The update is complete. Unless I have another big update, I won’t mention it on the blog or at the top of the pages, so watch the “Last Updated” dates at the bottom of each page. I think I have found all the dead links now so let me know if you find one. Unfortunately a couple of posts on the Stenzmania board have become unstable. I’m still hoping that they straighten out, but if they don’t I’ll have to pull them. Some of the Internet Archive sites are unstable and you might have to try again or follow the directions I gave in the post below.


Please let me know if you find any errors or problems, you can e-mail me at:


ALL Fanfic Writers, Readers, and Collectors, Please read the post below

I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

The Manny characters enter the world of fairy tales.

“Fairytale” (1 of 2 with this name) – Princess Michelle’s quest for love took her to the dark land of Santonia where despite of everything she found her prince.

“Fairytale” (1 of 2 with this name) – The Manny plot up to where they told each other they loved each other in terms of a fairytale.


“The Lighthouse Princess” – The Mannifield Players present their version of The Light Princess by George MacDonald. A bewitched Princess loses her gravity, but will she find her Prince?

“The Mob Prince: A Fairy Tale” – The Mannifield Players present their take on The Frog Prince. This is definitely a parody. A great Jesse is an idiot story.


“Rosie Pink and the Eleven Sprites” – The Mannifield Players present Snow White.

“Sleeping Beauty, Manny Style” – A definite tongue in cheek adaption of the classic tale. You have to love the line about the loafers.

Last Updated: March 28, 2010

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