Manny Clips-Episode Guide

View clips of the Manny story, with written descriptions of episodes (or an episode guide), at the links below or in the right hand column of the blog. Each one has a link for the best version for the scenes I’ve found on YouTube. I’ll be updating the links if I find them on these pages. I’ve also added links to related blog posts were they were first published, with the comments. Each post covers a few days so links will appear at the end of what was once the origi

Follow along through the blog entries which in addition to the descriptions and links, have my comments in italics. The links in the blog are the best I have when I originally post them, but are NOT updated when the pages are. Start with my comments and additional postings by starting at the blog entry linked to below and paging forward from there:

Pick up the story after an introduction, without my comments, on the “In the Beginning” page here:

Continue with Episode Guide Clips on the following pages:

  1. In the Beginning
  2. A Little Too Real
  3. Our Hun-Nee-Moon
  4. Ben Warren Feud Indian Summer
  5. Michelle Framed for Ben’s Murder
  6. Here Comes Claire
  7. The Death of Carmen Santos Take 2
  8. The Perfect Storm

Last updated: September 10, 2014

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