Musical Manny

Something about Manny just inspires a connection to music whether it’s “The Angel of Mine” dance or “Sometimes Lovers, Always Friends,” there is a strong connection there. This is a link to the ultimate Manny Music page:

(I suggest highlighting the whole thing before you try to read it though. Yellow lettering is never a good idea, especially up against a busy background.)

My list of the best Manny music videos posted on YouTube.

1. “Angel of Mine” – Nice production moves and a great collection of clips give the highlights of the original Stenz Manny to a song that both has appropriate words for the couple and is a song they actually dance to on the show. It sums up the early story easily.

2. “Making Memories of Us” –  A visual interpretation of the Manny dream. Another great use of snippet quotes and production techniques to a song with perfect words.

3. “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Any More” – A perfect summing up with a few interesting editorial techniques.

4. “Hopelessly Addicted” – Another great song with perfect words for them.

5. “Sometimes Lovers, Always Friends” – GL’s theme song for the Stablans version of Manny. Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban actually sang this song. Other lyrics fit them better, but this is a nice look at their love. The two lines that fit them the best are the ones about “open hearts” which was a phrase they used and “learning how to grow” which they always did. (I preferred the nonlyric couple theme they used for the Stenz Manny.)

6. “Shoop Shoop Song” – They’ve killed the music on this video, but start the music on the second link and then switch windows and start watching this video and you’ll agree it’s great.

7. “Amazed” – A great job of matches scenes and actions to the words of a song that fits them.

8. “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” – A summary of the deep dark best forgotten amnesia storyline, watch this and spare yourself most of the rest of the clips of it.

9. “To Make Her Love Me” – Stalbans angst very well matched.

10. “Hold Her Closer” – Good words for them, but too much sad Manny for my taste.

11. “I’m Not Strong Enough to Say No” – Summary of awful Tattoo Tony-Marina rectangle. Watch this, catch all the highlights and skip the painful stuff until the Michelle-Marina elevator scene.

12. “All I’m Going To Be Is Her Man” – A terrific Danny POV of the whole relationship.

13. “Love Like Crazy” – A Stalban Manny video that very cleverly parallels the story of the song with plot lines on the show, plus showing plenty of Manny love.

14. “Two Car Garage” – A Stalban Manny video to what I’ve always thought was the perfect Danny POV song.

Last Updated: September 6, 2011

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