GL Behind the Scenes

This is a directory to posts with links to videos that show the Behind the Scenes of Guiding Light.  They are listed by the year filmed, if known. Also listed are posts about the locations where exterior shots of Guiding Light were shot.

Behind the Scenes

Before and After Roundup:

1974: Tomorrow Group Interview

1977: Set Visit Article

1984: Electronic Press Kit

1987: ET Guiding Light 50th Anniversary

1992: 40th Anniversary Primetime Special

1992: Electronic Press Kit for Primetime Special

1993: E!

1994: Rolanda story promoting Daytime Emmys

1994: Mimi Interviews Maureen Garrett and Michael Zaslow

1996: Our Home – behind the scenes tour

1998: News Roundup from Soap Opera Weekly

1999: Never Ending Story

Early to Mid-2000s: GusH on Soapnet

2002: Jeva on Wedding Story on TLC

June 2002: CBS This Sunday Morning celebrating 50 years on TV

December 16, 2003: Paul Anthony Stewart on Soap Talk

Early 2006: On the Set – 30 minutes behind the scenes

2008: Montel Williams Cast

Feb. 2009: News Report on Phillip’s Return

July 2009: Springfield Insider’s Reports on Bauer BBQ 2009

2009: 60 Minutes Cancellation Story

2012: Kim Zimmer Interview talks about her entire run on the show from getting the part to ending format, answering lots of how did theys


1990s Exteriors

Amish Reva’s Swim

Harley and Mallet at the Mall

Lighthouse from finale

Reva Drives Off Bridge

Avalon Castle on As the World Turns

General Locations on The Young and the Restless

Lane Wedding on The Young and the Restless

Laurel Falls – the real waterfall one

Little Havana

Peapack NJ Locations

Show House

Castle on the Hudson aka San Cristobel

General History

Denise Pence Gives Her Guiding Light History

Irna Phillips Roundup

Last updated: August 20, 2016

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