She’s A Marvel

I previously did a post on She’s a Marvel, but now I have three additions to add to what’s in the original post. Plus on a re-watch there is one plot point that isn’t really clear even for regular viewers out of context,  Frank and Buzz are currently fighting in this episode because Olivia was getting friendly with Frank, Buzz encouraged the relationship and tried to step back, but really was starting a relationship with her himself, understandably ticking Frank off.

First, I’ve found a more complete version of the episode. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Second, I’ve found a mystery. Just how did the Marvel connection come about?

According to the November 20, 2006 issue of Brandweek (available full text in Ebscohost Academic Search Complete) “The project arose when GL costumer Shawn Dudley designed the wedding dress for Marvel character Storm’s wedding to the Black Panther.”

According to the October 31, 2006 issue of New York Times (available in the same database) Dudley is mentioned in passing, but the focus was on the fact that “David Kreizman, the head writer of Guiding Light is a longtime comics fan. ‘I went through a two-year phase of wearing only superhero T-shirts’ he said. Ms. Wheeler wryly remarked, ‘That was only last year.'”

So who was more responsible for Springfield gaining a Superhero?

In this “Inside the Light” episode (need I say more), Harley becomes a superhero known as The Guiding Light when Guiding Light put together a deal with Marvel Comics. It originally aired Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2006. They produced a real comic book that went with this. It was placed inside several other titles as a bonus and you can still get a copy off of Ebay or at a classic comic book shop. The comic features a follow up story to the episode when Harley regains her powers, using the episode as a sort of origin tale.

The story is this, a freak accident with Halloween lights turns Harley into a super hero. She can control electricity, but loses the ability to safely touch Gus and her children. (She also gets freaky silver eyes and a blue streak in her hair.) Rick actually comes up with a correct diagnosis on the first try for once and predicts immersion in water will eliminate her powers. They try it first with her pinkie and it works (which is why she and Gus touch pinkies in the lighthouse observation deck scene), but she’s torn. Gus correctly guesses that her wanting to remain a superhero is tied in with her suppressed fear that she will never bear Gus’s child (a fear that sadly proves true and part of a longterm storyline on the show) and he helps her realize it’s best if she gives up her powers in the end.

In my original post on this episode I discovered someone actually set up an entire YouTube channel just for this episode and then they didn’t even load the whole thing. For example, Rick’s scenes, which were hilarious, are missing. As is Harley dealing with the comic book villains that invaded Springfield. Even the original transformation scene when the Halloween lights zap her isn’t there. Here’s the link to my original post if you want to find that version.

The third  new thing in this post is where I tried to find a list of comics that had the comic insert, but failed on my own, Howski, a friend from Twitter and comic collector, put together a list for me. The closest I got was a news article that said they were Marvel comics released between Nov. 1-8, 2006. If you want a paper copy badly enough, check with your local comic book dealer. I did however discover that Marvel made the comic available as a free digital version in honor of the show’s cancellation. So as long as the link stays valid you can read it here:

To find it in print (and Howski reminds us that the dates printed on the cover are pull dates like magazines), look for one of these comics:

Released 10/25/06:
Civil War: Choosing Sides No. 1, December, 2006
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane No. 11, December, 2006
Marvel Select Flip Magazine No. 18, January, 2007 (X-Men: Deadly Genesis/New X-Men: Academy X)
Marvel Tales Flip Magazine No. 17, January, 2007 (Runaways/The Amazing Spider-Man)
Released 11/01/06:
Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man No. 21, January, 2007
Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine No. 18, January, 2007 (Spider-Man/Fantastic Four – Includes Guiding Light Poster Inside: Close-Up Shot)
Marvel Heroes Flip Magazine No. 18, January, 2007 (The New Avengers/Young Avengers – Includes Guiding Light Poster Inside: Full Shot)
Spider-Man and Power Pack No. 1, January, 2007
Released 11/08/06:
The Amazing Spider-Girl No. 2, January, 2007
Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius: Happy Franksgiving No. 1, January, 2007
Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four No. 18, January, 2007
Released 11/15/06:
Ultimate Marvel Flip Magazine No. 19, January, 2007 (Ultimate Fantastic Four/Ultimate X-Men – Includes Guiding Light Poster Inside: Full Shot)
Ultimate Tales Flip Magazine No. 19, January, 2007 (Ultimate Spider-Man – Includes Guiding Light Poster Inside: Close-Up Shot)

News Articles about the episode:

Finally, according our friend Howski once again, “In a later ep Harley gives one of the kids a ‘The Guiding Light’ action figure…..” So I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that. Let me know if you see it anywhere.


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4 Responses to “She’s A Marvel”

  1. Gina D Says:

    I posted this before, the only thing that saved this episode was Robert Bogue, Justin Deas and Michael O’Leary. Other than that, this was a true dud of an episode and I say that with sadness, because I was a huge defender of the show and passionate about it to one and all. But this episode….well….it didn’t make the top ten hit list, let’s just put it that way. However, Mallet, Buzz and Rick were just super hilarious and topnotch and saved the episode from caving. Also, I still think GT would have been a better, much sexier and spirited superheroine. BE really didn’t pull this off well at all.

  2. Gina D Says:

    Oops, forgot to mention Dinah, too, she was wonderful in the episode. She really should have been the superheroine and the story should have focused on Dinah and Mallet. They wound up being endgame and Gus and Harley wound up being split apart and Gus died. In hindsight, Mallet and Dinah should have been the focus for this episode.

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