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Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm

April 27, 2018

To make it easier to direct people to this story I wanted to put all the chapter links in a single post, in other words do a link roundup. This story is in the Robansuefarm  fanfic category. This is a fic that I wrote and first published here continuing the story of Guiding Light.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm

Danny and Michelle Santos, 2009

After a one night stop in March 2017, we pick up the story of our friends in Springfield on July 4, 2017 with the Bauer BBQ. It’s all hands on deck to have another successful Bauer BBQ. Danny is being strangely overprotective of Michelle. Vanilly are having a fight. Kat has brought her boys to town to visit. Rick and Mindy are having issues over their not having a child together. There is something strange going on with a mystery painting and a figure in black is headed towards Springfield.

Chapters (Children of Springfield – Background for the Story) (Prequel Chapter Set in March 2017) (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5) (Chapter 6) (Chapter 7) (Chapter 8) (Chapter 9) (End Notes)

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 9

March 12, 2018

Author’s Note: Well, today is the final episode of the Bauer BBQ 2017. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this event and I’m going to get a start on Bauer BBQ 2018 and so should you!

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 9

Scene 32

The dripping men attested to the fun both teams had with the tug of war. The games were tappering off and everyone gathered around again for the ice cream contest. Both churns were getting hard to turn. Rick had taken over for Team Bauer and Billy had taken over Team Lewis. It was a hard thing to call because it took time to open the churn and check it might be the difference between winning and losing if it wasn’t done. Finally Rick finally called it. Lizzie came to check Rick’s ice cream and the chocolate was finished. Billy’s continued to churn for a couple of minutes until he too called it and then the vanilla was done.

Lizzie grabbed Rick’s hand and held it up: “Team Bauer wins!” Everyone cheered and rushed forward for the ice cream.

The ice cream brought out more storytelling. Wanda’s laugh boomed out. Alan-Michael had sworn Paul and Hamp to secrecy and told them about how he had messed with Hamp’s batchelor party in exaggerated form that had them laughing loudly. Bridget and Kat had their heads together in one corner. Dylan was talking to Billy consoling him on his loss eating vanilla ice cream. Katie was telling Michelle stories about her aunt Hillary and talking hospital. Rusty was talking police stuff with Frank. Danny had broken out the plastic lids and straws and was sending people on their way with an ice tea or lemonade or a water bottle to go.

Lillian and Buzz had creeped out back into the woods where Buzz had earlier hidden an air mattress for their own Bauer BBQ tradition.

Scene 33

Rick headed into the kitchen to do one last fill up on the food before everyone who took one more plate before they left or grabbed some snacks for the road. He started digging around in the refrigerator trying to decide to bring. Kevin Marler followed him into the room. “Rick? Can we talk a little bit?”

Rick turned around stopping what he was doing to give Kevin his full attention, “Sure, Kevin. What do you need? You having problems since you got back from college?”

“In a way. I want to thank you for keeping in touch while Jason and me were away at boarding school and now college. It really has meant a lot….during that bad time when Mom was in a coma especially we felt kind of forgotten about, but you always kept in touch. It was appreciated.”

Rick gave his half-smile. “Well Kevin there is a lot of history between us…” silently Rick thought more than you’ll ever know Blake hadn’t felt it was a good idea to fill them in on a lot of the drama that has spun around them when they were young “….I’ve always felt that in a small way you belonged to me…I mean all the baby sitting our family used to do for you guys and everything.”

“I don’t forget it….right now I have another favor to ask you though.”

“What’s that?”

“While I’m back here this summer I’m hoping to get a little hands on experience in the hospital. I’m really looking at research within neuroscience, rather than practice, but how things fit together with patients might really be helpful.”

“I’m sure I can arrange that.”

“I know you’re probably too busy today, but I’d like to bounce some ideas off you for my honors thesis. Can you think of a topic that would be useful from your perspective as a practioner?”

“Hmmmm.” Rick thought for a couple of minutes. “Something that has been bothering me has been the problem of addiction and heredity. There has been a lot of adicts in my family, my Grandpa Bill, my dad, and I’m an addict, I’ve had two bad periods of addiction even though I’ve been clean for decades now. On the other hand, Danny has self-medicated with alcohol at a couple of bad points in his life, but he’s never become addicted. As my kids have gotten older, I wonder if I have to worry about them because of our genetics. If you’re interested I’d be glad to collaborate with you on a project, if you’d like.”

“Are you kidding? That would be great! Thanks, Rick. I know I can always count on you.”

Scene 34

The party was breaking up. Billy picked up Vanessa’s new painting to carry it out to their car.

Bill came up. “Don’t worry about it, Dad. I’ve got this.” He took the painting and lead the way to the car.

Danny was taking out his first load of stuff to take home out to his car.

A man none of them knew started working his way towards them through the parked cars. He seemed a little drunk weaving a little bit, but presumably heading for the door. He wore a polo shirt and cargo shorts and big sunglasses that covered half his face. Suddenly he veared and quickly ran up behind Bill. He hit him with something on the back of the neck, knocking Bill to his knees, and yanked the painting out of his arms. Billy grabbed Vanessa and spun her around to keep her out of the fray.

Danny dropped the box he was carrying and ran over. He yanked the painting back, tripping the man who stumbled back. He quickly revaluated the situation and ran off.

“BILL!” Vanessa was only a few steps behind Bill and she dropped to the ground. “Bill, are you OK?”

Bill groaned and raised a hand to his head. “What hit me? A truck?”

“Don’t move, darling, something might be broken.”

“Hell woman, don’t smother the boy. He knows how to take a fall. Here.”

Billy extended his arm and Bill clasped it and pulled himself up to his feet. Shaking his head, “Yes Mom, I’m fine.”

“Well, let’s head back in and let Rick take a look.”

Bill ignored that one and turned his attention to Danny. “What happened?”

“A man came up and hit you and tried to grab that painting. I saved your bacon as usual.”

Bill snorted. “Oh, don’t make me laugh, my head isn’t up for it.”

Ray had come up in time to hear the exchange. “Why would anyone go to all that trouble for a painting nobody knows anything about? This was the ‘mystery’ painting, right? It shouldn’t be really worth much.”

Billy said “Shoot! That guy was probably just drunk. You saw him weaving. You think a lot of stupid and dangerous things are funny when you’ve downed a few. Trust me. I have the scars to prove it….We probably should tell Frank about it though. He should put out a call to round him up – wouldn’t want him driving in that shape.”

The suggestion to report it to Frank and get some sympathy from his wife struck a better chord with Bill than seeing Rick so he let the group lead him back to the house.

Danny thought back over what he’d seen. Danny had been relaxed and focused on his task to really click in before the attack, but as he thought back now the man’s movements had been too deliberate for him to have just been pulling a drunken stunt. Danny picked up the painting from where it had fallen in the driveway and dusted it off. He looked it over carefully. He felt around the frame. He sniffed it to see if he recognized any drugs. He didn’t. He didn’t see one thing would make this painting worth stealing. He had understood Billy and Matt competing for it to get Vanessa’s attention, but that woman who had given him such a danger signal had bid on it too. $10,000. He was sure she intended to get something other than a pleasant painting for her money. Was she connected with this attempted theft? Either way, what did they know about the painting that none of the Lewis family nor their connections did not? Danny scanned the driveway area and slowly carried the painting back in the house. He had a bad feeling that this wasn’t over yet.

Scene 35

Buzz was leading Lillian out of the woods hand in hand. Before they broke from the tree line, Lillian laughed. “Buzz, stop a minute.” Buzz paused and turned around. Lillian laughed again and pulled him around to kiss him again. “And they always say that marriage drives the passion out of a relationship.”

“Not if you do it right, honey.”

“You’ve certainly proven that.” She pulled him in for another kiss and then they came out of the trees.

Just then there was a very loud motorcycle coming up the road. A rider in black leather came up weaving between the parked cars. It pulled right up in front of Buzz and Lillian. He stopped and pulled off his helmet. His focus bored in on Buzz.

“Hello, Dad.”


Scene 36

Rick had checked Bill out and while he had a nasty bump on his head, he didn’t have a concussion. He left them fussing over Bill and headed out to the side patio. He wanted to get the flag down and properly folded away before they headed out for the fireworks. He walked over to flagpole and looked up at the flag he thought he could feel his family his Grandma Bert, his Aunt Meta, his mother Felicia. He was proud he had pulled off another great event to help the town to celebrate the great country they lived in.

As he started lowering the flag a young man with sandy blonde hair stood by the side of the house. Almost seeming to hold his breath. Rick unhooked the flag off the pole and the kid approached. “Do you want some help folding that?”

Rick grinned at him and said, “sure.” They folded the flag.”Thanks for the help. Glad you just happened to be here.”

“I wasn’t. I mean I spent most of the day trying to get up nerve to talk to you.”

“Well, I AM awfully intimitating.” Rick smirked.

The you man took a deep breath. “Are you…..Are you the Frederick Bauer who was married to Annie Dutton until October 1995?”

Rick sobered. “Yes, I am. Who….”

“My name is Matthew Wilson and… I think I’m your son.”


Friday’s Episode Ends


Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 8

March 11, 2018

Author’s Note: Problems blew up at the Bauer BBQ.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 8

Scene 29

Jason Marler stood facing the Spaulding pond. He pitched a stone in it, as hard as he could, and then he picked up another, and another, and another….

Molly Spaulding watched from about 50 yards away. Slowly she walked up to Jason. “I saw you take off, what’s wrong?”

Jason gave a hollow laugh. “What isn’t wrong? What isn’t wrong in the entire freaking world?” He threw another stone.

Molly remained silent. So silent that with another person there it got akward. Words poured out of Jason to fill it. “I’m a Poly-Sci major. I really thought I could help save the world. I even had a Congressional internship, you know?” He broke off to throw another stone. “But after this last election, both sides, politics is broken, what can one person do? What’s the use of trying? Am I going to waste my life fighting a battle I can’t win?” Jason threw another rock.

Molly stared out at the pond, too. “You know I never met your dad. He was dead before we moved back here, but I’ve heard about him my whole life. He helped so many people in this town. He really made a difference you know. Michelle and Danny, they were talking right before you took off? He saved both of them from a phony murder charge. Maybe that’s the way to make a difference, not at the national level, but here in one place. Maybe if a whole bunch of people each in their own place make a difference, that’s how you change the whole country?”

“You know you’re pretty smart for a kid.”

Molly frowned. “I’m NOT a kid.”

Jason turned around and looked in her face. He really looked at her as if he hadn’t known her for years, as if he’d just seen for the first time in a class or across a bar. He lifted his hand to cup her cheek. “No, I guess you’re not.”

“Just what THE HELL do you think you’re doing? Get your hands OFF OF MY DAUGHTER!”

The immerative came out of nowhere and both Molly and Jason froze.

“I SAID get your hands off her!” Alan-Michael closed the rest of the distance between them and grabbed Jason’s arm pulling it off Molly and then shoved Jason whose reactions still slowed by shock fell to the ground.

“Daddy! What do you think you’re DOING?”

“Sweetheart, he’s so much older than you. I don’t want to take advantage of you and after what happened with your boyfriend Tom…..”

“God Dad! What part of back off, I’m a grown up now, aren’t you getting? Yes, there was an issue with Tom and I HANDLED IT. It’s what grown ups do! I know what I’m doing! I can make my own decisions and I can HANDLE whatever comes along. I’m so out of here.”

Molly sped off heading back across the Spaulding yard towards the Bauer house she nearly ran into Kat, Dylan, and Lillian on the way. Alan-Michael stared after her until she was almost out of sight. He shook himself, shot Jason a glare for good measure as he picked himself up, and took off after her calling, “Princess!”

Scene 30

Rick was talking on the phone in the Bauer Kitchen, “Yes, Dad. Everybody is missing you and Holly….No, nobody expects you here every year, but I’m glad you called. I hope you call tomorrow so you can talk to the grandkids they’re all scattered right now.” Rick puffed up with pride,”Yep, big success again this year. New record in number of hamburgers served, everyone loves them…..Give Holly my love, Dad, and Dad, don’t forget I love you too.” Rick ended the call.

Phillip walked in carrying a glass of iced tea. “There you are, buddy. I thought you’d be out there taking victory laps. It’s been a GREAT BBQ.”

Rick held up the phone, “I was talking to Dad.”

“How are Ed and Holly doing? I haven’t heard from them lately. The last time I heard they had just taken a cruise on the Queen Mary.”

“They loved it. I don’t know that we’ll ever gt them settled back here, but at least Dad hasn’t disappeared again. He’s sure to check in regularly now.”

“You know, it’s funny, this was so NOT Alan’s thing, but how many years did he’d say he wasn’t coming and then did? It’s almost been 10 years now…and you know…you know I STILL find myself expecting to find him somewhere here. I keep ranging around……all those years I was always trying to get away from him and I, and I’d give almost anything if he was still here.”

Buzz stuck his head in the door. “Rick, we’re out of Bauer Burgers and the crowd is getting restless.”

“OK, Buzz, I’m on it!” Rick opened the refrigerator, grabbed out a tray of prepped Bauer Burgers, and headed out to the patio.

Phillip stayed leaning up against the island and took a drink when suddenly his niece Molly came rushing blindly through. Phillip put down his glass and caught her by the arm. “Hey, what’s the trouble?”

Molly was vibrating with frustration. “Uncle Phillip…URRRGGHHHH! It’s Dad. He’s IMPOSSIBLE! He just totally humilated me in front of Jason Marler and everyone! Why can’t he see he’s a grown-up?”

“Well,” Phillip made a grimace and swallowed. “He can’t because he’s your dad and it’s a horrible thing for a dad to deal with. I’m sure you have every right to be mad, but I was just sitting here thinking that as crazy as my dad always drove me, I’d give just about anything to have him back. Be mad, but forgive him and keep that in mind.”

Alan-Michael came skidding into the kitchen. “Molly, stop let’s talk. I….”

“URRRGGGHH! Just give it a rest, DAD!” Molly pulled away from Phillip.

Lucy came in. “Molly, honey, come here. Dads, right? Come with me, let’s go talk about it.” Lucy put an arm around her shoulders and leading her off towards the living room. Alan-Michael started to follow.

“Hey,” Phillip wave Alan-Michael over, echoing Lucy by putting an arm around Alan-Michael’s shoulders. “Let the girls work on this.”

“Phillip, you just don’t understand, man! How am I supposed to NOT be there to protect her?”

“Peyton and Emma may not be there yet, but I went through all this and worse with Lizzie and Michelle. Look at them now. You WILL get through this. I didn’t handle it particularly well, but we’ll get through this. Together. That’s what family is for right?”

“I guess.” Alan-Michael walked over to the sunporch and stared out over to the garage apartment door where he’d once lived. “I certainly wouldn’t have guessed I’d have lived through all I have since I came back to Springfield at that Bauer BBQ. This is an anniversary of sorts I guess.”

“I know. Parachute into ONE party and people never forget it.”

Alan-Michael turned and found a geniune smile for his brother.

“I liked the piece of your mom’s you bought. How was your visit with Hope?”

Alan-Michael lost his smile and turned back to the window, but didn’t answer Phillip.

“How is she?”

Alan-Michael turned around again looking grim. “Not good. It’s been almost 10 years since Dad died, a lot longer since they were together, and she’s still not dealing with it. You saw that picture, sure it’s a beautiful piece, but it’s back to when they were on the island. All her art is about them. She still owns that island you know, Dad gave it to her as a present, put it in her name. She’s had a little cabin built on the island and she’s been spending time there. It’s dangerous, she’s fixated on it, and it’s so FRUSTRATING I can’t seem to help her move on.”

“You know I owe your mom a lot. Hope was always there to support me and to look out for me. I wouldn’t have known Justin and Jackie at all if it hadn’t been for her standing up for me. I wish I could do something.”

Alan-Michael turned suddenly furious. “Well, there isn’t! Not every thing in life can fall into place just because the GREAT Phillip Spaulding orders it to.”

“Whoa! Turn it down a notch. God if I could, (Phillip makes a click noise with his tongue) I’d change a lot of things. Don’t fall into the same trap I did. Don’t let your fear get control of your life. That cost me years! And it might cost you your daughter. (Click noise) I really meant I’d help if I could I’d be glad to visit Hope or you know, ask her to come and stay here. She can stay in the mansion or I’m sure Rick wouldn’t mind if she stayed here or in the garage apartment or we could buy her a condo. Being around family might be good for her.”

Alan-Michael looked for a minute like he might be willing to talk reasonably with Phillip, but then Danny came trotting in.

Danny asked, “Phillip, can I talk to you a minute?”

Alan-Michael flared up again. “Great! Just what we need. Another one of Dad’s pets. Have fun at your mutual admiration society. I’m out of here.” He stormed out looking for Lucy and Molly.

“What was that?”

“Alan-Michael. He’s all worked up. He just got back from a trip to see his mom, you know her Michelle’s cousin Hope. Apparently she’s not doing very well. She really hasn’t been overly well since Dad broke her heart. I think Alan-Michael is afraid he’ll lose her and he’s holding on too tight to Molly. I hope it works out. But you came in here for something.”

“Yes, I wanted to point out there is a woman here. She’s in a business suit with her hair pulled back. Have you seen her?”

“I’ve been busy, but I saw her a few times. Dressed like she was, she was pretty hard to miss. What about her?:

“Do you know who she is? Have you seen her before?”

“No, but that’s not unusual. You know today is an open house. There’s always people we don’t know.”

“I know, but there was something….off about her. I pointed her out to Frank and Ray, but I wanted to make sure you kept an eye on her, too.”

“OK, Danny. I trust your gut. Let’s take a look.” Phillip lead the way out to the patio.

Scene 31

The rider had one more stop before heading to the Bauers. He hadn’t been there in person since he was a toddler, but from the time Google Earth had come out he’d used it to go past this white church and into this cemetery. The clarity on Google Earth wasn’t good enough to pick out a particular grave, but his brother had told him where it was. He’d spent hours looking at it on various screens and now he was standing here in person. His eyes darted to the right and then he dropped to his knees. “Hello, Mom,” he whisphered.

Commercial Break

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 7

March 10, 2018

Author’s Note: It’s time for the Bauer BBQ speech.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 7

Scene 27

Rick took Phillip’s place on the dias and gave a loud whistle. Calling back together people’s attention after they had wandered off after the auction.

Rick began, “Can I have your attention? It’s time again for that time honored tradition. The Bauer BBQ speech where we take a minute to think about what we’re celebrating today instead of the celebration itself….You know it still feels funny for me to be the one giving the speech because I feel like it should be a grown up like my dad or Uncle Mike or Aunt Meta giving this speech. I still feel like I should be a kid trying to filch Grandma Bert’s apple pie off the dessert table — which is probably because I still do that.”

Everyone in the crowd chuckled.

“But then I look around and I see my kids, my nieces and nephew, all my friends and family, wonderful little sister, Michelle, her husband, Danny, and my beautiful wife, Mindy, and I realize I am a grown up who has built a pretty great life here in Springfield. Not just my family, but I have been instrumental in making Springfield better and keeping it a great place to live. Everyone here can say the same thing.”

“I’ve made my share of terrible mistakes, things I wish I could take back, and I’m sure that you all can say that. I turned my back on Springfield for awhile thinking it would make my problems go away, tried to live in other places for awhile, as some of you have done, but Springfield always calls us back home. We find our answers here among all of us, as part of the community because truly ‘no one goes his way alone.'”

“The community in Springfield IS extra special, but that sense of community is all across America from, New York to LA, and oh I don’t know, from Oakdale, Illinois to Genoa City, Wisconsin to Port Charles, New York. It’s that sense of individuals pulling together to form communities of respect, dignity, hard work and perseverance and then pulling together more to form one country is what makes this country great. It’s what made it possible for a man like my great-grandfather, whose name I proudly bear, to come to this land, and with the help of his wife to create a family and to help to build this town into what it is today.”

“So here’s to friends here and gone, to our children, and to Springfield may it continue to be the special place it is.”

Everyone lifted their glasses in toast, “To Springfield!”

As Rick was stepped off the box , Danny rushed up. “Michelle, Robbie, Hope, Danielle, come on up here….I can’t hope to top Rick’s speech, but I have something I need to say. I know some of you might have thought I was being rather short with Michelle lately, but those of us who know Michelle know how she can take risks and I’ve been especially worried about her lately. You see….”

Michelle interrupted, “We’re expecting a baby!….We wanted to wait until we passed the first trimester to tell people, but we want you all be the first to know!”

“So have a celebratory piece of watermelon or Bert’s apple pie that Michelle made. It’s time to get cutting.”

Everyone rushed over to give congratulations….Everyone that is except Jason Marler who stalked over disgustedly to the Spaulding Mansion yard. Molly Spaulding hesitated a moment and then jogged after him.

Scene 28

Vanessa was sitting by herself off to the side of the pool area. She caught Billy approaching out of the corner of her eye and she turned her back on him. Billy walked up carrying two plates of watermelon. “Here. I got you a piece of watermelon, too. It doesn’t seem like a summer day without watermelon, does it?”

“That’s quite alright. MATT went to get me some.”

“Well, I wouldn’t wait on Matt, darling. Maureen’s going to be keeping him busy for awhile.”

“Maureen?,” she turned to face him and took out the plate of watermelon he handed her.

“I might have asked her to keep him busy for me for a little bit. I MIGHT owe her a Chicago shopping trip with Mindy and my credit card.”


“Because I figured it was time I told you that you could quit trying to show me.”

“Show you what?”

“I think you got it in your head today that you had to show me that you were beautiful and vivacious and that you could have any man here today.”

Vanessa sniffed haughtily.

“Sugar, you don’t have to show me that. I know how gorgeous you are and hell, except for a few men too in love with their wives and few who bat for the other team, I already know you COULD get any man here if you wanted him. You don’t have to prove it to me with Matt. I know JUST how lucky I am; how lucky I was that I happened to stretch out in just that room at Quint and Nola’s engagement ball. Did you ever pay for that vase you broke?”

Vanessa fought to keep back a smile. “Daddy did, it was under the miscellanous damage entry on the bill.”

“And I’m lucky that when I picked you up and said I wasn’t moving until we got married that you didn’t give me a good kick in the family jewels followed up by a good right cross.”

Vanessa quirked an eyebrow.

“And I’m lucky you forgave me all the stupid times I hurt you and I’m MOST lucky of all that you agree to marry me again this last time and that you were willing to build such a great life with me.”

Vanessa softly said, “You called me old.”

“I did no such thing. I just suggested that it might be time for you to retire from the day to day at WSPR. If it had been your dream, I’d be supporting you, but your dream was for Dinah to come back and step back in as manager because that was one of her dreams and I’ll admit she was damn good at it. But, darling, she ain’t coming back, not without a pardon, and even if she came back tomorrow she might have a different dream now, it’s almost been 10 years that’s a lot of time to change a person. She might not even want it anymore.”

Vanessa turned back away. “You never did understand about Dinah.”

“You’re wrong there. I understand all about it. I experienced something similar with Dylan, you know that. You loved her with everything that’s in you. You wanted to make it up to her for you letting her go when she was a baby. You were too hard on her, but only because you were terrified she’d make the same mistakes you made. You saw too much of yourself in her, more than any of the other kids. You love her and as part of you, I love her too. If I could wave my hand and bring her back right now I’d do it for you, but I can’t and I think it’s time we took our lives off hold. I want time with you; time to visit all those places we talked about going all through the years, I want to take you to England and show that old queen what true regalness looks like, I want to visit some of those places Josh and Reva did, I want to take you riding in Oklahoma and down the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. I want you to take me sailing off New England and in the Carribean. I want to spend time with our kids and grandkids. I want to spend days doing nothing and making love with you on sandy beaches…..scratch that on really comfortable beds.”

Vanessa couldn’t help herself, she laughed.

“Darling, that health scare I had a few years ago, it was a reminder that we don’t have all the time in the world. I don’t want to waste another minute with you. I’ve wasted enough time.”

Vanessa grinned. “How do you do that? How do you make it so hard to stay mad at you?”

“So you’ll semi-retire?”

“I’ll THINK about it.”

“Darling, that’s all I ask.”

On the other side of the yard across the pool Matt stood holding two pieces of watermelon watching Vanessa smile and realized that a door that he thought might reopen had been closed and sealed a long time ago.

“Hey, is one of those for me?” Matt’s estranged wife Joni came up.

“It is now. I thought maybe you wouldn’t come today.”

“I almost didn’t. This was always more your friends, your connections. I figured they’d all side with you.”

“Joni, they’re your friends, too. If you knew how many ex-es were here….”

“Anyway, Maureen texted me. She said she needed a ride because she’d been parked in. Have you seen her?”

“Yes, she’s right over…..she WAS right there. Huh, I have a feeling she wasn’t parked in.”

Joni laughed. “She is something of a matchmaker, isn’t she?”

“Somehow she still believes in happy endings.”

“So how have you been.”

“I’ve been pretty good. I admit I’ve been spending most of today remembering an old dream. But seeing you…it reminds me that the present is just as good, maybe even better. Maybe Maureen’s not wrong.”

“Would you like to go get a cup of coffee somewhere, talk some things out?”

“I’d like that. I’d like that a lot.”

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 6

March 9, 2018

Author’s Note: The fun of the Bauer BBQ games has began.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 6

Scene 22

The ice cream churning contest continued with Robbie on the Bauer side and Sarah Randall stepping in for the Team Lewis. Beth was working on the final details before the art auction. The woman with her hair pulled back tight in a bun approached Beth, all smiles.

“Beth Raines, isn’t it? Oh, yes I see it is. I’m so pleased to meet you.”

“It’s Beth Spaulding, has been for awhile now, Ms. …..?”

“Ah, but it’s still Beth Raines as the signature on your art work and I appreciate your work so much.”

“Thank you. I really only picked it back up in the last 10 years or so,” returning the smile, but it was a very business smile. Once Beth would have assumed the best about people. Life had literally beaten that out of her. She was still kind and helpful, but she no longer trusted people by default. This woman seemed nice enough, but some instinct tugged at Beth’s gut about her. Beth took shook the woman’s offered hand, but used the motion to take a step back.

“And the world is a poorer place that you didn’t keep up painting all along, but life has a way of getting in the way, doesn’t it?”

Beth gave a short bittersweet laugh. “Yes, it does. Speaking of which, I’ve got to finish setting up the auction, was there something you needed, Ms. …..?”

“Of course I don’t want to take up too much of your time and it’s all a question of time in a way, isn’t it?”

Beth hesitated. “I suppose.”

“As you can see I’m not properly dressed to be out in this terrible American sun and I thought perhaps it might speed your auction up if I just pre-emptively bid on a couple of pieces. It would shorten up the sale list, perhaps get some people to bid more if there are fewer lots. Yes?” The woman sensed hesitation and pushed her request home. “I’d like one of yours, of course. The one with the plane crash behind and the lovers on the beach….and I should take something else to make a big enough contribution, something that probably wouldn’t have brought much….perhaps that picture with the wave rushing into shore with the lighthouse over there. I don’t see an artist’s signature, but it’s a pretty frame. How much would that be?”

“The plane on the beach isn’t mine, Hope Bauer Spaulding sent that one in.”

“Then another one of yours….”

“I’m sorry the catalog has been advertised, no pre-sales. I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait. The auction will begin soon.”

Beth turned her back on the woman, but could still feel the woman’s icy glare. The woman bit out, “Then I will just have to wait.”

Scene 23

Beth had a row of easels on the patio beyond the pool the crowd gathered around. A small platform had been put there with room for a speaker to stand and one easel. Beth brought up the first item to go up for bid.

Phillip took the stand. “Now you all know me. Some of you probably wished at one time or another that you didn’t.” Phillip chuckled, “But you know me and I’m a businessman. We’re here today in honor of the Lizzie Spaulding Cancer Foundation.”

Bill called out from the crowd “Lizzie Spaulding LEWIS!”

“Uh, I stand corrected. The Lizzie Spaulding Lewis Cancer Foundation. As you know this disease has touched more than one person in my family. At the foundation we seek to provide funding for treatments,  for research, and for support for families. We’ll be having our normal fundraisers this year, but Rick offered us a chance to do this auction at the Bauer BBQ, how could we refuse? Now if you want to know anything about the art, that’s all my beautiful wife, Beth. But the money…that’s all me. So make sure you bid a lot on it.”

Beth stepped up, “The first item up for bid is from Jesse Blue. It’s a small scale version of his famous Nighthawks parody that used to be on the wall at Millennium. It includes a portrait of Michelle Bauer. Michelle? Michelle? Where is Michelle? Oh well.”

Phillip stepped up. “OK, what am I bid…..”

The auction continued with a series of photos by Reva Shayne Lewis; a shot of the sunrise coming up behind the Pyramids on her and Josh’s adventure, a photo of a beat up old cowboy hat sitting on a saddle on Rusty’s ranch near Tulsa, and one of Roxie – finally freed from the mental hospital where she’d been institutionalized for decades. They were followed by Trish Lewis’s contribution – a drawing of the Blue Room in the White House.

“The next lot is this color penciled drawing of plane crash on a topical beach was submitted by Hope Bauer Spaulding.”

“What am I offered for this lovely piece?”

Alan-Michael stepped forward. “That’s my mom’s. I’ll bid $2,000.”

“We have $2,000. Do I hear any other bids? No?” Phillip winked at A-M. “Going, going, gone! Sold to Alan-Michael Spaulding!”

Alan-Michael grabbed Lucy’s hand and they went up to collect their prize.

“Next we have a set of restoration blueprints that Matt Reardon donated. These are the set that he used in the most recent restoration of the Springfield lighthouse. The lighthouse is well known to all of you I know. It’s been owned by the Bauer family for years.” Phillip shot the room at large his crocked grin. “Some of us have even lived there. How about you get in on this, Alan-Michael? It will go nicely with the piece you already bought.”

“No thanks.” Lucy shivered. “We’d be just as happy never to see that place again.”

“Now that is just the wrong attitude. You want to remember the good and not let the bad destroy it.” Danny came forward holding Michelle by the hand all smiles as he pulled her around in front of him and wrapped around her. “If $2,000 is the going rate I’ll open at $2,000 for our lighthouse.”

“We have $2,000. Do I hear $2,500?”

“I’ll bid $3,000… For Matt’s work.” Vanessa spoke up looking pointedly at Billy while standing by Matt.




“Will you raise again, Vanessa. Danny has it at $5,000.”

Vanessa smiled, her point made. “No, Danny and Michelle enjoy it in good health.”

They went up on and got their prize and took it out to their car.

A selection of fashion drawings by Mindy and Marah fell under the gavel next. They were followed by a selection of Beth’s paintings and a couple of lesser works from the Spaulding collection.

Beth called for attention. “This is our final piece up for auction today. It’s the one you have been waiting for. It’s the mystery painting we found in the attic of the Mansion. We have no idea about the painting’s origin. It’s unsigned. So it’s not just a piece of art, it’s a challenge. What can you find out about this piece or will it remain a mystery. Phillip?”

“And for the last time here we go! What do I hear for an opening bid?”

Matt stepped forward confidently, smiling at Vanessa. “$2000 has been the normal opening bid today, right? I’ll open it up at $3000.”

“We have, $3000. Who will give me $3500?”

Billy stepped up on the other side of Matt. “$5,000.”

Matt responded, “$6,000.”





Billy hesitated then, “$85.”

The woman with the tight bun entered the fray, “$10,000.”

Matt went a bit pale, but then confidently said, “$12,000.”

Phillip turned to Billy, “The bid’s Matt’s. Will you give $12,500?”

Billy again hesitated for longer this time. “Let him have it.”

“And you, ma’am?”

The woman narrowed her eyes at Matt. “No, let him have it.”

“And that wraps us up today, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your bids and come over here and pay Beth. Give yourselves a round of applause for all the money we’ve raised today.”

Scene 24

Buzz pulled Billy off to the side. “What was that all about?”

“What do you mean?”

Buzz made an annoyed noise. “You making a run up on that painting and then just letting Matt win the painting. He made it real plain he was bidding on it to give to Vanessa.”

“Well now, it did seem like that didn’t it?”

“You know damn well that’s what he was doing. Come on, you could buy and sell Matt Reardon. Why did you let him win?”

Billy looked across the yard at Matt talking to Vanessa about the painting. “You know, I hurt ‘Nessa really badily. I messed up. I messed up again with Nadine and then I shot Roger thinking I was protecting the family and I nearly destroyed it instead. ‘Nessa needed Matt, needed to be in charge and have that support for awhile and he was definitely there for her. What they had was real, of all the people on the Internet they found each other again, but Matt he never did understand ‘Nessa the way I did. He wronged her, stealing her money? He might as well of called her stupid, underestimating her business acumen. Sleeping with her daughter? Some people could get over that, ‘Nessa couldn’t. She wasn’t jealous or anything, but he slept with Dinah when she was in a bad place. No way ‘Nessa would ever forgive him taking advantage of her daughter. Besides, Vanessa isn’t all THAT mad at me. Let him think he’s won.”

“You just set him up?”

Billy laughed. “He won a small battle to spend a lot of money for a painting I’m going to be spending a lot of time looking at.  I won the war a long time ago. Besides, just because I won the war doesn’t mean Vanessa doesn’t deserve to be shown I’d fight for her every know again. It’s all for charity anyway.”

“Just what did you do to get her so reiled up anyway?”

“All I did was….”

Scene 25

In a dark corner of the yard the woman with the bun was on her phone. “No, I didn’t win the auction. Two fools ran the price way up over what the other paintings were getting. Bidding any higher and it would draw unwanted attention. We don’t want anyone to know that there is anything special about that painting. Besides I have another idea….”

Scene 26

The rider rode down the hill into Springfield. Needing to collect himself he pulled into the near deserted parking lot of a bar on the edge of town called Outskirts. There were only two customers in the bar. The rider walked over to the bar.

“What can I get you?” the bartender asked.

“I’ll take whatever you’ve got on tap…. It’s sure dead around here for Fourth of July weekend.”

“You must be new to town.” The bartender pulled a beer and set it in front of his new customer.


“This is the Fourth. About a third of the town is out on the lake, another third is out at Laurel Falls State Park, some are out of town and the rest are up at the BBQ. Most of our regulars are up at the BBQ. Most of the trade we get today is just hit and run.” He jerked a thumb at a handwritten sign written on the brown inside wall of a case of beer. It read Burgers and Beer. “We make up one stop to go bags for people hitting the road. Then there are always a few people just passing through town.” He shrugged. “It’s enough to make it worth being open.”

The rider set the beer aside untouched, setting it aside to let it warm up. “What’s the BBQ? A whole town couldn’t be at one party.” He already knew all about it, his brother had told him, but he wanted to hear what the locals said and not to arouse suspicion when he asked for directions.

“The Bauers, a local family of doctors, have a big BBQ every year. Everyone’s invited.”


“Ya, it started out just family, then it went to friends, now pretty much anyone in town can show up. It’s the damnedest thing. Even people they don’t like show up and they don’t make them leave. One year an old girlfriend of mine was there and the DA that was trying to put that deaf chick one of them was married to for awhile away for murder showed up and pulled right up to the table like he belonged there and they let him. Anyone can go.”

The rider took a drink of his beer. Still too cold. He swallowed anyway. “Sounds like a thing to see. Where is this place?”

The bartender was disappointed having hoped he’d had a sale of one of his to go bags, but feeling that hope of a new regular was too much to pass up and he gave directions to the Bauer house, up on Skyline Drive.

Commercial Break

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Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 4

March 7, 2018

Author’s Note: We continue with the Bauer BBQ. There are more people around than I’ve specifically named. Feel free to mentally insert any favorite I’ve skipped. Feel free to write in what your fav is doing.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 4

Scene 14

Rick called out, “The spread is served. Let’s eat!” He continued ringing a dinner bell (a large triangle) that Mindy had got him to more fit in with the Oklahoma theme she was slowly working into the Bauer BBQ traditions. People who had been scattered all over the back yard started making their way over to the tables spread with all kinds of food. There was Bea’s recipe potato salad, Holly’s recipe fruit salad, Wanda’s Three Bean Salad (made with 5 beans), lettuce salad, Buzz’s chili, corn on the cob, grilled sweet corn from a farmer’s market, deviled eggs, coleslaw, baked beans, Lakeland Country Club green beans (boy are they good), Oklahoma BBQ, plus much more. The watermelon and desserts were saved for later, including patriotically decorated cupcakes and Bert’s Apple Pies courtesy of Michelle. And of course last, but not least the hot dogs, chicken breasts, and Bauer Burgers.

The twenty-somethings congregated under the pergola behind the hot tub. Maureen, Zach, Kevin, and Jason and a few of their college friends that they’d invited to the party spread out claiming the space.

Not quite ready to sit around quietly, the teen set, -Leah, Robbie, Jude, and Clarissa – sat on the edge of the deep end of the pool, feet dangling into the water, occasionally splashing each other as the boys stuffed themselves and even the girls ate more than they normally did of the wonderful Bauer burgers and other special food of THE BBQ of the summer. Molly started out with her best friend Clarissa near the pool, but slowly started to gravitate to the young adults initially sitting with her friend Zach to ease into the group. Zach said hey and shoulder bumped her, but most of the others didn’t pay her any attention as they continued with their discussion of the latest band trying to go regional out of the 22nd Second Century – the renamed Millennium.

The pre-teens were in the shallow end of the pool some of them actually sitting in the water as Hope, Sarah, and Emma continued to be excited about the Las Tres Amigas science club’s latest project and Henry, Colin, and Peyton rough housed in between eating. Frankie, Little Billy, Dani, and their new friend Hamp played around near their parents. Billy was holding court as he, Hawk, and many of the other adults chipped in telling Paul about his Grandpa Hamp, his playing football, his mean saxophone, and the leadership he had shown in the business community with Towers. With a twinkle in his eye, Billy also threw in a few stories of the kind of trouble Kat and Bridget used to get into leading Kat and Bridget to head in to kick Rick and Blake off the grills. Bridget insisted Ed had taught her to make a Bauer Burger or as they were known in THEIR house Reardon Burgers (which wasn’t true, a Bauer Burger was a Bauer Burger), but she still liked to needle Rick. Blake needed no such encouragement gladly handing over the chicken cooking duties to Kat as Bridget and Kat took the chance to catch up.

Rick also had decided he’d cooked enough for now and took off “the hat” and apron and hung them by the grill. He headed over and sat down next to Phillip with his overflowing plate.

Phillip grinned at the amount of food, “Find enough to eat did we?”

Rick cocked an eyebrow at Phillip. “Running a BBQ is a lot of work. I’ve got to keep my strength up.” They bantered back and forth as they continued to eat. Then Phillip’s eye fell on Danny and Michelle across the patio.

“Hey, I’ve been wanting to ask you, is something up with Danny and Michelle?”

Rick looked up. “What?”

“Well, it seems like there has been some tension between those two lately. He seems to be a little controlling. Beth asked Michelle to bring over one of the paintings and when she picked it up Danny came running over and insisted on doing it himself. Michelle got that stubborn look, you know the one she gets sometimes…. I don’t know it just seems like something is going on. Listen, I hope I’m wrong. I thought those two had figured out the stupidity of splitting up with their true love and getting back together again a lot sooner than we did.”

“They HAVE figured it out…at least I hope so.” Rick looked across at the couple, looking a little worried himself. He slid back into the banter. “Though I don’t know they have as many marriages as I do and they’re just one behind you….if you count vow renewals.” (see note)

“Yes, but they’ve only been married to each other which is more than you or I can say….I hope they have figured it out….Then again, maybe Danny is just getting tired of having to hang out with you so much….” And they were off again.


Vanessa, still regally ignoring Billy while pointedly aiming her pique at him, sat stiffly on the steps by the hot tub, merely picking at her plate before setting it aside. Matt watched her for a few minutes from a distance before abandoning his own plate and walking over to join her on the step.

“Hey, Contessa. What’s wrong?”

Vanessa replied very distinctly and carrying tone. “NOTHING is wrong. I’m certainly capable of taking care of myself.”

“If anyone knows that I do,” Matt said ruefully remembering when she’d taken off alone to die rather than share her illness with him. “I thought you got over thinking you couldn’t share things with me. We’re still friends, right? We couldn’t co-parent Maureen as well as we have if we weren’t.”

Vanessa turned to Matt and smiled warmly. “Yes, of course we are. But honestly nothing is wrong…at least nothing I can’t take care of…. It’s just that sometimes Billy makes me want to clout him on the head…. It reminds me of all the times he let me down.”

“I know. He’d hurt you deeply. If he hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been up on the lake and we wouldn’t have met like we did……You know I’ve been thinking about our lake house lately. I noticed you spent a lot of studying that ‘mystery’ painting from the Spaulding attic. That painting kind of reminds me of us.”

A photo of a framed painting of a lighthouse above a stormy shore

The mystery painting from the Spaulding attic is now being played by Guiding Light by Mary Pettis

“How so?”

“The raging storm below to the lighthouse above.”

Vanessa titled her head, squinting at the painting clear across the yard. “Yes……I guess I can see that.”

“You were always my Guiding Light, Vanessa….Are you planning on bidding on it?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s definitely growing on me.”

Matt stood up and reaching back down he held out his hand. “Should we go take another look at your art?”

Vanessa raised her voice again, “I’d LOVE to. I want to look at the lovely set of restoration blueprints of the lighthouse you donated again.”

Taking his hand she stood up and they walked across the yard back towards the artwork, Matt’s hand on the small of her back. Billy’s eyes narrowed and followed them.

Linked from Fine Art America, Matt’s Lighthouse Restoration Blueprints are now being played by Block Island Lighthouse Blueprint by Daniel Hagerman

The woman with the tight black bun looked at the cheerful tables of ample food with distaste. She did eat a little, mostly staying in the shadows. Before Danny temporarily abandoned the drink bar to eat himself, she walked over and requested a Long Island Iced Tea.

“Sorry, we don’t have any hard liquor. It’s a BBQ. The closest I can offer is a beer.”

“A beer?” her lip curled in disgust. “Then I will take a regular iced tea.” He gave her one as she walked off she muttered “Plebeians.”

Danny watched her go and felt something in him that hadn’t snapped to attention for a long time. He headed over to where Frank and Ray stood talking to point the woman out to both of them before going to get his own plate to join Michelle. Maybe his situation with Michelle just had him on edge, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He remained very aware of where the woman was even as he jokingly talked to Michelle and their friends.


The kids working on the “mural” for Cedars had all run off back to their folks or with their friends eating. Mindy stood, arms crossed, her back the happy crowd, staring at the now deserted space that was still full of signs of kids.

An arm came around her shoulders, “Well, darlin’, if you don’t get a move on their isn’t going to be any of the proper Oklahoma BBQ left.”

Mindy elbowed him gently, but not hard enough to make him let go. “Hey, there’ll be plenty. We haven’t taught enough of these northerners what good food is yet.”

“You’ve been pretty quiet today. Is something wrong? Because you know you can tell me anything or if you just need to burn off some steam. I’m your man.”

Mindy turned around and looked over to where Dylan was laughing talking to Billy. “No, no, you’re not. But I was thinking back to when you were together or at least when I wanted us to be.”


“Oh relax! Rick and I were meant to be together. I don’t doubt that. But if we’d gotten together back then like Daddy and Reva did for awhile, maybe we’d have a “Dylan” of our own running around here.”

“Mindy Girl, come here.” Rusty pulled her into a hug. “You wanted a baby for a long time. I’m sorry it didn’t happen.”

“It’s alright….most of the time. I enjoy being a step-mom and the best aunt. Michelle and Danny’s kids have been a God send…but it’s just some days. I miss the baby I lost. I miss the babies Rick and I never had, the babies you and I never had. Today seems to be one of those days…..I’m glad you are here though. It’s hard to talk about this with Rick. He always wanted kids so badly himself and when he finally got Jude and Leah, their moms kept them away from him. I know he wishes he had a bigger role in their lives early on and that he’d had more kids. It isn’t fair to put my regrets on him, too.”

“I’m sure Rick would want to talk to you about this, but not when he’s in general mode, come on we’ve got to get you some of that Oklahoma BBQ.” Rusty’s arm still around her shoulder, he led Mindy over to the BBQ.

Over by the pool, Robbie splashed Jude who had suddenly stopped talking and stood. Jude ignored Robbie as he watched his step-mom and Little Billy’s great uncle Rusty walk across the yard.

Scene 15

Between Chicago and Springfield, the rider of the south bound motorcycle had also had a burger for lunch. It wasn’t a Bauer Burger though. He walked out of Bob’s Biker Burgers, remounted the bike, and once again headed south.

NOTE: The wedding counts for Phillip and Rick are both off of Soap Central and count up to the end of the show. At the end of show Manny were on wedding/vow renewal #6. In Bauer BBQ 2014 they renewed their vows again.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 3

March 6, 2018

Author’s Note: We continue with the Bauer BBQ. There are more people around than I’ve specifically named. Feel free to mentally insert any favorite I’ve skipped. Feel free to write in what your fav is doing.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 3

Scene 9

Back in the kitchen, a commotion sounded at the door. Rusty Shayne and Wanda Hite arrived bearing the necessities for Oklahoma BBQ. Rusty had made the trip up from his ranch near Tulsa. He barely got his load down on the kitchen table before Mindy threw her arms around his neck.

“Melinda Sue,” he said happily. “Are you doing as well as you look?”

“As fine as an Oklahoma sunrise. How are you doing?”

“Oklahoma is still less fun without you, but the ranch is doing fine.”

Rick came in a pulled a grimace. Most of Mindy’s ex-es he didn’t much mind. In fact his best friend Phillip was one of them, but Rusty was the one whose relationship went back with Mindy longer than Rick’s. It was her one relationship that he felt might be as strong as theirs. Rusty and Mindy had grown up together as kids. Rick was happier when Rusty stayed down in Oklahoma where he belonged.

Rick swallowed and walked over with his hand extended. “Rusty,” he said. “Thanks for bringing the Oklahoma BBQ. I know it makes Mindy happy and people have come to expect it now.”

“Don’t mind me and Earl. We make no never mind.”

Mindy jumped in. “Wanda, now you know we see you and Earl a lot more often than we do Rusty.”

Wanda helped balance her load on the back of a chair as she paused. “Where do you want us to set up?”

Billy came in. “Rusty, what are you doing by letting Wanda stand there with a heavy load. I’ll take that.”

During this exchange and the ribbing, a woman with long, black hair pulled into a tight bun slipped into the kitchen. She was dressed too formally for the party in a black suit. She quietly worked her way behind the happy group and edged into a dark corner of the patio.


Scene 10

The Indian motorcycle continue to drive south. He passed a green highway sign saying, “Springfield 172 miles.” He gunned it around a black suburban and hurried on.


Scene 11

Beth and Phillip had the art auction entries each set up on their own easel along the edge of the patio. Each had a number that matched a description in the glossy printed guide.

Clarissa Marler and Maureen Reardon had the children’s art station all set up. They grabbed kids who arrived early and set them to work on the mural.

Mindy had come out to make sure her fashion drawing she’d donated for the auction looked right, but she had been caught by the sight of the kids playing. It yanked at her heart reminding her of the baby she’d lost and the children she and Rick never had.

Rick had caught Mindy’s expression across the patio and came up behind her. “It looks like they could use some help. Why don’t you dig in there?”

“You think so?”

“I know so. No one spreads sunshine like you do.”

Looking cheered up, Mindy dived into the kids. She started helping a girl make a dog she was painting look a little less like park bench.

The woman with the tight bun had reached the artwork going straight to the painting from the Spaulding attic. She looked the painting over very carefully. She moved back into the shadows and pulled out her cell phone. She pressed a saved number. “It’s definitely THE painting…..No, not yet. I will try to get it before the auction starts.” She abruptly ended the call.


Scene 12

Molly Spaulding came rushing into the Bauer kitchen nearly running into Blake and then Buzz in the process. Her dad, Alan-Michael Spaulding, was hot on her heels. “God Dad, stop hovering. I go to college for heaven’s sake. I don’t need you looking over my shoulder all the time.”

“Princess, will you wait up. I wasn’t hovering I was….”

Both continued through the kitchen and out the back door to the patio.

Lucy came in a troubled expression on her face. Frank intercepted her with a hug. “What’s going on, Sis?”

Waving towards the door, “You heard. Molly thinks Alan-Michael has been overly protective and it’s smothering. You know he always was protective, but lately…”

“Did something happen?”

“Well, he went to visit Hope earlier this month…I’m afraid she’s not doing well. Alan-Michael can’t do anything to help her so he’s determined to keep us safe. He knows I can take care of myself, but he’s even been a bit hover-y with me and he’s way overboard with Molly. Then there was her boyfriend.”

“What about him?”

“Tom got a little aggressive with her, enough so she filed a police report.”

“Oh, what did you say his last name is? Does he go to Springfield U with Molly?”

“Yes, he goes to Springfield U, but don’t worry about putting the fear of God into him. Besides making it clear that him that putting hands on any woman like that was NOT acceptable, Alan-Michael also specifically made Tom aware of the might the Spauldings could bring down on his head. After Brent, Alan-Michael isn’t taking any chances.”

“None of us do,” Frank said pulling Lucy in for a big brotherly hug. He silently gave a prayer of thanksgiving that it had turned out as well as it had. “I’m glad he’s watching out for both of you.”

“He’s watching over us all right, but it’s driving Molly nuts. When I was her age I was conning people out of jobs and almost ready to decide who I was going to marry. He’s got to give her some space before she does something crazy to assert her independence, and if there’s one thing Alan-Michael and I know about acting out and doing extreme things to get our way….I hope Molly can avoid learning about it.”

Lucy bit her lip and looked out the door in the direction that Alan-Michael and Molly had gone.


Scene 13

Bridget hurried through the Bauer living room towards the front door. Lillian and Buzz were sitting on the couch talking. “Is she here yet? Kat just texted she was almost here.”

Bridget threw open the door and there stood Kat looking stark and formal. Bridget paused, and then both women broke into laughter as they hugged each other. Bridget wrapped her arm around Kat’s shoulders. “You’re looking great, Kat. It’s been way too long. What’s it been since we saw each other? Oh, at least a year since you came to visit us in Oakdale.”

“It’s been even longer since I’ve been back to Springfield.” Kat looked back at the open door. “Paul, Hamp, get in here.” Kat shared an exasperated look with her best friend. “You keep thinking it will get easier as they get older — it doesn’t.”

“Tell me about it. Peter’s out of college now and I still worry about him….and he still doesn’t pick up after himself.”

Both women were laughing together when Paul and Hamp walked in, Hamp pulling the door shut behind them.

Hamp looked rebellious. “I still don’t see why we had to come here to celebrate the fourth. The guys and I had pitched in on some fireworks and now I’m going to miss them setting them off.”

Kat walked over to Hamp. “Because the Bauer BBQ is the best time to visit Springfield. It’s the one time when the whole town is together and I want you to meet some of your Grandpa Hamp’s friends. You never got to meet him and I want them to help you get an idea of what he was like. I want you to see his club. Plus this is where I finished growing up. You’ll just have to put up with it. Besides here’s Bridget. You like Bridget don’t you?”

“Ya, Bridget is fun.”

“Thanks…I think.”

“Plus your Uncle Billy is here. He was Grandpa Hamp’s best friend. He can tell you about when they played football together.”

Paul broke in with a smile. “Billy’s here? Where?”

Bridget answered, “Right before you got here he was out watching them set up the grill. I’ll walk you back there….Oh before we do that I want you to meet Lillian and Buzz. Kat, you remember them.”

“Of course…. Boys, Buzz here makes the best non-Bauer burger in town. When I was your age, I used to hang out at his restaurant, the Fifth Street diner, all the time. And this is Lillian she’s the best nurse anywhere.”

Buzz shrugged one shoulder, “Not the greatest….”

Lillian interrupted. “That’s nice of you to say, Sweetie.”

“These are my boys, Paul and Hamp.”

Lillian added, “Oh, I see their resemblance to Hamp. Now I think Bridget told me that you were married to Paul Frasier’s son. Ed Bauer has told all about your grandfather Frasier. He was one of Ed’s mentors and a great surgeon before he got promoted to administration, but you want to talk about Hamp. Have fun today.”

Commercial Break 3

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 1

March 4, 2018

Author’s Note: This year’s Bauer BBQ fanfic is much more like a real set of Bauer BBQ episodes. I really love how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it. I haven’t broken it into actual episodes, but there are obvious places for commercial breaks that I put in.

The first time I published these I stuck to my original outline numbering so I could keep track of the different storylines.  At first I kept my original scene numbers from my outline just to keep things easier for me, but I’ve renumbered in this republish and with the new chapters now. It really should be broken up into multiple episodes and I probably would have done that if I had gotten it done early enough, but I ran out of time. If I repost it next year, I may get that part fixed when I polish it.

So the lesson is start working on your Bauer BBQ 2018 RIGHT NOW!

Bauer BBQ 2017 by Robansuefarm Part 1

Scene 1

It was early morning at the Bauer House. Rick Bauer stood at the flag pole in the side yard of the family home. *

He looked at the young Bauers gathered around him. He looked at his children, Jude and Leah. He had always wanted children and even if he hadn’t been able to play as active a role as he would had hoped in their lives during their younger years, he couldn’t be prouder of his children. He was only sorry he never had more. There could never be too many Bauers.

Standing next to his kids were his nephew and nieces, Robbie, Hope, and Danielle. He was still grateful that Michelle and Danny had moved back from California when they had. His little sister was raising some great kids.

“OK troops! Let’s raise the flag.”

Robbie snaps the flag open with a practiced hand. He has been doing it for years. Even before they moved to California he remembered doing this with his Grandpa Ed. It is one of Robbie’s favorite parts of the BBQ. Being careful not to let the flag touch the ground, he clipped it in place and briskly ran it up the flag pole.

Rick spoke. “Every year we start the BBQ by raising the flag. The tradition goes back to picnics Papa and Mama Bauer used to have on the Fourth. They started every one by raising the flag. Papa Bauer is who I am named for. Robbie also is partially named for him. He was your Great-Great-Grandfather and I want you to remember his gratitude for living in this country, for the new chance it gave him, and all the hard work he and Mama Bauer did giving the Bauers a strong start in this country. It’s up to you to remember and pass this knowledge along so that someday YOUR great-great-grandchildren will do this and remember how glad and how proud we are to be Americans.”

Rick says something like this to the children every year when they raise the flag. He wanted to engrave it on their memories so it would be passed on.

*NOTE: The flagpole only appeared during the BBQ when they showed this scene and seemed to be set up wherever was convenient. Since we don’t really know what was in the sideyard of the house that’s where I put it and will keep it as necessary.

Scene 2

The group trouped over to the garage apartment. It was already bubbling with talk and laughter. Mindy was right in her element as she made breakfast with the rest of the kids that had spent the night. The overnight guests were friends of the Bauer kids and mostly family friends before that. Having them spend the night before meant they had early dawn help available if they needed it and kept the kids busy if it wasn’t.

Rick paused near the door to think how beautiful and happy his wife was surrounded by children. He was sorry she never had a biological child who had lived, but she had determined to be the best step-mother and aunt in the world and, as always Rick thought with a smile, what Mindy determined to do got done.

Rick walked over and noisily kissed his wife. “How are things going in here?”

“Everybody’s doing great. I’m glad the garage apartment is empty this year. This is a lot easier than getting them breakfast in the same kitchen where we’re prepping the BBQ.”

Rick silently nodded in agreement. He loved Mindy. She was a good cook now, but she was still enough of a princess that she never washed a plate. He was glad this mess wasn’t in his prep area. Rick didn’t bother with breakfast, he just enjoyed the chaos.

Scene 3

Later Rick stood in the Bauer kitchen and surveyed his domain. The rest of the year this was a kitchen, but today it was the prep area where he launched an attack to feed an unlimited number of family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and even complete strangers who would show up at THE place to celebrate the Fourth in Springfield. There had been a time when he had felt so shoved to the side, almost like he, heck, the BAUERS hadn’t had a place on the canvas that was the community of Springfield. He had lost heart and so had the BBQ, but ever since 2010 after Michelle and Danny had moved back he had felt all the glory of the BBQ again and moved heaven and earth to make sure each year was the best year ever.

In a way prepping for the BBQ was like emergency triage, but this was a good kind without the pain, horror, and blood. Instead the constant attention, prioritizing, improvising was of everyone remembering the community and having a good time.

“Listen everyone! It’s time for the hat ceremony….Leah, if you’re ready.” Rick bent down and Leah picked up the Bauer BBQ chef’s hat. Ed had always worn it and Rick had taken it with great significance when Ed had passed it down to him, but since this had become his and Leah’s special moment it became even more important to him.

Everyone in the kitchen paused and clapped as Leah, put it on his head, aware of what this meant. “The Hat” was always an important part of the BBQ.

“Back to work!” Rick called as the moment passed. Once the hat was on his head he felt like a general martialing the troops. He picked up his clipboard “Reports!”

“Danny, condiments!”

“Rick, I used to run a restaurant I think I can handle….” Danny protested, but as usual it fell on deaf ears.

“I said condiments!”

Danny sighed, rolling his eyes at Michelle. “There is ketchup and mustard at two condiment stations around the backyard and plenty of back up for each. The relish and onions are ready to put out. Salt and pepper shakers and napkins are on each table. Everything is ready to go.”

Rick tapped the end of his pen against his teeth. “I don’t know that this idea of yours using big pumps instead of lots of normal bottles is going to go.”

“Rick, it will be fine!” Michelle broke in.

Rick sighed and made a note to ask people about it later to find out how it had gone over.

“Michelle, desserts!”

“I made 2 dozen of Grandma Bert’s apple pies this year. They are cooling as we speak AND don’t you even think of hiding one. If you don’t get any I’ll make some again in the near future, as soon as you peel the apples for me. The watermelon is on ice and Danny has his stuff ready to carve it when ready.”

“How about the ice cream?”

“You’ll have to ask Lewis about that. He and Lizzie decided to turn hand churning ice cream into a contest this year.”

Rick frowned. This was the kind of thing he expected to be consulted on. “Blake, you may have to go on an ice cream run later.”

“Have car keys will travel. Although how I became the designated errand girl…”

“We appreciate you being ready to lend a hand when needed, Blake. Salads!”

“Rick, you can see I’m finishing up the cabbage and apple salad. Frank and Buzz have coleslaw on their list to bring and the potato salad is in the fridge.”

“Bert’s recipe?”

“Nope, you always ask me, so I got Bea’s recipe this year from Michelle. I thought it would make a nice change.” Rick’s face grew stormy until she added. “I remember it was always a struggle between Ed and Maureen. I thought I’d let Maureen win this year.”

Rick bit off his protest. Since it WAS for Maureen he let it go and checked it off his list.

“Bridget, Dylan, lettuce salad bar!”

“Rick, we make it all the way here for the BBQ this year and got here extra early so you can shout at us? I think we got it.” Bridget rolled her eyes.

Dylan cut in, figuring it was better to humor Rick. “We’re still chopping. All varieties of salad dressing requested are checked off the list. We’ve got the ice and the thermometer to check all the salads to keep them out of the danger zone.”

Rick grunted. He spared a glance. “Bridget, it’s a great think you got back with Dylan. Clearly he’s the one with sense in your family.”

Bridget picked up a pair of salad tongs to throw at Rick as he turned his back and walked away, but Dylan took them out of her hand. “Humor him.”

Just then Kevin kicked at the door. Bridget wiped her hands on a towel and went to let him in. Kevin and Jason each entered carrying two large, stuffed full reusable grocery bags a piece, closely followed by Frank and Buzz weighed down by coolers.

Buzz asked, “Are you going to give us a hand, Rick?”

“Nope, that’s what these two strapping young men are for,” he answered putting an arm around both Kevin and Jason. Rubbing his hands together, he added, “You’ve brought the ground sirloin. It’s time to make some magic…Rachel Ray and Emeril have nothing on me. Bauer Burgers here we come!” *

*NOTE: The Rachel Ray etc. line came from Michael O’Leary’s appearance on a talk show making Bauer Burgers. See my making Bauer Burgers post.

Scene 4

The boys were still eating breakfast when the girls finished and moved on to decorating. Sarah Randall and Emma Spaulding were Hope Santos’s best friends. The three of them had formed Les Tres Amigas Science Club* which had made Sarah’s Grandpa Billy laugh although he hadn’t explained why he thought the name was so funny. He wasn’t laughing at their interest in science and had helped throw open the doors to Lewis Oil walking them through the operation and answering every question they had even if he had to hunt up someone to tell them all the answer.

Today Hope, Sarah, and Emma were working with the smaller girls Dani, Frankie, and Peyton.** on decorating the Bauer House inside and out to within an inch of its life. The girls were talking and laughing happily together. Little Billy was there too, as usual joined at the hip with his best friend Dani.

Michelle trusted Hope to watch out for the other children, but after that treehouse stunt with Dani and Little Billy last March, Michelle felt better keeping them under a watchful eye so when the Coopers showed up she’d slipped out of the kitchen. The kids ran around up one ladder and down another putting up flags, banners, bunting, and sparkles wherever they could.

Michelle shook her head at a lopsided bundle on one of the portico corners. She moved one of the ladders over to climb up to fix it herself shaking her head that they could make such a din. She hadn’t gotten very far when a couple of arms came around her and pulled her off the ladder.

A sardonic, but gorgeous gaze met her own. “And what, may I ask, were you doing on a ladder?”

Michelle tried to brazen it out, pretending her husband wasn’t holding her in his arms. She smoothed out her top and picked a couple of imaginary pieces of lint off her culottes. “I was straightening that bundle of course. It would be done by now, if you hadn’t had to show off those big muscles of yours.” Michelle crossed her arms and scowled at him.

Danny laughed as he put her down. “None of that little missy. I’m on to your tricks. You were on that ladder when you KNOW we agreed you wouldn’t be. I’m not letting you pick a different fight to get off the hook. I think I see where your daughter got her illicit climbing inclinations.”

“Perfectly, right – from you!” Michelle said frostily, but with just a hint of a smile behind it as she gestured towards her old balcony with her head. Then she blushed and smiled. “OK you caught me. I said I wouldn’t get on any ladders today, but it would only take me a minute to fix that one crocked bunch….”

“Correction. It will just take ME a minute. Now tell me exactly what you want me to do.”

Michelle’s smile grew downright naughty, but now was not the time, so she had Danny straighten the clump until it was perfect.

*NOTE: Les Tres Amigos or LTA was an independent oil company started in the early 1980s. The name is Spanish which translates to The Three Friends. The original owners were Josh Lewis (Billy’s brother), Amanda Spaulding, and Ross Marler. Later Billy came to town and pushed his way in. It eventually was folded into Lewis Oil. Clearly the children never heard of it and why should they have….until Grandpa Billy gets around to explaining the joke.

**NOTE: Dani Santos (Manny’s daughter), Frankie Cooper (Daughter of Frank Cooper and Natalia Aitoro), and Peyton Spaulding (Beth’s daughter with Alan).

Scene 5

Meanwhile in Chicago, a helmeted figure, dress all in black leather, adjust the chin strap on his helmet with the smoke visor. He pulled on his leather gloves. He approached his black Indian motorcycle. He saddled up, revved the engine and turned the bike south, towards Springfield.

Commercial Break 1

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Daytime Stars and Strike Initial Report

October 30, 2017

October 8, 2017 I attended the second annual real life Bauer BBQ. I had an amazing time. It wasn’t overly well attended, but it was a great group of people. I was so glad to talk with Guiding Light fans and a couple of people who even knew my blog. I was especially pleased to get to meet in person my online friend Elizabeth who does the Guiding Light discussion board. I’m going to write up a full report that I’ll save for Bauer BBQ week next year and a special post on a bit of Bauer BBQ history I managed to nail down.

NOTE: For this post I’m going to use the term actors rather than actors and actresses or actors/actresses just for the flow of the post. However, I’m including both men and women in my statements.

Two person shot of Jerry verDorn and Liz Keifer

Bloss Breakfast Two Shot

About Me

Now, I normally don’t talk about me in this blog. My opinions and memories of the show? You bet. My family history with the show? All the time, but I don’t talk about my personal history much. That’s really not what this blog is for. However, this post I think I need to give you a little bit of my personal history for you to get the full impact of the last bit.

Normally meeting actors isn’t that big a deal for me, even for shows I watched as a kid. There is another interest I have that is connected to a TV show I loved growing up. I’m there for events that often have a TV component (now a days I’m more for the research but if the TV stuff is there how can you not take part?). I certainly don’t make all of the events, but many are within a reasonable driving distance and so I get to quite a few, so many that a couple of the actors call me by name without prompting. I also have a cousin who is an actor and a father who is in the theater. So I know actors.

Also, while I was growing up, my mom had a job which had her, among many other things, do spots on local TV shows. Back then there were a lot more locally produced TV shows and she appeared on several on a regular basis, even being a guest host of one for about 6 weeks once. She usually had us come with her on one of the shows once or twice a year. So I know a little bit of TV from the other side of the camera, I know how the camera cues work, how hot the lights are (were? have they gone to LED and are they cooler than they used to be? No idea) and as a result how cold the studios were kept when you weren’t under the lights. I learned how green screen worked at a young age and knew that one of the local anchors always went on camera sock footed for some reason I never understood.

So my point is that I’m not normally all that excited to meet actors. They have a job. A pretty cool job which they are often very good at, but it’s just a job and one that I know a little bit about so a lot of stuff doesn’t impress me that might other people. I know in most cases who I really wanted to know is the characters and I know I can’t do that, so I’m pretty calm about meeting the actors who played them.


So I surprised with my reaction to some of the Guiding Light people. Honestly I knew I’d enjoy talking with other fans which I totally did (WAVES if any of you are reading this), but I wasn’t expecting as much of a reaction as I had to the actors. It wasn’t all of them of course. A couple of them were working the room and you could tell that’s what they were doing. I certainly admired the skill they showed at it, but that’s what it was — working a room. Some of the actors seemed much more interested in visiting with the other actors than the fans. But the magical bit was at the Bloss Brunch.

It was a small group and as early arrivers me and my friend Elizabeth (of Guiding Light Central) got to sit next to Jerry verDorn and Liz Keifer aka Ross and Blake. I had an actual conversation with them about soap history (with which they seemed impressed by my recall of long ago plot) and the current state of the industry which was fascinating. But it was a bit surreal. My vision even did a funny thing for a second when I first walked over to the table, like my mind couldn’t believe my eyes were working properly. I think it might have been that by the end their characters had become so like them, that it was like they WERE their characters at least a little bit. This was the third event of the weekend, but somehow they seemed the most real. For a just a flash there while we were talking I honestly felt that somehow I had stepped through the TV and had some magical way ended up in Springfield. Oddly it felt really normal as well. I had heard them talk on the TV for years and often talked back to it (I tend to get a bit vocal when I watch – see my YouTube comments). Only this time they could hear me. It just was natural, but in a wild dichotomy it was also absolutely amazing.

I don’t know if I’ll go again soon. I have a couple of other trips I want to cross off my life list that I’ve scheduled for the next couple of years (a conference I’ve wanted to attend for at least 10 years in Canada and a family trip to Disney), but I hope that I’ll be able to make it to another Guiding Light event. This one was certainly worth the trip.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Bauer BBQ 1984 Reblog

September 21, 2017

I haven’t done any updating here, but in honor of my attending the real life Bauer BBQ next month, I’m going to be reposting my Bauer BBQ posts.

Bauer BBQ 1984

Bauer BBQ 1984 is the only entry that I have in the 1980s for this year. I’m still looking for more. Let me know if you come across any on YouTube. This same channel has a couple of days of episodes before the BBQ. I’m sure I’ll get back to them sooner or later, but feel free to watch them now.I also want to make VERY clear that the Tony I’ll be talking about and loving on in this episode is my beloved Tony Reardon, not my much later, but also beloved Tony Santos or my severely hated Tattoo Tony Santos. Also, good heavens taste in earrings was AWFUL in 1984. Shudders!

The episode opens at the Reardon Boarding House with everyone getting ready for the BBQ (Maureen is a Reardon). Tony and Annabelle Reardon (who I adored as a couple before they just suddenly up and left on vacation one day and never came back – Tony started Company) are at the table. Tony and Annabelle are talking to Tony’s mother, Bea Reardon, who is also Maureen and Nola’s mother and Michelle’s grandmother. The guy with the beard was Jim Reardon – another brother of Maureen’s and a doctor who is currently dating nurse Hillary Bauer. (I liked Hillary – who was best friends with Katie Parker, but never warmed up to Jim except the one moment when they resolved the Tony-Annabelle-Jim triangle – which involved past lives flashbacks – by giving him their blessing, they go off and he says “Next lifetime she’s mine.”)

July 4, 1984 episode

Great early romantic Ed-Maureen stuff. However, that top on Maureen ought to be burned– seriously. Ed was chief of staff at Cedars and Maureen was a hospital administrator at this point. Soon Ed would start to chafe at not being the one with the most important job. Note the opening credits. I love that the real Laurel Falls is in there. (The falls are really in Connecticut. Anybody know where that version of Company was filmed?) (Part 1)

Ed and Maureen have been trying to create a baby for a long time. Sadly they never have a biological child together, although Maureen thought of Michelle as her own. Michelle comes along the next year. Jim Reardon had been doing secret research taking on his former – now deceased – boss’ name to keep the funding coming. He’s now been outed and foisted from the hospital as a result. Quola is one of my all time favorite couples. The crates are part of an odd storyline that screamed the writers were wildly groping for a Quola storyline. A teenage computer genius comes to town and moves in with them. The boxes are from him. (Part 2)

H.B. and Reva got married, basically as friends although she eventually gets pregnant by H.B. Josh reacted badly to the news and crashes his car. He’s temporarily paralyzed which eventually leads to two of Josh’s most famous scenes, Bert telling him not to feel sorry for himself, and the original Reva in the fountain scene. Reva wants Josh to stay with them while he recuperates, which he eventually does, but it doesn’t go smoothly. Fletcher attends with Claire (Michelle’s biological mother).  Sadly they aren’t together right now, just good friends. I loved them as a couple and after Fletch broke my heart along with Claire’s when he broke up with her, I never was able to support any other couple he was in. I knew eventually he’s always walk away and he always did except for Mauve (who died before he got the chance). Ross seems to be dating Trish, they were always close. Don’t miss Bert’s arrival at the end. Her leg had been amputated in real life and written into the storyline, with some powerful results. The line with the heavy empasis on patient and advocate was because Bert – before her surgery – was a full time patient advocate volunteer at Cedars. (Part 3)

I adore Bert, she was truly the heart of the show, even years after she died she was still effecting characters and stories. Tony and Annabelle’s cottage was one of my favorite places in Springfield ever. They are talking about that as their new house. Sadly Carrie Piper, real estate agent, was also a psychotic killer and became an infamous Guiding Light villan. The actress sadly returned years latter in the I can’t tell you how AWFUL Carrie Carruthers storyline. I didn’t know Mike Bauer was in the naval reserve. I’m with Josh though, Josh’s accident was a pretty much H.B.’s and Reva’s fault. True, he was the one who got drunk and drove into a tree, but they HAD to know he was going to take it that badly and should have had someone like Billy there to take care of him when they told him. I loved Trish – except for her affair with Alan. 😦 Sadly she will disappear without even a mention all too soon, but the early Josh-Billy-Trish stuff like this rocked. Both Billy and Josh had Daddy issues. (Part 4)

A nice example of everyday life with Quola. (Part 5)

I don’t want Lillian and Mike Bauer together. That seems like a terrible fit. Although, as Lillian says, we like him very much. Mike dating Alexandra? That’s something. He was giving her flying lessons? That’s totally awesome. (Part 6)

Reva’s Oklahoma accent was a lot stronger in these early days. Love Reva’s yellow satin top. I loved it when Ross got all unclely with Phillip especially when he was a teenager when they found out. Here’s a hint Hillary, hugging another man ISN’T going to cheer Jim up. Louie asks Katie to marry him. It’s out of the blue and she’s taken aback, but I think he’s serious. (Part 7)

End Credits (Part 8)

July 5, 1984 episode

More happy Ed and Maureen. Ed says it’s his favorite holiday. Maureen’s reference to Valentine’s Day is because that’s their wedding anniversary. I guess Ed is right in the mid-2000s when he says the Bauer BBQ started out small. Almost no one is there. In later years, everybody comes. Phillip and Beth have broken up and she’s with his cousin Lujack now. As you can see Phillip didn’t take it well. (Part 1)

No wonder Phillip could be so much help to Annie when he helped her get sober. He went down pretty far, pretty quickly. “Hey, Beth, I need you.” If Phillip had remembered that in later life, his life would be much smoother. Hillary was really the only one I liked with Jim. I still hate that they killed her, especially in such a dumb way that also took out one of my favorite places in Springfield. Jim’s a better bet than Fletcher anyway. When Fletcher is in a relationship eventually you make one mistake and he walks out. More foreshadowing. As much as I love the cottage Tony and Annabelle, give it up. It isn’t worth your leaving town and Hillary’s life. Lillian you should remember that gratitude. More Bert right at the end (Part 2)

More Bert right at the beginning. That group was Lujack’s gang, in their “hangout.” This time the cops are just shaking them down without much reason, but normally they are pretty thuggy criminals. The girl who throws the firework later wrote a book about her life and some interesting antics on set at Guiding Light among other things (read about it). (Part 3)

More of Lujack’s gang the Galahads, Company, and Phillip’s problems. (Part 4)

Beth did have some medical knowledge. She ran a clinic in Clayton. Actually Beth, that it was just like New York City was my first thought when I saw you take money for sketching. I hate Pheth apart. Too bad it happened so often. I’m sorry tug of war didn’t stay on the Bauer BBQ schedule, it sounds fun. We get to see a tiny bit of the cottage. (Part 5)

The inspector is talking to someone who built Company out of lumber that fell of a truck (seriously read about it in my Places of Springfield section). I don’t think this is going to bother him. Tug of WAR! Love a good Nola fantasy. The mustached villain isn’t too much of a stretch when she first came on she unmasked a disguised Roger Thorpe who was living at the Reardon Boarding House. (Part 6)

If Lujack hadn’t died, I think Beth would have eventually gone back to Phillip anyway. Trouble is brewing with the Galahads (aka the worst named gang, like ever). (Part 7)

See that wasn’t an immediate “Yes, I know it.” Lujack you were on the way to being toast. The guy helping get Phillip home is Floyd Parker.  Floyd eventually became a successful singer and was a general good guy around town until a terrible send off. He is the biological father of Nola’s daughter Kelly/Anastasia. (Part 8)

The losers of the Tug of War pay up on their bet. This is wonderful WATCH THIS! (Part 9)

Credits (Part 10)

UPDATED July 9 2017: I rewatched as part of my prep for the real Bauer BBQ 2017 and added a few notes and comments on things I’ve found out since I originally wrote it.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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