Title Only List

Manniverse Search List
Title only list. Followed by the section to find the description and link in. I’ve included alternative, multiple titles if they were listed for each story.

An Aberration – General

An Accidental Date – Continued Storyline

Adventures in Shopping – Making Love

Affliction – Fear of Life – Reborn– General A.U.

Aftermath – General

Against the Odds – General

Against the Wind – Historical

All Alone – General A.U.

All I Need to Know – Nonmob

Alone – AU High School

Alt Universe Series– Jennie – Unavailable

Always and Forever – Unavailable

Always Danny, Forever Michelle – Unavailable

Amazed – Every Little Thing That You Do, Baby I’m Amazed By You – Songs

Anatomy of a Kiss – AU College

And it’s Crowded and Cold – General

Angel – Unavailable

An Angel amidst the Devil – Making Love

Another Man’s Wife – General

At Last (2 with this name) – Both under General

At This Moment – Unavailable

Back at the Beginning – General A.U.

Bad Day – General A.U.

Bauer’s Fourth of July BBQ – General A.U.

BBQ 2005 – Continued Storyline

The Beach – Continued Storyline

The Beat of a Heart – That’s a Beat of a Heart – Songs

Beauty and the Beast – General A.U.

Because of You – General

Before and After- Unavailable

Being Stalked – General A.U.

Being Thankful – General

Bella – She’s All I Ever Had – Unavailable

Ben Warren Gets Taken for a Ride by Aunt Meta – General A.U.

Beneath the Mistletoe – Unavailable

Black and Blue Secret – General A.U.

Black Cloud Rain – General A.U.

Black Magic – General A.U.

Blind – General

Blurred – AU College

Body and Soul – General

Break- Unavailable

Breathe- Unavailable

Broken Promises – Unavailable

Broken Vows – Continued Storyline

Brothers – General A.U.

Buon Giorno, My Love – General

By His Side – General

The Car Ride – Lost Scenes

Carmen – General

A Case of the Crazies – Continued Storyline

Caught on Tape – Christmas

The Celebration Continues – Unavailable

Celtic’s Series – Continued Storyline

Chair – The Chair – Songs

Challenge Fic: Defining Moments – General

Chance Encounter – General

Changes – General A.U.

Chasing Michelle by Lori B. – Unavailable

Cheap Whiskey – General

Cherish Her Love – AU High School

Choose Me by Stacy – Unavailable

A Christmas Bug – Unavailable

A Christmas Fic – Christmas

A Christmas Miracle – Christmas

Christmas Miracles – Christmas

Christmas with the Santos – Christmas

Colliding Worlds – AU High School

Come With Me – Historical

Coming Home (1 of 3 with this name) – Unavailable

Coming Home (2 with this name) – Both under General

Coming Home to You – Nonmob

Consummation – Making Love

A Consummation Fic – Unavailable

The Conversation – Lost Scenes

Could Not Ask for More – General

Cracks in the Fairytale – Continued Storyline

Crumblin’ Down – Songs

The Crush – General

Daddy’s Girl – Continued Storyline

Daddy’s Little Girl – Continued Storyline

Daddy, What’s the Mafeea? – General

The Dance – These are the Moments – Songs

Danny & Michelle – Unavailable

Danny’s Demons – Continued Storyline

Danny’s Dream – Lost Scenes

Danny’s Letter – General

Dark Knight – General

The Dawning – Making Love

A Day at the Beach – Making Love

Dead Men Don’t Eat Moo Goo Gai Pan – General

Deceptions – Continued Storyline

Desecration – General

Destiny (1 of 2 with this name) – AU High School

Destiny (1 of 2 with this name) – General

Devil Was Her Angel by Tracee – Unavailable

Dietz – Dietz

Dietz Goes to Church – Dietz

Dietz Speaks – Dietz

Different Paths – Nonmob

A Different Twist – General

A Different Twist on an Untouched Glass – General A.U.

Dinner and a Movie – General A.U.

Discretions – General A.U.

Diversions – General A.U.

Dizzy – Making Love

Dream Angel – Continued Storyline

Dream of Danny’s – Continued Storyline

Dreams – General A.U.

Drifting Apart – Continued Storyline

Dum Spiro, Spero – Continued Storyline

Ein Graues Haar (A Gray Hair) – Unavailable

Endgame – General A.U.

End is the Beginning – General A.U.

Enough is a Enough – General A.U.

Erin’s Christmas Story – Unavailable

The Escape – General

Escondido – AU College

Eternal Soulmates – Continued Storyline

Evil – Continued Storyline

Eye of the Storm – General

Fair Winds and Following Seas – General

Fairytale (2 with this name) – Both under Fairytales

Family Affair – General A.U.

Fever – General A.U.

Find My Heart – General A.U.

Finding Love Again – General A.U.

Finding My Heart at Willow’s End – Historical

First Impressions – General

First Love – Something Like That – Songs

First Time – Iris – Unavailable

Football Love – Continued Storyline

Forever – General A.U.

Forever Yours – Unavailable

Forgiven – Not Forgotten – Continued Storyline

Fresh Start – General A.U.

Friends – General A.U.

From the Cutting Room Floor – Unavailable

From This Moment On – Continued Storyline

Full Circle – Continued Storyline

The Game – Continued Storyline

Gardenias – Continued Storyline

Gaslight – General A.U.

Ghost – Unavailable

Gift – Continued Storyline

Give Her Back – General A.U.

Go Fish – Lost Scenes

The Graduation – Unavailable

Graduation Day (2 with this name) – Unavailable

Graduation Fic – Unavailable

Growing Pains – General A.U.

Guardian Angel – AU High School

Guess Who #1-4, #6-9 – Unavailable

Guess Who #5 – General

Guiding Light Island – Unavailable

Halloween Challenge Fic – Coincidence or Not – General

Hard Choices (1 of 2 with this name) – Continued Storyline

Hard Choices (1 of 2 with this name) – Unavailable

Have Faith in Me – Nonmob

He Grabbed Her Hand – General

Heart Hold On – Songs

Heart’s Desire – General A.U.

Hearts Alone – General A.U.

Hearts in Armor – General A.U.

Heaven – Nonmob

Home – General A.U.

Home Again – Continued Storyline

Homecoming Fun – Continued Storyline

An Honest Consummation- Unavailable

The Honeymoon – General

Honeymoon Engagement – Continued Storyline

Hungry Thanksgiving – General A.U.

Hurt – General A.U.

I Do – General A.U.

I Don’t Have To Wonder – General A.U.

I Saw Her – General A.U.

I Should Tell – General A.U.

I Want to Be With You – General A.U.

I Will – Continued Storyline

I Wish by Meghan – Unavailable

I’ll Be – General

I’ll Stand by You by Rachel – Unavailable

Illumination – Dolphin’s Cry- Unavailable

Illusions – General

I’m Already Taken – AU College

Immortality – General A.U.

I’m Not Sorry – Making Love

Imperfect: A Love Story – General

In a Different Light – Song Fic

In the Shadows – Unavailable

In My Arms – Songs

In the Stars by Eve – Unavailable

Inkblots (2 with this name both under Lost Scenes)

Interruptions – Historical

Into Darkness – General A.U.

Isabelle’s Letter – General A.U.

It was an Awkward Situation – General A.U.

It’s a Wonderful “Manny” Life – Christmas

It’s About Time – Historical

It’s Crowded and Cold – General A.U.

It’s in the Way – General

It’s My Party – AU High School

Jealousy – General A.U.

Jerry – General A.U.

Journal – General A.U.

Judgment Day (2 with same name) – General A.U.

Just a Kiss – Continued Storyline

Just a Happy Christmas – Christmas

Just a Little Lie – General A.U.

Just Another Day – Songs

Just Another Fundraiser – Lost Scenes

Just Call Me Dietz – Dietz

Just Five Minutes Difference – General

Kiss Series – Lost Scenes

The Ladder – Jacob’s Ladder – AU High School

Laverne and Shirley: Springfield Style – Unavailable

Legend of the Water Glass – Continued Storyline

Let Go – Continued Storyline

The Letter (1 of 2 with this name) – Unavailable

The Letter (1 of 2 with this name) – General

Letters from the Heart – General

Letting Go – General

Life Changes – General

Life Preserver – General

Lifelines – General A.U.
Limo Sex RR ch—Mel – Unavailable

A Little Christmas – Christmas

Little Christmas Fic – Christmas

A Little Game of Baseball – General A.U.

A Little Miracle – Continued Storyline

A Little Too Real – Continued Storyline

Living Without – General

The Long Flight Home – General

Long Walk Into His Arms – Continued Storyline

Long Way Home – General

Lost – Everytime – Songs

The Lost Baby – General

A Lost Night – Unavailable

Love and Lace – General A.U.

Love in an Elevator by Holden – Unavailable

Love is an Ever Fixed Mark – Dietz

Love Leads the Way – Continued Storyline

Love Led Us Here – Continued Storyline

Love Lost, Love Found – General

Love on the Rocks – Unavailable

Love vs. Hate – General

Loving Arms – General A.U.

Loving Michelle – Continued Storyline

Made to Be Broken – General A.U.

Make It a Blockbuster Night – General A.U.

Maker of the Soul – General A.U.

Manny at the Country Club – General A.U.

Manny Goes to Woodstock ’99 – General A.U.

Manny Loving – General A.U.

Mannysmoke – Historical

Mannysmoke: The Lost Episode – Unavailable

Mannysmoke Trails by SJ – Unavailable

Marguerite – General A.U.

Marriage of Convenience – Nonmob

The Master Plan – Crossovers

Matters of the Heart – General A.U.

Mayberry Aphrodisiac- Unavailable

Meant to Be – Unavailable

Met: A Poem – Poems and Song Lyrics

A Michelle (And Danny) Roadtrip – General

Michelle is the ONLY One: Poem – Poems and Song Lyrics

Michelle’s Big Day- Unavailable

Michelle’s Letter – General

Mick – General

Mile High – Making Love

Miracle at Laurel Falls – Christmas

Missing Danny – General

Mistaken Identity (2 with this name) – Both under General

The Mob Prince: A Fairy Tale – Fairytales

Mob’s Cardinal – General

The Mother/Daughter Duo from Hell – Dietz

Moving On (2 with this name) – Both under General A.U.

Much Ado About Danny and Michelle – Historical

My Angel – General A.U.

My First Fanfic – General A.U.

My Immortal – General A.U.

Neighbors – Nonmob

Name Game – General

Never Fair: Song – Poems and Song Lyrics

Never the Same – Continued Storyline

New Beginnings (1 of 2 with this name) – Nonmob

New Beginnings (1 of 2 with this name) – General

New Year’s Eve 1999 – Continued Storyline
A Night Out – Continued Storyline

Night with the Hicks – Unavailable

No Matter What – General
Noir – Historical

Not a Breath Stands Between Us – Continued Storyline

Not Always What They Seem – AU College

Not Just Some Prince Charming – Nonmob

The Notorious Dizzy Steps – General

Now and Forever – General

Of Horses and Roses – Unavailable

Of Saints and Sinners – General A.U.

Of Waking Dreams – Poems and Song Lyrics

An Office Rendezvous – Unavailable

On the Verge – General

Once in a Lifetime (1 of 2 with this name) – AU High School

Once in a Lifetime (1 of 2 with this name) – Seventeen – Songs

Once You’ve Loved Someone – General

One Born of Light – Poems and Song Lyrics

One Boy, One Girl – Songs

One Dozen Kisses – Continued Storyline

One Dozen More – Continued Storyline

One Dozen Roses – Continued Storyline

One Flew Over the Santos Nest – General

One More Day – General

One Night – Unavailable

One Night Only – General

One Word – General

Only the Lonely – Songs

The Original Pathetic Fanfic – General

The Other Woman – Historical

Our Dance – General

Painting Challenge: Erin – Unavailable

Painting Challenge: The Extra Room – Unavailable

Painting Challenge: Perfect – General

Painting Challenge: A Perfect Match – Unavailable

Painting Challenge: Sonja – Unavailable

Painting Challenge: Still Life – General

Painting Challenge: A Sunday Morning – Unavailable

Painting Challenge: The Talk – General A.U.

Painting Challenge: Treasure Hunt – Unavailable

Park Bench – General A.U.

Passage of Time – General A.U.

Past, Present, and Future – Historical

Perfect by Holden – Unavailable

Perfect Love – Songs

Perfect Road Trip – Unavailable

Phoenix by Holden – Unavailable

The Picnic – AU College

Picture of Hope and Love – General A.U.

Picture Perfect – Nonmob

Pilar Offers Some Advice – General A.U.

Planet Denial – General A.U.

Possession – Songs

Power of Love – General A.U.

Prelude to the Conversation – Lost Scenes

Present Now, Past for Another – General

Promise of Forever – Continued Storyline

Promises – Continued Storyline

Promises Kept – General

Public Relations – Nonmob

Quench Me – Nonmob

Ray of Hope – Unavailable

Recon Fic – Continued Storyline

Reconnecting – Continued Storyline

Red to Green – Lost Scenes

Remember Me – General A.U.

Remembering…– General A.U.

Resist – General A.U.

Resolve of an Angel – Continued Storyline

The Resonance of Noise – General A.U.

Retaliation/Revelation – General A.U.

Return from the Dead – General A.U.

A Return Performance of the Dueling Divas – Dietz

Revelation – General A.U.

Revisiting the Past – General A.U.

Revolving Doors – General

The Ring – Unavailable

Road Report- Unavailable

Road Trip Fic by Sonja – General A.U.

Road Trip Fic by Erin – Continued Storyline

Road Trip Story – Unavailable

Rosie Pink and the Eleven Sprites – Fairytale

Running Scared – General A.U.

Rustle of the Deskblotter – A funny Carmen Fanfic by Holden – Unavailable

SBF—Carrie – Unavailable

Sacred Vows – General A.U.

Sanctuary – General A.U.

Santos Baby – Poems and Song Lyrics

Sarah’s Consummation – Unavailable
Satisfy my Soul by SJ – Unavailable

Saying Goodbye – General A.U.

Season of New Beginnings – Christmas

Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation – Christmas

The Scene I Am Dying For – Continued Storyline

Season of Love – Christmas

Second Honeymoon Challenge – Unavailable

Sex and the Married Woman – General

Shades of Gray – General

Shamone’s Christmas Story – Unavailable

Shattered Lives – Nonmob

She’s All That – High School

Show Me the Way – General A.U.

She’s in Love with the Boy – AU College

Simple Kind of Life – Nonmob

The Sister I Wished For – Continued Storyline

SJ’s Consummation – Dietz

Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style – Fairytales

A Snowy Night – Continued Storyline

So Many Emotions in His Name – Continued Storyline

Soft and Silky – Making Love

Solace and Sacrifice – General A.U.

Solemn Vows – Nonmob

Some Say Love, It is a Razor – Continued Storyline

Someone Else’s Turn to Cry – Continued Storyline

Someone to Watch Over Me – General

Something About You – Nonmob

Something to Believe In – General

Something to Watch Over Me  – General

Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough – Unavailable

Somewhere, Someday – Unavailable

Song Fic – When You Say Nothing at All – Songs

Sorrow Within – General

Soulmates: A Round Robin – General A.U.

Soul’s Decision – General A.U.

Spanish Eyes – General A.U.

Special Occasion – General A.U.
The Story of Manny – Unavailable

Straight Through the Heart: The Cupid Fic – General

Sunrise, Sunset – Continued Storyline

Sunset – Unavailable

Sunset Beach – General A.U.

Surfacing –General A.U.

Surprises – AU College

Sweet Revenge – General A.U.

Sweet Sixteen – General A.U.

Sweet Surrender – Continued Storyline

Taking Flight – General A.U.

Talk – Making Love

Talk on a Bench – General A.U.

Tempting Fate – Unavailable

Tenderly – Songs

Tequila Romance – General A.U.

Terrifying Scenario – General A.U.

That Night – General A.U.

That One Night – General

The Truth is Out There – Crossover

There’s Always Hope by France – Unavailable

Things Are Always Changing – AU High School
Third Time’s a Charm – General A.U.

Thirteen – Making Love

This Christmas – Christmas

This Man – Continued Storyline

Ties That Bind – General

Till Death Do Us Part – General

Timing is Everything – General A.U.

Tiny Bubbles – Making Love

To Make You Feel My Love – Nonmob

Together – General A.U.

Together Again – General A.U.

Trust Me by Bean – Unavailable

Truth – Continued Storyline

Truth Comes Out – General

Twas the Night – Christmas

Twelve Days of Christmas: Manny Style – Christmas

Twisted: A Manny Mystery – Nonmob

Type Cast – AU High School

A Typical House – Lost Scenes

Ultimate Sacrifice – Unavailable

Unspoken Words – General A.U.

A Vegas Vacation – Nonmob

A Very Busy Day – Christmas

Unable – General A.U.
UniVerse by Andrea – Unavailable

Ultimate Sacrifice – Unavailable

Unexpected Visitors – Continued Storyline

Unfinished Business – General

Unforeseen Circumstances – General

Unforgiven  – General

Unlikely Hero – General

Until You – Historical

Vegas Vacation – Nonmob

A Very Good Man – General

Vision of Love – General

Wagon Train – Historical

Waking Up – General

Was It Worth It – General A.U.

Waves – Making Love

The Way It Should Have Been – Continued Storyline

The Way We Are – General A.U.

The Way We Were – General A.U.

We Are One – Lost Scenes

The Wedding – General

Wedding Night – General

A Wedding Surprise – General

A Welcomed Visitor – General

We’re Goin’ to Majorca Baby! – General

What Dreams May Come – General

What I Meant to Say – What I Really Meant to Say – Songs

What One Thing – Continued Storyline

What’s the Use of Wondering – Continued Storyline

When – General A.U.

When I Say I Do – Making Love

When Love and Hate Collide – Continued Storyline

When You Walked Into My Life – Nonmob

Where My Heart Beats – Unavailable

Where the Water Meets the Shore – Continued Storyline

With Arms Wide Open – Songs

Written in the Stars – AU High School

Wrong Lifetime – Continued Storyline

Wuthering Lights – Historical

X’s and O’s – General A.U.

Yesterday’s Tears – General

You Chose Me – Continued Storyline

You Get Angry – General

You’re Where I Belong – Unavailable

Your Healing Touch – Nonmob

Your Heart is Safe with Me – Nonmob

Your Memory Lingers Here – General

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