mall.” Most action takes place in a large intersection of several branches of mall hallways. You can see a couple of these typical wide mall hallways. It’s a great set with forced perspective. Economic downturns and the move away from old fashioned malls don’t seem to effect this lucky showplace. There are never any empty storefronts and there are lavish holiday decorations. Manny has a classic confrontation scene here the first year they know each other. A couple of Christmases later Danny is doing last minute shopping with Rick when a sudden snowstorm traps them there and Gus Aitoro gives them a Christmas miracle in Ross’ annual Christmas story.
Manny at the Mall, starting at 4:24

Starting at 4:44

St. Agnes Catholic Church – I’ve been working on tracking the churches in Springfield as I’ve gotten a couple questions on it and I’ve been trying to use that to settle where the Santos House is in relation to Springfield. I’ve been able to confirm the Reardons were Catholic. In 1998, Matt Reardon was attending Mass at St. Agnes. However, the Santos family attend St. Micheal’s church up the hill from Cedars. It could be a different Catholic congregations because of ethnicity or because of location.  I’ll continue to track references to the churches and let you know what I find.Vanessa confirms with Matt that he attends Mass at St. Agnes in this clip.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church – When The Guiding Light started there was a major focus on religion. Most of the time this was a generic Protestant religion, but the introduction of the Santos Family also brought a renewed Catholic presence to the show (once represented by the Reardon family, coincidentally Michelle’s mother Maureen was a Reardon). The Santos family regularly talked about attending Mass every week and were sometimes shown there, were shown in the confessional, and sometimes participating in other rituals, like Pre-Cana classes. Father Tomas was the head priest, but Father Ray Santos soon signed on to the St. Michael’s parish and became the representative of the church for most of its time on the show. After all of the Santos family, except Father Ray, were written off the show, Gus Aitoro and his wife Natalia, and son Rafe all continued to attend the Catholic services here with Natalia being especially active within the church community which caused a true moral dilemma as she developed a relationship with Olivia Spencer (Otalia).

It’s difficult to say how large St. Michael’s was because the sanctuary was actually rather small and the confessionals were along one side of it. However, there was a covered portico in front, an office for Father Tomas, and a full rectory attached. Father Ray didn’t replace Father Tomas and while Manny is on the run he says the newest priest is always assigned the duty of arranging travel which suggests there were more than 2 priests. There must have been some group of nuns attached either to an abbey or a school because he also made travel arrangements for them.

This original St. Michael’s was downtown Springfield and was located just up the hill from Company, so it was close to Cedars. It was the scene of Manny’s memorable Pre-Cana, the bomb in the church, Danny’s many visits to the confessional and much later Danny’s fake funeral. The church’s last appearance was when it had been condemned and was going to be demolished while Cyrus Foley and Harley Cooper were being held captive in the tower. It was replaced by a white wooden church out in the country that somehow magically merged with the local Protestant church and apparently, since the Coopers also attended, the local Greek Orthodox Congregation as well. This church was represented by at historic Peapack Reformed Church, Main Street and Mendham Road, Gladstone, NJ.

In 2000 (click on the number in the comments to take you right there) a camera pans the St. Michael’s sanctuary.

Towers – Towers was a big new building project in downtown Springfield. I think it was in the early 1990s, but have been so far unable to confirm that. It had two major attractions. There were hotel rooms which you could get by the night or residentially. There was also a restaurant on the top floor that was also simply known as Towers and accessed pretty much exclusively by the elevator. The first link below shows the exterior used for Towers in the late 1990s and a typical hotel room (this one occupied by Ben Warren) which shows their up to date design in the bathroom and generous room size. Personally I would much prefer to stay here than at the Beacon, which became its competition in later years. This particular hotel room was the scene of the Blake rescuing Ben from the tub scenes (beloved of Blen fans) and of Ben’s eventual death.

We saw a lot more of the restaurant than the hotel. If you walk out of the elevators you find yourself on a small landing, a small non-ADA compliant flight of stairs. Straight ahead was a long bar where you could sit and order drinks. It was also the location for pickup for the Towers very popular take out service. Small round tables filled most of the rest of the area. It was in the area with the tables where Danny Santos frequently ate with his mother on neutral ground and where Danny, Michelle, and Ray had their pivotal confrontation about their annulment.

If you came down the stairs from the elevator and turned to the left, there was an alcove with couches. The most interesting conversations took place in this alcove and some you know sitting there always meant an extra good scene.

On the far side of the bar was a glass door out to a fairly small balcony surrounded by a solid wall which projected out over Springfield, many floors up. This was the site of some great scenes, including when Beth Raines almost committed suicide, when Ross Marler almost pushed Ben Warren over, and where Sebastian, Holly and Blake threw what Sebastian said were Roger’s ashes over the side as part of a private funeral, fittingly enough a bit of the ash landed in his archenemy, Alan Spaulding’s eye.

In later years, Towers became the first mutual project of Cassie Layne, Danny Santos, and Tony Santos as they entered the urban renewal business. They completely re-did Towers before moving on to the much larger project of renewing all of 5th Street. Towers was altered a final time as they moved into the permanent set era. It became much smaller and the bar was moved to front of the room and our point of view shifted to behind the bar. Tables were at two drastically different levels with a large sheet of windows behind the upper level. This new Towers was the site of things like Billy’s attempt to kidnap Vanessa to get her to marry him and several of Otalia dates.

SoapOperaUniversity adds this information: “In 1989, Roger Thorpe started buying property on 5th Street through questionable means to build Blakewood Towers, named after his daughter. Spaulding Enterprises was constructing it and Neil Everest (who took care of Beth Raines while she was “dead”) was the architect. The land really belonged to Ruth Price. A few months later, 5th Street burned. This was the first of two 5th Street fires. It was because Roger’s thug went from strong arming people for land to arson at Harley’s store. I think they refused to sell. The Lewis clan got the deed back that Roger stole and it was later renamed Waterview Towers. Ruth Price gave the Towers to Billy Lewis before she died and he still might own it today. But the project was started many months before the fire. It was the reason for the fire.”
(Ben Warren’s hotel room, starting at 7:10. Ben in his bathroom at beginning and sweep from hallway into bathroom across entire room with Blake, should be a typical room there.)
(Exterior and hotel room bathroom starting at beginning of Clip and returns at 7:40 for last scene of clip)

(Towers Restaurant, Danny and Michelle sit in the alcove, then pan across restaurant)

(the balcony at Towers, starting at 7:16)

Waterview Towers – See Towers

Wheels and Meals Diner – See Fifth Street Diner.

Wired for Sound – There were many clubs in Springfield over the years, from the Blue Orchid to Inferno, they tended to come and go, much the way real clubs go in and out of fashion. Wired for Sound was a disco and was featured in the opening credits of the early 1980s. The following information was shared in Noteworthy Performances by Naomoi Rabinsowitz find the rest of her article in the January 4, 2011 issue of Soap Opera Digest.
Springfield’s reel-life club, Wired for Sound, was the site of many real-life musical performances in the early 1980s. Among the acts who stopped by in 1982 were Neil Sedaka, The B-52s, Ashford & Simpson and Dreamgirls sensation Jennifer Holiday. Sedaka agreed to guest-star in honor of his family’s housekeeper Mary, who was a huge GL fan – and got her a part as an extra in a party scene on the day that he aired.
The 1983 Guiding Light opening with disco scenes at Wired for Sound
See photo

WSPR – Springfield has one local television station. It’s WSPR. It has longstanding connections with two of the core families in town the Thropes and the Marler-Chamberlains. For awhile, Blake Marler managed to get Roger Thorpe and Holly Thorpe to each own part of WSPR when she was trying to reunite her parents. Dinah Marler got a hold of the television station and ran it well becoming too absorbed in her career according to then fiancée Hart Jessup. Her second in command was a brash career woman named Debra. Dinah eventually accidentally shot Hart and fled town. She returned years later and regained control of the station. During this second term at the station she oversaw a technical overhaul replacing older equipment with digital equipment and editing suites and allowing a lot of work to be done by laptop. When she first got involved with Grady, hoping that he could keep Lizzie Spaulding away from her brother Bill, who she felt was relegating her to second class status, she pretended to hire him on at the station. She also has as a personal assistant and second in command Ashlee Wolfe who filled in whatever capacity was needed at the station. When the police were once again preparing to arrest Dinah for murder (it was Deadmund this time), Dinah again fled the country. During both of Dinah’s oversea sojourns her mother, Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis Reardon took over her managerial duties.

The station’s coverage was important in several stories. Michelle and Drew learn Mick is actually dead through a WSPR report. Dinah refuses to go a long with a fake news story to help catch Annie Dutton when it was thought she was the Nursery Rhyme Stalker (she wasn’t). A WSPR cameraman taped Roy Meecham’s threat which cleared Abby Bloom Bauer of his murder. Annie tried to get her friend Dinah to do several WSPR stories about her, but none of them really worked out like she hoped. Later Reva had her own talk show on the station and she hired Selena Davis to be her producer. When she was fired by new owners for being too old, Josh bought the station for her, but then she decided to quit doing the show anyway.

This is the WSPR news room during Dinah’s first time of running the station. It starts at 2:45.

Right at the beginning of the clip, Dinah, Debra and a WSPR camera man. Unlike other station managers, Dinah often used herself as on-air talent

Dinah’s office at WSPR, starting at 2:35

In between Dinah’s first and second stints at WSPR a reporter named Helen interviews Ross right at the end of this clip.

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2 Responses to “Places in Springfield”

  1. natnic Says:

    This is a really good idea and very helpful for writers of fanfic. I was trying to figure out how far the farmhouse was supposed to be from Cedars. I know Company is across the street or next to Cedars. I’d love to see it all on a map. Not everyone can live at the Beacon!

  2. glmanny Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be adding to it. If you do Manny fanfic, let me know and I’ll add it to my index.

    Everyone only lived at the Beacon for about 2 years when budgets extremely sucked and that was the main benefit of the “new format” when they rolled it out, that people got to live in their own houses again.

    You’re right, Company is supposed to be across the street from Cedars. The original Jessup farm on which the farmhouse sits is supposed to be a little ways out in the country. Probably 15-20 minutes drive outside of town in real time, although they are vague. Unlike, say the Snyder Farm on ATWT, Springfield is the closest town to it. It’s far enough that it’s a trip out there, but at the same time it’s close enough that when Reva and Cassie got lost in the woods they were able to eventually get to a point where they could see the lighthouse. When Cassie first finds the Beacon (which they implied no one remembered for years) she was on foot from the Jessup farm, but she had walked a long ways. So it should be in the general vicinity, but not adjacent to the lake.

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