Supporting Characters

Supporting Characters – in alphabetical order by first name, people who play important parts in the Manny story

If you have not watched the episode guide clips yet, there are spoilers below. Read at your own risk. I’ve included links to Soap Central’s character descriptions for characters that have them. I’ve found them to be generally accurate, but to contain some errors. Take them with a grain of salt. Wikipedia seems to have taken some of its descriptions from these pages because the errors are the same, but the entries are shorter.

Abby (Abigail) Blume Bauer ~ Abby’s introduction to Springfield came via Reva’s return as an amnesiac. Somehow Reva had lost memories of both her previous lives as Reva Shayne and Princess Catherine and started life over again as an Amish woman in the town of Goshen, Indiana in 1995. She took the name Rebecca and she stood out in the community, as they would say, like a button hook in the well water. She quickly befriended young Abigail who was even more isolated than most people in the community because she was deaf. Rick came into the community with a medical chopper and young Abby was immediately star struck by the handsome young doctor. She eventually followed Reva to Springfield. Her feeling for Rick deepened to a more adult love and after she was befriended and encouraged by Michelle, Rick eventually realized he’d fallen in love with Abby. They got engaged, but then tragedy struck. One night Abby went to Jesse’s motorcycle garage/apartment looking for Michelle, when instead she found Roy Meecham, a poker buddy of Jesse’s who apparently had a thing for deaf women (he kept trying to make her read his lips). Roy attacked and attempted to rape her. The sexual violence of the attack traumatized Abby and she withdrew away from Rick. Slowly she took her life back prosecuting Ray with legal charges. Unfortunately for Abby, Ross’ half-brother Ben Warren had just come to town with the express purpose of getting revenge on Ross who was prosecuting so Ben took on Roy’s case. When Roy was cleared, thanks to Ben’s help, pandemonium broke out in court, only Abby saw him mouth “You’re dead.”  She believed Roy and grabbed a gun from a courthouse guard and shot and killed him. Ross Marler resigned as DA and defended Abby. Unfortunately for Abby, Ben Warren had just replaced Ross in the DA ‘s office. He went after Abby with the full force of the law and even some dirty tricks, like hiding a video of the shooting that clearly showed Roy’s threat. Abby was actually convicted and sent to jail, an experience which would color and add to Michelle’s fears when she was prosecuted for Ben’s murder. After a complicated series of attempts to find and expose the tape, it was recovered, leading to Abby being cleared and released. She is eventually followed to Springfield by Selena Davis who she had befriended in jail.

Abby and Rick were married. Abby was Rick’s 4th wife and this was his best marriage. Abby threw herself into being a Bauer and was great. She was an early and vocal Manny supporter, even going against Rick and helping Danny pretend to kidnap her to get Rick to let Michelle go from the Psych Eval he wrongly had her committed to. Abby also supported Danny’s investigation of Claire when he thought she was involved in Carmen’s murder (actually Claire was involved with Carmen faking her death) when Michelle refused to consider it and Rick was still knuckling under to Claire.

Eventually Abby got a cochlear implant which restored her hearing. It was her newly turned on device’s hypersensitivity that led to the discovery of the bomb in the church the day of Ray’s first mass. Abby soon developed what she felt was a true calling as a motivational speaker and advocate for the deaf. Unfortunately she felt this role was incompatible with Rick’s lifelong dream of having children and raising them in Springfield. These incompatible dreams led to their divorce and Abby leaving Springfield.

Claire Ramsey had plotted to get rid of Abby. While she was instrumental in Abby being offered the job in Washington, D.C. that was the catalyst of the break in the marriage and arranged for Abby to discover Rick and Claire in Bed (Rick was dead drunk and nothing happened), both Rick and Abby said on screen that neither believed anything happened and that Claire’s efforts were inconsequential to the breakup of the marriage which happened because of the deeper, and they felt irresolvable, conflicts.

Abby was like a sister to Michelle and both Michelle and Rick became fluent at sign language.  Early on in the first Manny marriage, Michelle uses that ability to talk to Abby to get back at Carmen who was deliberately speaking Spanish to exclude her. One of the few mis-steps  in the beautifully written early Manny story was they didn’t have Danny teach Michelle Spanish and Michelle teach Danny sign language. Not only would both of these mutual skills have opened up story possibilities later, it’s easy to imagine what sexual tension they could have developed as Michelle was sitting close to Danny on the bed helping to correct his hands into the right shape. Many fans hoped that they might find a way to unite Rick with Abby for the Guiding Light finale, especially since he now has the kids and ignores them, but it was not to be.

Looking back it makes sense that Abby would befriend and defend Danny. While it’s all too easy to see Abby as a Bauer, with apologies to  L.M. Montgomery, “Bauer in name and Bauer in spirit”, Abby was actually a Blume. When she fell in love with Rick, her family forced her into making a choice between him or them. She had to give up all connection with her family and even the world she grew up in to marry Rick and it was not an easy choice. In essence, while the details are different, this is the same choice Danny had to make to love Michelle, and while their worlds were VERY different, in a way Abby understands the position Danny is in better than anybody else. The absolute loyalty that both worlds  required and the being shut off from everything you knew were the same. (See Rick Bauer, Ben Warren, Claire Ramsey, Reva Shayne Lewis, Ross Marler)

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Alan Spaulding ~ Alan Spaulding has always been a powerful industrialist of his generation around Springfield. His father Brandon was a terrible parent who set his children in competition against each other to see who would be the best and who would control his company, Spaulding Enterprises. Long after his second death, Brandon is still coloring and causing trouble in his family’s lives. Alan has committed more than his fair share of crimes, and even caused more than his fair share of deaths over the years, but somehow the family never has gotten the association with crime that the Santos family has. While Alan has known Michelle basically her whole life (he was married to and had Alan-Michael with her cousin Hope and his son Phillip is Rick’s best friend), he only really became aware of Danny and his activities on a regular basis when he began dating Michelle’s birth mother, Dr. Claire Ramsey. After Danny was cleared of murdering his mother Carmen, he broke into Alan’s office to convince him to hire him as a security consultant. Alan took an instant liking to Danny and never looked back. Danny was also useful to him as a spur to Phillip and Alan frequently pointed out to Phillip how Danny was a man of action who protected his family, which Phillip had singularly failed to do. None of his other children were in town at the time (that he knew of) and he started treating Danny almost like a surrogate son. However, he knew that the FBI was setting up Danny to use him in a sting and even though Danny hadn’t gone to Alan with what he knew, Danny saw this as a betrayal and quit. (I think Danny was wrong on this one, Alan was actually always fairer to Danny than his own children and I wish he had forgiven Alan and worked within the company.) Alan tried to get him to come back to Spaulding on several occasions, but Danny refused to trust him again, even though Michelle really wanted him back in what she saw as the relative safety of the corporate world. Although their relationship dropped away as Alan developed a drastic set of his own problems, I think he still kept a kindly eye on Danny and Michelle. I truly believe that part of him saw Danny and Michelle as living out the life he wished he’d managed to live with true love Hope Bauer (Michelle’s cousin who was very much like her without the steel inside that Danny finds so attractive), who was destroyed by Alan’s failure to protect her and turn his back on his own family’s legacy. I feel this failure has been behind his driving need to control and protect the rest of his family ever since and feels that in Danny’s successful marriage to Michelle part of the old wrongs have been righted. (Alan finally died for real the last week of Guiding Light.)

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Ben Reade ~ Ben was born on camera to newswoman Mauve Stoddard and Kyle Sampson (Billy’s half-brother, one of Reva’s ex’s) who were divorcing at the time. After Mauve went to the extreme of lying that she had miscarried and had adopted a cousin’s child to keep custody, Kyle eventually relinquished his rights. Mauve went on to marry fellow journalist Fletcher Reade (in his most successful relationship, they actually got married and she died before she could make a mistake that he considered worth walking away and never looking back – like he did with EVERY other woman he was involved with). Fletcher came to look at Ben as his own and after Mauve was killed in a tragic helicopter crash, he fought for and won custody and gave Ben his last name. Although he had a devil may care attitude as a father, Ben seemed to be well adjusted and happy. He was best friends with Bill Lewis and Michelle Bauer growing up. A truly summative Guiding Light moment was when Henry Chamberlain and H. B. Lewis were sitting on the porch of Billy and Vanessa’s house watching young Ben and Bill chasing around. Henry said, “What’s that language they’re speaking?” H.B. replied, “Pure Boy” and in that moment all was right with the world forever. Unfortunately Fletcher never adapted his lifestyle to fit with fatherhood. He took Ben with him from one relationship to another, basically living as a kept man with Alexandra Spaulding for many years. Finally, he broke up Roger and Holly Thorpe’s latest attempt at reconciliation and married her. They had a child together, Meg, who had Downs Syndrome. Feeling in the way, Ben asked to be sent to boarding school in 1996 and Fletcher seems to have never spent much time checking on him again. This was a tragic mistake because a teacher at the school was a pedophile who targeted and horribly abused Ben. When he returned to Springfield in 2001, he put on a good front. He made a bet he could be the first to bed Marah Lewis after her virginity essay was made public and moved in between her and Tony, using their mutual experience as the kids drug along relationship to relationship to bond and keep her away from Tony while Catalina faked a pregnancy. (This is one of the few times anyone on any soap mentioned how the soap lifestyle of “I need to be happy” effected the kids and I was very glad to see it raised.) Ben moved on to Marina Cooper who initially viewed him as a way to a trust fund. When his was used up, Ben became desperate to get more money to keep Marina who now had genuine feelings for him, but had further messed with his head with her materialistic demands. He became a paid escort for Eden August’s Garden of Eden service for the easy money, which pushed him further over the edge and into becoming the Garden of Eden Killer. After he kidnapped Marina, he realized he couldn’t endanger her anymore and injected himself with a fatal shot. He was rushed to Cedars where he confessed all and left Marina the trust fund his recently deceased grandmother had left him to make amends. He died with former step-mother Holly and former step-sister Blake close at hand. After his death, Michelle and Bill Lewis founded a crisis help line in partnership with Harley’s Angels and it did a lot of good work, but eventually disappeared as everyone seemed to lose interest. (See Bill Lewis, Marah Lewis, Holly Thorpe and Michelle’s description)
Ben Reade Character Profile-

Ben Warren ~ Ben Warren led a very complicated life. He was the younger half-brother of Ross, Justin, and Lainie Marler, the product of an affair their mother had. Ross, then an ambitious young lawyer, pushed his mother to hide the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption. He discouraged her from ever trying to find or even check up on Ben and didn’t himself until Ben was in law school. By that time Ben had grown up badly abused emotionally and physically by his adoptive parents, including boiling water being poured over him giving him extreme facial scars which he carried for many years until surgery corrected him to a normal appearance. Ross took the young lawyer on and served as his mentor, not telling them of their true relationship. When Ben found out, he saw this as a double betrayal especially since their mother was now dead and they could never reconcile. Ben came to Springfield with a job in the DA’s office, specifically to get revenge on Ross. His first and second attempt involved the Roy Meecham story. First Ben defended Roy and when he got him off and he was killed, he got himself appointed DA and his plan moved on to his prosecution of Abby Blume Bauer (who Ross was representing) for the murder of her attacker Roy. Ben hid a video that proved Roy had threatened to kill Abby right before she shot him to win the case. Eventually he came clean, but only after trying to blackmail Ross’ wife Blake into sleeping with him to get it. Blake didn’t go through with it then, but slowly developed feelings for Ben, even leaving Ross for awhile to have an affair with Ben. (They are together at Michelle’s Thanksgiving party when Michelle accuses Danny of kidnapping the girls.) Ben truly loved Blake and it’s through her that we learn most of Ben’s history. Ben was an early victim of Mick’s on screen. Mick accidentally found a tape of Ben and Blake in bed and blackmailed them to keep it from being made public. After sacrificing his position in the DA’s office in an effort to protect Lizzie Spaulding and her mother Beth Raines from Carl Stevens’s murder, Ben was hired by Alan Spaulding with the understanding that if Ben freed Annie Dutton, Alan would make him a powerful executive within Spaulding Enterprises. Ben freed Annie, but Phillip broke the deal on a technicality and Ben thirsted for revenge. When Danny was able to steal the real set of family account books from the family attorney to help protect Michelle from Carmen, Carmen fired him and hired Ben. Ben was conflicted because he knew Blake would never stand for his involvement with the Santos family, but his desire for revenge won out and he took the job with the understanding that Carmen would help him get his revenge on the Spauldings. Unfortunately for Ben, he had always won by cheating while other people played by the rules, he was way in over his head in the Santos household, especially after he began to sleep with Carmen. Danny tried to get Ben arrested and failed, before giving up and turning his back on the family business to escape to Michelle. Pilar equally wanted him out, especially because Ben’s reaction to Danny’s plan had led to her boyfriend Bill Lewis’s arrest. She told Dietz to set up an accident for Ben, but unfortunately Selena Davis, there to talk to Ben, was paralyzed instead. Ben found this out and blackmailed Pilar to get her to support his relationship with Carmen, but Pilar slowly built another plan, this time to make her mother think that Ben was seducing Pilar, in hopes that Carmen would dump him. The plan worked, but Carmen shot Ben instead, he also hit his head as he fell, and Carmen and Pilar believed he was dead. When Vanessa Reardon showed up at his hotel room shortly there after, Ben had come to and they struggled over the gun Carmen had left behind. A second shot really did kill Ben. Carmen framed Michelle for Ben’s murder and Michelle was actually convicted of the crime, before Danny was able to find new evidence which cleared her. Michelle had motive because of what he had done to her sister-in-law Abby, his giving Teresa drugs to try to get Danny to sleep with her to break up his marriage which nearly killed him, and her belief in Pilar’s set up that he was seducing her. Overwhelmed one day at Company shortly after the incident with Danny, Michelle had held a knife to Ben’s throat to try to get him to confess, but she dropped it in horror when Danny said her name and snapped her back. Ben’s death at this time was especially sad because he had only recently discovered that Drew Jacobs was his biological daughter with Selena Davis. They truly connected and he might have finally walked away from power and revenge and had the life he really wanted deep down all the time at last (listen to the dream he shares with Beth the night they made love), but he had already hurt too many people and he never got his chance to make it right. Unfortunately, Danny and Michelle never knew most of this backstory and saw Ben only as someone who had attacked her family, damaged his, and almost cost Danny his life. During his time in Springfield Ben lived at Towers. His room number was 3010. (See Drew Jacobs, Ross Marler, and Blake Marler)
Character Profile:

Bert Bauer ~ The character of Bert Miller Bauer was introduced in 1948 as part of Irna Phillip’s reshaping the show around a new immigrant family, the German-American Bauers. Bert Miller married Bill Bauer in 1949 and went on to be the heart of both the Bauer family and show in general. While Bert was really too immature for Bill at first, she was obsessed with living the life she saw on the pages of House Beautiful and frequently nagged Bill, pushing and manipulating him into taking on jobs his intense insecurity made him uneasy in and debt he didn’t feel comfortable with to provide the lifestyle she felt they both deserved. However, Bert eventually took responsibility for these actions and was a loyal wife to a fault, even eventually forgiving Bill for faking his own death and having a second family and fully welcoming Bill’s biological child from that marriage, Hillary, into her heart and home. Earlier Bert even sided with Bill when son Ed (then called Billy after his father) called his father out for his drinking and cheating (actions that Ed would later replicate in all his own marriages). In the early years, one of Bert’s strongest relationships was with her father-in-law Papa Fredrich Bauer who would pass along a lot of sage advice and slowly changed her viewpoint so that Bert herself became a center of good sense and counsel on the show in turn. Both her sons Ed and Mike adored her. She had an especially strong relationship with grandson Rick who would spend a good portion of his life trying to have a child so he could replicate that closeness and love with a child of his own. Bert had been the center of one of the very first social awareness stories on soaps when she had a pap smear in the 1960s and saved many lives when real life women followed her example. Bert also had a leg amputated when the actress her portrayed her lost a leg in real life. One of the scenes later fans will remember and see replayed the most is when she urges on a frustrated Josh Lewis who was trying to recover his ability to walk at the same time she was and she reached out and counseled him.

When Charita Bauer who had played Bert since 1950 died in real life, Bert was sent to live with her sister-in-law Meta Bauer. She was kept alive on screen, but off camera until after Michelle was born. Michelle goes by her middle name of Michelle, but her first name is Bertha after Bert. Although it was off screen Bert lived long enough to have held her namesake in her arms and then died peacefully in her sleep. The link of names didn’t end there however. When Michelle Bauer grew up, she married Danny Santos. The wanted to name their first child a name that would connect their families.  Although he was known as  Robbie his full name is Robert Frederico Santos, and the Robert was used as the masculine form of Bert because Michelle said he’d inherited Bert’s eyes. Bert had spent a lot of time volunteering at the hospital and when she died a wing of Cedar’s Hospital was named for her. Bert was the acknowledged Guiding Light of the show after Papa Bauer died and she truly was never replaced, a fact reinforced by Rick’s toast to her at the final Bauer BBQ in 2009, decades after her death. She truly was many people’s Grandma Bert and she will never be forgotten.

Bill Bauer – Bill was one of the original members of the Bauer family as we knew them. He was the son of Papa Frederich and Mama (given name never revealed) Bauer and had two sisters Meta and Trudy. When we first met him he was engaged to Bertha (Bert) Miller who would soon be his wife. Later on he would become an alcoholic and a chronic womanizer and general failure, although there were always moments were he showed how much he still loved Bert. His children are Mike and Ed by Bert and Hillary the product of an affair in Canada.

People’s opinions of Bill seem to be determined by age. Older people think of him as a true blue and he certainly was a good brother, going to incredible lengths to try to help his sister Meta who was a bit wild and who I think Bill wished he could be more like in his storyline during his early years. Younger people remember his many affairs and his abandonment of his family-  to the point of letting them believe him dead for years when he wasn’t –  and his drinking and think badly of him accordingly. Bill had every single fault that Ed did, plus an incredible amount of insecurity. He didn’t think he was up to any challenge and so hid in drink and affairs with easy women.

I don’t have strong memories of Bill. He reappeared and was revealed to be alive in 1977 at the earliest foggy stages of my memory and then left for a few years to return for a few days to be killed by my beloved Annabelle Simms Reardon’s insane father Eli in 1983, so I was glad to learn about Bill by listening to the radio episodes since I already felt so close to his sons and Bert his wife. Having listened to them I think the clearest description I can give of Bill, is that he was very like the man Marty McFly would have grown up to be if Doc Brown hadn’t interfered in the Back to the Future movies, the middle-aged one we see at the beginning of Back to the Future 2. He was man of ability, but who allowed himself to be goaded and manipulated into doing things from a fear of being a failure or a coward, thus insuring that he actually does fail. Bill truly loved Bert, but got it into his head she expected more out of him than he could provide so he tended to seek comfort from heavy drinking and from affairs with women who let him be a bum. He abandoned his family and raised a second one in Canada, the only good part of which is it created Hillary Bauer, who I loved. Otherwise he just constantly added insult to injury as far as his family was concerned. He was terrible husband and father, even worse than Ed, whose behavior mimicked Bill’s in many ways.

Bill Lewis ~Bill, known as Little Billy as a child, was Michelle’s and Ben Reade’s best friend growing up. Bill and Michelle seemed closer though. Although all three shared both happy childhood events and their mutual early loss of parent (although his mother Vanessa was only pretending to be dead and eventually returned), Bill and Michelle had childhood crushes on each other and talked about getting married when they grew up and for a long time Bill harbored this as a fantasy even into adulthood, but he was only a friend to Michelle, except during a short time  after Danny faked his death that she tried to force herself to go with the “safe choice” who her family approved of and date Bill (it didn’t go anywhere, she was still hopelessly in love with Danny). When Bill first returned as a college student, Michelle was dating Jesse Blue and he was respectful of both that relationship and later her relationship with Danny once he realized her feelings for him were both real and strong. During their annulment separation he told Michelle, “You can talk about moving on all you want, but you’re still married to Danny Santos and I think you want to be.” In fact, Bill spent years dating Danny’s sister Pilar, both in Springfield and later as the two traveled around Europe together. When they broke up and Bill returned home, he seemed more hung up on Michelle than ever, but after their failed attempt at dating he moved on for good and they gradually recovered their status as best “guy” friends. He even slowly warmed up to Danny and considered him a friend, suggesting he run for mayor and running his campaign. (Danny felt close enough to Bill that he specifically made sure that anything Bill might have done or been exposed to was wiped from his record in the immunity deal Danny made with Jeffery O’Neil.) After monumentally bad relationships with Eden August and Olivia Spencer, Bill left again and returned with significant issues over what happened to him in Venezuela while he was gone and huge chip on his shoulder over what he felt he had to prove. He was burdened with ambition and made many bad choices, but eventually gave into his feelings for true love Lizzie Spaulding and having crossed many hurdles, married her on July 13, 2009 with Michelle in attendance.
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Blake Marler ~ Blake was originally known as Chrissy (she hid her true identity when she first returned to town and the Blake stuck, except with her father) and was the daughter of Holly and Roger Thorpe. She became Ed Bauer’s step-daughter during his marriage to Holly (and thus Michelle’s step-sister) and was long considered part of the Bauer family. After a very turbulent youth and young womanhood, she eventually settled down when what was originally an attempt to get revenge by seducing her mother’s then fiancee Ross Marler turned into love. Ironically that meant that her step-father’s best friend was now her husband, but the show didn’t often make reference to her Bauer background, preferring to focus on the fact she was Roger Thorpe’s daughter. Although theirs was a relatively happy marriage, Blake’s frequent instances of “acting out” when she felt the marriage was threatened (usually by sleeping with someone) and her feelings which tore her between Ross and his half-brother Ben Warren (another attempt a revenge seduction that became more), plus Ross’ own dalliances and tendency to get condescending with Blake took their toll. They were back happily together when Blake helped get the evidence that exposed Gus Aitoro and helped clear Danny during his murder trial. After Ross’ unfortunate death, Blake kind of snapped and zigzagged from one wild idea to another, even languishing in a coma for an extended length of time, during which no one seemed to notice her absence and her 3 children (Kevin, Jason, and Clarissa) seem to have evaporated. However, Blake was back and all smiles to be the first person to officially welcome back Danny and Michelle at the Bauer BBQ in 2009. (See Ross Marler, Ed Bauer, Holly Thorpe, and Ben Warren)
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Carmen Santos ~ Carmen Santos was a tough neighborhood girl when she married Miguel Santos, heir to the Santos crime family. Following family tradition, the newlyweds moved into his parents’s house even though Miguel’s mother Maria initially disapproved of and at best tolerated the union. Early on the marriage seems to have been a happy one with three children coming in quick succession: Mick, Danny, and Pilar.

Although she had not been born into “the life” Carmen had seemingly no problem with the violence or the lies. She enjoyed the wealth, power and control her husband’s position gave her and she wanted more of it. She even recruited some men to be more loyal to her than Miguel for an independent power base. During the early years, she mostly focused on raising her children, doing things like teaching Danny to ride a bike. However, ultimately one of the things that had initially attracted her to Miguel, his power, caused conflict in the marriage as Miguel was very independent and didn’t welcome all her counsels and advice. While preserving all outward appearances of a family, Miguel eventually began at least one long term affair. (See Miguel Santos) When Carmen learned that Miguel was having a long term affair and had actually fallen in love with another woman (Selena Davis – although Carmen never learned her identity) and had a child with her (Miguel, Jr. whose fate remains unknown). She tortured Miguel to death while he smiled at her, knowing that his death would protect the woman he loved and the one child he could protect from her. She became more controlling and partially resented her children, seeing their father in them. Carmen set it up to look like Miguel had been taken out by a “business” associate and took up her role as the grieving widow. She took near total control of the organization. Her children noticed a change in her at this time. (“Papa, you wouldn’t want to see her now.”) While she had always favored Danny as being similar to his father, with Miguel dead, keeping Danny in as much of his father’s image as possible and controlling him became a near obsession. When he was only 14, Carmen took him to park bench and explained everything about the history of the family, what they had to do to survive, and what his role would always be. He believed her and went along to please her. Then came the day she required him to kill a girl who he cared for and he knew had only acted in self-defense, so he married her to save her according to the code. This first step of defiance made Carmen trace all her family problems past, present, and future, back to Michelle. She was determined to drive Michelle out of Danny’s life at any cost and honestly she seemed to believe that if she accomplished it they could go back to how they were before Mick died. Actually, it seemed that after that first day, Michelle’s role in Mick’s death was merely an excuse and her real resentment came from Michelle’s relationship with Danny and how he choose Michelle over Carmen time and again. Her hatred of Michelle led her to try to kill her multiple times, once even while Michelle was pregnant with Danny’s child (Robbie), saying that she couldn’t allow the Santos line to be contaminated with Bauer blood. Over the years Carmen seemed to reach a detente with Michelle several times, but Carmen always had a plot against her in the works (although sometimes it was only to destroy the marriage and not take her life). Eventually, after Danny turns Carmen into the FBI for murdering his father and attempted murders of him and Michelle, she tried to kidnap Robbie and was permanently incapacitated during a fight with Bill Lewis and sent to a prison hospital which was the last word we had on her.

Although the above story is the one generally accepted about Carmen and Miguel, there is room for an alternative version of these same events where Miguel really loved Carmen all along. Read about it here: (See Danny and Michelle, Mick, Pilar, Hope and Robbie Santos and Ben Warren)

Catalina Quesada – You might have noticed that when Reva goes off on one of her adventures she tends to bring back a person as a souvenir. Sadly the only good character we picked up that way was Abby, otherwise they’re nothing but trouble, Catalina is one of the trouble examples. Catalina is the souvenir of the Reva takes on Cuban illegal immigrants/sweatshops/slavery storyline and was smuggled into the country illegally. She worked as a waitress various places around town including Infierno and Company. Despite the fact that everybody from Ray to Danny to Reva went out of their way to help her, almost immediately she decided that Marah had what she should have and Catalina quickly became determined to take everything Marah had, particularly Tony. Encouraged by Tony’s abuela Maria (who feared that Marah would help pull Tony out of the mob as Michelle had with Danny), Catalina took advantage of the unstable nature of the Marony relationship as they struggled to deal with their own individual issues. Catalina dated Tony while Marony was on the outs and during one of his stupider moments Tony slept with her and got her pregnant. Rather than let a child grow up without both parents (which both Tony and Marah had to do), Marony broke up and he married Catalina, despite the fact that Catalina had miscarried (probably due to some “tea” Maria gave her after deciding Catalina would become another Carmen). Catalina managed to keep the truth from Tony until after the fateful night when both Marah and Catalina fell pray to Maria’s latest scheme which set them up to be alone in Casa Santos with each other to fight it out. After they did enough damage, Romeo Jones (supposedly a friend of Tony’s who sold him out to Maria) showed up and killed Catalina, framing Marah for the crime. However, Maria never considered that Tony would confess rather than let Marah go to jail. The shock of this helped trigger a stroke which kept Maria from ratting out Romeo, since she could barely speak afterward. Catalina’s inconvenient murder caused as much trouble as she did when alive for a time, but by the time the dust settled and Romeo was taken out I doubt anybody really remembered Catalina very much and for darn certain nobody mourned her.
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Claire Ramsey – Once Claire was a young and ambitious doctor at Cedars Hospital who had a promising, if challenging relationship with journalist Fletcher Reade. (This was before Fletcher had proved himself totally unfit for romance – the words judgmental and self-centered spring to mind, one mistake and he was out the door for good.) A set of unusual circumstances led to Claire conceiving Michelle with Ed. (See the Michelle description.) Fletcher pulled his disappearing act, dumping Claire and walking out of her life completely after that.

Claire was very focused on her career and was overwhelmed by motherhood. Once pushed past the breaking point, Claire attempted to smother Michelle in her crib with a pillow, but Ed came in and saved her. Rick had previously caught Claire leaving Michelle unattended, alone in the Bauer garage apartment where Claire was living at the time. These incidents and basically Claire’s general behavior led to Ed and Maureen being granted sole custody. Eventually Claire left Springfield to pursue her career to greater heights in Chicago. Even Claire’s detractors have to admit she is an excellent, if clinically detached, doctor.

Harley Cooper was responsible for Claire’s re-introduction to Springfield and into the Manny story. (Just another helpful thing we can lay at Harley’s door.) Harley was looking for information on Rick and Claire caught her red-handed having broken into Claire’s files. Claire returned to town to talk to Rick who felt pressure to keep her happy because she had told him that she’d changed his med board exam results and therefore Rick wasn’t legitimately a licensed doctor (which would explain the high body count, huh Rick?). In reality, Claire had lied, Rick had passed on his own, but Claire rode this out for over a year getting him to dance to her tune as she insinuated herself into Michelle’s life and Springfield.

Michelle was hesitant about letting Claire back in her life and Danny was very protective of her. Claire saw Danny as a threat to her relationship with Michelle and consistently worked to undermine their marriage. Claire went so far as to help Carmen fake her death, to “protect” Michelle. Danny’s belief that Claire was involved in Carmen’s death caused further tensions, helping lead to the first Manny divorce. After Claire’s involvement with Carmen faking her death was revealed, Michelle tended to keep Claire at arms length, especially after Claire agreed to wear a wire against Danny. However, when desperate, Michelle was willing to turn to Claire, like when Danny was shot, when  Michelle was in labor with Robbie, and when Michelle was investigating Carmen’s second fake death. However, Michelle remained distant in day to day life and Claire, disheartened, eventually returned to Chicago.

Danielle “Dani” Santos – Danielle Santos is the third child born to Danny and Michelle Santos. Michelle announced her pregnancy shortly after Rick and Mindy’s wedding set in the 2010 flash ahead from the finale. So Dani will be born the following year making her 3 in 2014 and a year younger than Francesca Cooper and H.B. Lewis IV who were born just before or after the flashback. This makes her six years younger than her older sister Hope and 10 years younger than her oldest brother Robbie. Dani is so young we haven’t experienced much of her personality yet, but she and the latest Little Billy have a bond and she looks like her mother with her father’s coloring, so her appearance is pretty close to her sister. Danielle was the first successful pregnancy that Danny got to be there for the whole thing. – Created in the fanfic “Springfield Bound.”

David Grant – During David Grant’s initial run from 1992-1996, he was the black sheep of the Grant family, determined to clear his name and make his father proud of him. His sister was TV reporter Gilly Grant. His father was Dr. Charles Grant who eventually became chief administrator at Cedars. His mother was social climber Vivian Grant. During his first residency in Springfield, he’d served time for a crime he committed and was tried for a murder he did not commit. He was well liked in the community and was especially close to Bridget Reardon, Lucy Cooper Spaulding, and Buzz Cooper. His best known storyline during this time was his star crossed romance with Kat Speakes which brought him in conflict with her father Hampton Speakes, Billy Lewis’s best friend during his football heyday, who also married David’s sister Gilly.

David returned in 1998, but never really found a throughline during this second run. He’d already made a good name for himself and proven himself with his father. Mission accomplished, but the character never seemed to find another ongoing goal and didn’t seem to connect with people he had been close to his first time on the canvas (many of them Gilly, Bridget, Lucy, Kat, and Hampton had also left town). Originally brought back to take Jenna’s place at Harley’s detective agency, David eventually becomes Frank’s partner at the SFPD. They tried a brief romantic pairing with Dehlia, Michelle’s best female friend, before she left town. When that fell through they paired him with Vicki Spaulding, which was the most memorable part of his second run in Springfield. The writers had several obstacles involving their different social status and her concern over the danger his job put him in, but the romance flamed out and another effort at romance with Reva’s latest protege fell through and he left the show. Most inexplicable was his attitude toward Michelle. While David had known Michelle for a good portion of her life and their fathers and her older brother were all good friends and he’d always been friendly with Michelle, once Michelle married Danny, David came to view her as a Santos and therefore an enemy. David had a personal grudge against the Santos family feeling that Mick’s threats to get Dr. Grant to buy supplies and equipment for Cedars through a Santos backed source had caused his father’s stroke. Which was pretty weak considering he’d already had indicators before that and maybe having to continually deal with the Griffin Williams, now a judge and community leader who traveled in the same social circle, who’d had an affair with his wife and unbeknownst to him for many years, fathered Gilly who Charles had thought was his daughter, might just have contributed as well. This grudge against the Santos family caused David to blow hot and cold for years sometimes going after Manny with a vengeance, sometimes actually helping them. Eventually David not only got both Danny and Michelle in trouble with the law, but he even went after Frank because he helped Manny spend Christmas eve together when Michelle was in jail. David was last heard from when Harley contacted him to help get her some information when he was working as a private detective in Paris, France. She didn’t say whether he and Vicki had reunited or not. (However, in real life the actor and actress who played David and Vicki met on the show and are happily married. David’s last portrayer has said on record that prejudice led the GL writers not to write story for him, but this was not an issue during David’s 1st run. David had simply lost his throughline and never got another, as a result there wasn’t any story for him. The same thing happened to the white character Rob Layne about the same time and he flamed out even earlier.)

Dinah Marler ~ Dinah Marler was the long lost daughter of Ross Marler and Vanessa Chamberlain. Vanessa never told Ross she was pregnant and had given Dinah up for adoption. Dinah’s adoptive parents died and she was placed with a second pair of adoptive parents where she created a sister bond with another girl named Adele, later revealed to be India von Halkein’s adopted daughter Dorrie. Dinah eventually ran away feeling unwanted and ended up spending the most of her formative years in a carnival troop. She arrived in Springfield as a teenager and her identity was slowly revealed. She was considered a good girl during her first stay in Springfield, but between 1989 and 1995 she lived as a party girl in Europe and she became a bad girl during her subsequent Springfield stays. She didn’t grow up with half-brother Bill Lewis, but developed a close relationship especially after he transferred back to Springfield University, after being SORAS-ed. She had some contact with Michelle through Michelle’s best friend Bill and when she dated Michelle’s cousin Alan-Michael Spaulding who she dated during her first Springfield stay, but she was mostly focused on her own problems. (She had been severely burned in a fire she started in a misguided effort to get husband Hart’s attention when Bill says he needs to check on her during the foursome’s stay in the Millennium loft.) She was off screen having gone to Europe in hiding after accidentally shooting Hart Jessup, from the same month as the Manny’s church wedding until 2004. Dinah played an important role in the final Manny storyline. Dinah had decided she was the one who really belonged with Cassie Layne’s (her former rival over Hart) current husband, former Prince Edmund Winslow. Her plots to get him for herself ended with her becoming his and Cassie’s surrogate and unfortunately pushed Edmund (who never got the professional psychological help he needed since Richard simply exiled him instead – sorry still bitter) over the edge. After Dinah miscarried, Edmund who felt he was losing Cassie and that the only way he thought he could hold on to her was with a child, kidnapped Manny’s daughter Hope and passed her off as his and Cassie’s child. Dinah, who he had held captive to keep her quiet, escaped, came and took Hope, brought her to Danny and told him everything. A DNA test proved Hope was Manny’s child. Restoring Hope to her parents was a turning point in Dinah’s life and started her on a long road (with many misturns) to redemption. She had popular romances with Jonathan Randall, A.C. Mallet, and Shayne Lewis, and all too short paring with Matt Reardon in the romance front during her final Springfield stay. Her path to redemption saw her being hired by one time friend, Harley Cooper (Dinah had delivered her daughter Daisy) at Spaulding and got caught up in the political intrigues there. She was eventually shot while saving then husband Mallet’s life and the resulting brain injury slowed her down for a long time and spelled the end of her marriage to Mallet. Dinah fought her way back and desperate to prove to everyone she was someone to be respected or feared not pitied, she launched a secret and successful takeover bid of Spaulding, using her inside knowledge of her cousin Phillip (Phillip’s biological father was Justin Marler, Ross’ full brother). She turned the company over to her brother Bill, hopeful of rewarding him for standing by her and giving him the power she thought he deserved, but when she felt he too was turning his back on her everything went horribly wrong, leading to the unending story of Grady kidnapping Lizzie Spaulding, Bill’s true love. Eventually she was able to reconcile with Bill and after a brief marriage to Shayne crumbled when she admitted she’d let his mother Reva be arrested for a crime Dinah herself committed and did nothing to stop it, she eventually found her way back to Mallet and they are currently traveling around Europe together.  (See Hope Santos, Ross Marler, Bill Lewis, Vanessa Chamberlain, and Edmund Winslow)

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Drew Jacobs ~ While adults loved Michelle and she has had as many male friends half in love with her as Reva did, Michelle never really had many close female friends.  When Drew first came to town, as soon as she gave up on former boyfriend Sugar Hill, she started trying to seduce Jesse Blue away from Michelle. Jesse pledged his undying loyalty to Michelle while staying close to Drew, no matter what stunt she pulled. It was an attempt to settle the matter once and for all that Drew and Michelle ended up on a lonely beach with Mick Santos that fateful night. However, their attempts to work together to protect their secret brought them closer and they became real friends. Although issues came up and there were periods of estrangement, they always reconciled and the friendship remained important to both of them, even after Drew moved to New York when she and Jesse left Springfield. When all the dust settled and Michelle-Danny and Jesse-Drew became stable couples, the foursome became close friends. Many people remember this friendship as a rarity on soaps and something people truly enjoyed most about the story. Shortly after Manny’s church wedding, Drew discovered she was adopted and it was quite a blow. Eventually she learned that Selena Davis was her birth mother, who had lost custody because desperation had driven her to prostitution when Drew was born. Her father was a client, a kind young man with horrible scars, eventually it was revealed to be a pre-corrective surgery Ben Warren. She reunited with her birth parents, married Jesse Blue and adopted Max Nickerson, who she had once believed to be her half-brother due to a cover story Selena told while trying to hide her prostitution from Drew. Although it was all off camera, Michelle visits Drew several times in New York and is in contact with her. Drew was also one of the few openly Jewish characters on a soap opera. Her re-dedication to her faith became an issue for her and Jesse, but eventually he converted. (See Ben Warren and Jesse Blue)
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Edmund Winslow ~ Prince Edmund was introduced as the jet-setting younger brother of Crown Prince Richard of San Cristobel. The Santos family maintained a villa on the island for years and Edmund was a good friend of Danny’s (there was some subtle indication that Edmund saw Danny as another young prince, even if not of royal blood). Michelle accidentally mistakes Edmund for a servant at their first meeting and he gives a full run down of his many accomplishments. However, his father’s emotional abuse had created a very dark side of Edmund that would soon come out (ending his friendship to Danny) in his growing relationship with Carmen, in the discovery that he was the reason Reva had fled years before hiding Jonathan from everyone at the palace, and in his attempts to overthrow Richard. When Richard finally figures out what’s going on, he puts everything right, except instead of insuring that Edmund gets the psychiatric help that he clearly so desperately needs, he agrees to merely exile him to Springfield where he will stir up trouble on and off right up to the show’s cancellation. While Edmund was especially close and supportive with several children in town, especially Lizzie Spaulding during her cancer, his romantic relationships were uniformly a disaster. His threats against the Bauer family after Richard’s death lead Danny to almost kill him. A video of this incident helps torpedo Manny’s marriage again after wedding #4. Edmund tries to heal himself with Cassie’s love, but without professional help, when put under very extreme pressure by Dinah and Jeffery and his own doubts about Cassie’s commitment, Edmund cracks. Eventually this leads him to kidnap Michelle, give her labor inducing drugs, and stealing baby Hope, making everyone believe she died in the fire after Michelle’s car crash. When Edmund decides that killing Michelle and Danny will forever hide his crime (not knowing that a DNA test has already proved it), Manny rescue each other one last time before Hope is returned to them and they reconcile, remarry one last time, and leave Springfield. Edmund came and went continuing to cause trouble on a irregular basis for years. (Edmund is last seen being actively chased by Jeffery O’Neil. Edmund is still blackmailing Jeffery not to tell Reva he is still alive.) (See Carmen Santos and Hope Santos)

Dr. Ed Bauer ~ Dr. William Edward Bauer, Jr. is the son of Bert and Bill Bauer. As a young man he was called Billy, but in his growing resentment over his father’s drinking and infidelity, he abandoned his father’s first name and began to go by his middle name, Ed. Ed had a series of wives and replicated his father’s drinking and affairs. While married to true love Maureen Reardon Bauer, he slept with fellow physician Dr. Claire Ramsey (see Michelle’s description) and conceived Michelle. Eventually he confessed to Maureen, she forgave him, and she adopted Michelle. They had a great family life, mostly due to Maureen. After another affair (this time with Lillian Raines), Maureen died in car accident trying to escape from Ed. He dived into his work to hide his pain and eventually moved on with Dr. Eve Guthrie (this was probably the only fiancee/wife he didn’t disappoint because her expectations in a husband were so low and she died before he had a chance to  cheat on her). After Eve’s death, Dr. Ed would leave town for years at a time for various medical projects around the country and around the world, leaving Michelle’s care to Rick. (Several years into Manny’s marriage, Danny rescues Dr. Ed from where he was being held captive in Africa, after that they would have a special connection. Ed, however, would sometimes have doubts about whether Danny was the right man for Michelle [like Rick, in his experience a Leslie is a Holly is a Rita is a Maureen is an Eve], but he never doubted their love for each other. When Manny left the show, it was to start over near Dr. Ed in California where Michelle would work with Ed in his clinic. Ed returned to the show in 2009 with the only full return on the show. His storyline ended with Ed reuniting with ex-wife Holly Norris Bauer Thorpe Lindsey Reade.)

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Frank Cooper ~ The Cooper family was distantly connected with the Bauers through Frank’s sister Harley who was briefly married to Michelle’s cousin Alan-Micheal Spaulding (Hope Bauer Spaulding’s son) and through Michelle’s close bond from childhood with Jenna Bradshaw Cooper. Michelle was a frequent guest in the Cooper home growing up and babysat for Marina, Cooper, and Rocky. Frank first met Danny after Michelle accused him of kidnapping Marina and Lizzie Spaulding on Thanksgiving 1998, but admitted he was wrong and offered his hand after Danny saved the girls. Danny had the first positive relationship with a cop in his life during Michelle’s confinement during her trial for Ben Warren’s murder, while Frank arrested her, he didn’t really believe in her guilt and allowed Danny to see her all the time and even risked his job (he was temporarily suspended when it was discovered) to let Michelle and Danny spend Christmas eve together at the Bauer home. Frank saw how much Danny loved Michelle and how much she loved him. (“Despite his family, I like Danny.”) He remained a little wary, but considered Danny a friend and if Danny got in trouble, Frank soon became one of the first calls he’d make. During Danny’s self-imposed purgatory, Michelle used his jealousy of the time she was spending with Frank to put a first crack in Danny’s cold demeanor. As Danny moved out of the “business” and out of the Bauer household his relationship with Frank grew more distant, although he was still invited to Michelle’s coming home party when she graduated with her PA endorsement,  but unfortunately the relationship was pretty much destroyed when Danny reached out to Marina during the dark amnesia days and then left her when he realized Michelle was his again. (Frank’s storyline ends with him with Blake Marler and helping Otalia to raise his and Natalia’s daughter.) (See Harley Cooper)

Fedrico Santos ~ Fedrico was Miguel’s younger brother. He was the family trigger man and killed Gus Aitoro’s adopted father, Joe August/Augustino. He was pushed to his death from a building roof by teenager Eden August in revenge for killing her father, police officer Joe August. He left behind two sons, Ray and Tony. Tony was very young at the time of his father’s death. Fedrico was one of the people his great-nephew Robert Fredrico (Robbie) Santos was named for. His parents, Danny and Michelle, chose the name Fedrico/Federico/Fredrick/Fredrich as being common to both their families (note the alternative spelling based on heritage). (See Ray Santos, Tony Santos, Gus Aitoro, Robbie Santos)

Gus Aitoro ~ Gus came to town as an FBI agent working the Santos case. He zeroed in on Danny and was determined to find something he could convict him with, even if he had to manufacture evidence to do it. Blake Marler eventually uncovered that he was really Nick Augustino/August who’s father had been killed by Fedrico Santos on orders from Miguel. This led directly to his crusade against Danny. At the same time he was starting to fall in love with Harley Cooper, who would have nothing to do with the vendetta both because Manny were her friends and her belief that the hatred would destroy Gus. After making himself obnoxious for a long time, Gus rescued Danny from Carmen’s warehouse fire, saving his life and later asked Danny’s help on how to let go of his crusade. Danny gave him good advice (everyone should listen to Danny) and Gus mostly put the hard feelings aside, even willingly helping Danny when he decided the only way to keep the rest of the family safe was to put Carmen and Maria behind bars where they couldn’t do any more harm. Gus discovers he was adopted and for awhile thinks he might be Miguel’s biological son (due to circumstances and a peanut allergy in common), but after a DNA test disproves it, he eventually discovered he was Alan Spaulding’s son (via one of Phillip’s ex- nannies, now a nun) and he moves into the Spaulding sphere of influence. He had left Harley to marry his high school sweetheart (Natalia, later of Otalia fame) with whom he had a son Rafe, at the time of his death in a motorcycle accident. His heart was transplanted into Olivia Spencer saving her life. (See Federico Santos, Harley Cooper, and Danny’s description)
Character Profile of Gus Aitoro:

Harley Cooper Spaulding Mallet Spaulding Aitoro ~ Frank Cooper’s little sister was briefly married to Alan-Michael Spaulding (Hope Bauer Spaulding’s son and Michelle’s cousin). As her marriage to Phillip Spaulding broke up around the same time that Rick Bauer’s marriage to Abby Blume Bauer ended, they grew to depend on each other as friends and had a one-night stand, resulting in Jude Bauer (the only one of the new generation of Bauers known to actually carry the family name). Rick and Harley tried to have a deeper relationship, but both were used to turmoil and excitement in a romance, really didn’t give the relationship much of a chance before dashing their boats against the shores of Mel and Gus respectively. Harley also felt her loyalty to the Bauer family tested when she was assigned to help Gus investigate Danny Santos. She agonized over decisions sometimes helping Manny and sometimes helping Gus. She was further torn at this time by keeping her pregnancy (with Jude) secret and her growing feelings for Gus. Gus’s pointless vendetta against Danny (apparently in his legal training he hasn’t yet read the clause in the Constitution about no contamination of the blood – can’t blame children for crimes their father committed) became a stumbling block in their relationship, but they overcome it and become up to his death, one of the most popular couples on Guiding Light. (See Frank Cooper, Rick Bauer, and Gus Aitoro)

Holly Norris Bauer Thorpe  Lindsey Reade ~ Holly was one of Ed’s wives. One of his favorite ex’s, they resumed their relationship several times as an affair. After Ed’s return from Africa, she dumped both Billy Lewis and Buzz Cooper who had been fighting over her to resume dating Ed. Holly had stepped in as a mother figure to young Michelle after Maureen’s death, helping her through several rites of passage of young womanhood. Michelle even turned to Holly to get more information about Danny when he first came to town and it was outside Holly’s house (the former Reva Bend) that Danny gave Michelle his first present (a photo of her when she thought she was alone in the park, designed to freak her out).  However, by then Fletcher disappearing with their daughter Meg and all of Blake’s trials and tribulations with Ben Warren had started to push Holly around the bend and she was drinking heavily. Holly eventually went totally crackers kidnapping most of the children in town, inadvertently setting in motion the chain of events that led to her friend Jenna Bradshaw Cooper’s death, and torturing people all over town as the Nursery Rhyme Stalker for months. Holly slowly recovered her sanity, but Michelle’s confidence remained shaken and she wasn’t thrilled with Ed resuming his relationship with Holly again at first, especially when she came home one day and found her alone with Robbie. However, Holly remained fully recovered, although she seems to have slipped off the Springfield canvas. Holly returned to town in 2009 and reunited with long time love and ex-husband, Ed Bauer. (See Ed Bauer and Blake Marler)

Hope Santos ~ Hope was the second child of Danny and Michelle and Robbie’s younger sister. She was conceived the night Michelle’s memory fully returned and Manny’s first instinct was to make love, although their fears kept them from officially reconciling for awhile. Unfortunately amnesiac Michelle had let herself be talked into divorcing Danny to marry Tony (even “New” Michelle never seemed terribly keen on this idea). However, she and Tony had sex close enough to when she and Danny did that she was unsure who’s child it was and after Tony’s death, she left town until she knew for sure who’s child it was being unwilling to torment Danny with the possibility she was carrying Tony’s child. Michelle returned to town to get a paternity test, but unfortunately fell into Edmund Winslow’s clutches just when he was in desperate need of a baby to replace the one surrogate Dinah miscarried, in order to keep a hold on his estranged wife Cassie. He gave Michelle a labor inducing drug and when she escaped, she crashed her car and went into labor. Edmund found her and took the baby, setting the car on fire to make it look as if her baby had died in the crash. Michelle was devastated by this loss and learning of it all, Danny vowed to get her through it. She became obsessed with Cassie’s new baby “Hope Winslow.” She left town again to try to come to terms with her baby’s “death.” Meanwhile, Marina, Jeffery, and Dinah slowly put different parts of Edmund’s plan together and Dinah told Danny the truth. He demanded a DNA test that proved Hope was his and Michelle’s child. Danny left her with Cassie while he searched for Michelle. He knew her well enough to quickly find her at the Bauer cabin, but unfortunately Edmund had been clued in on the cabin as well and unaware of the DNA test, he thought killing Danny and Michelle would forever cover up his crime. Danny and Michelle saved each other one last time and returned to Springfield to reclaim their daughter. They were generous to Cassie and retained her name as Hope as it was a Bauer family name as well. Shortly thereafter Danny and Michelle reconciled and re-married. Hope moved with her parents and brother first to Louisiana and then to California. She returned with them to Springfield for the Bauer BBQ in 2009. While Robbie is blonde and inherited his mother’s coloring, Hope’s coloring is dark and matches her father’s. (See Danny and Michelle’s  description page and Robbie Santos)

James Spaulding – James was the son of Phillip Spaudling and Beth Raines and was a product of an affair after they were stranded together after an airplane crash and thought they were going to die. Jim LeMay really wasn’t a very good sport about the whole thing although he didn’t divorce Beth, his hatred towards Phillip grew ever more unreasonable, but in the end love won out and Jim sacrificed his own life rescuing Baby James when his and Beth’s house caught fire because of a defective Christmas tree light string. Although James was definitely part of the same web of family connections as Manny (via Phillip and Rick), he didn’t have any direct connections to them. Manny interacted with Phillip as Rick’s best friend and to a lesser extent with Lizzie, especially when she was little, but by the time James came along they were in different spheres and after Phillip went crazy and left town that connection via Phillip was almost totally broken.  The closest connection was that the truth of James parentage (ie that he was not Jim LeMay’s son by Beth, but really Phillip’s) caused the pain that ultimately led Rick and Harley to conceive Michelle’s nephew Jude Bauer. Both the circumstances that prevented Phillip from being involved with raising James and Manny’s own troubles kept them from interacting much with James. Which is pretty typical in real life, you can be very good friends with someone and never know their children especially if you or them have moved out of town. This point is driven home at every funeral. James also was SORAS-ed rather rapidly and kept off screen most of the time before that. Two really nice touches in his storyline through the years was that it was James who Will Winslow pushed off the stage to get the better role in the Christmas pageant not some newbie made up kid (which I wish they’d have emphasized more and shown some after affects from) and that James attended Rick and Phillip’s old alma mater boarding school Lincoln Prep. Zach Conroy, who last played James, was so appealing and had such a nice romance with Daisy (as part of the Jaisy pairing) and good emotional connections with his parents and Alan that you forgave the fact that not one single part of his story made any sense after he was SORAS-ed.

Jenna Bradshaw Thorpe Morgan Cooper ~
Jenna was introduced as jewel thief, but was eventually redeemed. She married Buzz Cooper and had two children with him. Michelle and Jenna bonded while trapped in an elevator together during the Springfield Blackout of 1992. A full description of the character isn’t really essential for the Manny story, as she died shortly before they were married for the first time, but she does touch the story at a couple of key scenes. Jenna was the one watching Lizzie and Marina when they disappeared during Michelle’s Thanksgiving dinner in 1998. Much later in 2005 when Michelle and Marina are stuck together in an elevator right before Manny’s final reconciliation and Michelle tells Marina to back off, she talks about Jenna and how they had been trapped together in an elevator when she was young. Marina is Jenna’s step-granddaughter.

The character profile at the link below, includes clips from the scenes of Jenna and Michelle in the elevator that Michelle is remembering right before she and Marina square off:

Jenna’s Death –

Jesse Blue ~ Jesse was Michelle’s first real boyfriend. Their romance happened while Rebecca Budig played Michelle and never really survived the recast. Jesse’s father, Jack Blue,  had blamed both Ed and Jesse himself for his mother’s death and Jesse was on his own, restoring motorcycles for a living when Michelle meets him. She teaches him to read and write and they read Romeo and Juliette together. She also discovers that he can draw and helps him become an established artist. Their deepest bond developed when she discovered that he had been the recipient of her mother’s transplanted heart. However, their relationship was never easy. Jesse never felt he belonged in the same world as her and eventually they discovered they were much better friends than lovers. Jesse eventually realized his love for and married Drew Jacobs. They leave town together after Jesse gets a mural commission in New York and apparently did well there because they never returned, although they were periodically mentioned by Manny as they kept up communication off screen. (See Drew Jacobs)

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Josh Lewis ~ Josh Lewis is half the popular supercouple Jeva. He had always known Michelle because of her close childhood friendship with his nephew Bill Lewis. He first meets Danny while Manny were on their honeymoon and Danny diagnosed what Jeva was feeling as extreme fear (he was of course right).  Danny wants to avoid the couple’s problems at first, as Manny has plenty of their own, but Michelle wants to help her long time friends and when Josh appeals to him that they are holding Reva (Danny remembers when Rick had Michelle locked away from him for the Psych Eval), he agrees to help. Danny really goes above and beyond for Jeva on several occasions during this mess and Josh does try to help Danny during Michelle’s murder trial. However, after Danny’s murder trial Josh refuses to even hear out Danny’s business proposal “like I’d trust you with my money” (as if Danny would steal from HIM) and is rather a big jerk about it and about Danny’s cousin Tony dating Josh’s daughter Marah. This puts a crimp in their friendship and there is always some distance after this, although they remain friendly. They do become business associates later as Danny hires Lewis Construction  to work several jobs for him, working most closely with Bill Lewis after they come to terms with their relationship.  (See Reva Shayne Lewis, Bill Lewis, Marah Lewis, and Tony Santos)

For my take on Josh Lewis, see the following posts:

Lucy Cooper – Buzz Cooper had felt trapped in Springfield with the constant demands of the family diner and his early marriage to his high school sweetheart and quick arrival of his two kids. Buzz felt a little relieved when he was drafted to go to Viet Nam. While there Buzz won a purple heart for saving his unit by shooting an American solider who had gone nuts under battle field strain and starting shooting his own unit. Buzz felt a huge amount of guilt over this so when he was mustered out he went to talk to the man’s widow. The whole experience caused her to miscarry. Instead of returning to his own family he stayed with this woman and ultimately they had Lucy. The Widow died and Buzz raised Lucy on the road moving from town to town and being sort of borderline cons always with a get rich quick scheme. Lucy had been on her own waitressing for over a year when we meet her, but Buzz had set up an emergency fund for her which they called her trustfund. After Lucy was fired for standing up fro herself when she was sexually harassed by a customer at her job she planned to take the emergency fund and start on a new life, but instead discovered Buzz (who had reunited with his first family) had emptied the account (he used it to pay for Harley’s wedding).

The first Springfielder Lucy met was Alan-Michael Spaudling and they quickly bonded. Lucy very early on declared her intention to marry A-M. While their romance hit roadblocks, they started working together right away forming a strong and deep friendship and business partnership. Although she really hadn’t done any professional business work before she seemed to naturally excel at being an administrative assistant. Lucy always say the best in people, but sadly people consistently let her down. Her most memorial story was her being date raped by Spaulding executive Brent Lawrence. Lawrence who had MAJOR psychological issues due to his mother’s abuse when he was growing up and blamed Lucy for ultimately pressing charges. Brent physically attacked Lucy and A-M and was ultimately severely wounded and assumed dead. Instead his sister nursed him back to health and he returned in drag as Marian Crane getting a job at Spaulding as  a woman and befriending Lucy. Brent began a career of psychological torture. He killed Nadine Cooper and longtime SFPD detective Patrick Cutter and a random guy on the dock as colloatoral damage. He ended up kidnapping Lucy and A-M and held them at the lighthouse. It was partially destroyed in the process requiring the restoration and repair that climaxed as part of the 1997 anniversary storyline. Buzz and Alan first forged their love-hate relathionship as they worked together to save their children.

Lucy and A-M had their happily ever after wedding at the Universal theme park in Florida. Sadly most of the end of their run on the show wasn’t really about them. The actors had decided to leave and Harley was brought back to fill the gap. Phillip also came back first showing his face at their wedding and erased all the progress the brother had made in the early 1990s as they once again assumed very adversarial roles. Another LAM storyline about then had them starting and thankfully aborting a blatant rip-off of The Preacher’s Wife which was a minor movie hit about then which wouldn’t have fit with their characters at all. (The angel in this case being Zachary Smith.) LAM left town together to take Spaulding Europe to new heights. When a new and much less astute group of TPTB brought A-M back in 2005 they had de-SORASed him and had LAM divorce off screen. As this was clearly a plot point, not a character driven story that did it’s best to destroy A-M hopefully it can just be mercifully erased from memory and we can assume A-M had just had a bad reaction to meds or something and they had reunited off screen.
The Beginning of LAM
Lucy Cooper Profile

Dr. Lynn Bradford – Dr. Bradford, despite her pretty long blond hair and designer businesswear, never did seem to fit into Springfield. She never really seemed to grasp that things were a little bit different here than they were other places. The first time I remember seeing her is when they figure out that Lizzie killed Carl Stevens.  She does such a good job poor Lizzie had mental problems for a good decade afterward. Rick introduces her as respected colleague from Cedars. She actually seems to help Blake a little bit during her hysterical paralysis, but is back to being almost useless when they have her assigned to Annie Dutton. Finally, she refuses to believe Michelle when she tells her the absolute truth about Carmen and commits her instead. Lynn doesn’t understand that Rick has just put Michelle on hold to keep her away from Danny and actually goes beyond Rick’s plan extending her stay, thinking Michelle is actually insane because she says her mother-in-law is trying to kill her, which she of course was. I don’t think we’re subjected to Dr. Bradford again after the fiasco when Rick admits Michelle was never insane and he had wrongly had her committed.

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2 Responses to “Supporting Characters”

  1. natnic Says:

    I discovered GL through Otalia and fell in love with the old shows too. I’m trying to catch up on my Gush/Manny back story. I found episodes where Harley finds out she’s pregnant but then the back episodes skip around. Its frustrating. Do you know if the character’s name was Federico or Frederico? I’ve never heard of the name Frederico but Federico (Spanish for Fredrick) is very common.
    Good comment about Frank not even getting to mention Danny in the final episodes. You would think he would want to introduce his old friends to the woman carrying his child. It would have been fun to hear him explain the situation.

    • glmanny Says:

      Glad you are watching the old episodes. It is kind of hard to follow along because everybody seems to have their own system for uploading them. Frank’s explanation about Natalia’s baby would have been worth hearing. Which character are you talking about? Manny’s son is Robert Fredrico which I explain about in his character post (it’s kind of a long story) ask again if you mean somebody else or if you still are confused. Thanks for the comment!

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