Bauer BBQ 1994

I really find it odd that these highlights are all I can find online for the 1994 BBQ because it’s one that everyone talks about a lot. There is a lot more to Roger’s throwing his own BBQ that we don’t see here. All and all Springfield was in a pretty good place in 1994 and in fact many people consider the early to mid-1990s to be a golden era of writing on the soap.

One thing that most people still lament is that Maureen was killed off (infamously after a focus group said she wouldn’t be missed). Also, Ed has moved on with Eve, which personally sickens me, but at least one person left very positive comments about on the highlight clip. In fact Ed is even claiming he was NEVER happy at a Bauer BBQ before (I guess all that clowning and grinning at Maureen was just a good show) and leaving the kids unattended (you won’t believe who ends up having to play doctor) to sneak off and have garage sex during the party. Ed does briefly talk with Josh about missing Maureen and Josh commiserates as Reva is also dead at the time.

There is some nice late Ben-Michelle-Bill stuff as they move into teenage years. This is some of the last good Ben stuff we get as Bill tries to kill any chance Ben might have had with Michelle. The possibility of boy-girl interaction has made this devoted trio awkward with each other. I’m so glad I realized the parallel between Billy-Reva and Bill-Michelle it makes so much of this clearer on a rewatch.

This is the highlight of the Rolly story. Although Roger and Holly were always fairly dysfunctional once Roger came back from the dead they really were only themselves when they were alone in a room talking to each other, even if they were currently dating or married to other people. At this highpoint they are most honest with each other and about their feelings that doesn’t mean either is going to be push over for the other and them sparring as equals and being devious to get what they want without the acidic revenge that colors so much of their actions at other times is really something to see. Rolly are mostly together at this point. Roger moved in after Billy shot him while he was trying to figure out who did without getting killed in the process. Currently Roger owns half of WSPR and Nick McHenry has the other half and they share an office. Gilly is working at the station and is nearing the highpoint of her career. Nick is up to something and Roger hopes to use whatever it is to get a position back at Spaulding just because he likes to win and prove he’s better than everybody else, particularly Alan Spaulding. Ironically the Japanese connection that they are working on ultimately turns out to be Alan himself, showing up in the person of Ron Raines for the first time and making his own run at Spaulding. Bloss are in a pretty happy place as shown by Ross’ willingness to spend time with Roger to make Blake happy.

Sadly LAM aren’t as in as good of shape. Alan-Michael had broken up with Lucy because he didn’t think they’d go anywhere and is currently embroiled with a triangle with Eleni and Frank and is determined to win Eleni back even if it means passing on an offer to head up Spaudling which he had be angling for ever since his divorce from Blake. Some of the best A-M stuff here are his interactions with cousin Michelle (before the writers forgot how close they were) and some important Ed conversations. Lucy, at her most appealing here, wants A-M away from Eleni both to make her half-brother Frank happy and to win A-M permanently for herself. During this BBQ she wins an ally in Alexandra.

Enjoy a truly highpoint in Springfield history. Below are the links and my comments about each one.

 (Part 1)

My Comments:
That’s a great conversation between Josh and Ed. Josh mourning Reva and Ed mourning Maureen. That is a real nice bit of childhood friendship between Bill-Michelle-Ben. Of course Michelle-Bill aren’t meant to be together romantically anymore than Billy and Reva were, but like Billy and Reva they were a touchstone relationship of their lives. This is also a great bit of young Ben, such a shame the character assassination they pulled on him later. (Part 2)

My Comments:
I really think A-M belonged with Harley (there was a reason they married each other’s siblings – close without the baggage), but Lucy and A-M were pretty darn special too. Mainly due to Lucy. How could you not want what Lucy wanted? (Part 3)

My Comments:
This is some more high quality cousin interaction between A-M and Michelle. It’s so sad they never played their familial connection as adults, especially because A-M was so close to Nadine 2:25 Alex says the Spaulding Mansion is a row of hedges away from the Bauer House. Of course Gilly-A-M was interesting too. I’m sorry they backed off and pretended they didn’t even know each other later. I really hate Ed and Eve messing around like this at an event that was always so much about Maureen. This is the kind of thing that makes Mike easily my favorite Bauer brother. They were playing horse shoes, a big Bauer BBQ event. (Part 4)

My Comments:
I really appreciate the Ed-A-M uncle-nephew talk. I enjoyed Gilly as powerbroker. Roger’s alternative BBQ was really quite a clever move. I wish they showed more of it. (Part 5)

My Comments:
I don’t know, I don’t see Alex letting Lucy sit on leather with a wet swimsuit without putting down a blanket or anything. That is true A-M’s life ambition was the Spaulding Presidency. (Part 6)

My Comments:
Oh, A-M, you’re being too blind and like normal most of Ed’s advice stinks. A-M go talk to your Grandad Mike. Get some GOOD advice. “This romantic obsession of his is ruining a lot of lives.” Alex is playing Lucy to get what she wants, but they could have been friends. I like Roger and Holly scheming together. (Part 7)

My Comments:
I love Rolly parrying as equals. No, Ed,no one is looking at Eve and thinking good things, except for some crazy reason you. Eve about Nick: “He was never serious about me anyway.” (Thank goodness for a little clarity.) Vivian looks really great. I love Alex’s set ups, they are always so well done. (Part 8)

My Comments:
I love this take charge Holly too bad they destroyed all this in a handful of years. Roger’s literally tragic flaw was he never could decide whether he wanted Holly and Happiness or Spaulding and Power so he zig zagged back and forth leaving destruction and chaos in his wake. 😦 (Part 9) – Holly and Roger discuss their relationship

My Comments:
I think this is as honest as Rolly ever get. (Part 10) – More Rolly honesty

My Comments:
More Rolly honesty. Holly: “I’ll have to be more selective about what I don’t like. You do know I’m happier when I’m cheering you on, than when I’m scolding you, right?” “A rodeo in Manitoba” I think that might have to be a new catchphrase. Rolly as dysfunctional as anything, but honestly only themselves like this when they are together.


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2 Responses to “Bauer BBQ 1994”

  1. Gina D Says:

    I NEVER liked Eve, lame character, glad she was killed off and HATED Ed and Eve, like, really, that would have happened. Sure.
    Insert eyeroll here. I NEVER liked the character of Lucy, so didn’t care about her and A-M. I wish that the show had gone there with A-M and Gilly. Such wasted potential, I bet they would have been another supercouple like Jeva, Malah, Manny, Pheth, etc. Such wasted potential.
    I hated what the show did to Roger and Holly. HATED. The show also tried to destroy Jeva, Malah, Pheth, Manny…..but weren’t quite able to do that, the fans and the characters themselves, just wouldn’t allow it to happen, lol. But once Roger died, it was over anyway.

  2. lulu Says:

    I never liked Lucy (her voice…horrible..just horrible..) therefore to me Alan-Michael best pairings were AM/Harley and AM/Blake and i did not mind AM and Tangy..
    However when they destroyed Roger and Holly…and for what ?? Holly being backburned with an horrible pairing with self-righteous/annoying/boring Fletcher (who was only tolerable with Alex..) and a sleazy Roger/Dina/Hart triangle..seriously…and how Holly could leave complex, sexy and really flawed Roger Thorpe for a nobody like Fletcher…it was ridiculous and insulting. Roger was Holly soulmate despite or/and because of their really soapy tumultuous, complex history..and their dynamic always exiting, always interesting.

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