Ed Bauer History – The Sins of the Father

I was inspired to post this to share about Ed’s history by Soap Opera 451.

Check out this information on Ed.


I had previously posted a clip from the CBS Guiding Light site (which has since taken down clips) showing Rick’s mother Leslie Jackson Bauer. As the clip is gone I didn’t think it was worth linking to the post about it, but I did want to add this quote from that post. “Leslie is a character I don’t remember and there have been several times over the years that I have wondered, but what about Rick’s mother, why don’t they ever talk about her and they don’t, NOT EVER.” The one exception from the talking about rule was when Rick and Mel’s daughter Leah was born. In a total rip off of Marah (named for Josh’s mother Martha and Reva’s mother Sarah), Rick and Mel called their daughter Leah (for Rick’s mother Leslie and Mel’s mother Felicia). Find out about Leslie at the post below.


Here’s my description of Ed from the Supporting Characters page. Check that section of the blog out for more information on characters.

Dr. Ed Bauer ~ Dr. William Edward Bauer, Jr. was the son of Bert and Bill Bauer. As a young man he was called Billy, but in his growing resentment over his father’s drinking and infidelity, he abandoned his father’s first name and began to go by his middle name, Ed. Ed had a series of wives and replicated his father’s drinking and affairs. While married to true love Maureen Reardon Bauer, he slept with fellow physician Dr. Claire Ramsey (see Michelle’s description) and conceived Michelle. Eventually he confessed to Maureen, she forgave him, and she adopted Michelle. They had a great family life, mostly due to Maureen. After another affair (this time with Lillian Raines), Maureen died in car accident trying to escape from Ed. He dived into his work to hide his pain and eventually moved on with Dr. Eve (this was probably the only wife he didn’t disappoint because her expectations in a husband were so low and she died before he had a chance to  cheat on her). After Eve’s death, Dr. Ed would leave town for years at a time for various medical projects around the country and around the world, leaving Michelle’s care to Rick. (Several years into Manny’s marriage, Danny rescues Dr. Ed from where he was being held captive in Africa, after that they would have a special connection. Ed, however, would sometimes have doubts about whether Danny was the right man for Michelle [like Rick, in his experience a Leslie is a Holly is a Rita is a Maureen is an Eve], but he never doubted their love for each other. When Manny left the show, it was to start over near Dr. Ed in California where Michelle would work with Ed in his clinic. Ed returned to the show in 2009 with the only full return on the show. His storyline ended with Ed reuniting with ex-wife Holly.)

To learn about Ed’s place in the Bauer family tree, read here:

To learn more about Maureen’s Death:

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    Revisit a look at Rick’s parents, Ed Bauer and Leslie Jackson. (Despite the fact that she was pretty much erased from the canvas, she really did exist.)

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