2. A Little Too Real

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We continue with the wonderful Manny story, picking up with the church wedding ceremony at Casa Santos.

Tues., Feb. 16, 1999 – Michelle and Drew are talking, when Michelle tells her that she doubts that she will be able to go through with the wedding, much less the wedding night. Drew pushes her to re-marry Danny as planned for all of their sakes. Danny is busy greeting his guests, as his cousin Ray arrives. Ray is Danny’s best man and the two catch up a little. Ray tells his Aunt Carmen “My cousin is a man in love.” Danny asks his mother about Abuela who has been ill since Mick’s death. Carmen and Danny talk and she tells him that she will not stand in his way if Michelle is what he really wants. Meta, Rick and Abby show up looking upset and out of place. They are totally unable to understand Michelle’s recent behavior. Meta reflects on a conversation she once had with Michelle about what kind of wedding Michelle wanted, it was nothing like this. As Rick prepares to walk Michelle down the aisle, he tells her he would do anything for her and that he loves her, and hints if she wants to leave Danny he’ll help her. She tells him its time to give her away. He gives her away to Danny and the priest begins. Just then Jesse walks in and stays at the back of the room, hidden. Drew (Michelle’s maid of honor) spots him, but doesn’t say anything. At the moment, when the priest asks, “speak now or forever hold your peace”, Jesse daydreams about saying something and Michelle running to him and out of the house. He comes to, however and the wedding was continuing. As they begin their vows, Michelle nervously drops the note cards with her vows, and Danny after reassuring her to just look in his eyes and she’ll be fine, touching her chin, he offers to go first and says, “You know sometimes people meet each other under very unusual circumstances. We did. Who knows why God puts a particular person into your life. I certainly didn’t expect to meet someone like you and I know you didn’t plan on meeting a guy like me, but by divine providence or fate or just plain luck, we were thrown together and I knew, I knew that you were a treasure to be cherished and to be revered. Michelle, I — I promise to do everything in my power to keep you safe and to make you happy. And what we have between us will grow with you as my wife and I as your husband.” With her vows still tucked in Danny’s pocket, she says simply that she puts her life in his hands. When the minister directs, they kiss, a passionate and very mutual kiss. After the ceremony, Danny can’t quit smiling and Michelle is nearly as bad as they go through all the wedding traditions. Michelle: You know, you can stop smiling now. (To photographer) We’re on a break. We’re on a break. (overlapping) Danny: Sorry, I just can’t stop smiling. Michelle: Hey listen, I want to thank you for kind of saving my vows, that stuff you said about being so devoted and giving of yourself was really good. Thank you. Danny: You’re welcome. I meant every word.” They enjoy the reception and even Rick realizes Michelle is truly happy. After the ceremony, they take photos as Jesse left the house. Drew thanks Michelle for saving her life and marrying Danny and not saying anything about her part in Mick’s death, she also promises to be her go between with the FBI. She says she will help her any way she can.




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Check other videos. These are the most complete of the wedding, but there are some audio problems.

Wed., Feb. 17, 1999 – As Danny dances with his new bride, Rick admits to Abby that seeing Michelle so happy he now thinks this marriage is for real. He makes a toast, “May my sister’s smile light up her husband’s life, the way it lit up this room today.” Hearing Danny announce their upcoming honeymoon plans, Michelle realizes that she has to go to bed with Danny. Her face shows array of emotions from nervousness to a genuine smile.

Thurs., Feb. 18, 1999 – They newlyweds return to their bedroom and are nervous and awkward together. When Danny asks if there’s anything special Michelle wants to do, she says there is and drops her wedding dress to the floor and steps toward Danny in her underskirt and bodice. Michelle starts to offer herself to Danny, but pulls back once from nerves and guilt. He tells her it’s OK and then leads her to the bed where he gently lets down her hair and starts to massage her back. He talks about his feelings and their relationship. “I won’t do anything to rush you, okay? We’ve all the time in the world, this is just the beginning for us as husband and wife. Hey, remember that … that day when we had to go meet with Father Tomas, for our Pre-Cana, to talk about all the things we want in marriage….You looked so miserable. You practically had your fingers crossed and your toes…. You know, you thought that you hated me, I know. And then you realized that we want the same things, that our dreams are pretty much the same….  You know, I thought, I was starting to think that we were not gonna make it — that together there was no way we were gonna have the kind of marriage we both wanted with us at each other’s throats all the time. I figured we were just doomed, you know, doomed to go through the motions for the rest of our lives. But today — today something changed. We said our vows. I don’t know, I saw something different in you. I felt it, I think you did, too. And when we kissed, you kissed me back and it was real and I thought, you know, maybe we’re gonna be okay. You know, maybe things are gonna work out and maybe our dreams can really come true.” As he slowly massages her and kisses her back, she feels herself responding for real and pulls back with a start. When Michelle stops Danny is confused and hurt, but assures her of his feelings for her but then doesn’t press her to consummate their marriage. Thanks to a call from Drew, the FBI raids the Santos home in an effort to give Michelle the distraction she needs.


Fri., Feb. 19, 1999 – When the FBI interrupts her wedding night, Michelle privately agrees to work with them to bring down the Santos family. Agent Conklin warns her that Carmen already suspects her which could spell even more danger for her. He also warns that if they take out Carmen, they are going to arrest Danny too. Michelle resists, insisting Danny isn’t like his mother, but then decides it’s a case of him or me and she has to save herself.


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Tues., Feb. 23, 1999 – At the Santos home, Carmen and Danny meet with their lawyer to deal with the aftermath of the FBI visit. They consider who might have tipped off the authorities. Carmen is suspicious of Michelle and Rick but Danny tries to persuade her that it was someone outside of the family. When Michelle interrupts the meeting, the lawyer presses her to reveal what she told the FBI during her private interrogation. Danny plays the protective husband and shuttles the suspicious attorney away. Later, while Carmen is out, a “client” arrives to see Danny. Mrs. Silva begs and pleads with Danny to extend her some time to make a payment. Danny refuses and Dietz threatens the hysterical woman. Michelle eavesdrops nearby as she hears the woman plead desperately. On her way out, Michelle intercepts the woman and hands her a wad of cash from her wedding money, telling the woman to pay off her debt to the Santos family. Michelle also tells the woman never to reveal who it was that gave her the money. When the woman tearfully asks how she could ever repay Michelle, Michelle responds by saying that she should tell her everything she knows about the Santos family…


Mon., March 1, 1999 – Jesse asks Drew to let him take her home, in a suggestive way. Drew says no, that as long as he is having any thoughts about Michelle that she and Jesse will only be friends. Jesse and Drew go for dinner at Towers. Ray, Carmen and Danny are eating at Towers. Ray leaves and Carmen begins talking to Danny about Michelle. She says that all these strange things have been happening since Michelle came into their lives. Mrs. Silva coming up with money to pay them, the FBI raiding their home, and she believes it is directly linked to Michelle. She begs Danny to see it her way but Danny insists that he trusts Michelle. Carmen: “It is plain to me that things started happening the day you brought Michelle Bauer into our lives.” Danny: “Her name is Michelle SANTOS.”  Carmen tells him to test her loyalty to the family by letting her believe that she has information that could hurt the family. Danny: “Michelle did not turn us into the FBI and she’s not going to. I trust Michelle. I trust her with my life…..This girl is my wife. She is the future of this family. Her children, our children are the next Santos generation.” Danny refuses and tells Carmen that if she does anything to his wife she will lose her only son. Michelle meets Mrs. Silva at St. Micheal’s who begins by telling Michelle that her husband fells that they have to confess to the Santos that Michelle was really the one to come up with the money and beg their forgiveness. Michelle tells her that she is trying to help her husband get into a legitimate business and asks her to let her in on the inner workings of the family. She tells Michelle that her business was mysteriously burglarized 5 times and then Mick Santos came around and offered their protection. Now it seems that all of the small businesses are in the same predicament. Michelle thanks Mrs. Silva for her help and Mrs. Silva tells Michelle she wouldn’t tell anyone that she helped her financially. Unfortunately, Ray walked in and caught the tail-end of the conversation. He questioned Michelle and told her that Danny would understand as long as she was honest with him. Danny arrived and Ray told him that Michelle had helped one of their parishioners financially.


A second set of highlights from 1 with about a short scene and half more

Tues., March 2, 1999 – Thinking Michelle has wrongly predicted Danny’s reaction, Ray begins to tell him about Mrs. Silva and the money by praising Michelle’s kindness and generosity. Ray is confused by Danny’s angry reaction to finding out that Michelle had given Mrs. Silva money. When Danny confronts Michelle about her relationship with Mrs. Silva, Michelle tries to cover by saying that she lent money to Mrs. Silva because she felt sorry for her. She insists that Mrs. Silva told her nothing about the Santos “family business.” Danny is not too easy to convince, so Michelle coyly reminds him of their wedding vows to trust each other. She seductively suggests that they return home…later, as they start to make love, Michelle once again stops Danny in the heat of the moment. Danny, frustrated and tormented, rushes out of the bedroom.


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Thurs., March 4, 1999Danny brings Michelle flowers to apologize for last night. Michelle tells him they need to trust each other. She and Danny tell each other of their first heartbreaks. Michelle discusses losing her eyesight, and then presses Danny to tell her about his family’s crime business. Danny questions whether she’s ready to take his life in her hands. He tells her about a shipment of Cuban cigars arriving tomorrow night. He makes her promise she won’t tell anyone about this, since he could be arrested. She promises guiltily as he stresses over and over again she can’t tell anyone without endangering him, but knows she must call the FBI. Danny privately hopes his wife won’t betray him and will pass this test, but still he made double sure nothing illegal will be in the shipment, just in case.


Fri., March 5, 1999 – At Millennium, Michelle and Danny arrive. The couple seems to be in good spirits, smiling and laughing as Drew calls them the newlyweds and without even thinking about it, they kiss as they part even just to go into another room. Danny leaves Drew with Michelle while he answers a phone call. Michelle tells her that she wants her to call the FBI because she got information from Danny about the family business. Drew tells her that she is impressed that she got Danny to confide in her and Drew thinks Danny is falling for her. While they are chatting, Danny tells the caller that it’s a secret. While he speaks on the phone, he watches Michelle and Drew chatting from behind a curtain. He interrupts them and tells Michelle that something has come up. He leaves her with Drew. When he is gone, Drew asks Michelle is she’s sure that she wants to turn in the family because Danny seems to be getting to her. Drew:This is not a great act, okay? I mean, I see the two of you together. I just saw the way you reacted when he kissed you, Michelle. That stupid, ridiculous smile you have on your face every time you’re with him. He is getting to you. Why can’t you admit that?”  Michelle reluctantly admits it and that she feels guilty at times about what she’s doing. Drew finally agrees to call the FBI and tells Michelle to be careful. Danny returns home and gives his grandmother some “secret” chocolates from her favorite store and they talk about Michelle. She knows that Carmen doesn’t like Michelle, Dietz told her. She tells him that Mick attacked Michelle and that she was defending herself. He worries that his mother will try to hurt Michelle. He tells Abuela that he gave Michelle some false information to see if the FBI finds out about it. He wants to find out if Michelle can be trusted. Abuela: I know all of the problems you’re having [with] this marriage — your mother’s vendetta, your brother, Mick, but I have a feeling that something strong can come out of this. Danny: Like you and grandfather? Abuela: Ours was an arranged marriage. Now, we hardly knew each other, but we learned to trust and we learned to love. Danny: I just don’t think that Michelle and I are going to get that chance. I mean, ours was not an arranged marriage. We were forced together by circumstance. I knew that she didn’t love me, she didn’t even like me, so … Abuela: That has changed, I promise you. Danny: I don’t know. I don’t know. Abuela: Then what do you think? Danny: What – Abuela: How do you feel towards her? Danny: Me? I don’t . . . I have mixed feelings. Abuela: Don’t lie to your grandmother. You are in love with this girl. Danny: I wish I wasn’t. I wish I didn’t, but you’re right. I’m in love with her. I love her. Abuela tells him that he’s testing her because he cares about her. She understands why he did what he did and that in her heart she knows that things will work out. Michelle accidentally overhears Danny’s declaration of love.

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Monday, March 8, 1999 – At the Santos house, Michelle, hearing Danny say he loves her, is suddenly horrified by what she has done and needs to save Danny at all costs from the trap she set. She calls Drew and tells her not to call the FBI, Drew says she already did and that they were very excited about the bust. Danny walks up behind Michelle and asks what’s wrong, she claims she was calling Rick and his nurse cut them off. She begs him not to go to the docks. He tells her he has to. Carmen tells her that Danny has to go to work and that he will pick work over her any day. Michelle leaves the room, but makes Danny promise to talk to her before he goes anywhere. Danny tells Carmen that he is testing Michelle. Danny leaves and Carmen says that she will make sure that Michelle fails the test. She gets Dietz to have his girlfriend call the FBI and use Michelle’s name. Michelle is getting more and more desperate to keep Danny safe from falling into the FBI trap. She tries persuading him to stay and talk, and then kisses him passionately, but not falling for that again so soon and sensing her desperation, he tells her to tell him what’s wrong with her. In sudden inspiration from his turn of phrase, she lies and tells Danny that she is going blind again and that she needs to go to the hospital, that’s why she was calling Rick. It’s Danny’s turn to be desperate as he rushes Michelle to the hospital and searches for Rick. Rick sees through Michelle’s lie at once, but clears the room and while he doesn’t believe her explanation either, doesn’t blow her story and allows everyone else to believe she is having a relapse. Drew confides in Selena about the FBI and Michelle. Selena tells Drew to call them back and cancel the bust. Drew says she can’t that she tried and a machine picked up.

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(Part 2)
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Wed., March 10, 1999 – Drew tries to call Michelle on her cell phone and is terrified when Danny picks up and tells her Michelle is in the emergency room. Jesse and Drew rush over there. Jesse tries to take charge, remembering what happened when she lost her sight before. Danny can’t take that and they argue until Rick throws them both out. Michelle asks if Drew can stay and Drew asks if it’s an act, since the timing was so convenient. When Michelle admits it is, Drew blasts her for changing her mind about contacting the FBI.

Michelle: He said he loved me. I heard him tell his grandmother that he loved me and there’s no way that he could have known that I was listening, so I know that he meant it. And when I heard that, I couldn’t do it, do you understand now? I couldn’t go through with it, I couldn’t betray him like that. I’m telling you, Drew, in that moment, he was different.

Drew: Or maybe you’re just falling in love with your husband?”

Later Michelle finds a letter in a box written to Drew’s mother indicating that Drew was adopted. When she reveals it, Drew runs crying to Selena for support. After Dietz tells Danny about the FBI raid, Danny begins to doubt Michelle’s story. Danny explains to a pleased Carmen what happened. When she goes on and on about how Michelle played him for a fool, he announces that he is ready to deal with his wife and avenge the death of his brother.

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(Continues with the 15th)

Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyoaVh7GFDY (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjGzowqMATg (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckmiAvHh8L4 (Part 3)

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Somehow I missed a day in here. The  story summary remains unchanged. This episode had Carmen confront Danny about the FBI and convince Danny that he must “take care of” Michelle.
Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlkZ9DiyP78 (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbQDC_nJIFo (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYVBN0aD_tU (Part 3)

Mon., March 15, 1999 – The Santos Home, Danny interrupts Michelle’s packing in their bedroom and suggests he doesn’t believe her eyes are messed up or why she claims she is going to stay with her brother. He questioned Michelle about the FBI raid. Saying that Carmen believes Michelle called them. She denies everything. Danny tells her that it was the first time he confided in her about business and this happens. Michelle tells him that she overheard him tell his grandmother he loved her and that it made her feel really good and she needs him to trust her and in his feelings for her. Danny tells Michelle that he will take care of her if she will just let him. Danny tells Michelle he will miss her. She says it will only be a few days. He asks her if she wants to reconsider anything. Clearly he is struggling with what to believe and what to do. Finally he lets her go to Rick’s. Michelle is going to call a cab, but Danny says he will drive her, sadly thinking it will the last time he will be with her as her husband. Around town, Annie Dutton is on trial with Ben Warren as her defense attorney and it has come down to the Lewis family versus the Spauldings.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCJBmEIER-I (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLeaEXftCiE&NR=1 (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE6qGtz282M (Part 3)

Tues., March 16, 1999 – Returning from having brought the car around to the front door of Casa Santos to drive Michelle to Rick’s, Danny overhears Dietz talking on the phone and discovers that his mother engineered the tip-off to the F.B.I. He finds his mother in their bedroom berating Michelle and he rushes in to confront her, calling her a liar and telling her she is not to be trusted. He is furious! Carmen’s usually icy visage turns to Jell-O and she stammers as she tries to explain herself. When Michelle comes in to discover what the yelling was about, Danny says his mother was just leaving, and that it will only take him a minute to pack. He is her husband and he isn’t about to let her be alone at her brother’s with this trouble (her failing eyesight – which he now believes since it was Dietz’s girlfriend who called the FBI) and they leave.

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Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9dSz7iffFE (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVHBcHbNtuU (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIBPQ8zexvM (Part 3)

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Thurs., March 18, 1999 – Out at Millennium with Rick and Abby, Michelle and Danny dance to “Angel of Mine,” but Danny won’t be diverted off her eyesight problems for long. Michelle: “You know something. I love this song and I would love it if you would dance with me.”  She finds that while she was sleeping the night before Danny was trying to locate the best eye specialist in the country and getting her an appointment. Touched by what he had done and unable to have this lie between them anymore, Michelle finally confesses to Danny that she was in contact with the FBI about the raid but changed her mind. Michelle desperately tries to get him to understand that the important part was that she couldn’t go through with it and protected him at the cost of her own freedom, but he only hears the betrayal. Devastated and literally unable to look at her, Danny sends Michelle home with Rick and then starts drinking heavily with Drew who is just as shattered by the news she was adopted. Meanwhile, Carmen blasts Dietz for spoiling her scheme by allowing Danny to hear about her involvement with the FBI raid.


Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMr0Ou-gvUQ (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBzOTEO-ytI&NR=1 (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCPvApG8NLM (Part 3)

Fri., March 19, 1999 – Back home with a skeptical Rick and Abby, Michelle lies about why she now needs some time away from her husband. Rick and Abby refuse to believe her and finally force her to spill most of  the beans about the mob family and her deceit. Rick: “I want you out of this marriage.” Michelle: “I DON”T WANT OUT!…I want to stay married to Danny.” After they leave, Michelle finally confesses to a concerned Meta who guessed that Michelle has strong feelings for Danny. Drew continues to pour Danny round after round at Millennium as the two try to drown their sorrows in booze. After some mild drunken flirting, Drew takes Danny upstairs to her place where she reveals that she just learned she’s adopted. The new friends then have sex as they try not to jump off a tall building and dull their pain.


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Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTYdaIS8a9c (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgL971uAhO4 (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJyeenF5vZM (Part 3)

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Mon., March 22, 1999 – At the Bauer House, Michelle tells Meta that she has deep feelings for Danny. Meta asks her about Jesse and Michelle said she still cares about him but now it’s different. She told her that when she heard Danny profess his love for her she felt special. Michelle said she wants to go back to Millennium to explain to Danny, Meta said she didn’t think he would believe her. Meta stopped her from leaving and told her that Danny was raised to be ruthless and just like his family. She told her to forget about talking to Danny for tonight and tomorrow if she still wanted to, she could talk to him. Michelle thinks one night won’t make much difference, oh, how wrong can she be? Michelle calls Drew and tells her that she confessed to Danny. Michelle is asleep at the table dreaming about Danny coming by. They were kissing and she told him she wanted him, he said he wanted that too, but it wasn’t going to happen and then he pulled a gun on her. At Drew’s Apartment: Drew heard Jesse at the door. She begged Danny not to tell Jesse that they had slept together. She said she loves Jesse and he would hate her if he knew. Jesse unlocked the door and started to come in. Drew had the chain on and she told him she was dressing. She closed the door and told him to wait. Danny hid in the bathroom. Drew let Jesse in. Jesse apologized for proving the adoption was real and hurting her. He said he was worried because the bartender said she had left with a guy after drinking a lot. He turned and noticed a wallet on the floor. He said ‘you aren’t alone are you’? Drew grabbed the wallet and said it could be anyone’s wallet. She told Jesse that the guy was there and they had a few drinks and that was it. Jesse didn’t believe her. She told him she was sorry. After Jesse leaves, Danny comes out and talks with Drew. He says he thinks Jesse cares for her a great deal. He tries to comfort Drew and says that he won’t tell anyone what happened. He left, accidentally leaving his wallet behind. Selena tells Drew to open up. She tells her that she saw Danny leave and that she may as well have slept with a loaded gun. (Big words for someone who it is later revealed had a long term affair with his father.)  Back at the Bauers, Michelle woke up and heard a knock at the door. It was Danny.


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Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4D1f2P3o1I (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLdzolW5Fbg (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8jI-v7pdmM&NR=1 (Part 3)

Tues., March 23, 1999 – Convinced from her dream that Danny is about to kill her and still kind of out of it, Michelle tries, rather lamely, to defend herself with a kitchen knife. Danny reassures her that he is not there to kill her but, in fact, wants to set her free. At first, a shocked Michelle thinks he is simply issuing her a death sentence to be carried out by Carmen but Danny gives his word that she and her family will be safe. He hands her back his wedding ring. Unable to resist, he stops at the door and returns to desperately kiss her one last time, unable to realize she is kissing him back with as much genuine desperation and longing, he turns to go leaving her crying. Elsewhere in Springfield Jeth go on their first real date, Holly is only given 3 months in residential psych ward for Nursery Rhyme Stalker after Fletcher Reade returns to testify on her behalf and Phillip announces he’s taken over Lewis Oil, but doesn’t intend to sell it back to the Lewises.

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Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtU9QSPY9VU (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu2oI71rLsc (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVDSWJ6ISSE (Part 3)

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Wed., March 24, 1999 – Michelle finds a hungover Drew at her place and tells her that Danny has ended things with her with a promise that she will be safe. As Drew stares in disbelief, Michelle repeats that she realizes she has feelings for Danny. Drew does some fast-talking when Michelle finds Danny’s wallet on the floor. Danny has arranged a lunch with Carmen at Towers. He realizes he has lost his wallet and makes an excuse about why he wants to meet Carmen at Towers. He informs her of that he has decided to end his marriage, but he still intends to protect Michelle. He tells Carmen if anything happens to Michelle he will betray all of the family operations to the police. Carmen laughs, until he shows her the family’s real account books, he has purloined. Carmen can’t believe that Danny is still choosing Michelle over his family, even after she realizes he now knows Michelle called the FBI as well. Danny: “It’s all in there, Mother. The illegal deals, the payoffs, the kickbacks, the entire family business; from the completely criminal to the highly questionable thanks to your excellent record keeping I know exactly where all the bodies are buried….If you touch Michelle or her family at all, I’m going to hand that over to the FBI.” Elsewhere in Springfield, Drew told Selena she didn’t want to bond with her birth mother and Blake wakes up with regrets after the Blen reunion.

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Full episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7cvESrxqB8 (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_8oADZ67Vc (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFeSrEzDdfw (Part 3)

If you haven’t read these two posts yet, “Carmen and the Code” and “Jesse Doesn’t Want to Go Back” I recommend reading them now.



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Fri., March 26, 1999 – Jesse and Michelle decide on the Millennium for their first date since she left Danny. Drew and Danny are disturbed to see them at the club but Danny decides to have a little fun at Jesse’s expense. He makes cracks and one about how he likes Millennium because it’s where he met his first wife hits home. Drew tries to keep Jesse and Danny apart, but a chance comment shocks Jesse with the realization that Drew slept with Danny last night. He confronts the two of them just as Michelle returns. Elsewhere in Springfield, Vanessa finally opens Matt’s message in the poetry chatroom and decides to go back to him – just as Matt tracks her down but manages to knock himself out in the snow outside the Bauer Cabin. Annie realizes that while what Holly did was worse, somehow people forgive her. Annie tries to befriend Holly to find out why. Blake finds her there and freaks.

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2bLGUIlgaM&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=41 (first ½ repeats, but then adds more)

Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igydQ55IK-c (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6recY-dYhgA (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7ktxyAyx8g (Part 3)

Mon., March 29, 1999 – At Millennium: Jesse figures out that Danny and Drew slept together but hides it from Michelle. Drew tells Michelle that she was adopted and that she was really upset about it. She starts to tell Michelle about her and Danny when Jesse stops her by asking Drew to dance. Jesse tells her he doesn’t want to hurt Michelle so they shouldn’t tell. Michelle goes to Danny and the two talk. She tells about Drew telling her about her adoption and that she didn’t finish because Jesse pulled her away. She asked Danny to tell her what Drew wanted to tell her and he said he didn’t know. Then he told her that she belonged with Jesse. He tells her that Jesse isn’t a bad of a guy. He is very loyal and good to her. Michelle is confused as she points out she seems to remember him hating Jesse. Danny tells her that the guy she hated and wanted out of her life was him (Danny). Jesse and Drew have it out and she says that she needed a man and Danny was there, and that Jesse could never be that man for her. Jesse comes over and asks Michelle If she is ready to go. He leaves to get the coats and Danny looks at Michelle. Danny tells Michelle to have a great life and for her to enjoy being with Jesse. Michelle tells him that she heard how he felt when he talked to his grandmother, Danny said he lied, it was all an act that he never loved her. Now doubting herself, but still drawn to Danny, she allows Jesse to lead her out, looking back the whole time. As the door closes on her, Danny said to himself brokenly “I do love you.” Elsewhere in Springfield, Vanessa finds Matt unconscious at Bauer Cabin and saves his life, like he once saved hers in the cave when they shipwrecked. Fletcher brings Meg to see Holly, but doesn’t admit he’s started a relationship with someone else. India calls out Blake for not letting Ross go when she was with Ben. Drew calls Jesse out on never being willing to make a full commitment to her.
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Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf5eB57U30Q (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBj2wlaMp0I&NR=1 (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGM4-lLCur0 (Part 3)

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Wed., March 31, 1999Ray: “Danny, I saw the look in your eyes when you married Michelle.”  Jesse to Michelle: “I just can’t get past how tough it must have been on you to lay down next to Danny who was capable of killing you.” Michelle to Jesse: “Danny’s different. He made me feel…” Jesse cuts her off. –  Michelle meets Danny at Towers to discuss their annulment. They both say it wasn’t a real marriage when Ray presses. Michelle is taken aback when Father Ray asks her to state that she never loved or had any feelings for his cousin Danny. When she tries to avoid the question, Ray calls her on her avoidance which sets off Danny. When Michelle starts to break down wondering how Danny could act like there was nothing ever between them, Ray assures her act is the word and confides to Michelle that Danny endangered himself by blackmailing Carmen to insure that Michelle would be safe after their marriage ended. Michelle tries to talk to Danny about him risking himself for her again, but he pushes her away. After Meta updates Jesse on why a gallant Danny married Michelle, he follows her to Towers and confronts Michelle and asks why she lied to him about who she was meeting. Jesse finally realizes he owes Danny an apology and a thank you and gruffly delivers them. Jesse tells Michelle she never will have to see Danny again and she practically falls over as she turns to watch him again and again as Jesse leads her towards the elevator doors. Elsewhere in Springfield, Beth steps in to cover to Vanessa’s place at the press meeting while Phillip and Josh’s relationship remained strained. Vanessa saved Matt’s life, but he tells her that they need to commit to working on their marriage.

Manny Highlights:

(Short repeat at beginning)

Longer version of highlights:



Full Episodes:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_BF4bpn-hU (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58h0v2alRRQ (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0UIi-RPBEk (Part 3)

My Comments:

Thurs., April 1, 1999 – Ray calls Michelle on her avoidance of his request that she say she never had any feelings for Danny. Michelle is miserable seeing Danny so hurt and cold, and overwhelmed by his sacrifice to once again save her. Danny doesn’t feel he dare trust the signs he’s seen in Michelle since he left her that she had real feelings for him after all and reacts badly. Jesse discovers Michelle lied about the phone call when Aunt Meta shows up. Aunt Meta counters Jesse’s fears that Danny intends to kill Michelle, by saying she KNOWS Danny would never deliberately hurt Michelle. Jesse finds Danny and Michelle together at Towers and once again attempts to solidify his ownership of Michelle. Elsewhere in Springfield, Abby and Reva are having a run and heart to heart and Fletcher turns to Josh for advice (surprise, surprise he’s considering walking out on Holly again). Ben Warren has another meeting with Carmen about becoming her attorney. Dicky also are spending an evening at Towers.

Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPEuRdleDss (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9w8zFaBC-Q (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYODfsVvGus (Part 3)

Fri., April 2, 1999 – Jesse tries to calm Michelle when he finds her nervously preparing for their evening together. She apologizes when she accidentally calls him “Danny.” Michelle: “How could I love anybody else, you have my Mom’s heart?” (Yep, that’s true love all right.)
Things get worse when Jesse realizes she’s still wearing her wedding ring. She apologizes and makes up for her errors by kissing him. Michelle: “I miss the way things were before Danny.” (Yep, that’s true, she wants her old life back, this is NOT about wanting Jesse.) Danny blasts Juan when his “associate” questions making a delivery without Carmen’s permission. When Danny’s sister Pilar arrives in Springfield at Millennium, he allows a jealous Michelle to think that she is an old girlfriend he’s reconnected with.
Manny Highlights:

Longer version of highlights:


Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY3XwwE6a04 (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PG7xPL2Jyqc (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXwuMOahMt8 (Part 3)

Mon., April 5, 1999 – Danny and Pilar reunite. Michelle and Jesse walk in and immediately Michelle started questioning Danny. She was visibly jealous. Pilar told Michelle that she was much more to Danny than a friend, but Danny cuts her off before she can explain or introduce herself. Michelle and Jesse leave. Danny and Pilar try to catch up. Pilar questions Danny about Michelle and their relationship. He tells her about the marriage and says that it was because she was in trouble and they married to keep her safe but the marriage was over. Meanwhile, in Drew’s apartment Michelle kissed Jesse, but couldn’t stop remembering kissing Danny while doing so. Jesse questioned her about Danny and she said that he moved on and so has she. Michelle: “What I want is for things to go back the way they were before Mick, before we got involved with the Santos family….Can you please just try to remember how we were, how much we loved each other.” (Note the past tense.) Drew walked in, Michelle quickly left and Drew told Jesse he has to move out. Pilar urges Danny to go after Michelle if he wants her. Pilar: “Yeah, you are an idiot if you let your pride stop you. If you love Michelle tell her, don’t let her go.” When Michelle was leaving she saw Danny kiss Pilar and she ran out of the club. Elsewhere in Springfield, Rick and Phillip talk and then a drunk Phillip serenades Harley to get her back at her slumber party with Blake and Cassie. Selena decides to create a dead fake mother for Drew. Jeva try to have a baby.

Manny Highlights:


Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Psl_ik5h0yU (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRWBW4r5cg4 (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyIe8L7TNhg&NR=1 (Part 3)

My Comments:

Tues., April 6, 1999 – Carmen and Ben have breakfast while she continues to court him to come work for her organization. Carmen is reunited with Pilar when Danny brings her to Millennium. Jesse and Drew argue about their relationship, or lack thereof, according to Drew. In tears, she tells Jesse that she wants him out of her apartment and out of her life for good because she can no longer tolerate the unreciprocated romantic feelings that she has for him. Meanwhile, across town at the Bauer home, Michelle decides that Jesse should move in with her. She talks to Rick and Abby and gets their approval. As she rushes over to Drew’s apartment to give Jesse a spare key, Michelle walks in on Jesse and Drew in the middle of an obviously intimate moment in their conversation. Elsewhere in Springfield, Cassie and Blake have an important talk. Ben makes another run at Blake. Vanessa and Ross decide to give Dinah’s last known position to the police.

Manny Highlights:


Full Episode:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uq1dEia_vH4 (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rKkoHr_dFM (Part 2)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-N4koFSL24 (Part 3)

Wed., April 7, 1999 – Catching Jesse and Drew in a charged discussion, Michelle agrees with Jesse that they need some time apart to assure that their relationship is still there. Jesse explains their decision to Drew who kicks Jesse out anyway. Danny and Pilar talk about Michelle and his feelings for her. Pilar urges him to tell Michelle of his love for her. But he claims his marriage is over. Pilar sees Michelle on the phone with her father planning a visit. She goes to Michelle and introduces herself, correcting Michelle’s assumption that she’s Danny’s girlfriend. When Danny tells Michelle they need to meet with a priest for the annulment Michelle tells Danny that she’s going to visit her father in Europe and doesn’t know when or if she’ll be back.

Part of the 1st clip is from the 6th:





My Comments:

Mon., April 12, 1999 – At the docks: Danny is arrested for procession of stolen goods and assaulting an officer. Completely falling apart without Michelle, he seems well on his way to a case of suicide by cop.


Tues., April 13, 1999 – At the police station, Pilar arrives to offer support to Danny. She is confused about his arrest, particularly after David Grant reveals to her that her family is the largest crime organization in the state. Danny tries to convince Pilar that these stories are untrue but Pilar is not easily swayed. She secretly vows to find out the truth. Later when Carmen and Ben arrive, they produce shady but acceptable documents stating that Danny was not in possession of stolen merchandise and he is freed.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9ErAtx-jVg&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=45 (Highlights from April 2,5-7, 12-13)

Longer Highlight Version:


My Comments:

The next scene is probably from the 14th or the 15th. Pilar tells Danny about her research trip to the library and what she learned.


Fri., April 16, 1999 – Jesse tries to calm her down when an excited Drew takes him back to her place and talks about finding her biological relatives and being part of a family. After Jesse and Drew share a series of passionate kisses, Jesse changes his mind about moving out of her place. Deciding not to tell him who she really is, Pilar spends time with Bill Lewis at the 5th Street diner. When she asks if she can crash at his place for a few days, he readily agrees and then asks if she’s having trouble with Danny. Denying it, Pilar is devastated when Bill reveals that Carmen ordered Michelle to be killed after Mick’s death.


Mon., April 19, 1999 – Pilar is setting with Bill at the Diner when Bill tells her about how Danny had to marry Michelle to save her life after Carmen ordered her execution. Pilar couldn’t believe it. Danny walked in and revealed that Pilar is his sister and drug her out of the diner after having a tussle with Bill. Outside of the diner Pilar begged Danny to tell her the truth about their family and he pleaded with her to understand about how things were and that she need not be involved. He admitted to her about Michelle killing Mick in self-defense. Pilar left and said that she will show ‘Mama’ just how innocent she is.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or9ggEzI-VI&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=46 (Highlights from 16th and 19th)

My Comments:

Tues., April 20, 1999 – Bill and Danny have a verbal sparring match outside the diner. Initially, Danny blames Bill for Pilar discovery of the truth about her family and threatens to hurt him if he doesn’t leave his sister alone. Bill argues that Pilar would have eventually found out the truth if not for him and that he is not responsible for Santos family secrets. Danny has a moment of revelation and tells Bill to take care of his sister should she contact him. He asks Bill if he is ever driving and just wants to keep going forever. Bill says sometimes, but wherever you go, you can’t escape who you are. He asks Danny what really happened between him and Michelle, but Danny shakes off his questions, saying he is going to take a drive. He takes off to drive and think but finds himself at the lighthouse. He climbs to the second floor room and remembers lying on the bed with Michelle in his arms. To his surprise, he discovers Michelle is really not in Europe with her father, but hiding out at the lighthouse to take some time alone to think. Meanwhile, back at the Santos home, Pilar has it out with Carmen. She confronts her mother about the years of lies she has been told. When Pilar threatens to leave the home for good, Mama Santos reminds her that it has been her “blood money” that has supported Pilar throughout the years, implying that Pilar could not manage financially on her own. Sassy Pilar responds that if given a choice between taking Carmen’s blood money or living in a city shelter, she would gladly live in a shelter. She storms out of the room, leaving Carmen in tears. Pilar calls Bill. Upon entering Drew’s apartment, Jesse meets Max, recognizing him as a troubled kid from his old neighborhood. He worries that Max will take advantage of Drew. Oblivious and still ecstatic about her new found family member, Drew calls Selena to come over and meet her “brother” who she met at the grave of the “mother” Selena faked for her. After Drew leaves, Jesse blasts Selena for keeping up the charade and threatens to tell Drew the truth. Selena pleads with him to keep the secret. Later, Jesse tells Drew that he has reconsidered and doesn’t want to move out of the apartment. They kiss again.


Wed., April 21, 1999 – Running into Danny at the lighthouse, Michelle admits that she never left town. She came there to try and recapture her feelings for Jesse, but instead couldn’t get Danny out of her head or her heart.

Michelle: Danny, I don’t want you to go…..Danny, you need to let me finish because I came here to think about Jesse and I can’t because…

Danny: Why not?

Michelle: Because I can’t stop thinking about you and I have tried. I have really tried, but I can’t get you out of my mind. Can I just be honest with you?

Danny: OK, please.

Michelle: OK, I came here to in a way to recapture my past with Jesse…. Jesse and I were really happy here you know and that meant a lot to me. It really meant a lot. Then! But now, all I’ve been able to think about is lying in that bed with you that night and lying next to you and I’m actually having a really difficult time remembering Jesse’s face which scares me a lot. And I’m really surprised by the whole thing because it’s not anything I expected at all and I don’t know what it is, but I can’t keep fighting it. It’s what’s happening.

Danny: I’m sorry, you were here that night, right?

Michelle: Yes.
Danny: It wasn’t some big romantic evening. If you remember, I repulsed you and you pushed me away and you cried about Jesse.

Michelle: I was upset about Jesse because I didn’t want to hurt him and I still don’t want to hurt him, but you’re my husband.

Danny: Come on, that’s nothing but a lie. You know that.

Michelle: You are going to tell me you didn’t feel anything when you were lying in that bed next to me, nothing when I walked down the aisle,  when we exchanged  vows with each other. Don’t do that, God, don’t do that, please.  Because you know that you did because I felt something, because I FELT it when you kiss me.

Danny: (Heart wrenchingly) I don’t know what you are doing, but stop it, will you stop it. I mean we were pretending. We did what we had to do to keep you alive. That’s it. That’s it.

Michelle: I can’t pretend that well. I couldn’t pretend that well if I tried. Do you know how much I wish we could just go back and make it as simple as the way that we planned as easy as that. Something happened and I don’t know what it was, but something made it real with us and I know that we deserve to make this marriage work and give it a try. Please, we need to make this work. We owe it to ourselves.  Danny, I‘ve tried so hard to fight feeling anything for you. I’ve tried so hard and I can’t and I don’t want to fight anymore.
Danny begins to give in, but when Michelle says she knows he isn’t like the rest of his family, he tormentedly cried he is and she could never live with that and he forces himself to leave. Although neither gets very far from the door they can still feel each other through.


(Highlights from the 20th and 21st)

Normally, I don’t include my comments on the episode guide pages, both to save room and to avoid spoilers for anyone going through the first time. However, the second lighthouse scene is so key I feel this part of my comments will only help clarify.

This scene reveals one of the true stumbling blocks to the Manny marriage. For a long time, Michelle fought the simple truth Danny told her that he couldn’t fundamentally change who he was and really as that’s who she fell in love with Michelle didn’t want him to really, but she was tempted and pushed and pulled trying to make him fit the image she had in her mind of what “Michelle Bauer’s” husband would be like. It was part of long time nonacceptance of the fact she was now Michelle Santos and COULDN’T go back to being Michelle Bauer anytime she got scared or hurt or just wanted to. Michelle finally accepted this truth. At the same time, Danny refused to accept that the world, the family  he was raised in wasn’t what he wanted to believe it was, what he did believe it was at this point. Eventually the only way he could protect himself, Michelle, and their children was to totally destroy his mother’s and grandmother’s ability to pull him back toward the life he didn’t want. To do that he had to turn them over to authorities. He was the only one who could really carry out Michelle’s old plan and cut out the heart of the family to save his loved ones. He didn’t want to do. He tried every possible compromise in the book to keep from doing it, but in the end he does exactly that and in doing so transcends his family and his dark legacy and saves Manny from the same fate Alan Spaulding and Hope Bauer suffered. Given a similar choice, Alan eventually chose his father’s dark legacy over Hope and in doing so destroyed her. See my Hope and Alan post for the similarities between the two couples and why I think Alan always kept a watchful eye over Manny, even after they left the show. You’ll notice when Alan first see’s Ed again during his final return in 2009, Alan knows all about Ed and what Danny and Michelle have been doing out in California.

For the romance, the fact that Michelle finally admitted to Danny she loved him (even if she didn’t use the words), and for Danny declaring this hard truth, this second lighthouse scene is a truly pivotal scene in the Manny story.

My Comments:

Thurs., April 22, 1999 – A glowing Drew boasts to Selena that Jesse has decided that he wants to be with her, not Michelle. As they talk, Michelle shows up at the club, looking for Jesse. Keeping secret her new relationship with Jesse, Drew urges Michelle to fight for Danny. Ray pushes Danny to reconsider ending his marriage. As his cousin and his spiritual adviser, it’s his job to make sure Danny doesn’t do something so moronic as to end a marriage to a woman he so obviously loves, but at last Ray gives in and gives him the annulment papers.

Longer highlight version:

Fri., April 23, 1999 – When Danny presents her with the annulment papers and insists that she knows they can’t have a life together, Michelle first refuses to sign and then rips up the papers. She isn’t going to let him give up on them without even trying. Danny drags her to a park bench where he relates that Carmen told him at that bench at the age of 14 the story about his family and their business. His argument swings widely from never having cared for her at all to her being unable to accept his life and his being unable to change to people saying about them “Nice marriage, she saves lives, he takes them,” to concern about their future children’s future. He pushes her away again and again. Finally claiming he lied to her about his feelings and only lusted after her, she agrees to sign a new set of papers. Later, Michelle is rocked again when she finds Drew and Jesse in bed together.


My Comments:

Mon., April 26, 1999 – At Millennium: Danny is drinking heavily again, he tells Pilar to run, get out of town while she can and never look back. He says it is too late for him but she still has a chance. Pilar tried to question him but then Bill comes stumbling in all beat up and bruised. While Pilar went for the first aid kit, Bill accused Danny of ordering an attack on him and the two of them realized that his beating was engineered by Carmen. Danny admitted to Bill that he feels Pilar is safer with Bill than with any of the other people in his family. Danny told him not to confide Carmen’s responsibility to Pilar and that he would take care of it. He leaves. Pilar comes back and is upset that Danny had left. She talked to Bill who lied and said he was mugged. Later, after many pleas for the truth, Bill admitted that it was Carmen. At the Santos Estate: Danny comes in and immediately lambastes Carmen’s henchman and yells at Carmen that she cannot control him. He says she has ruined his life and Mick’s, but he will do whatever he has to do to protect Pilar from her destructive control. Mentioning Mick makes Carmen start to blame Michelle, but Danny tells her Michelle has nothing to do with the way Carmen herself destroyed her children and that she must never speak to him about Michelle again. Danny: (with unspeakable pain) “Don’t speak to me about loss!” Carmen starts again and Danny dashes everything in sight to the floor before reeling from the room. At Drew’s Apartment: Michelle walks in on Drew and Jesse. Jesse follows her into the hall and talks to her. He tells her things just happened and that he did not intend on hurting Michelle but both of them knew things weren’t as they should be between them. Michelle apologizes for all that she has done to him and the two realize that their relationship is really at an end. Michelle finally admits that Jesse and her were already over, it was only that remembering that she used to love him was the only part of her old life that had still made sense and she hadn’t wanted to give that last piece of security up. She gives them her blessing and leaves.


Longer highlight version:



Tues., April 27, 1999 – Michelle arrives back at the Bauer home, asking Rick and Abby if she can move in for awhile. Forlorn, she talks to Abby about the end of her relationships with Jesse and Danny. Abby realizes that she obviously still has strong feelings for Danny and advises her to follow her heart. Much the same advice Michelle once gave to Abby about Rick. Meanwhile, at Millennium, Danny is drinking again. When a rude customer starts to harass Pilar, Danny hauls off and slugs him. The guy and his friends disperse when Pilar tells them they are messing with Danny Santos. Later, Carmen arrives, with Ben in tow, and proposes to Danny that he go out to the west coast and work for his “Tito Federico.” Although Carmen won’t admit it to Danny, she is concerned that he is out of control and is going to get himself killed. (See Carmen recognizes a budding case of suicide by cop when she sees one, too.) Danny agrees to go, on the condition that if he does, Carmen must promise to stay out of Pilar’s life for good. Michelle: “He’s strong and he’s gentle and he’s really, really passionate about things, about life. He sees life with this incredible intensity. He just feels it. When he looks at me, it’s like he’s looking into my soul. I’ve never felt like that at all before ever…. And you know it’s so funny there’s another side of him too. I saw it when we went to  the priest’s office before we got married. … He wanted us to write down what we wanted out of a marriage. Can I just tell you how similar our answers were and how scary, I mean practically the same thing. Abby: “What is it you want Michelle?” Michelle: “I want a husband who is my friend and who is a partner and who is going to challenge me to be better than I am….It’s ironic we were pushed into this marriage for all the wrong reasons and then a priest showed us just how compatible we were.”


Longer highlight version:



My Comments:

Wed., April 28, 1999 – Pilar urges Danny to stay in town and be with Michelle. Pilar asks him to talk about her and Danny tries to sound noncommittal, but is soon telling her how wonderful Michelle is. When Bill reveals to Pilar that Michelle still wants Danny, she sets up her brother to run into Michelle in Pilar’s new room at the boarding house. Carmen tells Ben about Danny’s threats to ruin the family. Bill (to Michelle): “You’re married to Danny. You can talk about being over him and going back to school and whatever you want to talk about, but you’re still married to him and I think you want to be.” Pilar (to Danny): “Your dream of a perfect life has Michelle in it and you know it!”  Danny (To Pilar) : “She made me crazy, she was completely unpredictable, totally defiant and bossy and rude one minute and then vulnerable and caring the next and now out of the blue she thinks we can have some sort of normal life together.” Bill (to Pilar): “Michelle may pretend that she’s over your brother, but she isn’t, not even close.”


Thurs., April 29, 1999 – Michelle and Danny are embarrassed when they realize that Pilar has set them up to meet in her room. Danny reveals that he’s leaving town and heading to California tonight. Michelle urges him to reconsider and the two talk about what life would have been like if they had met under other circumstances. Danny flashbacks to the “I am a Man Speech.” She returns his wedding ring.


My Comments:

Fri., April 30, 1999 – Danny says goodbye to his mother as he prepares to leave for California and finds it amusing that she can’t tell him that she loves him. When he makes a snide remark about his father, she quickly defends Miguel and the life he left her with after he was killed. When she touches his face tenderly and reminds him that he is her only son, Danny announces that he no longer has a mother and demands that she forget him. Carmen: “I am your mother first.” Danny: “(Laughs) First after what?” Rick rushes to embrace his sister when Michelle reveals that Danny is leaving town. When she remarks about his show of concern, he confesses that he’s been worried that he’d wake up someday to find her in the morgue as long as she was involved with Danny. He then congratulates her on making a commitment to go to med school and urges her to believe that she will one day find the man of her dreams. [Of course Rick thinks this, in Rick’s life a Beth is a Mindy is a Meredith is an Annie is a Abby is a Mel is Beth is a Mindy, but for Michelle there is only really ever Danny.] Over the car phone Danny overhears Carmen orders Dietz to kill Michelle. While rushing back to save her, Danny gets into a car accident before he can stop his mother.


Longer highlight version:


Mon., May 3, 1999 – Danny wrecked his car. He stayed alert long enough to call the police and tell them to get over to the Santos house in a hurry. Danny gives the address as 10 High Ridge.  He tried opening the car door, still trying to get to Michelle, but passes out, falling from the vehicle. An ambulance arrived shortly afterward. Meanwhile, at the Casa Santos, Carmen tricks Michelle into coming to the Santos home as she puts into motion her plan to have her killed. Michelle blasts Carmen for ruining Danny’s life but Carmen counters her by mentioning Ed’s affairs and his role in her mother’s death. Michelle has total faith in Danny’s protection of her, but I think if the alternative is a life without Danny she doesn’t even care if Carmen does have her killed too much at this point and shows absolutely no fear. Michelle: “You’re right he is a (brilliant and) dynamic man and he is decent and God knows where he got that from….Danny left because he couldn’t stand what you turned him into.” Michelle (to Carmen): “I suppose you should be thanking God that I came into your life because before I did, you had nobody to blame your problems on.” Carmen’s plan to have Michelle killed is foiled when David Grant arrives and tells them about Danny’s crash. Both women rush to the hospital. At the Hospital, both go into the examination room and Rick tells Michelle they will probably have to operate. Rick needs a signature on the forms and Michelle grabbed the forms as Carmen is spitting out how she wants specialists from New York and the very best, Michelle signs the forms and notifies Carmen that as his wife Michelle is Danny’s next of kin and will take responsibility for his medical care. She then orders Carmen out of the room saying that she wants to be alone with her husband. Carmen (to Michelle): “Where are you going?” (as she leaves Casa Santos after the accident report.) Michelle (to Carmen): “Where do you think I’m going?” Carmen (to Rick): “What kind of a ridiculous doctor are you?”


Longer highlight version:


My Comments:

Tues., May 4, 1999 – As Danny is wheeled back into the recovery room from surgery; Michelle and Carmen have it out in the lobby. Michelle, looking tough in her pink twin set, threatens to tell the police what Carmen had in store for her before they got word of Danny’s accident. Carmen doesn’t flinch, telling Michelle something to the effect that she is a hysterical ninny with an overactive imagination. Michelle waits anxiously for Danny to awaken as she is sure that he knew Carmen wanted to kill her, explaining why he was speeding towards home just prior to the accident. Carmen gets a bit anxious at the thought of Danny’s reaction should he, in fact, know the truth and offers Michelle a deal – if she stays out of Danny’s life, she will not be held accountable for Mick’s death. Michelle doesn’t take the bait. “Danny needs me.” Later, when he finally does come to, Danny is unable to recall what happened right before the accident.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEEIIjJFxDM (extra at beginning and then start below)

Longer highlight version:


Thurs., May 6, 1999 – Michelle is relieved when Danny comes to and recognizes her. Worried that Carmen will try to fill Danny’s blank mind with thoughts of her own and urged by Pilar to beware of her mother, Michelle sneaks him out of the hospital and takes him to the lighthouse. Meanwhile, Carmen orders Ben to quickly finalize Danny and Michelle’s divorce.


Fri., May 7, 1999 – When Carmen complains about Michelle kidnapping Danny, Pilar orders her mother to leave Danny and Michelle alone. Carmen accuses Drew of helping to kidnap Danny, but Drew misunderstands and blurts out that that she slept with Danny. Danny: “I still don’t get why you brought me here. Why here?…Why’d you bring me to the lighthouse? This is your place, yours and Jesse’s.” Michelle:” It’s ours too, Danny.” Danny: “That must be very confusing for you then.” Michelle: “NO, NOT anymore.”…. Danny: “I don’t believe you. You’re scared to death and I’ve seen that look before, that night at the docks when you thought I was going to kill you.” Michelle: “Danny, Danny I’m not afraid of you. I haven’t been afraid of you in a very, very long time.” Armed with the secret, Carmen rushes to the lighthouse to tell. (Buzz discovers Jenna’s ticket won 3 million pounds in a British lottery.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1Bw33dBHN8&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=57 (Highlights from May 6-7)

If you haven’t done it yet, please take a minute and at least read over the post at the link below about Maureen’s death. It’s crucial for understanding Michelle’s reaction to this reveal. After Michelle had betrayed him to the Feds, Danny doesn’t really understand her strong and violent reaction to finding out about him and Drew. He knew it would upset her, but I don’t think he had any idea it would practically destroy her like this. The answer to why is simple; it’s Ed, Maureen, and Lillian. Michelle had lived her whole life, as she has earlier told Drew, with guys that loved her “just a little bit more;” that was not accidental. It was a defense mechanism. She never wanted to find herself in the situation that destroyed her mother and for the first time she took the risk, the first time that she admitted to herself she loved Danny as much as he loved her, that she wasn’t in control, BAM! she’s put in exactly that situation. Her husband slept with her friend who needed comforting. It doesn’t matter how the details are different. What Michelle is seeing is Ed-Maureen-Lillian, what Michelle is hearing is her mother’s cries as she left the house for the very last time. Danny has unwittingly almost destroyed her, the very thing he would give his life not to do, but he doesn’t understand that yet and she doesn’t explain it to him in any of these scenes so he is left lost and adrift for understanding it and truly believes given the situation, his belief that she cared nothing for him, and her betrayal with the FBI made it OK, besides it was just sex which didn’t mean much to Danny in  comparison with actually making love which he only did with Michelle. To Danny it was just sex, to Michelle it was absolute destruction. He doesn’t understand her reaction at all and “in all fairness” how could he?


My Comments:


Mon., May 10, 1999 – At the Lighthouse: Carmen walks in and tells Danny he needs to be back in the hospital. As Carmen and Michelle argue about what is right for Danny, he begins to get his memory back and confronts his mother about ordering Michelle’s death. Though Carmen denies it, Danny reveals that he heard her ordering Dietz to “take care of” Michelle. Danny: “She is my WIFE….You are NOT a mother. I never want to see your face again.” Michelle: “His life is with me…Carmen, you’ve done everything humanly possible to come between us and we’re together now because nothing has worked.” Furious, Carmen gets her revenge by leaking Danny’s secret that he slept with Drew. After Carmen leaves, Michelle tells Danny that she can’t forgive him for lying to her. She says that he broke her heart, after the mere thought of him had kept her from being able to sleep with Jesse (who she once loved) that he could so easily sleep with Drew. Michelle: “You told me on the park bench that I could have been anyone….You told me I could have been any woman and then you proved that.” Danny: “I know what my life is without you and it stinks! I hate it.” Danny: “Isn’t that what makes a strong marriage, the ability to forgive? Don’t throw this away…. I know what we have is good and strong and it’s real and it’s worth fighting for. Don’t give up on this Michelle, come on, don’t give up.” Michelle: “Something stopped me because I was looking at Jesse and I was seeing you.”

Tues., May 11, 1999 – At the lighthouse, Michelle is still stunned by the revelation that Danny slept with Drew. She feels that her relationship with Danny is over. Danny tries to explain to Michelle how confused and hurt he felt that night and he begs her to give their relationship another chance. He tells her everything she wished he had the last time they were together there. Danny: “I want you back. I want to give our marriage another chance….Michelle, there isn’t a single day that goes by when I don’t think about you, where I don’t miss you, where I don’t want you. I know, I know I should have said all this before, but I thought you didn’t want me, so I kept all these feelings to myself, because…. I didn’t want to be hurt….I tried really hard to get rid of my feelings for you because I thought our marriage was over. I drank a lot. I did a lot of things to get you out of my system, that’s why I slept with Drew, but it didn’t work. It didn’t work. My feelings for you only got stronger. I couldn’t get rid of those feelings…..And I know you feel the same way. Tell me you do.”

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Wed., May 12, 1999 – After bringing her brother home from the lighthouse, Pilar is furious to learn about his night with Drew. Pilar: “A mistake is when you put the wrong answer on a test or when you call someone by the wrong name. That’s a mistake. What you did is a betrayal.” Pilar: “Maybe when I’m mature, I can cheat on my husband too…..so all men are pigs is that what you’re saying.” Danny: “I did make a mistake and people make them and sometimes, WOW, they’re even forgiven sometimes.” While Jesse takes Drew’s newly discovered “brother” Max Nickerson to the hardware store to start work on the teen’s new bedroom, an angry Michelle confronts Drew about her one-night stand with Danny and then starts drinking to dull her pain. Michelle: “You were the only person I could talk to…and you just didn’t care.At least when I was with Jesse you didn’t pretend to be your friend.” Drew: “I am your friend.” Michelle: “Understand what? That you’re a slut and you couldn’t help yourself. That you have a some kind of sick attraction to whoever I’m with. What is that about you? I know it, I got it. You got so bored with Jesse, you decided to pass the time with my husband.” Michelle: “My marriage meant something. Our friendship meant something to me.”  Danny later finds her flirting and drinking with some fraternity boys. She tells them that being a good girl is boring and she wants some fun. Michelle: “I’m fresh out of girlfriends, they all have a tendency to sleep with my husband.” Michelle: “I can walk in a straight line. I can whistle the theme from The Godfather.”


Longer highlight version:


Thurs., May 13, 1999 – Finding Michelle downing shots of whiskey at Millennium with a group of frat boys, Danny spoils her party plans and insists on taking care of her. After getting her safely home and sobering her up in the shower, Danny convinces Michelle that he loves her.
Danny: “No, I’m not letting you go, ever again…. I still  remember the first time I saw you. Do you remember? You were studying and you wouldn’t look at me. I knew you were somebody special. I saw your soul. I knew that I wanted to be with you. Michelle, I still do.”

Michelle: “I can’t, I don’t know how to trust you. Can you just tell me how I’m supposed to trust you?”

Danny: “I don’t know. I guess you’ll just have to close your eyes and jump.”

Danny: Michelle, you know, you know that we should be together. You can’t just deny how we feel.

Michelle: Feelings don’t make a difference anymore, Danny, because I can’t keep making excuses for you. Your family kills people for a living. They kill people, Danny. You’re not misunderstood, you’re a gangster. I can’t live like that. I can’t live with who you are.

Danny: OK, OK, then I’ll change. I’ll change for you. Michelle, you’re all that matters to me.

Michelle: You’re just going to give everything up your family, your business, everything.

Danny: Yeah, all of it.

Michelle: I don’t believe you can do it, Danny.

Danny: Michelle, I don’t care about any of those things, if I can’t have you.

Michelle: Your mother will never let you go.

Danny: Forget her, she doesn’t have a choice.

Michelle: It’s who you are, you can’t just change.

Danny: It’s who I was. You know, ever since I was a boy I’ve been groomed to take over the business and for awhile I thought that’s what I wanted, but I don’t anymore.

Michelle: How do you know?

Danny: Because I want you.

Michelle: What about the loyalty you have to your family? Are you just going to give up that, too?

Danny: I’ll do whatever it takes if that’s what it take for us to be together. I’ll take us as far away from here and as far away my family as we have to go.

Michelle: It’s too late. You can’t change who you are. You said it yourself.

Danny: No, I can. I can if I put my mind to something, I can.

Michelle: Why, why are you willing to do all this for me? Why now?

Danny: You know why. Say yes, say you’ll be with me and I promise I’ll take care of everything else. Give me a chance. You know I’m not the person my mother raised me to be when I’m with you. I don’t want to be that person anymore. Say yes.

However, they’re interrupted as they reconcile. Upset that her family wants nothing to do with her, Carmen has followed Ben Warren’s plan and set up a phony attempt on her life in order to win back their love. However, when it comes time for the shots to be fired into the house, Pilar and Bill arrive to sneak a dress out for Pilar to wear dancing and face the deadly bullets.


Longer highlight version:


Fri., May 14, 1999 – Bill resents it when Pilar accuses him of being just like her brother who slept with Drew. After straightening things out, Pilar’s embarrassed when Bill reveals that he was with his mother the other day when she was rude to him (just after her fight with Danny over his sleeping with Drew and fresh off her impression from what Danny said that all men are pigs). Pilar and Bill are in danger when they stop by the Santos house to pick up a dress for Pilar to wear dancing and face bullets being fired by Carmen’s own hired hand. Taking Danny up to her bedroom, a drunk Michelle kisses him until she pushes him of the bed and asks him to compare her to Drew. When she won’t calm down, he forces her into the shower to sober her up. After they dry off, Danny confesses that he wants to be with her and wants nothing to do with the family business. Danny: “Don’t give up on us.” Michelle: “I can’t do that either. You’re in my blood.”


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Mon., May 17, 1999 – Ben Warren calls Danny to come to the house because of the shooting at exactly 9 o’clock (Manny knock over the clock on Michelle’s bedstand and set it up again, so they notice the time while trying to pick up the ringing phone).  At the Santos Estate: Carmen comes in after the smoke clears to find Bill and Pilar lying on the floor. She begins crying and saying how her baby was hurt and it was all her fault. Bill gets up and helps Pilar to her feet. She is bleeding but it isn’t from a gunshot but the glass around the room. Danny comes over to Bill and asks him to explain what happened. Ben steps in and explains that there was a hit made on Carmen’s life. Michelle, skeptical about the situation, asked Carmen what she meant by it being all her fault. Ben again covered for Carmen. Finally Michelle asked Danny to step outside. In the hall, she told Danny that she didn’t expect him to leave his family while this was going on. Danny: “I meant everything I said, I just have to take care of this first.” Michelle: “Are you going to walk away then?…No, you’re not. You can’t. This is who you are and… I can’t ask you to be something you’re not, Danny.” Danny:“Don’t do this, come on don’t give up on us, PLEASE.” Michelle: “I can’t do that either. You’re in my blood.”.  He tells her to go back home in case something else happens and he will try to get back over there.  Michelle resists leaving his side, but Danny insists and finally she gives in. Danny then goes back into the room and asks Bill to take Michelle home. Bill agrees, Carmen tells Bill she owes him, and asks why Danny does not take Michelle home himself. Danny says he won’t leave Carmen in danger and this pleases Carmen no end. They all leave and Ben tells Carmen that the mission was complete, that her children are back and do care for her. Carmen kisses Ben and tells him that he is one of them now.


Wed., May 19, 1999 – Carmen confides to Dietz that she set up the phony assassination to win Danny back into the family but then becomes upset when Danny insists on finding out who was behind the attack on her life. Michelle argues with Bill about continuing his relationship with Pilar but he asks if she intends to stay away from Danny. Bill invites Pilar to attend Reva and Josh’s wedding with him but she turns him down, afraid to leave the Santos house.



Longer highlight version:


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Classic Comments:


I think this from May 20th, but not sure. Danny finds a book of Michelle’s and longs to take it to her. Carmen has freaked Pilar out so much that she begs Danny to stay there and protect them. Rabby convince Michelle to attend Jeva’s wedding for them, but she runs out because everything made her think of Danny and worry about him and their future. Coming home Michelle finds Drew in Selena’s apartment (the Bauer garage apartment) where she is trying to find information to track down Selena’s daughter, not knowing that she herself is that daughter. Drew and Michelle made peace. Some of this is from the 21st.


Fri., May 21, 1999 – Pilar encourages her brother to go see Michelle, but he claims it is too dangerous to be near her until he can find out who is trying to hurt the family. Carmen has a private talk with her daughter about Bill and her feelings for him. Pilar explains that Bill liked her and protected her before he knew who she was. Assuring Pilar that she can count on her, Carmen urges her to attend Reva and Josh’s wedding today and go to Bill. Michelle catches her there and after a small argument, the two discuss Michelle’s fear that she is losing Danny to his family. After Drew offers her some helpful advice and pushes her not to give up on her feelings, Michelle and Drew agree to end their differences and renew their friendship. Later, Danny surprises Michelle with a book she left behind and the moment becomes passionate as he kisses her.

Wed., May 26, 1999 – Before Danny and Dietz arrive for a meeting, Ben Warren warns Carmen that her plans to bring Danny back to her side is going to blow up in her face. When she ignores his demand that she stop, he hands her a legal document and announces that he quits ‘her family.’ Carmen then informs Dietz that Ben’s going to take a fall and could be the perfect enemy to frame. Michelle is caught off guard when Pilar changes her mind and reveals that she now thinks that Michelle and Danny can never be together.


Longer highlight version:


Thurs., May 27, 1999 – Michelle worries when Danny hints that they’ll be able to be together soon now that he may have found out who wanted to kill his mother. She worries that he’ll take the deadly matter into his own hands and admits that she thinks his mother set up the entire event. While Danny waits for him, Ben stops the elevator with Blake on board and confronts her about her dislike for him. Blake admits that she can’t trust herself around him. When Danny finally confronts him with a threat, Ben realizes that Carmen framed him for the shooting.


Not sure what date this is from, but Abby is getting her Cochlear Implant operation. Michelle supports Rick while he waits. Bernard tells Danny to back off. Carmen and Danny walk in on Bilar making out. Abby wakes up. Ben arrives and insists Carmen talk to him alone.




Thurs., June 3, 1999 – Michelle interrupts Bill’s date with Pilar in order to reconstruct the events of the shooting. She learns there was a time discrepancy that could point the finger towards Carmen. Ben teases Carmen, wondering why the story she used with Danny happened to include being in love with Ben. A phone call interrupts them, and Carmen rushes out, claiming that Danny’s taken a step that could put all their lives at risk. Michelle steals into the house to get the clock, which stopped as a result of the shooting, but is forced to hide when Ben and Carmen enter the room…followed by Danny, who vows to take a dangerous step to get back with the woman he loves. (Note Bill’s reaction to the kind of mess Michelle gets herself into all the time and there are actually think Michelle would be safer with Bill, go figure.)


Longer highlight version:


This whole sequence shows something distinctive and on-going in both Danny and Michelle’s characters. First, Danny is determined to protect Michelle by keeping her away from him and out of his world. This never works. Michelle and Danny are a part of each other now and they can’t fool most people by living apart. Whether it’s members of a jury or the thugs of the underworld, everyone knows they are one now and in the future, so there is no real safety in physical separation although Danny will try to seek refuge for her in separation time and time again. Second, Danny is once again at a point in his life where he is torn by the two facets of his personality. The son Carmen raised to be ruthless and protect his family no matter what wants to eliminate Ben Warren and get back to Michelle. The good part of his soul wants to do what’s right and could care less about revenge and ONLY wants Michelle. However, Danny cannot yet at this point chose to be only part of himself (eventually he will reach a psychological breaking point and be able to reject the dark part of his past and his training almost totally, but he is not there yet). So he must reconcile both halves and figure out a solution that addresses them both. He will face this conflict over and over again. Previously, he’s faced it over what to do when he finds out Michelle killed Mick and when Jesse refused to let their marriage alone and when he learned Michelle betrayed him to the FBI. He will face the same sort of dilemmas again and each time he will seek to do both what is right and what is necessary, but he will struggle to know what that is and if they are the same thing in the face of each new dilemma and sometimes he will even make the wrong decision and have to face the fallout from that. This is the journey of the Danny character, each step bringing him closer to happiness and freedom until he can break free, but it’s a long process with many slips backwards as it should be. It just can’t be as easy as Michelle hoped it would be in the park bench scenes that she could just reach out her hand and take Danny directly to paradise, he wasn’t emotionally or mentally ready for that; it’s a journey he must take and one Michelle must chose to take with him no matter how dark it gets.

Michelle’s character is also revealed in these scenes. No matter how much Danny wants Michelle to sit on the sidelines in these situations, she just can’t do that. She is always going to jump and try to figure things out and come up with a solution on her own. Sometimes that makes things better. Sometimes it makes things worse, but she is utterly incapable of doing nothing and she will always seek to protect and save Danny just as much as he will always seek to protect and save her. I know many people only follow the Stenz Manny, but many quotes that help you understand them better come from the Stalban years. This one sums up Michelle’s position better than I could. “That’s where you are now and I want to be with you and I WILL be with you….What makes you think I’m such a coward that I can’t face the same things you do? I would follow you into Hell and pull you right back out. I’m not giving up on you Danny!”

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