The Santos Family

As we don’t know much about Danny’s life before Mick’s death, I thought it would be helpful to gather together the clips where Danny talks about his family.

In 2000, Danny and Carmen reflect on the history of the Santos family. I wanted to start with this as a comparison because it is probably the most positively Danny describes his family life. At this point Danny is being nostalgic and sadly will shortly learn that his hope that Carmen was turning back into the mother he remembered was a false hope. It is a mistake that costs him dearly and he never makes it again and never trusts Carmen at this level. Here Danny wants to remember just the good things about his family like this, but he had begun to look at it differently through Michelle’s eyes and as he saw how the Bauer family functioned. Sadly there were a lot worse things left for him to learn about what was really happening within his family.

In the very early days of the fake marriage after Carmen leaves Danny tries to explain the kind of family he was raised in and how large a part of who he is is defined by family. Michelle is obviously listening better than she seems to be as she brings it up several times later.

After they were married for real, Danny was willing to admit some of the darker side of his life was due to his family. He described his family life like this:
at 4:50 talks about empty house

After Danny had faced all the revelations about the Santos Family, Danny has a different take on the family as he realizes how much of even those few good memories were based on lies. He describes it to Nico.

UPDATE May 30, 2015: I updated the links and fixed a problem with one of the videos and added my signature block.

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