Premonitions of Manny

Recently I began re-watching old episodes of Guiding Light. Somewhere in the world [Iceland] they are currently showing the 1999 episodes and a generous person calling herself Heartbreaker has been posting them to YouTube, starting sometime in the 1997 episodes. Watching in retrospect, I’m starting to notice premonitions or foreshadowings of Manny. I thought I would share my findings with you. I’ll add more as they come up.

Although this first reference isn’t a quote from the show, I think it is truly the first premonition that what Michelle Bauer needed was someone like Danny Santos. In 1985, Ed and Maureen ended up in Beirut with Claire Ramsey and Fletcher Reade. The four were separated and Maureen and Fletcher were presumed dead after an attack. The terrorists checked their bodies and even pulled Maureen’s wedding ring off her finger, which Ed later found and took as confirmation she was dead. In reality, Fletcher and Maureen were alive after all and trying to get back to them. Ed and Claire were devastated by their supposed mutual loss, had grief sex which resulted in Michelle’s conception. This alone should convince everyone that Michelle was never meant to have a typical life. She always attracted trouble and it would take a strong man used to trouble to be her future soul mate.

Ed: “You know a child has to have security, a feeling of security. It has to have absolute love if it’s going to have confidence in itself when it grows up and I want to give Michelle that kind of childhood. I want her to be part of a strong loving family and I don’t know for the life of me how she’ll get that with Claire.”

Jenna: “Now what you need is a handsome prince to take you away…”

Michelle: “I wish someone would come and whisk us away, don’t you?” (Starting at 1:40)

“I used to dream about living here [at the lighthouse]. In my dream I wasn’t alone, my prince charming lived here with me.”

-Michelle Bauer

The Eye Doctor uncovers Michelle’s eyes and she says she can see.

Jesse: “See it’s a sign we’re going to make it. I told you everything would be all right. Nothing is going to go wrong from now on.”

But Michelle can’t see, so it’s a sign the other way. Michelle definitely is no longer in a hurry to marry Jesse.

When Michelle is considering going to Africa with her father after Jesse pushes her away, she has a vision of Maureen.

Maureen: “Nothing is messed up….I’m always with you in your heart no matter where you are….I think things are going to turn out just the way they are supposed to.”

Michelle: “What do you mean?”

Maureen: “[Laugh]You’ll see.”

Jesse is trying to convince Michelle to go to Africa with her Dad, so she isn’t with him just because he has Maureen’s heart.

Jesse: “What do you want Michelle? We’ve been a train wreck ever since the start. It’s not that we did something wrong. It’s just luck hasn’t been our way.”

Jesse tries to push Michelle away, when he suddenly realizes Maureen was his heart donor. His efforts results in a bit of clarity and truth.

Jesse: “Look, Michelle. The truth is you keep thinking things about me that aren’t true.”

Rick talks with Ed, when Ed struggles over whether encouraging Jesse to stay away from Michelle is the right thing to do.

Ed: “I know what it was like to be 18 years old. First love does quite a number on your heart.”

Rick:“Yeah, Dad but once that passes it makes room for somebody really incredible to walk into your life.”

Ed: “That’s what I want for Michelle. I want someone to make her be happy.”

Rick: “Dad, it’s NOT Jesse.”

Maureen appears to Michelle shortly before the fire at Reva’s house and seems less than convinced that her elopement to Jesse is a good idea.

Michelle: “That is what this it’s like for me. We can’t wait.”

Maureen: “Sweetheart, I know you feel this way, but you know that if something is meant to happen it will….I love you Michelle. I want you to be happy.”

Jesse shares his fears with Buzz after Michelle leaves him for the blind school.

Jesse:  “Buzz, we were married, well we weren’t legally married, but we were like married.”

Buzz: “Even real marriages sometimes don’t work out you know.”

Jesse: “I changed everything for her. I twisted myself up for her….I’m so pathetic.”

Jesse takes Michelle back to the lighthouse after she returns from the blind school. He tries to remind her of their marriage.

Michelle: “But don’t you see? This marriage thing it was an adolescent, romantic fantasy. Trying to elope, reciting those vows. It wasn’t REAL.”

This premonition is a two-parter. Ed describes the situation and Danny describes that it’s come true.

Ed: “What did you say before about Mindy?”

Rick: “Mindy? She drives me up the wall.”

Ed: “She does, huh? You know Maureen does the same thing to me and Son, it’s not a bad place to be once you get the hang of it.” (Starting at 2:40)

Danny: “We were constantly fighting. We made each other crazy. She made me crazy. She was completely unpredictable. Totally defiant, bossy and rude one minute and then vulnerable and caring the next.” (Starting at 2:30)

Michelle talks with Bill after Jesse walks out after a fight at the beach party. Bill tells Michelle that Jesse wrecked havoc on her life.

Bill: “I just want you happy. That’s it. This guy does not seem to be making you happy. AND you need someone who can.”

Michelle to Rick in early 1998, just months before she meets Danny: “Our luck is changing Rick. We’re on a roll….Things have been down for awhile way too long and I think it’s time things start to break our way.”

Cassie Layne to Reva Shayne: “Lord help us against those men who wear leather jackets.”

Buzz to Jesse: “With women it’s never free. When they say free they mean they like you a lot and they’re not going to show it until they wear you down. You laugh now. You won’t laugh when you fall for it. Unless you want to fall for it.”

Jesse to Buzz: “Michelle’s gone. Drew’s here. Life is short.”

OK, this is more about Dresse, but without Manny there was not Dresse. Starts at 3:30

After the med school party, Jesse talks to Michelle about his insecurities.
Jesse: “I’m afraid I’m not going to be the right kind of guy for you, Michelle.” Starts at 6:40
Drew: “Danny had a thing for her…..He liked her I mean anyone could see that and I thought he’d keep Michelle safe…I thought everything would work out.” Starts at 9:10

Jesse to Michelle when Messe tries to reunite during the annulment separation: “When we were downstairs, I don’t know, I’m just sort of getting the impression that you are thinking of Danny when you are with me.” (Starting at 4:30)

“I know all the problems you are having in this marriage, your mother’s vendetta, your brother Mick, but I have a feeling that something strong can come out of this.”

Zachary Smith (Angel Boy) “You can’t make something happen that is not meant to be….

I knew going in that this couldn’t last and I was wrong to let you think that it could.”
He later tells Meta there will be another for Michelle.

The Manny story is well underway at this point, but as Pilar is predicting their future, I decided to add it.

Pilar: “There’s no going back, Danny….Your dream of a perfect life has Michelle in it and you know it….You love her Danny, I know you do….If you want a life with Michelle, you can have it, if you want it badly enough….If you love Michelle, if you really love her, you’ll find a way…” (Starting at 1:30)

As it was quoted on the show, this had nothing to do with Manny, but I think it holds true for everyone who loves Springfield, Reva is talking to Sean. “I do see the lighthouse. – But do you know what it means?…You know it brings us home don’t you, the light , it always brings us home. It went out for awhile, we all lost our way, but now it’s back burning brighter than ever before. And it’s bringing me home again. – To Springfield.”

Not from Guiding Light, but I saw this quote and thought it fit too well with Messe and Manny.

“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together” Marilyn Monroe

Rick to Michelle about Danny: “I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really glad you guys have each other. He really, really loves you.”

A late comer to the party, but a premonition about Manny’s daughter, Hope Santos.
1:30 Danny: “That’s another thing you taught me because of you I believe in Hope.” 2:30 Maureen in card Michelle read: “As long as you live have Hope.”

Maureen’s ghost visits Michelle when she has given up hope on being with Danny again. “You and Danny will be together again believe it, it will happen.” 6:30

Drew: “You and Danny are going to be the best parents ever.”

Danny to Claire: “”I’m doing this for Michelle because I’d do anything to make her happy and I’d do anything to protect her, remember that.”

Ray to Danny: “When you met Michelle you believed she was your savior, I believe she still is, at least the closest thing on this earth.”

I’ve been reading a few romance novels lately to help expand my range and a few of Nora Roberts have made the list and even though this is nothing to do with Manny and was written afterward, I’m going to include a quote that I think does a great job explaining part of Manny’s attraction to each other and for all of us.

“Pulled himself out of hard times, dealt with the scars from it, pushed himself to make a mark. A little bit of the wild side there, always. With my Charlie, I told myself, oh no, I won’t get tangled up with this one. And I said it again, even when I was already tangled up….It’s hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man. They’ll knock the legs right out from under you. I’m grateful every day, however short our time together was, that I didn’t resist very long.”

Roberts, Nora. Happy Ever After: Book 4 in the Bride Quartet. New York: Berkley Books, 2010. p. 101

Ray, when Manny are headed for their first divorce: “There’s ALWAYS Hope, ALWAYS.”

Michelle: “Aitoro is not going to take this away from us Danny, so don’t you help him. If you go away we lose, whenever we’re apart we lose. Weren’t you the most miserable guy in Springfield when I was living in New York? So you’ve got to stay with Robbie and me – no matter what.”

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