Primer: The Manniverse

The Manniverse

Manny fan fiction (fanfic) is actually a lot better than most fanfic I’ve read over the years. There are fewer truly twisted or awful stories that I’ve run into. A great many of the stories just want to show Manny being happy together, something we got way too little of on Guiding Light. A warning before you dig in too far, many of the longer Manny stories were abandoned before they were ever completed and probably never will be now, mores the pity, there’s a couple of them I really would have loved to see what happened next. Another warning, Manny being happy together, as it did onscreen, often meant making love and in many of these fanfics it’s a lot more explicit than anything they could get away with on a network soap. Any story that I directly linked to will be marked 😉 if there’s anything more than an implication that making love is going to or is taking place, but if you go exploring on your own, be forewarned you will probably stumble across some pretty racy stuff. FYI

Two characters that tend to get exceptionally harsh treatment in Manny fanfic are Jesse Blue and Drew Jacobs. Although (as long as it was clearly understood they were not romantic competition in ANY way) I liked them as friends of Manny and enjoyed the couples who were friends dynamic, many other people took a harsher view and harbored long and deep resentments. Although I didn’t know about it at the time (it never broke into mainstream soap publications), to the online Manny fandom Jesse was known as The Walking Vegetable (which was kind of mean, but I got immediately and laughed aloud the first time I read it). Drew is often depicted not as a true friend (which personally I think she was, she just had ISSUES). Many fanfics express either tacitly or explicitly that Jesse and Drew got what they deserved when they wound up together and not in a good way. (A couple even reduce Drew to literally some kind of pet.) Bill Lewis (the former Little Billy) is often the worse for wear. If the mob isn’t keeping Manny apart, Bill often becomes an evil mastermind who is trying to do the job. Some of this hostility comes from Mannyacs having to hear over and over again over the years that Bill and Michelle belonged together. (Yes, I thought that too when they were 8, they grew up and she found the other half of her soul in Danny and he eventually found a soul mate in Lizzie, GET OVER IT.) Another character that is sometimes used to give vent to feelings in fanfic is Cassie Layne. The original Cassie was portrayed by Laura Wright. She had previously been cast as Paul Anthony Stewart’s love interest on Loving, making one of the most popular couples in the last years of the low rated soap. Some fans were always hoping for a renewal of the pairing on GL. Wright herself actively campaigned for it. Manny fans knew this and wanted to dispose of her as a threat. The vocal Rassie fans also vetoed it and thank heavens their relationship never got beyond friendship and business partnership, but it was always a threat Manny fans wanted to stave off. Cassie gets some pretty clever putdowns as a result. Finally most Manny fans HATE Marina with good reason and the few fanfics she appears in, she also is usually painted very negatively. Manny fans vent well.

A character that often gains in importance in Manny fanfic is Pilar. Apparently, many Manny fanfic writers are unable to think of a better alternative way for our favorite hero and heroine to meet than to have Michelle and Pilar be the same exact same age and be best friends or even roommates. It’s a conceit used over and over in alternative universe stories. Sometimes you will run into an evil Pilar, but they are few and far between.

If you are not used fanfic, many shows, comic books, and movies have devoted armies of fans who write stories using the characters. They tend to be, in general, disappointing and not very like the original versions. (For example, I’ve heard there is a group who write Supernatural Dean Slash Sam fiction whose main point is for them to have sex, even though the characters are full brothers. I mean YUCK even Tammy would lose her lunch over that.) However, many people enjoy reading all kinds of fanfic and there are some terms that have developed to describe them.

Alternative Universe – If you are unfamiliar with Alternative Universe stories, it comes from a real theory in Quantum Mechanics. Known as the Many Worlds Interpretation (aka the Evervett-Wheeler Interpretation or the Relative State Interpretation), it holds that seeing only one observed outcome is merely an illusion created by our viewpoint and that there exist other parallel universes, equally real, in which the other outcomes actually happen. To steal an image from Robert Frost, if you stand at two roads diverged, in the Many Worlds Interpretation, you would actually follow both roads, with an entirely independent world being created for each from your point of decision. First picked up by comic books, in the world of fiction, an alternative universe or AU story is one in which something has been altered from the world we know. It can be something large or small, but it is then played out among characters and situations with which fans are familiar to see what happens in the new conditions. Most popular in Manny fanfic is Danny not being in the mob and Michelle and Danny meeting in some way other than her killing his brother. The AU stories I’ve found mostly fall into one of three categories. 1) A completely different set up for the characters to meet (this often involves Michelle being friends with Pilar) 2) A continuation of a storyline that was altered by the show (many fictions show Manny in their never built on the show although often talked about Laurel Falls house, others speculate on what would have happened if Michelle never called the FBI, etc.) 3) A historical fiction that puts the characters of Danny and Michelle and other people from Springfield in a different time and place.

Multiverse – Comic books have been especially aggressive with this Alternative Universe approach, creating within a series a Multiverse which allows stories to be set with the same group of characters in a wide range of situations, each one of these separate storylines makes up a world in the Multiverse. In the case of Manny most of the AU stories take place in a different individual world in the Manny Multiverse or Manniverse (as I call it).

Canon – In a fandom with an “official” source of information, in the case of Guiding Light, the radio and television episodes of the long CBS soap opera, canon is things that happen “on camera” and are the official versions of what happened. AU stories, authorized novelizations and novels, and unauthorized fanfic are NOT canon, but can be very enjoyable.

Challenge Stories – Now seemingly out of fashion, you will still find listed stories where someone came up with an idea and then challenged other writers to do their take on it. They are usually short standalone stories.

Chapter – A chapter in fanfic is normally a few paragraphs long. So even shortish works can have multiple chapters. Sometimes they are longer, but not often.

Crossovers – Stories where characters from two different fandoms meet and interact. It could be as simple as, wanting to for once catch the actual bad guy the first time, the SFPD calls in Jack Snyder from Oakdale to consult on a case. This is not common in Manny stories, I have seen a few mostly with the mob characters on General Hospital.

Lost Scenes – Another common theme in fanfic is the depiction of a lost scene. The most famous such Manny scene which was described, but never shot was the Inkblots scene very early on in the story’s run (it was never shot because PAS was too sick to show up that day so Michelle told Drew about it instead). Also, what happened between Danny laying Michelle down on the bed at Laurel Falls on Friday and them laying together under the pink sheets on Monday has also been open to wide speculation. Although I haven’t seen fanfics written for them, the off-screen second honeymoon and the two days in New York after Michelle breaks Danny down would be ripe for possibilities. Some of my own have been set between when Manny leaves the show and their return to Springfield.

Mannifield Players – In some of my fanfic story descriptions, I used the term Mannifield Players and it occurs to me that I should explain what I mean. In some Manny fanfiction, our beloved characters from the Manny storyline and the wider Guiding Light family are merged with famous characters from fiction, plays, fairytales, etc. While they keep their own names and characteristics, they blend in with these other famous roles.

This rather struck me as being similar to a repertory theater company, where every week the same company puts on a different play. So to explain this type of story (whether they are doing Emma, Letter to Three Wives, Laura, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) I figured the shortest way to explain that this was the type of story that it was to say that it was a repertory doing their take on whatever work it is. Often these repertory companies are called the Something Players. I considered the Manny Players and the Springfield Players and decided to combine the two into Mannifield Players. So now you know.

MaryJane – A fanfic genre named after a long ago and prolific Star Trek fanfic writer whose stories sole point was to put the author herself in the world with the characters she loved. I don’t see a lot of these in Manny fanfic because frankly I think most fanfic writers see themselves as Michelle.

POV (Point of View) – Many Manny stories are of the POV genre where whether it is from an actual scene or an AU you often get inside Michelle or Danny’s thoughts. In a great many of the stories you get to spend some time inside the head of each.

Round Robins – Again not seen much in current work, a round robin has one writer start a story and then other writers take up later chapters.

Slash – A type of fanfic that has as its main purpose to show sex between two characters on a show that wouldn’t have sex in the main setting of the show. There are not a lot of these in the Manniverse because most fans want to see Manny together although there is a lot of Manny sex stories and a few with strange couplings in there with Ray/Drew being the most common of these.

Song Stories – Usually short fanfics where the words and storyline of a song is fleshed out to show the Manny characters playing out the words of the song. They may or may not quote the words to the actual song and may or may not follow the actual meaning of the song or use it to play off some other point.

Standalones – Short fanfics that only have one chapter.

Below are links first to entire Manny fanfic sites that are still active and their current URLs (no recommendation is implied by my inclusion, these are almost all the ones I’ve found and I will add others if anybody has any to suggest). Then there are links to specific stories with a brief description. Watch for the 😉 sign at the end of the description for intimate scenes. I’ve also divided them into categories to help you find them.

The categories are:

Lost Scenes from the Series

Alternative Universe

High School



Continued Storyline






Poems and Song Lyrics

Song Fic

General Alternative Universe

I basically read through the stories I could find and created a separate category when I saw enough of them. I think the categories should all be self explanatory, except I created Continued Storyline for when a story took a set up introduced on the show and then abandoned and a fanfic continued with it. Also, Christmas is a mix of stories from any of the categories that was distinctly set at Christmas.

NOTE: Many of these websites are old. Many people fell out of Manny fandom over the years and left pages untended. You will discover rotten links. Some of the directory pages will have links to stories that don’t go anywhere. I have current addresses and some sites resurrected through Internet Archive listed. The biggest casualties of these untended websites are the links between sections, so try several ways to move between chapters before you give up. If you are having trouble with Internet Archive sites try back, some days it seems to work better than others. You will also often find the same stories posted on multiple sites. I’ve included multiple links I’ve found in case there is trouble with one. If chapters are split between websites, which often happens, I’ve listed the chapters after the link.

Site List

Manny Fiction Addiction

Mannyac Reading Room

Manny Stories (NOTE: This website is through Internet Archive. It is no longer an active site and unfortunately a few of the chapter links weren’t saved. Try again if you have problems.)

My Manny Page – Scroll down 2/3rd down the page to the fanfic section

Guiding Light Stories – Includes other GL Fanfic, but a few Manny.

Stenzmania (Part 1) (Part 2)

Allyson and Lia’s Manny FanFiction Site (NOTE: This website is through Internet Archive. It is no longer an active site and unfortunately a few of the chapter links weren’t saved. Try again if you have problems.)

Elizabeth’s Page (NOTE: This website is through Internet Archive. It is no longer an active site and unfortunately a few of the chapter links weren’t saved. Try again if you have problems.)

Individual Author Sites
Beth’s Stories

Kellie’s Stories (NOTE: This website is through Internet Archive. It is no longer an active site and unfortunately a few of the chapter links weren’t saved.)

Lisa’s Stories (NOTE: This website is through Internet Archive. It is no longer an active site and unfortunately a few of the chapter links weren’t saved.)

Revelry of the Heart – Stories

Rustle of the Sheets – There is a lot of stuff besides fanfic on this website, but this is a direct link to the fanfic index page.

Last Updated: February 6, 2010

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