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I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

These are all Alternative Universe stories with the Manny characters without the mob element.

“All I Need to Know” – Needing a fresh start, Danny returns to Springfield and asks his best childhood friend Bill Lewis for a job. Unfortunately, his new assistant turns out to be the girl who broke his heart back in New York, and Bill’s current girlfriend, Michelle Bauer. When they discover that his mother had organized a deception to make them each think the other had broken up with them, it takes them minutes to realize they love each other still and fall into bed. Then they have to figure out how to tell Bill. And life has one more little surprise or two in store. Eventually they have twins and in the epilogue on their eldest daughter’s wedding day we learn they had two more children and a great life. 😉

“Coming Home to You” – Danny has been successfully heading up the Spain division of SanCorp for several years now after his father sent him there to take over the business. Pilar and his father insist on him taking 3 full weeks vacation to come home to her marriage to Tony (who is a Sandavol, not a relative in this story). One look at Pilar’s best friend Michelle who is staying with the Santos to help prepare for the wedding, and he’s lost, hook, line, and sinker. He spends the next two weeks doing everything he can think of to get her attention, but his best efforts don’t seem to make an impression, or do they? He’ll find out the night of Pilar’s rehearsal. Images and lines from the famous getting drunk and then shower scenes are reworked into a great sequence with outdoor sprinklers. 😉

“Different Paths” – I just have the end of this one, but apparently Ed tried to get custody of Manny’s first child, Tyler, to assuage his guilt over abandoning Michelle as a teenager. They regain custody quickly, but the experience leaves them with troubles to clean up. (Chapter 29) (Chapter 30)

“Have Faith in Me” – Maureen Bauer ran blindly out of the hospital and into a fatal car crash after catching Ed in the midst of yet another affair on his office desk. Their 21-year-old daughter walks in shortly thereafter. Outraged by her father’s actions and what they have cost her, Michelle takes off when he tries to talk to her and almost gets in a car crash with Millennium club owner Danny Santos who falls in love with her at first sight and is by her side through the whole ordeal. After her experience with her father, she’s not sure she can believe in love. This is a rare Danny’s a virgin story. While fanfic writers often fulfill Danny’s fantasy that he was the only one Michelle was ever with, Danny is usually portrayed as very experienced and skilled in this area. This time the author evened the playing field. (Ch 3-4) (Ch 5-6) (Ch 7-8) (Chapter 11) (Chapter 14)

“Heaven” – Michelle has been working too hard between pre-med classes and working at the Cedars Daycare center. Michelle wants to have children, but her fiancé Bill Lewis isn’t ready. They are on a cruise and meet another engaged couple from Springfield, Danny Santos and Theresa Sandoval. When Manny meets it’s electric and they can’t keep their minds (maybe soon more than their minds?) off each other, despite their fiancées. (Introduction) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)

“Marriage of Convenience” – Widowed Ed and Carmen become each other’s second spouse while living on a horse ranch somewhere it Europe. Michelle had fallen in love with her older step-brother Danny, but he pushed her away for her own good. She leaves for college and then law school and doesn’t return to the ranch for years. After both their parents die, Michelle agrees to a temporary marriage to Danny as the best way to sort out Ed’s will, but is that really the only reason she’s living back at the ranch? What will it take to make them both admit how they really feel? 😉

“Neighbors” – Millionaire playboy Danny Santos suddenly finds himself re-ordering his life after meeting medical student Michelle Bauer when she moves into his apartment building teaches him to believe in love at first sight. SanCorp is a legitimate multinational and in a family crisis Danny must take its presidency, although he still fights with Carmen over the direction of the business. Alan Spaulding’s take over plan and Michelle’s cousin Stacy Chamberlain’s (even more obsessive in “love” than her mother Nola could be) obsession over Danny could kill the romance before it even starts. This is a rare example of Rick being pro-Danny from the beginning, he wants SanCorp to fund a new clinic and thinks Michelle needs a romance. 😉

“New Beginnings” – Michelle is hired to be Abuela’s physical therapist after an accident killed Pilar and most of Danny’s hopes for the future, but when Michelle moves into the Santos Mansion new life comes with her. 😉 (Ch 1-20B)

(Ch 1-6)

(Ch 7-11)
(Ch 12-15)

(Ch 16-20)

“Not Just Some Prince Charming” – Ed Bauer ran off with someone Michelle’s age, leaving his family with nothing. Michelle has gotten a job as a housekeeper/maid for one of Ed’s old friends, Carmen Santos. Michelle dislikes her dead end job, but her family needs the money. Carmen is excited because her children are returning home today. Mick gets Michelle in a closet with vile intentions, but Danny finds them and rescues her in time. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2)

“Picture Perfect” – Michelle and Danny each have a 13 year old daughter and a broken marriage behind them when they run into each other at Disney World. They discover that Michelle already lives in Springfield and Danny will soon move there to take on a leadership role at Spaulding Enterprises. Their daughters play matchmaker and it isn’t too hard. They are forming a picture perfect family when Michelle’s abusive, estranged husband Bill Lewis returns to take back what he sees as his. Another one that ends too soon. 😉

“Public Relations” – Michelle had long had a secret crush on her friend Pilar’s older brother Danny. When Pilar and Michelle pledge a sorority together, Danny is Michelle’s date during a pledge dare, but does nothing to help her. Danny knows he was a jerk then, he has a simple explanation, he WAS a jerk in college, but he’d always liked Michelle. However, the iron had entered her soul and when they both moved back to Springfield (he to CEO SanCorp, she as VP of Public Relations at Spaulding) she leaves no doubt that her favorite part of her new job is when Spaulding can one up SanCorp. Fortunately for the dueling pair, fate, in the form of Carmen, Phillip, and Ed, takes a hand and decides the easiest way to get the two family businesses to merge is to marry two of the executives, namely Danny and Michelle. They announce it to the press as a done deal, before they tell Manny. Will they settle for an arranged marriage or will love arise?

“Quench Me” – Michelle accidentally goes into the wrong office at Spaulding, meets Danny and her world is never the same again 😉

“Shattered Lives” – Michelle came from a wealthy family and Danny was a poor, but rising star at college when they got married. Danny is determined to prove himself at work and get Michelle everything she deserves. But all Michelle wants is Danny, at home with her. She finally is driven to leave him and their marriage problems are encouraged by an old college friend soon to turn stalker. However, after Michelle survives an attack Danny finally gets what she needs to be happy and since also he needs to be happy is her to be happy, things work out in the end. Unfortunately, Chapters 13-22 are missing.

“Simple Kind of Life” – Michelle is a singing sensation as the mysterious Lady M and Drew Jacobs is managing her career. A year of touring and unceasing celebrity has Michelle exhausted and she decides to spend her vacation in the most out of the way spot she can find, San Cristobel. Meanwhile Danny’s friend Stan is concerned that his friend hasn’t had a vacation or used a sick day in over a year. He insists that they go on vacation together down to visit Danny’s grandmother in… San Cristobel. Stan meets Drew at a night club and hits it off right away and he thinks he knows the perfect person for her quiet, innocent looking friend. However, danger hovers nearby and he’s just discovered she’s in San Cristobel. (Ch 1-5)

“Solemn Vows” – Provides an alternative look at the set up from the beginning of Sacred Vows,  Danny is pretending to be a priest in training while living at the rectory with Father Ray and novice Michelle Bauer. Sparks fly but are they of anger or desire?

“Something About You” – Danny Santos is about at the end of his luck. His parents, grandmother, and older sister Pilar are all dead now, leaving him to raise Pilar’s son Mickey as a single parent while he’s attending college, majoring in Pre-Law. Then one day as his appeal against the revocation of his scholarship is refused, he and Mickey run into Michelle Bauer, daughter of the richest businessman in town, Ed Bauer. Ed never had time for his daughter and her mother Maureen is dying. Slowly Michelle and Danny let each other into their lives, but Ed is trying to force her to marry Bill Lewis who isn’t above using blackmail and playing with the life of a child to get his way. However, it would be a mistake to count out Maureen Bauer yet, when her daughter’s happiness is at stake.  Chapters below not in the main archive were either ones I had difficulty accessing in archive or never added to it. 😉

“To Make You Feel My Love” – Danny Santos is shocked when his father informs him that he’s been promised as part of an arranged marriage to the daughter of Ed Bauer, his father’s longtime business partner. He hasn’t seen her since she was 12 when he mostly saw her as somebody to be teased, but one look at the now college age Michelle and suddenly an arranged marriage no longer seems like such a bad idea. Of course, he still has to convince her. (Ch 1-7) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 9)

« Twisted: A Manny Mystery » – Dr. Michelle Bauer has a stalker. Danny is a lieutenant in the SFPD. His job to protect becomes more than that, but her family doesn’t like his dangerous job or his family history. 😉 (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8  ) (Chapter 9) (Chapter 10)
Chapters also available on this board.

“Vegas Vacation” – On a trip to Vegas, Pilar’s roommate Michelle Bauer and Pilar’s record producer brother Danny meet, fall in love, and can’t wait to get married. 😉

“When You Walked Into My Life” – SanCorp CEO Danny Santos has just been named one of America’s 5 top bachelors by People Magazine and his friend and co-worker Bill Lewis wants to take him out to celebrate at a strip club. He reluctantly agrees and is glad he did when some of his employees start harassing one of the waitresses there who desperately needs the money she earns there to help pay for raising her sick daughter. Danny rescues her and suddenly discovers he’s found just what he was looking for to put some meaning and happiness in his life. They live such different lives Michelle is afraid it will never work, but she feels safer in his arms than she’s ever felt. He asks her to go to a charity ball with him, but she can’t afford a dress. He sends her shopping with his sister Pilar, who thinks maybe for once her brother has found someone who could make him happy and isn’t just after his money and fame. Danny gives Michelle a job as his new personal assistant, takes the news of her daughter well, but still has to deal with trouble from work.

“Your Healing Touch” – Businessman Danny Santos refused to acknowledge that his father/best friend was dying of cancer, which had already taken his mother. Finally, needing to feel close to his father he goes to the family cabin and is surprised to discover that his sister Pilar had asked her former college roommate Michelle Bauer to serve as caretaker for the summer. She is working on finishing her first novel, a lightly fictionalized account of her own loss of her mother and how it impacted her life. Both are amazed to find somebody who can truly understand their grief and both feel an even stronger connection, but with both their wounds so fresh, can they both risk to reach out and feel a healing touch? (Ch 1-19) (Ch 1-2) (Ch 5-6) (Chapter 10) (Chapter 11)

“Your Heart is Safe With Me” – Michelle is flying home to face her family. Her boyfriend has abandoned her alone and pregnant and she has a terrible fear of flying. She’s seated next to millionaire Danny Santos and by the end of the flight he feels he has to protect her. He insists he takes her home and when her father starts to lash into her over being an unwed mother, he suddenly pipes up that they’re married. He talks her into going along with it and by the end of the week they each individually realize it’s what they want for real. However, when the truth comes out they still have to face both their families and then the baby’s biological father comes back into their lives. 😉 (Ch 1-38)

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