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New Year’s Eve 1986/1987

December 31, 2015

The IN place to be celebrating this New Years Eve is the Blue Orchid, managed by former hospital executive and general cad Warren Andrews. Watching this in retrospect, 90s clothes had WAY too much bright color blocking. While pretty much everybody is at the Blue Orchid the young generation is away for a ski weekend at a large rented cabin. For a good summary of where we are in the story check out my post about the week before Christmas 1986.

Josh and Reva are newly reunited and Reva is barely pregnant with Marah. Dinah is newly discovered. This is still the first Dinah – really there wasn’t a lot of difference in the first two pale shadows of the Dinah we knew later and it’s pretty clear that neither would have survived life with the carnies. Except for a reasonable resentment towards Vanessa, Dinah is still a sweet girl. She’s living with her newly discovered father Ross Marler, but he’s not really ready to face a daughter he never knew is all grown up – hence the dress. Dinah instead wants to wear the dress from Reva’s wedding. That would be the second broken up Reva-Kyle wedding. Dorrie, Dinah’s once lost foster sister and the unlikely savior of India at the camp where India was sent on community service for her last crime. Reva is working as photographer, has switched from having working for the newspaper and instead is opening a studio. Dinah is being Reva’s photographic protege and working with her boyfriend Cameron on the school paper. This has got quite a bit of Simon and Jessie who dropped so thoroughly off the Springfield radar that many people don’t remember them. Check this out if you don’t.

It’s New Year’s Eve and Rick, Simon and some of the gang have gone on a ski trip. Simon and Jessie broke up a couple months ago, but she has shown up at the cabin where they are staying, to tell Simon she is leaving to go to college at Duke University, and to say goodbye.

Rick playing doctor diagnosis Mindy with a bad sprain from trying too difficult a ski run. Christine – apparently part of Alan’s latest scheme involving art and having an eye on Johnny – is the blonde. A dark hair pageboy haircut girl shows up seeking shelter from the storm. Her name is Bambie and she catches Rick’s eye right away. (Part 2)

Mindy and Rusty are sharing a bedroom since everyone has to double up since they are stranded by a storm. Jessie’s car is buried in the snow. Dinah calls Lillian over for reinforcement when Ross gives her too young a dress. Vanessa is worried about Dinah and establishing a relationship with her. Dorrie is excited and wants to dance with the grown-ups. (Part 3)

The young part of Springfield is away at a Ski Cabin (not the Bauer) cabin. Rusty and Mindy are fighting fate which currently has them sharing a bedroom. Rusty sees someone right outside bedroom window and takes off. Simon – who is currently on the outs with Jessie – comes to check on her when she tried to drive away from the cabin in bad weather.  Despite India’s recent redemption, courtesy of Dorrie her adopted daughter (the girl dancing at the Blue Orchid), she attempts to blackmail Alan with a recording of him discussing illegal business deals. (Part 4)

Kyle and Maeve are there and dancing having left baby Ben with a baby sitter. Billy has gone to Venezuela to straighten out troubles there. The man outside the cabin was a hunter, but we’re focusing on the fact Rusty has a handgun. Simon and Jessie are snuggling in the stuck car. Ross: “I hear myself saying things I promised myself I’d never say if I had a child.” Ross and Lillian have a really nice conversation. Alan tells India that the people they are dealing with are WAY more serious than he is and they better cut out this blackmail nonsense before THEY hear about it. (Part 5)

Simon and Jessie leave the car and break into a nearby cabin where no one was home. Simon: “Remind me to leave some money and a note.” – Cause you’re SO busy right now. Back at the ski cabin Johnny is talking to a blonde I don’t know and Chelsea overhears her saying bad things about her late fiancee Jean Claude who was a major jerk. Johnny finally tells Chelsea about what he knew about Jean Claude being involved with smuggling. Dinah doesn’t like Vanessa because she’s the one who gave her away without even telling Ross she existed. (Part 6)

HB excuses himself from business when Alexandra returns to the table not to bore the “little lady.” Alex tells him what she thinks of that. Hawk is working up courage to ask Lillian to marry him, but her independence talk puts him off. Dinah and Reva have a talk. Dinah manages to put her foot in her mouth over Reva’s recent romantic adventures, but is insistent that Jeva should be married before the baby is born to give her a family. (And good for Dinah — they really don’t do so well in that department.) (Part 7)

Reva ignores Dinah’s very good advice. While Dinah rejected Vanessa for a long time, she immediately bonded with her grandfather, Henry. Henry gives good advice except he totally gives Vanessa a pass on this…and everything else. He urges Dinah if she can’t really feel respect toward her mother she should ACT like she does. Dinah thinks to herself that she’s doing good not punching Vanessa out and decides it’s better to take off. Alan and Alexander have a nice conversation and Alex says she thinks she’ll find a mysterious new man in the new year. (Part 8)

Simon and Jessie make love for the first time. Cam and Dinah kiss at midnight. At the cabin they kiss around the group with Mindy/Rusty, Phillip/Chelsea, Roxie/Johnny, and a dark-haired pageboy haircut girl that I don’t recognize and Rick getting the long Midnight kisses. Who you kiss at Midnight on New Years is supposed to be the person you’ll spend the next year with. At the cabin Chelsea starts to sing Auld Lang Syne and it spreads throughout the room and to the Blue Orchid. (Part 9)

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