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A delightful discussion of the positives of consummation in the woods.

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Ways to improve the Little C

consummation pulling rope We Mannyacs waited for Michelle to face her feelings and realize she was in love with Danny. We waited months through interruption after interruption as they almost made love time and time again. That’s a lot of pressure for pay off for any single scene. That said there was a lot of complaints about this scene from Manny fans at the time. The buzz word had been that we fans were waiting for (with almost as much frustration as Manny themselves) the Big C or consummation of the marriage. After the consummation scene aired, it was deemed by many fans that after all that it had been a little C.

Some fans felt that it should have been at the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse was definitely their place before this, but she’d lost her virginity to Jesse there & I don’t mind them going some place unique to them. I was especially pleased that they went to Laurel Falls because Laurel Falls had been the special place for several of my couples over the years. It’s a magical place and I was pleased that they found magic there.

Some people thought that that Danny should have included the horse that Michelle mentions in her fantasy. I don’t think so because first I don’t think horses and Danny go together (see my Manny fanfic “A Typical House”) and second I thought the bed was a metaphorical white horse. The rope he hands her is definitely a briddle (as in horse halter) rope. Some fans also didn’t like the bed magically appearing, but if that had been the first thing Michelle saw, would they have ever made it to the ceremony? Personally I think not. Also, the tinkly music is a little much, but again they were going for a theme of him magically giving her all she wanted. I’ll take magical music to go with the theme.

Bed in Woods

Bed in Woods

Some fans pointed out the pink sheets as a continuity error. I don’t think it was. It was perfectly made up bed not just sheets, Danny wouldn’t settle for any less for Michelle, and whether they planned on using them or not he has a comforter and decorator pillow shams on the bed. The theme was bridal white and daisies, so of course the cover is white. They threw back or in the course of events the comforter was pushed over and off the bed leaving pink satin sheets exposed. Again Danny was trying to make it perfect for Michelle and nobody watching Manny clips can doubt that Michelle loved pink. He wasn’t picking them for himself. He’d probably picked black or white or I don’t know a set with  little Armani logos, but he was trying to anticipate what Michelle would want and pink was pretty good guess. The eye shadow change I can make no excuses for. That’s just a continuity error plain and simple, swallow hard and move on.

Pink Sheets

Pink Sheets

Now if you’ve been reading along with me in the episode guide posts you will remember I told you to look at Michelle’s underskirt or slip in the balcony surprise scene. If you need a reminder of what it looked like, she was in what it appeared to be a giant ace tension bandage covered with her pink satin robe. This discussion is why I wanted you to remember it. After a lot of thought on the subject and the scene deserves a lot of thought and re-watching 😉 , I’ve decided what the basic problem with the scene is a wardrobe issue. It was a poorly chosen dress for the wedding and consummation. It looks nice ON her, but what are you going to do taking it off? He had already kissed one strap off her shoulder. That’s about the extent of what you can do short of yanking the entire thing off over her head which would hardly be able to look romantic (although if anybody could pull it off, PAS could). There are no buttons that they had beautifully taken advantage of on her sweaters in several of the almost consummation scenes. There is no zipper so you could neither show slowly being pulled down or to drop the dress like she did her wedding gown on wedding night #2. The skirt is long, straight, and A-lined so there is no fullness to allow easy access to her legs by slipping it up. There is no slit to access at least one leg. She’s has bare legs so he can’t slowly roll down or pull off the stockings, kissing each freshly reveals piece of skin as he goes. She’s even already removed her own shoes so that’s out.

Balcony Surprise Slip

Balcony Surprise Slip

(Although after the back rub part of wedding night #2 I’d be all for him touching her toes again.) And if he somehow did get the dress off, what would we see? That ace bandage type slip that would face you with the same problems all over again. So the biggest obstacle to them showing us more lead up in the consummation scene is the dress. They could have shown Michelle undressing Danny which I would have been all for, but as far as his returning the favor in a romantic and smooth looking way wardrobe stymies us.

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