What fans want: A happy couple

Often you hear soap writers and executives say how hard it is to write for a happy couple in soaps. Well, for the most part, good writing is HARD.¬† ūüėČ

Manny in the Surf

Manny in the Surf

However, that said, I think there is some misunderstandings on exactly what fans mean when they say they want a happy couple. First off, I really don’t think we need as much drama to keep us happy as they think. I have commented several times on various YouTube posts that I just watch Manny dance together all hour and I literally mean it. That would be an episode I’d not only watch, but re-watch over and over again. The same thing for Quola. Just thinking about the final waltz from their cotillion dance gives me shivers. Heavy drama it may not be, but it would certainly keep fans engaged. Heck, I’d watch Manny go shopping and being happy about it.¬† quintnola

Just today (August 2, 2010) fans of a current Young and the Restless couple (Bictoria aka Villy) were in ecstasy because 1. They were on 2. They were bickering 3. Victoria miraculously found her hairbrush (seriously she’s had a bad case of bedhead for the last 2 weeks – there was talk of starting a campaign to send the show hairbrushes). That’s it. That’s all it takes and we’re perfectly happy, connected, and watching.

Ed and Maureen

Ed and Maureen

I realize there has to be story on a soap and sadly you probably couldn’t just have Manny dancing everyday (although I personally would not be opposed to the experiment), but there can be crisis than couples face together that shows their mutual strength and support and not tearing them apart. For example, the scene right before the warehouse explosion was a perfect example of couple support despite the horrible circumstances. Fans want more of that for their couples and less stupid amnesia and dalliances with erstwhile recast cousins (Jammy people I’m not referring to you right now – I was thinking of Tattoo Tony).

Michelle and Danny 2009

Michelle and Danny 2009

There have been marvelous couple TV shows and movies for instance Mad About You, The Thin Man Series, Undercover Blues, etc. and there is no reason why soaps can’t be a bastion of such coupling instead of constant division into triangles.

At the link below read one Mannyac’s classic (here used to mean from a long time ago)

Vanilly Wedding


about a happy couple on soaps, featuring Manny.


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4 Responses to “What fans want: A happy couple”

  1. BL Says:

    I have wanted to respond to this for awhile, but haven’t had the time. Maybe one of these days I may vibe on this on my blog, but who knows. The cliche a happy couple is a boring couple is really a fallacy. I approve of when soaps laugh in the face of it. Wanting to see a couple in a committed relationship fight together is not a bad thing. Being together isn’t boring, it is the writing that may make it uninteresting. And not every couple works for every viewer as it is.

    Not everyone wants to see couples get married, and then divorced or see the couple they adore break up and then act like the past didn’t matter at all. That is what really drives me up a wall people claiming person X is the love of their life and then six months later they say the same thing to another person. To me that’s just bad writing.

    • glmanny Says:

      Glad you responded. I think you’re right constantly acting like a character’s life is an Etch-a-Sketch that you can just shake and reset is bad writing.

  2. Gina D Says:

    Exactly, that is what I wanted for my beloved Mallet and Dinah, to be based on the classic oldies “The Thin Man” movies. Mallet and Dinah had that classic chemistry that William Powell and Myrna Loy had and the show was going to stick to that and then something went wrong and Ellen the Killer Wheeler decided to break up Malah. Thankfully, they were still in each others lives and everyone could see they belonged together, even when Whinerina and Payne got in the middle of this classic couple, everyone could see that Malah were it and wanted them back together. The clamor for this couple never died down and fortunately they were reunited in a two parter. Fate landed them both in Germany where they meet on the road where Dinah has car trouble and then the finale where they were together again, forever in canon, never missing a beat, their signature romantic move intact, running out of the church, together. Soaps have forgotten that and that is why soaps are now extinct for the remaining few. Oh, and that crap that PP is trying to salvage with OLTL and AMC? Within a year that will be down the tubes, too. Daytime serials are dead, sadly. But at least we had our Guiding Light go out in style with mainly happy endings and “The End” flashing across the screen. That’s how to end a soap opera the right way and GL did it right.

  3. glmanny Says:

    Reblogged this on Glmanny's Blog and commented:

    Revisiting one of my favorite posts.

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