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ALL Fanfic Writers, Readers, and Collectors, Please read the post below

I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

These stories are a mix of story types, but they all take place during Christmas.

“Caught on Tape” – I’m not sure about the first part of this story, but this part is a very cute story about Danny going gaga over their first baby during their first Christmas. Danny and Rick bond over the need to record on tape everything their babies do. (Part 6)

“A Christmas Fic” aka “A Season of Love” – Michelle finds Danny hold up in a study missing his father on a Christmas during their “fake” marriage. She comforts him and then disappears. He finally follows and discovers she’s in their room, decorated for Christmas the way Papa used to do the whole house and she is dressed only in a red nightgown ready to give Danny the perfect Christmas gift, her heart and herself.

“A Christmas Miracle” – Once again a visit from our old friend Nick (I sure miss him) saves Christmas as a little timely advice moves Danny to action a few months early on the Christmas Michelle was pregnant with Robbie. Lots of good references to their Christmas before and to Danny getting a Christmas present as a little boy that I severely coveted from the Sears catalog at the time myself.

“Christmas Miracles” – Years ago Maureen Bauer and Carmen Santos happened to take their children to see Santa at the same time. A little argument in line is settled by having Danny and Michelle sit on Santa’s lap together. Years later Danny is taking his nephew Davy and Michelle is bringing Lizzie Spaulding to see Santa and suddenly they realize they’ve been exactly here before. Has Santa brought them love for Christmas? This is my 2nd favorite Christmas fic. (Close as I could get to the Santa photo)

“Christmas with the Santos” aka “A Year to the Day” – Life continues on in Casa Santos much as it did in the first heady month after the Laurel Falls wedding all the way to Christmas with no Jeva troubles, no Ben vendetta, and no Ben being murdered. A great version of their first real Christmas together, I especially like how they wake up. 😉 Click on Titles

“It’s a Wonderful ‘Manny’ Life” – The Mannifield Players take on It’s a Wonderful Life with Danny Santos taking on the role of George Bailey during Michelle’s murder trial.

“Just a Happy Christmas” – Carmen and Michelle bond when snowed in, Carmen delivers Michelle’s daughter.

“A Little Christmas” aka “Little Christmas Fic” – Short – testing out the mistletoe. Christmas at the Laurel Falls house. 😉

“Miracle at Laurel Falls” – The Mannifield Players do Miracle on 34th Street.

“Santos Baby” – See description and link under Song Lyrics and Poems

“A Season of New Beginnings: A Continuation” – Jesse had dumped Michelle for Drew 190 days ago and she’s been in a funk about it ever since. She’s about to start a new project for a fundraiser for the pediatric wing of Cedars, but someone has something else planned.

“This Christmas” – A revision of Christmas 2001 where after reconciling at Daniel Raymond Santos birth (born instead of Robbie and with dark coloring like his father), Manny build their Laurel Falls House. Danny is trapped in an airport in Chicago, snowed in on Christmas eve, but will he find a little Christmas miracle to get home before the day is over and what other surprises will Christmas bring?

“Twas the Night” – Michelle and Danny both end up at the Bauer cabin on what was one of the worst nights of their lives (Danny broke into the cabin at random thinking he didn’t have anyplace else to go after he fails to complete a hit and Michelle is running away from Bill Lewis’s unwanted marriage proposal). Both of them had the thought to take a hot bath, so when they run into each other in the bathroom they are both naked, emotionally and physically. Flash forward 8 years and a very happy family is telling the annual Christmas story about how Mommy and Daddy met at the cabin on Christmas Eve and realized they’d never have to be lonely again and created a family. The flash forward is EXTREMELY cute.  😉

“The Twelve Days of Christmas – Manny style” – One of my absolute favorites, except that they have the kids names wrong, I think there is very little alternative in this story and they are VERY happy. It’s also well written and very clever little conceit going after the carol. I especially like their countdown of Christmases, canon and not, it’s hard to tell where the real ones end and I’d really like to have seen some of the others. (Michelle’s non-sparkly plaid PJs)

“A Very Busy Day” – While Michelle was busy shopping, Danny prepares the perfect nursery for their first baby coming in time for Christmas 2000 in their Laurel Falls house.

Last Updated: January 5, 2016

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