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Henry Chamberlain’s Funeral February March 6 1996

May 31, 2018

I started going through and breaking Bandstand Mike’s episodes into dates. This run started on December 20, 1995. Our last post in the series ended sometime in late February with Nick McHenry and Susan Bates’s wedding.

Today we say goodbye to one of the best characters Springfield ever produced, Henry Chamberlain. He was Vanessa’s father, Bill’s grandfather, and H.B. Lewis’s best friend. God bless Henry and his actor William Roerick.

Henry’s death was precipitated by Roerick’s death in real life which happened in a car crash a couple of month’s before his on screen death.

Henry, Little Bill, and Vanessa 1992

Sadly the initial scenes of people finding out about Henry’s death were during the missing episodes on this YouTube channel. If I find them elsewhere, I’ll come back and link them in.

Probably Thursday, February 28, 1996

Henry is being buried from Woodhill Funeral Home.

Dinah finds Roger in their apartment. Dinah is furious because Roger had her credit card canceled and the clerk cut it up in front of everyone. Roger tells her (not too gently I think) that her grandfather Henry has died (I think it’s to remind people because they’ve been focusing on other stories, but now it’s time for the funeral.)

Matt to Vanessa (showing once again JUST how little he understands her): “It’s OK to cry.”

Vanessa (with determination): “I DON’T WANT TO CRY. I want to celebrate my father’s life.”

(You know who wouldn’t have tried to get Vanessa to cry at the beginning of a hard day in public, yep, Billy.) Quinton comes in mistress in tow. He acts normal, but Vanessa tears into him for degrading both their father’s memory and their family by dragging his mistress along.

Distractingly we also have the Marah took Annie’s things revelation going on in a B story. 😦

Reva finally gets around to letting other people know Marah is found.

Quint tells Vanessa that he doesn’t see how Jessica is all that different from Matt (which is kind of point Quint), but Vanessa points out that she was divorced before she started with Matt (which is point Vanessa). Matt steps in between and tells Quint to back off in defense of both Vanessa and his aunt Nola. This is sad because once upon a time it would have been Quint being that gallant, but Quint is right about Matt having a chip on his shoulder.

Nola asks where Dinah is and Vanessa says she doesn’t know where she is she hasn’t been able to tell her. Which I call foul. These are rich people with business interests all over. You can’t find someone with news like this you hire someone to hunt them down. Dinah could have easily missed the funeral.

Rick continues to talk Abby down with no luck. Josh, Annie, and Reva separately try to deal with the Marah issue.

Roger tries to comfort Dinah as she is upset about Henry (I think this is bull, but I’m not sure 100% is because Roger really does feel a lot of pain at losing people). Hart shows up at Henry’s funeral and talks to Vanessa. Hart offers to go find Dinah to tell her, but Vanessa tells him no. Hart offers instead to put in writing that he won’t try to change Peter’s custody arrangement other than getting to know the boy because it seems like it is what’s best for Peter. Vanessa is floored. We get a nice off camera Ross-Ed best friend bit.

Ed: “When Rick was a teenager he [Henry] helped Rick get his Eagle Scout rank.” Which is pretty cool and something I didn’t know about Rick.

J follows Jessica (Quint’s mistress) outside.

Rick is still trying to talk to Abby who gets so mad and hurt at what he says she yells “NO! NO, I don’t love you!”

Rick is blown away that Abby spoke. Abby must have been teased about her voice because she didn’t want anyone to hear it.  Annie and Josh talk a little about Cross Creek. He tells Annie the part that she wants to hear, but can’t bring himself to tell her the rest of it about how he’ll always love and want Reva. We get a flashback of the important part of Cross Creek which we missed during the clip gap where we lost the days.

Quint takes a quiet moment at Henry’s coffin reflecting on their relationship. Quint describes Springfield then as small, but full of hope. (Quint crosses himself so he must be still practicing Catholicism.) We then flashback to Quint and Nola’s wedding reception, mainly taking off in a hot air balloon at the end.

Coming fresh off that memory Quint says he wants to apologize to Nola, but Nola’s not having any of it she’s ready for a divorce.

[And right here they had a chance for some Emmy winning stuff a good man who got messed up with all the midlife crisis fears that led him to do some terribly hurtful things. Brought up short by his father’s death he…. but instead they went with Nola becoming obsessed by Buzz…. yes, that’s what I said Nola becoming obsessed by BUZZ. I know none of us could believe it then either.]

Dinah arrives at the church and is devastated.  Hart and Roger follows her in. Meanwhile, back in the Bauer kitchen, Abby and Rick come to a sort of truce. Annie and Josh rush into Reva’s where Annie wakes a happy Marah and Jeva share a charged moment.

Friday, March 1, 1996

We get pretty much complete redo-s of the last section of yesterday’s episode slightly expanded. Nola is telling Quint off and that she wants a divorce, Dinah faints after approaching the coffin and when Hart goes to help her, Roger goes for Hart. Annie and Josh are ecstatic to find Marah safe. Marah doesn’t realize how worried everyone was, but refuses to go home because she came here to make a deal with Reva.

Reva asks for another minute alone and tells Marah that she should go on home and the adults will figure it out. Quint asks Nola to wait until later. He claims Jessica understands him in a way Nola doesn’t anymore. Nola says she can’t deal with this anymore and walks off leaving a shaken Quint behind as Jay tells him to be happy he’s gotten what he wants. Meanwhile Roger, Hart, and Matt tussle over Dinah who asks for both Roger and Hart to be kept away because she can’t deal with either of them now. Vanessa and Dinah mourn. Vanessa confirms Henry died in his sleep. Little Billy joins in telling Roger, Hart, and Ross to back off. Now isn’t the time. Alan and Amanda arrive (which despite Blake’s snipping is fitting, Henry helped build Spaulding).

Vanessa is worrying about Henry’s bowties (he always wore one). She can’t throw them out and she doesn’t know who to give them to. Dinah realizes just how hard this is hitting her mother. Matt wants Amanda to leave, but again this is nothing to do with him. Amanda wants to pay her respects to Henry and Vanessa. It was Matt that did something Vanessa was mad about. Amanda didn’t even tell Vanessa, she just threatened to so Matt did. Alan wants to know what Amanda is in trouble for. J lays into Quint. Josh and Reva are upset because they want to be together, but Reva thinks Marah needs Annie right now.

Josh is pushing Reva to tell Annie the truth about him. Buzz shows up and Reva uses him as an excuse. Buzz figures out Josh and Reva have reconnected, but Reva says from her prospective if she takes back Josh she loses Marah. Hart and Roger have another fight.

Hart and Roger continue to fight. Ross and Amanda have a grown-ups conversation. Quint’s chippy wants to leave because she is bored. Quint tells her he has to stay. Vanessa realizes that Dinah doesn’t know Quint and introduces them. Quint charms Dinah saying how much Henry had told him about her. Quint also reveals he had a letter each for Vanessa and Dinah that Henry had written the day before he died. Dinah reads Henry’s letter which tells her to use her funds with noblis oblige. Dinah looks up and tells Roger she’s going to get her money back and do something good with it if it’s the last thing she ever does. Marah tells Annie and Josh that she wants them to stay together. Reva shares her worries with Buzz.

Reva tells Buzz that she can have him if she wants him. Annie is sure of her and Josh’s relationship, but Josh holds back.
Alan: “Ross is a good enough lawyer, but what is WRONG with all you women.”
Alan and Amanda have a conversation and then Matt and Blake do.
Dinah to Roger about his attempt to use Jenna to snatch Spaulding: “Bleed him dry, Daddy. I want you desperate and penniless, broke and alone. I want to ruin your life the way you almost ruined my grandfather’s. It’s the least I can do.”

Ross reminds Roger he needs to be in court to account for Dinah’s funds tomorrow. Hart was still outside and Alan tells him he found something to come by the house after the funeral. Reva asks Buzz to leave so she can think.

Monday, March 4, 1996

Matt ineffectually reaches out to Vanessa again. Dinah is ready to put the screws to Roger whose cooked books aren’t ready yet. Josh shows up to say a word to Henry, but is wayleighed by an angry Alan.

Reva finds the Springfield Journal on her doorstep with an article about Marah and a flower blooming on her rock wall. She’s determined to spare Marah. We get a different flashback to Cross Creek. This bit is where Reva thinks she’s helping Annie to help Marah by pretending Josh still wants Annie makes it worse. Leo shows up and tells Roger he needs to buy him a couple of days to cook the books.

Reva comes up with a desperate plan to keep Marah’s love. Buzz objects at first, but goes along. There are a few more upsets and short conversations including Ed and Rick (about him having slept with Blake) and Bill and Michelle about how Vanessa and Bill are handling grief. Bill is annoyed when Michelle ends their conversation by focusing on Jay. They begin the funeral proper with Ross starting the eulogies.

Ross’ Eulogy

Ross talks about going to Henry saying he wanted his teenage daughter (Vanessa). That was the relationship that produced Dinah. “I learned more from the man than I could ever imagine. First and foremost I learned how special a daughter is to a father.”

Quint’s Eulogy

“I didn’t know my dad growing up, but later when I did get to know him I often rejected the advice he gave me and always at my own peril. Yes, I’ve made mistakes and I’ve paid for them dearly. My father said something that I will always remember. Whenever you don’t know what to do next, always do the next right thing. Henry always knew what the next right thing was. It was his rarest of gifts. I will miss Henry, my father, and all of us who are left behind by his passing will be diminished.” – Honestly I love and respect Henry more than I can say, but he made enough bad mistakes that I can’t say he always knew the next right thing.

Dinah’s Eulogy

Dinah tells of how he was always right and she hated it. She breaks down. “I hated everything he ever said to me because he was always right. He always knew me. He understood.”

Nola’s Eulogy

“You should have seen the color of red that Henry turned when he found out that I was marrying into the family fortune. Then at some point he realized that wasn’t what I really wanted what I wanted was… So we became friends and he became like a father to me. At some point we realized that we shared something in common and that was that family was first no matter what and the rest would take care of itself. Oh, Henry you will live in my heart forever. God bless you.”

Bill’s Eulogy

Henry found me on the porch with a girl. “Young lady, when I was your age,  girls had chaperones so that character had a chance to develop before nature could extinguish all hope.”

Josh’s Eulogy in honor of H.B. who was still alive (but unable to come)

“I asked him though what he would miss the most about Henry and he said long summer nights sitting on the porch in a couple of rocking chair side by side ruminating about good liquor, a good hand of cards, and good and not so good women. My daddy, H.B. Lewis, tossing back a bourbon and branch and Henry Chamberlain sipping cognac. Telling lies to each other a 7 year old wouldn’t believe. He also said the only good thing about Henry passing on was that when it was his time to go Henry will be there waiting for him sitting on a porch, a couple of rocking chairs side by side. And he truly believes that because he said if Henry Chamberlain don’t get into heaven, ain’t nobody getting in to heaven because Henry Chamberlain is the finest man I ever wanted to punch in the nose.”

Roger goes to speak, but Vanessa stops him.

Vanessa relents and lets Roger speak.

Roger’s Eulogy

“Henry was the most worthy adversary I ever faced. He was a giant among men.” – I think Roger sincerely means that. “I never told him this, but all my life I looked up to him. I wanted to be like him. I know there are many of you in this room who would say that if that was my goal I failed miserably.” – I think that was all for Dinah. “I did learn the most valuable lesson in my life from him. I learned what really matters and it sure isn’t power or money, it’s family and friendship. At the close of the day that’s all that counts.” – I think Roger half means this. He never could make up his mind which was more important power and money or happiness and Holly. He flip flopped his whole life and I could sincerely see him taking Henry as a model for that he just doesn’t mean it in Dinah’s case.

Matt’s Eulogy

Quint’s mistress does try to say something nice to Nola who rightly cuts her down with a stare. Jessica complains about it to Quint who finally has had enough at least for now and tells her to give it a rest.

Meanwhile Reva is still trying to convince Buzz of her plan. Buzz is right it’s a terrible plan. It ends up hurting a lot of people unnecessarily and doesn’t truly help Marah like she thinks it will. However, Buzz, who after Jenna is a true romantic is confident that if she begins this plan and he agrees he’ll get her to fall in love him. Fat chance. I mean personally I like Buzz a lot more than Josh who I have strong reason to dislike and fully understand the hurt Josh has made Reva feel over the years and I STILL would say fat chance even if I didn’t know what happens.

I’m sorry storyline and her absence from the canvas meant that Jenna couldn’t be there. She and Henry really were like daughter and father. Reva continues to push Buzz to go along with her plan. Bill tells Vanessa that he’d talked to Billy (who is in jail) and Vanessa is so happy to hear news of him and even his distant support. Meanwhile Matt, ever the junior partner in their relationship, is shut down in his attempts. Nola needs help with her coat. Quint steps up and is still blown away by Nola’s announcement she will divorce him, but Nola is still determined. Back at the wake at Matt and Vanessa’s house (later Josh and Reva’s house after theirs burns down). Ed tells a story of Henry chastising a surgeon. Roger fakes an attack in front of Dinah. Annie notices that Josh is growing distant. He says he’s fine, but they should leave. The rest of the people take this as a cue. Ross leaves earlier than he would like to keep his and Dinah’s court date to demand Roger return her funds. Left alone Vanessa starts to open her letter from Henry. (Just as a side note the best letter left behind for a love one EVER was the one JR left SueEllen on the Dallas reboot. Search for it. If you knew the classic show, I defy you not to cry buckets over it. )

Reva finally convinces Buzz to go with her plan. That was a nice addition the heaven sent message to Nadine. Josh tries to call Reva, but she doesn’t answer. Vanessa reads Henry’s last letter. I love real family photos on set walls. That’s a great one with Bill and Henry. Henry tells Vanessa how much he loves her, how important she is to him, how much he wants her to make him some tapioca pudding.

“You were such a tiny one the terrible day when your mother died. I remember wondering how in the world I was going to do right by you. Somehow through God’s grace we’ve done right by each other.”

He also says that he’s glad she’s found happiness, but even though he uses Matt’s name the man he describes sounds more like Billy.

“Darling one, you know this, but I must say it again. I treasure your life. In the darkest times it has strengthened me. It has made me incalculably rich. You are my pride and my joy….” Vanessa breaks down totally.

Tuesday, March 5, 1996

In a scene I’m sure Mattessa fans will enjoy, Matt pledges eternal love. Annie is very excited to be home to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. Josh isn’t excited by the idea to get home. Alan frantically tries to reach Reva and Hart arrives at a terrible time. However, Alan calms down enough to tell him about Roger. Meanwhile Roger arrives at Cedars and Lillian and Ed spring into action.

This segment starts with a commercial themed to match their current cross soap ad campaign which featured a 1940s detective looking man giving you all the scoop telling us that this Thursday and Friday the soaps will be off for the national basketball tournament. I never enjoyed those days taken by the tourmant, but now they soaps are cancelled I look at them as more episodes stolen from us and hate them. 😦

Alan has a source that got him Roger’s financial records which show that he started making transfers from Dinah’s account to a numbered Caymen account within 10 days of getting the power of attorney. Ed is concerned with Roger’s condition and seems to think that he might need heart surgery. Dinah is upset and when Marcus asks why she says she’d just as soon not bury anyone else today. Neither Annie nor the kids understand why Josh seems upset about Annie saying she was moving home to the Land of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams.

Quint returns to the Reardon Boarding House. He says when he was coming in he heard a noise and really expected to see Bea at the table (which would be a good trick as the set had changed). Nola says she does too sometimes and Quint continues to talk about their wedding. Quint asks about Bea today and Nola says she calls her every Sunday. (Which is good to have news of Bea, even if it is vague apparently she’s still alive and presumably still living with Tony and Annabelle.) They continue talking about their life together. Quint apologizes for hurting her. Vanessa says she isn’t giving up on her relationship with Matt. Vanessa says she didn’t listen and just climbed back up on that pedestal.
Matt: “That’s where I wanted to keep you. Right there where you belong. You’re my Contessa.”
Again another scene I think Mattessa fans will enjoy, but I think shows exactly how wrong for each other they are. Annie asks Josh about what the status is with Reva and tells him she would be lost without him. Once again Marcus and Ross think Roger is up to something, but this time Dinah believes Roger.

Marcus and Ross bond over wanting Dinah to be OK and suspicion over Roger. Leo Flynn shows up and Ross seems to think he’s in on it too. Roger is begging Dinah to stay with him. Alan tells Hart that it’s clear Roger stole, but he has no evidence that would bust Roger’s cover story. Then he says while he is on their side he isn’t going to directly help. Quint tells Nola she can always count on him if she’s in trouble, but Nola isn’t biting. Quint tries to make some small amends, including a check which Nola rejects.

Alan shows up at Reva’s house and finds Reva gone and Josh already inside. Alan takes a couple of jabs ending with suggesting he left Annie behind to babysit while he came to Reva. No, even Josh wouldn’t do that he says, but he did. Annie and Marah and Shayne make a baking soda volcano. Josh and Alan spar about their mutual manipulation of women and who is the better man.  Alan thinks Reva will eventually pick him over Josh. Josh is equally confident he has Reva back. Dinah goes to find Ed and Leo steps into Roger’s room.

Roger: “What I won’t do for the love of a good woman.”

Leo: “Don’t you mean for the love of a good woman’s money?”

Roger: “Yea, sometimes I get those confused.”

Roger confirms he isn’t sick. Leo says he’s glad it isn’t like the car crash which he used to connect with Holly last year, but Roger laughs.

Roger: “Dinah is definitely NOT worth dying for.” Roger laughs again.

Hart shows up at the hospital and Dinah blames him for Roger’s attack. Hart tries to tell Ross about what he found out through Alan, but Dinah won’t let him talk. Ross urges Dinah to maintain her anger at Roger. Matt and Vanessa talk about her grief. Vanessa recaps Henry’s great goodbye letter. Quint and Nola talk some more. Quint wants Nola to say she isn’t angry with him anymore. Josh and Alan continue to lock horns.

Annie, Marah, and Shayne work on the rather lame baking soda volcano. Hold the phone! All the way through his growing up years Shayne was a star Lacrosse player with 0 words about baseball so it’s a shock when he suddenly wants to play professionally and he gets scouted, but right after the volcano goes off and Annie asks if he thinks he’d be a good scientist he says “I want to be a baseball player.” So I guess he had at least thought of it once. Josh finally gets tired of waiting for Reva at her house and leaves. Quint takes leave of Nola. Quint went in to kiss Nola goodbye, but she pulls away. Leo confirms that Roger is OK. Dinah goes outside to smoke and then Hart grabs her.

Wednesday, March 6, 1996

We pick up the tags from the last episode. Matt and Vanessa are hugging and declaring their eternal love. Amanda stops by Vanessa and Matt’s house. She wants something to keep her quiet. Alex is glad Hawk calls from his investigation of Amanda in California. She wants a progress report, but Hawk is living high on the hog. Hart tells Dinah that Roger has been robing her blind and he has proof.

Marcus shows up and is furious that Dinah is leaving with Hart. It would have been better for her to ask Marcus along. Ed is demanding answers as to why Roger’s heart attack appears to be drug induced. Griffin shows up and offers to help Marcus. Marcus is resistant, but finally gives Griffin a chance. Hawk continues with his LA get away while covering to Alex. Amanda wants to buy Matt and Vanessa’s silence.

Amanda lets Matt and Vanessa know if they keep quiet so will she. If not she’ll show people her ledger with proof of what Matt did. That is just cruel though Vanessa. Amanda wishes them a nice life. Vanessa: “I don’t think anybody is EVER going to love YOU.” Which knowing Amanda’s background, how he adoptive mother tortured her, that’s just cruel. Fletcher and Holly are preparing for Lamaze class. A yuppie couple comes up to Holly and tells her if she doesn’t get the baby enrolled in preschool now she’ll never make it to an Ivy League school. Roger sneaks another pill to keep his heart unsteady. He gets the pill bottle put away, but drops a pill on the floor. Griffin goes into Roger’s room. Griffin futzes around the room and then tells Roger to get back at him for setting up Griffin’s son Marcus he was going to organize the union people at WSPR and shut it down. He then turns off Roger’s heart rate monitor. A bunch of hospital staff rush in and take Roger to another room. Marcus is delighted at the chance to search Roger’s room. Hart brought Dinah to the Jessup Farm. He gets out the information packet that Alan gave him from a drawer.

Marcus finds Roger’s pill stash. Griffin recognizes the pills from his Vietnam protester days. They gave you heart fluctuations that would get you rated 4F (unfit for service). Hart shows Dinah the withdrawls from her account and deposits in his Cayman Island account. Alan had let Amanda reset the combination for the safe. Alex struggled to get inside. Amanda catches her at it.

After catching Alex trying to get into the safe, Amanda decides to go ahead and burn her ledger for her escort business in California. Fletcher tracks down Holly who is upset because the future of their Down Syndrome baby is unknown. Dinah finally realizes that Hart is right and Roger stole her money.

Fletcher suggests that they call the baby Maggie after Holly’s middle name. He thinks it reflects what a strong and resilient girl she will be. Matt is still upset by Amanda’s visit, but Vanessa turns his mind to other things and he carries her upstairs to her and Billy’s bedroom. That is a pretty cool way to get into the wall safe. It isn’t just the painting that swings out, it’s the whole panel the painting hangs on! Meanwhile Amanda makes the classic Bond villain mistake of not sticking around to make sure the job is finished and assumes the engine of destruction will complete its work. Alex sneaks out of a secret passage.?! Let’s use that some more please! And manages to save something out of the flames. She quickly calls Hawk with the alias Mandy Harper. Having heard the background to Hawk’s end of the call Alex decides to fly west herself to oversee his efforts.

After the Lamaze class Fletcher and Holly seem much happier. Vivian (Griffin calls her by her self-anointed African name she used in the movement) comes in to the class and has a supportive conversation with Folly. Then Griffin walks in and finds her alone in the room. Hart continues to feel guilt over using Dinah and is drawn to her. Roger makes up a cover story to search for his missing pill bottle – he doesn’t find it. Meanwhile across town a sunglasses wearing Dinah is looking to buy a gun.

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Brent Lawrence Bomb in the Lighthouse Part 4 Feb 5 thru Feb 9 1996

January 3, 2017

LAM’s fathers, Alan and Buzz, have teamed up to save the kids in one of my all time favorite Alan-Buzz sequences. Reva and Nick McHenry also join in the rescue effort. LAM are finally rescued and A-M and Alan make peace. Hart has taken his revenge on Roger by bedding Dinah, but Dinah still believes they are the real thing – for good reason. Dinah confides in Ross and he starts divorce proceedings between her and Roger. Bridget is furious that Hart is intending to abandon his son. There is some Annie-Jeva stuff which feels more like a check in with the story rather than organically fitting with the characters’s actions in the other storylines right now. However there is one of the most important scenes ever for Reva when she tries to explain Jeva to Alan in the most clear headed way she ever did. Blake locks Amanda into the construction shed kicking off a great and colorful dream sequence. Comment blocks below include clip description, quotes, and my comments.

Monday, February 5, 1996

Hart had come to town wanting revenge on Roger for what he did to his grandfather (impregnated and then abandoned his daughter, stole his land, and triggered his death) and how Roger had believed Jenna (Roger’s then wife) over Hart when Jenna accused Hart of aggressively hitting on her. (Jenna had lied to cover her own betrayal of Roger.) Hart rubs Roger’s nose in the fact he had sex with Dinah. Marcus talks sense to Dinah, but she doesn’t want to hear it – so what else is new? Reva tells Frank and Frank calls in the cops to come to the dock. We have an amazingly good section where Alan and Buzz have a great back and forth with Brent. Over the years they have Alan and Buzz be enemies and have them work together. It’s always a lot cooler when they set them up to work together. They are different, but both can pull out the gravitas when needed. They throw in some Jeva-Annie business just to do a check-in on that storyline although it feels off where they stick it in. Of course Reva’s lawyer would try to find stuff against Annie and Josh. What do they think? Lucy and Alan-Michael “marry” each other while waiting for the bomb to go off at about 20 minutes into this clip. I was wondering at the time why they didn’t worry about Brent having a camera recording them. Lucy should have followed Brent into the room and not given him a chance to watch it.

Tuesday, February 6, 1996

It was nice look at Ross’ law office, but I don’t know why he’d take off and leave it unlocked. It’s nice of Alan to talk Buzz down about Frank. Nick McHenry shows up and wants to know what’s going on. Reva had hidden in the back of Brent’s truck and is now sneaking into the lighthouse. Hart brings Dinah to Ross’ office to start the ball rolling on her divorce, but doesn’t want to stick around. I don’t understand though what his issue was. Even if he was completely lying (which I only think he thinks he is right now) why not just say he wants kept out for legal reasons and has to go back to work. Why make the big point about leaving to go to lunch? I kind of feel bad though, for once in his life Frank cracks a crime through brain power & 30 seconds later Reva comes in and steals his glory. I’m with Ross I saw how Roger talked Dinah into signing him her power of attorney and I still can’t believe she was that stupid. It’s also not good to co-mingle all funds even within a good marriage. That exact accounting of Dinah’s funds (which Roger has been embezzling left and right) is why Roger has been making these desperate plays to keep Dinah. I think he did like her, but he liked her money and sticking it to Ross even more. Roger is in love with Holly and despite all the garbage between them (they are both in need of serious psych help) I do believe she loves him too. Going for the bomb was truly a brilliant move on Alan-Michael’s part. He is at his smartest in the year or so right before this.

Wednesday, February 7, 1996

Really these are very well done recap half scenes.

Roger: “You know what it’s like to love somebody so much that you’d be willing to do anything to keep them.”

Ross: “Yes, but I don’t think you do.”

Ross is completely wrong here. Roger was willing to deliberately injure himself in a car crash to get another chance with Holly. He just doesn’t feel that way about Dinah. Plus, Ross should see that Roger is legitimately desperate, just over the consequences not losing Dinah per say.  I don’t get Hart being ready to take off either. I don’t think he was ever mature enough to be a good father, but I do think he cared about the kid, at least enough to say goodbye in person. Plus, this is where he gets to stick to Roger. If he takes off Roger might get Dinah back which Hart has spent all this time to set up to keep from happening. Cassie Lawrence (Brent’s sister) shows up and tries to talk Brent down. Ross talks sense to Dinah while Roger waits outside. Maybe he’s trying to get Ross to bust them up hoping he can then reconcile. Bridget reads Hart the riot act. She has started to get emotionally involved again. And if you were starting to think maybe Roger genuinely caring for Dinah note that it was the minute Ross tried to get her to sign the nullification of the Power of Attorney was when he burst in and sadly she leaves without signing. Ross and Roger have a long complicated history an confrontation between them is great. David was in love with Bridget and he was my second choice for her right behind Dylan. They were great friends for a long time – as Bridget and Dylan were – and I think they could have had an incredibly solid marriage, but it never occurred to Bridget to see David that way. The back and forth between Brent, Lucy, and Alan-Michael during the confrontation is great, but it takes like 2 minutes tops to run up the stairs at the lighthouse. Just what is taking Frank and Nick so long? They should have showed them starting later if they didn’t want them up there by now. I’m glad A-M showed he truly was the better person by holding on to Brent, but I can’t blame Lucy for wanting him to let go. This was a good fake out with Bridget and Hart, but it would have been better if they’d cut it in before Dinah arrived. I’ve never heard Miranda read like that, but I think if you have to say “Do you understand?” you need some sort of recognition before you can continue. Full long credits at the end of this one.

Thursday, February 8, 1996

Dinah and Hart talk and you figure out maybe Hart’s decision wasn’t as clear cut as everyone else thought to this point. Blake comes in and hears Ross tell that Hart slept with Dinah to get get even. Blake is on Hart’s side, but Roger tells Blake he still loves her no matter how she feels around him. Roger: “[Amanda] is after your husband and everyone in the whole town knows it…so far this one may have lusted after Amanda only in his heart, but give him time.” [In a very famous interview of former President Jimmy Carter when asked about if he’d ever committed adultery he admitted to having lusted in his heart and the phrase caught on.]

Alan-Michael: “I’m fine.”

Alan: “I’ll believe that when Ed Bauer tells me. I almost lost you once I’m not taking another chance.”

Dinah is hurt by Hart’s attitude. Ed checks out Lucy and Alan-Michael. They are good, but he wants them both in the hospital overnight for observation. Lucy apologizes for losing the $10 million dollars by hitting Brent with the suitcase.

A-M: “Father….that money in the satchel it wasn’t yours, was it?”

Lucy: “Yea, I’m very sorry for loosing it. I just had to hit him with something.”

Alan: “You were magnificent, Lucy. I couldn’t have put it to better use myself.

Lucy: “Yea, but it was a lot of money.”

A-M: “It WAS yours.”

Alan: “It’s only money, son. The most important thing is that you are safe.”

And he really means it. That right there is while you love Alan despite all the awful crap he pulls. I never really liked Nick except when he was happy with Mindy, but when he truly acts like a cousin to A-M which is rare enough I love him. Brent has terrible mental issues. I don’t think he’s faking, but I don’t remember. Why didn’t they call Amanda? She’s his sister and helped during the crisis. Matt to Vanessa about Dinah: “She doesn’t know you as well as she thinks she does.” Sadly that’s because while she does her best to take care of Dinah, Vanessa never ever opens up to Dinah. They needed that conversation for Vanessa to confess how she was as a young woman and how desperate she is for Dinah not to repeat her mistakes. Another nice Alan-Buzz moment. Buzz to Reva: “You have a choice.” You have a choice? Yea, Reva could choose to be independent and walk away from Alan without having to run to another man for once.

Friday, February 9, 1996

I don’t know why Reva believed Josh’s story and allowed it to color her attitude so completely. Even if Alan did things worse than Josh said, he just went through that ordeal with his kid. If she had even mild affection for him, she should have felt glad for him.

Blake: “Very smooth.”

Amanda: “I use moisturizer. Everyone should.”

Blake and Amanda who are more alike than either will admit (which is too bad Amanda grew up a lot during her first run on the show she was in a really great place last time we saw her before this recast). Blake locks Amanda in the construction shack which should have a phone so she can call to get out. I hope she can. Blake could have been having supper with Ross instead. It would have better served her cause. Rick is subpoenaed by Reva’s lawyer. Reva’s lawyer, Althea Templeton, warns her that Ross will come after her fitness as a mother. Reva: “I’m their mother. I gave them life and for the last 5 years I’ve lived like a damn saint.”

Marah hears the yelling for some reason assumes it’s about her. Marah is acting odd and Annie and Josh realize it. Reva tries to talk Alan to get it. Reva: “Bud can’t give without taking something back. He’s a Lewis and I’m a Shayne.” Reva describes the terrible thing that is always an issue between them. I think she’s quite right about this Josh doesn’t see it. This reminds me so much of the scene where she was moving out of H.B.’s house to move in with Josh and he made her throw out her clothes because HIS wife wouldn’t wear those things that I think is a defining moment in their relationship even more than the fountain scene.

Reva: “I just can’t be beholden to him anymore and that’s the bottom line. Maybe he just can’t see it. Maybe being born golden blinds you to certain things and being born poor lets you see too much. Bud always knew his place in the world and I spent a lifetime looking for mine and I thought that maybe once I had him I’d have everything I needed in life. I’d finally feel strong and safe and secure and that I could do no wrong. He knew I’d be and do whatever he wanted to get him and he was right. Even when we were kids he’d dangle carrots in front of my face. He’d say you be it Reva or we can’t play or put a prettier dress on or I won’t sit  in church with you. I gave Josh my mind, my body, and my soul and I will NOT give him my children so he can make them feel the way I felt my entire life.”

Alan: “Reva, you can find a middle ground.”

Reva: “No, Alan, with Bud it’s all or nothing and that’s the way it’s going to have to be with me. I’m sorry, but I’m moving out.”

Rick and Ed discuss their subpoenas. Rick thinks Ed will be able to claim privileged information and Ed says recent court rulings says that AAA people can be forced to testify about things said in meetings which I think is terrible. I’m going to have to look it up and see if that’s still true. That Ed understands this I totally get, but what does he mean IF? Ed did this same exact thing to protect Michelle from Claire. Rick is exactly right about this. I know Ed thinks Rick is seeing what he wants too, but he’s completely correct. Josh and Reva are getting back together and Annie is just a roadblock. And it’s the not telling Annie that will completely break her.

Annie’s hair is completely gorgeous here. Annie is such a competent nurse. I hate they took that away from her. The old guy’s name isn’t Scottie Hamilton. Scott Hamilton was a very famous Olympic ice skater. I just love it. Amanda is still trapped. Amanda: “Help! Is anyone out that? Help me I’ve been locked inside by a neurotic bimbo!” Now that’s funny. Amanda has an AMAZING fantasy sequence based on Dudley DoRight. Mountie Marler: “What do you expect from the daughter of Snidley Whiplash?” — Amanda: “Now show me while they call you mounties.” Eyebrow arch. LOL

I’m glad that Rick didn’t get his wish about reuniting with Annie, but that is a lovely old married couple squabble. That is a gorgeous wild rose quilt in Marah’s room. That’s terrible lighting in the Alan/Reva scene look at that awful  shadow on Reva’s sweater and then on her face. After Reva poured her heart out about the pain Josh caused how can Alan not get this?

UPDATED January 9 2018: I realized the introduction paragraph was accidentally repeated from the last post in this string. I also caught a couple of typos.

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Having a Ball New Year 1995-1996 by Robansuefarm

December 30, 2015

Republisher’s Note: I wrote and published this last year, but it’s a fun one to revisit. I’m still really pleased with it. I made a couple small edits, for clairty.

Author’s Note: This isn’t really part of my challenge for writing fanfic that I’m supposed to be working on. It just came to me as I was prepping the New Year’s 1995-1996 post. I had misremembered and thought Michelle’s Madonna costume was from Halloween and here it is at New Year’s, but I think it was such a defining moment of Rebecca Budig’s version of Michelle that I think it was worthy of comment and this story. This is set during the 1995-1996 Masquerade Ball that was held at Springfield’s Lakeland Country Club. I’m also not sure if the costumes for Danny and Pilar really fit, but I wasn’t sure what else would fit better and still work in conjunction of the storyline I had in mind and what other people were wearing. Everyone else’s costumes mentioned were what they wore on screen.

Having a Ball by Robansuefarm

Michelle had temporarily lost Bill. He was wearing a southern Civil War solider’s uniform. It didn’t really fit with her Madonna costume. Most of the other costumes that night were in pairs. Blake and Ross as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Dinah and Roger as Cleopatra and Caesar, Hart and Bridget as Great Gatsby and Daisy, Lucy and Alan-Michael as Zorro and a Spanish senorita and Fletch and Holly as King Henry the 8th and which ever one of his wives whose head he hadn’t chopped off yet. Of course it wasn’t like Bill and her were a REAL couple they were just friends. She was pleased she had so easily won the argument with her father to go as Madonna. Ed had bought her a sweet little Betsy Ross costume to go with his George Washington costume and Rick’s Paul Revere costume. It was a much better match for Abby. After all Abby was still sweet and innocent and Michelle, having spent a couple of months at a boarding school in Switzerland, saw herself as sophisticated and a woman of the world.

Michelle walked along swaying her hips much more than usual and tossing her head to flip the ponytail. Her head was full of images of how other people must be seeing her now, grown up, sexy and so she wasn’t watching where she was going and so came around a corner to quickly and bumped into a tall, dark, handsome stranger. He was dressed in a period suit from the early 1800s with a large stiff collar, a cravat, a cut away coat, vest, and tight trousers. Michelle discovered the problem with wearing her Madonna costume with the large bullet bra was it was particularly embarrassing to literally run into people as the two peaks drove into his chest. The stranger put out his hand to help steady her. She blushed and looked down.Rebecca's Michelle Defining Moment

“Are you OK, Miss…..?” the stranger said, his dark curls encircling his face that was half covered by a Lone Ranger style mask decorated to match his costume.

“Madonna! I knew my father wouldn’t recognize the costume, but someone as young as you ought to recognize her. Don’t you know anything about music?”

A smirk pulled the stranger’s lips. “I know…a little. More than enough to recognize a Material Girl.”

“I know, right? My dad, he’s George Washington over there, had no idea, my brother Rick, he’s Paul Revere, had to tell him. He wanted me to wear that little Miss Betsy Ross my friend Abby is wearing, that’s her beside Rick.” Michelle tossed her ponytail over to the left. “That SO wouldn’t be me. You can see that, can’t you?” Michelle tossed him what she thought of as her seductive look. “Just who are YOU?”

The stranger paused, put all his weight on one leg and tapped the other leg, rising up a couple of inches while doing a stiff half bow with a nod, like in a period movie. “Fitzwilliam Darcy, at your service. I’m here with my sister, Elizabeth Bennett for tonight.” He pointed to her a girl talking animatedly to some girls Michelle didn’t know. She was wearing her hair up in curls and wearing a high waisted dress from a Jane Austen novel or the Colin Firth movie. Michelle was very familiar with both.

“Well, if they make a sequel Colin Firth better look out because you could replace him….and since Mr. Darcy can’t dance with Miss Bennett at the Country… Club Ball, how about you dance with me.” Michelle was pleased with her sophisticated woman, flirtation. Just like someone in a movie would say.

Mr. Darcy slowly ran his eyes over her from head to foot and then came back to her eyes and stared into their depths for what seemed like a long time. “If there wasn’t already an age inappropriate Rhett Butler here, I’d steal one of his lines.”Scarlett and Rhett

Michelle felt something catch in her stomach and she nervously found herself jabbering on. “That’s my cousin Matt and my mom’s best friend Vanessa, is his wife and Scarlett. What do you mean age inappropriate?”

“No offense to your mother or her friend, but Rhett is supposed to be older than Scarlett by quite a deal and he looks half her age. And Scarlett couldn’t have been more than 24 or so when she wore that dress, I think your Vanessa looks about twice that easy.”

Michelle sputtered a response. “That’s…”

“An unfair observation? An unpalatable truth? Isn’t that what proud Mr. Darcy is supposed to say about people? And what do you know about age anyway. I bet you’re about my baby sister’s age about 16. Am I right?”

Michelle feel into silence fed by confusion.Michelle and Bill at the Ball 1995

“As I was saying, IF there wasn’t another Rhett Butler in the room, I’d say ‘No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.’ And I know how.”

Darcy leaned closer as if he was about to kiss her, but instead he moved slightly to whisper in her ear instead. “But it’s just as well, since you aren’t quite ready. You may think you’re ready to be picked off the tree, but you’re not quite ripe yet.” He straightened. “Not that there isn’t a lot of promise there. There is. Lots of promise. If someone looks close they can see the true gold that is there underneath all this unnecessary gilding.” He gestured toward her costume head to foot.  “A few years to grow up and I think you’ll see just how unnecessary all this….effort…is. Anyone worth getting your kisses or your respect won’t need all this gilt to see the gold, it will just make it harder to spot, and anyone who does need the gilt to see you, isn’t worth your time, respect….. or kisses.”

Darcy shot her another smile. “I hope, Miss Madonna, I run into you in another few years and you’ve grown up a little bit more….and that you’re dressing like you respect yourself.”

Darcy favored her with another bow and then strode off towards his sister.

For moment Michelle felt frozen in a bubble in time. His words pulled at her mind, he called to something deep in her soul (maybe to the Michelle she had once been and the Michelle she would be in again in a few years). But then her new attitude pushed it and all her Michelle-ness down inside her, after all she was a sophisticated woman now and she didn’t need this Darcy wannabees approval. She stalked off to see if she could find Bill.

Meanwhile, Danny Santos walked over to his sister Pilar. She was home from boarding school and had begged her college student big brother to bring her. Pilar’s first boarding school had been in Chicago and just last year she had her Quinceañera with a group of girls she knew from Chicago and when they found out that Lakeland Country Club was having a masquerade ball for New Year’s they decided it was worth a limo trip. Mama hadn’t let her come without an in the know escort so if Danny hadn’t come Pilar wouldn’t be able to either.

Danny smiled at Pilar’s friends, but tuned out their chatter as he remembered the Madonna girl. He really hoped she’d be OK. He glanced over to the man in the George Washington costume and hoped he’d be able to keep her safe, he thought she’d have a rough couple of years, but he hadn’t been lying. There was real gold there. He had seen it.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

New Year’s 1995-1996 Masquerade Ball

January 3, 2015

It’s an incredible New Year’s in Springfield where almost everyone his headed to a masquerade ball at the Lakeland Country Club and the Marian Crane story is coming to a head with Nick McHenry’s fiancee Susan Bates in a coma, but knowing Marian is to blame and meant to attack Lucy. The Reva returned to town from the dead storyline reaches a crescendo. Blake and Amanda’s fight over Ross hits high gear. Plus this includes one of the most defining moments of Rebecca Budig’s Michelle.

These dates aren’t given on the YouTube channel and finding day to day reports back then is problematic, so these are dates given on several assumptions. There is currently no easily available source to double check them. The dates given are coming from the known date of the distinctive clip episode which is known to have originally aired on Christmas day 1995. From there I’ve followed the episode breaks to divide episodes (these sometimes include clear opening or closing credits and are other times based on knowledge of how soap episodes are structured. It also based on what the included ads say about what days episodes would air and a 1995-1996 calendar. The numbers the parts don’t match the clip titles that they were loaded with but are their order in this post. For each link below description and comments on that particular piece are made, followed by the actual link.

Rick and Abby at NYE Ball 1995

Rick and Abby at NYE Ball 1995

Tuesday, December 26, 1995

Roger is excited his stock is going well and so is Dinah until she discovers a suspiciously fat credit card bill. Lillian and Annie are discussing the Masquerade Ball. Josh goes to Ross Marler for legal help protecting the kids and Reva goes to see Vanessa in case she’ll listen to her side of the story and help. (Part 1)

Annie and Rick talk about if Annie’s and Josh’s marriage will take place. Reva uses Vanessa’s past with Dinah to make her point. Vanessa is bested by facts, but stubbornly sticks to Josh’s side. Sadly I think Marah did need help and she never got it. Ross tries to talk sense to Josh (which almost always an impossible task). (Part 2)

Matt comes back to give a not too receptive Bridget some big brotherly advice about Hart. Hart stops by the Fifth Street Diner. Buzz: “Well, Son of a …..Thorpe is back.” Blake met Hart at the diner, gives him a hard time for not keeping in touch and catches him up on her life. Roger makes sure Dinah can’t read the details of the credit card bill. Vanessa argues that Reva needs to give her children space. Vanessa tells Reva they found out that she was alive via Alex’s tape of her dancing in the diner with Buzz. (Part 3)

Ross urges Josh to get an annulment as fast as possible. Blake and Hart continue their talk. (Part 4)

Bridget continues her argument with Matt while Bridget sets up Company for the day which she is currently running. Bridget: “Dylan…(voice break) Dylan was different.” Hart stops by and wants to be friends again with Bridget. Annie gave Rick a friendly hug which Abby spies and is heart broken over. Rick does a comedy dance number in the hospital. Lillian and Annie are clowning around trying to make Abby excited about the masquerade ball, Abby the girl who freaked out over masks a couple of months ago at Halloween. Rick asks Abby to go with him to the ball. Buzz: “As I live and gag, it must be unwanted customer day.” Reva charges into the diner to give Buzz what for for exposing her. Ironically Buzz indignantly asks Reva how she could leave town when she has kids here. (Part 5)

Apparently it’s drop a pop culture reference day. Blake was waiting for Ross to get back from court in his office. They are trying to get pregnant, but no luck yet. Blake shares her hopes that she and Hart will grow closer now they agree about Roger. Ross makes a Father Knows Best joke Bud and Kitten. Talk turns to Josh and Reva. Buzz and Reva make up and Buzz makes a Lazarus joke. Hart asks Bridget to the ball and says he will get the costumes. Dinah and Roger spy on Bridget and Hart and disagree if Hart is trying to get in a relationship with his son, Peter, or into Bridget’s bed.–6_9OjGI (Part 6)

Dinah actually does give Bridget a good piece of advice, but since their rivalry is already started Bridget won’t listen. Dinah: “Now what would I want with a two timer like Hart who’d come onto you after kissing me.” Good advice Dinah, wish you’d followed it yourself. Hart always does have to have two women on a string normally one is closer at a time, but the other one he keeps interested. Roger overhears Dinah bragging about Hart’s recent come ons to her. Matt came home and urged Vanessa to skip her fitting for her costume (that night?). Josh stops by the hospital to reassure Annie and drops the bomb that they need to get an annulment. (Part 7)

Michelle and Bill at the Ball 1995

Michelle and Bill at the Ball 1995

Wednesday, December 27, 1995

Roger overhears Dinah talk about Hart’s recent bad behavior. Frank Cooper is a beat cop sitting at the diner with his partner Nell Cleary and Detective Levy. Frank wants to have a confidential police conversation in the diner. He and Nell have been trying to solve Det. Patrick Cutter’s murder, they feel they have evidence that points them to Marian Crane, instead of former prime suspect Marcus Williams. Lucy and A-M are telling Marian the news about Susan’s reaction which might mean she’s recovering from the attack. Lucy still thinks of Marian as a friend. A-M is thinking Marian attacked Susan (which she did). (Part 8)

CBS soaps Guiding Light and As the World Turns won’t be on air for New Years ad. Brent psychotically hears his mother’s voice telling him how worthless he is when he hears Susan is waking up. Lucy checks on Marian after she runs out of the office. Frank continues to push the case. Cutter had written Mar before he died. They think it was Marcus Williams, but what if it was Marian Crane? (Part 9)

Roger suggests Hart’s behavior was because he was still trying to get to Roger (which he was despite his attraction to Dinah). Dinah accuses Roger of all people of wearing rose colored glasses. Nice transition from crashing glassware to crashing glassware. Det. Cutter HAD been “dating” Marian because he suspected her of murder and it was part of his investigation. (Part 10)

Bridget’s speech references Nola’s speech from years ago shortly before she decided to land Kelly. Nola should really commiserate. Marian called to find out Susan’s condition and they tell her. Now you know why they passed HIPA. Frank and Nell shows up and try to trap Marian into spilling about Cutter’s death. (Part 11)

Nell compliments Marian on always looking so perfect (which she does). Marian is rattled. Lucy and A-M are talking to Nick who is frustrated the doctors know so little about Susan’s condition. (Part 12)

Hart and Roger confront each other over the state of their relationship and what they’ve done. A-M and Nick try to convince Lucy that Marian was the one who has attacked her and Susan. Buzz is looking at Christmas cards and Eleni points out Nadine hasn’t contacted them. Buzz: “I’m in my blue period. I hope to get out of this into my impressionistic period where I can let everything out.” Brent argues with his mother’s disembodied voice. (Part 13)

Nola and Bridget are talking. Nola tries to cheer Bridget up, but seems to say everything wrong until he finally talks her around. Nola is right it was her attitude and personality was what attracted Quint. Nola has gotten Bridget an appointment for a makeover at Salon de Artiste. Roger still wants Hart to come around and for them to connect with Peter. Hart isn’t having any. Nadine’s canvas wrapped body floats up to the surface of the lake. (Part 14)

Thursday, December 28, 1995

Frank and Nell are staking out Marian. The ball begins at the Lakeland Country Club. Alan-Michael is dressed as Zorro and Lucy is his senorita. I understand the red sash matches Lucy’s accent color, but as Zorro wore black to disappear into the night, it really doesn’t fit the outfit. Lucy and A-M continue to discuss their strong and opposite views about Marian. Alexandra arrives and says Alan isn’t welcome at the ball, but Reva is at home getting ready. (Part 15)

Alan calls Reva out that she wants to go to the ball because of Josh. Alexandra seems to be Queen Elizabeth. Josh and Annie are a nondescript antebellum southern belle and her beau. Lucy worries if Marian IS guilty that it can be put down to her poor judgment of people. Marian really has an unbelievably beautiful apartment. Look at that stylized arch into the alcove and that amazing windowseat. How much is she paying for that?  Marian realizes Frank and Nell are staking out her place. (Part 16)

We find Rick and Michelle in the Bauer Living Room which is still decorated for Christmas. Rick is teasing Michelle and makes a Beverly Hillbillies joke. Rick: “Are you going as Ellie Mae Clampett?” Michelle doesn’t like the colonial miss (maybe Betsy Ross?) outfit Ed picked out for her. Ed is right though the Betsy Ross dress IS Michelle. Rachel Miner’s Michelle and Joie Lenz’s Michelle would totally wear that and love it. It’s only Rebecca Budig’s Michelle that’s so uncomfortable with herself that she would object. Michelle gets an idea for Abby. Reva insists she just wants to dance at the party when Josh’s restraining order arrives. (Part 17)

Josh’s restraining order temporarily breaks Reva’s spirit. Alan urges her to run away with him. Annie agrees to annulling Josh and Annie’s marriage. Oh, Josh and Annie are supposed to be Katherine and Healthcliff from Wuthering Heights. Those are TERRIBLE costumes to be that, but it’s fitting because they were crazy and dysfunctional, too. A-M convinces Lucy that she needs some distance in her relationship with Marian. Marian thinks she’s outsmarted Frank, which admittedly isn’t that hard. Frank is probably the best community service-beat cop that the world has ever seen, he’s even pretty good while he’s chief of detectives, but he’s awful when it comes to actually solving a crime. Heck, he should bring even THIS version of Michelle along and she could do better than he could. (Part 18)

Michelle decides to help Abby win Rick. Reva decides she needs to fight Josh for the kids rather than run with Alan. Reva declares she’s going to stand up for who she is at the ball. Frank returns to the docks to see if there is something they missed as his mother’s floated to the surface body lurks nearby. (Part 19)

Ed is George Washington and Rick a generic colonial guy – I’m going with Paul Revere (both costumes WAY better than Josh and Annie’s by the way) when Abby and Michelle come down the stairs. Rick makes a going bald joke to Ed which goes over about as well as you’d expect. Rick’s wig is great though. I could get used to him in that look. This Michelle of course wears a pathetic bid for attention that didn’t really even look good in the original let alone a sad copy. I only feel sorry for the subsequent Michelles that they know photos of Michelle in THIS exist out there. She’s supposed to be Madonna. Rick supports her feelings in front of Ed, but what about how she’ll feel when she makes a spectacle of herself at the ball? I’m guessing she’s glad that Reva, Brent Lawrence, and Amanda and Blake all cause diversions. We get an extended Lady in Red version of Reva getting ready, but we don’t see her all dressed up yet. Alan can wear a suit like nobody’s business, but he doesn’t wear a tux all that well. Buzz is Napoleon (with apparently one too many of his brandies) and almost falls down the stairs in front of Eleni’s Josephine. A disguised Brent leaves under police scrutiny while they watch a dummy in the window. (Part 20)

Lillian appears to be a nondescript medieval woman. Matt is a southern gentleman (turns out it’s supposed to be Rhett Butler) and Bill is a Civil War Confederate solider.  Reva and Alan come in and both Josh and Annie swallow their gum. (Part 21)

Friday, December 29, 1995

Nick is at Susan’s bedside. Holly and Fletcher arrive to visit Susan. Frank unknowingly discovers Nadine’s corpse. (Part 22)

Alan and Reva and even Josh and Annie continue to make spectacles of themselves. I think Blake is dressed as Mae West and Ross is just in a tux. Nope I’m wrong they are Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire (still think that is a FAR better Mae West costume than it is a Ginger Rogers). A-M is concerned that Reva is there. Roger and Dinah come dressed as Julius Cesar and Cleopatra. Hart and Bridget show dressed up in 1920s flapper style, my guess maybe as Daisy and the Great Gatsby. (Part 23)

Vanessa, continuing her Gone with the Wind theme, is wearing Scarlet’s green curtain dress (which is by far the best and most identifiable costume we see all night,bar Gilly’s show girl which is also well done and clear) which makes Matt Rhett Butler. Matt tries again to talk sense to Bridget. Fletcher tries to talk Nick into coming back to the Journal. Nick tries to explain the concept of sticking with someone you love to Fletcher to whom it seems a foreign language. A-M asks Reva follow up questions about the strange man she saw in the lab. She agrees to work with a police sketch artist and says she can probably sketch him herself. Reva agrees to follow up tomorrow. Reva follows Josh and Annie to the Country Club terrace. (Part 24)

I really loved Matt and Dinah, I’m sorry they never went there. I think they were much more a partnership than Matt and Vanessa ever were. Reva, Josh, and Annie have a confrontation. If only Josh would have said, “Annie, I love you, but Reva is the love of my life. I may be furious with her, but that where my fate lies.” I think Annie would have been OK. But NO, he had to string her along. (Part 25)

Reva flashes back to her telling Alan of her determination to go to the ball. Josh follows her into the for some reason empty bar. Alan and Rick both reach out to Annie, one a beginning, one nearing the end of their relationship. Brent flashes back to killing Nadine, in case anyone forgot. Frank pushes to get an ID on the body he found. Levy: “That is what history is FOR Frank. You learn from it.” (Part 26)

Beautiful close up of Lucy’s engagement ring. Lucy is approached by a disguised Brent. Back in the ballroom Holly and Roger talk. I’m going to say having watched that Fletcher is supposed to be Henry 8th and Holly one of his wives whose head he chopped off, which is rather appropriate. Marah is so upset by Reva’s visit that Josh took her to a therapist. Annie is taking Rick’s opinion as her not being good enough, when Rick really want her marriage to fail so he could swoop in. (Part 27)

The body from the lake also has “Auburn Mist” wig hair on it. Reva finally tells Josh what happened from her point of view. (Part 28)

Wednesday, January 3, 1996

Frank is furious a third matching hair sample isn’t enough to get a search warrant on Marian. Lucy tells A-M she plans on confronting Marian. Annie: “I trust Josh completely.”  – while Jeva kiss. (Part 29)

Reva tries to convince Josh to reunite. He’s being a jerk. Someone wearing less than Michelle! It’s a Vegas showgirl. I don’t think that looks like Gilly, but she’s wearing a similar costume, so it could be. Annie tells Rick how secure her relationship with Josh is. Amanda arrives dressed as a belly dancer and Blake is irked as she dances over to Ross. Frank and his boss discuss the case in loud voices and Marcus’s dad Griffin Williams (who is a jerk, but right about this one) wants his son released immediately. (Part 30)

Griffin’s being right status doesn’t last long as he sees it as a media opportunity and seems to suggest Marcus’s arrest was racially motivated when that wasn’t the case at all. Frank doesn’t make a strong argument, but he’s right if they tip Marian (and she wasn’t psycho) she might take off and the truth might never come to light so Marcus would always live under a shadow of suspicion. And just how did “We” beat them? Frank is coming close to truly solving a case in his whole life doing all sort of grunt work to do it and Griffin only accidentally overheard part of a conversation. Josh bursts back into the ballroom with enough force that everyone turns to look at him and many notice he’s removed part of his costume. He strides over to Annie and asks her to dance trying and failing to act like he isn’t upset. Back in the still empty bar, Alan details all the things that her relationship with Josh has driven Reva to and declares if she still goes after Josh that she and Alan are done. Reva gives him a look and sweeps out of the bar. Reva storms over and pulls Josh and Annie apart. Reva: “NO MAN…and that includes you Joshua Lewis…walks away from me, after kissing me like THAT!” (Part 31)

Reva and Josh have screaming match in the middle of the dance floor. Reva: “I can read you like a book. See Bud… See Bud run away from what he’s really feeling; To Berkley, To South America, Into Telephone Poles, Or into the Arms of a Desperate Nurse.”  Josh hits her in the housekeeper’s daughter sore spot and like always Reva reacts. Buzz comforts Reva. A-M urges Lucy not to talk to Marian alone. Nick tries to get Susan to remember what happened during the attack. Finally she remembers it was Marian. (Part 32)

Nick calls Frank and tells him Susan remembers Marian attacking her. Marcus and Griffin have an argument. I think Griffin is totally wrong though. His efforts didn’t lead Frank to do more. I still don’t know why Marah is so upset over her mother being alive. Reva (about Roger): “Better watch this one, Dinah. He makes me look respectable.” I wish Roger had danced with Reva. Or Fletcher or Ross, but most Roger he understands being the pariah. Reva is doing the Angelina Jolie leg pushed out through slit move years before Angelina did it. Reva and Buzz are definitely not Manny quality on the dance floor. Most people are horrified at Reva’s grandstanding, but Rick is grinning and Amanda is openly laughing. I bet Phillip would be out there dancing with her again if he was in town. (Part 33)

Josh admits that he’s starting to understand Reva’s behavior. Josh is not really wrong what he says about their relationship, but honestly I think he’s emphasizing the negative. Alex calls for a change partners dance (which is really called a Circle 2 Step) and everyone piles out onto the floor. It’s really hard to tell because they don’t give her any close shots, but that’s Lillian in her white Medieval costume dancing with Brent. Who is Michelle dancing with? Roger to Vanessa: “It’s New Year’s Eve, Scarlett, not the Ides of March.” Susan gives details of attack to Frank. (Part 34)

Annie and Josh discuss Josh kissing Reva. Reva returns to the house Alan gave her and finds that Alan is holding to his statement that they were through if she ran after Josh. Back at the country club partners change again and Brent is dancing with Lucy. Honestly this kind of dance is a brilliant way to mix characters. Soaps ought to do this more often. (Part 35)

Thursday, January 4, 1996

Susan warns them that Marian was really after Lucy. Vanessa tells Roger off about his attempts to get closer to Peter. Josh admits Reva’s kiss made him feel something. (Part 36)

Alan insists that he’s leaving and Reva begs him to stay. Josh and Annie talk about him and Reva. Josh: “She was kissing me and all I could think about was getting back to you was being with you where it’s safe and where I’m happy and getting away from that place that was so painful and so hard.” If Annie stayed with Josh after hearing that, she kind of deserved being hurt, but not being driven crazy. Susan reaffirms that Marian meant to kill Lucy. Frank calls for a warrant for Marian. (Part 37)

(Sound not clear at beginning fixed halfway through) Lucy is trying to figure out who is dancing with her, still Brent. Poor Gilly has a pretty great costume, but so far not a single line. Hart jumps in to defend Dinah to Roger. Amanda: “So Ross, have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet?” Ross: “Of course I have, can’t break them if you don’t make them.” Amanda and Ross had a relationship before she left town years ago (when she was a different actress). Now she’s decided she wants Ross back, despite his marriage to Blake, Ross thinks she’s just being friend until she makes a pass even he couldn’t miss. That hasn’t happened yet. Vanessa talks Blake down from clobbering Amanda. (Part 38)

Josh (having magically regained his costume’s coat) goes after Annie when she flees to the porch. Reva tells Alan all about Josh pushing all her inferiority buttons (which he always does and why I don’t particularly like them together and it reminds me Josh Lewis is a Jerk). Hart to Dinah: “You sure didn’t inherit the Chamberlain manners, did you?” Hart and Dinah have it out about his interference between her and Roger. Michelle and Bill are in the background today. Gilly finally gets some lines when after Alan-Michael stumped Lucy and she tried to see if anyone else knew. Lucy: “Trivia for you – what was Zorro’s horse’s name?” Gilly and her date all shout out various cowboy names. Answer: It’s Tornado. (Totally adore Guy Williams and Disney’s Zorro is an amazing show. I wonder if it means A-M was a Disney Zorro fan, too. Seriously watch the episodes if you can.) Marian starts to confess on the phone to draw A-M out of the ballroom. (Part 39)

Frank and Nell are back in the car watching Marian’s house. A-M rushes off leaving Lucy with her father. Buzz knows the name of the horse. Josh pulls Annie back in, using her as a shield from Reva, just as Reva said. Alan points out he and Reva had this relationship before where he supports her and then she runs back to Josh. Alan is not willing to repeat that. Reva strips for Alan. (Part 40)

Josh makes love to Annie “like never before” and Annie doesn’t get that it’s because of Reva. Annie is wearing gorgeous underpinnings though. Reva is seducing Alan. Susan and Nick are ringing in the New Year. Finally having warrant in hand the cops discover Marian’s mannequin. (Part 41)

Ladies Room scene with Blake and Holly. Blake and Amanda have confrontation, always good stuff in those ladies room scenes. Oh Amanda, the place to lock people in there is the broom closet, ask Vanessa and Reva, someone is going to come in and need the facilities. Wow have we seen the room with the stalls and sink before? A-M showed up at Marian’s apartment. A-M realizes Marian set him up to get Lucy alone. A disguised Brent gets Lucy outside as the only two people wanting to see the New Year’s fireworks. And doing better than every other soap character ever, one kiss and Lucy knows this guy isn’t A-M. (Part 42)

Friday, January 5, 1996

Amanda had locked Blake into the bathroom stalls part of the ladies room and Blake is struggling to get out while Amanda makes a friendly move on Ross. For some reason they have a substitute Brent Lawrence today. Brent subdues Lucy on the Country Club patio. Dinah takes a New Year’s feast to her best friend Marcus Williams in jail. Blake comes charging out to be waylaid by Matt. but we don’t get to see what must have been a terribly interesting conversation between them. Marcus: Don’t you usually get your last meal before electrocution?” Dinah: “Actually I think it’s lethal injection in this state.” Lucy has been drug off. Nick is waiting for Susan’s answer to his proposal. Nick to Susan: “I do love you and I want to be your husband. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.” Michelle and Bill grab champagne for a toast, but Vanessa spots their underage attempt and cuts them off at the pass. Blake confronts Amanda. A-M realizes Marian has Lucy. (Part 43)

Blake and Amanda’s confrontation turns into a food fight to cheers and egging on from the crowd. Matt who has spent most of the night grabbing wayward females does it again with Amanda. Marcus and Dinah laugh over their late supper. It’s great that Dinah came and visited him every day he was in jail. Marcus and Dinah had such a great friendship. It’s truly why I wish Marcus had never left town, that was an important relationship. (Part 44)

Roger crashes Dinah and Marcus’s party. Roger offers to take Dinah to New York City for a two week vacation to make their fight up as a proper honeymoon. Marcus sarcastically encourages Dinah to go to New York City, but she realizes she needs to stand by Marcus until he’s out of jail. Hart and Bridget leave. Amanda confesses to Ross that she locked Blake in, coloring it in her favor. Vanessa gives Blake good advice. Great cut away interfaces where they pick up phrases and repeat it between the two conversations. Alex vainly tries to carry on as if nothing had happened. Alex asks Fletcher to edit down the piece on the party making it seem less drama filled than it was, but he refuses. They realize that it was Marian dressed up in the Cyrano (big nose) costume they saw leave Marian’s building. (Part 45)

Marcus stirs up Dinah against Roger. Gilly and Griffin have a friendly conversation. This is part of the buildup where Vivian finally reveals she herself had an affair with Griffin and he could be Gilly’s father. Rick had protected Marian’s cross dressing as doctor-patient privilege, but he tells now. (Part 46)

Dinah says good night to Hart. Hart showed up to talk to Dinah who is leaving half her stuff she set up for Marcus behind. Matt says it’s time to go home. Brent takes Lucy to the lighthouse. (Part 47)

Monday, January 8, 1996

Dinah starts to remove her costume to signal we’re leaving New Year’s Eve behind. Hart tries to tell Dinah he sees a lot in her. Vivian confronts Griffin about whether he expects to seduce Gilly. The police discover footprints, most likely Marian’s, leading to service parking lot. Alan and Jeva are in afterglow, but they aren’t exactly glowing. A-M arrives pounding on Reva’s door. Brent is a substitute again. (Part 48)

A-M barges in needing to talk to Reva. Alan tries to kick him out, but Reva intervenes and A-M says Lucy was kidnapped. Frank recaps what’s happened with Lucy tonight. Nice that the background noise includes radio calls about the kidnapping. Dinah: “The point is NOBODY tells me what to do.” Hart talks Dinah into going somewhere quieter with him. (Part 49)

The local news people descend in costume on the investigation. Frank convinces them to keep the story quiet until they find Lucy. Griffin denies that he did anything wrong with Vivian. Vivian remembers their days protesting together. A-M came to Reva to get a sketch of the man who scared Reva in the lab when he was changing Lucy’s test results and who he thinks has her now. (Part 50)

Cleary suggests avenues of investigation. Buzz still can’t believe Marian was living in disguise so long. Buzz: “This person, this Marian Crane lived around us for.. what? months? She ate with us, told us her problems, I even felt sorry for her.” Buzz finds out that Marian was always a suspect before she grabbed Lucy and reacts badly. Dinah and Hart end up at the 5th Street Diner to talk. Eleni is working the diner (after all this, they didn’t just close it?). An apparent hooker comes in for coffee and Eleni wants her to move along so Marina won’t see her. Hart interferes to buy her a coffee. Gilly interrupts Vivian and Griffin, she hears part of the conversation and Vivian covers. (Part 51)

Hart’s actions and comments gets Dinah’s ire raised and she tells him about how she was raised in circus. Buzz tears into Nell wanting to know what she thought she was doing. Brent starts to record a gloating message. Does Reva show artistic talent anywhere else (besides her photography)? Because that’s a pretty impressive drawing that shows Alan-Michael and Alan that it’s a supposedly dead Brent Lawrence behind it all. (Part 52)

Technically the day hasn’t dawned on New Year’s Day yet, but as costumes are removed we get more back into a regular day and seem to forget it’s still the small hours of the morning. So I thought this was the best place to stop this post, but since I have the dates figured out to this point, I’ll pick the story back up when I get a chance and continue to match the days with the episodes.

UPDATE 2015: Justin Deas explains why they switched Brents about halfway through this clip:

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Cedars Teddy Bear

December 12, 2012

Born at Cedars

I have commented on several occasions that I don’t think the soaps ever have done enough real world merchandise production and that there is a lot of room there (see the stuff made for sci fi or sports fans). Frustrated with the lack some fans now create their own.  For example, I own a Bauer Power mug and a “I Left My Heart in Laurel Falls” shirt that I bought through Cafe Press. When I watched this clip:

(In the comments, I’ve added a direct link to 7:30 which is right when Matt is leaving Vanessa’s room to go buy the bear.) I was extremely taken with the idea that I just HAD to have a bear like the one Matt described buying for baby Maureen while Vanessa was in Cedars following their magical recovery. At my prodding,  Donna Pool has been working on recreating that bear. Here’s her first take on the design.

She graciously took my comments and I like her second try much better.

Now you can buy the Mattessa BEAR! In fact she made two versions of the “I was born at Cedars” Teddy Bear.

Find more stuff with that saying on her Cafe Press store:

Find CafePress sales through their MarketPlace page:

UPDATED January 9, 2016: I updated my signature block and found that one of the product links didn’t work anymore so I deleted it. Everytime I look at the stuff in the store I see more things I want that say “I was born in Cedars” Which one will I buy next? 🙂 How about you? I also added a version of the logo.

Robansuefarm is the handle of one of Manny and Guiding Light‘s biggest fans following in her family’s footsteps of Guiding Light fandom since 1939. This blog is an effort to make it easy to find Guiding Light and especially Manny online. Check back here for her blog, find fanfic previews and fake WSPR newscasts on her YouTube, find podcasts that look back to old shows and audios of her fanfics on Blog Talk Radio, and finally follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanksgiving 1997

November 23, 2012

Alan and Annie’s plan to keep custody of Tammy away from Cassie is falling apart and Cassie continues to pursue Hart who like always needs to women. Lizzie and Beth have just returned to town. However, the main thrust right now is Rabby (Rick Bauer and Abby Blume Bauer). When Roy threatened Abby’s life after Ben Warren won his trial, she grabbed a gun and shot him. She’s now in jail. Ross is still the DA. The group of thugs Jesse used to hang out with had attacked Abby. When Jesse backed Abby instead, they had threatened him too. Michelle got him to stay at the lighthouse instead of going back to Point Lester. My description may have a bit more commentary than normal mixed in instead of separated out. Sorry, but I ran out of time to polish.

Original Airdate: Tuesday, November 25, 1997 – Despite being a holiday, Thanksgiving is full of courtcases as the hearing for Tammy’s custody comes up and Abby is is jail for shooting Roy. I really wish real custody cases would work like that, taking the welfare of the child as primary importance. Part 2 has a great custody case exchange. Abby’s guilt over Roy makes her feel like she belongs in jail. Cassie had been casually dating Billy, but already had the hots for Hart and was making moves in that direction. (If my choice was between Hart and Billy, I know who’d I’d pick and it wouldn’t be Hart). Michelle is trying to get Jesse to come to Thanksgiving at the Bauer House. This Ed first played the role in the 1960s. I’m sure longterm fans were glad to have him back. Personally I don’t really care for his version. Part 3 has a real nice Hart-Blake sibling bonding scene. Part 4 has some great Rabby stuff. Part 4 also has Michelle remembering Thanksgiving with Maureen at 4:30 she lists chestnut stuffing, cranberry orange muffins, plus she decorated the house with autumn leaves. Part 5 starts with a gravy boat sighting! (Sorry family joke.) Oh, look at Hart demanding honesty from Dinah while lying to her about what’s going on with Cassie again and again. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Original Airdate: Wednesday, November 26, 1997 – Thanksgiving continues. Annie goes over the Lewis’s and desperately reaches out to the children she loved. Buzz fell down at the Bauer Cabin after confronting Nola stalking him and has amnesia. That’s what he means about not remembering Thanksgiving. Dehlia was the best female friend Michelle ever had and the only one except Marah who never stabbed her in the back. I miss Dehlia for that reason. Notice how Dinah was neutral until Cassie attacked. Annie was always good with kids and truly loved Marah, Shayne, and Tammy. Jenna has the most beautiful maternity clothes. Jenna is hiding from an amnesiac Buzz that the baby is biologically Jeffery Morgan’s when she slept with him to save Buzz’s life. That’s why not finding Fletcher-Meg never made any sense, how many schools that specialize in Down Syndrome can there be? Part 2 has a great men and football running gag. I really don’t think Reva ever appreciated just how good and caring Annie was with kids. Nola also shows up at the end of Part 2. Even after Buzz confronted her, Nola feels that Buzz’s amnesia is giving her another crack at him. It is kind of funny though because Nola’s history with lies she decides she can just sit back and wait for it to explode, no scheming this time. The guy who asks if Nola is OK is her and Quint’s son Anthony James, that goes by the name of J now. Part 3 Billip show their great chemistry as a family. I love Dinah and Blake are on the same side with this one. About halfway through a nice this description of Bert and Maureen. Note Cassie’s holiday spirit. Nice remembering Miss Sarah and H.B. Pharley had some nice romantic moments, but I truly didn’t like what they brought out in each other in a relationship. 2:47 into Part 4 they arrive with Thanksgiving at the jail. This is the calmest they’ve ever taken a blackout. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Thanksgiving 1998

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving at Millennium 1998 – Nov 24-30, 1998

This format is a little different because I originally did it as part of the episode guide. I’ve replaced the highlights with links to full episodes that I didn’t have it the first time I published it. I’ve also increased the elsewhere in Springfield part explaining the other storylines. My comments at the bottom are Manny related.

Tues., Nov. 24, 1998 – Millennium is closed for a private Thanksgiving party Michelle is hosting. Michelle unsuccessfully tries to lead an increasingly more inquisitive Danny away from suspecting them as his brother’s killers. When he pushes her buttons, Michelle tells Danny the truth about how much Mick was despised and, as the conversation escalates, Jesse walks in, misreads the situation, and threatens Danny. After Danny storms off, Michelle is convinced that he suspects the truth about their involvement in Mick’s death.

Elsewhere in Springfield, we’re on the Pharley honeymoon after they are married in New York. Dart are really doing some cute stuff, Dinah has arranged for Hart and Bridget’s son (Vanessa’s former adopted son) to come in for the weekend. Cassie chooses to leave town and goes to stay in Chicago to get some distance between her and Hart. Vanessa and Hart continue to have conflict. Vanessa thinks Beth is the Nursery Rhyme Stalker mostly because she sees her as a rival and wants to be rid of her. She probably believes it though. When Teri DeMarco shows up at Mattessa’s house she remind Dinah of Annie Dutton. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Wed., Nov. 25, 1998 – Michelle panics when Danny realizes that she seems to know something about what happened to his brother. She tells him that no one liked his brother because he sold drugs out of the club. Jesse then threatens Danny and warns him not to hurt Michelle. Thanksgiving is nearly ruined when Lizzie Spaulding and Marina Cooper go missing. Jenna is convinced her evil ex, Jeffery Morgan, has the girls and Michelle tells the police she thinks Danny may have taken them. Det. Frank Cooper (Marina’s father) is convinced and has him picked up and returned to Millennium. Danny laughs at the idea that he would do that and when India von Halkein suggests he’d want a ransom payment knowing the Spauldings are rich, Danny tells her that the Santos family has its own money. Danny offers to join the search and he finds the girls hiding and afraid to come back in an upper room. When Lizzie falls through the grate they were spying through, Danny saves her life. Everyone apologizes to Danny and he’s asked to stay for dinner, but when Michelle runs off, Danny follows her out of the club. Alan Spaulding gives a Thanksgiving toast.

Elsewhere in Springfield, some beautiful shots of the Spaulding Dining Room. Vicki falls right in to the Spaulding habit of calling their cook “Cook” not by name. Apparently the position is held by a male right now. Vicki and Alex’s relationship creates sparks. The Lewis family (Jeva branch anyway) has gathered at Cross Creek. Part of the problem between Cassie and Jeva was that Terri had Josh come onto Cassie and then deny it while under the influence of the mind control drug. Dinah has figured out Teri is really Annie Dutton. India and Alex being in town at the same time always means fireworks, India blames Alex for taking her family’s name and money and causing India’s father’s death. Holly is the Nursery Rhyme Stalker and is falling apart. Jenna is horrified because she thinks her ex-husband Jeffery Morgan might have taken the boys. He’d sent her a threatening letter. This is a good illustration of what Lizzie-Marina’s friendship was like. Sadly it was dropped once they SORAS-ed Marina. Part of Annie’s plan to get Reva was to leave her a coin in her will saying it would take all love from Reva’s life. She keeps bringing it back and leaving it where Reva will find it. We start to get a truer picture of just how awful Ben’s childhood was which led to him being permanently scarred before the surgeon fixed them while he was in college. Josh gives a great tribute to Cross Creek in part 4. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

Mon., Nov. 30, 1998 – Danny tried to sit next to Michelle at Thanksgiving Dinner, but overwrought Michelle leaves her own party. Danny follows and finds Michelle on the beach where Mick was killed and tries to talk to her in hopes to find out more about his brother’s death. He tells her that Mick told him they flirted a lot and Jesse’s reaction to him when he hadn’t even done anything today showed Jesse could be violent. Danny: “Does he love you enough to kill for you?” Michelle starts to crack under this implication and says Jesse didn’t even know what Mick did to her, but Jesse arrives and blows up before she can say more. Michelle covers to Jesse that she asked Danny to go for a walk with her. While Danny doesn’t defend himself from Jesse pushing him around he smiles, “I learned a lot.”

Elsewhere in Springfield, Blake feels empathy and understanding for Ben as she begins to understand how awful his life was growing up. Dinah impressively figured out almost immediately that Terri was really Annie Dutton, but far from impressed Annie has pulled a gun on her. Ross and India are moving along with what was a cute if temporary romance. India and Ross had both tried to rent this apartment. India actually had it first, but her current financial embarrassment is part of the reason she’s giving it up. Selena Davis who was in California trying to track down the child that was taken from her and adopted out. She didn’t have any luck (mainly because the child is Drew which she hasn’t figured out yet) and now is back in town. She’s becoming more friendly with Drew even pre-daughter discovery and gives absolutely no sign that she knows the Santos family well (at least Miguel in the Biblical sense as is revealed later). (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

My Comments:

The diner scene. Danny is really upset that no one bothered to come to Mick’s funeral from Millennium. I don’t think he’d really settled in his own mind yet that the foursome had anything to do with Mick’s death. He was just stirring things up to see what happened and what he could find out. He kind of hoped that maybe they had been at least friendly with Mick and would be there. I think he already especially hoped Michelle would be there and if she doesn’t feel guilty for not going now, I think it will be an ongoing regret in her life that she wasn’t there for him that day when she could have been. Danny feels they’re not being there is further rejection by Springfield elite, like Mick didn’t count. Michelle’s reaction is also, I think, genuine when she asks why Danny thinks she didn’t care about Mick’s death. Where Drew would think it was because he knew something, Michelle is upset that he thinks a death wouldn’t bother her.

I imagine Thanksgiving was kind of bleak at Casa Santos this year (and next actually). Abuela wasn’t leaving her room. Ray wasn’t back in town yet. Pilar was still at boarding school in Europe. So Thanksgiving would be Carmen fussing at Danny that he hadn’t found Mick’s killer yet, while Dietz looked on. Sounds festive.

Michelle’s plan to tell Danny about “Mr. Shady Character” was about the stupidest one since Phillip came up with the great Don Minyard scheme. Of course it doesn’t work.

A lot of times I’m explaining who somebody is or a particular plot line, I often reference this Thanksgiving 1998 sequence, so watch closely. I’m sure I’ll mention it again. Alan Spauldings is there with Nettie and 2 other Spaulding servants. Ross Marler is there with his boys and India. Ben Warren and Blake Marler are dating. Vanessa and Matt are having issues and Matt is growing closer to Beth who looks on at them kissing jealously. Although Jenna and Michelle are close, right now they are so wrapped up in their own storylines that they have totally different takes on this event. Jenna assumes the kids were taken by her ex-husband Jefferey Morgan (who she was lying to about his having fathered her youngest son Rocky). She had just recently gotten word that Morgan was being released from jail and that’s why she blanches at Drew’s crack about some men not being held by prison. Michelle is so sure it’s Danny, but they don’t have any idea what he’s capable of – yet. Holly is in the midst of the Nursery Stalker story and that’s why she makes the dig about not finding the kids. The woman who makes a crack about the Spaulding money is India Van Holkein who at present was broke and dating Ross, while trying to get some more of what was really her family’s money out of her ex-stepmother Alex.

Irony runs deep in this episode. I think Danny’s thoughts about the kids earlier were all about how much they liked Michelle and how great she was while Michelle was thinking he was capable of hurting them. Then I think Michelle noticed, even though she didn’t react, to how well the girls instantly responded to Danny. Danny saves Lizzie’s life in this episode even though its seldom mentioned again when it should have been, like when Danny asks Phillip for his help with a project or when Lizzie is getting married and she thinks back on how she almost didn’t make it because of the cancer, but she wouldn’t even had a chance to get sick with cancer if Danny hadn’t already saved her. Then Frank is awful to Danny when in just a little over a year, Danny will look at Frank as one of his best (not related by blood or marriage) friends who is almost always one of his first calls when there is trouble. Finally, Marina grows up in just a few years to cause all sorts of problems, not just with Danny, but let’s say there’s a GOOD reason why most Manny fans HATE her.

Beach scene – Danny’s remark about returning to the scene of the crime was so much truer than he knew. He lays out his theory of the crime, which while wrong is SOOO much closer to the truth than the SFPD ever got. This is the first time Michelle references how Danny looks at her and how it makes her feel. “Stop looking at me like you can look right through me.” She later characterizes this that he could look right into her soul. She craves it later, but early on she freaks out about the depth of their instinctive connection, after all Danny was a mobster, a threat, someone no Bauer should be seen with in public (that’s not really true if you look at their family history, but it’s the general public perception) and that NONE of that really mattered when she was with him freaked her out even more. If Mick had lived, he wouldn’t have taken Manny getting together well at all, even without the assault.

The most famous line in this scene is when Danny asks Michelle “Would Jesse kill for you?” Michelle can’t say yes to that, but the feeling is already there in Danny’s voice that Danny would and he eventually does. At the time though the slip, “Jesse didn’t even know what Mick did to me” was more important. Danny’s guesses about what Mick did were so far off given the look of fear on her face that I wonder what would have happened if she’d admitted it to him right then. Danny laughs at Jesse because he thinks Jesse’s every action is providing him with more proof. Then Michelle lies to Jesse. I think that was important to because somewhere in the back of his mind I think Danny thought, oh ho she lied to him to protect me, maybe there is hope there yet.

Neighbors by Kellie Chapter 31

November 13, 2012

Republisher’s Note: I want to say again how impressed I am with the use of established characters. There are almost no totally made up characters here and I truly appreciate it. It does freak me out a bit to see Carmen being nice to Michelle though.

Neighbors – Ch. 31: Aftermath by Kellie

“Danny!” Michelle exclaimed as everything seemed to happen in slow motion. She could feel herself falling to the floor when Danny pushed her down as the gun fired.

“Stacy, drop the gun,” Frank ordered.

Stacy gasped as she looked down, “Danny…what have I done?”

“Stacy,” Quint said as he stepped around a horrified Nola. Approaching his daughter, he said, “Sweetheart, give me the gun.”

“Daddy, what are you doing here?” Stacy questioned as Buzz silently guided the restaurant patrons behind the bar and pointed towards the kitchen door. The wail of approaching sirens could be heard in the background.

“Honey, your mother and I are here because we love you and want to help you. Please give me the gun before someone else gets hurt,” Quint quietly commanded as he stood in front of Stacy and held his hand out.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen,” Stacy cried as she put the gun in Quint’s hand and tearfully fell into his open arms.

“We know, honey,” Quint said as Frank stepped over and took the gun.

Buzz crossed the room to where Danny and Michelle were while Frank was on the radio with the police dispatcher.

“Danny?” Michelle said as she began to get her bearings. Hearing him moan, she spoke again, “Danny, are you alright?”

Getting no answer, Michelle felt a silent panic overtake her just as Buzz reached the pair. “Michelle, are you all right?” she heard Buzz ask as Frank joined him and helped carefully roll Danny off of her.

“Yeah…Danny!” Michelle called out as she sat up and noticed the crimson stain at his right shoulder.

“Michelle,” she heard Danny say as his eyes fluttered open. “Baby, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. You’re the one to worry about,” she said as tears rolled down her face.

“This scratch, it’s nothing,” Danny joked as Michelle’s medical knowledge began to take over.

“Buzz, grab those napkins behind you and put pressure on the wound to control the bleeding,” Michelle directed as she wrapped her hand around Danny’s wrist and looked at her watch. “Frank, how long is it going to be before the paramedics get here.”

“They’re on the way, Michelle. Just keep him talking to you,” Frank responded.

“Danny, I love you,” she softly said as the tears rolled down her face.

“I love you, too,” he said as the paramedics came in and took over.

Michelle stood to the side with Vanessa as the paramedics took Danny out the door. “Can I ride with him?” she asked Frank.

“Michelle, it’ll give them more room to work in the ambulance if you let me take you to the ER to meet them. The paramedics said that the wound doesn’t look bad. I’ve already called Rick and told him Danny’s coming. He’ll be in good hands,” Frank answered as Michelle felt Vanessa’s hand tighten around hers.

“Frank’s right, honey. As a matter of fact, if the police don’t need us here, I’ll go ahead and drive you over there,” Vanessa said.

“Go ahead. I know where to find you both when we’re ready for your statements,” Frank replied.

“Buzz, would you…,” Vanessa began.

“I’ll tell them,” Buzz answered the unspoken question as he looked over at Quint and Nola who were watching as David Grant read Stacy her rights.

“Frank, what’s going to happen to her?” Michelle asked as her attention shifted to the scene unfolding in front of her.

“Well, I imagine that we’re probably going to take her to Cedars for a psychiatric evaluation. With the information Vanessa gave me a few minutes ago about what went on between Stacy and Danny in Europe, I think it’s safe to say that she needs professional help. I’m waiting on Doris Wolfe to get here so I can go over everything with her,” Frank replied.

“Michelle, let’s get going,” Vanessa said as she guided Michelle towards the door.

Michelle and Vanessa sat in the waiting area of the ER as the Santos family rushed through the doors. “Michelle, is there any word on my Daniel?” Carmen hurriedly asked.

“They’re examining him right now. Someone should be out shortly to tell us what’s going on,” Vanessa answered for Michelle, who was staring at her cup of coffee in silence.

Looking at Michelle’s blood soaked dress, Ray knelt down and asked, “Michelle, honey, are you okay?”

“What?” she asked as Ray’s voice registered with her.

“I asked if you’re okay. A lot’s happened tonight and I’m worried about you, too,” Ray said.

“Yeah, I’m fine…shell shocked, but fine. What’s taking Rick so long? I thought he would have come out to tell me something by now,” Michelle responded as she stood and walked over to the window that separated the waiting area from the ER cubicles.

“Who’s Rick?” Carmen asked.

“He’s Michelle’s brother and the trauma specialist here in the ER. He’s the doctor on Danny’s case, so I know he’s getting the best care,” Vanessa answered as Rick emerged from the exam area.

“Rick?” Michelle rushed over to him, “How is he?”

“He’s going to be just fine. The bullet did come very close to an artery, but missed it. He’s alert and responsive. They’re prepping him for surgery right now,” Rick answered.

“Thank God,” Ray said as he made the sign of the cross.

“Dr. Bauer, when can we see Daniel?” Carmen asked.

“Mrs. Santos, I’ll let you and Michelle go back for just a minute. He’s been driving me crazy wanting to see for himself that Michelle’s all right. I can already tell he’s going to be a horrible patient,” Rick laughed.

“Which cubicle?” Michelle asked as she immediately headed for the swinging doors.

“Three,” Rick replied. “You only have about five minutes before they’ll be ready for him in surgery.”

“Thanks, Rick,” Michelle said as she led Carmen back.

Michelle sat at Danny’s bedside waiting for the anesthesia wear off as she spoke to him. “So, what do you think about garden weddings? I was thinking maybe we could use the Botanical Gardens downtown; there’s always something in bloom over there. Maybe early next spring when the tulips are in bloom…”

“There’s no way I’m waiting until next spring to make you my wife,” Danny groggily replied.

“Hey, you. I was beginning to think you were going to sleep until next summer,” Michelle said.

“Well, I haven’t had a chance to catch up on the sleep I missed out on after our night at the lighthouse,” Danny teased.

“Next time, just ask…you don’t have to get shot in order to get some rest.”

“Believe me, I will,” he answered as he began to shift around in the bed.

Seeing him wince with pain as he mashed the button to adjust the bed to a sitting position, Michelle asked, “Do you want me to call for the nurse to bring you something for the pain?”

“I’ll be okay. Just let me get comfortable. Now, what was this about waiting until the tulips were blooming for the wedding. If you want tulips, we’ll have them flown in ASAP. I don’t want to wait any longer than necessary to make you my wife.”

Carefully sitting on the bed beside Danny, Michelle took his hand as she stated, “Well, to be honest…there’s no way I can wait that long either. I just said that to see if I would get a reaction…and it worked. You woke right up.”

“Then we have to decide what we want to do and set a date. I know from my sister, Pilar, that girls spend a lifetime dreaming about the perfect wedding. What’s your dream for the big day?” he said as he brought Michelle’s hand to his lips and kissed it.

“Hmm…I’ve been thinking about that bed and breakfast out in Clayton…You know, the one with lawn covered with those beautiful oak trees. There’s a gazebo out behind it that I just adore,” Michelle noted.

Standing just outside the door, Carmen listened to Michelle and Danny talking about the wedding. “Wedding…Daniel said he had some important news to tell me,” she said aloud to herself before walking in. “How long were you going to keep the happy news of your engagement from me?” Carmen asked as she walked into the room.

“Mama, I didn’t know you were out there,” Danny began. “Actually, we were planning to tell everyone after all this mess with Alan and Stacy was settled.”

“Well, at least I know now and we can get started on the wedding plans. Michelle, I hope you’ll let me give you the wedding of your dreams after all the joy you’ve brought my son since the two of you met,” Carmen began.

“I would love that, Mrs. Santos.”

“Michelle, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Carmen.”

“Okay…Carmen. I would love you’re help with the wedding, especially since my mother…” Michelle began as Claire entered the room and walked over to Danny’s bedside.

“Dr. Ramsey, what do you think you’re doing?” Carmen asked before anyone could get a word out.

“I’m checking on a patient. I am a doctor,” Claire responded.

“After what you did to my Mick, there’s no way I want you within a hundred miles of Daniel,” Carmen hissed.

“That’s up to the patient. You have no say on that issue,” Claire noted.

“Claire, I think it would be best if you left, now,” Danny firmly instructed.

“Fine. I’ll turn you over to an intern,” Claire began. “You may be able to get rid of me as a doctor, but as the bride’s mother with a wedding to plan…”

“Dr. Ramsey, there’s no way I’m going to let you be involved in the planning of Daniel and Michelle’s wedding,” Carmen determinedly stated with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Well, that would be up to the happy couple, wouldn’t it?” Claire noted.

Michelle bit her lip as she closed her eyes and shook her head. “How exactly am I supposed to handle this?” she quietly wondered aloud.

“Baby, we’ll handle this together. Tell me what you want and it’ll be done,” Danny softly said in her ear as their mothers continued their face off.

Neighbors by Kellie Chapter 30

November 12, 2012

Republisher’s Note: Things come to a climax at Company.

Neighbors Ch. 30: Hostage by Kellie

Taking a deep breath, Michelle knew that she needed to stall Stacy as long as possible. “Stacy, you’re absolutely right. We do need to talk,” Michelle said in a calm and even voice. “Why don’t we sit down and have Buzz bring us both some coffee and when Danny gets back we’ll talk everything out.”

“Danny….Yes, he’s definitely the topic of this little conversation; but it’s a conversation that is just between you and me. There’s a few things we need to clear up.”

“Stacy, you’re absolutely right and I think it would be a lot easier to explain everything if Danny’s with us to explain,” Michelle said as her eyes darted around the restaurant trying to catch someone’s attention to get help.

“Michelle, let’s go,” Stacy seethed under her breath as she pulled Michelle towards the door.

Spotting Frank coming through the door, Michelle desperately met his gaze with her own and rolled her eyes down towards the gun Stacy had slightly hidden from view. Catching sight of the gun himself, Frank took a look around the restaurant as he spoke, “Michelle, you’re just the person I was looking for. Marina’s birthday is coming and I need some advice on what to buy for her. Once she passed the age for toys, I haven’t had a clue what to buy for my daughter.”

“Frank, I would be glad to help you out,” Michelle answered, wincing as Stacy’s grip on her arm tightened.

“And I’m sure the two of you can discuss this later since Michelle and I have other plans,” Stacy interjected.

“Stacy, this won’t take but a minute,” Michelle said as she silently prayed the distraction would keep the pair from leaving Company.

Danny stepped up onto the porch and glanced into the window as he came back in from the parking lot. Seeing Stacy forcefully pulling Michelle towards the rear of the restaurant, he started in the door. Frank’s glance caught Danny’s eye as Danny rushed down the steps by the bar. Hearing Frank say, “This really can’t wait. Marina’s birthday is the day after tomorrow, so I have to find a gift to ship overnight. Just give me five minutes with Michelle.”

Stopping in his tracks, Danny silently watched the scene unfolding before him. He heard Stacy speak, “Listen, Michelle and I have some issues to settle now, so I suggest you get out of my way,” Stacy said as she pulled the gun into full view.

“Stacy, let her go,” Danny called out from behind the pair as he started to cross the room.

Startled by Danny’s voice, Stacy spun around and waved the gun around. “Stay back,” she instructed.

Quietly, Danny spoke as he tried to edge closer to the pair, “Stacy, I think I’m the one you need to speak to, not Michelle. Let her go.”

“Not until everyone understands,” Stacy said as her eyes darted between Danny and Frank, who was now standing across from Stacy with his service revolver drawn and aimed at her.

“Understands what, Stacy,” Frank asked calmly.

“That Danny loves me, not her,” Stacy answered as she focused her attention on Danny. “You’re supposed to be mine…I’m going to make sure Michelle understands that.”

“Stacy, I never was yours to begin with,” Danny softly said as he took a step closer to the pair. “We went out for a short time, had some fun…but that was it. We never were a couple. You read a lot more into our relationship in Europe than was actually there.”

“What about the time we spent together in Madrid…the long walks through Paris,” Stacy began.

“Stacy, we went out a few times….that’s all…a few dates…a nice weekend…then we went our separate ways; at least that’s what I tried to do…but you wouldn’t let me,” Danny continued to speak in a soft voice as he watched Stacy attempt to process all he was saying.

“I just can’t believe Stacy’s this far over the edge,” Nola said from the back seat of the car as Vanessa drove towards Company.

“She is, Nola. I didn’t want to believe it at first; but after talking with Danny and seeing the pictures of what she did to his apartment in Paris…Well, let’s just say it gave an entire new perspective on the situation. That’s why I wanted the two of you to speak with him and Michelle before I take you to my house to see Stacy,” Vanessa remarked.

“I think that’s a wise move,” Quint commented. “I believe I could throttle Alan Spaulding for taking advantage of this situation with Stacy to further his own agenda.”

“Get in line for that one,” Nola seethed. “I actually think he’s ahead of that perky little grad student you left me for on my hit list.”

“Nola, let’s not dredge up past mistakes. I know I hurt you and I can’t help thinking that those mistakes hurt Stacy more than either of us realized at the time. Can we just put all of this aside to help our daughter?” Quit reasoned.

“Well, if you had kept your pants on and been faithful, maybe our daughter would be a well-adjusted young woman instead of the troubled one she is now,” Nola quipped.

“Both of you, that’s enough! There’s more than enough blame to go around; but that’s not what will help your daughter right now,” Vanessa observed. “What you need to be doing right now is determining a course of action to help Stacy,” she added as she pulled into a parking space in front of Company.

“I never thought I would be saying these words, but you’re right, Vanessa,” Nola said. “The thing is, I’m really not sure where to start.”

“I think talking to this Danny and hearing exactly what happened between him and Stacy is a good first step,” Quint remarked as he the trio started up the steps of Company.

“Oh, my God!” Nola exclaimed as she looked into the window and saw Stacy brandishing the gun.

“Anastasia Louise,” Nola called out as she charged through the door of Company.

The sudden arrival of her mother startled Stacy. Realizing her attention had shifted, Danny rushed forward to push Michelle away from the deranged young woman just as the gun fired.

Neighbors by Kellie Chapter 29

November 11, 2012

Republisher’s Note: The business part of the plan goes well, but Stacy is about to get an eyeful too soon.

Neighbors  – Ch. 29: Exposed by Kellie

“This town has got to be the most boring one horse place on earth,” Stacy groaned as she sat in Vanessa’s living room flipping through a copy of Better Homes & Gardens. “I can’t believe Danny likes living here after Paris. That’s one thing that’s going to change,” she mumbled to herself as she picked up the remote control and turned on the TV.

Flipping channels, she paused as Danny’s image filled the screen on WSPR. Turning up the sound, Stacy listened as Reva Shayne gave a synopsis of the news conference, “The Spaulding Board of Directors has ousted CEO Alan Spaulding after learning that Mr. Spaulding was involved in a hostile take-over attempt on San Corp. According to the statement given by Board Member, Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon, the proposed take-over of San Corp that Mr. Spaulding was heading had been conducted in a manner that violated several laws. Upon learning about the take-over and the illegal activities that may be involved, the Spaulding Board, on the advice of company attorney, Ross Marler, requested that Alan Spaulding resign as CEO of the company. Upon Mr. Spaulding’s resignation, Phillip Spaulding was named as acting CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Phillip Spaulding announced that the illegally obtained stock in San Corp would be sold back to San Corp. Danny Santos, acting CEO of San Corp, is present at today’s news conference. Tune in for a full report on the six o’clock news. This is Reva Shayne reporting live from Spaulding Enterprises.”

“So, Alan, you’ve been found out on the business front. I wonder what else they know about your plans,” Stacy wondered aloud to herself as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door. “I think it’s time for me to find out.”

Reva turned her attention back to the news conference after finishing the live spot about Alan’s resignation as CEO of Spaulding just as Phillip began to describe for the press how Alan had been involved in framing Mick Santos for DWI. “Alan, you usually do a better job of covering your tracks,” she muttered to herself as the room filled with the shouts of reporters trying to ask questions.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you will just give me a few minutes to present a timeline of events as I know them, we will take the time to answer all of your questions,” Phillip’s voice echoed through the room as the assembled throng quieted to hear his explanation.

Stacy made her way through the Spaulding parking garage, stopping when she spotted Michelle standing beside Danny’s limousine having a friendly chat with his driver. Stepping just out of Michelle’s line of sight, Stacy watched as Danny and Phillip exited the elevator.

“Danny, I’m sorry about all the problems my father has caused for you and your family. Selling the San Corp stock back to you was the least I could do,” Phillip remarked they stepped out of the elevator.

“Phillip, you have no control over what Alan does. All I’m worried about is what he’ll try to pull next,” Danny replied.

“I think Alan’s going to be busy building a defense for the criminal charges he’s facing. That combined with the close eye I’ll be keeping on him should keep us all in the clear for a while. The fallout this could have on stock prices is my primary concern at the moment,” Phillip remarked as the pair stopped in front of Michelle.

Danny leaned in and wrapped his arm around Michelle’s waist as he placed a kiss on her cheek. Whispering into her ear, he said, “Hi, Babe.”

“Hi, yourself,” she answered back before turning her attention to Phillip. “I was beginning to wonder if that news conference would ever end.”

“Reva and Holly seemed to have a million questions for the evening news and the Journal,” Phillip noted as he looked at his watch. “I know you two still have some unfinished business to deal with regarding this saga. I’m going head up to catch the newscasts and check the stock prices,” Phillip said as he extended his hand to Danny. “Danny, I’ll be in touch tomorrow about finalizing the stock transfer.”

“Thank you, Phillip,” Danny replied as he shook hands with Phillip.

“Michelle, take care and tell Rick I’ll give him a call later,” Phillip said as he gave Michelle a hug.

“Will do. Don’t stay at the office too late tonight if you want to avoid being in Harley’s doghouse,” Michelle replied.

“That’s some advice I think I’d better listen to,” Phillip noted. “Night you two.”

“Good-night,” the pair replied as Phillip walked back towards the elevator.

“I’m sorry that took so long,” Danny noted as he opened the limo door and sat his briefcase inside.

“You couldn’t control how long a press conference would run. It’s not a big deal,” Michelle said Danny turned to face her.

“Anytime I have to keep you waiting is a big deal to me,” he answered. “Especially when all I could think about was putting my arms around you and doing this,” he said as he pulled Michelle against him and met her lips for a slow, intense kiss.

“That’s not exactly how a couple that’s supposedly broken up acts,” Stacy whispered to herself as she tapped her foot. Leaving unobserved, she vowed, “I’m just going to have to do something about that. It’s time to remind Danny exactly who should be in control of the strings to his heart.”

“Slow night, Buzz,” Michelle said as she and Danny walked in and took a seat at the center table in Company.

“Yeah, it is. I’m surprised to see the two of you here after all the hoopla of that press conference. I figured you’d still be up to your ears in reporters,” Buzz nodded at Danny as he spoke.

“Well, we still have one complication left to deal with that Alan brought about. We’re supposed to meet Vanessa here to get started on settling that one. Has she come in yet?” Danny asked.

“Actually, she did call. Let me see, where did Frank write that message down for you?” Buzz muttered as he walked behind the bar and flipped through the stack of checks lying by the cash register. “Ah, here it is. Vanessa said that one of the flights was delayed by a half-hour and they’ll be here as soon as they can.”

“Thanks, Buzz,” Michelle replied.

“No problem. Can I interest you two in a bowl of my Firehouse Chili while you wait?”

“I think I’ll just have some coffee,” Michelle requested.


“Actually, a bowl of chili and a beer would be great.”

Stacy walked up to the bar in Towers. “Tequila shooter,” she answered before the bartender in front of her could even ask what she wanted. “And keep them coming.”

After the third shot, Stacy began to feel the effects of the alcohol. Her ire grew with each passing second. Finally, a glint came into her eye as she decided what she would do. “So, it’s Michelle you want, Danny. Well, you’ll have to get through me to get her,” Stacy as she lay some cash down on the bar and started towards the elevators.

“Miss, you have some change coming,” the bartender called out as Stacy stalked off.

“There you are, Daniel. I’ve been looking all over town for you,” Carmen called out as she entered Company. “We have a lot to celebrate thanks to you,” she said as Danny stood and she leaned in to hug her son.

“Mama, didn’t you get my message,” Danny answered.

“Yes, I did; but there’s no way we can celebrate the charges against Mick being dropped without you being there. After all, you’re the one who put the puzzle together.”

“Mama, I wasn’t exactly alone in that department. I had a lot of help from Phillip Spaulding and from Michelle,” Danny replied as he nodded towards Michelle.

“Michelle, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Of course you’re both joining the family for our celebratory dinner at the Towers,” Carmen insisted.

“Mama, as much as we would love to join the family to celebrate, Michelle and I still have something to attend to with regards to Alan’s plot,” Danny answered as Carmen took a seat at the table.

“Danny, I can’t imagine that there are any loose ends left to deal with. I spoke with Phillip Spaulding a short time ago and I have to say you have handled the entire situation masterfully.”

“Mama, I do have all the loose ends on the business front tied up, but there’s another aspect to this I haven’t told you about,” Danny answered.

“What would that be?” Carmen asked, her interest piqued.

“It’s a long story, Mama.”

“One I’m going to hear before I’ll even consider letting you off the hook for our family celebration,” she replied.

Danny’s eyes met Michelle’s as he tried t o figure out what to do.

“Mrs. Santos, Did Danny tell anything about a girl named Stacy that he knew in Paris?” Michelle asked.

“Michelle, dear. Please call me Carmen. Actually, yes, Daniel did tell me something about a girl named Stacy. She was that psychopath who stalked you wasn’t she?”

“Yeah, that’s her,” Danny answered.

“What does she have to do with Alan’s plans?”

“Well, to make a long story short, Alan brought her to town to make sure I was distracted from the business. Let’s just say that Alan made sure Stacy knew exactly how to interfere in my relationship with Michelle,” Danny said as he picked up his beer.

“I see. So, Stacy is the loose end the two of you have to contend with,” Carmen observed.

“Yes, she is,” Danny confirmed.

“I wish I had time to hear all about this,” Carmen noted as she looked at her watch, “but the everyone is going to be waiting for me at Towers. Daniel, why don’t you walk me out to the car and tell me a little more about all of this?”

“Of course, Mama. Michelle, I’ll be right back,” Danny remarked as he stood to escort his mother.

“Michelle, I hope we can have lunch sometime soon. With all of the problems I’ve been dealing with, I feel like I’ve neglected getting to know the young lady who has brought such a sparkle to my Daniel’s eyes,” Carmen said.

“I would love that, Carmen,” Michelle answered.

“Wonderful. I’ll call you later in the week to set something up, dear,” she said as she took Danny’s arm. “Now, son, how exactly did Stacy end up in the midst of this?”

Stacy stood on the porch of Company as she watched Danny and Michelle sit side by side, holding hands while talking with his mother. “Things are definitely far from the way they’ve been presented to me.”

Seeing Danny stand and start towards the door with his mother, Stacy darted around to the boarding house. Once inside, she made her way to the door that joins the boarding house with Company. Walking up behind Michelle, she noted that Buzz was in the kitchen and the few customers that were there were absorbed by the baseball game on television. “Hello, Michelle. I do believe we have a lot to discuss, in private,” Stacy stressed. “Let’s go.”

“Stacy, I wasn’t expecting to see you here,” Michelle replied as she attempted to continue with the front they had been portraying to Stacy for the last few days.

“I’m sure; especially considering how cozy you and Danny were,” Stacy said as some of her words slurred together.

“Have you been drinking?” Michelle asked.

“Actually, yes, I did have a few shots after I saw you and Danny in the parking garage at Spaulding. I do believe the two of us have a few things to get straight, so let’s go,” Stacy coldly remarked as she grabbed Michelle by the arm.

“Hey, you’re hurting me!” Michelle exclaimed as Stacy pulled her out of her seat.

“Don’t draw any more attention to us than you already have, Michelle. I wouldn’t want to be forced to use this,” Stacy said as she pulled a small gun from her purse.

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