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I’m looking for any Manny fanfic I don’t already had, but there are a few I’m especially looking for. I’ve listed them in the message below.

These stories all take situations introduced on the show, but for whatever reasons dropped. They are continued here.

“An Accidental Date” – While still thinking about going on some dates like Michelle suggested during the early fake marriage, Manny accidentally meet at the campus art museum and spend some honest time together. It also addresses the strange start time of that Psych class.

“Aftermath” (1 of 2 with this name) Danny takes a job in the music industry working with Theresa and in this world, Theresa was right and she gets Danny back in her bed. Wanting to hurt Danny back, Michelle sleeps with Ray. 😉

“Another Chance” – When Danny finds out about Michelle’s betrayal, he refuses to kill her, but loses all trust. He declares they will continue the appearance of a marriage,  but they will never have any real connection and he will never touch her. Michelle realizes how much she wants him in every way and with Drew’s help she sets out to seduce him. (Ch 1-5) (Ch 6-8) (Ch 9-10)

“BBQ 2005” – Instead of returning alone, Robbie, Michelle and Ed all return to the Bauer house together, evict the Coopers, Michelle shows her old fire and tears into Marina. Danny realizes what a fool, he’s been and asks Michelle to take him back.

“The Beach” aka “Cracks in the Fairytale” – We hear the thoughts in Danny and Michelle’s heads as they approach their accidental meeting at the lighthouse during the annulment separation. The Beach is used heavily in Cracks in the Fairytale, but the story is expanded in a different manner after that portion. (The Beach) (The Beach) (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)

“Broken Vows” – Michelle moved to Toronto to finish medical school after their divorced. Danny stayed in town and cleaned up the Santos Family and took over the legitimate SanCorp with Bill Lewis who has been living with Pilar for 2 years. Chelsea Reardon returned to town to sing at Millennium and fell in love with and married former beau Rick Bauer. Danny has been thinking a lot about Michelle and the failure of their marriage, but has decided maybe it’s time to try to move on with his life, just as Michelle returns to town to do her residency at Cedars, freshly determined to correct past mistakes from having worked with a therapist in Canada.  Maybe Manny has a chance, but they have face old hurts, old broken vows, first.

“Case of the Crazies” – Danny left town and went to Europe after Michelle divorced him. They never had Robbie and tried to move on with their lives, but just a little thing could suck them right back in. Is it too late?

“Celtic’s Series” – Michelle never called the FBI and they try to make the arranged marriage work. Michelle tries to fight her feelings, but just as she may be ready to admit them, Danny discovers her life is in danger from a new threat. I especially like the bed, date night, and car wash scenes which I think could almost fit in with the canon. I’m sorry this one is incomplete. Click on Titles (Chapter 1)

“Daddy’s Girl” – A story about the next generation of Santos, Spauldings, Chamberlains, and Marlers (that now we’ll never see really unfold – Bitter Sob!!!). Let’s just say that Danny learned a lot from Rick about how to be overprotective when his teenage daughter returns to Springfield from a Boarding School in Spain. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)

“Danny’s Demons” – Danny cries out in frustration while he is trying to find his mother’s killer.

“Deceptions” – Manny enters a byzantine system of plots, instead of Carmen faking her own death right after she is arrested for her part in Ben’s death and setting up Michelle. The plots within plots gets confusing quickly, but it has great true to them, romance scenes with Manny and anyone who wants to believe Miguel Santos was a good man will love this plot where he has been living in San Cristobel as Col. Dax. Pro-Carmen people won’t. 😉 (Ch 1-5) (Ch 6-10) (Ch 11-16) (Ch 17-20) (Chapters 24-25) (Chapter 32-33)

“Dream Angel” – While Michelle is sitting by a seemingly unconscious Danny, she talks to him to try to get him to wake up and finally decides to play a game of strip poker with him, funny how he managed to keep winning.

“Dream of Danny’s” – A nightmare about the life Robbie has feeling abandoned by his father, convinces Danny that he has made a horrible mistake and he rushes home to Michelle.

“Drifting Apart” – Life as a busy intern has cut back on the time Michelle has with her husband, but she’s realized she needs to remedy that. 😉

“Dum spiro, spero” – During the time before the first divorce, Danny and Michelle face the shadows that Mick and Xeno have cast over their lives. Click on Titles (Chapter 1) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7)

“Enough is Enough” – Danny and Michelle are both stirred up by their thoughts as they prepare to talk again during their separation during her pregnancy with Robbie. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2)

“Eternal Soulmates” – Michelle returns to Europe determined to tell Danny she loves him and make their marriage work, but people (Jesse, Drew, and Pilar) keep preventing her and then when she finally finds him on the docks a shot rings out. (Ch 1-5)

“Evil” – Another misleading set up at the beginning, but a great finish to what a Manny pregnancy should have been like. 😉 Click on Titles

“Finally Free” –is in prison for Ben’s murder and just found out she is pregnant. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do, but decides to reach out to Drew.  Instead she finds help from a very unexpected source. (Chapter 1)

“Forgiven – Not Forgotten” – Michelle gives May, Reva, and Claire what they deserve in an emotionally cathartic little story. Stealing the evidence (as she did on the show) ultimately paid May back more, but this felt REALLY good. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3)

“From this Moment On” – It starts out with the actual scene in the light house after Michelle kidnaps Danny from the hospital, then continues without Carmen’s stupid interruption through the consummation of their marriage. 😉

“Full Circle” – It’s harder than Ben Warren thought it would be to get Danny off after he’s arrested during the annulment separation and Michelle agrees to act as his loyal wife to make sure things go their way as they go to trial, they’re still fighting their feelings, but a little bet about who would give in first along the way keeps things spicy. Short sequel in “Road Trip Fic”  😉

“The Game” – Michelle wants to try an erotic game and they end up talking about the “I am a Man Speech” and what it meant to each of them. 😉 Click on Titles

“Gardenias” – Danny and Michelle are finally going on their honeymoon to San Cristobel. They are happy and in love, but haven’t yet consummated the marriage. However, Danny had something dark and terrible happen to him the last time he was here. A mystery woman being guided by an evil manipulator is waiting in the wings. (Ch 1-4)

“Gift” – While Danny is staying away from Michelle out of guilt over killing Carmen, Ray, Meta, and Rick arrange for them to be trapped alone at the lighthouse and when Danny feels Robbie kick he almost gives in and then when Michelle starts to cry he is lost and knows he can’t walk away now even if he should. I love his thinking back on why he let Michelle go. It’s a beautiful and pitch perfect explanation.

“Hard Choices” (NOTE: 1 of 2 by this name) – While still in the early stages of legitimizing the business, Michelle discovers she’s pregnant. Afraid that the baby will become collateral damage, she tells everyone (except him) that she’s left Danny and goes into hiding. Will they ever be able to share their love in the open?

(Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 7)

“Having a Ball” by Robansuefarm – A Manny prequel where Danny and Pilar attended the New Year’s costume ball where Michelle wore her ridiculous Madonna costume.

“Home Again” – Michelle comes home from Europe after two months. Determined to set things right. However, she discovers Drew is pregnant. She doesn’t know who is the father. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2)

“Homecoming Fun” aka “Football Love”– Michelle is back in school and wants Danny to experience some “normal” college life, so they go to Springfield U’s Homecoming Game. 😉

“Honeymoon Engagement” – Danny is reminded by their stop in the San Cristobel jewelry shop that he overlooked a little matter of a ring.

“I Will” – Faced with his mother’s accusations about the FBI raid, Danny tells Michelle they need to talk in private. She takes him to the Bauer Cabin where they hash things out. She admits what she did and it ends with Michelle promising she will do whatever it takes to gain his complete trust.

“It Was Worth It All” – A year after wedding  number 4, Danny and Michelle go over their troubles individually and what they see as their failures, but Michelle realizes it was worth it all.

“Just a Kiss” – The Balcony Surprise scene actually gets to where it was clearly heading, in consummating the marriage. 😉

Legend of the Water Glass : A Manny Sequel – A Manny prequel featuring Danny’s first visit to Millennium before Mick’s death.

“Let Go” – After Michelle betrays him to the FBI, Danny thinks he has no choice, but to kill, but he can’t do it. Instead he tells her to annul their marriage in a blizzard of publicity and leave town with Jesse. But it’s killing both of them to let go. (Complete Series at bottom of page)

“A Little Miracle” – Danny and Michelle have their first child, a girl named Joie Maureen Santos. (Part 4)

“A Little Too Real” – Michelle doesn’t contact the FBI again after the “I am a Man” speech.” After they leave the Bauer House, they try to find the florist, Michelle mentions in the Bauer kitchen, but get lost. It leads to a fight and some honest emotions being revealed. They make a start at a real marriage. The scene in the bedroom after the church wedding is great, especially the dare. They start to build a life together, but the job Michelle gets at the hospital leads her to Mick’s autopsy report which leads them to believe she didn’t actually kill him. They need to find out who did it, but it doesn’t affect the marriage because by then they both know they want and need to be together. The consummation on Carmen’s desk and leaving their clothes there for her to find is just a hoot. 😉 (Ch 1-13)
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“Long Walk Into His Arms” – Michelle and Danny are living in their Laurel Falls house, but Danny hasn’t been able to break away from the mob and his mother is constantly pressuring him to do something criminal that Michelle will be unable to live with. One night Nino pushes too far, but it’s Michelle that takes Danny’s gun and kills again to save Danny. Danny tries to help Michelle deal, but it has all brought back Mick and a lot of other insecurities and old issues. She tells Danny she wishes she didn’t love him. Eventually she has a chance to process and they have a long overdue conversation about why his infidelity with Drew hit her so hard and she faces that she’s always tried to make him and herself believe he loved her more than she loved him to keep her from facing the same end as her mother. Brilliant ideas, execution could have been a little better, especially the final conversation at the beach, but absolutely brilliant ideas and well worth reading. 😉

“Love Leads the Way” – Michelle sets up a scavenger hunt on a very special day to show Danny how much he is loved, but they’ve each saved their biggest surprise for the very end.  A very happy day, the way they should have celebrated their anniversary on the show, as opposed to you know, NOT MENTIONING IT AT ALL. (Chapter 2) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 8)

“Love Led Us Here” – Instead of Tony pretending to be Danny, Danny leaves with Rick and he dies while Rick tries to save his life at the lighthouse. Michelle blames (and rightfully so) Tony, Ray, and Rick.

“Loving Michelle” – Manny is living happily in their Laurel Falls house while Michelle attends medical school and Danny slowly works on turning the business legitimate. They are thrilled to be pregnant, but when Baby Will comes too prematurely and dies the grief tears them apart. A little over a year later Michelle is dealing with her grief better, but discovers Danny has felt so lost and alone and so desperately wants children that he let himself be talked into marriage with a woman handpicked by Carmen. When Michelle finds out the divorce didn’t go through, she stops the wedding, but offers to handle fixing the problem alone. Danny follows her, but is this new life what he really wants when he’s still Loving Michelle? 😉

“Missing Danny” – Set while Danny is in Reva’s pool house recovering from his gun shot wound. (Chapter 1)

“My Love, My Loss, My Gain” – A Michelle POV about the time she discovers she’s pregnant with Robbie.

“New Year’s Eve 1999” – Manny celebrate New Year’s (without Ben having been murdered) with a big party at the Spaulding Mansion (interesting set up at beginning) 😉

“A Night Out” – Manny go on a date before the church wedding, an alternative place and version of the “I Am a Man Scene” that leaves Michelle thinking their marriage stands a chance.

“Not a Breath Stands Between Us” – Michelle went to Europe during their annulment separation, but came back because she missed Danny. They meet at Millennium and Danny is shocked to see the same lost look in her eyes that he sees his own every time he looks in the mirror. She comes to him and they admit their love.

“One Dozen Kisses” – Manny finally gets a chance to celebrate an anniversary properly, their 12th. Danny gives Michelle one reason he loves her for each of a dozen kisses. Sequel to “One Dozen Roses.” Followed by “One Dozen More.”

“One Dozen More” – Another happy anniversary, their 24th. Michelle gives 24 reasons why she loves Danny and 2 dozen red roses. She saves the best for last though when Danny walks into their bedroom and finds her only covered with the dozen white roses Danny had sent her. Sequel to “One Dozen Roses” and “One Dozen Kisses”

“One Dozen Roses” – On their 12th wedding anniversary, Danny sends Michelle a dozen white roses with a reason he loves her for each one. Followed by “One Dozen Kisses” and “One Dozen More.”

“Promises” – Michelle never called the FBI and as the fake marriage goes on Michelle one day realizes she loves her husband. The night he asks her to go on a business trip to Spain with him and then finally get that promised honeymoon, Michelle tells him she literally can’t wait for their honeymoon, but enjoys it very much anyway. 😉

“Promise of Forever” – Danny has to pretend to divorce Michelle and marry Theresa to keep Michelle alive, at least until he can get the goods on the mob. Michelle is worried about being the other woman and Theresa really killed Mick. 😉 Click on Titles (Chapter 1) (Ch 3-4) (Ch 7-8) (Ch 16-17)

“Recon Fic” – Danny and Michelle work at reconnecting after she left him, but didn’t divorce him after the whole Xeno mess. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

“Reconnecting” – Theresa’s taunts about Danny rattled Michelle more than she let on, so she goes out of her way to make sure he’s satisfied in their marriage. 😉

“Resolve of an Angel” – A slightly different path to get to much the same place from when Michelle realizes Carmen set up the shooting at her house to their vow renewal, the timeline of Drew discovering Ben is her father is sped up to be in this same timeframe. Michelle gets Carmen to confess on tape to setting up the hit on herself. But when Carmen realizes what’s she’s up to, will Danny be able to save Michelle and himself in time? It follows up with a very chaste consummation scene and a vow renewal at the Bauer BBQ. (Ch 1-6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 15 – Conclusion)

Road Trip Fic (1 of 2 with this name) – Manny had triplets and Danny enjoys a road trip with his wife and a chorus of 3 little Michelles. Sequel to Full Circle

“The Scene I Am Dying For” – Danny and Michelle really discuss Carmen’s second death and the emotional fallout from it.

“The Sister I Wished For”“What One Thing” – This pair of stories makes the very insightful point that Abby’s experience of what she had to go through to love a Bauer can be seen to be nearly identical with Danny’s. (Part 1) (Part 1) 2)  (Part 2)

“A Snowy Night” –  A slight twist on what happened between the revelation of Len’s lie in court during Michelle’s trial thru their discovery of Michelle’s pregnancy. Some interesting ideas on what could have happened. Also, includes an interesting fantasy sequence involving Roger Thorpe riding to the rescue. 😉 (Chapter 1) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 9) (Chapter 15) (Chapter 16) (Chapter 19) (Chapter 23) (Ch 28-29) (Ch 31-32)

“So Many Emotions in His Name” – Danny feels compelled to visit Michelle at the Bauer House during their annulment separation. He’s surprised that Michelle has insisted on keeping their wedding photo up with all the other family wedding photos and gets into a brief altercation with Jesse, but the upshot is there is hope for them yet. Click on Titles

“Some Say Love, It is a Razor” – Michelle finds out about Drew and Danny before they got together. It pushes her to make a final decision between Jesse and Danny and while they don’t seem to realize it, it never really was a choice, was it? 😉

“Someone Else’s Turn to Cry” – Michelle is upset after she is convicted of Ben Warren’s murder.

“Sunrise, Sunset” – After Michelle convinces Danny that Carmen set up the shooting, Danny does what he should have done and shut the family down immediately. He goes and finds Michelle at the Bauer Cabin and they consummate their marriage.

“Sweet Surrender” – Michelle did really go to Europe to visit Ed during the annulment separation, but came back when she realized how much she missed Danny. She goes to him in their bedroom at Casa Santos, explains why she called the FBI, and asks him to give them a chance. Unfortunately Danny is in a bad way and thinking she’s been with Jesse rubs his night with Drew in her face. Eventually they find a little honesty and consummate their marriage. I have to admit that although I don’t like to think this way, I have to admit Danny’s little speech about how she expects an apology to do it has a point even in canon, although Michelle has a point too that he shouldn’t be surprised when she’s still upset over Drew given that he’d had 3 weeks to process her betrayal and she’d had about 30 seconds to process his. 😉

“This Man” – A redux of the “I Am a Man” Speech, with it ending in the consummation that was so near at that moment. 😉

“Truth” – Michelle holds up in the Bauer cabin instead of the lighthouse during the annulment separation and this time when she tells him she wants to try, he accepts her. They have 3 wonderful days before Carmen’s threats make him leave her again forever. However, when Danny finds out she’s about to marry Bill Lewis, he takes the first plane back to Springfield. A nice bit about Bill and Michelle’s friendship and the lengths he’ll go for her. Also, a great epilogue where they’ve moved to Spain. (Chapter 1) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 8 ) (Chapter 10 ) (Chapter 14)

“Unexpected Visitors” – Danny left to go to California as planned. Michelle reaches out a few times, but then stops calling. Danny didn’t know it was so she could set up a fake enrollment at a school in Florida. When she shows up in California, Danny lets it known he’s dating a new woman Berta Reardon (aka Berta Michelle Bauer Santos). 😉 (Part 1) (Part 2)

“The Way It Should Have Been” – An alternative version of what happened between Manny after Michelle gets her memory back and they made love.

“What’s the Use of Wondering” – Manny make up, instead of breaking up right after the fight about what happened to Xeno.

“When” – Danny and Michelle are separated by their separate plans to give the other a chance at a free life when Michelle is convicted of Ben Warren’s murder. It is killing both of them, but they are both filled with so much guilt over the outcomes of their plans that they stay apart thinking the other no longer wants them.
(Intro and Chapter 1)
(Intro) (Ch 1-2)

“When Love and Hate Collide” – Danny stayed away from Michelle after the annulment went through. Carmen forced him more into the criminal side of the business as part of her deal to save Michelle’s life. Finally she raised the demand that Danny marry Theresa. However, just then Michelle came back to town for Drew and Jesse’s wedding and no matter how hard they try to stay apart, fate keeps leading them back together. Just when it looks like things will work out Theresa ups the ante with a little scheme of her own. Will Manny’s love win out afterall? 😉 Chapters also posted on this board if have troubles accessing

“Where the Water Meets the Shore” – An alternative version of what might have happened when Danny confirmed the truth of Carmen’s reveal that Danny slept with Drew.

“Wrong Lifetime” – Danny never starts for the airport the night he is supposed to go to California and instead decides he must take away Carmen’s ability to hurt Michelle so they can be together. Carmen forged his signature on the annulment papers and receiving them drives Michelle to a stress induced illness, but a single night with Danny in her bed, she thinks is only a realistic dream, helps her recover in time to help Danny deal with all the secrets he discovers while trying to get enough to bring Carmen down. Dietz is Mick’s bio father. Danny’s bio mom was a Santos maid. Abuela dies, but not before leaving Danny the trump cards he needs to deal with Carmen once and for all. 😉 (Chapter 1) (Ch 2-5) (Ch 8-10) (Chapter 11) (Chapter 12) (Ch 16-17) (Chapter 29) (Chapter 30) (Chapter 33) (Chapter 34)

“You Chose Me” – After Michelle overhears Danny say he loves her, he overhears her call Drew and cancel the tip to the FBI (she was in time). Danny GETS the point this time that she chose him. He skips out on the docks shipment (what are underlings for anyway) and takes Michelle on a midnight picnic where he’s surprised that Michelle is ready to consummate the marriage.

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