Uneven SORAS-ing

I thought that I had posted about this before, but it turns out that was only on the Mannyac discussion board, so I’m going to post about it here now. SORAS is an acronym that stands for Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome or less commonly Sudden Onset Rapid Aging Syndrome. It’s used to describe when soap writers, convinced pre-teen and more so teenagers offer more storyline grist than younger children, send a child off screen for a couple of months and brings them back years older. Everyone on screen pretends they grew up in real time and it isn’t strange at all.

6 Storyline Connected Children

The uneven SORAS-ing is of Susan/Daisy Cooper – Zach Spaulding – Robbie Santos – Jude Bauer – Leah Bauer – Hope Santos really messed up the story continuity (see soap opera jargon page) in the last few years of Guiding Light. Much like The Young and the Restless‘ later uneven SORAS-ing of Kyle and Abby when their conception was part of the same storyline, the SORAS makes the history we saw on screen completely impossible. Much of the rest of this was written in July 2009 after watching the Bauer BBQ.

I liked Danny’s line at the last Bauer BBQ about how he thinks Robbie will be taller than him any day. It was just so REAL. I’m so glad they brought Patrick Gilbert (who played Robbie as a toddler on) back as Robbie Santos, it really does add to the reality and charm of the Manny story.

Differences in SORAS for Characters

They have really messed up past storyline continuity with uneven SORASing of the kids. The order of age of kids onscreen should be Daisy/Susan – Zach – Robbie -James – Jude- Leah – Hope. It is especially important with this particular group of kids because if they hadn’t been born in that particular order they probably wouldn’t have been born at all, at least to those particular parents. However, in a throw away line in July 2009 Phillip said Zach was entering kindergarten in the fall. Robbie is still the right age of course since they brought the same actor back. Jude is presumably still younger than Zach, but his age isn’t directly referenced. Leah is now signing up for college. Hope is the right age. Lucie St. Alban (who played Hope) is Nancy St. Alban’s daughter who was the pregnancy they wrote in for Hope’s birth.

Rick, who spent the first entire 2/3rds of his life trying to have a child to pass on his special relationship with Bert, has barely seen his two children once he had them. Jude is now living IN GREECE with Harley. (Why didn’t they just bring back Haley Sparks as Harley again and let that horrible storyline end?) Still living in Greece is better than Blake and Ross’ children Kevin, Jason, and Clarissa who seem to have evaporated years ago. James and Daisy (who do have nice romantic chemistry) are so off age, it’s terrible. They kept Daisy roughly 18 for WAY too long. When she came back, they re-did with Grady in a more dangerous way all the story they originally did with Max the first time they brought her back, except Max was good deep down and Grady was psycho. Daisy was roughly 14 when James was BORN and he was her double step-brother and she thought half-brother at the time. Apparently they didn’t see each other for years and didn’t even recognize each other by face or seemingly by name when they met again a few months ago. He was a baby, but what was her excuse?

TPTB are so uneven on memory. When Edmund died, I had just seen an old clip of Edmund giving Lizzie the stuffed white horse to fight cancer, and they showed Lizzie bringing out what looked like the exact same stuffed horse when she talked about how he helped her. They can do stuff like that, but can’t keep to a timeline or look at a calendar for anniversaries, even when changing things doesn’t drive story. I don’t get it.

What Age the Children Should Be and Why Birth Order Matters

This is my thought process for how I remembered relative ages and it shows how intertwined their stories were and why they had to be born in the exact order they were, despite the fact that they were SORAS-ed completely out of order. Leah is the worst since she went from born to 16 just because they wanted her to be teen upset during Mel and Rick’s breakup which they featured for like 2 minutes and have barely used her since. I had to do a little figuring about where James is on my list. Let’s see. Phillip and Harley had Zach already during Harley’s fantasy at the Millennium Party when Michelle was on trial for Ben’s murder and Jim was still alive then. James was conceived during the plane crash when Phillip and Beth were flying back from San Cristobel the year before Jim died in the Christmas tree fire. James was definitely before Jude because James was part of what broke up Phillip and Harley before she slept with Rick and conceived Jude. Robbie was a toddler when Jude was born and Rick and Danny were talking about using one of those baby sling things and how great it was. So, relying on memory, Robbie and Jude should be about within a year of each other one way or the other. I got that far and decided to cheat and check Soap Central’s character profiles. Neither James, nor Robbie have one, but in Lizzie’s and Danny’s respectively, it says James saved her from cancer in 2000 and Robbie was born in 2001. Leah was born in 2004 and Hope was born in 2005.

And my friend Carmen later gave this clarification about Hope.

Lucie was born in 2005. She was born in May, and Hope was born in October. Interesting that Robbie and Hope are both the right ages.

For more discussion on this and other things, check out this Manny Discussion Board Post:

UPDATE June 26, 2015: This is one of my favorite posts so I was glad to take the chance to come back to it. I added more to the introduction part rather than assume everyone new what SORAS meant. I added the headings and totally reworked about 3 sentences to make them read better. I also added my signature block. I hope you enjoyed revisiting this post as much as I did.

UPDATE May 31 2016: Just fixed 2 typos I missed before.

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3 Responses to “Uneven SORAS-ing”

  1. Gina D Says:

    OMG, and along with the terrible sorasing and desorasing on soaps is the fact that the shows often forget that soap viewers have watched since being kids! So we remember who is who and who should be how hold and so forth! One of the pukiest things that GL did is sorasing Marina……who happened to be born when Mallet was with Harley and Alan-Michael tied to keep Frank and Eleni apart. Marina wound up having affairs with both Alan-Michael, who at one time was almost her father—ugh!—-and Mallet, who was married to her aunt at one time, who changed her diapers!!!! Her Godfather!!! And to add insult to injury, Shayne, whose diapers Harley changed at age 20, wound up having an affair with Dinah—-who happened to be the same age as Harley, having graduated Springfield High with her! I couldn’t believe that the show had Whinerina with Mallet and Payne with Dinah when it was so, so, so unbelievable and pukey…….thank the soap gods when Dinah and Mallet were reunited. Whinerina and Payne deserved to be miserable together, lol. And having Marina with Alan-Michael, who could have been her daddy? Ugh, ugh, ugh. Talk about barfaroni. SuDaisy was a real mess, too., such a mess.
    Leah, that should have never happened. And honestly, both Zach and Jude should have never been born, either, because Harley was a piss poor mother. Just ask SuDaisy, lol.
    Ah well, it is all a moot point now. The show is over. But this sorasing and desorasing is mind boggling.

  2. Robbie (Robert Frederico) Santos | Glmanny's Blog Says:

    […] Danny and Michelle chose to name their son Robert Frederico. Robert came from Michelle’s beloved grandmother Bert Bauer, whose eyes Robbie inherited. Frederico came from wanting to choose a name common to both families. Federico was Danny’s uncle (Ray and Tony’s father). Frederick (Rick) was Michelle’s brother. Frederich was Papa Bauer, Michelle’s great-grandfather. So it’s definitely Frederico not Fredrico. However, they soon decided to call him Robbie. He was one of the children who could only have been born in that exact order later totally messed up by uneven SORAS-ing. […]

  3. glmanny Says:

    Reblogged this on Glmanny's Blog and commented:

    Checking back on one of my favorite posts. I’ve edited it, added headings, and clarified it in a few places.

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