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Guiding Light Cast Round Up 64

January 22, 2014

This is the sixty-fourth in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

The September 23, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth featured Dinah wanting Mallet back in their 5 Year Plot Flashback.

@BethanyJoyLenz  (Michelle Bauer Santos #4) tweeted a photo announcing camera test from her new movie Songbyrd.

Really great photo of Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny Santos) and Saundra Santiago (Carmen Santos) from the opening night of Harbor in the September 23, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

@paulagarces1 (Pilar Santos) new season of her show Devious Maids, where she was a murder victim in season 1.
Garces tweeted a photo of her niece and nephew.
And this photo of her in hair and makeup.
In the December 16, 2013 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Garces announced that she and husband Antonio Herandez welcomed their first child together, Andres Herandez on November 20, 2013. Find more details in the magazine.
Garces posted another blog post on the Latina blog. This time about Baby’s first Christmas.

Daniel Cosgrove (Bill Lewis #4, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) is joining Days of Our Lives as a doctor.

Tina Sloan (Lillian Raines) has just released a new speaker website. She tweeted, “Wld u pls be kind enuf 2 go 2 my BRAND NEW SPEAKERS website,  & tell me yr thoughts. Just did it,need your fresh eyes”

Emme Rylan (previously credited as Marcy Rylan) (Lizzie Spaulding Lewis #6, part of the wonderful Bizzie pairing) recently retweeted a Bizzie photo from Guiding Light.
Rylan has started an Etsy shop.
Rylan shared this great dressing room project.

Jesse Lee Soffer (Max Nickerson, Drew’s foster brother #1)  is starring in the Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago PD.

Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy Winslow Randall #2) tweeted a photo of reading with her cat.

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau one half of the last really good couples in the final years of Guiding Light) was featured in the This or That interview in the January 13, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth.

Vincent Irizarry (Lujack/Nick McHenry) and Darnell Williams (Griggs, who shot Dinah and help Harley and Cyrus captive in St. Michael’s church tower) will be among the soap stars coming to Raleigh/Durham NC in March.

Justin Klosky (ex-Joey Lupo, part of Alan’s Spaulding intern contest [he re-invented a device he hadn't bothered to check was already on the market] and the apex of the Tammy-Joey-Lizzie triangle that Phillip threatened out of town during Phillip’s temporary decent into madness) is now a professional celebrity organizer and author of the new book, Organize & Create Discipline: An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existence. Note: There was a particularly tasteless ad running when I read the article. Be aware of that it might still be there before you click the link.
Read more: Former ‘Guiding Light’ Star Justin Klosky To Appear on ‘Good Morning America’ | Soap Opera Network
Thanks for the lead: @SoapOperaNetwrk on Twitter | SoapOperaNetwork on Facebook

Rebecca Budig (Michelle Bauer #3, part of the Messe pairing) recently made TV Guide.
She reported that she expressed interest in reboot, but never heard back from Prospect Park.
Budig live tweeted Blue Bloods on Dec. 20th, 2013. “To all of those who watched and will be waching #BlueBloods THANK YOU! I appreciate each and every one of you. Fun to live tweet!”

Kassie DePaiva (Chelsea Reardon, Maureen and Nola’s little sister) posted her first blog post of 2014.

Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding #3) recently tweeted “I was at Die Fledermaus’ opening at the MET last night. A brilliant performance was given by Danny Burstein as Frosch.”

Murray Bartlett (Cyrus Foley) was recently featured in Out Magazine.

Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus Aitoro) recently tweeted: “Getting ready to go off to a photo shoot for @BeaconHillWeb . Busy day! How’s yours going?”

Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler #4, the final Dinah) and Caitlin VanZandt (Ashlee Wolfe) were among the soap stars who attended the annual Stocking with Care celebrity bartending fundraiser. Find photos in the Jan. 13, 2014 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

 Erica Cantatore@WasilewskiLover tweeted a photo of Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau, with Remy, one of the last really good new couples in the final years of Guiding Light).

ShortCanuck tweeted “Beverly’s son Scott McKinsey is one of the directors at General Hospital.” Beverly McKinsey was the original Alexandra Spaulding. Here’s his IMDB page.

Michelle Ray Smith (Ava Peralta) shared this photo on Twitter.

Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis) shared a photo from her continuing run of Madame Morrible in Wicked in the Sept. 23, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

When Rick Forrester saw Maya for the first time on The Bold and the Beautiful, she was singing a song Karla Mosley (Christina Boudreau, with Remy, one of the last really good new couples in the final years of Guiding Light) wrote herself called “Time Travel” according to the June 17, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth.

Brody Hutzler (Zachary Smith, Michelle and Vanessa’s Angel) was featured in an interview in the June 17, 2013 issue of CBS Soaps in Depth. Hutzler talks about various acting projects including Baby Daddy and an episode of Hot in Cleveland.

Favorite Individual Episodes 3

December 11, 2013

These days most people are watching Guiding Light via clips instead of individual episodes. Learn more about clips here:

In some ways this is unfortunate because they were written, timed and paced with the idea that you would watch the whole episode. By only watching clips of a single story line you lose the interconnection of stories, the cuts between them, and the pacing. Some wonderful people load entire episodes on YouTube. I want to point out and link to a few of those that are just exceptionally well done episodes in and of themselves that taken as whole even out of context with surrounding episodes they are just a perfect mix and a true jewel to behold.

I’ll be posting these, not in any particular order but as I come across episodes that I think deserved to be singled out that I find online.

This episode originally aired Mon., April 5, 1999. I picked this episode because it is a nice mix of drama and humor. It’s well known as a Manny episode for introducing Pilar Santos, Danny’s sister, but it also has some nice Pharley and Jeva stuff as well. I’m afraid I’m going to have a bit more commentary slip into the description this time, but I have a lot of opinions about this.

Blake, Cassie, and Harley are having Slumber party at Jessup Farm. The women look like they are having a great time. Harley and Cassie are an example of a great Guiding Light friendship. I can’t say they brought out the best in each other, but they certainly supported each other and it was long lasting friendship. Pharley are fighting because Phillip, wanting to help Harley deal with the reintroduction of her daughter in her life, arranged for Jim (Daisy’s adoptive father) to get a better paying job in Springfield so they’d stay in town. Harley viewed this as Phillip being manipulative. This is part of why I was never a Pharley fan. Harley would act like she didn’t know Phillip at all. I mean I love Phillip, but he’s totally controlling and manipulative, if Harley didn’t understand that and agree to put up with it she shouldn’t be married to him. The episode also has a very nice Jeva bedroom scene.

Back to the Manny stuff. They totally do this strange non-sibling like vibe between Pilar and Danny which thankfully is never seen after this episode, just so Michelle can act jealous which she does extremely well. I really like this version of Pilar, but once she’s almost shot at Casa Santos something breaks in her permanently. I wish we’d gotten more of this strong version of Pilar.

Buzz (about Drew to Selena): “Was she adopted by wolves?” Selena’s create a dead mother for Drew plan is just stupid and mostly causes trouble except in the long run I think it makes Max’s life much better. Who’s Max? You’ll see soon. OK now Josh is making me think of Danny during Michelle’s pregnancies & making me feel sorry since they never have this baby. Cassie actually that is wonderful advice, that might be her best speech on the show ever. Let’s see audience let’s take a poll if you were going to look for Phillip where would you look? (Deafening roar) With Rick! Yep, so why doesn’t Harley know that? See what I mean about Harley not really knowing Phillip. I mean they had some nice light romantic scenes and were good supportive friends, but once they start the romance Harley starts seeing Phillip as she wants him to be not as he is. Rick on the other hand, always understands all about Phillip. They have a great example of their friendship here. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Thanksgiving 1986

December 4, 2013

It’s Thanksgiving 1986 in Springfield and it’s mostly about the Lewis-Shayne clan. There was a big action/adventure story about the corruption going on in Venezuela, this story would continue unfold for decades playing into Bill Lewis’s issues when he returned for the second time in the person of Dan Cosgrove, kicking off the Bizzie romance. At this point there is active sabotage going on. Recently Mindy’s fairytale marriage to Kurt ended, when angered over their different attitudes towards money, he took a job in Venezuela to help pay back some of the money Mindy had borrowed from her family. While there he was killed mistakenly during a failed attempt to kill Josh. Although I never was a big believer in Kyle and Reva or that Reva would ever pick any other man over Josh longterm, but I did like Kyle and especially his evolving relationship with Billy and his determination to do the right thing by Ben. As you can see in these scenes they’ve totally thrown all of that away in order to excuse Maeve’s inexcusable behavior towards Kyle, explain Ben’s continued presence on screen when Kyle left town, and to facilitate a Jeva reunion, just in time for one of Josh’s previous wives to come back from the dead at an inconvenient time (actually Reva could have bonded with both Annie Dutton and Cleva over that one, but she doesn’t).

The other big story in town was the show’s first real attempt to duplicate the success of the Four Musketeers (they would try this several times over the years with the most successful being this attempt with Alan-Michael, Harley, Dinah, and Cameron filling the four slots).  Towards that end, the girl with the mysterious past has shown up in town and will soon be revealed that she, Dinah, is in fact Ross and Vanessa’s daughter via a long ago relationship. Dinah would be played by two very similar actresses in this first run on the show when her main attributes were being nice and sweet. A trip to Europe would bring out more of the hard struggle side of Dinah and she comes back to town a few years later as a vixen following closely in her mother’s mis-steps. Vanessa had given Baby Dinah up for adoption without ever telling Ross until recently basically because she felt a baby would tie her down and I think to punish Ross (pre-the revelation Billy would bring about in Vanessa, she wasn’t always a very nice person). Dinah is shown slowly fitting in at school working with Cameron. Following Four Musketeer tradition they formed couples and then swapped partners.

Lillian is currently dating Reva’s father Hawk. They dated for a long time and I actually think Lillian was most happy in this relationship with Hawk and they balanced each other well. I was sorry to see it end, though if Hawk was ready to show some good behavior, goodness knows Miss Sarah deserved to benefit from it since she put up with so much of the other kind from him. Ross is currently dating Calla who is Lillian Raines’s sister and Jessie’s (of Jessie and Simon fame) mother. Calla was a lot like a version 1.0 of Nadine. Besides both ladies dating Ross, they also were both manipulative schemers with big dreams (Calla had much better hair and was smarter, Nadine had more personality). A group of three cons have stumbled on to the fact that there is a secret involving Dinah and Vanessa. They haven’t figured out what it is, but thing they can make a buck out of it whenever they do. Hence they are duping the woman that Vanessa stayed with during the obviously showing months of her pregnancy to try to get information from her. The lead con is a busy character actor named William Hickey who did lots of roles on soaps as well as primetime. However, he’s best known as Uncle Lewis in the classic holiday movie, National Lampon’s Christmas Vacation.

Elsewhere on canvas there is trouble at the Bauers because Chelsea’s sudden fiance Jon Claude has dropped dead under Rick’s care and for some unfathomable reason Chelsea just assumes there is malpractice and is bringing charges against Rick, which is forcing Maureen as Cedars Administrator to take action against her own step-son and causing a lot of tension between Chelsea and her three main romantic partners on screen, Phillip, Rick, and Johnny. Chelsea is Maureen’s little sister and Bea is their mother and hence while Maureen would expect them both at a family get together she arranged – despite anything else going on. This episode features John Bolger in the role of Phillip and while most people much preferred Grant Aleksander, Bolger did a very serviceable, if understated interpretation of the role. This is a pretty good typical example of how he played Phillip.

These scenes are from two episodes. The day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving itself. It seems like we might be missing a scene or two, but I’m not sure if we are are not. I think these two episodes together do a pretty good set up of what’s going on, but if you want to watch more the same channel has a few days worth of previous episodes. If you want to see Maeve stop the Reva-Kyle wedding the previous year which Maeve references doing and regretting, find the post here:

November 25, 1986

Part 1

Jessie wants to visit her dad. Calla is upset about both that and Ross and Vanessa working together to find Dinah who they haven’t met yet. Dinah and Carmen are working together on school paper. Lewis Oil trouble in Venezuela. (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

November 26, 1986 

(Part 1)  (Part 2) (Part 3)

Halloween 1997

October 29, 2013

Halloween 1997, this is during the worst of the Messe Mess. Michelle’s being involved with Jesse drug him and Point Lester, a seedy working class town near Springfield. Abby had gone into Point Lester to find Michelle and ended up alone in Jesse’s garage/apartment. Roy attacked her and Jesse figured out who it was and turned him in. The group that Jesse hung around with were punks and violent. Now that Roy is out on bail, the gang is after Jesse and Roy is going after Abby. This is just how twitterpated Michelle got. Abby’s in danger and she keeps bringing up Jesse who is the one who voluntarily hung out with these thugs. Really love the trick or treaters, such great costumes. Plus some wonderful Rabby interaction and more of Rick longing to establish a relationship with a child of his own. Harley and Phillip had helped Reva sneak into the Spaulding Mansion to search Annie’s room dressed like a repair man. Pharley are trying to keep Annie from discovering her. I love Alan and Annie’s bedroom set.  Cassie had lost custody of Tammy and turned to stripping to get money to get her back. Then Cassie emotionally blackmailed Hart into helping her go see Tammy and meet with the social workers. Cassie then lied to them that Hart was her fiance without even asking him first, but he went along, but Dinah came in, didn’t know what was going on and exposed the lie. Now Cassie has kidnapped Tammy. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)  (Part 4) (Part 5)

I think the next episode must be missing because the next one in the load is the start of a new day in Springfield after the Roy incident. Roy forces his way in and tells Abby to drop the charges or else. This is the first of several Abby-Roy encounters where he sets out to terrify her which culminates with Roy threatening to kill Abby and her shooting him in response.

My Comments:
Once again Jesse shows he can handle a tough situation. Danny would have dealt with those couple of punks in a heartbeat.

Poor Rick. He spends his entire life longing for a kid, but as soon as he gets one. He loses all interest. Jude is in Greece and he doesn’t see him. Leah we never saw. Yeah they were a bunch of tough guys all right beating up Jesse. MICHELLE scared them off. As little as I like this Michelle, that is an amazing bun.

Reva wasn’t too good at this. She should have taken casing photos. Oh, Cassie, your behavior is so bad Alan didn’t HAVE to game the system. Actually Cassie, considering your history and Josh’s history, the chances of you getting him into bed are pretty good. I really like the combo of Annie’s blazer and top, but those are a terrible fit of blue jeans. Nice plane exterior shot of the Spaulding jet. Given how things turned out, I really wonder if Tammy’s life wouldn’t have turned out better if Annie and Alan had raised her.

MisGuiding Light Update

October 25, 2013

I have several times referred back to MisGuiding Light and I decided my original post on in it 2009 didn’t do it justice, also the focus on costumes and characters seems like a good Halloween fit, so I hope you enjoy this as part of the Halloween Week festivities. I remember hearing about this when it was shot in 2002, but back then I was on dial up, so I only saw it when I found it on on YouTube around 2009. It’s on a channel for the actor who played Floyd Boyd and I’m very glad he has them there.  Just in case some of the rest of you haven’t seen this tiny bit of an alternative Manny, Misguiding Light was a take-off, which as the theme song explains tells the story of a fan and wannabe Guiding Light writer who is struck down by Reva’s wardrobe cart (referred to as Reva’s rack) and finds himself stuck in the fictional town with the ability to change what happens by writing. Manny shows up on screen only in episode 6 where Carmen (who also got a single scene in episode 5) has demanded a Reva story so the writer, Floyd Boyd, gives her the 1995 Reva story where Reva went Amish. Carmen, Ray, Danny, and Michelle all go Amish. PAS is a hoot and a half with some of the best lines in the whole thing. Ever since I first watched it, I’ve found myself randomly saying “Somebody took our butter churn” and laughing. The lines about the barn raising and his obsession with electricity are worth watching the whole thing.

Manny are mentioned again in episode 8 where Floyd’s forgotten to write Cassie an amnesia story to forget her stripper past, so she starts stripping again and Danny is watching (a Loving shout out) which directly sets up the other great line of the series by Billy “Since when do the Amish like strippers?” in perfect deadpan delivery. There is also some great Tony/Marah Marony stuff through the series as Marah plays a major role introducing Floyd to the town and getting him to help restore Reva. “Tony in a towel” sums up one of my favorite scenes and later “You’ve made me Olivia’s daughter and now I’m acting just like her, stealing other people’s husbands and designing Harbor Projects!”

Even if you don’t like the idea of the series, it’s a great way to get a closer look at some of the classic sets from 2002 and how the backstage was set up, when they still had sets. See a list of all the episodes (each one is about 5 minutes) and their descriptions at the link below:

If you watch the episodes back to back you realize besides the obvious comedy it does have an overarching plot where poor Floyd gives everyone Reva stories (he flat out says he does with Manny, but basically every character gets a Reva story). Without her unique history Reva ceases to exist which causes havoc around Springfield. Watch carefully for lots of Reva past plots, some of which I missed the first couple of times I was so busy laughing at individual scenes which the actors clearly took on with relish.

Part 1 – Writer Floyd Boyd tries to get a job writing Guiding Light but is disappointed when the executive producer Paul Rauch turns him down.

Boyd’s plot involves Reva falling in love with him and leaving Josh. Executive Producer Paul Rauch tells him he isn’t the first man to make the mistake that Reva might love him instead of Josh. I really like the bit where the “Marah” and “Catalina” tell Boyd that they are actresses. Nice job switching back and forth between their characters and their fictionalized selves. I also really love that it was all set off by Reva’s wardrobe cart. All of this is really on the set and gives us the best views of behind the scenes.

Part 2 -Holly and Sam explain how things work for a writer in Springfield.

I love the character of Holly and Sam being desperate for more storyline. “You can always rewrite history, you writers re-write it all the time.”

Part 3 – Edmund asks Floyd to deal with Loreli.

Boyd discovers he can control characters with his writing with Edmund and Loreli.

Episode 4 – Marah corners Floyd and convinces him to write her a reunion with Tony.

I appreciate the summary recap of the theme song, but it gets a little old by this point if you watch in a row. This is one of my favorite bits watch for “Tony in a Towel” “Better not try time travel just yet.” Marah Lewis: “Anybody who can bring me Tony in a towel, is a friend of mine.”

Episode 5 – Floyd finally meets Reva who challenges him to write the ultimate Reva story.

Boyd finally gets to meet his heart’s desire. Reva: “I was only written into 260 episodes last year. That’s not right.” Reva argues that it’s story not dialogue or young men in towel that makes a soap opera. Some really great Jeva stuff. Watch for a great Carmen tag at the end.

* Episode 6* – Floyd is struggling with writer’s block when Carmen shows up. This is the one with MANNY.

This is the Manny episode which is of course the best.

Episode 7 – Floyd tries to help Phillip by using another one of Reva’s stories–cloning!

Rassie point out they needed a storyline in Springfield. I wish they’d show the fencing=fencing reference. I love Phillip’s recital of his problems. I love how they keep putting other characters in former Reva stories. Love this Phillip clone. Floyd you should put Phillip with Carmen I could see that. “I forgot to give Cassie an amnesia story.”

Episode 8 – Olivia kidnaps Floyd and once again he turns to Reva’s old storylines for help.

Olivia: “Always Bud” Josh: “Always Slut of Springfield.” Billy: “This must be one of those very special episodes like April Fool’s Day.” Manny shout out. I’ll take it, but keep him away from Cassie in any reality. Boyd tried the Annie/Terri line “Sit down Josh.” But forgot to say Jawrsh.

Episode 9 – Floyd is arrested by Frank, Gus and Harley for bad writing

This cop bit is hilarious. Harley: “You have a right to Ross the only attorney in Springfield.” ” No more vendettas.” Poor Frank joking about his lack of storyline.

Episode 10 – Marah’s upset that Floyd erased Reva from the show by giving away her history.

I love this. They are on the Carriage House set because there wasn’t room for the Lewis house set today. Reva: “There’s a witch with a doll…” Marah: “That’s not hell. That’s NBC.”

Episode 11 – Floyd tries to channel Irna Phillips to save Guiding Light but ends up with Beth instead.

I like this Irna Phillips seance bit. Nice effort of Loreli to get story. Pretty funny too. Beth: “It’s a little crowded in here as it is.”

Episode 12 – Floyd is trapped in Reva’s body and can’t convince Blake and Tory that he’s not Reva!

I really love Reva as Floyd, great comedic turn.

Episode 13 – Floyd finally finds a way back to the real world where his dream comes true!

Reva: “Imprisoned by your husband’s ex-lover, that’s my story line.”

Marah is Kidnapped to Lighthouse Jan. 29-Feb. 6, 2001

September 10, 2013

Mon., Jan. 29, 2001 – At the Bauers: Michelle comes in followed by Danny, carrying all her packages. Michelle’s biggest worry is now if Danny really likes her new short haircut and assumes he will be moving back in with her. Michelle says that the baby will have everything it needs including its daddy. Danny tells her that two days together doesn’t solve all their problems. Michelle doubts Danny can walk out the door. Danny says the past couple of days were great. They were in a city where they had no history, no enemies. It was separate from reality. Michelle insists that she is not afraid of his world anymore. Danny says a few days ago, people were following her. Danny doesn’t want her and the baby to be part of his life. Michelle asks what if he can’t stop her. Michelle reminds Danny that he made love to her and she strokes his arm. He tells her he loves her and wants her but the life he leads will only hurt her and the baby. His phone rings and it is May. She tells him about Tony, asking him to get there ASAP. He tells May to call Ray and no one else. Danny tells Michelle that there is an emergency and Michelle wants to go with him. Danny says Michelle can go with him but must keep quiet about what she sees and hears. Michelle agrees and reminds him that she has kept the other Santos family secrets including the one about Carmen. At Infierno: Catalina and May hear a noise, then see Tony tumble down the stairs bleeding and unconscious. They get him into Danny’s office and try to take care of him. May tells Catalina to cover Tony with a blanket, while she gets on the phone. She calls Danny and he says he will be right there. Danny is wiping the blood of Tony’s face while trying to get him to come to. Ray, Catalina, Michelle and May are in the office too. Tony wakes up and asks, “Where is she?” Danny asks him who did this. Tony looks around and says he can’t tell him. Danny asks the ladies to leave them alone a moment. They leave and Tony tells Danny that the goons grabbed Marah. He tries to get up saying he has to find her but he can’t. He tells Danny and Ray how they were at the Lewis’ and one of the men grabbed her and the other started beating on him. Ray and Danny are concerned and Ray thinks they should call the cops. Danny thinks the only way to protect Marah is to deal with it themselves. He thinks the whole situation was a ploy to get his attention. Some of the families don’t like what he is doing and want to bargain with him. Danny says he just has to figure out how to get her back. Ray insists on calling the police and Danny finally agrees, deciding to ask Frank to be discreet. Danny asks Ray to take Tony to the hospital while he contacts Frank. Catalina goes with them while Michelle waits for Danny. Michelle asks Danny what happened. He tells her when they couldn’t get to Michelle, they snatched Marah. Michelle says the danger is not from him but from his work. Frank arrives. Danny wants him to keep this information to himself. He tells Frank about Marah’s kidnapping. He thinks he knows who did it but needs Frank to be restrained. Frank agrees as long as Danny levels with him. He says he will handle the Lewis family while Danny goes to look for Marah. He wants Frank to tell the Lewises that Marah is safe and they are trying to get her back. Frank tells Michelle he wishes she wasn’t in on this and Danny agrees. Frank leaves and Danny calls Carlos. He asks him what he knows about the situation. Danny tells Michelle he may have a lead on who has Marah. She asks what he will do. Danny says whatever it takes.

(This is the Manny highlight clip, when the scene cuts to the Lewis house about 1/2 way through stop and watch the links below.)

Tues., Jan. 30, 2001 – At Infierno: Danny is waiting for Carlos to call. Michelle is with him and says she wanted to spend time with him but didn’t expect this. Danny says that he wants her to leave as soon as someone can take her. May comes in and says Tony has some cracked ribs but will be okay. She asks if Michelle wants something to eat. Danny encourages her to go with May. They talk about Tony and May asks Michelle if it makes her crazy when she doesn’t know what is going on. Michelle says it is worse sometimes when you do know. May wonders if it was the same thugs from last week. She starts comparing it to a movie but Michelle stops her. Frank comes in and asks if Danny heard anything. Frank says Reva is very upset. Danny says Reva is a lose cannon and her being anywhere near this situation is a big problem. Frank offers to take Michelle home and then will contact his sources. Michelle doesn’t want to go but eventually agrees. Tony arrives with Ray. Michelle wonders what Tony is doing there. Tony asks Danny about Marah. Tony thinks Danny needs to hit back hard at Johnny Machado. Danny says what if it isn’t him. Tony says if it is him, he (Tony) would like to deal with him. Danny wants to handle it and tells him it will be better for Marah. Reva arrives and says she holds each of them responsible for Marah’s life and wants to know how they are going to find her daughter.

Wed., Jan. 31, 2001 – At the Bauers: Frank brings Michelle home. She is worried about Marah especially since Tony was badly beaten. Frank says most thugs draw the line at women and children. Michelle says she should have been the one kidnapped instead of Marah. Frank tries to cheer her and tells her she needs to think of the baby. Michelle tells Frank he can get back to work. Frank says he is staying put. Frank gets her some milk and tells her that he can do all his work from there until someone else gets there to watch her. She doesn’t think it is necessary but he tells her that someone could be out there watching her right now. Michelle is worried about Marah but Frank tells her that the guys who did this want Danny, not Marah. Michelle says the families wants Danny back on their terms, but she wants him back in hers and she won’t give in. Frank says a part of him thought she and Danny wouldn’t come back from New York. Michelle said she didn’t want to. She tells Frank that Danny is a good person, not at all like Carmen. He just believes what his mother told him about himself. Michelle wants Danny back but Danny believes the kidnapping proves they shouldn’t be together. Michelle wishes it could be just her, Danny and the baby. Frank reminds her of trying to help the FBI bring down the family a while back and says if they had succeeded then she would have her dream now. Meta returns home and is upset about the kidnapping. She asks Michelle if she knows why it happened. Michelle says she isn’t sure. She tells Meta about cooperating with the FBI. Meta tells her to take it one day at a time. Right now, Marah is the one who needs help.

I’m not sure which day this is but Josh, Reva, and Olivia discover Marah is kidnapping.

Fri., Feb. 2, 2001 – At the Santos Compound: Danny and Tony are listening to Johnny’s conversations on a scanner. Tony tries to run out when he hears something about the lighthouse. Danny tries to stop him and Ray agrees. Danny thinks he and Marah will both get shot. The only way to get Marah back alive is to keep the police and the guns out of it. The phone rings. Frank tells Danny they have a problem; Danny has been holding out on him. Danny tells Frank he knows everything Danny knows. Frank mentions the meeting with Johnny. Danny says he was planning on filling him in once he had more info. Frank asks questions about Marah and is not buying Danny’s story. Frank is threatening a SWAT team and tells Danny he can’t promise him anything unless Danny tells Frank everything. Frank wants 45 minutes notice to get the police in place. Danny tells Ray and Tony that Frank knows about the meeting. Danny decides to get Marah out first before the meeting and the police arrive. Tony says he knows how they can get Marah out. He tells them about Sam scaling the lighthouse to come in from the top and Danny calls him.

Sam arrives at the Santos house. He tells Tony this was bound to happen to Marah and wonders why he couldn’t leave her alone. Tony and Sam are yell at each other and Ray and Danny break it up and get to the point. Danny asks Sam if he can climb the lighthouse. Sam says he can and asks if that is where Marah is being held. He asks why they don’t call the police. Danny says it will make things worse. He explains that they have to get Marah out of the lighthouse by 11 PM. He asks if Sam can get her out without being seen. Tony wants to come but Sam says he has to do it alone. Ray reminds Tony of his broken ribs. Danny says the guys have to put aside their differences or the plan is off. They both agree.

Tues., Feb. 6, 2001 – At the Lighthouse Marah is sitting blindfolded and tied. She is talking to the goon who is watching her and tells him she must be very intimidating to them to be kept tied up. She complains about having to go to the bathroom, being dehydrated and then of some pains she has. She begged the guy to untie her for only a moment. The guy comes over and says he would rather put duct tape on her mouth. Marah says her boyfriend will save her but the goon says with her mouth her boyfriend may have decided she isn’t worth it. Meta comes down and offers Michelle some chamomile tea to help her sleep. Michelle won’t sleep until she hears from Danny or Frank. She trusts Danny to rescue Marah. Meta says it will take more than chamomile tea to calm her while working with Claire. Michelle thinks Meta is formidable and will hold her own. Michelle says she is also stronger than she looks and will use that strength to help Danny. On the observation deck the goon is surprised when Sam comes over and starts talking about the stars. The guy wonders how Sam got up to the top of the lighthouse. Sam starts telling him about free climbing and how great it is except when it is freezing and the mortar cracks. Sam keeps the guy distracted while Tony climbs the rope. The guy pulls a gun on Sam and Sam asks him what his problem is. He just wanted to look at the stars and somebody pulls a gun on him. Tony sneaks up over the railing and behind the guy and taps him on the shoulder. When the guy turns, Tony knocks him out. Sam starts tying the guy’s hands behind him as Danny and Ray climb up the rope. Tony tells them that they got one of the men and there should only be one more. Danny tells him not to get overconfident. Tony and Sam are ready to go on to part two of their plan. Ray huddles them all together and they pray for the safety of Marah and themselves. Marah is still complaining as Danny, Tony, Sam and Ray arrive outside the door where she is being held. Danny’s cell phone rings and the guard goes out to check. Marah screams as she hears a shot. Tony comes in and unties Marah and she tells him she knew he would come. She was afraid he was shot. She thinks he is amazing but Tony admits Sam is the one who did the climbing. She thanks both of them. Sam thought they were toast when Danny’s phone rang. Danny says it was the cops. Danny returns Frank’s call and tells him he will bring Marah and Sam home. Frank says he will be waiting. Danny and Ray tell them that they all are going to the Lewis house.

The Santos’ and Sam come in with Marah. Reva is hugging her. Frank confronts Danny and wants details. Danny tells them how Sam and Tony staged the rescue. Marah stands up for them saying they were hero’s but Josh says Tony is the reason that Marah was kidnapped in the first place. Ray says he is proud of Tony but Josh says he has had enough of the Santos family. They get ready to leave and Marah tells Tony that she will never forget what he did. Sam tries to stand up for Tony and Danny, but Reva and Josh start in on him working with the mob instead of the police. Sam says Danny’s plan worked and he is glad he could help. Reva says, “If you were my kid…” Olivia stops her and Josh suggests she take Sam home. Noah tries to make peace. Marah apologizes for ruining another honeymoon. Josh and Olivia are going to go home and Marah thanks Sam again. Josh hugs Marah. Josh gives the keys to Sam to go to the car. Olivia asks him if he understands why she withheld information. Josh tells her that he is angry.

Josh: “You blindly put your trust in Danny Santos.” Sam: “Not blindly, Tony and Danny explained their plan to me and it made sense…it seemed like the best chance to save Marah, and guess what? It worked!” (Trusting Danny, what Josh should have done.)

NOTE: Most of this is a from a channel that mainly hosts a highlight reel from someone interested in Josh and Olivia and Reva, not Manny or Marony so these are definitely not the bits I’d have highlighted, but it’s much more than is in the Manny highlights and the scenes were they recruit Sam and when they decide who is going first are are worth watching them all.  I did have to make kind of a rough stab on some of these though because I hadn’t though some of the bits included (Josh and Olivia finding out, for instance) worth including in my descriptions so some of the dates maybe even more approximate than is usual with highlight reels.

My Comments: Jeva already disapproved of Marony, but this kidnapping made them worse than ever. Personally, I think subconsciously Jeva individually see themselves in Marah and Tony and want her to take a safer path.

Sam is such an idiot here going after Tony. Involving Sam’s climbing skills was a good plan though and a nice bit of introduction with the writers. Sam’s first appearance on the show, was when he climbed up and surprised Susan/Daisy in the lighthouse back when the show was chemistry testing them.

Actually this is about the last solid story Sam ever had although he stuck around town for awhile after and even recurred as support when Olivia needed him. So you can see the lighthouse from the window of Olivia’s apartment? Interesting. Have they reverted to the 1970s black and white striped, brick lighthouse? Josh, since when did Reva ever UNDERSTAND and do NOTHING? Nice bit about Josh not forgiving Reva for keeping it from him when Olivia is. Tony & Sam could have been good friends.

Nice Santos family conversation at the foot of the tower while Sam climbs the second time. Reva, Danny has saved your life twice, how about a little gratitude. Josh doesn’t know Dr. Noah is still a spy. I like that Reva figured out Olivia knew more. The top of the lighthouse is still stucco. I wouldn’t have told Jeva either. Half-Cocked is both their middle names.

Normally in a Reva-Olivia fight I’m on Reva’s side, but I’m totally team Olivia here. See I’d have written Sam & Tony as friends from this point on, it would have really provided some balance and spread connections across the canvas. Danny didn’t silence the phone? That really was nice of Tony to give Sam credit. More reason they should be friends. Can’t believe Danny didn’t silence the phones first.

Josh, Danny has saved your life and Reva’s life twice now. How about a little gratitude? Boy, normally I like a good step-parent back off, but if the question is actually protection I think becoming a step-parent makes you responsible. So I’m Team Olivia again.

Ray Brings Michelle to Visit Danny Dec. 20, 2000- Jan. 16, 2001

August 20, 2013

Jim dies in house fire triggered by a Christmas tree.

Wed., Dec. 20, 2000 – Jim dies in the house fire while rescuing baby James. At the Bauers: Claire arrives at the Bauer’s and barges in. She tells Michelle she hurt her feelings. Michelle reminds her of her own feelings and Danny’s. Claire admits she made a mistake with Carmen, but wants to repair the damage. Michelle says it is too late. Claire asks if she wants her to give up and go away. Claire asks if Michelle wants her to beg for forgiveness or give her space. She tells Michelle she doesn’t know how to be a good mother and needs her help. She doesn’t know what she wants. She tells Michelle she didn’t have a good role model for motherhood growing up. Her mother was cold and impatient. She only gave you one chance. Claire knows what it is like to be a bad mother but doesn’t know what it is to be a good one. Claire says that a good mother is strong, loving and puts her child first. Michelle says Maureen was her mother and she is still with her so she has everything she needs. Claire asks what about her; what can she have. Claire tells Michelle she doesn’t have her love or respect, not even her company. She wants to know if she can have anything from Michelle. Michelle doesn’t know what to say and Claire starts crying. Michelle asks if she is okay and offers to drive her home. Michelle says they can talk another time when she isn’t drunk. Michelle helps her out of the house. Back at the Spauldings: Michelle brings Claire back to the Spaulding’s. She tells Alan that Claire didn’t eat all day and drank too much. Michelle leaves Claire to Alan. Alan says that Michelle loves her very much. Michelle let down her guard and connected with her. He tells her that he and Phillip do the same dance with each other. At Harley’s: Harley is sitting on the couch. Rick comes into the room and says he gave Susan a sedative. Harley says Susan tried to go into the house when the second story collapsed. Phillip had to hold her back. Harley says Susan wouldn’t let her near her, only Lizzie and Beth. Rick says the sedative will help her sleep. He says he was holding her hand until she went to sleep. She looked so bewildered and sad; Rick didn’t have answers for her. Harley asks if the meds will make Susan dream. Rick says not with this medication. Harley says Jim was such a good man and so brave. She owes him everything for raising Susan. Jim saved Lizzie and wouldn’t let Phillip go in the house. Harley says Jim loved both children like they were his own. Harley wonders what Phillip would have done if the roles had been reversed. Rick says Phillip would have done the same thing. Harley tells Rick she had a lot of thoughts while watching the fire and some were not pretty. Harley feels small, mean and petty compared to Jim. Rick tells her she is being hard on herself. Harley says they were standing outside watching the fire and there was an explosion. Jim was gone in an instant. She looked over and saw Phillip with his arm around Beth and the kids and her first thought was there is Phillip, taking care of Beth again. Her second thought was, at least Jim doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. She hates having these thoughts. Rick tells her she is human and hugs her. She is crying when Phillip walks in and she goes to him. Phillip tells her he brought Beth and the kids back with him.

Sometime between the house fire and Christmas 2000 – Danny brings Michelle a Christmas present for the baby, but refuses to come in. He brings one in pink and one in blue, but won’t let Michelle tell him the sex. Danny was watching Michelle through the window getting ready for Christmas. He clearly aches for her. He’s amazed to find that Michelle who is known as a bad cook is baking. He admits he’s been thinking about her, but that’s as close as it goes.

Once in a great while I add a fanfic link. Since this last scene kicks off this lovely little Christmas fanfic, I wanted to include it:

“A Christmas Miracle” – Once again a visit from our old friend Nick (I sure miss him) saves Christmas as a little timely advice moves Danny to action a few months early on the Christmas Michelle was pregnant with Robbie. Lots of good references to their Christmas before and to Danny getting a Christmas present as a little boy that I severely coveted from the Sears catalog as a child myself.

Tuesday December 26, 2000 - At the Lewis’s’ Marah, Shayne and Catalina are decorating the tree. Shayne is telling Catalina a bit about their family’s Christmas tradition. Tony and Father Ray come over and Ray invites them all to Midnight Mass at his church. Tony gives Marah a present and she opens it. Marah pulls out the necklace and tells him how beautiful it is. The charm is a “St. Anthony” charm and he tells her it is to remind her of him. Marah kids him about thinking he is a saint. Tony puts the necklace on Marah and is kissing her neck when Reva walks up. Tony gave Reva a box of chocolates.

Thursday December 28, 2000 - Tony arrives at the door to pick up Marah. They kiss and she tells him he is a bit early, her mom is still there. He tells her that he learned from his friend that the inn is all booked for the holiday weekend but he got them a room at another nice place. Marah yells to Reva that she is going for a walk before the wedding and tells her that she will go ahead and say goodbye to her now. Reva tells Marah goodbye. Marah leaves a note for Shayne to find and tells Tony she will be right out.

In the Car Tony and Marah are talking about the place they are going. She looks very uncomfortable. He promises her that it is a classy place for a classy girl.

Sometime between episodes described here, Danny describes to Tony his new business plan. He wants to move the families into a less violent future by moving them into Internet crime & legitimate business investments.

Tues., Jan. 16, 2001 – At Infierno: Ray brings Michelle to visit Danny. Ray says he brought his wife Michelle to see him. Ray: “Michelle, Danny, your wife.” Danny: “My ex-wife…” Ray: “No, no, Danny, she’s your wife, your very pregnant wife. She hasn’t given up on you and neither am I.”…… Danny: “Don’t preach to me about courage you have NO idea how much strength…” Ray: “Not to do what? YOU LOVE HER! Who do you think you’re fooling, not me…Your place is by her side.” He trails off and Ray suggests “give in to the colossal love you two share, you should give in.” Danny accuses Ray of badgering him. Ray knows he has never stopped loving Michelle and his place is with her. Danny says okay, he will settle it with Michelle. Ray says, “You do that.” Michelle is sitting at a table and Danny asks what she is doing there. She said she came to see him. Danny says the cigarette smoke isn’t good for her, but she says no one is smoking. He says she should be getting more rest. Michelle thanks him for caring about her. He tells her to go home. Michelle says that Danny is in her heart and the best way to love her and the baby is to be with them. Danny asks Ray to take her home. Ray and Michelle leave Infierno. May comes over and tells Danny that some guys are following Michelle. Danny goes outside and tells everyone to hold it. He talks to the thugs, recognizing them and sends a message to Johnny Merchado. He tells them not to go near Michelle or their boss won’t recognize them when he sends them back to him. They leave. Michelle looks a little scared. Danny tells May to tell Tony that he is in charge for the rest of the night, and thanks her for telling him about the thugs. Danny is going to take Michelle home and stay at her house tonight. He thinks Johnny Merchado is trying to mess with him and things will be okay after tonight.

My Comments:
Danny coming to the backdoor at Christmas is so touching it breaks your heart. Read the fanfic.

I’ve borrowed some stuff again from the Marony blog so thanks to her. While Marah wasn’t a good step-daughter and, unlike Lizzie, disliked Olivia for very little reason (this particular break-up was about 90% Reva’s fault and Olivia had nothing to do with it, and Olivia’s mistreatment of Josh was at the very end of their relationship, which hadn’t happened yet), I’m totally with her on this one. If Josh couldn’t find a gift himself, he should have just given her a check. What you want from a divorced parent that you don’t get to see that much is just the knowledge that they spent at least 5 minutes thinking just about what would make you happy. THAT is the present not the gift itself.  If Josh couldn’t do that he should have at least gone to Wanda  or Trish (heaven forbid she be mentioned) or Vanessa or anyone and kept Olivia out of it. If Josh truly didn’t realize that’s how Marah would feel about it, he hadn’t been paying attention to Marah ever, which sadly I don’t think he ever had, despite his frequent statement that he did this or that FOR his kids. Although to be fair, since Josh was equally unthrilled with Tony’s presence, it would have been fair if Marah hadn’t invited him either. They could celebrate separately. And really Marah didn’t say anything  about Olivia until Josh picked at it. She said “tell her thank you” which is I think was as gracious as could possibly be expected.

Bauer BBQ 2003

July 5, 2013

I had previously posted a very patchwork version of Bauer BBQ 2003, but I’d stitched together highlight clips as best as possible to recreate it. Thanks to Kuuipo018 who added whole episodes in conjunction with her uploading Marony highlights. So I’m reposting with her new uploads, with a little of what I had before added. With these almost full episodes we now have almost as much BBQ as we do for Bauer BBQ 1997, so enjoy from prep to tragic end with a short detour to Shayne’s graduation.

The most important thing about the Bauer BBQ 2003 is that, following in the tradition of Fletcher and Mauve, Danny and Michelle get married for wedding number five this year at the Bauer BBQ. I pointed out the tensions between Manny at Bauer BBQ 2002, well a year later, they’ve divorced, realized they couldn’t live without each other, and are at the point of remarriage.

We almost didn’t get a Bauer BBQ 2003 because Ed came up with the idea to skip the Bauer BBQ. In a fairly stupid storyline Manny are together, but Michelle didn’t want to get married, basically so that they could have drama over them getting married. The upside is that Marony (Marah and Tony) decide to throw them a surprise wedding, which leads to all sorts of great Marony stuff.

Bauer BBQ 2003 is another really good year. Much is like it should be in Springfield, Ed is back, Phillip and Beth are cordial and Olivia and Phillip are split which is good because they were awful together, Cadmund are together (only pairing I liked both of them in) and Manny are getting married! Alan Spaulding has once again shown up despite his protests he won’t. Harley hadn’t decided Phillip was evil incarnate yet, even though they split up. Gus and Alan discovered they are father and son and they are doing fairly well at this point. Gus and Rick have made peace. Rick had recently taken over the job of coroner. We haven’t yet learned the awful history rewrite that will make Ben Reade a serial killer, although it’s coming soon. (He will be gone by the end of the month and then Fletcher doesn’t even come back to bury him!, but I digress.) Gus has taken advantage of what he complained about with Danny when he first arrived and has become a part of the community despite everything. Alan and Phillip are at loggerheads because Phillip slept with and got Olivia pregnant with Emma. It split up Alan and Olivia’s marriage and Alan had faked heart problems to keep them apart. Phillip had learned of the deceit and not taken it well. Just as an aside I love Lillian’s top. I’m including this even though it’s a repeat because the quality of the footage that is here looks clearer.

July 1, 2003

Rick and Michelle are with Ed at Company. They are working on plans for throwing the BBQ (which is why I still say having Rick act like he didn’t know he’d have to do any prep in 2009 was stupid, Rick was the GENERAL of the BBQ). Ed throws a wet blanket over the whole thing proposing that they cancel the BBQ and instead go up to the Bauer Cabin Ed, Michelle, and Rick plus spouses and children. Ed having been away (being held captive in Africa until Danny saved him) has got him reconstructing the BBQ again as something he didn’t ever like. Ed has a tendency to rewrite history to match his current mood. Ed just doesn’t get how important the BBQ is to Rick and Michelle who kept the tradition going in his absence and the town and US! Marah has the wonderful idea to throw Manny a surprise wedding at the BBQ and convinces them they need to throw it after all. However, Marah’s offer to do all the work with Tony is soon voted down and they end up just doing the wedding part.

My Comments: Thank God for Marah and her great idea. The town needs the Bauer BBQ and so do we. Rick and Michelle understand it’s importance. If MIKE were in town he’d never mealy mouth about cancelling the BBQ. I miss Mike. :(

Mel comes in and they talk about Mel being both a doctor and an actor. “It’s a colorful phrase that’s being bandied about town.” Rick after Ed quotes him to Mel. Mel is about to start a new job with Jeffery O’Neill and they talk about how everyone is doing multiple things. Rick is being a doctor and an ME, Ed is doing the clinic and the hospital wants him back, Mel is being a lawyer and a doctor, and Michelle is a student and mom. Danny shows up for a family dinner and when he finds out that Ed’s clinic needs money he steps up to donate at least $20,000 Ed demurs for some reason, but Danny calls and orders the check cut anyway. Danny checks in with Tony and Marah and wonders what they are up to and is encouraging that Eden isn’t around.

My Comments:
This is so much artificial drama. Of course Manny will be married again and of course they will have the BBQ. Danny had Eden’s number right from the beginning. I wish Tony and Marah would have listened to them. You’d have thought after Romeo and Catalina they would know NOT to be so trusting of strangers.  I think Danny’s check cutting phone call is a nice example of how he works, he’s a combination of the shark and the good guy. He is totally willing to use the donation to get good publicity, but if they find out it isn’t enough he’ll cover that anonymously. 

July 3, 2003

It’s Shayne and Marina’s graduation day. Reva talks about Shayne’s decision to go to Standford scholarship or to enter the draft for the major leagues. If Shayne enters the draft he will forfeit the opportunity to go to school. Reva holds that it’s important that Shayne makes his decision himself, Josh looks guilty because he already submitted Shayne for the draft without talking to him about it. The young group who live in the old museum meet for breakfast and they are talking about whether Ben should get to continue to live there. Reva meets her psychic researcher who has been helping her with her “gift” unknown to her on Jeffery’s orders.

My Comments: 
I actually liked Ben and Marah and what they did to them is almost as bad as what they did to Ben individually. I still don’t know where Shayne and baseball came from. He was always a lacrosse player for some odd reason. I don’t know why Josh is obsessed with this either, particularly without calling in Billy who had been a near professional athlete and could have chosen to pursue it. Plus, who cares about the Standford scholarship. Shayne should have college money coming out of his ears.

Shayne reams Josh out for taking the decision out of his hands, but eventually decides he’s happy to be heading to the pros. Marina runs into Ben in an otherwise empty house and is scared. Everyone else shows up and tells him he isn’t being voted out of the house. Reva is very accepting of Shayne’s decision to turn pro, although she wishes he’d chosen Standford. Reva is NOT so accepting of Josh’s high handed behavior. (Part 2)

My Comments: 
I hate when arrogant side of Josh comes out. I really don’t know why he’s so excited about this baseball thing, but I like that it’s a problem between Josh and Reva. It’s a very realistic problem, especially for them. So if there was a narrow window to sign up why didn’t Shayne know that and make the decision in time?  Is Shayne naked under that gown? Where is his dress shirt? It’s especially hard knowing that Shayne’s bright future didn’t happen.

July 4, 2003

Josh thinks he should be able to sweet talk Reva into forgiving him quickly, but she’s holding on to her righteous anger. Shayne is excited about playing ball and tell Marina about the signing. Ed, Rick, and Mel are setting up the BBQ when Marah and Tony show up with their extras. Ed thanks Ross for standing in for him while he was gone in Africa and sets him up as the grillmaster this year. Mel gets a call from Jeffery and has to rush off when he officially hires her as his assistant.Ross is showing off his grilling skills. Rick to Harley about her engagement: “Why did I have to hear it on the BLAKEvine?”  Phillip calls Olivia to try and win her back. Olivia refuses to attend the BBQ.

My Comments: 
So in their opening salvo Jeva seem to prove that they don’t know each other very well after all. What’s with Reva suddenly being a constant pie baker? This Mel being both a doctor and a lawyer at the same time just made me hate her more and makes NO sense. I’ve done kitchen prep for a concession stand. It’s a lot of work. Having Harley there on call makes total sense. Lizzie reveals her crush. Shayne tells Marah about playing pro ball. 

Reva tries to get Marah to tell her about the surprise. Josh takes a drink just as Reva says, “she’s not pregnant” and almost chokes. Alan suggests to Beth that Lizzie come work for Spaulding as an intern. Phillip seems very happy that Harley is engaged to Gus and she seems good with Phillip. Lizzie stops to check in with Olivia and makes nice. I’m glad they showed the flag raising and that Robbie was there to help Ed. Ed: “Here is to our Springfield family, our American family, and our human family, may we please have peace this year. “ (Part 2)

My Comments:
I really wish that Marony had gotten married. That really was a good plan for Lizzie to get the structure of being an intern. Too bad they mixed it into the Joey crush and it ended so badly destroying the Tammy-Lizzie friendship which was an important note in that generation. This Phillip-Olivia deviation wasn’t good it poured acid over a lot of relationships and connections. Even Lizzie-Olivia had come to an important understanding as step-grandmother-granddaughter and that was lost. 

July 7, 2003

Josh and Reva both find clues that there is going to be a surprise wedding and jump to the conclusion that it’s Marony getting married. So far Ed and Rick are the only adult Bauers there. Ed complains, but Rick points out what a great time he’s been having. Phillip and Alan are having another confrontation over Philip stealing and impregnating Alan’s then wife Olivia.  The conversation turns to the egg toss. Pretty much everybody is talking trash to each other over who will win. Reva: “Alan and Phillip are TALKING in the kitchen. There are knives in there.” Mel gets used to working for Jeffery. They get in an argument with Jeffery over his beard. Marina has served as Shayne’s baseball coach. They are sort of almost dating right now. Beth and Lillian are talking about if there is something wrong with Lizzie. Cadmund arrive with Tammy. Edmund: “No actually this is my first foray into the cut throat world of American lawn games.”

My Comments:
Right at the beginning Josh walks by Ross, Ed, and Rick at the BBQ that they use for a lot of publicity for the BBQ. Lizzie is in a bad way. Really with her back story I’m not surprised she has psychotic issues. Edmund was the one man I loved Cassie with. I hate they destroyed it for worthless Jeffery. Edmund looks a bit more like the carefree playboy prince he was at the beginning.

Lots more fun about the egg toss. Actually Marah and Cleva won the egg toss. Reva got out early in 1998. Eden climbs all over Bill. Despite being angry with each other, Josh and Reva team up to try and find out if Marah is planning on marrying Tony today. (Part 2)

My comments:
The only thing worse than seeing Eden and Bill is seeing Eden with Tony. We get both today. Oh joy! I just adore Rick arguing everyone around. Do you suppose Gus purposely dropped the egg? .~Yep, Felicia did a bang up job treating Lizzie.

July 8, 2003

Marony announce that they were throwing a surprise wedding for Manny and ask for help to find them. There was lots of great Marony stuff as they worked on throwing this wedding together. Meanwhile Manny had decided to take matters into their own hands and an ad in the newspaper for a drive thru wedding chapel (Shady Tree) send them there to make it legal, but it doesn’t feel right. After Frank caught Eden and Darcy talking, Darcy admits that she used to be prostitute and met Frank on Eden’s orders. Danny: “Honey, I always want to be married to you.” Really they are seeing this as an undivorce more than a wedding. “A Jack Benny Special” I never caught that reference before.  That was funny. Jeffery: “The beard is a mark of individual freedom.” Reva: “You’ve got some corn caught in your freedom.” Gus is upset because Eden really is a prostitute and he’s a cop. She’s not guilty of the killing she’s currently being accused of though. The Harley/Blake stuff is super fun as they play private investigators.

My comments:
The wedding chapel stuff is super cheesy and I think it’s just to create drama. We don’t need drama just get to the part where they get married. Give the people what they want! I really like their wedding clothes, especially Michelle’s outfit which I think is fitting for a remarriage. Frank and Darcy made a nice couple, although Frank really never achieved another true romance after Eleni. I really like Reva’s top for the BBQ. I don’t like Jeffery O”Neil being the one to preform their wedding service, especially considering what Jeffery was always planning on doing to them. Ray could have done the ceremony even if they were still married in the eyes of the church.

Darcy pleas with Frank to forgive her. Frank sees Ben and freaks out. Includes the bad fake video camera footage. Bill urges Ben to leave although Bill believes that Ben is innocent. Holly tries to help her former step-son, a little late for that sadly. After realizing that the quickie wedding chapel wasn’t what they wanted, Manny finally get the message and show up at the BBQ after everyone went down to watch the fireworks. Manny find Marony and talk about weddings and they gather everyone together for the surprise wedding. The actual ceremony is in this part. (Part 2)

My Comments:
Actually Frank I’d say Ben has more right at the BAUER BBQ than you do. He practically grew up in that house. The Coopers always seem to think it’s their party. It isn’t. Holly and Ed really aren’t a great romance, but they do love each other and really give a good example of best friends with benefits type of marriage, even if they aren’t legally married. I think with Maureen and Roger gone they belong together. I really like Manny sharing with Marony. It really shows them as equals and friends which is how they should be written. Oh, little Robbie at the BBQ is just as darling as little Michelle was at the 1987 one. So glad Ed was finally there for one of their weddings to give Michelle away.

July 9, 2003

Danny arranges a last minute mini-honeymoon at the Beacon and Michelle throws the bouquet. Marah caught the bouquet and Tony is ready to marry her at any time. More Manny-Marony bonding. Josh tries to make up with Reva. Daniel Beddingfield (who frankly I never heard of in any other setting, but apparently is a minor player in the music industry and really does do concerts) shows up. Beddingfield signs a beautiful song “If I’m not made for you” that really fits their backstory to serenade the newlyweds. NOTE: A protest over the use of this song has caused the sound to be turned off on other versions of this bit so listen while you can. Dr. Christopher Langham has been helping Reva find out more about her sudden psychic abilities. Josh objects to this work. Josh and Reva are also fighting over how they are handling Shayne and his sudden big league baseball aspirations. Marony discuss marriage. Danny and Michelle run out while all their friends gather around and throw birdseed as the ecstatic couple leave. Sadly Ben is still skulking around like a stalker. Ed to Marah: “You throw a wonderful wedding!” Some nice normal couple Bloss stuff before Holly finds an injured Ben.

My Comments:
I really like the choice of song even though this Beddingfield guy seems to think that he’s a bigger deal than we think he is even if the song really fit. I really like the Manny interaction with Ed at this wedding too. It’s really the only one of their weddings that he’s a part of and I like how that plays into their larger family connections. Wedding #1 was about survival. Wedding #2 was really the wedding Danny always expected to have. Wedding #3 was about them. Wedding #4 was a hurry. But Wedding #5 was really the one where they entire town came together to welcome them as part of the community as they restarted their lives together. This was about the Bauers and Danny and Michelle’s place in the community and so in some ways it was the most important of their weddings. Josh is being a total jerk with this Shayne think and they really never explain why. It’s really like he has regressed to early Josh trampling on everyone else to get what he wants. However, it is relationship troubles caused by a genuine disagreement over an importnat issue and that’s something we should see more of on soaps and less of third party triangles. This kind of angst is certainly more interesting. I really wish Marony would have gotten married.

NOTE: Throwing Birdseed at weddings. I just have to break in here to explain. Tests have shown that birds that ingest rice do NOT explode. Actually the whole idea that they would is ridiculous. In areas where rice is grown (which isn’t most of the US so that’s the only excuse for ignorance on this point) wild birds of all kinds eat it all the time without issue. However, this urban myth has grown so persuasive most people now thrown birdseed instead and funding had to be taken away from serious projects to test whether eating rice really could make a bird explode or sick or anything – it couldn’t. However, it’s up to you. You can throw rice (which is a centuries long tradition tracing back to symbolizing wishes for future prosperity) or you can throw birdseed (which symbolizes the American public’s lack of information literacy skills and propensity to believe anything however wacky if the story is good enough), it’s up to you.

Holly finds Ben stabbed and in the hot tub. Her scream brings everyone running. Marah tries to talk sense to her parents and they try to convince her things are fine when really they aren’t. Manny are enjoying their mini-honeymoon back at the Beacon. Being the traditional sort of guy he is, Danny tries at least for a version of the wedding traditions. He and Michelle feed each other candy in place of cake and take photos with a disposable camera. They drink a champagne toast and dance together to the radio. They tease about what other “wedding” photos they can take later and that Robbie was at the wedding. Danny: “To another shot at getting it right.” Eden is lurking around and looking like a suspect. Although Josh says he sorry, Reva could tell he would do the same things again. Tony tries to defend Eden when Gus questions her. Holly feels guilty over how she failed Ben as a step-mother which she really did. Danny says this time will be different and it really is. This is some of the best on screen time in their relationship and it takes a major brain injury to part them again. (Part 2)

My Comments:
I really wish they had made Eden the guilty person. She had already killed at least one person and gotten away with it and she was NOTHING but trouble. Again of all the Jeva estrangements, I really like this one the best. It’s the most real. I really love Harley’s hair like this. It’s super cute. Eden was a toxic character all the way around. She certainly was horrible for Gus and this whole Eden-Tony thing is stomach wrenching.

For another version, see my earlier post that I patchworked together:

Catalina Quesada

April 18, 2013

One of the sections of this blog designed to help more people understand the Manny story better is the Supporting Character descriptions. On two pages they give descriptions of the people you’ll meet through the story. I add them as they come up or I get a chance.

Catalina Quesada – You might have noticed that when Reva goes off on one of her adventures she tends to bring back a person as a souvenir. Sadly the only good character we picked up that way was Abby, otherwise they’re nothing but trouble, Catalina is one of the trouble examples. Catalina is the souvenir of the Reva takes on Cuban illegal immigrants/sweatshops/slavery storyline and was smuggled into the country illegally. She worked as a waitress various places around town including Infierno and Company. Despite the fact that everybody from Ray to Danny to Reva went out of their way to help her, almost immediately she decided that Marah had what she should have and Catalina quickly became determined to take everything Marah had, particularly Tony. Encouraged by Tony’s abuela Maria (who feared that Marah would help pull Tony out of the mob as Michelle had with Danny), Catalina took advantage of the unstable nature of the Marony relationship as they struggled to deal with their own individual issues. Catalina dated Tony while Marony was on the outs and during one of his stupider moments Tony slept with her and got her pregnant. Rather than let a child grow up without both parents (which both Tony and Marah had to do), Marony broke up and he married Catalina, despite the fact that Catalina had miscarried (probably due to some “tea” Maria gave her after deciding Catalina would become another Carmen). Catalina managed to keep the truth from Tony until after the fateful night when both Marah and Catalina fell pray to Maria’s latest scheme which set them up to be alone in Casa Santos with each other to fight it out. After they did enough damage, Romeo Jones (supposedly a friend of Tony’s who sold him out to Maria) showed up and killed Catalina, framing Marah for the crime. However, Maria never considered that Tony would confess rather than let Marah go to jail. The shock of this helped trigger a stroke which kept Maria from ratting out Romeo, since she could barely speak afterward.Catalina’s inconvenient murder caused as much trouble as she did when alive for a time, but by the time the dust settled and Romeo was taken out I doubt anybody really remembered Catalina very much and for darn certain nobody mourned her.

Reva Visits Annie in the Psych Ward

March 20, 2013

When Kim Zimmer left the series, TPTB discovered that fans didn’t seem open to Josh being with anyone but Reva. They finally started to make a little progress when competent nurse Annie came into Josh’s life and spent as much time caring for the kids as Josh. This was the version of Annie I really liked, but then dealing with Jeva and their lies drove her nuts. Then they retconned it trying to make it seem like Jeva hadn’t driven her nuts, but all that aside, nobody did a crazy confrontations like Reva and Annie. This is one of the best.

To fully appreciate it you have to know that previously when Annie knew Josh was going to dump her for Reva and that she had lost the baby, but not expelled it yet. So Annie lured Reva up on the stairs, grabbed Reva’s hand, and pretended that Reva pushed her resulting in her miscarrying.  The only version of the video I’ve seen may be the worse quality Guiding Light video on YouTube, but I’m sharing it anyway.

Although this says Part 2, I haven’t found a Part 1.

This blue suit of Reva’s rocks. The confrontation is hilarious.


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