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Wonderful, Beautiful, Magical Essay 1

March 30, 2017

Republisher’s Note: This article is one of my reposts. I must say I love Manny. If you have any doubt of that look at how much time I spend on this blog. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean that I love them blindly. I love the Manny church wedding. I love the dress. I love a lot of the little bits and let’s face they’re magic, but the best soap wedding ever? No. The most real soap opera wedding ever? No. But it’s still great, check it out. I also added the photo. I added the links first to Lucy and Alan-Michael and to a short report on their wedding. A lot of their fans didn’t like it because they felt that Philip’s return overshadowed their wedding, but honestly I enjoyed it. Watch the Church Wedding

From Rustle of the Sheets

“Wonderful, Beautiful, Magical”
“(The Wedding … Reception … Night Episodes)
By Jennifer Hallmark

I’m used to soap weddings in general being a disappointment for one reason or another. And I’m used to the weddings of my favorite couples (Lucy and Alan-Michael, also of Guiding Light, being an outstanding example) being horrific or, if I’m lucky, merely blah! The wedding of Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer was a complete surprise in this regard and for a few other reasons as well.

I like Manny more than any other couple in almost three years. Heck, I absolutely love Danny and Michelle. They are sexy — downright combustible, dangerous, opposites in some ways, but so alike in others, and counteracting all of their spice is a sweet, comforting beauty to many of their interactions — especially on Danny’s part. Because I so adore them, I assumed that their wedding would be a complete waste of time and effort — as per my experiences thus far with my couple’s weddings.

I am so pleased to report how wrong I was. Let me list the ways the Santos Nuptials worked (and there were many) …

1.) I have never seen a soap wedding that appeared so real before. The ceremony itself was not overly melodramatic — true, they did the whole exchanging of vows which generally make this viewer want to gag, but their vows were simple, beautiful and appropriate for the couple.

Danny’s words expressed his love and desire for a true union with Michelle without actually coming out and saying so — very much in character. And Michelle’s were quick and to the point — she knew herself well enough to know that she could not stand up before God and her family and profess undying love for this man, but there was an honesty and sweetness there that Michelle rarely shows to her husband. Again, it was very appropriate to the couple and their situation.

The reception was just fabulous: The members of the wedding mingling with guests, the speeches — some by people who didn’t really want to give them. Paul Anthony Stewart’s hesitations and “uhs” in his speech sounded incredibly natural and completely real. Michelle’s frozen, slightly embarrassed reaction to Danny’s “we want to be alone” looked like a moment captured on videotape at a real, live wedding.

2) For once, the bride and groom looked absolutely beautiful — both of them. Danny’s suit was just off-kilter enough to stand out (as he always — and pretty much does — should.) And Michelle’s wedding gown was just glorious — romantic, old-fashioned, a perfect complement to her ivory-girl beauty. Normally, I’m not a fan of slicked back hair on brides, but Joie Lenz wears it so well that for the first time, I didn’t mind. And Paul Anthony Stewart … let’s just say the man was fine! — as usual.

3) The Dance — oh my God! the dance. How utterly hot was that dance? It didn’t matter that there was a room full of people, or that others were dancing — all that mattered was that Latin beat, that beautiful couple, and (Thank God!) two actors who actually have rhythm and know how to move, dancing together. Just sizzling. Now, we’ve got to see Danny and Michelle in a sexy, slow dance somewhere down the line.

4) The Wedding Night, how sweet is Danny? Yes, I know he’s a mobman in the making, but with Michelle — his bride, he was just as wonderful as he could be. The way that Stewart gazes at Lenz, you’d think that Michelle was this angel brought down from heaven just for Danny — there to show him the good and right path. Of course, for them to actually become a real couple, he’s gonna have to cut out that Madonna Complex he seems to have placed her in, but in moments like this, it is just so darn beautiful, I sigh like crazy.

5) The kiss. Okay, they, that is, she didn’t follow through, but while it lasted it was pretty damn hot! And more than just steam, there was tenderness and a sweet sensuality. Danny’s hesitant “are you sure?,” evidence of almost desperate desire that she want this as much as he. And evidenced by her slight nod and curving smile, despite her pulling away, the little glow in her eyes bespoke of more than just pretending.

And I believe that that is why she pulled away, alongside guilt over her deception, because she knew somewhere deep inside of herself that she just was not pretending anymore. She did like him. She did care about him and he did make her feel something. She just didn’t know what that something was and so she pulled away. And both Stewart and Lenz did a great job of communicating all of this with just that one kiss and the immediate aftermath.

6) I loved how during Danny’s shoulder massage, a smile full of sweetness and contentment curved Michelle’s lips when Danny said “we’ve all the time in the world. This is just the beginning for us,” before she realized just what that instinctive reaction of hers might meant.

7) And of course, Danny’s admission of how their wedding day affected him, followed by his belief that they could have a future together was so beautiful from his point of view, but so heartbreaking from Michelle’s view. That girl should feel guilty.

For a couple that weren’t even meant to be, these two very much stirred so many emotions on a wedding day that shouldn’t have been more than a formality. It is fabulous to see Guiding Light doing so right with this storyline. They did a great job of walking that line between Danny’s love for his bride and Michelle’s thawing attitude towards her husband while remaining true to both characters and offering the audience a wonderful three-day event — it was just wonderful, beautiful, magical.

Jennifer H.


The Picnic by Samj

March 30, 2017

“The Picnic” – Danny and Michelle are both college students at Springfield University at a college party. They meet over a water balloon contest and Danny’s time at the picnic Pilar drug him to is definitely looking up.

Republisher’s Note: A lovely happy Manny college standalone.

Author’s Note: Setting: a picnic at Laurel Falls, Summer 2000.

The Picnic by Samj

“The next event will be the water balloon toss,” came the cheerful voice over the public announcing system.

“It’s about time!” Michelle muttered under her breath, wiping a sweaty curl off her forehead. “It must be 100 degrees out today.”

Michelle made her way through the confused mass of toddlers and parents playing tag until she found her best friend, Bill Lewis. “Come on, Bill, water balloons,” she practically sang.

Bill looked up from the barbecue grill and gave Michelle an apologetic smile. “Sorry, can’t I have to man the grill.”

“Bill,” she whined, “you promised!”

“Burgers, Michelle, burgers.”

Michelle put out her bottom lip in a pout that Bill knew all too well, but he remained firm. “I really don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding someone else to be your partner Michelle, especially in that outfit.”

“What’s wrong with my outfit?” she challenged, looking down at her simple pink tank top and khaki shorts.

“Absolutely nothing,” he replied, giving her an appreciative once-over.

“Hey, knock it off,” she giggled, “this isn’t an episode of Dawson’s Creek.

Before Bill could respond, several fellow SU students walked past and drowned out their conversation. Above the din of multiple voices they heard one rather obnoxious speaker bragging loudly, “Give it up man, Peanut and I are experts at tossing water balloons. We’ve already got this thing in the bag.”

Michelle gave Bill a puzzled glance and he shook his head, indicating that he didn’t recognize the speaker either.

“Twenty bucks,” the stranger challenged.

“You want to put twenty bucks on a water balloon toss?” Jesse Blue, Bill’s roommate, asked incredulously. “Have you completely lost your mind?”

“Hey, I just believe in putting my money where my mouth is.” The stranger grinned broadly. “You in or out?”

“In,” Jesse responded succinctly. “Bill, let’s go man,” he called, “we’ve got some business to take care of.”

With a shrug of his shoulders Bill handed the spatula to a fellow frat brother and followed Jesse to the water balloon field.

“Traitor!” Michelle yelled after him.

The stranger grinned in amusement at Michelle, who promptly stuck her tongue out at him. For a moment their eyes locked, and Michelle chided herself for the butterflies suddenly loose in her stomach.

Breaking eye contact, he peeled his tee shirt off and handed it to a girl Michelle recognized from her art history class. What was her name? Pilar, Pilar Santos. Then he turned back to Michelle expectantly.

Peeling her eyes from his well-developed chest she asked sarcastically, “Is that supposed to impress me?”

His voice came out as a low, seductive rumble. “Doesn’t it?”

Refusing to be baited she settled for, “Do you always answer questions with questions?”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Do you?”

“No,” she answered simply, “sometimes I just walk away.”

A few minutes later everyone was positioned for the water balloon toss. Michelle had conned Drew Jacobs, Jesse’s girlfriend, into being her partner. Drew kept whining that she didn’t want to get wet.

“Well then,” Michelle explained, “you’d better catch the balloon.”

Michelle was so busy dealing with Drew that she didn’t even realize she was standing right next to the obnoxious stranger until she heard him taunt Jesse one more time. “I’m telling you, Blue, with that guy as your partner,” he nodded towards Bill, “you might as well hand me the twenty now.”

Michelle set her jaw and tried to concentrate on the game. No one mocked her friends this way. No one.

A short time later there were only four couples remaining on the playing field Michelle and Drew, Jesse and Bill, Pilar and her partner, and some teenagers that no one really noticed. The crowd of onlookers concentrated only on Jesse and the stranger.

Michelle was actually quite impressed with Drew’s ability, although she could’ve done without the constant monologue about how a broken water balloon would mess up Drew’s hair and makeup.

On the next throw Drew misjudged the distance, and the balloon broke in Michelle’s hand, splashing her with water. “Woo hoo,” Michelle exclaimed happily, “that’s the first relief from this heat I’ve had all day.”

Having safely caught his own balloon, Pilar’s partner looked over at Michelle briefly, a smile playing at the corners of his mouth as he looked at her damp clothing. Without saying a word Michelle and Drew left the field to watch the game from the sidelines. The two teens soon followed, and only the participants in the bet remained in the game.

The tension was almost as thick as the humidity. Finally Jesse threw his balloon just short of the distance and it splashed to the ground in front of Bill.

“YES!!!!!” the stranger yelled. “Victory is ours!” He practically ran over to Pilar, then lifted her in his arms and swung her around, chanting, “we’re number one, we’re number one.” She managed to convince him to release her, at which point she went scrambling for the anonymity of the crowd, embarrassed by the attention she was receiving.

Meanwhile the stranger was so busy extolling his own virtues to the crowd that he didn’t even see it coming five or six frat brothers dumped a large tub of water directly over his head, soaking him completely and causing him to fall onto his backside on the slippery grass.

While laughing uncontrollably at the sight, Michelle grabbed a towel from a nearby table and walked over to the now dripping water balloon champ.

Looking up at her from his undignified position, he bit out, “Glad you find this so amusing.”

“You…” Michelle began, unable to catch her breath enough to speak. Watching him push his sopping wet curls off his forehead, she managed to continue, “You look like a little wet puppy!” With that she broke into another fit of giggles.

She offered him the towel, which he snatched from her hand…too forcefully, in fact, causing her to lose her footing on the wet grass and tumble toward the ground. His reflexes taking over, the stranger managed to pull her into his lap so that at least she didn’t land on the muddy ground.

Before she had a chance to react, he shook his head wildly back and forth, spraying her with water droplets. “Hey,” she cried out, shielding her face with her hands.

By this time the anger had drained from his face and he was laughing as well. “I just wanted you to have the full puppy effect,” he explained.

“Gee, thanks,” she deadpanned. “I don’t suppose you’re willing to share a corner of that towel with me?”

“Hmm, you might be able to persuade me…” he offered. For a moment Michelle was sure he was going to kiss her, but instead he pulled back slightly and used the towel to gently pat dry her face. “By the way, I’m Danny Santos.”

Michelle flashed him a brilliant smile, then put her hand on his shoulder to keep her balance as she stood. “Michelle, Michelle Bauer.”

Afraid that she was about to walk away he gently grabbed her wrist and stood carefully. “Hey, I don’t suppose we could start off with a clean slate here? I know I deserved this,” he swept his arm in a circle indicating the wet grass, “but honestly I’m not usually such an obnoxious jerk.” He gave her a seductive grin. “I’m usually much, much smoother.”

“Oh really?” she challenged, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah, it’s just that my kid sister dragged me to this thing and I wasn’t having a very good time.” He paused and took her hand lightly in his. “Until now.”

Her smile grew wider. “Well that’s what we like to hear.” She started to walk towards the lake. “Since you’re all muddy, and we’re both already wet, what do you say we take a swim?”

“Lead the way,” he answered, which prompted her to let go of his hand and start sprinting down the hill. Danny shook his head good-humoredly and ran after her.

*The End*

The Mannyac Basic Training Manual By Kristie

March 29, 2017

From The Rustle of the Sheets

Gather around troops. Please stand at attention with your toes on the line, look straight ahead, and listen up! Don’t you eyeball me — herewith is your Mannyac Basic Training Manual. Let’s go over some of the basic guidelines and principles shall we?

Uniforms – The standard issue will be dark denim unisex dungarees paired with a pink sweater for the femmes and a black, see through gauzy shirt for the hommes. Black leather jackets will be worn year round. Leather is an animal-product and it should breathe in the sweltering heat. We are afterall, Mannyacs, and we do not perspire. Besides which, it looks so cool and it generally means the wearer will “get lucky” within a 24 hour period. Furthermore, there is apparently no protective headgear to be issued at this time. It is our experience that any bullets zinging your way are blanks and bombs are easily defused by your local hunky computer geek.

Grooming – Strict attention to cleanliness is a requirement for all squadrons. You will pair off into male and female and then proceed to the shower barracks wherein you will take fully-clothed cold showers in said pairs until you sink to the ground together from hypothermia, or from the sheer exhaustion of circling each other with no satisfaction for the first 5 months of your pairing. For men, hair will be cropped short and kept that way until the cigar-chomping General says otherwise. For women all hair will be endlessly ironed and straightened until General directs otherwise. Our directives also claim that sea foam green and powder blue eye shadow are making a comeback – please use accordingly ladies.

Saluting your Superiors and Inferiors – In this goof troop we use a two fingered “Santos Salute” (hereafter referred to as “SS”) as our honor acknowledgement of choice. It is performed thus, take your right hand, put the index and middle fingers together and there you have the Santos salute. You will find this salute to have multi-purposes. When in the presence of superiors bring it sharply up to your forehead and do not release until your commanding officer tells you “At Ease.” When you are frustrated, do not shout, do not draw attention to yourself, simply offer a quick “SS” stab at the air and you will feel much better. If you are seething with anger, try a right “SS”, then a left “SS”, and then offer the simultaneous screw you double “SS” with both hands. This is the trademark gesticulation of the Mannyac troops. It can also double as a nifty secret handshake.

Arms – The men and women are to be issued different weaponry. For women, you will be given a standard 6 inch Ginsu butcher knife with comfortable black plastic handle. When a female enlistee finds herself in defense mode, she can brandish it at her would-be attacker waving wildly while he moves closer in for the kiss, er I mean, kill. Of course you will find the knife to be of no use once said attacker turns you on, at which time we do recommend you find a nice farmhouse table onto which you can dramatically drop the knife and tell attacker “I can’t live like this anymore,” meanwhile praying to yourself, “just shut up and take me now, you fool.”

As for the men, you will be issued one standard cordless Makita drill with an extra battery pack. This is a multi-purpose weapon: It can be used to maim or kill, or with the appropriate drill bit it can be used to permanently screw shut the mean-spirited mouths of any family member who does not respect your love choices (read: mother, sister, or brother-in-law.) Find yourself locked in a room with a ticking bomb? Use that cordless drill to remove the hinges from the door and you can run like hell for the parking lot yelling “You go, Bill! defuse that bomb!” And while you’re at it, get Pilar to pull that little green wire marked ‘Kaboom’.” Of course, certain officers have also found the cordless drill to be a nifty nookie toy – but we recommend you proceed with caution and don’t use it in high-speed mode …

Both men and women are encouraged to use the “SS” as a defense mechanism if you find yourselves without your standard weapon. A quick jab in the solar plexus with the “SS” will render any foe speechless. We recommend that you practice this technique on our dummy we’ve nicknamed the Jesster. A surprise move might be to separate the fingers from your “SS” and pull a Larry, Moe, and Curly and jab your enemy in the eyes, followed up by a “Woooowoooowooowoo” and a swift fist to the top of the head.

Housing – In this para-military organization all troops will sleep outside on a woodsy iron bed covered in pretty PINK roses. Our aim is to make lean, mean, fighting machines out of you. There are to be no sissy tents or cabins to save you from the inclement weather. We do recommend that you hose down with Deep Woods Off prior to going beddy bye, in order to keep the creepy crawlies away. Just be certain that if you get amorous with your bed partner you don’t go kissing on any exposed body parts. We will not call Poison Control for you. At the sound of the Tinkerbell chimes at 6 a.m. you are to rise, don your uniforms, and convene in the mess hall for breakfast.

Communications – All recruits will be given cellular phones and pagers with the complete understanding that in order to avoid the dreaded coitus interruptus, phones and pagers will be thrown at full force to the ground in the heat of passion.

The Mess Hall – Here in the Mannyac military organization we like to offer a wide variety of grub. Your choices will include: eggs, potatoes, copious amounts of salad which never seem to get eaten, and little chocolates in the centers of which you will find a big enough sedative to knock your lights out for a good 24 hour period. The only beverages we serve are Jack and Coke, Scotch, tequila shooters, and the occasional Margarita, on the rocks, no salt.

Secret Passwords – We have occasionally found spies infiltrating our organization. Therefore, in order to distinguish a Mannyac from an imposter, these certain passwords are allowed as identification. The following must be said while doing the hangdog thing with your head: “You are beautiful,” “I promise,” “Wet puppy,” and “I’ll protect you with my life.” These must be uttered while craning your neck to look up to possible spy: “I will never love you,” “Can’t you tell?” “I am your life,” and “Get me out of this freakin’ loony bin or I’m divorcing you.”

At ease, you are dismissed —
Captain Kristie


Love Led Us Here Part 2 by JenJ

March 29, 2017

Republisher’s Note: For some reason someone wrote what would have happened if things had gone worst.

Love Led Us Here Part 2 by JenJ

“Dead?” Michelle said uncomprehending, “What are you talking about?”

“Sweetie, he was shot and…”

“Yes I know he was shot but you took him to get help,” Michelle protested.

“He got hit again while we were making a run for it,” Rick said helplessly. “He never had a chance.”

“NO!” screamed Michelle, who would have collapsed if Harley hadn’t caught her. “No, he can’t be dead. Please tell me he’s not…”

“Michelle…”Tony started to say.

“Shut up!” she yelled at him. “This is your fault! If you had just warned us earlier then maybe we would have had some kind of chance!” Tony didn’t have anything to say. He knew that he was to blame.

“Rick, what happened?” Harley asked, helping Michelle to sit down.

Rick sat down, and said, “It all happened so fast. Danny had been shot but it wasn’t too bad. We decided to go to the Lighthouse so that I could take care of him. Then when we got there we saw that we weren’t alone. These other guys had gotten there first.”

“Who were they?” Frank asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen them before,” Tony said.

“They just ambushed us,” Rick said. “Danny was able to run so Tony took off first to cover us, then I made a run for it with Danny following. They just started shooting at us and…”

“Did you fire back?” Frank asked.

Tony nodded, “I fired and Danny had a gun too. I heard some shots behind me so I think he got off a few shots before….”

“Before? What happened to Danny?” Michelle asked, tears streaming down her face.

“We just kept running and Michelle, I thought he was right behind me but when we got inside he wasn’t there. So we looked outside and he was laying on the ground. I tried to get to him but they were still shooting.”

“So you didn’t see him? Then how do you know for sure that he’s….?” Michelle asked, desperate for any kind of chance that Danny had made it.

“The hitmen stopped shooting and they walked over and looked at Danny. I saw them check to see if he was still alive and from what I saw they were satisfied with what they saw. Then they saw us and started shooting so we had to duck for cover and by the time that they had stopped and we were able to look they were gone and they had taken Danny’s body with them.” Rick said grimly.

That was all it took. With those words Michelle fell apart, “You left him? You left him there to die and you let them take his body away?” She accused. “How could you do that? He’d never have let that happen to either of you? Why did you let that happen to him?”

“Michelle, there was nothing that we could have done. We tried to follow them to see where they were taking him but we lost them.” Rick said. “I swear that we did try.”

“Well trying wasn’t good enough,” Michelle said tearfully. “It wasn’t good enough and now I have to tell my son that his father’s never coming back.” As if on cue the sound of Robbie’s cries could be heard through the monitor. “Excuse me,” She said, getting up and running out of the kitchen.

After Michelle had left Harley turned back to Rick and Tony, “Is there anything you’ve left out? Anything at all? We want to catch these guys.”

“No,” Rick said, tiredly. “I’ve said everything that I can think of. ”

Harley nodded, “Well we’ll leave you alone. We’ve got a car stationed out front in case anyone tries to come back.”

“They won’t,” Tony said dully. “The hit was only for Danny. Michelle and the baby aren’t in any danger. I made sure of that.”

“I bet that’s just what Michelle wants to hear right now,” Rick said. “That you made a deal that she and her son would get to live while her husband gets killed.”

“I never wanted any of this,” Tony protested. “I didn’t want Danny to die. That’s why I tried to warn him.”

“Well I think to Michelle it’s too little too late,” Rick said.

“We’ll be back tomorrow,” Frank said, turning to leave. There wasn’t anything else they could do tonight and maybe tomorrow they’d be able to find the shooters and where they had left Danny’s body.

Upstairs Michelle picked up a crying Robbie and held him, “SHHH baby, it’s okay. It’s just going to be okay.” She looked down at him and slowly ran her finger over his face, tracing his features that looked so much like Danny’s. “It’s just us now. Daddy’s gone, he’s not coming home again. You’ll never see his face or hear his voice. The only thing you’ll have is what I tell you.” after saying this Michelle lay down with Robbie in her arms and began to sob for everything she had lost.

Danny’s Meeting with Alan is a Bust Aug 22 2001

March 28, 2017

Check out my latest episode guide post.

I just want to say again that I don’t get why this whole part of the story is played on fast forward. Not only couldn’t Claire wait until Alan gets back to even ask him, Danny has done virtually NOTHING to find a job other than expect someone will give him one. It’s WAY too early to be discouraged. I mean I know usually on soaps someone just hands you a job, but he hasn’t even given them a chance to do it yet.

Wed., Aug. 22, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Danny is dressed in a nice suit for his interview at Spaulding. Michelle thinks Alan will hire Danny on the spot. Rick thinks it is great that Danny is striking out into the legit world. Danny goes to Towers for his meeting. Gus comes in and sees Danny. Gus asks Danny what is he is dressed as, Danny tells him that he is dressed as a success, the complete opposite of Gus. Danny heads over to Tobias. Gus meets with a woman who slips him his FBI badge he left in DC. He tells her that no one in Springfield knows he is really still FBI and very much on the case. The woman tells him he can’t play the private investigator forever and get away with it. Gus tells her that he could play Santa Claus in this town and the people would buy it. Gus tells the woman that Carmen Santos is alive and he will take her down along with all the other Santoses. Gus tells her that he blew the first case but now he can bring all the mob families in Springfield down at once. Danny is talking to Tobias about his qualifications when Alan calls. Tobias tells Alan that he is with Danny and things are going well. Danny steps away and  goes to the bar to see Michelle and Claire while Alan tells Tobias that the meeting is unauthorized. When Danny returns to Tobias, the man is mean to him and tells him that he is trying to scam him just as any Santos would. He leaves and Danny glares at Claire. He goes over to Michelle and Claire and tells Michelle that Claire set him up. Now he will be bad mouthed to every legit business in town. Michelle asks Claire why she would lie to them. Claire thought it would work out.

[Ed. Note: I’m not sure this could still be part of the 22nd or it could be on to the 23rd. I think it’s probably the 22nd] Danny takes Michelle to Infierno. He watches Tony giving orders and tells Michelle that he misses be the one running things. It’s HIS club. He built it up.


My Comments:
I think the Bauers should get a restraining order against Gus. Change passwords every month? I love you Danny, but I think the writers needed a bit more research on what this job would do. I still don’t think what Claire actually thought was going to happen here and it’s unfortunate because Danny hadn’t asked for any of this. I understand that this guy was caught out to, but for someone who is used to working with Spaulding, this attitude, I hope Danny gets him fired later. This isn’t a favorite scene because I don’t like things going wrong for Danny and that Michelle doesn’t already know this, but I do love that Danny tells her and that the show takes time to SHOW him telling her. I get that Danny feels entitled, but really he hasn’t actually spoken to a head hunter yet, filled out an application, or created an updated resume. It’s a bit early to be giving up.

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Love Led Us Here Part 1 by JenJ

March 28, 2017

Republisher’s Note: A sadder take on the attack on the Bauer House.

Love Led Us Here Part 1 by JenJ

Michelle paced the kitchen with Robbie in her arms. He had been asleep for about an hour but she still hadn’t laid him down. She didn’t want to have him out of her arms for one second.

It had been hours since the shooting. Hours since Tony had shown up to warn them, Maria’s appeal to Danny, the shooting and then Rick and Tony helping a wounded Danny out the front door and leaving her behind. They had promised her that they would call her as soon as they were safe but so far she hadn’t heard a word from them and she was getting more and more worried. She glanced over at Frank, Harley and David. The ambulance had taken the body of one of the assassins away and most of the police were gone but those three had stayed to watch her.

“Michelle, why don’t you take the baby upstairs and lay down,” Harley suggested. “He’s asleep and I’m sure that you’re tired too.”

“No, I couldn’t sleep anyway,” Michelle said, rocking the baby.

“Well, the baby’s asleep so why don’t you go upstairs and put him down. We’ll let you know if we hear anything.”

“I’d rather keep him with me right now,” Michelle said. She didn’t want to leave Robbie alone upstairs in case an assassin came back or if Maria sent a kidnapper to take him.

“There’s no danger,” Frank assured her. “There are police surrounding the house. No one’s going to try and break in.”

Michelle hesitated, still not wanting to let her son out of her sight. Harley noticed this and said, “How about I bring his bassinet down here and he can sleep here?”

Michelle nodded, “That sounds better.”

“Michelle, can you think of any places that Danny might have gone to?” David asked. “Any safe houses, or secret places he has?”

“No,” Michelle said, shaking her head. “He doesn’t have any kind of place like that.”

“Are you sure or are you just protecting him?”

Michelle turned away from him and laid Robbie down in the bassinet that Harley had brought in. She spent a long time arranging his blankets before she turned back to David, “I’m sure,” She said coldly. “Danny doesn’t have any safe houses or secret places that he could hide and I have told you everything that I know.”

“Look, Michelle, you’re not helping anyone by lying to us. Now the best way to help us find Danny and the others is to tell us where you think they are.”

“I’ve told you,” Michelle snapped. “I don’t know where Rick and Tony took Danny. They just said to stay down and they took him out and drove away.”

David started to speak but Harley pulled him aside, “Look why don’t you go down to the station? Frank and I will keep an eye on things here.” He started to protest but Harley interrupted him, “You’re only upsetting her and you’re not going to get anything out of her.”

“I don’t think she’s telling the truth.”

“Well even if she isn’t then Frank and I are going to get more her than you are. So why don’t you just go back to the station, see if they’ve heard anything.”

“Okay,” David grudgingly agreed. “I’m going to swing by Laurel Falls though. Danny’s hidden there before. He might go back there.” Then he turned and left.

Michelle stared out the window, wondering where Rick and Tony had taken Danny. She hadn’t been able to see how badly he had been shot before they had left so she didn’t know what kind of shape he was in right now.

“Michelle?” Frank asked, “Is there anything we can do? We’re trying help. Maybe if you tell where you think they went then I could go and get them.”

Michelle shook her head, “No, I don’t know where they went. Rick just said that they were going somewhere safe and they would call me as soon as they could.”

“I know but where do you think Rick would take Danny? You said that Danny was shot, now where would Rick take Danny to hide and treat him?”

“I don’t know,” Michelle insisted. “Please, I’m telling you all that I know.”

“Okay,” Harley said. “We believe you.”

Michelle sighed with relief. She honestly didn’t know where they were and she was starting to get even more worried. She hadn’t heard anything from them yet and she knew in this wasn’t a case where no news was good news. The longer she went without hearing from Danny the more worried she was about him.

Suddenly she heard a noise coming from the driveway, “Get down,” Frank said, shutting off the lights. Michelle grabbed Robbie and ducked behind the island with Frank and Harley, who had drawn their guns. Then the door opened and two figures slowly walked through the door. It was Rick and Tony. Frank, Harley and Michelle stood up. Michelle laid the baby back in his bassinet and ran over to Rick and Tony and said, “Where’s Danny? What happened?”

Rick just looked at her. He looked pale and shaken but he didn’t say anything. Michelle turned to Tony. He was pale too and his eyes had taken on a haunted look, “Please, what happened to him? Where is he?”

“Michelle, honey, sit down,” Rick said, putting his arm around her.

“NO,” Michelle said, shaking his arm off. “I don’t want to sit down now tell me where’s my husband.”

Rick turned to Harley and said, “Take the baby upstairs.”

“No,” Michelle said. “No one’s going anywhere until I know where Danny is.”

“Michelle, he’ll be safe up there. I promise,” Frank said. He picked up Robbie and took him upstairs.

“Where’s Danny,” Michelle insisted. “What happened to him.”

“We did everything we could…” Rick started to say.

“So where is he?”

“He’s gone, honey,” Rick said gently. “We did everything we could but it wasn’t enough.”

“Gone? What are you talking about?”

“He’s dead, Michelle,” Rick said gently.

Destiny by Hannah Cho

March 23, 2017

To make it easier to direct people to this story I wanted to put all the chapter links in a single post, in other words do a link roundup. This story is in the nonmob fanfic category. This is a fic that I rescued with help from readers (thanks!) taking chapters from various sources and have republished.

Danny and Michelle at Mall

“Destiny” (1 of 2 with this name) – Michelle and Danny are longtime high school rivals who break into the school to settle an argument about which of them is ahead in the race for Valedictorian. They are forced to lay down on top of each other to try to avoid being caught and as they lay there with their bodies entwined something changes for both of them. They are caught anyway and sentenced to community service together. Is there only competition between them or is there something more? My favorite thing is that Danny convinces Bill Lewis to “borrow” her car without permission so that she has to accept his ride home. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6)

And sadly that’s it. Chapter 6 is the last of what we have just when Manny leave for their date. I’d love it if anybody has more.

Archived Links Version (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4 – Heading says Part 5, but says 4 underneath) (Part 5) (Part 6)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 6

March 21, 2017

Author’s Note: Hey Everyone, I know it’s been a million years since I last posted but real life and traveling out of the country has not spared me any time to write. Time away from home was good for me, it allowed me to gain perspective on the things occuring in the US and in my life. Europe has been wonderful and if anyone ever wants to take a vacation, I highly suggest traveling to the countries I visited which are France, Italy, and Spain. I was going to post a long chapter but I decided to split it up and revise it a bit more. So here’s chapter 6, hope you all enjoy it and as always your comments are MUCH appreciated! Take care and happy reading! -Hannah

Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 6

Michelle Bauer found herself constantly thinking about Danny Santos. Whether she was trying to solve a quantum physics equation or read Shakespeare, her thoughts always drifted towards Danny. Everyday he’d leave a note in her locker asking her out on a date, and Michelle would always decline. Despite turning down his offers, Michelle grew increasingly more attracted and fond of Danny. For the first time, he was being so sincere and kind to her. Everyday, he’d wait for her by her parking spot, walk her to class, carry her books, and of course there was his gorgeous smile. Danny’s smile was one of the many things that Michelle found irresistible. She had to fight with every fiber in her body not to succumb to his smile and become a blubbering moron.

One Friday afternoon Michelle stayed afterschool to work on the school newspaper. As Editor-in-Chief, it was always common for her to stay after when deadline came up. She shivered slightly at the March breeze as she walked out of the building. Her pink cardigan set with her jeans were adequate enough to keep her warm during the day but it was nearly close to 8pm and the weather was getting cold. As Michelle walked towards the parking lot, she could not see her car.

“Where’s my car?!” she thought out loud.

“Need a ride?” said a voice from behind.

“Danny!” she exclaimed alarmed. “Oh my gosh, did you see where my car went?” Michelle asked.

“I believe Bill took your car,” Danny said calmly.

“Bill? Why on earth would he take my car?” Michelle asked dumbfounded.

“Why so I can take you out of course,” he responded with a smile. He looked amazing standing against his car in his traditional leather jacket. “I’ve been asking you out for weeks and I’ve decided that I wont take no for an answer anymore.”

Michelle stared at Danny incredulously. “Well I’m so glad you decided that! But that doesn’t give you the right to steal my car and to get my best friend to do it no less! You’ve got some nerve Daniel Santos! To think that I would just go on a date with you when you commit a felony and steal my car I can’t believe —–”

Suddenly Danny grabbed Michelle and pulled her to him fiercely as his mouth came crashing down on her. She tried to fight it by pushing him away, but Danny’s kisses were extraordinary. Michelle soon forgot reality and drifted into the kiss. But rationale soon found its way back to her and she gave Danny a hard shove.

“You’re incredible!” she exclaimed.

“Thank you, I’ve been told that quite a few times,” Danny said with a smile.

“It wasn’t a compliment. I just mean I can’t believe you’re cocky enough to think that you can just shut me up with a kiss and make me forget everything,” Michelle said.

“Well I didn’t hear you complaining and I certainly know you enjoyed that kiss,” Danny said with a wink. “Now there’s plenty more where that came from, so let’s get a move on, were gonna be late for dinner,” he said as he grabbed her hand.

“WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I DON’T LIKE YOU!” Michelle yelled as she yanked her hand away from him.

“Michelle, I don’t know why you delude yourself and you just don’t face reality. You want me just as much as I want you. Michelle, I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me. It’s even apparent when you’re yelling and screaming at me. That spark in your eye never goes away when were together. So why not just do us both a favor and just give me a chance!” Danny said exasperated. Michelle knew it was hopeless to argue with him, so she sighed and opened the car door.

“So you wanna tell me where were going?” she said softly.

“I guarantee I’m gonna give you a night to remember and believe me, you won’t regret it,” Danny said as he pulled out of the Springfield High parking lot.

Now and Then … Suitable for Framing

March 20, 2017

Republished from “The Rustle of the Sheets”

Republisher’s Note: This is the full text of the article as it appeared on the website including photos. I have not yet double checked the text. I corrected a couple of obvious typos. I believe the editorial remarks are from the editor of the website, not the author. The website credits it to the September 14, 1999 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Carmen Santos

“Now and Then … Suitable for Framing”

Carmen wants Michelle out of the picture! — 9/14/99Ever since her son tied the knot with Michelle, monster-in-law Carmen has been working hard to permanently break up the two. When good old assassination didn’t work, Carmen decided to frame the perky spitfire for smuggling. Luckily for Michelle, the plan failed. But that doesn’t mean her pistol-packing in-law is about to welcome her with open arms.

Conjugal VisitCarmen seemed to have turned over a new leaf by offering Michelle and Danny the family’s San Cristobel villa as a wedding present. But all along, Carmen planned to use Michelle to smuggle illegal goods into the island country. After planting bearer bonds in her daughter-in-law’s luggage, Carmen attempted to have the poor girl arrested by the San Cristobel police.

Although Carmen’s wicked web failed to snare her pretty prey, the Mafia mama already is spinning her next plot Carmen will rid herself of the girl or die trying. Hey, there’s an idea!


Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 5

March 20, 2017

Republisher’s Note: I’m not entirely sure they’ve kept the character of Carmen the same, but it’s a nice twist.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey Everyone, Well I know it’s been like forever and a day, since I last posted “Destiny.” But here’s the fifth installment, I may be able to post chapter 6 sometime this weekend (hopefully.) Thanks to all of you that have been asking about my fanfic. It really means so much that you all care and read my story. Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions. For any new readers, feel free to email me for the previous chapters. Thanks again, happy reading! -Hannah

Just to recap: Michelle and Danny are rivals and intense competitors. They both attend Springfield High and are competing for valed victorian. They both broke into the school to find out who was winning and got caught and then sentenced to community service. Michelle and Danny are developing deep feelings for each other, and so far on more than one occassion have started to give in to their passion. Danny wants to pursue a relationship, but Michelle is very hesistant and does not want to. Last chapter, they were sent to a supply room to gather materials for the community center project, however they gave into their feelings but only to be interrupted by an angry voice…….

And now…Chapter 5

Destiny by Hannah Cho Chapter 5

“Oh my gosh, Mrs. Santos!” Michelle exclaimed.

“Daniel, que es esto?” Carmen Santos angrily yelled.

“Mama!” Danny said in alarm. “Um, we were just getting some supplies for the sets.”

“Well it sure doesn’t look like you were looking for supplies!” Carmen said.

“What are you doing here anyways?” Danny asked while tucking his shirt back in and grabbing the supplies for the set.

“I came by to see how things were going. I wanted to see how you and Michelle were getting along, but I can see from this situation that you two are more than getting along,” Carmen said.

“Mrs. Santos, I can explain…” stammered Michelle. “This isn’t what it looks like!”

“Well I sure hope so, because by the looks of things, it seems like you two were having a fledgling make out session in a storage closet!” Carmen berated. “Really Michelle, I thought the Bauers were upstanding people. I never thought in a million years theyd raise a promiscuous daughter. I can’t believe you’d manipulate and seduce my son into doing such vulgar acts.”

“Mama, that’s enough! I won’t have you talk to Michelle like that And for the record, I initiated this, not Michelle.” Danny defended as he placed a protective arm around her.

Michelle stared at Danny in amazement. She could not believe that he was defending her, especially to an intimidating woman like Carmen Santos. Michelle could remember back to how much effort and time it took Bill to finally gain Carmen’s approval. Most of the girls at school talked about how the one reason they didn’t pursue Danny was because of his overbearing mother. And to think, he was defending her, his common rival for most of his life. Michelle’s thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice.

“Oh Mrs. Santos, I see you found them,” Ms. Garrett said as she approached the trio. “Did you guys find the supplies?”

“Oh we found more than that,” Danny said with a wink towards Michelle.

“Um, let’s go get these supplies to the kids,” Michelle stammered as she walked towards the theater.

For the rest of the day, Michelle found it increasingly difficult to resist Danny. As she watched him closer, she found herself growing more and more drawn to him. He had all the characteristics she had ever wanted in a guy. Danny was compassionate, energetic, intelligent and not to mention gorgeous. There were many times in the afternoon that Michelle felt herself blushing thinking about his incredible body and looks. She kept trying to rationalize her feelings for him. It’s just a simple crush that’ll pass, she tried to reassure herself. But inside, Michelle knew it was more than a crush. Something deep within, told her that there was a special connection between her and Danny. But Michelle was afraid. Though she did not want to admit it, Michelle was scared of getting hurt. Guys had always seemed to use her. Whether it was her social status, popularity, intelligence, or looks, guys were always after Michelle. She had fallen hard for some of these guys, particularly Ryan and Jesse. When they had broken up with her, it had devastated her. After her nasty break up with Ryan, she had vowed that she would never let another guy break her heart. And now, she found herself feeling those same familiar feelings, only this time they were so much stronger and intense. Her heart was telling her to go for it, but her head was telling her to stop fooling herself. Michelle found herself confused. She knew she would never forgive herself if she didn’t give this relationship a chance, but on the other hand, she didn’t want to relive the pain of broken promises. Was Danny really worth risking her heart? Michelle knew the answer but her head kept telling her no.

“Hey are we done yet?” asked Ricky, one of the community centers kids.

“Yep, I think were done for today kiddo. Okay everyone, please put all the materials in the appropriate boxes and then you guy are free to go! Great job today!” Michelle said to the kids.

After all the kids had left, Danny and Michelle remained putting back all the supplies and costumes. When they were finally done, Michelle sprinted out of the center to her car. She couldn’t take one more minute with Danny, it was too much. She could feel her defenses weakening. As she turned the keys in her car to get in, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She slightly jumped in alarm and then eased when she saw the owner’s face.

“Danny, you scared me!” Michelle said

“Were you going to leave without saying goodbye to me?” Danny asked sweetly.

“Okay, I’m sorry, that was rude of me,” Michelle sighed. “Well, I guess this is good bye, I’ll see you later, Danny.” She turned to get in her car, but Danny grabbed her wrist and turned her towards him again.

“Wait, I didn’t get to say goodbye to you,” Danny said. Michelle opened her mouth to respond when it was suddenly silenced by a kiss. This time, Michelle didn’t even try to resist. She fell into the sweet kiss. It was so intense, yet so tender at the same time. Ironically, this time, Danny pulled back. “Goodbye Michelle, I had an amazing time and I think that you’re an incredible kisser,” Danny said as he walked away. Michelle stood in shock by her car, amazed once again, by the actions of Danny Santos.

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