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Remy Before and After

August 6, 2020

Often Guiding Light would try out an actor in a small part and then bringing him or her back in a larger part some time later. I’ve been  posting showing clips of these actors before and after.

My tenth entry is Lawrence St. Victor who played Remy Boudreau. I didn’t know he had appeared previously on the show until I heard him talk about on one of The Locher Room episodes. He talked about it on the Virtual Bauer BBQ 2020. Normally I wait until I have clips found, but I wanted to go ahead and post these before I forgot.

St. Victor said that Guiding Light was his first on camera job. He was in Company as a supporting character aka on most shows extras. It was a day that Tony Santos (Jordi Vilasuso) was at Company. St. Victor said that Jordi had come over and sat down next to him. He talked about the soap, how they worked, and in general about the actor giving him information and making him feel comfortable. He really appreciated it.

Remy came on as a dorm advisor. His father Dean of Students, Claytin Burdeau, had a rocky relationship with him. They had very different ideas of his future. Unfortunately Remy’s sister (doctor/lawyer, Rick’s ex-wife, Leah’s mom) was uber successful at everything she did (including treating Michelle like crap, except at being in a healthy relationship which I hope she has overcome that limitation with Cyrus). He constantly felt under scruntiny and like a failure. Over a long time he found success in his personal life by marrying Christine and a successful career as an EMT/cop.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Beth Before and After

August 3, 2020

Often Guiding Light would try out an actor in a small part and then bringing him or her back in a larger part some time later. I’ve been  posting showing clips of these actors before and after.

My ninth entry is Beth Chamberlain who played Beth Raines Spaulding. I didn’t know she had appeared previously on the show until I heard her talk about on one of The Locher Room episodes. Normally I wait until I have clips found, but I wanted to go ahead and post these before I forgot. When Judy Evans left the role of Beth and the show they had done such a good job of convincing us that Pheth belonged together that only death could separate us that they felt they needed to kill the character for Phillip to move on. Beth disappeared, but Phillip didn’t give up. Eventually Alan decided Phillip would never give up while there was hope so he faked evidence that Beth was dead so Phillip would move on.

During the time where Phillip was still hunting, Beth Chamberlain came on to be a dead body who looked similar to Beth, but wasn’t.( I should be able to find that and when it hits the top of my To Do List I will.)

Later when they decided to bring the character of Beth back, Chamberlain one the role. She continued with it until Pheth married and the characters moved to New Mexico. Then she returned about a year after Phillip returned she came back and stayed on the show until the end of the run.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ Round Up Update 2020

July 30, 2020

Once again we wrap up another Bauer BBQ Week. I hope that you have enjoyed celebrating the Bauer BBQ with me. I’m always looking for more episode, more fanfic, and more memories please share. This year I went through and removed links to earlier year posts if I’d added to them or replaced links. If you have trouble getting links in the current posts, search for past posts.

Remember it’s never too early to start on Bauer BBQ fanfic for next year:

Bauer BBQs Through the Years

NOTE: If you aren’t familiar with my episode guide blog posts, expect to find a description of what happened (sometimes commentary mixed in, sometimes separately) then a link to the footage that I’ve found.

Bauer BBQ 1984 -Earliest year available on YouTube

Bauer BBQ 1987 – A-M jumps from plane, 50th Anniversary at Johnny’s Hanger

Bauer BBQ 1988 – Fletcher and Maeve Get Married

Bauer BBQ 1989

Bauer BBQ 1990

Bauer BBQ 1991

Bauer BBQ 1992

Bauer BBQ 1994

Bauer BBQ 1995

Bauer BBQ 1996 – Surprise BBQ when Rick almost gave up

Bauer BBQ 1998

Bauer BBQ 2001

Bauer BBQ 2002

Bauer BBQ 2003

Bauer BBQ 2005

Bauer BBQ 2006

Bauer BBQ 2008

Bauer BBQ 2009 – Last Bauer BBQ We’re Invited To On Air

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Bauer BBQ Speechs (On Air and Not)

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Bauer BBQ Fanfic

Children of Springfield – Ages of all the kids in Springfield in 2020

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Bauer BBQ Fanfic –  a selection of fanfic that has at least one chapter set at the Bauer BBQ

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Virtual Bauer BBQ 2020

July 29, 2020

Group One for BBQ

Please join Liz Keifer, Michael O’Leary, Jerry verDorn and many other Guiding Light cast members for a very special 16th Annual Daytime Stars and Strikes for Autism “virtual” Bauer Barbecue on Saturday, June 27th at 6:00PM EST. Together we will raise money and awareness for Autism Society of America.

I did a running commentary as we went. I went through and called the actors as actor or characters, fairly randomly. Rather than go back and straighten that out, I think you can figure it out if you can’t let me know. The time tags I give are hour: minute.

Although they don’t mention it at all, they were also did an auction and sold some neat stuff including the shirt Ross is wearing.

I was late getting this posted for Bauer BBQ Week – it only took me all month – but I wanted to get comments done before I posted. Thanks for your patience.

It starts with Michael O’Leary (Rick Bauer) who also serves as MC at the real life events. Then brought in Bloss, Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler) and Liz Keifer (Blake Marler). Part of the Daytime Stars and Strikes event is that people make sort of random donations during the event supporting the cause of autism. They list people who gave pre-donations.

Group 2 with Nancy St. Alban

O’Leary talks about dream sequence of Rick being Yankee Doodle Dandy.

verDorn says worst part every year was looking up over head pretending to watch fireworks.

O’Leary had everyone on that day and hired extras. He doesn’t remember much because it was very choppy.

Keifer every one had a great time seeing and talking to people.

O’Leary talks about Blake telling Rick about the twins. I think they were confused about the paternity.

verDorn says he remembers his first Bauer BBQ in 1979. Bert Bauer asked Ross to leave.

Locher the Bauer BBQ and the Christmas episodes were always the ones fans waited for.

Peter Simon isn’t attending today unfortunately.

11:21 verDorn shows a t-shirt he wore. Blake wanted a swimsuit cover-up so he gave Blake the shirt off his back.

verDorn and Keifer remember a dream set up which included “Holly” coming up covered with seaweed which still makes Keifer think of her “mom”

Group 3 with Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban

15:01 Nancy St. Alban arrives

St. Alban favorite Bauer BBQ memory – It was the last Bauer BBQ and her daughter was there as Hope. They were asking if her daughter could come play Hope. She resisted at first. When they were shooting the inside the kitchen scene her daughter improvised the line about how her Mommy used to do all the time. It freaked her out because she wasn’t expecting it so it threw her off her game.

18:00 Stewart says what he remembers is that there was always food so they’d sneak off set to eat. There would always be cake and they’d try and eat the cake. Sometimes even before they were done with it on the off-camera side. He’s really glad he won’t have to wear a Hawaiian shirt. They would get the script and have to decide if they had to start crash dieting. They talked about having the singer on the show. Who reported the highlight clips as copyright violations so they shutdown all the sound on the wedding clips. (Boo!) It was during their Bauer BBQ wedding. They also mentioned they had Clay Aiken on the show.

“We had a wedding every year like we had the Bauer BBQ”

O’Leary asks Nancy to tell the story from when the budget cuts came down. She tells Michael he tells him later. They discuss “the last producer” who they seem to have hard feelings for (and honest to God any right thinking person does). They called Nancy in and told her about this great new plot they were having where Danny leaves the mob forever and they open a restaurant in Chicago. Nancy says it changes every time that Michael tells her. It was really California and they were going to be helping Ed – which is the story they left on off screen. HUGE MISTAKE! It was only after she asked if they were building the set that she realizes from their non-answers that they’re firing her. (How anyone could write the deep, dark, best forgotten amnesia year, then write them off, then write the year 2008- HOW can they consider themselves a writer? An even if you WERE a writer as a head writer/producer you’re a grown up, professional, people shouldn’t have to guess you’re firing them.) Paul jumps in with his memories of it. If you are foggy about their send-off, Nancy and Paul are both right. Like Paul said they were going with Ed to help hurricane victims. Then AFTER that they were going to return with Ed to his clinic in California like Nancy said. “I just remember seeing Paul in the hallway and he said we’re fired.”

St. Alban is requested to tell a Michael story. Generally Michael was goofing around except when he was doing his stuff. Paul: “Nobody coming between Danny and Michelle wouldn’t work.”

There is an interview about the autism charity donations are going for.

Tina Sloan (Lillian) and Beth Chamberlain (Beth Raines) join Michael to go on. Lillian was supposed to wear a bathsuit, but decided she didn’t want to, so she didn’t. They said OK. Tina’s favorite story is talking about Beth Ehlers (Harley Davidson Cooper). They were having an argument about Phillip in the Bauer kitchen and after the scene they wanted them to exit immediately for next part of the scene. During rehearsal there was a place to get away, but things had moved before shooting. They darted into the broom cupboard in the Bauer kitchen and had her purse get stuck so they were just desperately trying to get out of there before they both made it back on camera.

Bruce Barry was director and he joined in. Barry told about directing Michael in a Bauer BBQ prep day. Michael reach down and grabbed a maceroni and cheese and got it out. Barry told Michael to say ouch. That’s supposed to be hot and you aren’t wearing mits.

Tina Sloan has brought out a new novel.

Peter Simon HATED wearing the chef’s hat. He says it’s Peter’s hat.

Elvera (Hope Bauer Spaulding) joined. Denise (Katie) looked for beginning of Bauer BBQ and was way off.

Bauer BBQ began

Denise misses brother-sister relationship with Floyd.

A.C. Mallet

Frank Dicopulas joined

Michael: “I said that every time I killed somebody, ‘I couldn’t stop the bleeding.'” Tells the VCR Stat story. When Phillip and Rick left the show they tried to build up a friendship-brothership between A.C. and Frank.

A.C. “You’re going to be Frank and Frank’s not sick.”

Jennifer Riso (Eleni 2) Doesn’t remember a lot of Bauer BBQ. Every time they had a scene together they’d try to work the angle.

They always had extras in the hot tub. The cast never found out who they were.

Last Bauer BBQ the grill wasn’t cooking because they didn’t want to have to pay a propane guy to come and start the grill.

Michael talked her into moving her hand over the cake and then he forced her hand down into it and then gasped and said ‘what did you do?’

Mandy (Frank’s daughter) was great. Eleni said her big story was that unexpectedly her real life husband knew Mandy before. He played music for her musical additions.

Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) – Telling a golfing story. Robert hasn’t landed a hole in one in his life, but his advice helpled Michael make one.

For a Bauer BBQ – Barry asked Frank to take off his shirt and he didn’t want to do it. Larry Gates, Jerry vanDorn, and Michael Roarke all came on set without their tops to give him moral support.

Barry directed Robert’s screen test with Jennifer Cooke. Robert said something wrong, gave a minute, backed up a couple of lines and went on. He came from a theater background and you don’t have the luxury of a second try. So he was a big help that way. He also directed his first scene with Rebecca Holland at a bar.

Robert Newman said at the end of 10 hours they’d want you to get a plate a food under the hot lights all that time. They wanted you to eat it. You’d go 2am-3am shooting the BBQ. If you were shooting late and had to be up in the morning they’d give you a hotel room for the night so you could be back in the morning.

Barry talks about Alan-Michael sky-diving into the BBQ. Robert Newman told Michael O’Leary that he committed 100% to the musical dream Bauer BBQ. Robert said he was incredibly impressed how much he put into the scene.

Barry is talking about doing Nola’s fantasies.

Dylan and Melissa Hayden (Bridget) – Dylan says you made our lives. Just saying Michael’s name makes them laugh. Melissa Hayden tells her first year on the show. They told them they had to wear bathing suits. They all suited up and then said you had to be in the hot tub. That’s why they went to having extras in there because none of the actors wanted to do it. They tried to put warm water in it, but it was SO dirty.

Morgan plays his firefighter song that he wrote at 1:28. The little girl from his second family comes on, too.

Melissa talks about her rehearsal scene. It was with Morgan. After the sexy come on she misjudged the set door and walked into it. Then they both laughed. Michael stresses they’ll get each other’s current numbers so they can talk again.

Then they add last Dinah and Yovone (Mel). All of them talk about where they live now.

Yovone remembers her first Bauer BBQ with fantasy sequence. She was dressed as Lady Liberty with a big plaque to hide real-life pregnancy. Her daughter graduated this year and they had a graduation ceremony with the parents coming in cards.

Gina says how fatherly, father-daughter their relationship was with Jerry vanDorn. Gina talks about how much she appreciates it once you leave. Gina dreamed about Helen Gallagher.

1:46 Grant Aleksander and Mindy comes on. HIs favorite Bauer BBQ memory is Peter Simon being forced to wear the chef hat. They waited all day to see someone telling him he had to wear the hat and steam came out of his ears. He thought he looked stupid in it. He’d have a serious conversation scene and he’d say, “I can’t do this! I can’t wear this hat!”

Krista (Mindy) says Jordan Clarke would be hungry and going to eat the food and she’d told him they had sprayed the food. “Darling, a little spray never hurt anybody.”

Roxie says she wouldn’t wear a bathing suit and Beverly came up to her and said I like your style.

Phillip: If you’re going to work with Beverly, you better bring your A game. Yours won’t be as good as hers, but you have to do your best.”

Barry said how professional she was and how well she responded to direction. Krista is going to play the piano.

1:53 Phillip discusses how come the Phillip-Rick relationship worked so well on screen and off. Michael: “It didn’t matter how many of my wives he slept with.”

1:56 Kimberly Simms comes on. Then Krista played the piano. I think the beginning was the Guiding LIght theme, but then she moved into the piece she learned when she was 8.

Krista went on Merv Griffin wearing bathing suit to advertise Bauer BBQ.

2:04 Orla and Crystal

2:14 Ashlee and Ava. Ashlee has a one year old. She was born on July 4, 2019.

Michael says the Bauer BBQ episodes were always the highest rated of the year.

2:22 Ashlee and Ava are delighted to see Remy. His first job was an extra in the back of Company and Tony. Tony came and sat down with him and helped support him. Both talk about how they are dealing with the COVID-19 limitations. Tony remembers wearing a tank top. Remy remembers the last one and how he and Michael improved. Michael talks about his wedding to Mel and jumping the broom. Remy talks about taking family to Black Lives Matter. They stuck to the edge and went with friends. He talks about being stopped by a cop while he was on Guiding Light.

Ray said they just got back from Florida where they visited family and swam. Ray asked to see Liz. They brought her back. She got Remy the place he got married because she knew the owner. Ray said how much he liked Liz. Holly popped back on with Liz. They added Gilly and Ross.

More remembering the hot tub and how nasty it was.

2:38 talks about Hamp (who passed away close to when he was last on the show)

2:39 talks about Roger. It was amazing to work with him. They had chemistry and they played so many variations on the theme.

Gilly is back in New York after many years in California. She talks about her son being profiled. She attended marches. She said she had to teach kid how to respond if picked up.

Liz asks her if she felt comfortable being a citizen of Springfield. She felt being brought in as an equal citizen was really signifcant.

Talk about how good a stage manager they had Lock. He created an atmosphere that respected everybody. He didn’t call extras, extras, they were supporting characters.

Helen was make-up artist and she treated everyone so well. The actors spent more time in hair and make-up than anywhere else. They were friends and so supportive every day.

They talk about how unique a set it was for the supportive feeling.

Ross talks about WSPR and what a great set it was. He says it was like a movie set. Holly remembers the Springfield Journal set more. Lock move supporting characters around so it felt like a real newsroom.

Ends and says good night with Alan, Michael, Liz, and Jerry. Plus Wendy who runs the event, It started in 2004.

Jerry was a leader on the set. He was a liason between actors and management. Charita had always had that role, but after she passed away Jerry stepped up.

Children of Springfield 2020

July 10, 2020

The Back Story

Back in 2014 before I could really dig into my Manny Bauer BBQ fanfic for the year I had to stop and figure out what children would be running around and how old they would be now. Sadly it’s been awhile now since we’ve seen any of them.  I decided to share because I thought this might be helpful for anyone wanting to write a “present day” Springfield story. I’m especially looking for any Bauer BBQ fanfic of any couple, any era and I’m making myself a challenge to at least get the start of one done by July 1st, so I’m challenging you as well. And don’t worry, this year I have the Manny part of the plot figured out so I just have to decide what other people are doing around them. I think it needs to be an annual post to keep us all on the same Guiding Light page.

However, I worked on this year’s Bauer BBQ fanfic I realized that there either was a dearth of children if I brought back former characters and they didn’t have children since none were mentioned on screen or I had to add some kids to this. I’ve redone the list of kids below. I’ve bolded the names of the children who were actually born on the show. Most of these added characters won’t have much role in this story or developed personalities, but I want them here to at least serve as placeholders and to make sure the population of Springfield doesn’t shrink that much.

In the previous post I shared some of my reasoning and notes to show my work and let it stand for possible addition and corrections. Read the last one for more details on how I came up with this list.

Please note these are often rough calculations and any of them could be subject to SORAS at any given time. Personally I like to watch kids grow up on screen, so I won’t be SORASing.

There could be any number of other children around, any number of other people that we had lost track of on screen or since 2009. These are children that are reasonable to assume are around. I’ll gladly take suggestions of others. I’ve previously stuck to the ones on screen and they are shown in bold, but I’ve also added  short explanations or reminders who they are.

So here is my list. I’m probably missing people. Let me know who else you think should be included. Whether these children would actually be around town or not is, of course, up to you and how you plot your story.

Children of Springfield

In reverse chronological order, the current children of Springfield:

Michael Ross Santos, 2 years – the son of Danny Santos and Michelle Bauer was born in between Bauer BBQ 2017 and 2018. We’re calling him Mikey.

Karla Boudreau, 4 – Christine and Remy daughter. They waited until they were settled and I picked the age from Christine’s actress’ The Bold and Beautiful‘s character’s daughter in hopes of getting some usable photos. I named her after Christine’s actress.

Elizabeth Lillian “Lily” Lewis, 6 – the daughter of Bizzie, at the 2014 Bauer BBQ we didn’t know Lizzie was pregnant so she was born after that.

Victoria Spaulding Grant, 6 – the daughter of Vicky Spaulding and David Grant. She was inspired by their 2016 Christmas card. The actors for Vicky and David married in real and for one of my Christmas photos I used a real life photo they’d shared. The Grants live outside of town.

Danielle “Dani” Meta Santos, 9 – the daughter of Manny, she was previously announced at the end of Springfield Bound and appeared in Bauer BBQ 2014. Best friend of HBIV.

Sandra Foley, 9 – daughter of Mel Bourdeau and Cyrus Foley. Mel got pregnant not long after they got together and they eventually married. Somewhat ironically Mel named her daughter after someone she looked up to the first female Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor.

H.B. Lewis IV, 10 – Son of Bizzie as announced on show, best friend of Danielle Santos.

Francesca Cooper, 10 – Daughter of Frank Cooper and Natalia Aitoro as announced on the show, We’re calling her Frankie.

Clayton Bourdeau, 10 – Christine and Remy’s child existence shown in finale flash ahead. Soap Central says it was a boy named Clayton. I must admit I forgot about him so he isn’t on all previous lists.

Hampton “Hamp” Frazier, 10 – Kat Speakes kid, see note under Paul James Frazier, Jr. below.

Henry Cooper Lewis, 11 – Bio child of Shayne Lewis and adopted son of Marina Cooper. I’m calling him Hank.

Colin O’Neill, 12 – Child of Reva Shayne Lewis O’Neill and Jeffery O’Neill

Peyton Spaulding, 12 – daughter of Beth Raines Spaulding and Alan Spaulding

Emma Spencer Spaulding, 14 – bio daughter of Olivia Spencer and Philip Spaulding, adopted daughter of Natalia Aitoro

Sarah Randall, 14 – daughter of Jonathan Randall and Lizzie Spaulding Lewis.

Hope Maureen Santos, 15 – daughter of Michelle Bauer and Danny Santos

Leah Bauer, 18 – Daughter of Rick Bauer and Mel Boudereau Foley

“Robbie” Robert Frederico Santos, 19 – son of Michelle Bauer and Danny Santos

Jude Bauer, 19 – son of Rick Bauer and Harley Cooper

Clarissa Marler, 20 – daughter of Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler

Paul James Frazier, Jr. , 20 – After my discovery of the triad of Veterans from the 1960s, I wanted to involve them in the Bauer BBQ. There wasn’t anybody who really connected with them anymore, but there was a reference to Jim and Martha Frazier having two kids – no mention of which sex. I decided that they’d have named a son after his best friend and army buddy Paul Fletcher, so the son’s name would be Paul James Frazier. I thought somehow Kat Speakes might have married him and they’d name their son as a second.

Zach Spaulding, 21 – son of Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper

Molly Spaulding, 21 – Molly is the daughter of Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding. I based her on Rick Hearst’s General Hospital character’s daughter, so I can use photos of the two of them. Starting with BBQ 2017 she’s been dating Jason Marler.

Rocky Bradshaw Cooper, 22 – son of Jezz. In last BBQ story he returned to town. Left on his own with distant relations of Jenna in UK only Lucy had stayed in touch. He had come up through the kitchen ranks as a chef in London and he was brought in to make Towers his signature restaurant. He secretly wants to destroy his father for hurting him, Coop, and Lucy, but he’s kept his resentment to himself.

Maureen Reardon, 23 – daughter of Vanessa Chamberlain Lewis and Matt Reardon

Kevin Marler, 24 – son of Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler, Kevin is studying neuroscience, more specifically addiction and has been developing a psuedo-father relationship with Rick.

Jason Marler, 24 – son of Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler, is a disenchanted Polysci major, he’s spent the last year trying to find himself. He took a semester of classes at Springfield U, mostly because Molly wanted him to, but mostly he’s been working at Company after Frank got him the job. He’s been getting into a more mentor relationship with Frank.

Matthew “MJ” Wilson, 26 – Rick Bauer and Annie Dutton’s son she had given up for adoption. In last year’s BBQ story Matt showed up at the very end and in the year since has been developing a relationship with Rick, but not with Mindy. He moved into the Bauer garage apartment.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2018 Fanfic by Robansuefarm

July 7, 2020

I’m picking up at the end of this Bauer BBQ story with this year’s. So flashback to last year.

To make it easier to direct people to this story I wanted to put all the chapter links in a single post, in other words do a link roundup. This story is in the Robansuefarm  fanfic category. This is a fic that I wrote and first published here continuing the story of Guiding Light.

Bauer BBQ 2018 by Robansuefarm

In order to help the continuing story we have a couple of stops on our way between Bauer BBQ 2017 to Bauer BBQ 2018. This year I tried to write it more like actual episodes.

November Sweeps – The Painting Story Climax

November Episodes – 2017 by Robansuefarm

December 2017 January 2018 Episodes by Robansuefarm

Since Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm

Actual BBQ Episodes

Bauer BBQ 2018 Prep Day by Robansuefarm

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 1

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 2 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 3

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 4 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 1 Part 5 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 1

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 2 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 3 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 4 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 5 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 6 

Bauer BBQ 2018 Episode 2 Part 7 

We follow up with a “head writer interview” to fast forward the story.

Guiding Light Head Writer July 2018 – Soap Opera Magazine

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Speeches Bauer BBQ 2017

July 6, 2020
Michael O'Leary Greets Guests

Michael O’Leary Greets Guests

Part of every Bauer BBQ is the speech. It was often done by Ed or Ross or Rick, but the job passed around over the years. The speech was always one of my favorite parts so I like to include one in my fanfics. This speech is one I wrote for my Bauer BBQ fanfic in 2017. I hope you enjoy it.

Rick: Can I have your attention? It’s time again for that time honored tradition. The Bauer BBQ speech where we take a minute to think about what we’re celebrating today instead of the celebration itself….You know it still feels funny for me to be the one giving the speech because I feel like it should be a grown up like my dad or Uncle Mike or Aunt Meta giving this speech. I still feel like I should be a kid trying to filch Grandma Bert’s apple pie off the dessert table — which is probably because I still do that.

Audience chuckles

But then I look around and I see my kids, my nieces and nephew, all my friends and family, wonderful little sister, Michelle, her husband, Danny, and my beautiful wife, Mindy and I realize I am a grown up who has built a pretty great life here in Springfield. Not just my family, but I have been instrumental in making Springfield better and keeping it a great place to live. Everyone here can say the same thing.

I’ve made my share of terrible mistakes, things I wish I could take back, and I’m sure that you all can say that. I turned my back on Springfield for awhile thinking it would make my problems go away, tried to live in other places for awhile, as some of you have done, but Springfield always calls us back home. We find our answers here among all of us, as part of the community because truly “no one goes his way alone.”

The community in Springfield IS extra special, but that sense of community is all across America from, New York to LA, and oh I don’t know, from Oakdale, Illinois to Genoa City, Wisconsin to Port Charles, New York. It’s that sense of individuals pulling together to form communities of respect, dignity, hard work and perseverance and then pulling together more to form one country is what makes this country great. It’s what made it possible for a man like my great-grandfather, whose name I proudly bear, to come to this land, and with the help of his wife to create a family and to help to build this town into what it is today.

So here’s to friends here and gone, to our children, and to Springfield may it continue to be the special place it is.

Audience: “To Springfield!”

Danny: It’s always hard following Rick, but I’d like to add a few words. While I was growing up, my family, well we regarded strangers with suspicion and malice. We weren’t part of the community and I used to think that was all your fault, the fault of people like the Spauldings and the Chamberlains that shut us out. Michelle helped me see that it wasn’t the community shutting us out, we were the ones who had turned our back on the community and now I and my children are part of this community. Michelle and I are so glad we moved back here and we have an announcement to make.

Michelle: We wanted to let you all know that Danielle is going to get her turn to be a big sister. We’re having a baby!

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Bauer BBQ Week Kick-Off 2020

July 1, 2020

Each year we dedicate a week to the most important event on the Springfield social calendar, the Bauer BBQ. As a family of immigrants (Michelle’s great-grandparents came over from Germany), the Fourth of July was always important to the Bauer family because they were grateful to live in America and most members of the family believed strongly in community service and giving back to the community. It had long been a tradition to have a family picnic/cookout in honor of the holiday, but in 1983 – we think – some writer came up with the idea of using that as an opportunity to make it a bigger event. It would show Springfielders celebrating when viewers were, allowed good excuses for skimpy clothes, fun games, and people who’ve been trying to avoid each other suddenly forced to talk to each other. Plus something explosive could happen. It was an epic idea and one that would help define years of Guiding Light history. It was a big event all of Michelle’s life.

Unlike most Bauer BBQ Weeks this one is going to start a little slow. I’m going to republish a couple of my all time favorite Bauer BBQ posts. I also have some cool new ones starting Sunday. I must admit I haven’t had a lot of time to work on posts this year because of my real life schedule. I hope that can be my Bauer BBQ resolution to do better in the coming year.

Bauer BBQ Week


Rick Bauer 2002

Rick Bauer 2002

Bauer BBQ Week means that instead of our normal posts this week we’ll have posts that are things like episode guides of Bauer BBQ episodes, special informational posts on things like fireworks and food, and hopefully some Bauer BBQ fanfic set at any time with any characters as long as it takes place at and around the Bauer BBQ. If you didn’t get any written for this year. START NOW for next year when we’ll do it all again. Catch up on previous years at the latest Bauer BBQ round up post.

I should also tell you that the Bauer BBQ fanfic is going to be a little different this year. Frankly I just didn’t have time to get it done since writing a couple of days worth of episodes takes longer than you’d think. Sooooo what I decided to do is just leave it where it was. This year we’ll just pretend there wasn’t a gap of two years and I’ll pick up as if 2020 had been 2019. We’ll see you soon!

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting about the Bauer BBQ and I hope I hope you enjoy it! Welcome to the BBQ!

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Couple Codes Update June 2020

June 18, 2020

Here’s my latest update on creating a list of couple code aka smoosh names aka the names people create for couples by combing their names. For example Manny is Michelle Bauer Santos and Danny Santos and Marony is Marah Lewis and Tony Santos. I’ve posted the list from other soaps before, but I’ve been trying to post quarterly updates to help get suggestions who I’ve missed. I’ve added more since last time, but please check for your favorites (or even the not so favorite couples you can remember). I’m a long way from having all of them for all soaps here. I think I have finally collected most of the Guiding Light couple codes, but I’m adding those below and am now branching out to collect other soaps. The shows and the names are listed in alphabetical order. All couples are eligible to be included if they are on a daytime soap opera and have a commonly used nickname or code.  I threw a few primetime ones on at the bottom too, just for fun. This list is by no means complete at this point, but I found with my work with the Guiding Light list that people tend to respond more after they see what you have.

I also have reserved a spot on the the list for anyone with a nickname that might be confused with a couple code. For example, on the Guiding Light list I’ve included Cleva for Clone Reva. So here are the couples whose name I’ve remember or had suggested to me so far. If you spot I’m missing one from any daytime soap, please let me know on Facebook, Twitter, in the comments below or by e-mailing me at

All My Children

BAM – Bianca Montgomery and Maggie Stone

Greenleo – Greenlee Smythe and Leo du Pres

Jamanda – Dr. Joseph “Jake” Henry Martin Jr. and Amanda Dillion

Jannie – Adam Chandler III and Adam Lavery

Minx – Bianca Montgomery and Marisa Ramirez, Binx was Bianca’s nickname.

Rylee – Ryan Lavery and Greenlee Smythe

Zendall – Kendall Hart and Zach Slater

As the World Turns

NutMeg – Meg Snyder once she went around the bend.

Benry – Barbara Ryan and Henry Coleman

CarJack – Carly Tenney and Jack Snyder

HEM – Hal Munson and Emily Stewart

Jacket – Jack Snyder and Janet Ciccone

Jolly – Jack McKinnon and Molly Conlan

Linden – Lily Walsh and Holden Snyder

LuRe – Luciano “Luke” Snyder and Reid Oliver

Lusty – Lucy Montgomery and Dusty Donovan

Nuke – Noah Mayer and Luciano “Luke” Snyder

PEG – Paul Ryan and Meg Snyder

PEM – Paul Ryan and Emily Stewart

Willen – Will Munson and Gwen Norbeck

The Bold and the Beautiful

$Bill – Dollar Bill – Nickname for Bill Spencer

Batie – Bill Spencer and Katie Logan

Beric – Brooke Logan and Eric Forester

Breacon – Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe

Bricky – Brooke Logan and Nick Marone

Bridge – Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester

Brill – Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer

CaRidge – Caroline Spencer Forrester and Ridge Forrester

CarMas – Caroline Spencer and Thomas Forrester

DEric – Donna Logan and Eric Forrester

DeQuinn – Deacon Sharpe and Quinn Fuller

DUstin – Donna Logan and Justin Barber

Hott – Hope Logan and Wyatt Spencer

Kari – Katie Logan and Ridge Forrester aka Kridge

Kridge – Katie Logan and Ridge Forrester aka Kari (I don’t really acknowledge Kridge as it sounds like something you’d scrape out of a fish filter)

Lally – Liam Spencer and Sally Spectra II

Livy – Liam Spencer and Ivy Forrester

Lope – Liam Spencer and Hope Logan

Nicket – Nick Marone and Bridget Logan

Queric – Quinn Fuller and Eric Forrester

Quiam – Quinn Fuller and Liam Spencer

Quidge – Quinn Fuller and Ridge Forrester

Ramber – Rick Forrester and Amber Moore

Rashley – Ridge Forrester and Ashley Abbott

Raya – Rick Forrester and Maya Avant

Statt – Steffy Forrester and Wyatt Spencer aka Wyffy

Steam – Steffy Forrester and Liam Spencer

Still – Steffy Forrester and Bill Spencer

Tally – Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra, Jr.

Thacy – Thorne Forrester and Macy Spectra

Thatie – Thorne Forrester and Katie Logan

Throoke – Thorne Forrester and Brooke Logan

Tridge – Taylor Hays and Ridge Forrester

Wally – Wyatt Spencer and Sally Spectra Jr.

Watie – Wyatt Spencer and Katie Logan aka WyKat

Wivy – Wyatt Spencer and Ivy Forrester

WyKat – Wyatt Spencer and Katie Logan aka Watie

Wyffy – Wyatt Spencer and Steffy Forrester aka Statt

Zencole – Zende Forester and Nicole Avant

Zensasha – Zende Forester and Sasha Thompson

Days of Our Lives

FauxBo – When Bo Brady was replaced by a duplicate

Gabby – When Abby Deveraux split into alters including a version of Gabi Hernandez

Abben – Abby Deveraux and Ben Rogers

Bope – Bo Brady and Hope Williams

Brave – Brady Black and Eve Donovan aka Breve

Bristen – Brady Black and Kristen Dimera

Breve – Brady Black and Eve Donovan aka Brave

Broe – Brady Black and Chloe Lane

Chabby – Chad Dimera and Abby Deveraux

Chabi – Chad Dimera and Gabi Hernandez

Cin – Ciara Brady and Ben Rogers

Dannifer – Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton

EJAbby – EJ Dimera and Abby Deveraux

EJami – EJ Dimera and Sami Brady

EJole – EJ Dimera and Nicole Walker

Elani – Eli Grant and Lani Price

Ericole – Eric Brady and Nicole Walker

Haiden – Hope Williams and Aiden Jennings

Horita – Will Horton and Paul Narita

Jaige – Jack “JJ” Devereux and Paige Larson

Jarlena – John Black and Marlena Evans

JenEric – Jennifer Horton and Eric Brady

Jeve – Jack “JJ” Devereux and Eve Donovan

JNJ – Jack Devereux and Jennifer Horton

Jresa – Jack “JJ” Devereux and Theresa Donovan

Keddie – Kate Roberts and Eduardo Hernandez

Luloe – Lucas Horton and Chloe Lane

Lumi – Lucas Horton and Sami Brady

Lush – Lucas Horton and Sheryl Connors

PaulSon – Paul Narita and Sonny Kiriakis

Phloe – Phillip Kiriakis and Chloe Lane

Rope – Rafe Hernandez and Hope Williams

Shelle – Shawn Brady and Belle Black

Stabi – Stefan O. DiMera and Gabi Hernandez

Stayla – Steve “Patch” Johnson and Kayla Brady

Thrady – Theresa Donovan and Brady Black

Tiara – Tripp Dalton and Ciara Brady

WilSon – Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis

Xarah – Xander Kiriakis and Sarah Horton

General Hospital

Britch or The Britch – an unflattering nickname for Dr. Britt Westbourne, used by her enemies

Fluke – Fake Luke Spencer

HammyFinn – Hamilton Finn

AMor – Ava Jerome and Morgan Corinthos

Brew – Bobby “Franco” Franks and Drew Caine – A bromance

Brik – Britt Westbourne and Nicolas Cassadine

Bracas – Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones

CarJax – Carly Spencer and Jax Jacks

Carlina – Carlos Rivera and Sabrina Santiago

Chillow – Harrison Chase and Willow Tait

Cranco – Carly Benson Jacks and Sonny Corinthos

Carson – Carly Benson Jacks and Sonny Corinthos

DnA – Duke Lavery and Anna Devane

Dream – Drew Quartermaine and Sam Morgan

Driz – Drew Quartermaine and Liz Webber

Ducy – Duke Lavery and Lucy Cole

Ethina – Ethan Lovett and Kristina Davis

Fanna – Hamilton Finn and Anna Devane

Felxis – Hamilton Finn and Alexis Davis

Flelena – “Fluke” Luke Spencer and Helena Cassadine

FrAva – “Franco” Robert James Frank and Ava Jerome

Friz – “Franco” Robert James Frank and Liz Webber

GrAva – Griffin Monroe and Ava Jerome

Griki – Griffin Monroe and Kiki Jerome aka Kriffin

Hamexis – Hamilton Finn and Alexis Davis

Heydik – Hayden Barnes and Nicolas Cassadine

Hiesl – Hamilton Finn and Liesel Obrecht

Jandre – Jordan Ashford and Andre Maddox

Jarly – Jason Morgan and Carly Benson Jacks

Jasam – Jason Morgan and Sam McCall

JoMax – Johnny Zacchara and Maxie Jones

JosCar – Jossyln Jacks and Oscar Nero

Julexis – Julian Jerome and Alexis Davis

Jurtis – Jordan Ashford and Curtis Ashford

KevLar – Kevin Collins and Laura Spencer also spelled KevLaur

Killon – Kiki Jerome and Dillon Quatermine

Kriffin – Kiki Jerome and Griffin Monroe aka Griki

Lante – Lulu Spencer and Dante Falconeri

Lauruke – Laura Williams and Luke Spencer

LiRic – Liz Webber and Ric Lansing

Liason – Liz Webber and Jason Morgan

Lukanna – Luke Spencer and Anna Devane

Luke and Laura – Luke Spencer and Laura Spencer NOTE: Since they were big before couple codes they are generally just referred to as Luke and Laura.

Lutra – Luke Spencer and Traci Quatermaine

Mayan – Maya Ward and Ethan Lovett

McBam – John McBain and Samantha McCall

Miki – Michael Corinthos Quatermaine and Kiki Jerome

Mixie – Michael Corinthos Quartermaine and Maxie Jones

MorKiki – Morgan Corinthos and Kiki Jerome aka MorKi

Naxie – Nathan West and Maxie Jones

Nexis – Ned Ashton and Alexis Davis

Niava – Nicolas Cassadine and Ava Jerome

NiCo – Nina Clay and “Franco” Robert James Frank

Niv – Ned Ashton and Olivia Falconeri aka NOlivia

Niz – Nicolas Cassadine and Liz Webber

NOliva – Ned Ashton and Olivia Falconeri aka Niv

Patrina – Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago

Pristina – Parker Forsyth and Kristina Corinthos-Davis

RAM – Ric Lansing and Sam McCall

Rexis – Ric Lansing and Alexis Davis

RnA – Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane

RnH – Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton

Sakey – Sabrina Santiago and Michael (Mikey) Corinthos Quartermaine

Samtrick – Sam McCall and Patrick Drake

SAveus – Silas Clay and Ava Jerome

ScAva – Scott Baldwin and Ava Jerome

Scrubs – Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake

Sexis – Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis

Shordan – Shawn Butler and Jordan Ashford

Siam – Silas Clay and Sam McCall

Sina – Silas Clay and Nina Clay

SnB – Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett

Snelle – Sonny Corinthos and Nelle Hayes

Solivia – Sonny Corinthos and Olivia Falconeri

Spixie – Damian Spinelli and Maxie Jones

Tarly – Todd Manning and Carly Benson Jacks

Tolly – TJ Ashford and Molly Lansing

Valentina – Valentine Cassadine and Nina Clay

VAnna – Valentine Cassadine and Anna Devane

Vante – Valerie Spencer and Dante Falconerie

Guiding Light

Manny – Michelle Bauer and Danny Santos

Stenz – Paul Anthony Stewart and Joie Lenz  –  This is an unusual couple code in that it actually refers to the last names of the actors who originated the couple and is used to refer to the original Manny as opposed to the second version with Nancy St. Alban.

Stalbans – Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban – The corresponding couple code for the second version of Manny.

Alannie – Alan Spaulding and Annie Dutton

Balex – Buzz Cooper and Alexander Spaulding

Bava – Bill Lewis III and Ava Peralta

Bedmund – Beth Raines and Edmund Winslow

Beneth – Ben Warren and Beth Raines Spaulding

Beva – Buzz Cooper and Reva Shayne aka Ruzz

Bilar – Bill Lewis and Pilar Santos

Billip – Beth Raines and Phillip Spaulding aka Pheth

Bileva – Billy Lewis and Reva Shayne Lewis

Bilivia – Bill Lewis and Olivia Spencer

Bizzie – Bill Lewis and Lizzie Spaulding

Blen – Blake Thorpe and Ben Warren

Bliss – Blake Thorpe and Doris Wolfe (Never a couple on the show, but have a fan base anyway.)

Bloss – Blake Thorpe and Ross Marler

Blujack – Beth Raines and Lujack

Bolivia – Buzz Cooper and Olivia Spencer

Boop – Beth Raines and “Coop” Cooper

Buzzena – Buzz Cooper and Selena Davis

Cadmund – Cassie Layne and Edmund Winslow

Carben – Carmen Santos and Ben Warren

Cart – Cassie Layne and Hart Jessup

Cash – Cassie Layne and Josh Lewis aka Crash – Apparently pro people used this term and anti people used Crash, although Crash seems to be much more heavily used.

Charley – Cyrus Foley and Harley Cooper

Cleva – Clone Reva – Not a couple code, but I thought it could easily be mistaken for one, so I thought I had better include it.

Cooplee – “Coop” Cooper and Ashlee Wolfe

Cozzie – “Coop” Cooper and Lizzie Spaulding

Crash – Cassie Layne and Josh Lewis (ok, I don’t know how they got the r in this one) aka Cash (see note under Cash)

Cyrina – Cyrus Foley and Marina Cooper

Cyrizzie – Cyrus Foley and Lizzie Spaulding

D/D – Danny Santos and Drew Jacobs – A one-night stand not a true couple, but you will occasionally see this referenced in old Manny discussion posts.

Darcus – Dahlia Crede and Marcus Williams – alternate spelling Darkus

Dart – Dinah Marler and Hart Jessup

Dicky – David Grant and Vicky Spaulding

Dresse – Drew Jacobs and Jesse Blue

EAM – Eleni Andros and Alan-Michael Spaulding

Fake – Frank Cooper and Blake Thorpe Marler (Used more by people against the couple, I haven’t seen a pro-alternative)

Feva – Jeffery O’Neill and Reva Shayne Lewis aka Jeffeva

Flex – Fletcher Reade and Alexandra Spaulding

Folly – Fletcher Reade and Holly Thorpe

Fratalia – Frank Cooper and Natalia Aitoro

Freleni – Frank Cooper and Eleni Andros

GusH – Gus Aitoro and Harley Cooper

Harlet – Harley Cooper and A.C. Mallet

Hed – Holly Thorpe and Ed Bauer

Hoss – Holly Thorpe and Ross Marler aka RoHo

Jaisy – James Spaulding and Daisy Cooper

Jammy – Jonathan Randall and Tammy Layne

Jannie – Josh Lewis and Annie Dutton

Jarah – Jeffery O’Neill and Marah Lewis

Jassie – Jeffery O’Neill and Cassie Layne

Jeffeva – Jeffery O’Neill and Reva Shayne Lewis aka Feva

Jeth – Jim LeMay and Beth Raines

Jeva – Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne aka Jova

Jezz – Jenna Bradshaw and Buzz Cooper

Jizzie – Jonathan Randall and Lizzie Spaulding

Jolivia – Josh Lewis and Olivia Spencer

Jonah – Jonathan Randall and Dinah Marler

Jova – Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne aka Jeva (They are almost universally known as Jeva, but I did find one website/listserv named for them under Jova and by my at least one use standard I had to add this variant.)

LAM – Lucy Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding

Lillibuzz – Lillian Raines and Buzz Cooper

Malah – A.C. Mallet and Dinah Marler

Manny – See Above

Marony – Marah Lewis and Tony Santos

Mattesa – Matt Reardon and Vanessa Chamberlain

Mayne – Marina Cooper and Shayne Lewis

Messe – Michelle Bauer and Jesse Blue

M&M – Marina Cooper and A.C. Mallet

Nova – Dr. Noah Chase and Reva Shayne Lewis

Otalia – Olivia Spencer and Natalia Aitoro

Pharley – Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper

Pheth – Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines aka Billip

Quola – Quint Chamberlain and Nola Reardon

Rabby – Rick Bauer and Abby Blume

Rassie – Richard Winslow and Cassie Layne

Revard – Reva Shayne Lewis and Richard Winslow aka Richeva

Richeva – Richard Winslow and Reva Shayne Lewis aka Revard

Rindia – Ross Marler and India von Halkein

Roarah – Robbie Santos and Sarah Randall

Roginah – Roger Thorpe and Dinah Marler

RoHo – Holly Thorpe and Ross Marler aka Hoss

Rolly – Roger Thorpe and Holly Norris Reade

Ruzz – Reva Shayne and Buzz Cooper aka Beva

Sammy – Sandy Foster and Tammy Layne

Sharina – Shayne Lewis and Marina Cooper

Shaynah – Shayne Lewis and Dinah Marler

Snick – Susan Bates and Nick McHenry

Vanilly – Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis

One Life to Live

Gex – Gigi Morasco and Walter “Rex” Balsom, Jr.

Kish – Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish

Jolie – John McBain and Natalie Buchanan

Stole – Star Manning and Cole Thornhart

TnB – Todd Manning and Blair Cramer


Kayguel – Kay Bennett and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald

Lancy – Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Fancy Crane

Shuis – Sheridan Crane and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald

The Young and the Restless

Abturo – Abby Newman and Autro Rosales

Bily – Billy Abbott and Lily Winters

Bummer – Billy Abbott and Summer Newman

Chadam – Chelsea Lawson and Adam Newman

Chick – Chelsea Lawson and Nick Newman

Chilly – Chole Mitchell and Billy Abbott

Chylan – Chelsea Lawson and Dylan McAvoy

Cranny – Cricket Blair and Danny Romalotti

Danly – Daniel Romalotti and Lily Winters

Davery – Dylan McAvoy and Avery Bailey Clark

Deriah – Devon Hamilton and Mariah Copeland

Elevon – Elena Dawson (his half-sister Ana’s cousin on the other side) and Devon Hamilton

Hevon – Hillary Curtis and Devon Hamilton

Javery – Joe Clark and Avery Bailey Clark

Joilin – Jill Abbott and Colin Atkinson

Kariah – Kevin Fisher and Mariah Copeland

Kola – Kyle Abbott and Lola Rosales

Likey – Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin

Naul – Nikki Reed and Paul Williams

Navery – Nick Newman and Avery Bailey Clark

Neslie – Neil Winters and Leslie Michaelson

Neilary – Neil Winters and Hillary Curtis

Niktor – Nikki Reed and Victor Newman

Noco – Noah Newman and Courtney Sloan (cop who was murdered)

Phack – Phyllis Summers and Jack Abbott

Phick – Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman

Philly – Phyllis Summers and Billy Abbott

Pricket – Paul Williams and Cricket Blair

Ravishley – Ravi Shapur and Ashley Abbott

Scrabby – Scott Granger and Abby Newman

Seo – Summer Newman and Theo Vanderway

Shadam – Sharon Newman and Adam Newman

Shey – Sharon Newman and Rey Rosales

Shick – Sharon Newman and Nick Newman

Shilly – Sharon Newman and Billy Abbott

Shott – Sharon Newman and Scott Granger

Shylan – Sharon Newman and Dylan McAvoy

Stashley – Ben ‘Stitch’ Rayburn and Ashley Abbott

Sticky – Ben ‘Stitch’ Rayburn and Victoria Newman aka Vitch

Style – Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott

Tabby – Tyler Michaelson and Abby Carleton Newman

Theola – Theo Vanderway and Lola Reyes

Tobby – Toby and Abby Carleton Newman

Trane – Traci Abbott and Cane Ashby

Tricky – Travis Crawford and Victoria Neman (going by Tori)

Vane – Victoria Newman and Cane Ashby

Villy – Victoria Newman and Billy Abbott

Vitch – Victoria Newman and Ben ‘Stitch’ Rayburn aka Sticky

Big Bang Theory

Bernard  Bernadette Rostenkowski and Howard Wolowitz aka Howardette

Howardette – Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski aka Bernard

Lenny – Leonard and Penny

Shamy – Sheldon and Amy (actually coined and used by Penny on the show, love a shipper)

Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World

Corpanga – Cory “Cornelius” Matthews and Topanga Lawrence Matthews

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bangel – Buffy and Angel


Caskett – Richard Castle and Kate Beckett

Esplanie – Javi Esposito and Lanie Parish

Downton Abbey

Chelsie – Charlie Carson and Elsie Hughes


Mondler – Monica Geller and Chandler Bing


Tate – Tony Di Nozzo and Caitlin Todd

Tiva – Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David

The Librarians

Fleve – Flynn Carter and Eve Baird

The Muppets

Kermiggy – Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

One Tree Hill

Naley – Nathan Scott and Haley James


Shules – Shawn Spencer and Julie “Jules” O’Hara


Melvester – Meghan O’Brien and Sylvester

Quintis – Tobias and Happy aka Tappy (won out)

Tappy – Tobias and Happy aka Quintis

Waige – Walter and Paige

Star Wars

Hanleia – Han Solo and Princess Leia

UPDATED: June 25 2020

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Guiding Light Storyline Proposal from April 1969

June 8, 2020

Everything Coming Up Bauers

I recently got a copy of a Guiding Light Storyline Proposal from April 1969. It was written by Soderberg-Summer. The story prospective covers the several future major stories. One is the set up for the Ed – Leslie (Rick’s mom) – Mike (Awesomesauce) triangle. I still have 0 opinion of her. Anyone who marries Ed when Mike is available (as he was when she married Ed) is a complete and total idiot. Another big storyline which is covered lightly here is Bill Bauer’s death. They’re talking about the expected aftermath for Bert and the rest of the Bauer family. There is also talk about Charlotte Wearing including her car accident and potential future. They recommend that when Mike will marry Charlotte that Hope and Charlotte will make each other miserable as step-daughter and step-mother.

Sara McIntyre

The other story they dig into is the Sara McIntyre’s storyline. It’s weird to me that I watch old episodes and I remember every single other character on the episode, sometimes the action in the episode, but I have NO idea who this Sara is. She works at the hospital. She is in a relationship with Joe Wexler and they are bringing in a new character Lee Gantry. When they were doing quick episode cuts for the last big anniversary was of Gantry being killed. They lay out a year plus of potential story.

Fletcher Family Farewell

They are also starting to wrap up the Fletcher family. Peggy Fletcher and her son will be the last one standing, but they’re talking about moving on to the Wexlers as a replacement core family for the Fletchers.

Ed’s Self-Knowledge

I hope to retype the entire document so I can share it at some point, but for now I wanted to give you a rundown because of one sentence. I think it’s a critical piece of understanding about Ed Bauer almost all the way through his run on the show.

Through Jackson and Bert, Leslie is pulled back toward Ed to help Ed during this crucial period in his life. Ed, at the same time, has begun to discover the secret of his sickness — it’s his refusal to become an adult and assume the responsibilities built into the condition of adulthood. Bill’s death may contribute to a hastening of this realization. Bert’s reliance on Ed can also contribute to his growth as an adult.

Ed also develops a deep insight into Leslie — and he knows she is trying to help him — and this time, he can ACCEPT her help. This acceptance is what traps Leslie.

We will play a period of time when Leslie is torn between the two-men [Ed and Mike] — both worthy men, and in their own ways, both needy men.

And the bolded sentence I think clearly shows what’s the matter with Ed, why he drinks, why (like his father) he’s always looking for another woman to solve his problems, and why he’ll never be as awesomesauce as Mike.

Rick Comes Along

We also get a rundown on how we got Rick, I mean then Freddie.

[Leslie] returns to Ed on a tentative basis — but a strange thing happens, Ed seduces is own wife during this interval period.

Leslie becomes pregnant.

Ed is overjoyed by her pregnancy — overjoyed for Leslie — who has always wanted a child, and overjoyed for himself because this is the final proof of his maturity. He wants the child as much as Leslie ever wanted a child.

Leslie thinks the child is Ed’s — and now she is committed to Ed.

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