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As The World Turns Wraps

June 25, 2017

Remembering the end of “As the World Turns.”

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I guess I long last I can answer my own long time question about which soap I love best ATWT or GL. While I will miss As the World Turns very much and feel at a loss every day at 1 PM, I don’t feel an compulsion at all to create a blog  or a YouTube discussion group about ATWT. So I must have loved GL more. Still I feel very sad to announce that today was the final day of shooting of P&G’s final soap. It’s the end of an era.

For some reason they are done shooting a full two months earlier than GL was last year for a similar end date. The sets went dark for the last time today, Wednesday, June 23, 2010. The cast has already had its wrap party (see photos at the second link below). TeleNext has already sent out its hollow message…

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Capt Jack Sparrow

June 19, 2017

What does this have to do with Guiding Light? Absolutely nothing. OK you caught me, but I wanted something quick for tonight. Good news is that I don’t have a longer one ready because I spent last night digging up things for Bauer BBQ Week posts. I found some great stuff, although I have to relook at the episode guide posts, but it’s looking up to be a great Bauer BBQ Week this year.

Keeping this under the category of entertainment I don’t want to lose track of here is something amazing about Captain Jack Sparrow at Disneyland.|omd|natural|disney-omd|2017-05-02|omd|box3

Bradley Cole – Guiding Light Finale Update

June 18, 2017

Flashing back to Bradley Cole right after the Finale.

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The April 27, 2010 issue of Soap Opera Weekly had an interview with Bradley Cole. He made some comments about the Guiding Light finale.

Cole said that General Hospital called up and offered him the recurring part of Warren Bauer after he had relocated his family to California. People have been asking him if he had scenes with former love interest Laura Wright (now Carly on General Hospital), but so far he hasn’t had any.

Weekly: Surely you’ve bumped into Laura backstage?

Cole: Oh, yeah. We had a great chance to talk and to relive old moments at GL and catch up on everything. It’s been great.

Weekly: How do you like returning to a standard [soap opera] production model, without all the location shooting?

Cole: You know what, it really didn’t even cross my mind. It just seems very natural. The way we were shooting [at GL] didn’t…

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Notes from June 2017

June 13, 2017

I’m back! Did you miss me?

Bad news, I didn’t get any new posts prepped on the trip.

Good news, driving along I got half of my Bauer BBQ 2017 fanfic written. I think it’s REALLY good. I have several storylines for various characters going. It’s going to be the equivalent of a 2-3 episode Bauer BBQ this year. Something for you to look forward to. Any thoughts on Lucy and Alan-Micheal or Dylan and Bridget?

Springfield County Courthouse

June 4, 2017

I’m not updating the post before I share it because it’s one I want to re-do, but I think it’s still useful enough as it is to reshare.

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One of the sections of the blog is a directory to places in Springfield. I add another one tonight, check out the Places in Springfield page for more. I was holding out for an exterior shot, but I’ll add it when I find it.

Springfield County Courthouse – While it never shows an sign of actually being the Springfield, Illinois that is the capitol of that state, Springfield is very clearly the county seat with an impressive courthouse. The following description is based on what was seen on screen from the early 1990s on. I must admit while I know they showed courtrooms anyway earlier than that (during Roger’s Trial for martial rape for example) I don’t have a clear memory and haven’t seen many clips that show it. I will continue to look and will add to this description if I get more information.

The Springfield Courthouse is a…

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Second Real Life Bauer BBQ

May 31, 2017

I thought this would be a good time to remind “Guiding Light” fans that they have a chance to attend a real life Bauer BBQ. Why haven’t you bought your tickets yet?

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The Fourth of July has always been the important to the Bauer family. Starting in the early 1980s it was celebrated with a big party that everyone in town attended called the Bauer BBQ. The Bauer BBQ episodes were always some of the highest rated of the year. Manny was even married at the Bauer BBQ one year. Revisit the Bauer BBQ through the years:

Rick Bauer 2002 Rick Bauer 2002

Last Time on Guiding Light

Daytime Stars and Strikes began as a Bloss Bowling charity event raising money focused on the famous Bloss pairing from Guiding Light, Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler) and Elizabeth Keifer (Blake Thorpe Marler) back in 2004. At first it was in aid of cancer (verDorn is a cancer survivor), but has been focused on autism for a number of years now. The major event for many years was a bowling event where you could watch…

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Interfaith Couple – Jesse and Drew

May 18, 2017

Revisiting the problems of an Interfaith Couple – Drew Jacobs and Jesse Blue.

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No New Stories

Soaps often complain that there aren’t any new stories to be told on soaps. That’s how we get things like clones and aliens, but there are often $50 bills of stories out there (as the old economics maxim holds) that if they haven’t gone untold, they are at least underused. One particular area that particularly lends itself to the continuing drama format are various things that can cause pressures in a marriage other than a third person. If they are going to break couples apart anyway, they could get some social relevance out of the story.

Problems Other Than a Triangle

They did this a little bit with Messe in how Michelle and Jesse reacted differently to money, but it could be taken much farther. Although the story was truncated, recently Young and Restless had Amber and Daniel Romalotti break up because she wanted to take on…

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Sorry I’ve Been Gone

May 5, 2017

I want to apologize to my loyal readers for being absent for almost a week. I was at a conference out of town and thought I would still have a chance to post, but the evening activities were busier than I thought they would. Then I came back and caught a bad cold delaying me from catching up. I should be back on schedule so look for more real posts soon. Thank you for being patient, after all it’s the Manny thing to do.


April 23, 2017

Revisiting my essay for the So Long Springfield cruise essay contest.

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The bad news is that I didn’t win the essay contest to go on the So Long Springfield at Sea. That means you, my loyal readers, will be deprived of daily reports and photos of the cast, planned events, and a visit to the world famous Titanic exhibit at the museum in Halifax. SIGH. I had my passport all ready. However, the good news is that it also means you get to enjoy my entry for the essay contest now. As a special bonus my soap watching buddy cousin (who I’ve mentioned several times on these screens before) is going to be a guest columnist with her entry tomorrow. The set up was to describe your favorite Guiding Light storyline in 200 words or less. I hope you enjoy it because it’s darn good if I do say so myself. 😉 I hope there is enough response that they…

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Danny Breaks Into Alan’s Office Aug 27 28 2001

April 18, 2017

Check out my latest episode guide post.

NOTE: There are going to be comments below, but I want to take a moment and say August 28, 2001 is one of my favorite individual episodes and really hope I can find the full episode sometime. If I was going to pick a Stablan Manny episode to have restored to pristine video and preserved this would be in strong contention for the top spot, definitely in the top 4. It’s important not just for the Danny and Michelle stuff, but it helps set up Danny’s new relationship with Alan and to a lesser extent his new relationship with Phillip which I think are extremely important to the series and is frankly why I think this is one of the two times Manny is the most stable. Those relationships combined with Michelle’s relationships with them would provide more than enough story for years. What we should have gotten at this point was the return of Hope Bauer as a parallel and Alan-Michael and a revitalization of Spaulding Enterprises, sadly instead Spauldings got Olivia and, even though the story would have been much stronger if he’d really been a Santos, Gus.  😦

Mon., Aug. 27, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Michelle is trying to put together a baby swing and talking to Meta about what happened with Danny’s interview. Gus stops by with a gift for the baby. Michelle is cold to him but Meta invites him in. Gus watches as Michelle struggles to put the swing together and finally takes over and has it together in a matter of minutes. Meta is impressed that he knew how to do it without any instructions. Gus gets a page and tells them that he has to go. Michelle is glad to see him leave and asks Meta why she was so nice to Gus. Meta tells Michelle that she should always keep her enemies close so they can see what they are up to. Michelle stands in the front door wishing Danny would hurry up and come home. At the Spaulding: Alan comes in and is irritated that Claire is calling again and he won’t accept the call. The guard tells Alan he’s sorry about Ms. Winslow. I’m fairly sure he means that this is one of the times Beth was assumed dead, this time before she comes back as Loreli Hills. Danny has broken in to Alan’s office dressed all in black. A security officer comes in and Danny hides until the man leaves. He accesses Spaulding’s confidential files and downloads information onto a computer disk. He tells himself that is will teach Alan to not turn him down. Alan comes in just as the alarm in his office goes off. He and the security guard go in and find Danny at the desk with his feet propped up on the desk. Danny asks Alan what took him so long.

Tues., Aug. 28, 2001 – At Spaulding: Alan comes in and asks Danny what he is doing there. Danny tells him he is there for his interview. Danny and Alan exchange smirk as fellow titans meanwhile the poor security stands there ineffectually holding a gun until Alan tells him to go.

Alan: “You know the police must get tired of arresting you, Danny. Maybe you’re one of those who wasn’t meant to be on the outside.”

Danny: “You want me  arrested because I showed up for my interview?”

Alan: “Interview? I never agreed to an interview with you. I’m sorry if Claire misled you.”

Danny: “Yea, that was kind of crazy of her, wasn’t it?  I mean why would a nice, upstanding buisness mogul like Alan Spaulding, want a Santos working for him? He can hire anybody he wants why would he want somebody with MY background?”

Alan: “It sounds like you have an answer to the question.” Turns to the guard. “I can take it from here. You can go back to your post.”

Guard: “Are you sure?”

Alan: “I’ll call you if I need you.”

Danny: “I always heard you had guts.”

Alan: “I know the difference between a threat and an invitation.”

Danny: “Good, then so you aren’t afraid I’m going to pull out my switchblade.”

Alan: “You have thinner skin than I thought, you’re really upset I wouldn’t meet with you.”

Danny: “I was surprised. I always heard that you were a smart man.”

Alan: “And meeting with you would be a smart move, huh?” Pause, then with strength: “Get your feet off my desk and tell me why I shouldn’t have you arrested.” Pause. “I’m all ears, Mr. Santos, why don’t you tell me why you broke into my office.”

Danny: “Because I could.”

Alan: “Care to tell me how?”

Danny: “Half asleep with one hand tied behind my back.”

Alan: “Really, it was that easy?”

Danny: “Your security system is a dinosaur, Mr. Spaulding. It was nothing to get into this building, not to mention your proprietary company files.”

Alan: “You hacked into my computer?”

Danny: “Uh, I had some time to kill. Want to come have a look?” Pause as he accesses the account. “So how many millions should I transfer out of this account?….”

Alan: “You found the screen, but you can’t have access…..”

Danny: “Can’t I? Full access.”

Alan: “Huh? You want to tell me how long it took you to do this?”

Danny: “Oh, under an hour.”

Alan: “How long would it take you to make sure this could never be done again?”

Danny: “You know what? I’m out of free advice for today.” Danny straightens Alan’s pocket square as he passes by on his way towards the door.

Alan: “What do you want?”

Danny: “You know the answer to that, I want a job. And if you’re half as smart as people say you are you’ll hire me.” Pause. “You’d be giving someone an opportunity to turn their life around. I want to give my wife and my son the kind of life that they deserve, one that doesn’t involve guns or bloodshed. I don’t want any son of mine to see what I…”

And right here, right here is when I think Alan snapped into it that this was in many ways himself as a young man when he married Hope. This standing right before him was the second chance that he and Hope didn’t get.

Alan: “You were quite young when your father died, weren’t you?”

Danny: “You have sons didn’t you want them to have everything you didn’t have growing up?”

Alan: “I was very privileged life…. in some ways.”

Danny: “You were lucky. I had to work very hard, even when I was part of my family’s business. I made my own way and I did some things that I’m not too proud of, but maybe you can understand that too?”

Alan: “Hmmm”

Danny: “I will work very hard for you. All I’m asking for is a chance, a chance for me and for the people that I love.”

At the Bauer House: Michelle is getting worried that Danny hasn’t shown up yet. She asks Meta to watch Robbie and starts to head out to search for Danny. When she gets to the door she drops her keys and is startled when Maria Santos approaches thinking she might be Carmen for a second. Maria asks to talk to Danny and Michelle tells her that he isn’t there. They are both worried that Carmen is out there somewhere and Maria tells her that with Carmen out there they need to stick together. At least Abuela doesn’t want Danny killed right now and had made some attempt to make amends for attacking them in her own way. Michelle agrees and they head off together to Infierno to see if anyone has seen Danny. When they don’t find him there Tony sends Romeo back to the Bauer House with Michelle to make sure she gets there OK. Michelle comes in with Romeo who checks the house out and tells her that all is clear. He asks if she wants him to stick around but she tells him she will be okay. Romeo leaves.

Phillip arrives at Alan’s office and is surprised to see Danny there. And Alan realizes Danny could also could be a very useful goad.

Danny: “Hey, Phillip.”

Phillip: “I’m sorry, security didn’t mention there was anybody in here.”

Alan: “Come on in. They wouldn’t mention it because Danny broke into our office.” He smiles.

Phillip: “Uhhhh huh.”

Alan: “Yes, he got past our security system.”

Phillip: “OK. Well, that’s one way to get a meeting.”

Danny: “It was the only way.”

Alan: “He was here applying for a job and I want to thank you very much for stopping in. I will DEFINITELY be in touch with you.”

Danny: “Thank-you…..Phillip.”

Phillip to Danny: “Tell Michelle I said hey.”

Phillip to Alan: “Let me make sure I understand this. Danny broke into your office looking like a catburgler and you are considering offering him a job.”

Alan: “I might do it. You want to know why?”

Phillip: “No, not really.”

Alan: “Because Danny Santos is a man of action. He cares very deeply about the people he loves. HE’S NOT going to wait until it’s too late like YOU did with Beth.”

Michelle wonders where Meta and the baby are and she is starting to get paranoid when someone rattles the doorknob. She grabs a poker and goes to the door just as Danny comes in. Danny asks if she is okay and hugs her. He tells her that he thinks he may have gotten a job at Spaulding and they should keep their fingers crossed.

Danny: “I took a chance and went to have a meeting with Alan Spaulding. I think I proved to him that he needs me, so…”

Michelle: “So, so. What do you mean?”

Danny: “I mean a job. I hope.”

Michelle: “Are you serious?”

Danny: “I hope. I hope.”

Michelle: “We’ll keep our fingers crossed.”

Danny: “Michelle, I’m sorry I scared you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left before dinner. Let me make it up to you.”

Michelle: “How?”

Danny: “I called Meta on the way home and she took Robbie over to her friend Adrian’s for the evening and Rick’s working an extra shift at the hospital…”

Michelle: “You mean…”

Danny: “We have the whole house to ourselves.”

Their kisses and touches intensify as they leave no doubt they won’t make it to the bedroom….They may not make it to the couch.

My Comments:

Now, WHAT is that? Why does Gus feel entitled to just wander on to Bauer property on a regular basis. He KNOWS he’s not welcome. He KNOWS that as such anything he did see would be unadmissible in court and honestly his mere connection with the case would fatally taint it in the eyes of any jury. So WHAT is he doing? Even if he just wants to annoy Danny, he couldn’t do that some place else? I can almost see it when Harley is around since he’s going after her romantically, but there is just NO sense in him always dropping by. I hate him SO much. Meta says keep your enemies close. I know lots of people see Aunt Meta as more of Nancy Hughes type of character during this run on the series, but honestly there’s a lot of steel, quick wit, life experience, and watchfulness there. If you’re on her bad side it isn’t wise to turn your back on her or assume as a sweet old lady she’s not really a threat for even a minute.

Notice right after Danny says “what do you have for me, Mr. Spaulding” he wipes his cheek and you see his wedding ring. He’s trying to sneak in all in black and leaves a shiny, large gold ring on his finger. They don’t touch on it as often after the first Stablan Manny marriage, but we continue to see the importance of their wedding rings to them, more so than other soap couples.

See how they did that? How they implied Meta and Robbie were there without paying for each of them. This is SUCH a great episode that I went through and did a big bunch of transcription. It’s a wonderful Danny being boss set up and proves him to be an equal to Alan. Then you set up the Danny-Alan relationship beautifully and starts the set up of the new level of Danny-Phillip where Danny is both geniune competition and a goad. They had such an amazing chance here to revitalize Spaulding Enterprises and we don’t know that they’re going to blow it yet. Then we got a beautiful Manny loving scene. 

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