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I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

These are all fanfics based on the words to a song.

Name of Story – Name of Song – Repeated if the same

“Amazed” – “Every Little Thing That You Do, Baby I’m Amazed by You” – After Michelle moves out of Casa Santos, Danny remembers a perfect picnic day and so does Michelle when she arrives at Millennium.

“The Beat of a Heart” – “That’s the Beat of a Heart” – During the separation while Danny thinks he kills Carmen, Michelle fears she is having a second miscarriage and despite his determination, Danny can’t stay away when Meta calls him.

“Chair” – “The Chair” – Danny’s on the make in a club with Ray and Bill Lewis, when he spots Michelle for the first time.

“Could Not Ask for More” – “You Are Everything To Me” – See link and description under General AU

“Crumblin’ Down” – “Crumblin’ Down” – Ray needs a break from the church and he takes a ride in his classic muscle car from his life before.

“Dance” – “Could Not Ask for More” Danny comforts Michelle during a thunderstorm and they make love. 😉

“The Dance” – “These are the Moments” – Danny distracts Michelle during a thunderstorm by a dance and singing to her.

“First Love” – “Something Like That” – Danny meets Michelle at the county fair when she is in town visiting Rick and Meta (she lives with Ed out of town). They meet again years later on a plane and this time they aren’t going to let go.

“Heart Hold On” – “Heart Hold On” – Michelle got the San Cristobel house in the divorce. She needed it to hold on to the dream, but now she is finding the courage to try to make her dream a reality again. (Words) (Break a Heart)

“In a Different Light” – “In a Different Light” – When Danny is sent to a lowly corporate job instead of the executive position he expects as the boss’ son, he clashes with intern Michelle Bauer.  Slowly he comes to see her in a different light. (Ch 1-Bonus) (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8 ) (Chapter 9) (Chapter 10) (Chapter 11) (Chapter 12) (Chapter 13) (Chapter 14) (Bonus)

“In My Arms” – “In My Arms” – Danny has some quality time with his daughter (who was born in place of Robbie) as he reflects how he almost stupidly threw away his chance to be happy.

“It’s My Party” – “It’s My Party” – Description and link under AU High School.

“Just Another Day” – “Just Another Day” – Manny are happily married with two kids and enjoying all the problems of everyday life (an overflowing washer beats a bullet any day).

“The Ladder” – “Jacob’s Ladder”  – Description and link under AU High School.

“Lost” – “Everytime” – Michelle hears a song that reminds her about what she just learned about Drew and Danny being together.

“Once in a Lifetime” (1 of 2 with this name) – “Seventeen” – Danny and Michelle are both 17 the summer they meet. Their families’ plans for them pulled them apart, but 8 years later they run into each other by the lighthouse and put right what once went wrong.

“One Boy, One Girl” – “One Boy, One Girl” – Tony’s girlfriend Cheryl finally gets Danny to agree to be set up on a blind date and when Michelle walks into the restaurant “to put it mildly it was love at first sight.”

“Only Lonely” – “Only the Lonely” – Manny reconnect after the Drew-Danny fight.

“Perfect Love” – “Perfect Love” – Manny are happily running Millennium when they have a perfect Sunday together. It’s a nice peek at normal life.

“Possession” – “Possession” – A song moves Manny to the bedroom. 😉

“She’s in Love With the Boy” – “She’s in Love With the Boy” – Description and link under AU College.

“Song Fic” – “When You Say Nothing At All” – Manny dances.

“Tenderly” – “Tenderly” – Manny think about their love and thoughts lead to actions. 😉

“Tiny Bubbles” – “Tiny Bubbles” – See description and link listed under Making Love

“What I Meant to Say” – “What I Really Meant to Say” – Danny doesn’t crash on the way to the airport and Carmen doesn’t make her move. Instead Danny delayed his flight until the next day and runs into Michelle at Towers, where she finally gets the guts to commit to him totally.

“When I Say I Do” – “When I Say I Do” – Description and link listed under Making Love

“With Arms Wide Open” – “With Arms Wide Open” – Danny reflects on the news that Michelle is pregnant for the first time.

Last Updated: April 25, 2017

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