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Guiding Light Cast Round Up 45

March 11, 2012

This is the forty-fifth in an irregular feature where we will report updates on what cast members of Guiding Light are doing now. I’m playing catch up on some soap magazine news. So as a reminder you can buy back issues:

An 75th Anniversary Guiding Light timeline, including last cast photo and featuring Manny first wedding as only one of four listed was in the Jan. 31, 2012 issue Soap Opera Digest. “Light Bright” Soap Opera Digest 31 January 2012. pp. 66-69 It also includes a collection of Guiding Light weddings pp. 76-77.

@Guiding_Light: recently tweeted “Soap Classics confirmed told @Mark_Lopa that a #GL Christmas set will be released in September or October!”

@SoapOpera451 recently blogged about her role in putting together a tribute to the 30th anniversary of Daytime Emmys best actor and actress winners. Enjoy the many Guiding Light and her sister soaps stars in the clip.

Mary Stuart (Meta  Bauer #5, who returned in the late 1990s & was involved with many stories, including Manny, on the canvas at that time) was already a soap legend from her role on Search for Tomorrow and played Meta until she died. Her last appearance coming close to her actual death. We Love Soaps shared this classic article from 1962.

Tammy Blanchard (Drew Jacobs, Michelle’s best friend during early Manny storyline) will appear on TV in several different shows this March.

John Wesley Shipp (my beloved Kelly Nelson) is doing personal appearances this weekend (March 10-11, 2012) in Metropolis, IL. (Dang if I’d realized that a little sooner I could have gone!)

A speech by Claire Labine (Guiding Light head writer) is summarized.

Several former Springfielders showed up at the Indie Soap Awards. See their photos at the link below:

Liz Keifer (Blake Thorpe Marler #5)  and Jerry verDorn (Ross Marler) were pictured in the Jan. 28, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Digest. verDorn shared “At our wedding (Ed. note – the first Bloss wedding), Liz was very sick. I spent the day bringing her water and food and making sure she took her aspirin.” p. 28

Ashley Peldon (Marah Lewis #2) was interviewed by Soaps451 in 2009.

Joe Lando (Macualley West – who did a summer storyline involving Mindy on his summer hiatus from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman)has been added to the series The Secret Circle.

Kassie DePaiva (Chelsea Reardon) and Roger Howarth (who played Jory Andros on GL in 1992) have brought their One Life to Live roles to General Hospital. Howarth (who played Jory Andros on GL in 1992, nope still haven’t figured out who he was, but just glad I can include him in the update) is now on contract with General Hospital. He’ll be back “by May sweeps.”

Hayden Panettiere (Lizzie Spaulding #2, the little girl who came back from Arizona and had cancer) has been cast in the primetime pilot, Nashville.

Terrell Anthony‘s (Reva and Roxie’s brother, Rusty Shayne) last credit is “Uncle John” in Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure in 2010 via @Guiding_Light.

Laura Bell Bundy (Marah Lewis #5) just released a new single. Here’s “That’s What Angels Do” Sneak Peek.
performing ‘That’s What at Angels Do’ at the #crs2012 lunch. Coming to a radio station near you soon!!!/Team_LBB/status/172398331522330624/photo/1
will host a party leading up to the Country Music Awards.

Lauren C. Mayhew (Marah Lewis #4 – in her most memorable storyline she partnered with Brittany Snow‘s Susan as they tried to rescue the rest of the kids from Holly, Sound of Music style) recently tweeted “SKULL rock! Hiking with my buddy David! We r inside the skull! #Palisades”!/LCMayhew/status/173489672016769025/photo/1
She also sent some photos of her at a pool party.!/LCMayhew/status/176481380367220736/photo/1!/LCMayhew/status/176471161671135232/photo/1

Arthur Peterson (who played Rev Ruthledge for 10 years) was part of the 1987 50th Anniversary of Guiding Light, was a guest at the Lincoln Center black tie gala and watched episode 10, 201 be filmed according to The New York Times.

Brian Gaskill (Dylan Lewis #2 – the painful recast to try to fit a name actor from another soap into the cast) has released a spoken word album of poetry.

Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne Lewis) reported in the Jan. 28, 1997 issue of Soap Opera Digest that she attended Forest Hills Central in Ada, Michigan and she routinely returns for her class reunions.

Paul Rauch (former EP of GL) is described unflatteringly (though the general buzz is accurately) by Ellen Holly, original cast member of All My Children, after he took over AMC in 1984.

@scottustownhall recently tweeted “EJ Bonilla (Rafe Rivera) stars in “Musical Chairs” Mar 23.See trailer at”

Daytime Confidential put together a list of 22 Oscar winners who were on a soap opera including these from Guiding Light: James Earl Jones (Dr. Jim Frazier), Mira Sorvino (temporary recast for A.C. Mallet’s little sister, Julie), Sandy Dennis (Alice Holden, Dennis debuted in the role in 1956), and Ed Begley (busy character actor and father of Ed Begley, Jr., he was an original cast member for the TV version of the show in 1952 as Rev. Dr. Paul Keeler #1).,0

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Alternative Universe Episode

February 17, 2011

This was actually the 15,000 episode of the show. Will we ever see a show of any kind hit 15,000 episodes again? I doubt it. For some reason I had it in my head that this aired right after the 70th anniversary history special, but they actually hit 15,000 a few months before that. No wonder I had such a hard time finding it. This very special episode originally aired Sept. 7, 2006. (Promo) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

I don’t think this is the whole episode. For one thing, I think we learn Rick killed somebody through a mistaken procedure and that’s why he’s a drunk and that’s not here, but this is most of it and the most important bits. Episodes from this time were approximately 37 minutes in length and the run times of these clips adds up to less than that.

This really was a very clever idea for an episode and it ties into Reva’s cancer storyline pretty well. In addition, it let the cast stretch some interesting comedic muscles muscles. Love the opening stuff on the lighthouse up by the light, when the lighthouse really was the lighthouse we knew. Reva says she wasted a lot of time and really did waste a lot of time in her life. You’d think anyone who came back from the dead twice would have learned enough not to let her soulmate go again.

I’m so glad they included the reference to Rev. John Ruthledge he really was the bedrock of the show. They really work in the references to 15,000 in naturally. I think the original concept was opposite day, but what was made opposite was interesting. When someone has a dream like this usually it effects most things around them, but the reverses do little to help Reva. She beats the cancer and gets rid of her guilt over not raising Jonathan and that’s about it. The rest of the changes don’t really impact her life in a direct or substantial way, which makes them interesting choices in and of themselves.  As far as the switches I think the swapping the SES of the Coopers and Spauldings is a hoot. I want a Big Al Royale burger. Alan does a great “Mel Sharples” impression, although Alexandra’s “Flo/Belle” could use a little work. The prize for line of the day goes to the story of Reva falling into a fountain and baptizing herself the “Saint of Springfield” which I could really see her doing that. I really love rich Harley, I could see that happening. I also could see Lizzie following in Lillian’s footsteps as a nurse. That makes a real dichotomy of switching what was usually thought of as good girl Tammy and bad girl Lizzie. The backward clock on the wall of the exam room was a nice touch.

Actually I kind of like Jonathan as a doctor, which is odd because I don’t like him normally. Even in the alternative universe Lizzie gets the short end of the stick in the Jizzie relationship. Nice touch that alternative Tammy drops the half-cousin phrase that Tammy usually uses to white wash the situation. I wish Remy -Tammy at least had a shot in alternative universe. I was disappointed they never gave Remy’s crush a chance. I also think Remy going ghetto didn’t really play too convincingly and was a little stereotypical besides.

Rick and Josh are both pretty dang funny as drunks. I love Josh having married Miss Sarah & Roxie. I can see Roxie doing that, but Miss Sarah had too much class. Great reference to Reva’s nose pressed against window. Actually the best bit dramatically of the whole episode is Jeva. For anyone who wasn’t paying attention, even though it was in reserve it played out the entire slate of problems with their relationship. From Reva still having a chip on her shoulder (which Josh manipulated often) over being the daughter of the hired help to Josh seeing himself as a something of a secular saint (in fact he will soon try for being a religious one too), to the struggle over who is good enough for whom and the classic turning point in their relationship when Reva told Josh just him would never be enough for her it’s all right there in what 3 scenes? It was a brilliant summation of their relationship and should be required watching for any Guiding Light fan. Oh, and in case you missed this because I thought it was kind of funny, Reva got her money through heading up the Shayne Cosmetic Company. I wonder if she ended up with the formula to Eleni’s handcream in this reality?

To find the 70th anniversary episode go here:

For examples of Rev. John Ruthledge’s sermons that aired on Guiding Light, see:

Rev. Ruthledge’s Memorial Day Sermon

June 1, 2010

In 1938, the character of Rev. John Ruthledge wrote a real book about the history of the community of Five Points, the original setting of Guiding Light. It includes among other things, the text to some of Rev. Ruthledge’s sermons. I thought I’d share this one with you. I enjoyed the beginning, but fair warning, apparently old Rev. Ruthledge was fairly Isolationist in 1937. The year 1937 was the first year of the radio show, Guiding Light.

During World War I and following wars to the present day, it has been a tradition for service families to display a flag bearing a star in their window. A Blue Star denotes an immediate family member in the service. A Silver Star denotes an immediate family member that has been wounded in the service. A Gold Star denotes an immediate family member has been killed in action. During and following WWI there was a strong effort and even an organization to recognize “Gold Star Mothers,” women who had lost a son in service during the war. The government even organized shiploads of these mothers to get a one time chance to go visit their son’s graves in Europe on the taxpayer’s expense.

Memorial Day – May 1938

No doubt, many of you who have come to our church today are recalling from the past and remembering the present, the tragedy of War touched your lives in one way or another. I rather imagine that there are Gold Star Mothers in the audience today – women who have given their sons as cannon fodder to the God of War. Women who this minute must be thinking:

“He’s talking about me. I gave my son as cannon fodder to the God of War – so long ago and yet – yet it seems like it was only yesterday morning. Dad – Dad was waiting outside and Jack – he was just a baby – when he had to go. That morning – I’ll never forget that morning when my son said:

‘Mom – Mom – it’s time to get started.’

‘Yes – yes, I know, dear.’ I tried to keep back the tears – ‘Have you – have you everything packed that you’ll need? We didn’t forget anything, did we?’

‘No, Mom, I don’t think so,’ he answered. ‘There’s very little needed, you know.’

‘You’ll take care of yourself? Be careful about catching colds. You know how a cold hangs on, especially this time of year. And when you get over there – well, they say it’s awfully cold and damp in France. I don’t want anything to happen to you. You know, you’re just about all I’ve got in the world besides Dad, and if I lost you – .’

‘You know that old saying about a bad penny. I’m coming back, Mom – I’m coming back.’

But he didn’t come back. He didn’t come back. And they gave me a gold star – and called me a Gold Star Mother.”

These are the thoughts many mothers are thinking today. And, friends, seldom do we remember those who have come back from the wars – the veterans in and out of hospitals. So many of us wait for Memorial Day to remember that there are men living who served in the Civil War and in the Great World War. They, too,  know the meaning of the War – the tragedy, the horror, the destruction, that it brought into their lives. The veterans of the late World War will long remember the horrors of Chateau Thierry, of the Argonne, and Verdun. The veteran who has every reason to say, ‘Would to heaven I could forget – the Argonee. Mud and slime – torn bodies – blood – blood. Would to heaven I could forget! Would to heaven I could forget – The Argonne – mud and slime, torn bodies – blood and blood.’

No, friends, these men will not forget. They can’t. War has left its indelible mark on their souls. We of today, who have lived through a period of War and know what it means – we, who have children – growing boys – we, who hear from day to day, the threat of War – are we going to be willing to forget that the waving of flags, martial music – the cheering of crowds can mean Peace rather than War – that there can be parades of Peace? What are parents going to do about it? What are you mothers going to say when the little boy that you tucked into bed each night, grows to manhood only to be used as cannon fodder?

Friends, there can be Peace! There must be Peace! And you, who are rearing to manhood the men of tomorrow, should instill into the plastic minds of your babies, the real meaning of War. Take away the toys that represent war – the toy soldiers and the sailors, the guns and cannons, the minature battle fields. Teach your children the message of Peace. Today, as at no other time, we have gathered not only to honor those dead and living who have fought for their country, but today, too, I believe we have gathered here to see the Guiding Light of Peace.

O God, in Thy infallible wisdom, imbue our minds and hearts with a peaceful strain. Teach us and help us to walk by the Ancient Golden Rule. Raise Thy and against those who would ruthlessly lead the world into ravages of war. In Thy compassion wilt Thou spread Thy protecting wing o’er the humble sons of men, giving to them security of life, and to their loved ones, an everlasting solace. For life and for peace, we humbly plead, O God, in the name of Him who died that we might live, Amen.

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