Last Emmys for Guiding Light

First a word about how Emmys work. Apparently, the shows production office plays a large part in determining submissions. They help arrange for who will be pre-nominated from their show, see that the entry reels (series of clips according to a strict set of guidelines from the Emmys) are prepared and entered on time, etc. Now there is no Guiding Light production office in existence and as a result fewer pre-nominations were submitted. Apparently actors, not used to doing this on their own, gave up or ran out of time or know how. It’s sad because GL deserved more nominations than it got. It was truly turning around the last year from February on and could again have entered a new golden age of story. I wish it would have gotten a chance.

Also, I’ll mention that according to Beth Chamberlain‘s (Beth Raines) recent tweets on the subject, the show also paid for your flight out to the awards show, supplied the dress and hair and makeup people, and hotel room. (Must be nice. Normally even when I’m presenting at a conference I have to pay for expenses myself, sometimes even registration.) GL’s 3 nominees will have to arrange all of that for themselves this year for the trip to Las Vegas, unless the two of them now on other shows are covered by them.

In its final year of eligibility, Guiding Light earned three nominations. Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer) is a nominated this year in the Outstanding Lead Actress category as part of her work on the wildly popular Otalia pairing. She won the award for Oustanding Supporting Actress in 2002 and was nominated 2006-2008. Beth Chamberlin (Beth Raines) is nominated in Outstanding Supporting Actress. She was previously pre-nominated, but never before made the short list of final nominations. Zack Conroy (James Spaulding) is nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actor category. It is also his first nomination, but I doubt it will be his last. Guiding Light last won Outstanding Drama Series in 2007, when it shared honors with The Young and the Restless.

GL actors and actresses who were submitted for prenomination and weren’t nominated are: Jeff Branson (Shayne Lewis) as Outstanding Supporting Actor and Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) as Outstanding Supporting Actress. I personally think Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding) and Dan Cosgrove (Bill Lewis) not be included invalidates the results this year because they both turned in Emmy worthy performances in 2009. Other GL actors and actresses should have been included, but frankly those two should have easily walked away with their awards. Also, I’m a supporter of an introduction of award for best guest appearance for big name stars making short guest spots or cameos and short term returns of classic characters. The creation of such a category is discussed regularly in soap magazine discussion of Emmy results and I think it should exist and that Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny Santos) should have been awarded it this year because after being given almost nothing to work with (except wonderful co-stars and even there he was saddled with Marina for 2 scenes) he made Danny come to life again and out shone all his co-stars. Just tune out Marina and watch his scenes with her at Company how he moved his face, his hands, the furniture, it was beautiful the care he took to express Danny’s character in that scene. Sigh!

Finally a lifetime achievement award will be presented to Agnes Nixon, one time head writer of Guiding Light and still a powerhouse. Nixon was also the creator/head writer of  All My Children and One Life to Live, co-creator/head writer of Loving and head writer of Another World.

Anyway to read more about the Emmys, especially the nominations from other shows and analysis click here:

UPDATE: Sadly on its last run for Emmy gold Guiding Light went 0 for 3. While I appreciate the awards being CarJacked as I’m a big fan of them, it’s sad that GL got nothing when it actually had improved. It was definitely a better soap in 2009 than in 2007 when I’ll never figure out how it won best drama. Oh well. I still say though that Outstanding Lead and Supporting Actor categories deserve an asterisk (a la 61) that says Grant Aleksander and Dan Cosgrove didn’t even enter the race. Read the result list here:

UPDATE August 9, 2015: In reply to the comments below there is indeed a GLManny Facebook page.

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  1. glfanbellacole Says:

    I wish this had a share button, so I could put this post on my FB page! I didn’t know who paid for the nominees to go out/dressed, etc., but I figured they didn’t do it themselves. I guess I assumed it was their management, or PR… interesting!

    • glmanny Says:

      No, Facebook doesn’t seem to want to link up with WordPress, at least I haven’t figured out how. But you can always click on the title of a post to get the exact post URL and post it as a link if you want. Thanks for thinking of it.

  2. glfanbellacole Says:

    I will def. post the link. are you on FB?

  3. glmanny Says:

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    Revisiting the last Emmys contest for “Guiding Light.”

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