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October 22, 2017

Checking back into SORAS.

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SORAS (Sudden Onset Rapid Aging Syndrome aka Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome) – Usually expressed as a verb, for example “James Spaulding was SORAS-ed.” It means that a character, usually a young child, is sent somewhere off camera for a length of time. The child returns recast as an older child, usually a teenager. Summer camp is a favorite destination for these jaunts, but a European boarding school probably gets the most use. It can also be done abruptly, having an older actor replace the child the next day with a simple “The role of XX will now be played by YY,” but this is rarer.

Michelle Bauer was SORAS-ed 4 years when she was recast as Rebecca Budig after she was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland for a few months. Unfortunately in the last few years of Guiding Light they SORAS-ed the children out of order which…

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PAS says Manny Forever

October 15, 2017

Revisiting the best of the last time CBS Soaps in Depth celebrated an anniversary.

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This year CBS Soaps in Depth is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. They are celebrating the anniversary by asking for soap stars and employees of the magazines to share favorite stories and memories. They’ve included Paul Anthony Stewart and Manny note from the May 21, 2012 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. You can buy your own copy at

UPDATED October 14 2017: I added my signature block. What else is there to add? It says it all. ♥

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios…

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Bauer BBQ 1992 Reblog

October 4, 2017

I haven’t done any updating here, but in honor of my attending the real life Bauer BBQ next month, I’m going to be reposting my Bauer BBQ posts.

Bauer BBQ 1992 Reblog

Sadly this is a camera pointed at TV recording which means fuzzy video and audio. I’m especially confused if some of the music is actually part of the episode (badly out of balance) or if it is playing somewhere else in this person’s house. But as it’s the only version I’ve found so far I’m going to go ahead and include it.   There are also some commercials.

What we’ve got is the episode from July 6, 1992. Depending on how much time you have you might want to revisit the Great Springfield Blackout which occurred immediately before this. I really want to include this year because looking back at this time, this was a pretty wonderful period for the soap. Lots of great story and they haven’t yet driven off the bridge that was Maureen’s death.

Blackout (Great Springfield Blackout of 1992):

We are just coming out of a big umbrella story which involved most of the cast being trapped in various locations around town without power with people they shouldn’t be (for example, young Michelle Bauer was trapped in an elevator with then jewel thief Jenna Bradshaw and Lillian Raines was with Ed Bauer in the parking garage talking to him about her cancer and they kissed). Bridget is threatening Michelle because she thinks she caused it (she did with her hairdryer) and is afraid Michelle will fink her out and she’ll get in trouble. They were also coming off a big story climax, last July 4th Alex figuratively roasted Roger alive after he found out he’d embezzled from her and more than that had an affair with Mindy Lewis. This kicked off an intense feud between the two women, long after Mindy wished she’d never seen Roger Thorpe. The fighting got worse when they were once again fighting over a man a different way, Nick McHenry who Alex was convinced was her son and who Mindy wanted to marry. Alex blackmailed Roger into helping her and without going into details, Nick was derailed in his efforts to get home in time for the wedding by Roger’s scheme and so when he didn’t show. Mindy believed Alex when she told her that Alex had told Nick everything Mindy had done and he’d left her at the altar deliberately because he chose Alex over her. Devastated Mindy left town (to accommodate a recast) at the end of the Great Springfield Blackout, the day before. Nick and Lujack’s father, Alex’s one-time husband, concert pianist Eric  Luvonaczek is back in town. Lillian and Ed have only kissed so far, but still feel guilty (as they both should). We’ve also just barely passed the initial Mallet and Harley falling in love story which was terrific and now they are working together at the police department. Although we just saw the first glimpse of the good side of Jenna when she stayed and took care of Michelle instead of making good her escape with the jewels from Mindy’s non-wedding, but she’s definitely still a bad girl too. Her life changed forever when Roger Thorpe rescued her from the police chasing her the night of the blackout and she hasn’t yet learned that he’s just using her in anger and pain the way Alex claimed he used Alex (which he really didn’t, he went into the marriage with Alex honestly, he just couldn’t stomach what she expected him to do, basically let her emasculate him completely). The other big story at this time was Frank-Eleni-Alan-Michael triangle which just saw Frank and Alan-Michael working together to rescue Eleni who was trapped in the Wheels and Meals Diner freezer during the Blackout.

July 6, 1992

Harley was just recently made a copy and is working with her former instructor A.C. Mallet. The initial Mallet-Harley falling in love storyline where they butted heads in the classroom at the police academy and then the force and it morphed into love starting with fantasies about someone whose face you couldn’t see were amazing. The jewel thief they are talking about is Jenna Bradshaw and in case you haven’t seen it, here is Jenna and Michelle in the elevator, they are tightly bonded after this. Also in linked to in the post above. Mindy disappeared from her wedding with Nick when he didn’t show in time. Alex had lied to her that Nick knew Mindy had kept the fact he and Alex were really mother and son after all away from him and that Nick wanted nothing more to do with her. The truth was that Nick didn’t want anything to do with ALEX, but this misunderstanding came at the end of Kimberly Simms run and they used it as an excuse to get her out of town for awhile while they got us set for a new Mindy. (Part 1)

Julie was awful, don’t waste your time with her, Michelle. Lillian is jumpy because while Maureen was desperately trying to get back to her husband and daughter, Ed was kissing Lillian in the dark. They are gathering in a big rambling house on the outskirts of town where Nick and Mindy were living at the time. Tangy Hill had lived there previously. Nick has it wrong, Mindy had known and changed it to protect him from contact with Alex. The man talking with Alex is the famous pianist, Eric Luvonaczek, who Alex had loved and eloped with as a young girl. He was a very weak man and in desperation sold one of their twins (Nick McHenry) to a desperate American couple in Paris and took money from Brandon (Alex and Alan’s father) to keep the other twin Lujack from her. Alex hadn’t known there were twins being unconscious during and after birth. (Part 2)

Nadine isn’t really being nice. She’s desperate to hold on to Billy and his money, even though she knows he loves Vanessa. I think she does genuinely like Little Billy as much as its possible for her like anyone else (she tends to be incredibly self-centered), but that wasn’t why she stopped by. Did Ed just admit he didn’t spend as much time with Rick as he should have while Rick was growing up? I don’t know anyone who liked Mallet’s little sister Julie. So I guess even with Roger’s help, Harley did get Jenna arrested this is her take down, but I can’t enjoy it because if the sides are chosen between Jenna and Harley, I’m taking Jenna even if Harley is in the right this time. Until a couple of days ago Jenna thought she was dating Mallet, but he was just using her as part of the entrapment case. (Part 3)

David Grant was in deep trouble and as you can see deep attitude when he first came to town. He’d been convicted of manslaughter, taking the fall for Gilly who had really done it. Mindy had discovered that Alex was right that Nick was her kid, but knowing how much Nick loved his parents and the amount of destruction Alex could do, Mindy really did switch the results to that Nick thought he wasn’t Alex’s son. The negative test results never shook Alex’s conviction, mostly because she SO wanted it to be true. (Part 4)

Bridget threatens Michelle if she spills that Bridget and her power overuse triggered the Blackout. Billy quite reasonably asked Lillian if she could contact Beth and Phillip and see if Mindy turned to them in her time of trouble. With Hart gone, Julie turns to Dylan. Dylan has claustrophobia over an incident surround his adoptive mother’s death and so freaked out as they were trapped in an elevator. Dylan: “Cross Creek…that’s our family’s retreat outside of Tulsa” like he’d been going there his whole life. 🙂 Mallet and Mindy were very good friends, but platonic which worked well for them. (Part 5)

Fletcher was always on Alex’s side even when they weren’t together, he just wouldn’t seriously commit to her and expected her to be fine with that. Fletcher were friends with Nick’s adoptive parents. Fletcher just said a soap truism: “They made a mistake and they were afraid they’d lose you if you found out….people do dump things when they are scared and in love.” Lillian and Alex have a really nice talk although I don’t understand why they are sharing confidences. Lillian to Alex: “I don’t want you to fight so much you lose him.” (Part 6)

Harley shows up in her new cop uniform at the Bauer BBQ. Harley’s hair is just gorgeous in this whole episode. Although that was framed as a dig at Lillian for having kissed Ed, I don’t know what Alex means by there’s right and there’s wrong, she’s certainly never applied that philosophy to any of her own actions. (Part 7)

Closing Credits

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 1991 Reblog

October 2, 2017

I haven’t done any updating here, but in honor of my attending the real life Bauer BBQ next month, I’m going to be reposting my Bauer BBQ posts.

Bauer BBQ 1991 Reblog

These are each a full episode. We also get some nice Michelle stuff in this. Strangely once again it’s just Michelle and Ben at the Bauer BBQ and Little Billy isn’t in sight. We learn that Michelle went through a horse phase as many young girls do (and it makes that Laurel Falls dream wedding story that included a white horse seem more possible). Ultimately Bridget’s actions to try to win Hart end up having long term consequences and the sudden death of Maureen ends up maturing Bridget quickly into someone, who might still be a little wild, but is someone we know and love. This isn’t that Bridget. This Bridget is Maureen’s niece who was dropped on Maureen and Ed because her own parents couldn’t control her, she is still a wildcat that needs taming. She influences Kat and to some extent Michelle for the worse. That frizzy crimping in hair wasn’t rebellion though, it was right in style in 1991. Eleni and Dylan Lewis are in the middle of their short period of dating and Bridget is trying to get Dylan to notice her. She will shortly move on to Hart, but ultimately returns to Bridget who was always her best friend and finally gets the crack over the head with a slate he needed to figure out he wanted more. Hart is also in Blake’s sights for a very different reason. Blake “Apple of Her Daddy’s Eye” Chrissy Thorpe does not take kindly to no longer being her father’s only child and that the new child is male and apparently faultless doesn’t help. Alex is about to blow Roger out of the water with her knowledge that Roger and Mindy had a long term affair (Roger seemed to actually care about Alex in the beginning, but being with her and her refusal to grant him real power led him to feel emasculated and Mindy – who knows why – offered herself up as a hero worshiping young thing just when his ego needed it most.) Alex will get her first pound of flesh that very night.

Day 1

Vanessa is 100% right, she and Billy do always belong together. This year they are making Bert Bauer’s potato salad. Maureen tells Bridget: “You have to put in sauteed shallots and fresh dill and then you fold it over very slowly from the bottom.” So we won’t get to see Rick this year. 😦 That’s sad to just get a phone call, but this must be when he was exiled to Chicago (Michael O’Leary having chosen to leave the show) and basically going into a long term sulk that will include a renewal of his drug addiction and his marriage to Annie Dutton. Alexandra has finally found about Roger’s duplicitous actions with both Mindy and her company and will really nail Roger at this dinner. I really think this Blake and this Hart had the best sibling relationship. Blake has always been the apple of her father’s eye, so finding out he had a male heir who hadn’t made as many mistakes as she had was a big shock to her. She reacted some better than Vanessa in similar circumstances, but it was still hard on her and she is still at the point of taking it out on Hart that he exists. Blake is right. Hart doesn’t know much about women in general or Alex. Kat and Bridget were good friends, but Kat really hated Gilly at this point. Dylan and Bridget was a great circular story. She started up wanting Dylan and in the end Dylan realized what he wanted was her, sadly Hart proved a long diversion in the middle. This is a nice bit about young horse crazy (maybe Hart crushing) Michelle. A nice friendship scene between Maureen and Vanessa, too. Eleni briefly dated Dylan, but it really didn’t stick with either one. Little Billy isn’t there, once again it’s just Michelle and Ben. Michelle got an A on a history paper about the Declaration of Independence. Mallet was beat up and Frank being his best friend wants to get the guys who did it. Holly is dating Dr. Daniel St. John who will ultimately be proven to be a crook. (Day1)

Day 2 – Fourth of July Night

Two fireworks shows are prepping as the Fourth of July continues. Some of the town gathers in the park with Dylan and Eleni to watch the real thing and others hang out to watch in the Bauer yard. Others are gathered at Alex’s request as the Lakeland Country Club. I normally love pink walls, but thank God they repainted them. This looks terrible. I think Roger did love Alex as much as he could love a woman who wasn’t Holly. I think this is as curly and fluffy as Alex’s hair ever was. Alex: “It was only immoral, not illegal or so I was convinced.” Then “No charges were filed, Roger how many times has that phrase been linked to your name.” On the other hand I think the country club patio looks the best it has. Sherry Stringfield’s version of Blake liked to swim in the Lakeland Country Club Pool….sometimes naked. At this point Blake and Frank would have made a lot more sense than they did at the end. A.C. Mallet, who was Frank’s best friend and partner at the time (trying to fill the Phillip-Rick relationship hole in the canvas) is in the hospital having taken a terrible beating. One of Dylan’s problems was that he was Dyslexic and had trouble reading. The name Eleni is struggling over is John Phillip Sousa THE most famous musician of the 19th century who singularly invented patriotic marching band music. Eleni was an illegal immigrant from Greece who came over to be Frank’s arranged bride, he objected over the concept, although he later fell for the girl. So Eleni dated Dylan and later Alan-Michael. The actress was actually Greek-American and she heard from many compatriots who insisted she keep things accurate including her accent which was not her real one. Very nice real fireworks film. Alex nailed Roger in front of everybody. Frank and Blake continued to bond. Mindy is wearing a truly beautiful formal pantsuit. Bridget launches her campaign to get Dylan away from Eleni, but things don’t go her way. Nice Lillian in charge scene, but I don’t remember why Mallet is beat up or why Roger is on crutches. Mallet’s PI office was in the same building as Mindy’s fashion design loft. Almost by accident they became good friends and he helped her cover up her affair with Roger. Holly’s hair is really pretty. Daniel St. John: “I am fed up. I’ve had it….You knew it had to do with Roger right….You hoped it would be everything it turned out to be and you’re not even happy with that…..I thought that you hated him that this man had fouled your life up and you wanted him out of it.” No, St. John you shouldn’t have intervened. As twisted as it is, Holly is only really Holly when she’s with Roger and it isn’t like St. John turns out any better in the end with less excuse. Roger always wanted all those “props” and honestly I don’t think Alex did. Alex was willing to walk away from everything to elope and really the only time she really wanted that billy club was when she was extracting what she saw as justified revenge (others might differ) or when she’d gotten herself in a jam. Otherwise I don’t think she cared about the wealth. I think Roger really did like Alan-Michael, just not enough to change his plans for his sake. He would later tell Blake what a great husband Alan-Michael was to her and that he didn’t know if she’d ever find another as good. Maureen and Roger’s friendship was a touchstone on the show and it was a constant source of tension between Ed and Maureen since Ed utterly hated him.  Bridget: “Don’t look a gift girl in the mouth.” Dylan actually accurately predicted the next few years of Bridget’s life with his advice and warning, but the undercurrent of desire and attraction between them was there ,too. The last two minutes are the worst for Roger and really that’s what Maureen should have been upset about, Roger kind of deserved the rest, but you could call the guy on crutches a taxi when you were in the middle of nowhere. (Day 2)

Bauer BBQ 1990 Reblog

October 1, 2017

I haven’t done any updating here, but in honor of my attending the real life Bauer BBQ next month, I’m going to be reposting my Bauer BBQ posts.

Bauer BBQ 1990 Reblog

I think there was probably a prep day before this, but this is what I have. The numbers don’t add up to an entire day’s worth and surely there was a scene where Rick and Mindy convince Beth to come to the BBQ before they just show up. I’ll keep looking.

From what we have. It’s the day of the Bauer BBQ and things are in a better place for pretty much everybody this year. Most notably Beth Raines who we thought dead last year, who was really living as a mute amnesiac who’d snapped over thinking she’d killed her stepfather Bradley when she was attacked (she didn’t) has been brought back from the dead and reunited with Phillip. Chelsea is about the only one in a darker place than last year having gone through a terrible stalker storyline where she was almost killed more than once. We get some really nice stuff showing that Ed and Ross are best friends and that Ross and Holly really did once have a good romance, as much as they like to ignore that fact later. My favorite part though is that Rick came in and scooped up Michelle to watch the fireworks in his lap. They really always did have such a strong relationship, you see why the Santos stuff upset him and why Michelle eventually forgave him despite the awful things he did. I am also glad that both Phillip and Beth relented and attended the BBQ since they’d both missed the year before and they will be off the canvas before Bauer BBQ 1991.

Holly and Ross (Hoss) have a nice romantic talk referencing Ed and Maureen reunion, but Ed and Mo are having a fight today. Isn’t that the same dress Holly wore last year? It’s very close if it isn’t. Phillip has discovered Beth is alive and they have reunited, but Beth doesn’t want to go. Then Rick and Mindy show up reuniting the Four Musketeers and insist they all go to the party. (Part 1)

Chelsea has cut off all her beautiful hair. She has gone through a murderous stalker storyline. Maureen and Holly are much closer and seem friendly

this year. Ed specifically asks for regular ketchup, not the gourmet stuff. Holly announces she’s moved in with Ross. Really glad Ross and Ed get a great friendship bit. They are having regular potato salad made from Bea Reardon’s recipe. (Part 2)

I think Ed has a point, it’s sometimes hard to tell clean dishes from dirty dishes in a dishwasher. Maureen says Ed starts planning for the Bauer BBQ in early June including looking for new recipes to serve, which Maureen usually ignores. Michelle and Ben run through near end of clip. (Part 3)

The bad recast of Justin is there talking with a much more mature than the previous year Samantha. Rick and Mindy drug Phillip and Beth to the Bauer BBQ. Samantha and Dylan were an item and apparently Justin (who was a real cad himself at that age) has made a deal with Dylan to keep them apart. (Part 4)\

Everyone sings “This Land is Your Land.” Holly accepts Ross’ proposal. Michelle watches the fireworks on Rick’s lap. (Part 5)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Lighthouse Collection #33

September 28, 2017

Revisiting my favorite prop piece from my small collection in honor of the Daytime Stars and Strikes event.

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Key Collection Key Collection

Tonight is a very special collecting lighthouses blog post. Those who have been with me from the beginning will know that I only started collecting lighthouses after our beloved Guiding Light went off the air. As time went by I was able to add a few odds and ends to my collection, most notably an “I was born at Cedars” Teddy Bear (which everyone ought to get by the way), but also a few other things. I got a few frames and things used in the Bloss Carriage House from a charity sale and gnashed my teeth that I hadn’t gotten into fandom strong enough, early enough to get more props off the show. And honestly I really hope everyone who did is keeping any documentation that they have of it, so other people later know why this isn’t any old photo or picture frame or pillow or…

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Bauer BBQ 1989 Reblog

September 27, 2017

I haven’t done any updating here, but in honor of my attending the real life Bauer BBQ next month, I’m going to be reposting my Bauer BBQ posts.

Bauer BBQ 1989 Reblog

The BlueRose channel recordings are full episodes, but they do have commercials. They are from the original 1980s airings. Also, look for great really little girl Michelle bits in the July 4th and 5th episodes with close ups and an actual lines, etc. I’m including the episodes from July 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The channel continues with the episodes and you find them there.

Among the biggest stories are Dylan returning to town causing problems for a otherwise happily married Alan-Michael Spaulding and Harley Cooper, Maureen and Ed Bauer being separated with part of the problem being caused by Holly on his side and Fletcher on hers, Alan is about to go prison for accidentally shooting Phillip at his wedding, etc. bringing to an end the first awful Alan recast, Roger has been revealed and he has gotten a literal get out of free card courtesy of the CIA, “Sonni” has been partially exposed and Josh is divorcing her having already reconciled with Reva, Rusty is still obsessed with getting Will who is currently married to Mindy although they are divorcing, Billy and Vanessa are estranged, Johnny and Chelsea are about to start his TV show, Frank is looking out for Sam as a favor to Ross, and Rick and Meredith have just separated.

July 3, 1989

Sam Marler is working at the Wheels and Meals Diner where she talks to Frank who claims her as kin because they are brother and sister in law once removed because her biological brother Phillip’s adopted brother Alan-Michael was currently married to Frank’s sister Harley. Sam is still being a romantic. Frank hasn’t yet fallen in love.  This episode is a great episode showing the original Wheels and Meals Diner set. Sam is the child that Justin and Jackie Marler had when they reunited for the last time. Jackie died in a plane crash when Sam was still a baby. Justin took her out of the country to be raised.

Ed claims that the Bauer BBQ has been going on every July 4th since he was a little kid and questions having it this year, but comes around. Ed and Maureen were separated at the time and Ed had moved Holly into the house. I really liked Holly’s hair in this. Ed hadn’t yet had an affair with Lillian so she really isn’t a hot button at this point. Rick announces Meredith Reade (Rick’s wife) has left him. Meredith found out that she wasn’t able to have kids and already having felt self-conscious about the fact she was older than Rick, she left feeling that she’d only trap him by staying. Rick didn’t want her to go, but even in her sacrifice Meredith showed how selfish she always was. When Meredith and Rick thought they’d broke up forever, Meredith had a one night stand with Phillip and she got pregnant. Rick didn’t find out until after Rick was given the choice to save either save Meredith’s life or her baby’s. Phillip still advised Rick to save Meredith. Nice shout out that Rick used to be called Freddie and a nice speech by Rick with both his trademark humor and an insightful analysis of his own character.

At this point Alan-Michael and Harley are happily married, but Dylan is intent on wining back his old flame and she cooperates enough that she pushes Alan-Michael into a panic that ultimately causes them to divorce. Dylan has brought something by to give to Harley and A-M doesn’t give him a very warm welcome. Actually A-M and Harley originally moved back to 5th Street because A-M didn’t get his trustfund, but they slowly came to love each other and buckled down and made things work and eventually A-M got his money back. Dylan hadn’t written because he was illiterate.

Meanwhile Sonni and Josh are getting a divorce. He’d married Sonni when he went down to Venezuela and thought she died there. She returned from the dead just about the time he and Reva were getting back together in Springfield and although Josh messed with Sonni by trying to save their marriage, ultimately Jeva reunited and Sonni was left even more of a mental wreck than before. Sonni runs into Roger Thorpe and they have a great conversation. (8:39 is a commercial on The Young and the Restless showing the guy who DID rape Cricket, Michael only intended too)

July 4, 1989

We find the last touches being put out for the Bauer BBQ. A shout out to one of Bert’s recipe. Michelle comes in with Maureen and Fletcher. Maureen was pretty classy in introducing Michelle to Holly. Roger had gotten a pardon for all charges pending when he “died” in return for acting as an agent for the CIA. Meredith is Flether’s sister. Alan-Michael’s mother Hope was Rick’s first cousin. Frank still believes Nadine’s cover story that Buzz was dead. Johnny Bauer is descended from Papa Bauer’s brother Otto and his wife Myra Bauer and apparently they live in Brice Lake, Wisconsin. Johnny is Ed’s third cousin. I don’t really remember his parents whose names are Jack and Lanie Bauer. Johnny, having recovered from the “terminal” cancer that he faith healed himself from and that robbed Roxie of her sanity without a glance backward, Johnny has moved on to Chelsea and they will both star on his new television show, “One on One” at WSPR-TV . That’s a pretty horrible fight in Ed’s flashback. Maureen’s friendship with Roger really was an important drama point in the series. Hating Roger did rule Ed’s life for awhile. Maureen is right, Ed looks much better when he’s happy.

Will Jefferies came in as Josh’s good friend, but he eventually recovered his memory and his evilness came out especially wanting to get Josh. It was his fault that Reva and Josh broke up because he faked Marah’s paternity test to make it seem like she was Kyle Sampson’s child, which really wasn’t true. By the time Will married Mindy his evilness was out to himself, but he was still doing his best to hide it and truly thought he could be saved through Mindy’s love. It didn’t work out. Rusty resigned over this Will Jefferies mess. Honestly I don’t know why Rusty is so upset, even though Will did kill his wife Rose aka Rosie, I don’t think it was any loss and Rusty belonged with Mindy. I just don’t understand the fuss over Rose, she was SO annoying. Fletcher had married Maeve Stoddard a year ago at the Bauer BBQ and she died in an helicopter crash soon after.

I’m glad Wanda, the Lewis secretary was there, I love her, I don’t know why she’s with someone other than her husband Lowell. Wanda brought Three Bean Salad made with 5 beans, Green, Wax, Pinto, Kidney, and Lima, she also used Tabasco sauce and hot peppers.

A flashback from the day before at the end of an episode? (Just after 23:00 is a commercial for Paradise aka Guns of Paradise which was a terrific western that sadly didn’t do very well in the ratings, check it out if you ever get a chance, my favorite toast comes from it.)

July 5, 1989

We start watching the fireworks at the Bauer BBQ and Michelle not liking Ed ignoring Maureen for Holly. The sparkler going out does sound like omen. More flashbacks from the last couple of days. Holly decides to move out and tells Ed.

Sonni and Roger are on a date. Nothing good can come of this, although I love her outfit. I also really love the decor here, I wonder if it’s the Springfield Inn? (I found another clip from later that month, it is definitely the Springfield Inn) Sonni gives a summary of her current backstory around the 30 minute mark. Roger really either needs a tie or to unbutton his top button. He’s looking too Adrian Monk like here.

Frank Cooper continues to look out for Sam Marler at Uncle Ross’ request.

The Spaulding Mansion is next door, so it makes sense if Dylan was mowing there, he’d hear the BBQ. Henry visits Phillip and talks about how Alan has confessed to everything and is prepared to take his punishment. Blake is gone because they are switching Blakes. It had still been the first blonde “Blake” up to this point, but it will be Sherry Stringfield when she returns.

Nice Billip tribute from Lillian and Phillip (13:00)

Johnny and Chelsea stumble on the homeless family that Frank fed for free earlier.  They are living in a tarp down by the river. They for seem reason just answer all of Johnny and Chelsea’s rude questions. Johnny intends to put them on his new show, while there are several people Johnny knows who could offer the guy a job or a place to stay he decides to just put him on his new TV show.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Guiding Light September 18, 2009

September 19, 2017

Looking back at the final day of Guiding Light.

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Final Episode – Sept. 18, 2009

NOTE: Previously there was a hotlink to the CBS hosted version of the episode at the end of the post. They have since removed the link. It was briefly available on DVD by Soap Classics and can still be found second hand online. You can also find the final episodes on YouTube. The time references are to a full recording of the episode in one part without commercials. Even if you are watching a different way I hope that you will find them helpful. For these daily episode reports I always put the Manny-Bauer stuff first and arranged the rest of the episode by subject rather than by the quick cut order they appeared on the screen. I was rather emotional during these last days and have put in bitter sobs and joyful sniffs. I also pulled out a line of the day with…

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Bias Towards Ben Warren

September 17, 2017

Looking back at Ben Warren.

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Recently I’ve been watching the 1998 episodes of Guiding Light on Youtube courtesy of Heartbreaker and it was suggested that the core group of commentators have a bias towards Ben Warren in the Ben-Blake-Ross triangle. First, if anybody wants to say anything nice about Ross Marler go ahead. I spent a good part of my life thinking that Ross was wonderful, so please say all the nice stuff you want. However, since I got pulled back into Manny Fandom late last year I’ve reviewed a lot of the last 10 years of the character of Ross and when it was all stacked up like that I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how many Mr. Roger sweaters Ross wore that ambitious, snake of a lawyer that tore into Holly at her martial rape trial was still in there. He hurt a lot of other characters I loved during those…

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Young Hope Bauer

September 4, 2017

Checking in on any early Hope Bauer whose namesake was Hope Santos.

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I recently got a copy of the Guiding Light 60th Anniversary issue of Soap Opera Digest Jan. 28, 1997. Here’s part of the Where Are They Now section.

Elissa Leeds, who soap-hopped from AW to GL in the 1960s as Hope Bauer is now a successful talent manager….Leeds‘s last soap assignment was playing GH’s Steffi in 1984…..[A] back injury that landed her ‘home and horizontal’ made Leeds rethink her vocation. “I thought it’s be interested to handle actors that way I felt they might want to be handled, ” she explains.”

“A typical week for Leeds includes suggesting clients for roles, reading scripts, meeting studio execs and even turning down work. ‘Occasionally, we’ll pass on a part – either because of the material or because the project is not right for a particular client,’ she says. One role that was ‘not right’ for Leeds herself was…

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