3. Our Hun-NEE-Moon

The Manny story has now reached the stage  where they are really together. Or as Danny calls it in San Cristobel, “Our Hun-NEE-Moon.”

Tues., June 8, 1999 – Danny announces that Carmen should tell all of the family at cousin Ray’s first mass about the changes in store for the Santos family. Carmen hesitates but agrees. Later, in secret, Carmen tells Ben that she has absolutely no intention of legitimizing the family business, regardless of what her children tell her. Danny tells Michelle that he has also asked Ray to marry them after the service on Friday, this time privately for the two of them to promise each other in front of God that they will love each other forever. Dietz eavesdrops on the Santos family and plans a hit on the family on Friday.




Thurs., June 10, 1999 – Showing Ben the last letter her husband wrote to her before he died, Carmen boasts that she intends to keep her promise to her husband to keep up the family business. She mentions her plan to talk with her associates after Ray’s mass today. Meanwhile, Dietz meets with a thug and arranges for him to take care of the Santos family after the mass. Michelle and Danny are walking on air as they wait for the appointed time to be secretly married. Danny: “Since we’ve been separated our feelings for each other have grown stronger….., but Michelle makes me want to be a better man, a man she can be proud of. I’ve been changed forever.” Sensing that they are up to something, Rick questions them but his only hint about the vow renewal is that Danny asks for permission to marry Michelle. Hearing that Danny is turning the family business legit, Rick reluctantly gives his approval. Testing her hearing in public for the first time, Abby is thrilled to hear her sister-in-law’s good news and asks if she and Rick can join them at the church. As the mass gets underway, everyone is unaware a bomb has been planted.

Danny: I can’t wait to take you home as my wife. I can’t believe I’m going to be able to wake up every morning for the rest of my life and see this beautiful face….Shshhh Don’t move. You hear that…I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life, the way you look right now, the happiness that I feel, the sound of the bells, how being with you makes me feel like I can do anything.

Michelle: You know I used to always imagine what my wedding day would be like. I used to dream what it would feel like to stand next to the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Nothing I could have dreamed could possibly have turned out as wonderful as this….Why, Mr. Santos, I do believe someone might think we’re in love.

Danny: Who cares?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4npq1eQouY&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=66 (This highlight clip is missing some of the scenes in the clips from the last few episodes, but also has clips not included in them. Watch both versions.)


Fri., June 11, 1999 – Unaware a bomb is planted underneath one of the church pews, Carmen is surprised when Danny brings Michelle to Ray’s first mass but welcomes Rick, Abby, Bill and Pilar. Carmen: “This is a private family gathering to hear Ray’s first mass.” Danny: “Yeah, but THEY’RE family, remember?”  Danny and Michelle discuss their happiness and getting married and whether Michelle regrets not telling anyone else. She doesn’t. Ray begins the mass with a speech about how he became a priest. As he talks, Abby is bothered by a whirring sound that won’t quit, unaware that it’s from the ticking bomb. Ben notices that Dietz is no longer inside the church but Carmen is unconcerned. When the bomb is found, Danny defuses it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wpB-aG6Gk0&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=67 (Continues with the 14th, but big gap in middle about dealing with bomb)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVG0sUKfn1w&feature=related (Again a few extra scenes the other highlights and missing others, watch both.)


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Mon., June 14, 1999 – In the Church: Danny defuses the bomb and saves everyone in the church. Ben calls the police and Dietz bursts through the door with bolt cutters saying how sorry he was and how he saw a suspicious looking man running from the church. Dietz  really plays up the part of innocent bystander. Danny and Carmen order Dietz to warn everyone that the Santos family is alive and well. Danny and Michelle hold onto each other in the entry way of the church. Rick and Abby come from inside and Rick demands Michelle return home with him. Michelle tells him NO, that she knows her place is by Danny’s side and he should take care of his wife and leave her to take care of her husband. Rick finally leaves upset. Danny is trying to comfort Michelle as they return to the sanctuary when Carmen interrupts berating Danny about his relationship with Michelle. Michelle gets ticked off and drops the bomb about how Carmen set up the assassination attempt on her own life.


Tues., June 15, 1999 – In the aftermath of the bomb scare, Michelle reveals to Carmen in front of everyone that she has proof that she was involved in the shooting at her home and suggests that she is responsible for the planting of the bomb in the church. Tearfully, Carmen admits that she was behind the shooting but insists that she did it for the love of her children and the fear that she was losing them. Danny and Pilar are shocked. Pilar is also angry that Bill knew about his mother role in the shooting yet he chose not to tell her. When the Santos’ realize that someone outside the family is responsible for the bomb scare, Carmen implores Danny not to leave the business as his life would surely be in danger. Surprisingly, Michelle agrees with Carmen and goes on to say that she will remain by Danny’s side if he decides to stay. Still upset about the bomb scare, Rick and Abby argue about Michelle’s involvement with such a dangerous family. Rick is furious that he almost lost everyone that he loves and blames himself for not putting a stop to Danny and Michelle’ relationship sooner.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wpB-aG6Gk0&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=67 (Continues with the 14th, but big gap in middle about dealing with bomb)


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Thurs., June 17, 1999 – Saying his family does legitimate business there, Danny suggests to Michelle that she and Pilar go for an extended vacation to San Cristobel until things settle down in Springfield. Michelle’s ultimate declaration of love for Danny in a fabulous speech known as the 1000 Guns Speech.

Michelle: I’m not going to San Cristobel, that’s that. I’m not going. I’m not going to Chicago. I’m not going across the street. I’m not going anywhere. I am your wife….

Danny: Why are you being stubborn?

Michelle: Because I don’t want to go anywhere with your sister. I want to be with you. I want to be with you, you’re my husband.

Danny: What if I promise to visit? I will.

Michelle: You’re not getting this. You’re not getting this. This is my problem I’m not explaining it to you clearly enough. Can you think back to when Ray was going to marry us, we were talking about having him marry us for real? I wanted that so badly because I finally knew how I felt about you. FINALLY. For the first time in my life, for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to totally adore someone. To want someone more than anyone  or anything else in my life. I feel connected to you in my heart and my soul. I’m in love with you Danny. I would rather die with you than live without you. …

Danny: Now, Michelle.

Michelle: Now, Danny, do you understand why I do not want to leave you….

Michelle: …People who are in love stay together no matter what.

Danny: I understand that, but the thought of anything happening to you while you are here drives me crazy….

Michelle: I came back here to live with you as husband and wife. That’s what I want. I came back here because I want to be with you in every way. I want to wake up with you and I want to make love to you and I want to crawl into bed with you and take bubble baths with you and watch TV and fight over the remote control and have breakfast in bed and I want all of that and I want you. If there were a 1000 guns lined up outside, I would want to face them with you. Please, please love me enough to know I’m not just your wife now. I’m your life.

Danny: You’re impossible . (He surrenders and they kiss.)

A final line a little later is another one of my favorites. In trying to ease Danny’s guilt over making her live in an armed camp, Michelle uses their history to convince him he doesn’t need to. Michelle: “I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do. I’d let you know, Right?”
Rick confides to Phillip that he can’t stop worrying that his sister is going to be killed, thanks to her relationship with Danny. Phillip suggests that they go talk with her and take her away from the dangerous situation.


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Fri., June 18, 1999 – Rick arrives at the Santos house and insists to Danny that if he truly cares for Michelle, he would let her go home with him. Michele won’t hear it and orders her brother to let her live her life with the man she loves. Michelle (about Rick): “I can NEVER make him understand!” When he finally leaves, unconvinced, Danny and Michelle slip out of the Casa Santos using a secret escape tunnel that Miguel had built from the house to an outbuilding and over to the Lighthouse to spend time together as man and wife. Danny tells Michelle that he’s sorry she has to live this way because of him and that she deserves a better, normal life, but she won’t let him fell guilty about it. Danny: “You deserve to live a much more normal life than this.” Michelle: “So do YOU!” Things are just starting to get good. Danny: “Hello, my beautiful wife.” Michelle: “Hello, my perfect husband.” When Danny gets phone call drawing him away because of another bomb threat. Danny thinks Michelle is safer in the lighthouse and she finally consents to wait for him there. She stamps her foot in frustration after he leaves, expressing the frustration felt by all Mannyacs everywhere as once again they were interrupted before consummation can take place. Two large men suddenly arrive and calling Michelle by name, they carry her out of the lighthouse as she struggles and fruitlessly calls for Danny.

Longer highlight version:


Mon., June 21, 1999 – Carmen denies it when Danny accuses his mother of setting him up with the phony phone call. After Danny leaves, Ben also asks Carmen to tell him what she’s done with Michelle. Insisting she has more important things to worry about, Carmen announces to Ben that she has decided to appoint him head of SanCorp. He vows to use his new power to get even with Alan (who he blames for double crossing Ben on a deal to give him power at Spaulding in exchange for making sure Annie Dutton went free). Meanwhile, Rick’s hired men bring Michelle to the hospital where she is committed on psych hold for 72 hours, thanks to her brother’s misuse of his medical authority. Tracing the phone call he received, Danny rushes to the hospital and demands that Michelle be released. Michelle: “I’m going to find a way to be with Danny. I’m not going to be apart from him. Nothing will keep me away. Nothing!” Danny: “I don’t tell her what to do. She makes her own decisions…We can’t live without each other.”


Longer highlight version:


Wed., June 23, 1999 – After apologizing for thinking that he and Carmen had anything to do with Michelle’s kidnapping, Danny turns to Ben for help in springing Michelle from the psychiatric ward at the hospital. [For about the only time in her life, Carmen really isn’t behind something bad that happens to Michelle. It must have been a novel feeling for her.] Abby tries to convince Rick to release Michelle but Rick refuses. Abby: “Just look at Michelle, look at the pain she’s in…If anybody is going to go in there with them it should be me. After the stunt you’ve pulled everybody is mad at you.”


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Fri., June 25, 1999 – Abby refuses to change her mind about Rick’s kidnapping Michelle. Rick then gets into an argument with Danny who won’t stop following him. Drew happily agrees to marry Jesse. Jesse misunderstands Jim as he tells Drew he won’t report Max to Social Services and blurts out that Max isn’t her brother. Rick worries when he reads a note claiming that his wife has been kidnapped after he realizes both she and Danny are now missing from Towers.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU06s1jASWY&feature=PlayList&p=F6D180793863A590&index=71 (continues with the 28th)

Mon., June 28, 1999 – After Rick reads the note that tells him that Abby is gone, he frantically searches for her at Towers and then heads out to the Santos Estate. He yells at Danny and threatens him when Danny compares the situations between Michelle and Abby. Danny, of course, denies knowing anything about the disappearance of Abigail. “However, a man would be justified in about doing anything if somebody TOOK HIS WIFE.” Meanwhile, in hiding, Abby begins to regret the scheme that she concocted to teach Rick a lesson. Carmen surprises Michelle at the hospital and tries to make peace. When Michelle refuses to believe her sincerity, Carmen goads her. Michelle tells Carmen if she and Danny ever have children Carmen will never lay eyes on them. Michelle jumps after Carmen and the doctor comes in and has orderlies restrain her. Her doctors doubt her sanity as she insists her mother-in-law continues to try to kill her.


Tues., June 29, 1999 – At the Santos home, listening quietly from the other room, Abby hears the agony and panic in Rick’s voice as he questions Danny about Abby’s whereabouts. Rick and Danny argue and Rick still refuses to free Michelle. After Rick leaves, Abby tells Danny that she feels she has made a mistake by faking the kidnapping because now Michelle is still not free and Rick is in pain. Danny agrees to take Abby back to Rick. After a tearful reunion, Rick is stunned when Abby tells him that she engineered the “kidnapping” herself. During Carmen’s provocative visit, Michelle becomes hysterical. Dr. Bradford walks in just in time to see Michelle lunging and clawing at Carmen and immediately orders a really big tranquilizer. When Rick finally comes to his senses and decides to release Michelle, he discovers that Dr. Bradford wants to keep Michelle for another two weeks following her violent outburst. Danny is furious when he hears this and engineers an escape. Donning a doctor’s coat, he sets off a code blue alarm and manages to slip into Michelle’s room. He finds her heavily medicated and unconscious but manages to escape with her. At Towers, Carmen meets with Ben to tell him about her visit with Michelle. They wind up in a passionate lip-lock and, after some discussion about the consequences, they head back to Carmen’s house for a night of romance. Meanwhile, Bill and Pilar have dinner. He tells her that he just got a summer job at SanCorp and is shocked when Pilar tells him that her mother owns the company. He absolutely refuses to work anyplace that is owned by Carmen Santos.


Wed., June 30, 1999 – Rick can’t believe it when Abby confesses she faked her own kidnapping and asks her how she could put him through this. The two find Danny and Michelle and Rick tries to repair the damage he has done to their relationship. Michelle remains angry, insisting that there is no way he can control her relationship with her husband. Danny: “You want to arrest me. Go ahead. You want to lock Michelle up. I’ll be out in a couple of hours and I’ll be headed right for her.” Revealing he may face charges at the hospital for what he has done, Rick does warn Danny that he cannot prevent Michelle from being hurt by his family’s enemies. Later, Rick is put on probation. Selena encourages Drew not to give up on Max forgiving her about not telling her the truth about “their” mother as soon as she learned it.


Longer highlight version:



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Fri., July 2, 1999 – Rick and Abby argue about Rick’s committing Michelle to the psych ward. Rick tells Abby that Charles Grant has suspended him from the hospital and that he can’t convince a bunch of hospital officials that what he did was right when he can’t even convince his wife. Abby complains to Rick that their marriage is suffering because of a lack of communication and that they don’t trust each other when there is a major problem in their marriage. Instead they each follow their own will. Rick finds a bag packed and blows up at Abby, demanding to know how they can start communicating if she’s going to just up and take off. Abby tells him to look in the bag and he sees that there are his things in there too and that she wants them to get away together and go up to the cabin. Rick apologizes and the two make up. Danny brings Michelle to Laurel Falls where he has set up a picnic, music, etc. Michelle realizes Danny has set up a surprise wedding to match her almost every detail of a childhood daydream that she had told him about, at which point Ray walks up surprising Michelle, who tells Danny he has thought of everything. Danny and Michelle renew their vows to each other and pledge their love. Danny: “Michelle, Michelle, when you entered my life, I was changed forever. You’re so full of love and life and goodness. You are a treasure and I promise I will treasure you always. With you in it, my life is richer than I had ever dreamed it would be. You make me want to be the best man that I can be. The man you can be proud to call your husband. I want to make all your dreams come true and I will. And as God is my witness I vow to protect you, to honor you and to love you forever. You are my life.” Michelle: “You really are a dream come true, Danny.” Ray leaves. Danny says he has one more surprise for Michelle and hands her a rope. Michelle pulls the rope bending back some branches and revealing a bed set up in the middle of Laurel Falls. Michelle leads Danny over to the bed and the two FINALLY begin to make love.


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Mon., July 5, 1999 – At Laurel Falls: Michelle and Danny are still in the woods making love. They stop occasionally to talk about their future life together. Danny wants to buy them a house all alone and secluded from their families and friends. Michelle tells him that it would be nice but that she wants to live in the present and she knows that it will be a while before they can do that. She realizes that he cannot just break ties with his family. She wishes that she and Carmen could get along. Talking about wanting to stay there in bed forever, Danny asks her what would they do if it rained or snowed, Michelle doesn’t think either would be a problem. He asks what if they are struck by lightning and Michelle suggestively says she thought they already had been and they prepare for another jolt. Afterward, as neither of them wants the feeling to end, Danny says they will go to San Cristobel for a honeymoon. Danny and Michelle return to the Santos House in a great mood to pack. Carmen and Michelle seem to reach an understanding and Carmen presents them with the family vacation home in San Cristobel as a wedding present, but she is putting in motion a plan to eventually get Michelle arrested and jailed there.


Longer highlight version:




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If you haven’t yet, I suggest you read my post for further discussion of the Bed in the Woods with delightful comments from other people.


Thurs., July 8, 1999 – In San Cristobel: Michelle and Danny show up at their new house. Michelle is impressed by the beauty of the house, of the view, and that it’s all theirs. Michelle: “Danny look at this view.” Danny: “Oh, I’m enjoying the view (ignoring what’s outside the window while caressing her body up and down with his eyes).” Michelle incorrectly takes Prince Edmund for one of the servants Danny mentioned (and are never seen or heard of again) and is embarrassed after she tried to follow Danny’s advice with him and establish herself as the mistress of the house. Edmund finds humor in her mistake and lists off his many accomplishments and explains that he and Danny have always been friends (I think Edmund always saw him as a fellow young prince of a different kind) and that he can’t stand Carmen. (His mental illness will be revealed soon enough, but there is no trace of it here.) Edmund presents Michelle with a gift of a native garment which she later models for Danny, who tells her as good as it looks on her, he knows she looks better with it off and they start working on her plan of making love in each and every room of the large house.


Longer highlight version:


Fri., July 9, 1999 – In San Cristobel, Josh Lewis is going nuts, upset at what is going on. Jeva meets up with Manny and is introduced to Danny for the first time. Reva keeps talking about her ring (it’s what lead them to San Cristobel, it’s a large gold ring with the Royal Winslow Crest and a photo of a baby – unknown to them, it’s Jonathan Randall) and Josh just wants to leave the country. Michelle offers to pick up the ring so that they can be on their way and Reva finally says okay. Josh can’t get out of there soon enough and even though Reva says she is not afraid of anything but not knowing, Josh convinces her that San Cristobel had robbed him of her all those years with her and begged her to leave. They get their stuff and start to leave. Meanwhile, Danny has diagnosed Jeva’s behavior as extreme fear. Michelle wants to go get the ring and Danny thinks it’s not a good idea. Danny: “We’re on our honeymoon, OUR HUN-NEE-MOON!” He thinks something’s wrong and doesn’t want Michelle to get involved. She goes to the window of the restaurant when she hears sirens and watches as Josh and Reva are arrested and taken into separate cars.


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Mon., July 12, 1999 – Manny saw the arrest and Michelle begged Danny to talk to Prince Edmund and ask him for his help in the situation. When Edmund saw the picture of Jeva with Manny he can’t believe his eyes. He recognized Reva as his former sister-in-law Catherine. Michelle asks questions about the Royal family after Danny says that he can get them an invitation to the Royal Wedding if she would like to attend. He says that that Richard is very different from his brother, thanks to something that happened to him years ago that has left him a recluse. Michelle still wants to go pick up the ring but Danny talks her into going home and continuing with their room christening countdown instead. When Michelle seems distracted, Danny gets her attention by asking if she remembered him, Michelle plays along saying “Aren’t you that really sexy guy I married?”


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Wed., July 14, 1999 – At San Cristobel: Michelle and Danny come in and Michelle is terribly sunburned. Danny: “What have learned from this, a valuable lesson?…That your handsome husband is always right.” Danny tells her that he will rub her down with aloe and all will be fine. Danny asks what she thought about the beach where they had spent the morning and she is too distracted by the sensations his hands are creating to talk very coherently.  Soon after the president of the bank shows up. They all chat awhile and Michelle gives him the chocolates for his wife that Carmen had sent. He has a strange expression after looking in the box, but Manny is too anxious to be rid of him and the chocolates to notice and he recovers. After the banker leaves he calls Carmen and tells her that he received the chocolates but no bearer bonds were inside. She told him that she was just gaining Michelle’s confidence but that next time there would be a lot more than candy in the box. The banker asked her why she would want to put her daughter-in-law at risk and Carmen said that Michelle looks so innocent that Customs would never check her.


Fri., July 16, 1999 – Danny and Michelle end up at the jewelry store. Michelle tries to collect the ring for Reva, but the jeweler plays dumb. He claims he’s no nothing about any ring and that the receipt is for a cheap bracelet. (The cheap-skate he could easily have gotten reimbursed for the most similar ring he had and bought some royal favor.) Michelle can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. Danny takes her to the palace where Edmund promises that Reva and Josh have gone back to the states, that he, himself, put them on a plane. He then offered the newlyweds a tour of the palace. While walking the halls, Reva overheard Michelle and tried to call out to her. Richard grabbed Reva and muffled her mouth (no easy task).


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Mon., July 19, 1999 – In San Cristobel: Danny and Michelle finish up the palace tour and come in to Edmund’s surveillance room just after Edmund muted the TV. They thank him for his help and the tour and leave. Edmund leaves. Manny comes back because Michelle has a broken the heel off her shoe and hurt her ankle. They kiss awhile, Danny suggests Michelle would like to play princess. She starts to tell him about her childhood fantasy of playing princess and somehow he makes it incredibly sexual and suggests that maybe she would like to make love in the palace. Michelle: “Your service to my royal needs, never ceases to amaze me.” He leads her over to couch and asks how about right here, she asks what would Edmund think if he came back and found them making love and Danny assures her that Edmund was cool. Michelle says she’d prefer to return to their own palace for that and they leave having been so engrossed with each other that they never noticed the TV with Reva and Prince Richard on it. Reva is still talking to Richard, saying that she could never hurt a child so she knows she could never have took his son away from his mother. Richard tells her that he will help her remember everything, all the pain she caused him, the hell he has been through for the past 6 years. Olivia walks in and tells Richard not to get so worked up. They go into the hall and he she asked about their engagement announcement, he tells her they need to put that off for a short while. Olivia is heartbroken and reminds him that she has always stood beside him. Olivia leaves. Richard goes back to Reva, who pulls a letter opener on him. He gets it away from her and listens to her story about her dream and hypnosis sessions about the baby and the ring and the mysterious door in the hall. She tells him that she knows she would remember if she knew what was behind that door. Richard then surprises Reva by yanking her out of the room and dragging her down the hall and opening the door. On the other side is a portrait of Princess Catherine and it’s really Reva!


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Wed., July 21, 1999 – Michelle turns up at Drew’s apartment bearing gifts. They talk awhile and Michelle notices the diamond on Drew’s hand. They talk about that and Drew just still seems depressed. It’s Max Nickerson (who Drew has taken in, originally she thought he was her half-brother, when she learned he wasn’t, she didn’t tell him and when he found out he ran away). Michelle tries to tell her that he will be back, but Drew just doesn’t know. Michelle talks about San Cristobel and the honeymoon and how they met up with Reva and Josh. Michelle starts to leave, but suddenly stops when an idea strikes her. She tells Drew that she can’t marry Jesse because if she does her name would be “Drew Blue”, Drew says she kinda likes it. Just as she walks out the door a Department of Social Services worker comes in to talk to Drew about Max. Josh meets with Danny and tells him of the situation in SC. Danny is confused to find out that Edmund lied to him about Reva and Josh being at home in Springfield. Josh pleas with Danny to help him sneak back into the country. Olivia Spencer (then Richard’s fiancee who wants Reva kept away to prevent the old flame stirring up and to protect the fact that she alone really knows where Jonathan is) called Josh and told him that she intends to help him get Reva out, but it has to be tonight. Danny thinks of what it was like to be separated from Michelle when Rick had her forcibly committed and agrees to help Josh. He tells Josh of a private airstrip that his family has for use in their illegal business, “Do you have a problem with that?” Josh jumps at the chance and they plan. Danny informs him that they will have to go in at night and that Danny himself will fly him into San Cristobel. Josh asks Danny not to say anything to anyone, even Michelle.



Thurs., July 22, 1999 – At the Casa Santos, Michelle greets Danny back home for the day with a big kiss. They talk about how different everything seems now that they are together. She used to hate their room and their bed so much and now they’ve made love in it for the first time the night before she realizes just how great a bed it is. Michelle goes to get him the present she got him today, a new nightie she bought for his enjoyment. Danny tells her he has to work and resists when she tries to “talk” him out of it. Michelle spots his suitcase and once she realizes he isn’t taking her, gets upset thinking that he is going to go do something illegal. She is afraid for his life and begs him not to go. He says he has to but cannot tell her any details now but he will when he gets home tomorrow. “How can you tell me there’s no reason to worry when both your father and grandfather died ‘doing business’?” (I think this is a key point that Danny misses. While she objects to the violence and what it does to his soul, as much as anything, Michelle wants Danny out because she’s afraid he’ll be killed and she’ll have to live without him, one of her worst fears. She really meant it when she told him she’d rather die with him than live without him.) Michelle wants to go with him but Danny says no. He leaves, walks outside their bedroom and feels terrible. He goes back in and tells her all about his helping Josh. She doesn’t want him to go but understands. At the Lewis House, Cassie is upset that Josh has asked for Danny’s help. She wonders if the Santos heir can be trusted. Josh says that he can help him and that he does trust Danny.


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Mon., July 26, 1999 – Michelle gets a call from Danny who is sitting in a plane in San Cristobel waiting for Josh to return with Reva. They talk about how they miss each other and love each other. Bill and Pilar walk in talking about his new success at SanCorp. He explains that his software enables SanCorp’s computers to access other computers without all the hassle. Michelle walks in to retrieve a book that she left when Pilar goes to fetch the trio some tea. Michelle warns Bill that Carmen and Ben may use his program illegally. Bill assures her that he has it covered and tells her to stop acting like his mom. They banter back and forth about her new married life and her becoming a junior version of Vanessa. Pilar comes back in with the tea and they ask about Danny and his whereabouts. Michelle covers, saying he had to visit a friend. Danny comes into the palace room after the guests have cleared out from Richard and Olivia’s engagement party and asks Edmund what happened with the Lewises. Edmund tells him that he needs to leave. Danny tries to act like he really doesn’t care about the couple and tells him that he just has to have something to tell Michelle. Edmund says that Reva will have a fair trial but that she did steal a child. Danny left, but only to sneak around the palace. Danny walks into the room with the gold door where Reva and Josh are talking after Richard had left and says that they need to hurry. Josh asks Reva again, if she is coming. Olivia is confronted by Richard who has figured out that she is the one that got Josh to come back. Richard heads back to where the Lewises are, not knowing Danny is in there trying to get them out.



Tues., July 27, 1999 – As Danny and Josh prepare to leave San Cristobel, Reva tells Josh she cannot go with him because she needs to find out what happened to Jonathan, her son with Richard. Josh protests. When Prince Richard tries to emotionally appeal to Josh to let Reva stay and gets nowhere, he then resorts to more aggressive threats, promising to bring Reva to trial for treason and kidnapping if Josh doesn’t agree to leave Reva behind. Frustrated, Josh agrees to let Reva remain on the island for 2 more weeks. Sneaking through the castle, on his way out to the plane, Danny is surprised to find his mother has arrived in San Cristobel and is speaking intimately with Edmund. He is perplexed by this encounter but rushes off before he can overhear Carmen’s plot to have Michelle arrested on San Cristobel.


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Thurs., July 29, 1999 – At the Santos Estate: Danny and Michelle are kissing. The two lovebirds are talking about Josh and Reva and about Danny’s accidental confrontation with Edmund and his cover story. They make love and Danny tells Michelle he’s been thinking about what she said before he left about how different their room and bed seemed now. He wants her to know she did that for him, too, but on a larger scale, she has made the house he always hated a home for him. Josh interrupts them with a call asking for Danny’s help once again.



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Fri., July 30, 1999 – Billy and Josh are trying to plan how to retrieve Reva from San Cristobel. Michelle and Danny come over and shortly after Cassie shows up. Billy wants to infiltrate the palace and get her. Cassie says the people holding Reva would kill her if that happened. She suggests that she go talk to Reva since Richard has a great deal of animosity against Josh. Michelle thinks that is a good idea and she and Danny leave with Cassie. Josh tells Billy, no way will Cassie go, he is going forward with his plan. Michelle suggests that Reva would come home if she thought Cassie were ill.


Tues., August 3, 1999 – Blake and Michelle help Cassie concoct a scheme to bring Reva home by pretending Cassie is sick enough to warrant her admission into Cedars Hospital. The plan works and Michelle is able reach Reva with the news that Cassie is sick. Reva tells Richard she must leave and is surprised when her request is politely denied. After Richard leaves the room, Reva schemes and realizes that the only way she can gain Richard’s trust and leave is to convince him that she is in love with him.



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Wed., Aug. 4, 1999 – At the Santos Estate: Danny questions Carmen about her new found friendship with Edmund. Carmen assures Danny that she is just involved with Edmund as far as business. She questions Danny as to his concern and is informed that he is trying to help out Michelle’s friends. Carmen tells Danny that he should be concerned with his family, not with Michelle’s friends. Danny leaves. Carmen is a ticked off and talks to Ben about it. He assures her that he feels she is right. Carmen fills in Ben on her plans to get Michelle arrested and prosecuted in San Cristobel. Back in their bedroom, Michelle and Danny snuggle on the bed. Michelle tells Danny that she is feeling better and begins to tell him how she was helping Cassie out and that is why she went to the hospital earlier. Danny misunderstood and guesses that Michelle is pregnant. He was so happy Michelle hated to tell him that she was not going to have a baby. She wondered why he was so sure so fast and he said they’d been doing nothing much, but making love for the last month and hadn’t done anything to keep her from getting pregnant. She explained to Danny that she was on the pill. He was a little let down, for a moment hurt and afraid she didn’t want his children, but they talked and both want children when the time is right. He tells her he understands that she wants to wait until it would be safer to have children, but he wants to have a family with her badly and would welcome it right now. However, they decide to wait and in the meantime, he says they can just dream, but Michelle corrects him with a smile and tells him they can also practice. He thinks that is such a good idea that they start a “practice” session right then.



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Fri., Aug. 6, 1999 – Michelle is fresh out of the shower wearing only a towel when Danny comes home from a business meeting. Danny: “If I’d have known you were wearing my favorite outfit, I’d been home a lot sooner.”  Michelle: “I put it on especially for you.”  Danny:“Why did you cover it up with the towel?” Michelle asks Danny if they can go to the masked ball in San Cristobel. Danny immediately knows what his wife is up to and tells her “no.” He doesn’t want her any more involved in the Lewis mess and doesn’t want her to go and put her life in jeopardy. After she fails to talk him around, Michelle finally tells Danny that they are going and that she is going to help Reva. They continue to argue and spend the night in separate beds.


Tues., August 10, 1999 – Josh calls Billy, Matt, Jim and Danny together to brainstorm about how to bust Reva out of the Palace. Danny: “Five guys are going to invade a country?” Danny is resistant because the plan involves Michelle and he doesn’t want to put her at risk. When Cassie and Michelle discover that they are being left out of the plans they insist on being included. The group plans the rescue during the upcoming Masked Ball at the palace as Michelle suggested. Michelle pulls Danny aside and tells him “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you apologize for treating me like a brainless, weak female.” She’s got him and he apologizes.


Wed., Aug. 11, 1999 – Michelle comes over to borrow some of Drew’s wardrobe so that she will be able to put on an air of wealth. While she is there, she mentions that she wants to go with Drew to check out dresses for her and Jesse’s upcoming nuptials. Drew doesn’t mention the break up until Jesse comes by. He asks to speak to Drew alone, but Drew insists that Michelle stay. Michelle soon learns that not only has Jesse moved out but he is also planning on taking a job in New York. Michelle takes some clothes and leaves. Jesse and Drew talk a bit and ultimately end up in a passionate embrace. At the Santos Estate: Danny calls to arrange for the yacht to take Michelle and himself back down to San Cristobel. Manuel, the boat’s captain, calls and reveals the plan to Carmen. When Danny comes in she announces that she knows the plan and she knows that he is going to help rescue Reva. But, she tells him that if he wants to go without any interference from her, then he will have to smuggle some bearer bonds into the country for payment to an associate. He protests until Carmen says that she will call and blow the whole plan out of the water, if he didn’t agree to do it. Ultimately, he does agree.


Fri., August 13, 1999 – Carmen gives Danny a briefcase of bearer bonds, two million dollars worth for him to smuggle into San Cristobel. Pilar comes in and warns of the police coming. She tells them David Grant warned her. Pilar takes up for David. (This is part of David’s plan to go undercover with the family.) Carmen tries to stop Pilar from taking the bearer bonds out of the house. Bill comes in and Pilar tries to get him and herself out of the house. They leave. Michelle wants to know what’s up. Danny isn’t talking. The cops come in. They didn’t find anything and Frank says that he thinks someone tipped them off. They leave. Michelle asks again, what’s going on. Carmen listens to their conversation outside the room. Michelle feels left out and leaves.


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Mon., Aug. 16, 1999 – At Company: Pilar comes in and sees the police. She talks Bill into going to his room. (She wants to get away from the police since she has the barer bonds in her backpack.) They go up and are half dressed and kissing on the bed when Danny comes banging on the door. He tells Pilar there is a family emergency and they need to get home. Outside of Company, Danny berates his sister and asks her if she is trying to ruin her life. He wants to know if she was willing to sleep with Bill in order to hide the bonds. And he tells her that she doesn’t want to live with the lies that he and Carmen have to live with. Bill comes out and asks Pilar to see him again tomorrow.


Tues., Aug. 17, 1999 –  Pocket Watch Soliloquy Day – Michelle & Danny argue about his involvement in his mother’s business dealings. They make up and make love, but Michelle still wants to settle the cause of the original argument. Danny says he only doesn’t tell her things to protect her and they are only about business. When she protests being cut out saying they are supposed be partners, Danny says this is only temporary, but he needs to protect her while he’s still in the business. Michelle isn’t happy about it, but says she can live with it. They are interrupted by Dietz telling them Carmen wants them to join her for dessert. They reluctantly agree. Michelle goes to take a shower and Danny packs the bearer bonds in a secret compartment of his suitcase as per Carmen’s orders. After dressing himself and waiting for Michelle to finish showering and dressing to go down (it must have been a long shower, he eventually gives up and goes down without her), Danny pulls out a pocket watch his father gave him before he died with the promise he could do anything he wanted. Danny talks to his father’s memory, expressing his frustration about not being about to start a new life with Michelle and his fears that he will have to keep lying to her. He’s afraid it will cause her to eventually hate him, leave him, or worst of all, accept his life as it is and become what his mother has. He vows that he can never let that happen and that he must find a way. When Dietz picks up the luggage, he follows Carmen’s orders to secretly switch the bonds to Michelle’s suitcase where Carmen’s hint to the authorities says to look for them.


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Thurs., Aug. 19, 1999 – On the Santos Yacht: Michelle, Danny, Jim, Josh, and Matt are on the yacht heading for San Cristobel. Michelle is trying to keep everyone away from “down below” because that is where Cassie is hiding. Manny walk around the deck of the yacht together. They discuss wishing that they didn’t have to do this their first trip on the yacht. Michelle daydreams aloud that they could just go exploring and make love on each and every beach they find. Danny especially seems to feel the loss and stresses that he will give her the kind of life she dreams about eventually (although he’s still unsure about how to accomplish that – her faith is justified though, eventually he realizes what he has to do to free them and he does it). Danny says he’s glad to help her friends. Michelle jumps on that and tells him they are his friends now too and until Josh turns on the jerk juice again (see my “Josh Lewis is a jerk” post), she’s right. For awhile Josh would probably have counted Danny among his best friends as they help each other back and forth. Josh and pals go over the plans to free Reva. Josh is “this close” to freaking out and keeps making speeches about saving Reva.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QViDeN-p7HE&feature=related (Start at 6:35)


Fri., Aug. 20, 1999 – Danny and Michelle discuss what the yacht and the times he spent there with his father meant to him. Josh finds Cassie and yells at her. Cassie tells him that she wants to help. Michelle asks Danny if he is mad at her for sneaking Cassie aboard. Danny: “I’m not mad.” Michelle: “You’re something.” Danny tells her that he can’t believe she didn’t tell her the truth about this. Michelle counters that he wouldn’t tell her about his recent dealings. Danny tells her that is different, he didn’t tell Michelle something to protect her, but Michelle doesn’t see a difference. Cassie gets really badly seasick.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJXdY4q8T5Q (Most of this is on the other clips, but at least 2 short scenes not on others. Plus extra Cassie-Jim and Jeva)

Mon., Aug. 23, 1999 – At the Santos House in San Cristobel: The police bring all the gang into the Santos mansion and tell them that they must go through all of the baggage. They also tell them that Cassie has no passport which is also illegal. Michelle sweet talks the guards into letting them go, saying that they had no intention of docking so they didn’t think Cassie would need her passport. She plays the foolish little wife to the hilt and Danny picks up the cue, asking the officers if they are married and implying strongly what are you going to do with a scatterbrained wife. Michelle also informed them of their friendship with the Royals and after a little while the police said not to let it happen again and they left. The guys (Matt, Jim, Josh and Danny) went over their plan in great detail while Michelle and Cassie got into their swimsuits. Jim came up to talk with Cassie and when he left, Michelle told Cassie that she thinks Jim has a thing for her. Jim came back and startled Cassie who struggled for her balance and grabbed Jim and they both fell into the pool. They talked and Cassie convinced Jim he would feel better if he would call Susan. He did and Beth got on the phone. He was hanging up and Beth heard Cassie in the background and got angry. (At this point Jim is kind of, sort of dating Beth, but isn’t really committed to a relationship yet and has been sending out admittedly mixed signals to both Cassie and Harley.) Beth has vowed not to make the same mistakes in her current relationship she made with Phillip and not understanding the real situation, lets her fears get the better of her and she heads out to San Cristobel. She found out that the call originated In San Cristobel and reserved a seat on the next flight out.


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Thurs., Aug. 26, 1999 – Bill is upset with Pilar and she tries to explain. Carmen comes out and overhears them. She gets angry with Bill but Pilar tries to explain to her what they were discussing. Bill leaves angry. Pilar goes off on Carmen about her and Ben. Carmen tells her that Danny told her all about what happened with Bill and the bonds. Carmen begs her to not rush into anything. Danny calls Carmen on her cell phone and says that he is getting rid of the bonds tonight. Carmen says that something will go wrong if he changes the plan. He reluctantly agrees and hangs up. Carmen looks and Pilar is gone. She calls home but Pilar isn’t there. Pilar goes to Bill’s and tells him that she wants him. Bill says he doesn’t want her if she is just trying to prove something and he tells her to leave. At the Santos house, Michelle and Cassie look for something for Cassie to wear to the ball. Cassie worries that she will screw up and hurt Reva. She finds a costume and Michelle thinks she looks great. Michelle gets dressed and Danny tells her that she looks wonderful.


Fri., Aug. 27, 1999 – The ball is starting. Jim, Cassie and Michelle show up. Michelle decides to duck out to see what is keeping Danny. Cassie acts sick so that they would not have to be announced at the party. They sneak in and spot Reva. Josh is hiding outside the palace all dressed in black. He goes in and changes into a tux. Jim calls and tells him to get inside and he will set off explosives in 5 minutes. They call Matt and he says that he will get the boat ready. Josh puts on his mask and goes into the palace. Danny finds the bearer bonds in Michelle’s suitcase and assumes that he put them in the wrong case. Michelle walks in and questions him. She wants to know if he is laundering money. She gets upset and they argue. He tells her that she knew what he did for a living. Michelle thinks that he was only using her friends as cover. He tried to explain that he planned the bond exchange after the rescue was planned. The police knock on the door.


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I know there are a lot of Masked Balls scenes posted. I hoped to get some pieced together before I got this far in the story, but didn’t so look for a Masked Ball post later that hopefully will also include Rassie’s first meeting. I’ll link to it from the episode guide when I finish it.

Mon., Aug. 30, 1999 – Danny is apologizing to Michelle promising that something like this will never happen again when the police show up. While they bang on the door Danny puts the documents in the grill. They have a search warrant and come in and tell Danny that they know all about him and his family and will tear the house apart until they find what they are looking for. They try to talk to Michelle to get her to spill information and she finally offers to help them. Danny is worried about her reaction, but when she tells him to trust her, he does. Danny tells them that he is going to return to the grill where he has been cooking dinner for himself and Michelle in his tuxedo. He went out while Michelle took the officers over to the television and explained that she had told Danny that their getting cable free all this time was illegal and that they would be caught. The officers got angry and started tearing their suitcases apart. When they realized the suitcases were empty, they commented on the tip that said the bonds where in the suitcases. Meanwhile, Danny barbecued $2 million worth of bearer bonds to a charcoal briquette. The Officers leave and Danny and Michelle think of the expensive barbecue they just had. Michelle is still upset about the whole situation and picks up their argument where they had left off earlier, especially when Danny seems turned on by how well she’d covered for him. Carmen calls and Danny tells her that he burned the bonds. Carmen yells at Danny and he explains the situation with the feds. Carmen asks him what they are going to do pay their debt. Michelle reminds Danny that he was supposed to go legitimate. She wants him to tell his mother “no” the next time she wants him to do something illegal. Danny doesn’t answer her about this promise. Back at Casa Santos: Pilar comes in and Carmen questions her about where she has been. Ben Warren and Carmen talk about how much she loves her children and wants them safe. Carmen leaves and Pilar comes back in and starts hitting on Ben. He doesn’t respond to her seduction. Ben tells Pilar that he knows why she is upset with her mother and why she is doing what she is doing. He says that her mother loves her very much and that she would die for her. Pilar gets angry and barges off. Carmen, overhearing comes in and plants a big kiss on Ben. She says no one has ever stood up for her like that before. She goes to the phone to call San Cristobel. After the phone call, Carmen tells Ben that Danny burned the bonds. She is upset until Ben tells her that now Danny is obligated to his mother and that the deeper he gets involved with the family, the more he will pull away from Michelle. They kiss again and Pilar looks in with disgust at her mother and Ben.


Wed., Sept. 1, 1999Pool Scene Day – In San Cristobel: Danny and Michelle are still arguing about the barer bonds. She doesn’t want to be involved with illegal activities and he is trying to tell her that he had to bring the bonds in. They start to calm down when Michelle finally realizes that Danny burned what amounted to $2 million dollars in cash and now owes it to his family. He says he’d destroy it all again for her in a heartbeat. Michelle figured out that Carmen was behind Danny bringing the bonds into the country, but while Danny admits his mother’s involvement, he also says he personally felt the obligation to the whole family. Michelle calls Aunt Meta and then comes back into the room to tell Danny that she has arranged to get her trust fund that her father set up for her and that should help them settle the debt that they owe for burning the bonds. They yell at each other, Danny doesn’t want to take her money, both end up saying things they shouldn’t and Michelle storms out of the house and goes out to the pool. When she gets there she sheds her robe and goes for an angry swim. Danny comes out and jumps in after her (still fully dressed in his tux) and tells her that he can promise her that he will always love her. They kiss and start making up and making love.



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See some of the Edmund-Richard-Reva  San Cristobel highlights at beginning of this clip


Tues., Sept. 7, 1999 – At the palace, Jim, Matt, Danny and Michelle are ready to go out on the hunt for Reva, Josh and Richard, when the guards (led by Colonel Dax) come in. The guards claim that they are all traitors and will be punished as traitors. They assault Danny who tries to pick a fight so that Michelle can escape and the guards manhandle the rest of the bunch and take them down into a secluded spot where they put the four Americans in front of a firing squad. Reva, Josh, and Richard return to the palace, where they tell the guards to find the safe house where Olivia is keeping Jonathan. They are then informed that Danny and crew are all facing the firing squad for the bomb and for the death of Edmund. Reva begs Richard to stop the guards and he and Josh go to the rescue. Reva gets cleaned up and is sitting in the courtyard, crying about the whole ordeal when Jonathan comes up and puts his hand on her shoulder and asks her if she is okay. Reva recognizes him immediately and reaches out to the little boy. (Cassie, Olivia et al are also there but in the background, all we see is their blurry images).


Wed., Sept. 8, 1999 – Richard and Josh arrive just in time to stop the guards from shooting Danny, Michelle, Jim and Matt. Josh apologizes to everyone and says that he is sorry for putting them into this position and that he is glad that everyone was safe. Michelle was concerned that this is the way her life is meant to be as long as she is a Santos. [How does she get that? This is all her fault. Danny wanted to stay out of it and did everything possible to protect her, but she forced her way in.] Danny comforted her and told her that he will get out of the “family business”, in time and that she just needed to trust him. Manny kisses on the sidelines.

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